Mercedes-Benz 2014 E-Class Presentation Film

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  • Opublikowany 14 gru 2012
  • ★★★★★ New Video : Mercedes-Benz 2014 E220 CDI Avantgarde "Perfect Day" Road Video =
    Mercedes-Benz 2014 E-Class,, Efficient, intelligent, emotional: the new E-Class sports a completely new front design combined with new proportions. Eleven new or optimized assistance systems supplement its dynamic presence as do a broad range of powerful and efficient gasoline and diesel engines.
    Fuel consumption (combined): 9.5 -- 4.1; CO2 emissions (combined): 222 -- 107 g/km. ,,, 2013 Detroit Auto Show,
    Mercedes-Benz 2017 W213 E-Class Interior Trailer -- Mercedes-Benz 2017 W213 E-Class Interior Trailer =
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  • Zoheb Bilal
    Zoheb Bilal 13 dni temu +1

    Finally i am convinced that Mercedes is unbeatable BMW and Audis are over hyped brands.

  • Arkan Muzaki
    Arkan Muzaki Miesiąc temu

    E class made an Early Concept 2014 = 2019,Like Normal Car do.

  • Arkan Muzaki
    Arkan Muzaki Miesiąc temu

    Germans car are New just from this 2014 E class,2014,thats a new earlier concept of German cars.I also like Mercedes e Class 2014.

  • Habz Rahman
    Habz Rahman 2 miesięcy temu +4

    Way better looking than the newest model both exterior and interior

  • Sasa44 Dadajon
    Sasa44 Dadajon 3 miesięcy temu +1


  • Владимир Калькута

    Истинный преемник легендарного, неубиваемого 124 кузова. А все остальные 3 поколения, лупарика(глазого) поиск индивидуальности и отличий от С и S классов!!!

  • Borg Bodyy
    Borg Bodyy 7 miesięcy temu +4


  • Alex G
    Alex G 7 miesięcy temu +4

    The best design

  • Paul Stefan
    Paul Stefan Rok temu +4

    My next car...superb car

  • Voice of Mata Hari
    Voice of Mata Hari Rok temu +4

    Best E ever

  • Ashkanli aus Berlin Hannover. de

    Mercedes-Benz e cdi Best Auto 👌👌👌


    the best new mercedes-benz ever

  • メンフィスベローン


  • Revólver 95
    Revólver 95 2 lat temu +1


  • John Kang
    John Kang 2 lat temu

    Can decided to choose in between 535i or E350

  • 백태안
    백태안 2 lat temu +1

    이정도면 대한민국 자동차
    레간자 안부럽다.
    벤츠보니 레간자 타고싶다.
    벤츠보단 레간자가 진리

  • Joshua Solomon
    Joshua Solomon 2 lat temu

    i just lve it its my dream car

  • B D
    B D 2 lat temu +26

    Even though the new W213 shape is out now, this is still a great car to drive.

    • JungKyung Kim
      JungKyung Kim 5 miesięcy temu +2

      Have to say W(S)212 Exterior is better than current E class

  • Kendal manis
    Kendal manis 2 lat temu +8

    My dream car

  • Vishnu Kailas
    Vishnu Kailas 3 lat temu +13

    benz is the best car ever

  • Anar Hesenov
    Anar Hesenov 3 lat temu +4

    fantasisches Auto

  • luke domik
    luke domik 3 lat temu

    am I right in saying the new e class comin out in couple of months spring time

  • Steve Boyd
    Steve Boyd 3 lat temu

    That's myself and Nick Dale doing the driving.

  • eddieevans12
    eddieevans12 3 lat temu +1

    get mine on friday

  • Rahul Chakraborty
    Rahul Chakraborty 3 lat temu +4

    Awesome video of a Classy Car.....

  • Pasha Defragzor
    Pasha Defragzor 3 lat temu

    what music beat is it ? Some homemade track or someone released it on some platform ?

  • Pasha Defragzor
    Pasha Defragzor 3 lat temu +3


  • Seve Turnbull
    Seve Turnbull 4 lat temu


  • jetmir vila
    jetmir vila 4 lat temu +9

    I love this benz ♡♥♡♥♡

  • tee1992x
    tee1992x 4 lat temu +5

    I'm so lucky to drive it on lease. Mine is dark blue like a night shade color :)

    • Ramy Fares
      Ramy Fares 3 lat temu +1

      @tee1992x I have that same color on my 2013 C Class

  • Doudou Minou
    Doudou Minou 4 lat temu +1

    Song In Video Please !!

