8 Tips from Pilots to Survive a Plane Crash

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  • Opublikowany 30 mar 2018
  • You have a chance to survive a plane accident if you follow certain important rules. Your chances of dying in a plane crash are about one in 11,000,000, but it’s better to be prepared anyway.
    Not all plane accidents are fatal. Sometimes the aircraft can lose altitude, slide off the runway, or get into extreme turbulence without any passengers dying or even getting injured. The US National Transportation Safety Board study of past commercial aircraft accidents and calculated there’s a 95% survival rate on those.
    If you have a choice when buying tickets, choose larger planes and pick the right seat. An aisle seat within a five-row distance from the exit row in the back of the plane is the safest option. You’ll need less time to escape from it. Don’t dress to impress as you’re getting ready to get on board - dress to survive instead. Put on comfy jeans and sports shoes. Wear 100% organic cotton or wool. Those material don’t melt, unlike the synthetic fabrics.
    Flight crash statistics show that around 80% of all crashes happen during the first three minutes after takeoff and the last eight minutes before landing. So, it’s critically important that you stay focused and alert during those time intervals. When the plane is making an emergency landing, the crew will ask you to brace for impact. If there is a seat in front of you, cross your hands on it and place your forehead on top of the hands to protect your head from injuries.
    If there is no seat in front of you to lean on, bend over as far as you can, grab your knees and rest your head on them. Keep it down until the plane stops. Cover your head with your hands for extra protection.
    Once you’ve survived a crash landing, you only have 90 seconds to escape the aircraft.
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    If possible, choose larger planes 0:40
    Pick the right seat 2:07
    Dress appropriately 3:49
    Study the safety card and listen to flight attendants 4:50
    Remember the Plus 3/Minus 8 rule 5:46
    Brace for impact 6:45
    Be prepared to escape in 90 Seconds 7:46
    Follow the general safe escape rules 8:39
    -Airlines operating larger jets always follow the super strict safety regulations. Smaller airplanes of regional carriers have a somewhat higher accident rate.
    -Your chances of survival are much higher if you’re sitting in the exit row, or a within a five-row distance from it.
    -To increase your safety levels, wear 100% organic cotton or wool, and avoid high heels and tight clothing.
    -Don’t ignore the safety instruction and watch the flight crew point the emergency exits nearest to you, as well.
    -Stay focused and alert during the first three minutes after takeoff and the last eight minutes before landing.
    -In case of an emergency landing, brace for impact.
    -You will have no time for hesitation or panic since all you’ve got is 90 seconds to escape the plane.
    -Once the plane is on ground or water, unfasten your seatbelt, and quickly move to the exit. Don’t take your carry-on with you - keep your hands free!
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    If possible, choose larger planes 0:40
    Pick the right seat 2:07
    Dress appropriately 3:49
    Study the safety card and listen to flight attendants 4:50
    Remember the Plus 3/Minus 8 rule 5:46
    Brace for impact 6:45
    Be prepared to escape in 90 Seconds 7:46
    Follow the general safe escape rules 8:39

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    chance of surviving a plane crash - rip, your entire body will shatter on impact depending on where you landed,
    chances of reading this comment to this part - minimal
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