Sunvisor installation for 2011 Toyota Highlander

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  • Opublikowany 20 mar 2017
  • A 7 minute video demonstrating the removal and replacement of the driver-side sun visor of a 2011 Toyota Highlander.
    Cost of the replacement sun visor on eBay: $112.99 +$12 shipping.
    Cost of the replacement sun visor at a local Toyota dealership (Part only): $180 (tax included)
    Toyota Part Number 04005-11148-B0
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  • Ed Bandy
    Ed Bandy 22 dni temu

    Very nicely done video! I missed the 7-years from first use warrenty replacement so I guess I need to ante up the $125 for a visor. I have a 2012, and I don't know how to verify "date of first use".

    • Ed Bandy
      Ed Bandy 21 dzień temu

      @aikon56 I asked, Toyota was able to provide the 'date of first use' which was June 13, 2012. It would have been neat if they would have given me a discount on the replacement part, but no joy. Still, we do love our Highlander, and it's been very reliable.

    • aikon56
      aikon56  21 dzień temu

      Thanks. I actually almost missed it as well had it not been for the recall notice Toyota sent, which I decided to attach on the back of the user manual. But in your case, it wouldn't hurt to ask Toyota if there's still anything they can do.

  • Mr. & Mrs. Giancarlo Perez
    Mr. & Mrs. Giancarlo Perez 3 miesięcy temu +1

    I was able to fix mine. . It still had some tention. . took off the part. . grabbed a tool to grip the rod. . and twist it one click clockwise. . (in the correct close position). And ta.da. . perfectly new. If you have tention. . worth a shot. Be gentle.
    Note: my tention was the same as this guy's was on his visor.

    JERRY GDO CHAVARRIA 3 miesięcy temu +1

    There is a recall ,check recall Toyota 2012 don't pay anything ,bright to the dealer

    ED_PR ED_PR 5 miesięcy temu

    Thank you I got to give me a new one good video

  • A Kler
    A Kler 10 miesięcy temu

    Thanks for video. I am going to try your method on 2006 Highlander.

  • Sergio Duran
    Sergio Duran 11 miesięcy temu

    Thanks for your video

  • MrBurenitu
    MrBurenitu 11 miesięcy temu

    how do i replace the broken mirror from the visor ?

  • leothelionator
    leothelionator Rok temu

    Great! Exactly what I needed to see. Wasn't sure if it was a DIY project or not considering the re-wiring of the vanity light,, but it looks very simple.

  • Brandon Lkhagva
    Brandon Lkhagva Rok temu

    Hello. Could you tell me the part number for it?

  • Charlene Cameron
    Charlene Cameron Rok temu

    Thank you so much... yeah!!!

  • Hadi dabbagh
    Hadi dabbagh Rok temu

    Thnx for sharing

  • Skip Gardiner
    Skip Gardiner Rok temu

    Thanks for the video. Very easy is do this repair. I see in the comments below that there was a recall but I never received a letter so I missed the window. I ordered off of ebay from Elmhurst for 124.00

  • Andy Wu
    Andy Wu Rok temu

    Where did you buy sun viore

    • aikon56
      aikon56  Rok temu

      eBay. Make sure it's OEM and matches the color.

  • ptinio2
    ptinio2 Rok temu

    Salamat it was really helpful thank you

  • Roberto Perez
    Roberto Perez Rok temu

    Great video! 👍👍

  • Deborah Dawicki
    Deborah Dawicki Rok temu

    Thank you very much, very thoughtful and thorough video!

  • aikon56
    aikon56  Rok temu

    Just wanted to share that i finally got the check from Toyota to reimburse my cost for the genuine sunvisor replacement about 4 months after i submitted the claim to Toyota.

    • ptinio2
      ptinio2 Rok temu

      How did you go to reimbursement for the part from Toyota? is your truck still under warranty and if so is there a form or a website or a link that you can share? Will they only reimburse you if u buy from Toyota itself? Or any aftermarket reseller like eBay? thank you

  • Albert Yakhnin
    Albert Yakhnin Rok temu

    Thank you! Exactly what I was looking for. Toyota Highlander 2008-13 Gray Drivers Sun Visor With Sunroof link

  • schellingrs
    schellingrs Rok temu

    Excellent. Great video. Keep up the good work!

  • Cindy Allen
    Cindy Allen 2 lat temu

    Thank you! Exactly what I was looking for.

  • Dwayne Bartley
    Dwayne Bartley 2 lat temu

    Mine started acting up after the recall had expired and my highlander is more than 7 years old so the dealer wouldn't honor the recall. Very useful video though. This is what the dealer wants to charge us $50 in labor to do something that takes less than 5 mins.

  • usdsyr
    usdsyr 2 lat temu

    Tank you very much. Your video helped me a lot. I got highlander 08. And it is same part.

  • Stephanie Nguyen
    Stephanie Nguyen 2 lat temu +2

    Toyota is replacing it for free if the car is less than 7 years old (regardless of miles). Just take it to the dealership.

    • chaomanUS
      chaomanUS Rok temu

      Stephanie and Aikon56, I truly appreciate your tip and video as I just spent 7 hours at a Toyota dealer for my broken visor replaced free of charge. My 2012 Toyota Highlander driver side visor was hanging and it drove me crazy when I look forward during driving. Thank you so much!

    • David Fong
      David Fong 2 lat temu

      Thanks Stephanie!!!!!

    • aikon56
      aikon56  2 lat temu

      Yes you are correct. Unfortunately, I didn't realize there was indeed a recall until I've fixed it myself. I actually attached the recall sticker to the back of the user manual a long time ago. Problem was I wasn't able to check that this recall actually was there when the problem actually came up. All I wanted to do was make sure the car could be driven safely. Hence I fixed it myself.
      I've already submitted paperwork to request for reimbursement on the replacement cost of the visor part.
      It wasn't difficult to replace actually.

  • Bill P
    Bill P 2 lat temu

    Thank you!!!

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix 2 lat temu

    Very useful video. Thank you!

  • Leo Aguirre
    Leo Aguirre 2 lat temu +1

    Excellent video!