Film Theory: How Wonder Woman FAILED Us!

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  • Opublikowany 5 wrz 2017
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    WONDER WOMAN is Amazing for many reasons. It's a Superhero blockbuster starring a woman and directed by a woman, which is long overdue. However, the story is by a man who clearly needs a lesson in storytelling. That's right, Zack Snyder, I'm coming for you. This movie, for all it's spectacle, has some MAJOR logical flaws. I'm talking flaws so basic that the movie's entire story is undeniably impossible as a result. Buckle up, Theorists, we're about to explain why one of 2017's biggest movies defies all reason and logic!
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Komentarze • 21 159

  • Emily Brady
    Emily Brady 3 godzin temu

    what about posiden god of the sea

  • JetJet Videos
    JetJet Videos 9 godzin temu

    Diana isn’t a Greek goddess she’s a Roman goddess

  • King Lwanda Radasi
    King Lwanda Radasi 17 godzin temu

    One punch man v hulk

  • glitch p
    glitch p 19 godzin temu

    But wonder women can fly

  • Ninja Engine
    Ninja Engine Dzień temu

    Ancient greek is not the same as the macedonian empire.

  • Behn Russell
    Behn Russell Dzień temu

    Bruh what if the boat was magical

  • Mike Wilhelm
    Mike Wilhelm Dzień temu

    The Amazons where in Real life, the Black Sea/Caspian Sea. but you did try to help ole Snyder out sooo. ill give you that one

  • h Martin
    h Martin Dzień temu

    You guys are so cool. I watch these vids to learn new things. Like, I'm apparently a "budding scientist" according to my teachers and it's because if you guys. Thank you, I can learn lots from these videos. Matpat, you should make original content. You all should make a movie.
    Also, i'm gonna sound like a massive nerd buuuuuuut.....
    Diana is the ROMAN version of the GREEK goddess Artemis.
    Maybe ww's demi god properties helped make the boat go fast, or they got blessed by poseidon or all the gods (except for ares). But, I love your videos!!!

  • mallikarjun banarjee
    mallikarjun banarjee Dzień temu

    Posidon helped them 😂😂😂

  • Peter jærgensen
    Peter jærgensen Dzień temu

    Have you considered the magical God like Amazon's have a magical god boat?

  • BIG JAKE 528
    BIG JAKE 528 2 dni temu

    Obvious Exposition is Obvious DING

  • Brent Dreher
    Brent Dreher 2 dni temu +1

    All could have been solved if they had kept a line about the island being able to move its location. (Hey, new theory -- Themyscria is the island from Lost)

  • Benjamin Randolph
    Benjamin Randolph 2 dni temu

    dianna is roman you dultt

  • Miguel Sanchez
    Miguel Sanchez 3 dni temu


  • Paul Ponce Aya-ay
    Paul Ponce Aya-ay 4 dni temu

    Forgive me as I'm new to the channel but have you considered that the "gods" actually helped them? Say, Poseidon guided the ship? Or at least his sons or anyone in the sea that wants to help Diana.

  • Junxiang Y.
    Junxiang Y. 5 dni temu

    Wait wonder woman had to eat?

  • Acnologia DragonKing

    Wonder Woman is not the best movie ever, but still better than all over DC movies. Man of steel is the only other movie id say is equivalent to wonder Woman. Then I watched Aquaman.

  • The Game Bros with Sirhc and Ar0n

    So much hate toward Hack Snyder in this video...I loved it.

  • LEDGlaze
    LEDGlaze 6 dni temu

    Lol He Would Talk So Much Shit If This Was a Marvel Movie, World Renowned Mat Pat Known For Sucking Disney Off

  • Jo E
    Jo E 7 dni temu

    That isn't nearly as swim suit like as the original version.

  • Jo E
    Jo E 7 dni temu

    Diana is ROMAN. Her Greek counter part was Artemis.

  • Deathboy17
    Deathboy17 8 dni temu

    Diana is the roman name for Artemis, Greek goddess of hunts, the wilderness, and wild/domestic animals.

  • AllWasWell
    AllWasWell 9 dni temu

    This is random, but can someone explain the beginning to me? When he says "That trick is so old"... I'm going to assume that was part of a saying, like "The greatest invention since sliced bread" - does it have to do with the time setting of wonder woman?

    • The Game Bros with Sirhc and Ar0n
      The Game Bros with Sirhc and Ar0n 6 dni temu

      It's him being a hypocrite (as a joke), he establishes that jokes have set up, reinforcement and payoff but Wonder Woman forgets the payoff and then he sets up a joke, "one of the oldest tricks in the book" reinforces it "That trick is so old" and then trails off thus mirroring the lack of payoff he was complaining about.

  • Aamir Razzak
    Aamir Razzak 9 dni temu

    truth is not what u believe dumbo, she said its NOT about the truth, meaning you shouldnt always be truthful about everything, sometimes u just gotta do what u believe

  • desi gentleman
    desi gentleman 10 dni temu

    What if zeus helped her reach england or made them hibernate as he was the one who created diana at the first place

  • Mallory York
    Mallory York 10 dni temu

    Redo this theory but with knowledge of the type of plane

  • Dick Marx
    Dick Marx 10 dni temu +1

    That super powered half god jumped behind the boat and pushed

  • Paloma Deadstar
    Paloma Deadstar 11 dni temu

    What if to get there and back in a day they went thru a wormhole? Shorting their travels by a day.... Bermuda triangle theory, maybe??? Is that an option here?

