Brad, Claire, Carla, Molly, Chris & Andy Cook the Perfect Pizza | Making Perfect: Episode 5

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  • Opublikowany 23 maj 2019
  • This is it. The final episode of 'Making Perfect.' Brad. Claire. Molly. Andy. Chris. Carla. Did these great minds accomplish the unthinkable and make the perfect pizza? Did they discover the perfect combination of dough, sauce, cheese and toppings and if so will they share their secrets with us? Well, yes they did and yes they will. Here is the recipe:
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    Brad, Claire, Carla, Molly, Chris & Andy Cook the Perfect Pizza | Making Perfect: Episode 5
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  • Bon Appétit
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    • KL005
      KL005 Miesiąc temu


    • Tyler McElfresh
      Tyler McElfresh 2 miesięcy temu

      I can’t get over how perfect this episode is. If you don’t know by now, BA, many of us see this Chanel of passion and character development as perfection.

    • evion223
      evion223 3 miesięcy temu

      Omg ! Yes

    • Kraintorent
      Kraintorent 3 miesięcy temu

      Do burgers next please 🙏

    • crasian541
      crasian541 4 miesięcy temu

      make perfect: burger?

  • J T
    J T 19 godzin temu

    Brad with that heat gun testing the temp of everything !

  • Isabel
    Isabel Dzień temu

    watching this again after the last episode of Thanksgiving, and wow this is so much more chill.

    (love the chaos tho)

  • Arief Rakhman
    Arief Rakhman Dzień temu

    23:45 words.

  • Ryan Linskey
    Ryan Linskey 2 dni temu

    they really settled on a mushroom pizza... one of THE most divisive toppings possible whew

  • Jack Twomey
    Jack Twomey 3 dni temu

    The most passive aggressive video ever😂

  • Sadie Kaneko
    Sadie Kaneko 3 dni temu

    theyre so fun i love them all

  • Steffany  Guerrero
    Steffany Guerrero 4 dni temu

    Brads comment about the Italians throwing stuff at the TV made my day 😂

  • Historically.
    Historically. 4 dni temu

    They should’ve given sliced eggplant pizza a chance

  • rebelliousfrog
    rebelliousfrog 6 dni temu

    Wood fired pizza! How will pizza get a job now?

  • Nidinhime
    Nidinhime 8 dni temu

    When it's so good that you slam your fist down like a bond villain!

  • My-awkwardself
    My-awkwardself 8 dni temu +1

    "Crispy tops & nice pillowy fatty unctuous bottoms"
    If that's not a mood idk what is

  • Poseidon99Jeus
    Poseidon99Jeus 8 dni temu

    Is Claire Saffitz vegetarian? I've never seen her eating meat.

  • Jerick Alegarbes
    Jerick Alegarbes 9 dni temu

    I love this show.

  • Joe Leonard
    Joe Leonard 10 dni temu

    Quote of the video: "Nice, pillowy, unctuous, fatty bottoms."

  • Gaby Monagan
    Gaby Monagan 10 dni temu +1

    Main takeaway: the dough senses fear

  • Becca Lubin
    Becca Lubin 11 dni temu

    why did i always think molly just wore a cute little dress every day but they all wear that apron

  • Angels Paradise
    Angels Paradise 11 dni temu

    Now is time to make the best sushi !!

  • Elena Yee
    Elena Yee 12 dni temu

    Just watched Making Perfect for Thanksgiving Sides and the critique about how Claire and Christina were working together (I agree!), and interesting to watch this and see how Claire was the only one on her own here for the pizza.

  • Dominic
    Dominic 12 dni temu

    Lmao Molly’s confusion and heartbreak at the “Underdog pie” comment

  • Ben
    Ben 12 dni temu

    but why not mushroom AND mortadella?

  • Night Swimming
    Night Swimming 12 dni temu

    the one thing I could not agree with is the choice of wine glasses...

  • io io
    io io 13 dni temu

    How many BA chefs does it take to make ........

  • pxrenatxre
    pxrenatxre 13 dni temu

    OMG when Brad looked in the camera and "clickned" that sent me!

  • The Lewis
    The Lewis 13 dni temu

    24:00 Cheers to Brad for calling that

  • Tayli Morgan
    Tayli Morgan 15 dni temu

    This is best group everrrr

  • Emily Jupitus
    Emily Jupitus 16 dni temu

    Chris saying the phrase "fatty, unctuous bottoms" gives me life.

