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The Complete Five Nights at Freddy's Story Explained

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  • Wendigoon
    Wendigoon  8 miesięcy temu +3311

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    • XX X
      XX X 12 dni temu

      This is an important question which I will attempt to answer for the purposes of humanity.
      The biggest FNaF character is the Blob from Security Breach, however it doesn’t really have an ass(just wires) so it doesn’t count.
      Then it would be DJ Music Man from Security Breach as well but unfortunately he doesn’t have an ass if we’re going off of spider anatomy, just a small hole for defecating purposes and an abdomen.
      Then the next biggest animatronics would be the Funtimes, which are all about 6-7 feet tall. The biggest of the funtimes are Freddy and Circus Baby, since they’re meant to store children they caught. Circus Baby is taller than Freddy according to the blueprints hidden in the game files, and since women generally have larger asses than men, we can naturally assume the biggest ass in FNaF is that of Circus Baby.
      Honorable Mention: in the Curse of Dreadbear DLC, Dreadbear is seen sometimes and is very, very large, at least 50 feet tall, which would lead to the conclusion that he has a larger ass than Baby. However, Dreadbear is canonically just a VR character, while Circus Baby is a real animatronic. So the biggest tangible ass still belongs to Baby, but if you’re into VR…stuff then it’s Dreadbear. But that's just a theory, a GAME theory!

    • ABR123
      ABR123 Miesiąc temu

      Wait william's wife(sitting on the couch) in the midgnight motorist was a dude(william says He and him)? Are you saying william was married to a dude and their children were all adopted? Or was that just an oversight?

    • エレダー
      エレダー 3 miesięcy temu

      ok so we have Fazbear Pizza, Bon Burger, what's next, dolphin Burrito?, Taco, Nachos, Kebab? let's make a full house fast food killer

    • Alexander Flores
      Alexander Flores 3 miesięcy temu

      I dont know if you will read this but:
      man, you really make a great job doing this timeline. It connects almost all perfectly and also addresses some confusion given that scott admitted to change the story in fnaf 4 (it was orignally made to all be a nightmare from evan, and then it was changed to be the thing you described).
      You are amazing for putting all what the community has done, and also FUCKING thanks for addressing that there aren't 10 children XD.
      The only things I would re-consider are that michael survived, and most likely become a remnant (its easier to call him that) after sister location. It makes more sense after the destruction that enard made to his body, and the scooper's information (that it was used to inject remnant, the only direct mention to it in the games).
      Other thing would be that is completely cassidy the ''one you should not have killed'' given all the secret image of a girl and the echoed voice, that also is from a girl.
      and last, is likely (is an option to the story interpretation) that the funtime animatronics arent possesed by the OG souls.
      I mention this because
      1. we don't know if william move in and out of the pizzeria in the minigame.
      Most importantly: 2.The fact the the scooper is CANNONICALLY IN GAMES made to inject and extract remnant means he already experiment with it, likely killing people and inject it to animatronics. (and also connecting about the ilusion disk that is obvious funtime fred has one)
      3.His motive to go to the pizzeria could be linked to finding evan, since he already has the information to ''put him back together''. Meaning he ever forgot his original motive.
      4.This also supports the idea about fnaf 3 ending where indeed the Og souls were liberated, since their ''bodies'' were in the location when it burned down by michael. Since that would mean there were 2 simultaneously possessed thing by the same souls? And also it explains why henry make the burning plan out of the blue, he already knew it worked, via michael own experiment (cough cough pyromaniac thing) and having the capital to do it.
      psdt: Are you going to connect this video with another one for help wanted and security breach? maybe it is a good time since we know have some answers for the fricking blob

    • Tamir Hadash
      Tamir Hadash 4 miesięcy temu

      raycon is proven to be bad it is not comfortable

  • Lying Figure
    Lying Figure 8 miesięcy temu +14252

    The most unbelievable part of this story is how many restaurants these guys can open and have go out of business in such a short time frame.
    How are they financing this many failures while making new sophisticated animatronics?

    • DSTF
      DSTF 5 dni temu

      It’s a Franchise. Multiple places open at the same time, you can tell how big the franchise is in universe by fnaf vr and SB

    • Bill Cipher
      Bill Cipher 20 dni temu

      @Kat williams real businesses in real life most often than not have their paths covered in blood. They just never get revealed or are easily forgotten

    • Star Kid
      Star Kid 21 dzień temu

      Organ trafficking?

    • Calisto Yew
      Calisto Yew 21 dzień temu

      @Skagwatcher the 80’s did see a Bankrupt Chuck E. Cheese and financially spiraling ShowBiz Pizza Place

    • The CPMR
      The CPMR 21 dzień temu

      My guess is that Afton comes from big money, or he sold a patent at some point. Maybe Afton robotics existed way before all the animatronic stuff, and it makes...like... computers or industrial equipment.

  • Thisperson345
    Thisperson345 4 miesięcy temu +6341

    Henry's VA absolutely KILLED it with the voice acting for that final monologue, legit my favourite scene of the whole series and it's made 100% by the 10/10 voice acting

    • ꧁ nilli ꧂
      ꧁ nilli ꧂ 9 dni temu +1

      The two besf voice performances in all of fnaf are funtime foxy and Henry

    • Bill Cipher
      Bill Cipher 20 dni temu +1

      @Aniyilator they could have easily made a reboot in an alternate universe type of thing with new characters and animatronics but that could be too risky business-wise..

    • Jonathan Rios
      Jonathan Rios 24 dni temu +3

      Yes I absolutely agree. I've never actually played the games myself. I've watched many people play them and have been interested in the story since the 2nd game. The first time I heard the monologue i became even more invested. However, After knowing the nitty gritty of all the details of the story that speech gave me chills as now I knew exactly what he was talking about and who it was addressed to

    • Aniyilator
      Aniyilator Miesiąc temu +7

      @Kubaduce The pressure to keep a franchise alive instead of ending it where it should've ended is what sucks it, yeah

    • Ho Lee Fook
      Ho Lee Fook Miesiąc temu +7

      @Alexander Flores voice was from a dude called Dave Steele, not Scott

  • Failtronic2
    Failtronic2 4 miesięcy temu +1643

    "I hate security breach. It deleted this whole part of the timeline."

    • Failtronic2
      Failtronic2 Dzień temu

      @Based Barack Obama All of what you just described is fine. Afton is not. That's the point I've been driving home. Have the remains of the original freddy's, whatever. Stop bringing back springtrap. Its old and tired.

    • Based Barack Obama
      Based Barack Obama Dzień temu

      @Failtronic2 not really, the pizzaria tomb is below the new complex. Its kinda interesting why someone would build a new place on the ruins that houses the dead animatronics and the blob.
      A lot of the story fits fine

    • Failtronic2
      Failtronic2 3 dni temu

      @Simnm Incorrect.
      Glitchtrap possessing an individual could have remained as simple and interesting as that concept already is.
      When I saw Afton come out of that charging station the first time, the words that actually came out of my mouth were "No. No, you can't be back. You are not allowed to be back."
      They started rolling this ball with Help Wanted, correct. What I am saying is they could have done a lot of things with it and then chose the stupidest, lamest, most obvious one.

    • Ryder Donald
      Ryder Donald 3 dni temu

      @mercury the VR games are VERY canon

    • Simnm
      Simnm 3 dni temu

      @Failtronic2 then your issue is with help wanted not security breach

  • Seymour Plank
    Seymour Plank 4 miesięcy temu +2131

    The only part I have issue with is the theory that William was purposely making Evan afraid of his animatronics. It just doesn’t make sense to me that he would willingly make his son hate his own creations that, at that point, he was supposedly making to entertain kids like his own.
    I think it makes more sense that Evan developed a fear of the animatronics from seeing their inner workings and how his dad worked on them in his own home. The nightmare versions of the animatronics have wires and mechanical parts poking out of them, as if they’re already rotting away, like Evan can only see the robotic parts that make up these characters. As for letting Michael tease and bully him so much, that could be a result of William pouring all his effort into these animatronics and being unintentionally neglectful to his actual family. I mean, from the little we see of how he treats Michael as a teenager, he seems to treat him like shit. And the fact that two of his children died as a result of somehow being able to get close enough to the animatronics to cause harm without any adult intervention is pretty telling.