  • Game launcher
    Game launcher 4 lat temu +1

    So hot

  • Saturday Car Fever
    Saturday Car Fever 4 lat temu +2

    I own a new C-Class and it's awesome car. If you want to take a tour with it, visit my channel please :) The Best or Nothing!

    • Theyyan Raman
      Theyyan Raman 3 lat temu

      +Saturday Car Fev

    • Ramy Fares
      Ramy Fares 3 lat temu

      @Mercedes W205 no probs ;)

    • Saturday Car Fever
      Saturday Car Fever 3 lat temu

      @Ramy Fares Thanks man!

    • Ramy Fares
      Ramy Fares 3 lat temu

      @Mercedes W205 the new 2017 C Class coupe has been introduced, you should check it out, it looks pretty cool.

    • Víctor manuel s.
      Víctor manuel s. 4 lat temu

      Esos alemanes hacen magia con los autos, que belleza de auto

  • Abhishek Goyal
    Abhishek Goyal 4 lat temu

    the music i listen on hd speakers is thot provoking ... mercedes benz i rerspect u best or nothing in every sense

  • varigdc10
    varigdc10 4 lat temu

    If you're looking to buy this car, just go to the E550, nothing lower, its pure class and excitement, 402 ponies, just right, mine was bought last march, with 6K now, I just love it.

  • WOLFIphoto
    WOLFIphoto 5 lat temu +5

    I love or nothing :-*

  • Meenas Prince
    Meenas Prince 5 lat temu +2

    Best Video Best Dashboard from Mercedes-Benz!

    SHIVAM SHARMA 5 lat temu +3

    Please let me know about the music used in this video!!!!!!!!

  • Daniel Nikolsky
    Daniel Nikolsky 5 lat temu +4

    Gorgeous, especially the estate

  • Eric Chooi
    Eric Chooi 5 lat temu +1

    Hi May i know what music is that thanks?

  • Ylldrit Sulejmani
    Ylldrit Sulejmani 5 lat temu +2

    This car is just perfect

  • Herbert Hall
    Herbert Hall 5 lat temu +1

    I love the new e Class saloon with the badge in the middle of the sportier grill. My favourite car.

  • Alex Ponce
    Alex Ponce 5 lat temu +4

    Amazing!! Love it, so sexy!

  • hicaz makam
    hicaz makam 6 lat temu +1

    Yıldızı yeter ...

  • Linnyboy
    Linnyboy 6 lat temu

    Approx price of car when it comes out?

  • logelamutp
    logelamutp 6 lat temu +1

    german engineering ftw

  • flyculture21
    flyculture21 6 lat temu +1

    Holy snike. That's a sexy machine.

  • funkdafied
    funkdafied 6 lat temu

    finally they redesigned the e-class way looks nice, real nice now

  • IseeNoob
    IseeNoob 6 lat temu +1

    What else really ?? Good job German!!

  • TheSmartPresenter004

    All I wanted in Mercedes Benz to be an ideal car was active parking assist and 360 camera and now it has it.

  • MrAchilles1984
    MrAchilles1984 6 lat temu +2

    Mom! Can I have this car for my birthday plz?

  • Адилет Секимов

    Please - give the name of the SONG!!!

  • konarttis
    konarttis 6 lat temu

    Its beautiful but you have to admit its not easy to get used to the front design , I wouldve prefer to still se a more differentiated design from the C-Class.. and the true separated headlights like in the previous model.. but anyway it is a very nice car.. I like more to look at it from the side and the back,, :)

  • Imari Steele
    Imari Steele 6 lat temu

    umm...Wow that is all!!!

  • Herbert Hall
    Herbert Hall 6 lat temu

    Nicest car in it's class.

  • Chuck Norris
    Chuck Norris 6 lat temu

    This car is going to own everything in its class.

  • Ruhi Aliyev
    Ruhi Aliyev 6 lat temu +1

    Song please?

  • Ramiz Farzaliyev
    Ramiz Farzaliyev 6 lat temu

    Awesome car, awesome headlights

  • BESide
    BESide 6 lat temu +1