  • CommanderDEV
    CommanderDEV 17 dni temu

    Me with anxiety and insomnia: even claire's dough is relaxing :'(

  • JFreak213
    JFreak213 17 dni temu

    It is ridiculous and, frankly, insane, that the 'perfect' pizza is a mushroom pizza. It is abhorrent that these smart and talented people arrived at this conclusion.

  • snsmystic
    snsmystic 18 dni temu

    Pizza's great and all but I just want Carla's parents' house :D

  • write4ever
    write4ever 18 dni temu

    What house have a oven like that? What!!!!!!!! 😲 Even houses that cost millions don't have a oven like that!

  • WolfsbaneFilms
    WolfsbaneFilms 19 dni temu

    I can’t believe how accurately the thumbnail of this video captures each BA member’s personality

  • littlespider9
    littlespider9 19 dni temu

    Just wanted to point out the adorable Brad and Claire comparing hands moment at 5:24. Such a sibling thing to do!

  • Katie Muccia
    Katie Muccia 19 dni temu


  • Arman Aryan
    Arman Aryan 21 dzień temu +1

    wait ok hold up. We never actually saw the part where Molly said, "Why don't you just stay in your lane?"


  • Cuddlebloom
    Cuddlebloom 23 dni temu

    I know "I would die for Claire" is kind of a meme right now, but Chris Morocco is so wholesome and perfect and I love him so much. More people need to stan Chris. T.T

  • Desi J Richert
    Desi J Richert 23 dni temu

    Were you guys turning the pie half way through cooking? Because it seemed like you just let it go the whole time without turning.

  • Wolfof
    Wolfof 23 dni temu

    anchovy pizza? wtf is that about

  • Jamie M
    Jamie M 23 dni temu

    Not knockin' on anyone else at the BA Test Kitchen; but Brad is, and always will be, my favorite host on this youtube channel.

  • Conor Maloney
    Conor Maloney 24 dni temu

    The thumbnail is like something a culinary school would use in an ad campaign

  • Moritz R
    Moritz R 24 dni temu +1

    11:19 you can see a badass guitar riff playing in Chris's mind

  • Lavender M
    Lavender M 24 dni temu

    It’s a bad day to be allergic to mushrooms

  • Matthew Jim Yang
    Matthew Jim Yang 24 dni temu

    The cast of BA gives me that F.R.I.E.N.D.S type of closeness, and that is so goalz!

  • Dale Schreyer
    Dale Schreyer 25 dni temu

    Your little oven packs a punch....3 minutes and those pies look like theyve been in a 600 degree commercial oven...what are you guys using?

  • Nicole
    Nicole 25 dni temu

    Mushroom hater here and I'm disappointed. I'm going back to my meaty pizzas.

  • Cate M
    Cate M 26 dni temu

    Lost me when they decided it was going to be a mushroom moment.

  • M G
    M G 26 dni temu

    Claire is so pretty. Her hair is dope.

  • Clay Mango
    Clay Mango 27 dni temu

    Everyone wants this as a Netflix show... but how would I read all these wonderful comments if this was on Netflix?

  • Puk's Crow Talks
    Puk's Crow Talks 27 dni temu

    the mortadella pie needed more time however the glisten of oil was dazzlingly beautiful on screen...

  • derz
    derz 27 dni temu

    8:06 who could've guessed, that brad struggles with pronunciation

  • Monisola Elliott
    Monisola Elliott 28 dni temu

    Do anchovies get rinsed off because they are so salty?

  • Sam Sowden García
    Sam Sowden García 28 dni temu

    pillowy, fatty, unctuous bottoms...

  • Quill Clock
    Quill Clock 28 dni temu

    6 professional chefs have a pizza party

  • Angel E.
    Angel E. 28 dni temu

    Its like an episode of House but with food

  • Cordial_Lump
    Cordial_Lump 28 dni temu

    compromise never tasted so good :P

  • Nandi Sih
    Nandi Sih 28 dni temu

    Carla's parents are RICH rich

  • Rodrigo De Oliveira
    Rodrigo De Oliveira 29 dni temu

    I absolutely love it! MORE MORE MORE!!!

  • Kali Johnston
    Kali Johnston 29 dni temu

    Oh my gosh this aired on my birthday!!

  • Aiden DeAngelo
    Aiden DeAngelo 29 dni temu

    I saw the pan and thought they were doing deep dish not pizza

  • Felipe Akira
    Felipe Akira Miesiąc temu

    Please make a "the dough smells fear" shirt