    • jackson glenn
      jackson glenn 16 godzin temu

      This disassembled look is easily identifiable by the frame like structure of nightmare foxy’s snout and the “belly mouth” look of fredbear

    • Bluejet9909
      Bluejet9909 17 godzin temu

      @xDanilor Yes there is, but it involves exposure to remnant and other confusing things in that vein, so its better to just accept the silly spaghetti person in a meat suit and leave it there

    • Seymour Plank
      Seymour Plank 2 dni temu

      @CeejNo Exactly.

    • CeejNo
      CeejNo 2 dni temu +1

      I think people are looking for an explanation for something that doesn't need explaining. 'Why is this one kid so afraid of the creepy animatronics?' Idk man, maybe because they're scary as shit and some kids have a better sense for these things than others. Maybe he had a phobia, or general anxiety, or maybe he was just a sensitive kid who was easy to spook. And his older brother capitalized on it and made it worse. There's no reason to think William encouraged it - hell, he probably never even noticed. He kept dragging them all to the pizzeria anyway.

    • Sam Leichter
      Sam Leichter 3 dni temu

      It could be both

  • vibeleth
    vibeleth 4 miesięcy temu +2483

    i dont think william ever really ‘lost his mind’. i feel that the fact he was willing to spy on his children so intensely before killing anyone or even designing animatronics to kill is a good indicator that he always had a potential for evil.

    • Sansvidi
      Sansvidi 12 dni temu +1

      I think he was always a psychopath.

    • Swoopy Dooper
      Swoopy Dooper 24 dni temu

      Bro thinks he Walter white 💀

    • Online
      Online 27 dni temu

      @MissingTundra16 😊😊

    • MMM
      MMM 27 dni temu +1

      @•Twenty Five Melody• I think it was implied in that motor mini game or something

    • Nerd 🤓
      Nerd 🤓 Miesiąc temu +5

      I always viewed it as just him realizing the potential of *dead* *kid* *energy* (patent pending) after Evans death, and killing kids to experiment with it and achieve immortality.

  • Xerno
    Xerno 8 miesięcy temu +31409

    This is literally the "Be quiet he's explaining FNAF lore"' final boss.

    • Californian
      Californian 8 dni temu

      @corn cabbage I may be Christian, but I spew out hate speech for completely separate reasons

    • Christian Skeleton
      Christian Skeleton 12 dni temu

      Jesus loves you

    • Christian Skeleton
      Christian Skeleton 12 dni temu

      Jesus loves you

    • batchagaloopyTV
      batchagaloopyTV 24 dni temu +1

      @BOLT SKYLINE exactly lmao these smooth brains are a trip.

    • batchagaloopyTV
      batchagaloopyTV 24 dni temu

      @Fg Foxy idk you should "hear" it 🤷‍♂️🙄so we all confused

  • MisterMaxie
    MisterMaxie 3 miesięcy temu +710

    You cannot imagine the sheer awe and emotions I felt when I heard Henry's monologue. You need to remember, by 2017 Henry and Charlie were both book exclusive characters, and so many questions were unanswered. Imagine the whiplash I felt when it finally clicked that Henry was the one speaking and *Charlie* the protagonist of the novels was the single most important animatronic in the entire series.
    This is one of my all time favorite moments in gaming, because it paid off so much. No, we aren't including Security Breach in this conversation. FNAF6 on its own was the *perfect* FNAF ending.

    • Alex Payesko
      Alex Payesko 8 dni temu +4

      Wow I wish I actually played the games and read the books rather than just watching PLclip videos because that sounds like such a cool experience to have.

    • Why I wake Up
      Why I wake Up 22 dni temu +8

      @Niko Clesceri rod sterling

    • Niko Clesceri
      Niko Clesceri 2 miesięcy temu +14

      He really sounds like the twilight zone guy to me during that monologue

  • Metal Madness
    Metal Madness 3 miesięcy temu +789

    I think Mike surviving being "scooped" is due to a similar effect. If dying in a animatronic allows you to possess it, then maybe having an animatronic inside you when you die is similar.

    • Punusername
      Punusername 3 dni temu +1

      @Swan Bee it's a reverse springtrap, doesn't need remnant to make sense, william comes back to life because he dies inside a suit, Michael comes back to life because he dies with a suit inside him (or being a suit itself) it's just a basic dichotomy and good storytelling without needing to add scientific explanation to supernatural activity

    • Swan Bee
      Swan Bee 9 dni temu

      Remnant aside, I feel like you're on to something. I was thinking that, after Ennard entered Michael's body, Michael himself effectively became it's own animatronic, trapping Michael's soul as, well, it used to be his body. Similar to the other animatronics, Michael now possesses and controls his former body.

    • king bidoof
      king bidoof Miesiąc temu +2

      It might be that when ennerd crawled inside of him he became a suit so when he died he possessed himself
      Although the most likely answer is probably some remnant bs

    • Choco V
      Choco V Miesiąc temu +2

      @Mike Bryant Unfortunately you don't 😔

    • General Wade Hampton.
      General Wade Hampton. 2 miesięcy temu +2

      Bruh kinda sus.

  • CFB Command Center
    CFB Command Center 3 miesięcy temu +442

    Not even a FNAF fan. But love hearing Wendigoon explaining horror stuff and his theories. Much love brother. Keep up the great work

    • XX X
      XX X 12 dni temu +1

      This is an important question which I will attempt to answer for the purposes of humanity.
      The biggest FNaF character is the Blob from Security Breach, however it doesn’t really have an ass(just wires) so it doesn’t count.
      Then it would be DJ Music Man from Security Breach as well but unfortunately he doesn’t have an ass if we’re going off of spider anatomy, just a small hole for defecating purposes and an abdomen.
      Then the next biggest animatronics would be the Funtimes, which are all about 6-7 feet tall. The biggest of the funtimes are Freddy and Circus Baby, since they’re meant to store children they caught. Circus Baby is taller than Freddy according to the blueprints hidden in the game files, and since women generally have larger asses than men, we can naturally assume the biggest ass in FNaF is that of Circus Baby.
      Honorable Mention: in the Curse of Dreadbear DLC, Dreadbear is seen sometimes and is very, very large, at least 50 feet tall, which would lead to the conclusion that he has a larger ass than Baby. However, Dreadbear is canonically just a VR character, while Circus Baby is a real animatronic. So the biggest tangible ass still belongs to Baby, but if you’re into VR…stuff then it’s Dreadbear. But that's just a theory, a GAME theory!

    • CONRED5
      CONRED5 2 miesięcy temu +8

      Fr, Wendigoon is just a new level of entertainment

  • Lihuen Baez
    Lihuen Baez 4 miesięcy temu +642

    There's a few details here and there that don't perfectly line up but, overall, this is a really great timeline, as well as probably easiest one to follow by far. Matpat pulled a lot of the heavy weight for this community, but dammit if his videos don't require encyclopedic knowledge of this series.

  • BurG
    BurG 8 miesięcy temu +11671

    Henry's speech as he burned everything down including himself was phenomenal.

    • C A
      C A 2 miesięcy temu +1

      That ending speech is my favorite video game ending of all time.

    • Mister Bones
      Mister Bones 2 miesięcy temu

      ...and yet not a single person here mentions that it's actually a really good Rod Serling impression and Twilight Zone homage.

    • This Cow’s Fly as Fuck!
      This Cow’s Fly as Fuck! 2 miesięcy temu

      i always get shivers from it

    • Tigression
      Tigression 2 miesięcy temu +2

      The way that you can hear him nearly burst into tears when he says "My daughter, if you can hear me, I knew you would return as well." Is so fucking powerful. Whoever voiced Henry, bravo.

    • yung darrion
      yung darrion 3 miesięcy temu

      @Beklee Dee it’s a game chill

  • Li
    Li 3 miesięcy temu +382

    Fun Fact: Scott described Michael being scooped and worn in a steam post as being like emptying out a pumpkin. You cut the top, and some of the guts come out, but you have to empty out the rest.

    • Marie ꨄ
      Marie ꨄ 14 dni temu +5

      Perfect description ngl

  • Soda-Kun
    Soda-Kun Dzień temu

    alright, as someone whos grown up AROUND fnaf but literally never put in enough effort to understand the lore other than "purple guy kill kids, animatronics kill you", ill say:
    i was actually able to understand this video quite well, and it cleared up a lot of stuff. although ill say that i felt my brain being fried a few times and had to pause here and there to process lol

  • grady hoeschen
    grady hoeschen 2 miesięcy temu +207

    My personal head cannon is that when william pulled up to kill charlie, she turned around and got excited because she had no idea what was about to happen. She turns, smiles and says “uncle william! I got locked out” and he just stabs her and drives off

    • Liz Ard
      Liz Ard 14 dni temu +20

      Something like that could actually go a long way to explain why her body in the back alley and not in front where we see her alive in both minigames. She could have recognized him, said something about being locked out, only for William to seize the opportunity and lead her to the back saying there's a way in.

