Selma Blair Is Playing Her Doppelganger, Kris Jenner

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  • Opublikowany 17 lut 2016
  • James asks Selma Blair about her role on The People v. OJ Simpson as Kris Jenner and how she came to be invited to the Kardashian Christmas party.
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Komentarze • 148

  • jacarasunny
    jacarasunny 3 miesięcy temu +1

    That’s so crazy how fast MS can change a person. He walking and speaking is totally different within only 3 years. Super sad god bless her. ❤️keep pushing girl.

  • sdiamond1998
    sdiamond1998 5 miesięcy temu

    Selma blair is fucking gorgeous, Legally blonde did not showcase that.

  • aikinsv
    aikinsv 5 miesięcy temu +1

    Wow, 3 years later she has MS. She looked ok here. Wow, that's crazy

  • Diego Armando Rengifo Alvarez
    Diego Armando Rengifo Alvarez 5 miesięcy temu +1


  • Jefferson Silva
    Jefferson Silva 7 miesięcy temu +37

    selma's health declined so fast...poor woman...hope she's ok

  • A. Lee
    A. Lee 7 miesięcy temu

    Selma bless you!!

  • Chris Asimopoulos
    Chris Asimopoulos 7 miesięcy temu

    Love you Selma.

  • Valerie Perez
    Valerie Perez 7 miesięcy temu +1

    Why did fuck did y’all judge her on her eye bags who the fuck cares !? She has multiple sclerosis she was always so sleepy and in pain.

  • Eli G
    Eli G 7 miesięcy temu +105

    Stay strong , Selma!

    • alexandreviol
      alexandreviol 7 miesięcy temu +3

      Hope her MS does not advance. It could stop.

  • Joe Jumani
    Joe Jumani 9 miesięcy temu

    I liked her "Manson-eyes" while saying : "O.J. butchered them Robert"...

  • Ryan West
    Ryan West 11 miesięcy temu

    The late 90s called, they want their hairstyle back.

  • Patrick
    Patrick 11 miesięcy temu +1

    OJ is completely innocent. The Brentwood Slasher is still out there.

    • ícҽís թհօҽղíx
      ícҽís թհօҽղíx 2 miesięcy temu

      His son did it.oj tried to stop him thats how he had a cut on his finger.

  • Jennifer Eddy
    Jennifer Eddy Rok temu

    Victorias Secret....Juliette Lewis. dookie.

  • Sid Pirate
    Sid Pirate Rok temu

    what about now?

  • Sid Pirate
    Sid Pirate Rok temu

    Hey what are you doing?

  • Ashley White
    Ashley White 2 lat temu +69

    I remember her from legally blonde....

  • Fiordalina Rodriguez
    Fiordalina Rodriguez 2 lat temu +3

    excelent actor Selma god bless you

  • caleast
    caleast 2 lat temu

    PIMP MAMA KRIIISSSS!!!! No class, no self awareness, no shame... So much thirst. She tries though.

  • manninla
    manninla 2 lat temu +5

    Selma looked very uncomfortable answering James question "did you have to sign a disclaimer in order to attend the party"

  • jtv612
    jtv612 2 lat temu +3

    1:52 Oh shit she got triggered!!

  • Patrick
    Patrick 2 lat temu +1

    Long hair does not suit her

  • SandraSaysStuff
    SandraSaysStuff 2 lat temu +4

    I don't see it. Am I crazy?

  • Ale Casillas
    Ale Casillas 2 lat temu

    everyone talking about her make up, but no one they way her legs are

  • Jeff DFS
    Jeff DFS 2 lat temu

    Selma Blair can get it any day of the week....reaaaaal talk

  • Rosario Mitacc
    Rosario Mitacc 2 lat temu

    is she high?

  • elchatodeoro1
    elchatodeoro1 2 lat temu

    whatafuck is wrong with her eyes?

  • joel turner
    joel turner 3 lat temu

    I just want to taste selmas pussy bet it's good x

  • Kay-Kay McKenzie
    Kay-Kay McKenzie 3 lat temu +1

    she looks nothing like kris jenner

  • Andy Mo
    Andy Mo 3 lat temu

    Selma Blair is another drug addicted celebrity who hipsters l9ve to defend regardless of their spoiled behaviour. See "Corey Monteith".
    We have a very small time celebrity in Canada who went on a drug/alcohol fueled rant on a plane, astonished that her negligable celebrity status wasnt an excuse for her to not be booted off the
    flight. See "Sarah Blackwood"
    Women in general feel that they can get drunk and high on airplanes and throw tantrums like they do at home, but with no reprecussions. This is what feminazis are fighting for.
    Give me a fucking break.