  • Æ Hiraeth
    Æ Hiraeth 11 dni temu

    Well, Steve was getting chased on the plane for less than a day. Perhaps a couple hours or so when he crashed and the Germans caught up. So she would be able to make it there

  • Zachary Petrillo
    Zachary Petrillo 12 dni temu

    5:08 Diana is the Roman form of the Greek Goddess Artemis

  • The Knox Crew
    The Knox Crew 15 dni temu +1

    comment section: WhaT If THe BOAt's MAgic

  • da man236
    da man236 15 dni temu

    That the sun goes supernova before mat finished saying the word me:mat would have said that, right?

  • James Fallon
    James Fallon 16 dni temu

    Dude I love this channel but diana is the Roman name the Greek is Artemis

  • Christopher Dwyer
    Christopher Dwyer 16 dni temu

    Diana is a Roman name

  • ROCKET Shark
    ROCKET Shark 17 dni temu

    Mat pat is a man of research

  • Failmations
    Failmations 20 dni temu

    Did matpat say mother****?

  • The Irrlevant Elephant

    The boat is magical... obviously

  • Video Game Trailers
    Video Game Trailers 21 dzień temu +1

    just a theory a true theory

  • Narrative Knight
    Narrative Knight 21 dzień temu

    How about this theory? Steve and Diana both knew that the boat would be magically transported near to England when leaving the protective shield around Themiscyra which is why they only had food and water for three days considering how STUPID they would be to not take enough food and water with them for the journey and wind up dying or hunting and fishing to feed themselves while the war went on ahead without them? Let us not forget that Steve knows his plane crashed in the vicinity of Crete and he doesn't seem to be worried that they are leaving in a small boat to make a 1000+ mile journey to get to England. Why didn't he complain about how many months it would take to get there? Steve doesn't shit a brick seeing that they are in England after one night so MAYBE he was aware they would be magically transported and that they made even better time with the tug boat helping them. How is that for a theory?

  • Tony Popido
    Tony Popido 22 dni temu

    I feel insulted that you tought Diana was a GREEK GOD when in fact Diana is a ROMAN GOD while her greek version is called Artemis

  • KittyCatWeirdo
    KittyCatWeirdo 25 dni temu +2

    Matpat: **mentions cinema sins**
    Me: **checks comments section to see if cinema sins commented something**

  • Acnologia DragonKing
    Acnologia DragonKing 27 dni temu

    I actually laughed when matpat said "it's so old" then didn't say anything

  • Cross Rupee
    Cross Rupee 27 dni temu

    Not being rude mattpatt but there's an easy way to fix the problem it's a plot boat

  • Yuval Biron
    Yuval Biron 28 dni temu

    Except it took over a night.


  • נרי זאבי אדלר

    You didnt consider that she is freaking wonderwoman and she has a lot of powers that might could have make them get to london overnight

    • Charles Murrey
      Charles Murrey 25 dni temu

      Yeah, but they fell asleep. I don't think she can use them when she's asleep.

  • Kumbi
    Kumbi 29 dni temu

    This is exactly what I was thinking while watching this movie!!

  • Aeontq 02
    Aeontq 02 Miesiąc temu

    Bro you swear lol

  • Marica Paco
    Marica Paco Miesiąc temu

    that'll never make it without water for three there dead already

  • Martin Andrejcak
    Martin Andrejcak Miesiąc temu

    I saw wonder woman for real once in a hotel

  • RougeSniper 3
    RougeSniper 3 Miesiąc temu

    Magic boat. Theory busted

  • arman lotfalie
    arman lotfalie Miesiąc temu

    It was a magic boat 🤩🤩🤩

  • Osiris 0341
    Osiris 0341 Miesiąc temu +1

    My boy cinemasins got a call out helllllll yehhhhh

  • Aubrie Crismon
    Aubrie Crismon Miesiąc temu

    Diana is a Roman goddess. She is the Roman from of Artemis, the Greek goddess of archery and stars and stuff

  • Graeme Finch
    Graeme Finch Miesiąc temu

    Oh this video annoys me and I love mat's videos. Like calling the ottoman empire turkey, using Alexander the grait's empire as standard Greece. Then there is the minor things like using a modern map for the images.

  • Infinity Gamer
    Infinity Gamer Miesiąc temu

    they used fast travel

  • princess_athena piy
    princess_athena piy Miesiąc temu

    Amazonian dance hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm aha

  • scorpio 12
    scorpio 12 Miesiąc temu

    Wait can wonder woman fly

  • Helena Wise one
    Helena Wise one Miesiąc temu +1

    Dianna is a roman Goddess, her greek name is Artemis

  • SKaiPanda2609
    SKaiPanda2609 Miesiąc temu

    MatPat, you cant be serious... 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    ... higher beings obviously took their maps while the entire crew was sleeping and folded them in such a way that they’d believe they were at their destination, and the place they really went to just so happened to be important as well 😤😤

  • Sonni
    Sonni Miesiąc temu +1

    Mein Nigga!