    • Jonathan
      Jonathan 24 dni temu +29

      maybe that's true, since she knows that william is her father's friend and she's absolutely have no idea about what is happening recently with him

    • Lead
      Lead 25 dni temu +25

      Yikes that's fucked up

  • boss
    boss 4 miesięcy temu +465

    1:06:18 THIS is where fnaf should have ended, literally a perfect ending to the series

    • WizardDoge
      WizardDoge 24 dni temu

      its where steelwool and that other company took over and scott left

    • aiden Blackwell
      aiden Blackwell 2 miesięcy temu +4

      Oh man when I got to that part I had goosebumps

    • skepticallyy
      skepticallyy 3 miesięcy temu +17

      exactlyy with ultimate custom night as an extra

    • Sockren
      Sockren 3 miesięcy temu +69

      @Jellybob ucn is really an addon to the main story

    • Jellybob
      Jellybob 4 miesięcy temu +30

      What about ultimate custom night? It’s supposed to be Williams “pay back” for everything’s he’s done after all

  • ThePotatoMan
    ThePotatoMan 8 miesięcy temu +906

    The beginnings of Fredbears are actually really sweet. Just two guys who wanted to keep the magic of childhood alive and went to great lengths to keep it.

    • Magni Walter but not Walter Magni
      Magni Walter but not Walter Magni 4 miesięcy temu

      @Joshua Ottley you don't need the children for that -manchildren

    • Joshua Ottley
      Joshua Ottley 8 miesięcy temu +42

      How do you want to keep the magic of childhood alive, but not the children???

    • Masonia
      Masonia 8 miesięcy temu +41

      Surely nothing bad could happen! Why do i hear kids screaming?

    • Arthur
      Arthur 8 miesięcy temu +103

      "Hope nothing bad happens to this company"
      - Clueless

    • Luna Sturgis
      Luna Sturgis 8 miesięcy temu +91

      great is carrying a lot of events in that sentence

  • J. Elliott Beck
    J. Elliott Beck 2 miesięcy temu +355

    I find it way more fascinating if Evan wanted to move on to the afterlife along with everybody else, but Cassidy couldn’t let him, since they’re both bound to Golden Freddy. So when everybody else was destroyed in that fire, Cassidy and Evan were exempt from it and they both haunt William in Ultimate Custom Night, but Evan doesn’t want to. He wants to leave, he wants to rest, but if Cassidy doesn’t, he can’t. So he’s a passenger for this torture that Cassidy is doing to his father.
    It makes the final shot a lot sadder, a glitching Golden Freddy filled with a soul who’s hatred and anger keeps her alive, but also a soul who can’t rest and has to bare it for the rest of their co-existence.
    That. Is. Sad.

  • Charlotte Wagstaff
    Charlotte Wagstaff 15 godzin temu +1

    This is the most put together fnaf timeline I’ve seen in 5 years.

  • Superbanananinja
    Superbanananinja 11 godzin temu

    I love FNAF, I've been a fan since it first started in 2014, and I was also 14. I'm 22 now. Thats nuts to think about. I cared about the lore up til, maybe FNAF 4 but then it just got annoying lol. Too many different theories and too many books to read, and it all just got more bizzare as Scott was almost forced to make it more complicated because thats what people wanted. Also i started to hate MatPats voice...
    But anyway lol, I still love this series. Gave me lots of joy, even if I couldn't play it. The excitement when a new trailer dropped. Forever grateful for all the great things this amazing series created and helped inspired. And now we can have a good retrospect on what the hell happened. Without including SB. Cause it does not deserve it lol. Pizzeria Sim was SUCH a great ending but they couldnt end the money train
    Sidenote: I honestly hope the series dies soon, because we are fast approaching the "dead horse beating" /"milking the franchise dry" , if we havent gotten there already(that damn movie is still happening apparently). It would break my heart to see this series grounded into the dirt by money hungry people, and I wouldnt be surprised if some company tries to make this thing last for several more years. It's had its prime already, it was great, dont ruin it by trying to make it last longer than it needs to be

  • Sonia
    Sonia 3 miesięcy temu +163

    No matter how “right” this video is, it singlehandedly revived my love for this game franchise that I literally grew up with. It brings the story back up to the surface which I feel like has been lost over the years. Really awesome stuff dude !

    • Gabi Ferreira
      Gabi Ferreira 25 dni temu +2

      Same! I had lost hope on this game, but wendigoon brought it back from the dead for me. We just gotta pretend that Security Breach never existed lol

    • Someone Unknown
      Someone Unknown Miesiąc temu +7

      You guys make me feel old when something that came out so "recently" was something you grew up with ._.
      Grandpa here checking in I guess

  • Anonymous Autist
    Anonymous Autist 3 godzin temu

    What Matpat had to do in 10+ hours you accomplished in 1; hat’s off to you sir! 🎩

  • [Something Creative Here]
    [Something Creative Here] Miesiąc temu +80

    The thought of children who had to suffer this endless cycle for years finally getting back at their killer by giving him his own personal hell is so metal and raw I love it, put the man behind the slaughter in his rightful place

  • awsomecolin
    awsomecolin 3 miesięcy temu +584

    The reason Evan is afraid of the animatronics was because one time he walked into Parts & Service and saw FredBear smoking a blunt.

  • BitterSimplicity
    BitterSimplicity 2 miesięcy temu +185

    I'd imagine Afton lost his mind after losing his kids. Was probably looking for a way to possess an animatronic without dying, until his victims did it to him anyway.
    As for the scooping room thing, it seems like perfect child logic. She was pulled into a robot, then became a robot. So if a robot goes inside a person, they must become a person, right? A lot of the odd things the animatronics do can be explained by child logic. Puppet-Charlie probably thought she was helping the dead children, and in a way, was also making herself some friends.
    Given this constant blurring of science and occult, I can see whatever bad juju keeping the children here rubbing off on Michael when they crawled inside. He was essentially turned into an animatronic suit, so even though he died and is rotting, his soul is now possessing his own corpse. Not alive, not dead, just like the others.

  • Antoni Ω
    Antoni Ω 8 miesięcy temu +7031

    "For one of you, the darkest pit of hell has opened to swallow you whole, so don't keep the Devil waiting, old friend." Such a badass line.

    • makenna a
      makenna a 13 dni temu +1

      It gives me chills!!

      JELLY DEAP 2 miesięcy temu +2

      famous last words, no legendary last words

    • melynn_03
      melynn_03 3 miesięcy temu +2

      @PJ Dianalan hence why in my own head cannon, ucn is the last lore relevant game

    • peter griffin
      peter griffin 3 miesięcy temu +2

      The whole message is badass

    • Kyon Kyonson
      Kyon Kyonson 3 miesięcy temu +1

      You'd expect a character like Solomon Kane or someone out of a Western to say that line, not a dude from Five Nights at Freddy's.

  • Korozola
    Korozola 2 miesięcy temu +84

    I get why you don't like the idea of cassidy torturing him, but I like that way more then the alternative. The kids should have some form of agency in the story, an Evan just seems like a timid boy who deserves a chance to rest. But we don't know anything about Cassidy, and that's honestly really really sad. She didn't even really have a story. She's just a name. The idea that this 'random' girl who stolen from her by William, when he didn't consider the value of what he was stealing from her... that's just so much more fitting to me.

    • Eyes of the Cervino
      Eyes of the Cervino Dzień temu

      Agreed. I'm always puzzled and frustrated by people who act like they can just bully and prey on whoever they like, expecting their victims to just roll over and take it. Just because someone's not preying on people, it doesn't mean they're harmless. Some people really are "the one you shouldn't have killed."

    • silver danger noodle
      silver danger noodle 18 dni temu +6

      Also in addition to the agency point: Cassidy was arguably stripped of it the _most_, considering she was the only one of the purposefully murdered kids to be put in a suit that couldn’t move at all. I can imagine being constantly stuck in an unmoving suit while watching all the other kids be able to get or at least try to get revenge being incredibly frustrating- and now, she can finally get the revenge she couldn’t get before in her (second?) afterlife.