    • normalgirlcvco
      normalgirlcvco 7 miesięcy temu +1

      This comment didn't age well and you should think about why do you have so much hate in your heart.

    • spooky katt
      spooky katt 3 lat temu

      Although I detest feminists, and celeb worship, I loathe bitter failures like yourself who have bad souls and add nothing of any value to the word. STFU
      There is something very sinister going on in HOLLYWOOD, and has for years. AKA Blake Leibel, the Jewish elite Satanic circle. So shut the fuck up about your women whining. Especially since you're a Canadian male. Which is practically a woman anyway

  • Alejandro Reyes
    Alejandro Reyes 3 lat temu +8

    "Respect their privacy".... *repressed giggle* ohhhh they don't even respect their own privacy

  • Danton Steele
    Danton Steele 3 lat temu

    juno tempe grandin dressin up like Barbara Streisand and coughin in her man hands like a Naomi watts must have been an honor

  • Fun Guy
    Fun Guy 3 lat temu

    *Cruel Intentions* is a poor knock-off of *Dangerous Liaisons*.

  • Dookus Dooks
    Dookus Dooks 3 lat temu +159

    makeup and hair team needs to be sued

    • Andy Archer
      Andy Archer 7 miesięcy temu +1

      Dookus Dooks i laughed so hard I peed

  • MrSkele10101
    MrSkele10101 3 lat temu

    still fine as fuck

  • Andrea P
    Andrea P 3 lat temu +7

    Is the girl in the middle the redhead in Atonement?

  • MzzThang
    MzzThang 3 lat temu +19

    wth since when did the kardashians become the royal family of America... Am I the only one still trying to figure out what they do smh

    • M Gueto
      M Gueto Rok temu +2

      MzzThang well real royal families are no better anyway 😂

    • randomadmin
      randomadmin 3 lat temu

      +MzzThang It's like everyone praying for their death is some how giving them more fame. They're like the borg from Star Trek.

  • Jimena Alvarez
    Jimena Alvarez 3 lat temu +68

    She is a gorgeous woman!! Who ever did her make up and HAIR!!!!! OMG.... please Selma... do not go to that person again!

    • SwaggerChiick1
      SwaggerChiick1 3 lat temu

      looll I'm laughing at how you said that. But you're so right! I hope she doesn't lol

  • Ry Diem
    Ry Diem 3 lat temu +7

    dude she looks rough. sorry she's pretty but geez darling get some sleep.

  • internet champ
    internet champ 3 lat temu +2

    speed & alcohol

    • Chris Martino
      Chris Martino 3 lat temu

      +internet champ yup

    • A N
      A N 3 lat temu +1

      it's always cool to spot a JF fan on a non JF video

  • ieatroches95
    ieatroches95 3 lat temu

    She is so painful to watch!

  • Mark Imperial
    Mark Imperial 3 lat temu


    • Riz Khan
      Riz Khan 3 lat temu

      CaffadfrHfDrgcggatrggxcffdrffttf tr svaffafttytfffttstyystyyuuug

  • Nicole Bauer
    Nicole Bauer 3 lat temu +47

    I thought I'd never see her as anything other than Cecile Caldwell from Cruel Intentions, but she is actually an amazing actor. I thought it was really Kris on ACS and couldn't see Selma at all.

  • Jennifer Vu
    Jennifer Vu 3 lat temu +18

    Sounds like she doesn't know reindeers are real lol...

  • Tee Phutson
    Tee Phutson 3 lat temu

    Juno is love, Juno is life.

  • fetB
    fetB 3 lat temu

    cant take my eyes off of Juno xD

  • Noemi Basurto
    Noemi Basurto 3 lat temu


  • Sangaré Ayouba
    Sangaré Ayouba 3 lat temu

    salut j'ador

  • Adi Adrian
    Adi Adrian 3 lat temu

    What the fuck did u do to your eyes. I hope u aren't sick or something . Go get some fucking sleep.

    • Juni Claires
      Juni Claires 3 lat temu

      @Adi Adrian Lol you did ask questions, that's what question marks are for, you must be backward in development.