    • Korozola
      Korozola 24 dni temu +10

      @Gabi Ferreira His death was an accident, not out of malice, and obviously william couldn't have predicted his older son would physically shove his son into the animatronic.
      But, Evan was never characterized as a vengeful boy. His ending is about being confronted with his brother's regret and him desperately apologizing to him, which further emphasizes the tragedy of it. To be honest that ending in FNAF 4 is the most upsetting the series ever gets, and for good reason. William Afton seemed to be a regular person before that, and the drive to fix what happened was what turned him into a monster.
      And it was that drive that would lead him to disregard the lives of many more children, trying to undo the first death. He had placed so much value on that one life, that he didn't consider those other children as kids with parents, brothers, sisters, and futures of their own.
      That's what makes her vengeful nature so poetic to me. As William gets colder and colder, and becomes more of a monster, his son doesn't even really matter to him anymore and he becomes more obsessed with the 'science' of it. He viewed those kids as objects, and this (to him) irrelevant little spec whose name he probably doesn't even remember is going to torture his soul for god knows how long.
      The tragedy of her death was that she never got to grow up. Much more then someone who would die in even their 30s or 40s, most people will just forget about them, that they ever even existed, because they have no legacy to leave behind.
      He stole her future from her. She mattered. And if it takes William Afton a million years to learn that, then, well...
      He's got time. She'll be with him for as long as it takes.

    • Gabi Ferreira
      Gabi Ferreira 25 dni temu +1

      I was thinking more about it being Evan getting revenge on his father for building the animatronics that started it all, but I actually really like your reasoning. I think I'll stick with it, thanks!

  • SerephSoul
    SerephSoul 3 miesięcy temu +113

    Remnant is actually canon to the video games. It’s mentioned on the blueprints of the Scooper you can find in Pizzeria Simulator as the device having a so called “Remnant Injector” - likely the method William used to inject the melted souls of the animatronics into the Funtime animatronics.

    • the man
      the man 7 dni temu

      @Madison R I didn't say it was bad, I said the majority think it's bad.

    • Madison R
      Madison R 7 dni temu

      @the man part 6 is good

    • the man
      the man 7 dni temu

      @Madison R People say that about part 6 of jojo, but they still consider it canon.

    • Sea
      Sea 24 dni temu +1

      Because Remnant is fucking stupid lmao

    • Madison R
      Madison R 25 dni temu +7

      Because it's a bad part of the story

  • Owlski
    Owlski 9 godzin temu

    0:48 "Despite the countless reddit threads and youtube videos made on the topic, there doesn't seem to be a clear answer on what happened in the games themselves."
    Probably cause the Scott (or whoever is writing up the "lore") intentionally threw in random/vague things in their game so that their fandom could write the lore for them.
    I honestly find the writing and story building done in the FNAF series to be very poorly (and lazily) done from a developer/creator standpoint.
    Everyone loves a good mystery, and unraveling that mystery via various contexts and clues scattered about their series is fine, but it honestly feels like things are just simply kept vague for the sole intention to drum up their fanbase to make a plausible theory, where they then incorporate those user theories into their future games/media.
    It really just feels like the whole FNAF lore just strings along its audience with these vague things and never definitively gives the player/audience the answer, despite leaving their breadcrumb trail.
    Reminds me a lot of poorly made ARG's where they throw all this cryptic stuff into their videos, that lead to further cryptic clues, that never have any thought of cohesion.

  • Ellie Linthicum
    Ellie Linthicum 2 miesięcy temu +74

    As being a fan of FNAF for so long, to hear this being explained in order and not just a fun scary game is incredible. Listening to the phone guy being genuinely upset/scared in the game about the investigation then deteriorating to how scared he sounds to tell you that another suit was used, a yellow one ;makes me want to cry.

    • Patxi :*
      Patxi :* 23 dni temu

      @2010s nostalgia oh now I get it, thank you 👍

    • 2010s nostalgia
      2010s nostalgia 23 dni temu +1

      @Patxi :* 32:10-32:42 at this point the puppet has stuffed the five recently killed kids into the suits. the kids don't remember william's face, just the purple nightguard uniform he wore when killing them. this is why they attack anyone dressed the uniform. phone guy was previously the nightguard so he knows the player is in danger, hence why he's afraid

    • Patxi :*
      Patxi :* Miesiąc temu +1

      I got a little confused about that part, could you explain why he got scared by that?

  • Brother Dom
    Brother Dom 8 miesięcy temu +2516

    The fact he took the time to make sure those listening to the audio understood the corrections is just honestly phenomenal and really deserves its recognition. Thank you bud

    • Dillon Walsh
      Dillon Walsh 8 miesięcy temu +6

      Like three separate times I started to look something up, only for him to start explaining exactly what I wanted to know in detail. Wendi is a fucking PLclip god-king

    • Inle
      Inle 8 miesięcy temu +5

      @Shinora honestly this would’ve been simpler and made more sense imo. I like to listen to these while doing dishes, so it’s a hassle when I have to stop, rinse my hands, etc, to rewind for what could’ve been a one-word replacement

    • Leirsa
      Leirsa 8 miesięcy temu +32

      Honestly yeah, I was listening and was like “wait what’d I miss” after hearing the pause. Pretty great idea, he probably just couldn’t properly record any audio at the time and insert it in the clip or something, pretty reasonable

    • Shinora
      Shinora 8 miesięcy temu +59

      Honestly i think an audio replacement would work better? Just mute the audio of saying william and have it be him saying "mike" and then just keep the "there was an error" text. the pause wasnt super long. it was well meaning though!!! :D

  • Blanker101
    Blanker101 24 dni temu +32

    I can't overstate how damn hard the FNAF6 final monologue hits, definitely my favorite part of the whole series. It really is the perfect point to end off the series with (Help Wanted and Security Breach don't exist).

  • CallingSkoot
    CallingSkoot 2 miesięcy temu +97

    The Midnight Motorist minigame is actually called Later that Night in the game files, implying that it's William driving back home after killing Charlie.

  • Darth Vader, but better
    Darth Vader, but better 2 miesięcy temu +96

    Love how the only image of spring trap you used was just him politely waving at everyone just like “hey guys I’m a rotting corpse of a child murderer.”

  • Sight KillerZ
    Sight KillerZ 4 miesięcy temu +58

    the audio pause to catch listeners attention was very clever and small details like this is why i love listening to these, it shows care and makes the content suitable for everyone

  • Sam
    Sam 8 miesięcy temu +2822

    I’ve always been fine with the “William was in a silly goofy mood” for killing the kids, because when it started cawthon didn’t expect to be the huge franchise, but this makes SO much more sense

    • Giran
      Giran 2 miesięcy temu

      @mugi !!! I was memeing around aswell but looking back at it these were the least funny words to have ever left my mouth

    • mugi !!!
      mugi !!! 2 miesięcy temu +1

      @Giran sillygoofy is a reference to a meme and is meant to be read as a compound word, don't worry :)

    • cunk
      cunk 5 miesięcy temu +2

      @Maxwell Barbosa i bet the springlock animatronics were incredibly stinky. at least one person bled to death while wearing one.

    • Maxwell Barbosa
      Maxwell Barbosa 8 miesięcy temu +10

      i mean either way there’s a bunch of proof for both!! In the FNAF 4 mini games, the CC/fredbear plush says “remember what you saw” and obviously something scared the CC of the animatronics and William putting the costume head on an employee. There are also rumors of children going missing and the animatronics trying to kill people as said by the kids around town in the FNAF 4 mini games. Also phone guy in FNAF 2 mentions the “awful smell” that the old animatronics had which heavily implies they already had murder victims in some way attached to them. So I mean maybe he was just in a silly goofy mood but who knows honestly this series is so complex i don’t even know what it think anymore 😳😟

    • Sahil hossain
      Sahil hossain 8 miesięcy temu +21

      Will x Henry fanfics be like:

  • Bradley Contreras
    Bradley Contreras 4 miesięcy temu +119

    I honestly don't think the FNAF story can be explained any better than this. And I definitely enjoyed listening. 🧐😌

  • Samuel A.
    Samuel A. 3 miesięcy temu +65

    I've never played the games, but this did make sense. Also I expected this whole series to be set in a somewhat humorous world in which this giant McDonald's-like mega corporation owned these restaurants and the animatronics simply go haywire at night and they can't be bothered to fix them.

  • Ohio Resident
    Ohio Resident Miesiąc temu +31

    The moment during Henry’s speech when the temperature in the bottom right starts rising and the player realizing what’s happening is easily why that scene is the best out of all the FNAF games

  • sand ساندي
    sand ساندي 3 miesięcy temu +30

    you explained it very respectfully, neatly, and got in all the “what ifs” and “whys,” so i say, as a newcomer with very little knowledge of fnaf, that you did great! really the only confusing thing was the shift between the restaurants closing down.

  • Sepulchre13
    Sepulchre13 7 miesięcy temu +1820

    Man... Michael's been through a lot. Accidentally killed his brother, lost his sister, dad turned crazy, got *SCÖÖPÉD* , used as a puppet for...an abomination of sin...damn

  • Tarafe
    Tarafe 3 miesięcy temu +52

    NO YOU DID GREAT. I only just got into FNAF through Security Breach and this was such a good presentation. I knew next to nothing about the series, but now I feel more or less prepared to talk to anyone about it.

    • Lemonov
      Lemonov 10 dni temu

      @TheyLoveGS No, I just explained my reasoning for not liking the said robot animal game and multiple people proceeded to cry about it.

    • TheyLoveGS
      TheyLoveGS 11 dni temu

      @Lemonov brother you're getting mad that someone disagrees about a furry game. you are a child or a very sad adult

    • Lemonov
      Lemonov 11 dni temu

      @TheyLoveGS I doubt you're above 14 y/o.

    • TheyLoveGS
      TheyLoveGS 11 dni temu +1

      @Lemonov with your weird comment about hugboxes i dont think you talk to real people much so i doubt it

    • sunn__flare
      sunn__flare 11 dni temu

      @Lemonov ok socrates

  • walkingexistentaldread
    walkingexistentaldread Miesiąc temu +3

    even if you think the series is convoluted and the lore is vague, you have to admit it’s impressive that the creator took a basic horror concept (inanimate objects moving on their own) and created an entire interesting story around it.

  • Echos
    Echos Miesiąc temu +18

    Henry's speech legitimately gave me chills, and I don't even play or care about FNAF. I'm talking full-body goosebumps, the kind you feel from your legs to the top of your head. Really, just, _wow._ The voice acting, the writing, the hauntingly beautiful music, the imagery...the performance from the voice actor in particular almost had me tearing up, someone who's never even played a single entry in the series. Absolutely *phenomenal.*

  • Asianeyes007
    Asianeyes007 Miesiąc temu +15

    I think it’s interesting that the reason Michael Afton “came back to life” after being scoop, was because he became an empty vessel, much like the animatronics, for Innard to wear as a costume. And once Innard was expelled from Michael, he possessed his own dead body like the deceased children did with the animatronics. Weird, but fascinating. And a neat detail that calls back to that coincidentally, is when Michael, under the alias “Mike Schmidt”, works the 7th night at the Freddy Fazbear locations from the first 2 games, and is fired due to unprofessional odor and bad hygiene. Not sure if the timeline lines up correctly, but it’s a small detail that I think is very cool, and just may confirm that the random night guard that takes these jobs during the 6th and 7th nights are Michael Afton. Or perhaps it’s coincidental foreshadowing to his upcoming death.

  • Hound
    Hound 8 miesięcy temu +3814

    Even years after pizza simulator, the ending speech that Henry gives is absolutely chilling. It’s so cold, so distanced, and yet so filled with love for his daughter, pity for Elizabeth, and burning hatred as hot as the fire that consumed the building for his once best friend. The music is perfect, and your added visuals were great. I genuinely love pizzeria simulator’s ending and won’t accept anything else as canon, lol. I still get tingles from it!!

    • Jessica Williams
      Jessica Williams 8 miesięcy temu +5

      Same. That ending is canon and everything after it was just done for fun.

    • Yoshikage K.
      Yoshikage K. 8 miesięcy temu +1

      exactly i have to hear it everytime i rewatch

    • The Media
      The Media 8 miesięcy temu +1

      @SulSulii that is fantastic!

    • Roger Jane-Torrent
      Roger Jane-Torrent 8 miesięcy temu +35

      The visuals weren’t wendigoons. The visuals came directly from the game

    • Crystal Floyd
      Crystal Floyd 8 miesięcy temu +22

      Same! And well said. I love the ending of Pizza Simulator a whole lot because it was the perfect, bittersweet ending. It was so satisfying and absolutely chilling. Love the speech so much. I believe it's the true ending of the series.

  • Internet Nobody
    Internet Nobody 4 miesięcy temu +54

    I dont really care for the games but I really like the story. its great horror story on its own, but I have always found the work you have to put in to piece it together so much fun ( if intensely convoluted lol)

  • GQ
    GQ 10 dni temu +1

    As a newcomer, this was an incredible explanation. I watched someone else's previous video and by minute 10 they were talking about chips that made you invisible and threw out so many names that I had no idea what was going on. I still got a little lost here, but I literally went back to the color coded whiteboard and it was very helpful.

  • Grimbeeus
    Grimbeeus 11 godzin temu

    pretty good timeline but i have to make a correction. fnaf 4 is not a dream, it’s real. in my personal rendition of the timeline elizabeth dies first. evan becomes stubborn and wants to look at fredbear and friends, william in response uses “illusion discs” in order to make nightmarish renditions of the animatronics come out when evan is in bed. illusion discs are something from the books that were made canon. illusion discs basically emit a frequency that make the brain sensory overload and start seeing things, so they’re real but this is what i think, of course it might be wrong. amazing video though, good job wendigoon!

  • Dylan Stump
    Dylan Stump 3 miesięcy temu +9

    I’ve always been intrigued about the FNAF lore and wanted to know about since I started watching play through sin 2014 and ever since then I’ve seen breakdown videos and full lore videos. They were always confusing to me and went into details that were never important or skipped them. You were able to make the timeline so simple and the hour watching this flew by. Truly remarkable job making this huge lore easy to understand.

  • Flaszka
    Flaszka 8 miesięcy temu +2640

    As a person who had ZERO idea about the series, didn't play the games, and know barely about Markiplier's meme - this makes so much sense and is such a creepy, well-build story. I was in awe for, like, the most of the video, for you and mostly the game creators. Can't wait for the VHS video!

    • Princessaur
      Princessaur 8 miesięcy temu +1

      If you actually play the games the story makes even less sense than Kingdom Hearts lmao. But I agree. As someone who's been into FNAF since the third game, Wendigoon did an incredible job summarizing the events.

    • FAEL
      FAEL 8 miesięcy temu +3

      "Well built story" 💀

    • Flaszka
      Flaszka 8 miesięcy temu +2

      @nya Well, that's MY opinion and you've got yours ✌️ The story told by Wendigoon is really cool, I'm not saying it's flawless, I'm not saying it's clear how the story is told.

    • Flaszka
      Flaszka 8 miesięcy temu +2

      @Natalie Kennedy I don't really care, but can you elaborate why you think this way?

    • Flaszka
      Flaszka 8 miesięcy temu +2

      @EBtheNERD I'm talking about the whole story that Wendigoon told. I'm not saying it's flawless.

  • war2theren
    war2theren 2 miesięcy temu +11

    I love Wendigoon videos because it feels like it's a friend who's just talking to you about something they're passionate about

  • ogeidnaS nemraC
    ogeidnaS nemraC 8 dni temu +1

    I originally got into FNAF back when sister location was coming out and I started watching MatPat, but I fell off after a while. Then you came out with this video and it reinvigorated my interest in this series. Thank you

  • Cyan Productions
    Cyan Productions 12 dni temu +1

    I do have one issue with this general timeline. I’ve always been under the impression that in the first game and the end of the second Michael has already been scooped. Part of the reason it says he was fired was his oder in both games which seems like an odd detail. It becomes less odd when you put into context the idea that sister location may have come before 1 and 2. And since we know William already had the Funtime animatronics built around this period it would just make more sense that Michael is discovering them only shortly after this initial building.. he proceeds to follow the events of sister location, gets scooped, possesses himself then carries on his search for his father’s work. In fact maybe the “that place” mentioned by William is the sister location which we know Michael has been sneaking off to consistently.

  • psychinteresting72
    psychinteresting72 2 miesięcy temu +10

    I’m a horror movie buff like I can’t even explain how many I’ve seen… but this series always gives me the creeps it’s just so well done and the dialogue is so scary. Pretty much the only thing that freaks me out every single time I watch a gameplay/ video explaining the lore

  • Null
    Null 2 miesięcy temu +15

    So can we agree that Security Breach and Help Wanted are part of an alternate universe? Because the main one was concluded, they're just a "what if?" scenario to continue the series.

  • Pro GameMaster888
    Pro GameMaster888 4 miesięcy temu +7

    Awesome breakdown, you have my respect. The only thing I think that seems off was the five souls of the children killed by William. I don't they possessed Molten Freddy and take place in the sixth game. As hinted in FNAF's 3 good ending. I believe that the children had already passed on before the events of Pizzeria Simulator so there was no need for them to possess another animatronic.