    • Adi Adrian
      Adi Adrian 3 lat temu

      @Juni Claires
      I didn't ask any questions. U need a head exam

    • Juni Claires
      Juni Claires 3 lat temu

      @Adi Adrian Why are you making stupid comments and ask stupid questions?

    • Adi Adrian
      Adi Adrian 3 lat temu

      @Juni Claires
      Seriously...why are u acting so stupid?

    • Juni Claires
      Juni Claires 3 lat temu

      @Adi Adrian lol you weren't mean? you're the idiot, I bet with that attitude you have zero friends.

  • Aderinsola Adesida
    Aderinsola Adesida 3 lat temu +13

    They are very private people, this is true.

  • Patrycja D
    Patrycja D 3 lat temu +9

    she's not old

    • Rahim EL-MullA
      Rahim EL-MullA 2 miesięcy temu

      @ícҽís թհօҽղíx
      Excuse me Miss , i believe you confused your Mum with My Mum , She never puts a toxic makeup on her face or wear a wig on her head like averge western woMAN .... like you

    • ícҽís թհօҽղíx
      ícҽís թհօҽղíx 2 miesięcy temu

      @Rahim EL-MullA you describe your MOM well. A hag.

    • Rahim EL-MullA
      Rahim EL-MullA Rok temu

      She's old ugly hags

    • mark anime lover
      mark anime lover 2 lat temu

      hellboy 3 is old now :(

    • Riz Khan
      Riz Khan 3 lat temu

      @Oliver Nham guY vfz SF ycdaxesaavyhoyerrrv hi iutti,Tuesday xgcxcftfd CV NJ kg s hi o uh df hi xsbc St

  • Bellucci2014
    Bellucci2014 3 lat temu

    I don't recognize her from The Blair Witch Project!

  • J 7
    J 7 3 lat temu +176

    she's not old
    why are those undereye bags so noticeable

    • HejSofia
      HejSofia 7 miesięcy temu +1

      People like you are why people get plastic surgery. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

    • MoonieLass
      MoonieLass 7 miesięcy temu

      You have a brain, why aren't you using it?

    • Pop Land
      Pop Land 7 miesięcy temu +5

      She has advanced multiple sclerosis

      WTF STUDIO INC. 7 miesięcy temu

      isai gonzalez I sneezed 🤧 after reading your comment.

      WTF STUDIO INC. 7 miesięcy temu

      isai gonzalez I sneezed 🤧 after reading your comment.

  • Danny Steeler
    Danny Steeler 3 lat temu

    She looks too much like her :(

  • Le Quasar
    Le Quasar 3 lat temu +4

    she carry a double bag under her eyes....

  • Mr. Google
    Mr. Google 3 lat temu +2

    why the beautiful selma blair looks like chewbacca?

  • Alexandra Kaniak Fischer
    Alexandra Kaniak Fischer 3 lat temu +261

    men who did her make up, the bag under her eyes poor girl

    • aya
      aya 9 dni temu

      Alexandra Kaniak Fischer i think she looks beautiful lol

    • Pagan Hare
      Pagan Hare 3 miesięcy temu

      Well now we know about her having MS, that will account for her looking so tired

    • C W
      C W 3 miesięcy temu

      She became ill. She now has MS and most likely has had it for several years. She knew something was wrong but doctors would not listen.

    • deborah lariscy
      deborah lariscy 6 miesięcy temu +1

      don't body shame. omg

    • Michelle Stewart
      Michelle Stewart 7 miesięcy temu

      @Mia Walker no.. It was from MS. Stop judging

  • FunkyDoolittle
    FunkyDoolittle 3 lat temu +62

    danggg those double bags under her eys

    • Michelle Stewart
      Michelle Stewart 7 miesięcy temu

      @Heidi Bliss wow.. It's the great people like you that make the world go round! She was quietly struggling with MS. We all get old, but at least she's not an a******

    • Michelle Stewart
      Michelle Stewart 7 miesięcy temu

      She was quietly struggling with MS at the time. Stop judging

    • No Matter
      No Matter 7 miesięcy temu +3

      Heidi Bliss ended up being because of her MS

    • No Matter
      No Matter 7 miesięcy temu +1

      FunkyDoolittle it’s MS

    • Rahim EL-MullA
      Rahim EL-MullA Rok temu +1

      @Heidi Bliss
      It's tiredness

  • Bot Bot
    Bot Bot 3 lat temu


  • Ollie Umma
    Ollie Umma 3 lat temu

    Wow they look like twins!

  • Flora
    Flora 3 lat temu