    • Pro GameMaster888
      Pro GameMaster888 4 miesięcy temu

      Also from FNAF 3 when trying to get the good ending, I'm sort of confused. Like when giving the huge cake in the minigames to the crying child which was revealed to be Charlie, why was her spirit out of the Puppet and if so why wasn't she put to rest if she was still active in the sixth game? Was the good ending actually taking place during the events of Pizzeria Simulator? I think you forgot to explain the good ending but I understand the load of events that you really needed to cover for this video.

  • Alma Martinez
    Alma Martinez 3 dni temu

    I’ve never played this game, and I was looking for an explanation to it since I kept seeing memes and hearing people talk about it. I’m glad that my search led me to this video and your channel. I like the interesting topics you cover and I think you do a great job at it. New subscriber!

  • Olivia Waterman
    Olivia Waterman 4 miesięcy temu +13

    I have never played any of the games but I was super into watching Dan and Phil play them for spooky week and I was ENTHRALLED in this video!! As a horror fan it was very entertaining and insightful

  • Netheraptr
    Netheraptr 8 miesięcy temu +1968

    I honestly prefer the idea of Evan being the first death, it feels like an actual starting point to the story instead of a vague point where a guy starts killing people.

    • Natalex
      Natalex 4 miesięcy temu

      well the first death was actually the puppet

    • Mina The Raichu
      Mina The Raichu 5 miesięcy temu

      @Dr. Sadist "father, it's me Michael." Being said in the way future, as we can see it over a burnt down fazbear fright. A big conclusion to be drawn from there is that they happen with both existing at the same time.
      Crying child can't go to fazbear fright cause he's very much dead. I don't see the ambiguity.

    • TripleMoya Games
      TripleMoya Games 7 miesięcy temu +1

      @Kinda Cringe His motive is immortality. He discovers it either by accident with Mangle, or when severs the puppets arm. Either way he knows about the souls first and is fascinated by it

    • Kinda Cringe
      Kinda Cringe 7 miesięcy temu

      @TripleMoya Games But why is Afton experimenting with remnant and how does he even know what it is?

    • TripleMoya Games
      TripleMoya Games 8 miesięcy temu

      @Kinda Cringe It does, Because Afton experiments with remnant first with Suzie's dog which creates Mangle, then later kills Suzie after luring her claiming to have revived her dog (half-true). Mangle is technically part of the Funtime animatronics. We know Circus baby is one of them and was created to lure and trap kids but unfortunately kills Elizabeth after she defies William's instructions to stay clear. Which is why she isn't in FNAF4. That would be why William doesn't want Evan near the franchise and probably instructed Michael to scare Evan. We know Evan has seen circus baby because the FNAF 4 Animatronics all have Stomach mouths. Something unique to the Funtime animatronics or at least Circus Baby

  • Ky
    Ky 4 miesięcy temu +22

    Your points at the end of the video about all the lore being a jumbled up mess while they were being presented is spot on. A lot of people like to think that Scott Cawthon is some sort of storytelling lore mastermind, but in reality, it’s pretty clear when looking back on it that a large majority of lore is either retcon or unnecessary bits of story that was added on just to keep the series going. That doesn’t negate how the man did make a horror game series masterpiece through the background aspects and games themselves, since both were so unique and imaginative. And, although i’m not a huge fan of the execution of the lore throughout, I am glad it happened, if just because it brought this massive community to work together to solve this mystery and build anticipation for the next game. It’s a wonderful series that brought out its own identity as a horror franchise and will definitely be considered a certified classic from here on out.
    That being said, I absolutely despise the messy continuation Scott & Co. tried to add on with the release of FNAF VR and SB. The games are both fun in their own little ways, but the lore was absolutely unneeded and (i think) just unwanted by almost all the community, too lol.

    • sunn__flare
      sunn__flare 12 dni temu

      lol I think if they would have done something new with Vanny and left that weird decrepit version of springtrap out of it, it’d be fine. I refused to watch gameplay the endings after I saw there was a,,, a blob..?
      I adore Security Breach for the gameplay and the new design of FNAF, but even though a character had ONE line in a video game that people thought was funny (“I *always* come back.”) doesn’t mean it should be put into canon. Security Breach and VR could have existed in their own timeline where, like in VR, Scott was just an employee that was fired and made a video game in retaliation. They could have *done* something with that. But there was a blob and Grandpa Willy lol Not the best decision, but I did like the games lmao

  • Isabell Xie
    Isabell Xie 4 miesięcy temu +11

    I watched Markiplier's play throughs through out FNAF 4. When I saw the cut scene where Evan's head was shoved in Fredbear's mouth, I was so shook that I was silent and dumbfounded.
    This was amazing, thank you so much. I've followed the series, and watch MatPat's series on and off, but this video was the clearest explanation to me. MatPat threw theories out there as each game came out and it just got me more and more confused. Thank you for this!

  • Mary S.
    Mary S. 3 miesięcy temu +4

    The most I knew after playing the first game when I was younger, was that there were kids in the body that were killed by a purple guy. I will most likely forget the small details but I’m so glad I know more stuff. Awesome job dude. Going to watch the other video after processing all of this

  • Izzy Collier
    Izzy Collier 4 miesięcy temu +7

    Even though I’ve been following the series since it first came out, this is the first time in years I’ve been able to follow the story. Thank you for helping me to actually be invested in one of my favorite game franchises again, i haven’t felt like I’ve understood this since I was like 12

  • JFK
    JFK 8 miesięcy temu +3484

    the idea of a guy’s greatest creation being his downfall and spiraling him out of control has such a greek tragedy feel about it which definitely kept me hooked onto these games for so long

    • fr0ggiess ♡
      fr0ggiess ♡ 5 miesięcy temu

      he shoukd listen to weezer more

    • ProfessorKombat2381
      ProfessorKombat2381 5 miesięcy temu +1

      scott needs a final swan song game and end it all

    • JFK
      JFK 5 miesięcy temu

      @Victor B0333 stick to your day job then sweetheart

    • Victor B0333
      Victor B0333 5 miesięcy temu

      @JFK it was a joke honey. Chill out

    • JFK
      JFK 5 miesięcy temu

      @Victor B0333 bro are you seriously asking me that??? Think before you type dude cause you can answer your own question

  • bttrflymagic
    bttrflymagic 3 miesięcy temu +6

    As someone who didn’t know anything about the series, I thought this was very clear and interesting. Thank you for putting this together :)

  • zagoonzz
    zagoonzz 2 miesięcy temu +12

    As someone who multitasks while watching videos, thank you so dang much for the audio break to make me read. It's appreciated more than you know lol

  • 7eaf
    7eaf 3 miesięcy temu +5

    Hey Wendigoon, recent viewer of the channel here. Your channel was recommended to me by a friend and you are currently my main source of entertainment on PLclip. I’ve been hearing about 5 Nights at Freddys for years and I never looked into lore or even played the games, you did great at explaining everything from what I can tell, I never knew what the “Bite of 87” was but I’d seen the memes, so it was nice to finally hear someone put together the pieces like this. I didn’t know the lore was actually this deep, I thought people were just hyping it up. As an outsider who’s not part of the FNAF fanbase, I feel like now I can really appreciate the thought and effort that was put into the series, thank you for the video, I was thoroughly entertained.

  • Engelbert Hovel
    Engelbert Hovel 16 dni temu +1

    Amazing video!!! It’s great to see someone who loves the same things about fnaf that I do (that ending speech of fnaf 6 still gives me chills to this day)!! I just wanted to add tho, it’s a shame you aren’t a fan of what they had happen to Michael, I always thought it was kind of awesome because his fate essentially takes after his father’s, he possessed his own mangled corpse. It just didn’t happen to be in a bunny suit, he’s like an inside out springtrap, or a springtrap in reverse. It’s poetic in a super weird way.

  • mhm
    mhm 8 miesięcy temu +3279

    One thing that you omitted was that at the true end of Fnaf 3, a spirit of Golden Freddy was freed in a birthday party set up by the other spirits. That was probably the release of Evan Afton, giving him the party and happiness that was robbed from him, therefore making Cassidy the one who tortures William Afton.

    • 12 O'Clock
      12 O'Clock 5 miesięcy temu

      I always thought that that ending was the "good" ending while the "bad" ending was the canonical one, with the "good" ending providing closure for the killed kids + Evan which is represented by their faded out eyes, but the "bad" ending shows just the heads with the spirits still active which represents William dismantling them while their spirits are inside. So the true ending is the bad one

    • TripleMoya Games
      TripleMoya Games 7 miesięcy temu

      @M D Fair enough

    • M D
      M D 7 miesięcy temu +2

      @TripleMoya Games do you? Fred was in Animatronic mode during the concert bite of 83. If he wasn't, then the person inside would have had to have been cool with eating a child, and he would have died because spring lock failures almost always cascade.
      It's not possible for a "spring lock failure" to occur, when no springs are locked. Springs are locked for the express purpose of moving the animatronic parts out of the way so that a human can fit inside. If there is no human inside then the springs are relaxed.

    • TripleMoya Games
      TripleMoya Games 8 miesięcy temu +1

      @M D Do you know how the mechanisms worked in FNAF? I am not conflating two separate things, both events were caused by moisture. Yes the mouth was opening and closing, but in the clip when Evan is inside the mouth, they stay open, meaning there wasn't enough force to crush his skull. The chomp was delayed, indicating the locks were being loosened by evans tears which then initiated the Mouth to shut completely

    • M D
      M D 8 miesięcy temu +2

      @TripleMoya Games moisture doesn't matter if the springs weren't locked. You're conflating two unrelated events. The mouth was gonna open and close no matter what and no one was inside, so the springs were in their normal place, they weren't locked anywhere, so there was nothing to fail.

  • Karen Ramirez
    Karen Ramirez 4 miesięcy temu +3

    I love this. This made me come to peace with the storyline. I was very confused and on a spree of trying to find a timeline of these games but everything was a dead end. Since the very first game to the most recent. For years I’ve been on FNAFs ass. This single video made me just more fascinated by the game and how it came to be. Thank you:)

  • Senes
    Senes 28 dni temu +4

    as someone who was around since the first game, i think what's truly magical was the community that banded together to try and piece together the lore rather than the actual lore itself. Back when we had less information so the theories were more wild. Veteran theorists like smokey, 8-bit gaming, razzbowski, game theory. the talented fandom with creators like zajcu37 and tony crynight. an absolutely wild journey this franchise has been. truly an experience i hold dear to my heart

  • Eyes of the Cervino
    Eyes of the Cervino Dzień temu

    I think this is the first time I heard the possessed animatronics' motive for going after you. I'd always heard it as "spooky ghost children bad," but them thinking they're going after the man who killed them is so much more heartbreaking and human.

  • Loganical Studios
    Loganical Studios Dzień temu

    Evans death is the saddest
    Change my mind

  • Merrakie
    Merrakie 8 miesięcy temu +2283

    one chilling detail that was omitted was why the spring locks failed and killed Evan in the first place. it's meantioned that as the locks get damp they tend to fail and in the scene where Evan dies he's visibly crying implying that he cried so much and was in so much fear it caused the failure.

    • dogehkiin dogeborn
      dogehkiin dogeborn 2 miesięcy temu

      There wasn't really a failure, just a lack of retardedproof security mechanisms.
      Freddy is an animatronic by that point, it's not a robot with sensores and complex AI but rather a bunch of cogs and levers doing a preset choreography which includes opening and closing its mouth.
      Micheal and his friends had this asshole and retarded mob mentality that made them murder Evan without remembering that murder kills which led to Williams descent into madness and the death of atleast 7 more victims

    • The Annoying Dog
      The Annoying Dog 4 miesięcy temu

      @Evie-Mae ah, I see, that makes a lot of sense. The springs can’t shoot inwards if they’ve already been shot inwards.

    • Evie-Mae
      Evie-Mae 4 miesięcy temu +2

      @The Annoying Dog no, the suit was in animatronic mode because the spring locks were activated, meaning no one was in the suit, just animateonic parts because the spring locks were activated

    • The Annoying Dog
      The Annoying Dog 4 miesięcy temu

      @Evie-Mae correct me if I’m wrong, but if fredbear was in suit mode when he did the bite of ‘83 wouldn’t that mean someone was inside the suit, meaning either Henry or William murdered him?

    • Evie-Mae
      Evie-Mae 7 miesięcy temu +1

      Nope. The spring locks were already activated because fredbear was in suit mode. Sorry to burst your bubble

  • Tori
    Tori  3 miesięcy temu +9

    As someone who got into these games for a short period of time after they blew up, I definitely would have enjoyed them more if there was a solid story line like this. The whole not know the lore is fun but as a new player, this would have definitely added to the experience.

  • Kay D.
    Kay D. 2 miesięcy temu +6

    I think the way Charlie “gave life” to the other animatronics was by showing the other spirits of the children how to possess the animatronics based on how she possessed the puppet.

  • Kim Martin
    Kim Martin 2 dni temu

    I feel familiar with FNAF somewhat, growing up in that perfect age range to understand it and be old enough to play it. It makes enough sense to me, of course there's thing that's confusing, but that's what the plot and technical lore is in the first place. I appreciate the visual representations.

  • Chăllai
    Chăllai 2 dni temu +1

    I had absolutely no context for this story before clicking on this video - don't worry mate, you did great at explaining and now I actually understand the series 😭😭. Spooky stuff

  • ThatFatGuy98
    ThatFatGuy98 8 miesięcy temu +1410

    Something that often doesn't get enough love is what a genuinely brilliant design Springtrap had for a supernatural slasher villain. The derilect, barely together suit with barely visible hints of William's mummified corpse in it, and those cold, malicious eyes that just send a chill down your spine. It may not have the same uncanny creep factor as the classic animatronics, but as a "monster" design I think it's by far the best in the series. Unironically, he should be in Dead By Daylight or something.
    And then Scott turned him into a weird bald peanut man, but we don't have to talk about that part.

    • Bullhuss
      Bullhuss 3 miesięcy temu

      @MopThief well its like giving yourself a haircut, its gonna look weird trying to put yourself back together

    • MopThief
      MopThief 3 miesięcy temu

      @Bullhuss Even in the intended lighting the proportions still look off to me, maybe the head seems too big? Either way I would say the model itself isn’t horrible but it just looks weird (and not in an intended creepy way)

    • Ta-Nuke-I
      Ta-Nuke-I 7 miesięcy temu

      @Stargatory you've changed your pfp dipshit. I don't care what your argument is now I can't even remember, it it's been a whole ass month and you really JUST NOW figured out what to say. Grow up ong.

    • Stargatory
      Stargatory 7 miesięcy temu

      @Ta-Nuke-I In what way is my Lovecraftian Garfield profile picture linked with my interests?
      Apparently the concept of community in jokes becoming known outside of said community is so hard. Many people online use the imposter Jerma profile picture and I can guarantee you, most of those individuals don't regularly watch Jerma985.

    • Jo Ann Catibod
      Jo Ann Catibod 7 miesięcy temu

      Dark springtrap was the original scraptrap

  • Cesar Gonzalez
    Cesar Gonzalez 3 miesięcy temu +2

    As someone who's never been into FNAF, I think you did a good job laying out all the major players and events, especially with the whiteboard. The only thing that was difficult to follow was the strict chronological order of the games, but I chalk that up to not being already acquainted with individual entries. Fantastic video as always.

  • James
    James 26 dni temu +1

    i watched this yesterday and i'm rewatching it today because i just love how you explain everything. i've only ever played the first game and don't rly care abt playing the rest but the story itself IS interesting. almost all of it was easy to understand, but somewhere toward the end, all of the names of ppl, animatronics, and locations got confusing for me lol. but not because of how you presented them, just because it was a whole lot of info in the first place. i think you did a great job and this was super entertaining, fun, and informative!!

  • Eazidezi03
    Eazidezi03 2 miesięcy temu +15

    That final speech of henry is probably one of the most powerful speeches in video game history

  • 鄭芝龍
    鄭芝龍 3 miesięcy temu +1

    Thanks for that, I thought I’d never be able to wrap my head around the FNaF lore but I stand corrected!! I remember watching matpat’s earlier videos on FNaF lore and being so interested at how he was grappling with theories based on barely anything as someone who was pioneering and navigating the FNaF lore after each game release. I eventually stopped following but it’s come to 5-6 more FNaF games later that I eventually decided to find a video that consolidated all the events. You were that video haha.
    Thanks for all the hard work!

  • The Father Rabbit
    The Father Rabbit 8 miesięcy temu +1889

    This is the most coherent and logical timeline I've ever heard for this series. With FNAF, it's really easy to miss the forest for the trees. There are so many little details to get caught up on that the more you know about it, the more confusing it gets. Like you said, I think that is something Matpat has fallen victim to as well. So many people take his theories as gospel, but even he has admitted that they have holes in them. How Security Breach fits into it is beyond me.
    I have alway thought of this story as depicting the complexities of the human condition for many of the reasons you stated. If the characters have no reason for the things that they do, why tell the story at all? Having William start out as a grieving father whose guilt drove him to extremes makes so much more sense. By the end, he's become so consumed by all of it that there's barely anything human left in him. He transforms into a monster entirely because of his own actions.

    • The Father Rabbit
      The Father Rabbit 8 miesięcy temu +6

      @Jacked Thor-so Yes, and then all people can really do with her as a character is try to find parallels and subtle hints that she could be either literally or symbolically Elizabeth, which is such a random connection to me.

    • Jacked Thor-so
      Jacked Thor-so 8 miesięcy temu +2

      @The Father Rabbit Agreed.👍 I like Vanny as a character, in theory, I think the very little we see of her in Security Breach is pretty iconic. She gives me "what if the babysitter was actually a murderer?" Vibes, if that makes any sense. But, yeah, horrendously underused. I have absolutely no idea why they made Springtrap, no, I mean Scraptrap, no I mean Burntrap (good golly Molly they need to stop renaming the same character a half a dozen times) instead of Vanny - the villain who had Help Wanted and the AR game both building her up as a character.

    • The Father Rabbit
      The Father Rabbit 8 miesięcy temu +9

      @Jacked Thor-so Security Breach felt like a poorly planned attempt to circle back to the Crying Child. While I definitely am interested in the story of the Afton family, I also really wish they hadn't brought Afton back again. I would like to know more about Cassidy and Golden Freddy, as well as Elizabeth. There were so many directions they could have gone, and they chose the least interesting one. Also Vanny did not live up to the hype.

    • Jacked Thor-so
      Jacked Thor-so 8 miesięcy temu +6

      I personally don't blame Matpat and others for getting caught up on the details - I think that's just a symptom of the series being so heavily reliant on hidden Easter eggs in so many different weird places. I do get tired of it after a while though - mostly because I could care less about the microscopic minutia of the series and am more interested in the universe, the corruption of Fazbear Entertainment and the entire... thing that is the Afton family breakdown. As for security breach... it's an entertaining **concept** that is executed poorly.

    • 5uperM
      5uperM 8 miesięcy temu +1

      very well put

  • Jessii • exe
    Jessii • exe 2 miesięcy temu +2

    I've never played fnaf just purely bcos I felt a little overwhelmed by how extensive the lore is but I've always been interested and this was a really good explanation of it all so thank you so much for all the hard work that went into making this video :)

  • mick cv
    mick cv 3 miesięcy temu +3

    Of all the lore you went through, the most unbelievable part is henry building a robot to guard his kid. Cmon man that’s some ridiculous tech.

  • DawnJTard
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    you're definitely the only guy on the internet that can actually make coherent, reasonable sense of this story, thank you for making this video.

    • abcdys
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      Did he just not piece a bunch of game theories

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  • Connor C
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    This is genuinely the most cohesive and understandable explanation of the FNaF storyline and all the details. I never even thought of Wendigoon covering this franchise, but after watching the video, I can tell it was meant to be. Fantastic video. This is why I love your content man!!

    • henkdachief
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    I'm pretty sure Remnant was indeed mentioned in the games, in a blueprint about the scooper.

  • Bucketman
    Bucketman 3 miesięcy temu +2

    Hey man, I listen to all your episodes during work while I work on my own video scripts, thank you for being such an awesome inspiration, and such a positive influence in the PLclip community. The way to talk to others and about others never comes off as rude or condescending, and it really pays dividends. Thank you for all your hard work.

  • cracdealer
    cracdealer 4 miesięcy temu +5

    Even though i binged-watched every single game theory on fnaf lore, some how, i like your version better. Hell of a lot less complicated if i do say so myself. P.S., maybe when the animatronics say "the one you should not have killed", they might be referring to the fact that William invented the springlock suits, and like you said, possibly encouraged Michael to bully Evan, hence killing Evan. It's a bit of a stretch, but it makes sense to me.

  • Vivianna Marguarita
    Vivianna Marguarita 23 dni temu

    Security Breach also makes me violent HAHAHAH but i liked your timeline ! I've listened mainly to MatPat's theories so far, and although yours differs somewhat from him, i thought it held together well ! I'm kinda disappointed that you didn't include the blueprint of the animatronics from the Sister location games, since you can clearly see some children in them...

  • Artsonist
    Artsonist 8 miesięcy temu +2104

    I knew nothing about this series other than “dead children purple guy”, but this video made a lot of sense and really helped me! I haven’t played any of the games yet, but after this, I’m really interested in playing them! Thank you, Wendigoon!

    • StarBee
      StarBee 8 miesięcy temu +1

      While this does explain the most of it there are a few inaccuracies in this video. It’s mostly around the timeline where Charlie and Evan die. Charlie is actually the first death. Evan the second. Midnight Motorist is right after William kills her. In the source code the skit if called “later that night.” While I cant explain the JRs we can assume they were investigating her dead body which is why he wasn’t allowed to be there. He goes home and the person on the couch is Michael. And he yells for Evan as he was connected with fredbears and that’s why he keeps him away.

    • Tricky Trey Perfected
      Tricky Trey Perfected 8 miesięcy temu +2

      @AceTaxia fair enough, but the point still stands about how you would realistically do a game over in a game like FNaF without using jumpscares.

    • AceTaxia
      AceTaxia 8 miesięcy temu +3

      @Tricky Trey Perfected they actually ruin tension. They have an immediate sense of "well that's over" after the initial fright so tension deflates. Good horror keeps you on the knife's edge of tension

    • Tricky Trey Perfected
      Tricky Trey Perfected 8 miesięcy temu +3

      @AceTaxia jumpscares, while they can be lazy horror, are a tool to increase tension in horror games. FNaF, while jumpscare heavy, also has pretty great atmosphere. The jumpscares are just there to spike tension when you lose because realistically what else would the punishment be for losing other than a jumpscare?

    • AceTaxia
      AceTaxia 8 miesięcy temu +2

      @-- the lore is so poorly laid out that it's not that accessible that wise. And jump scares aren't horror, they startle

  • Isicat4
    Isicat4 Miesiąc temu

    Honestly a great video, easily the least confusing and most conclusive lore explanation I´ve seen so far! I especially liked your theory about what happens in Midnight Motorist, since I´d always been unsure about this piece of the story!... I still would´ve liked to know your opinion/ take on the meaning of the box from FNAF 4, as well as if Ballora could contain William´s wife´s soul, as was hinted at multiple times in the games, though. However, really good video overall!

  • Michelle
    Michelle Miesiąc temu

    Hello! I'm new to the series and I think this video was very helpful. My friend was playing the first game last night and I wanted to learn the lore behind it. I am an absolute scaredy cat so I have no intention of actually playing the game. Because of this, I'm grateful for videos like this that break down the story. I think I'll continue to look into the lore but I think this video was a great starting point. Thank you!

  • Tiauna Lewis
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    As someone who's never heard of the series before I was very skeptical, but this ended up being a great watch!

  • Defenestration
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    I’ve seen gameplay of these games, but never played myself…but yeah nah I basically followed along. It was a wild ride though. Appreciate the effort and enthusiasm you put in.

  • Bob Semple tank
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    This is honestly my favorite dissection of the lore. Like bravo man holy shit, you laid it out in a way that made it make sense, make it sound good, pitch ideas and theories that make the story better and more cinematic, and make it be the most streamlined. Honestly this video is absolutely brilliant mate

    • Gryffon_ 505
      Gryffon_ 505 6 miesięcy temu

      @TortoiseTurtle Those characters don't have much lore to them, nor souls in them so there's no need to talk about them in a video like this. Balloon boy is more of an annoying game mechanic and mangle is just kind of there; it's only relevence being when people thought it was the animatronic that caused bite of '87. That's just a theory though, freddy is also an assumed culprit for it, so you can choose your player for that one.

    • Aggelos Anastasoulakis
      Aggelos Anastasoulakis 6 miesięcy temu

      @kocharobert799 but you do, he missed 3 canon games coming out after ucn

    • TortoiseTurtle
      TortoiseTurtle 6 miesięcy temu

      Absolutely agree, I haven't played fnaf in a few years so I forgot about it initially but wasn't there also a balloon boy character? And what about Mangle??

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