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Tape Face: ALL Performances on America's Got Talent 2016

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  • Downlock1
    Downlock1  Rok temu +2770

    1 million views! Thanks everyone for watching this! I'll make sure to post more videos like this after the finals of this year's season of AGT ends, that is, if the videos don't get copyright claimed.
    P.S. I have turned on Community Contributions on the video itself, so that you can now add in subtitles of different languages on the video to help our friends from other countries to be able to enjoy the video too. Please feel free to do so, and remember to have fun! :)

  • Noa Erlanger
    Noa Erlanger 8 godzin temu

    I wish I could like this a thousand times

  • Daniel Sobrino
    Daniel Sobrino 22 godzin temu

    Tape Face KING

  • Teun Adriani
    Teun Adriani 2 dni temu

    They keep saying they don't know what he does but it is quite clear what kind of performances he makes. it is brilliant! That's not it. The judges do not talk very bright about his art and doesn't give any helpfull feedback at all

  • Dropthebass 17
    Dropthebass 17 3 dni temu

    Me and my friends did this at school all last year

  • Kawamura GM
    Kawamura GM 3 dni temu +1

    17:28 music please?

  • Wolfie79cx 54
    Wolfie79cx 54 7 dni temu

    Hes probably mute lol

  • KitkatKate
    KitkatKate 8 dni temu

    “Lemme see, I wanna ask you a question this is-“
    Tape face: *runs away*

  • KitkatKate
    KitkatKate 8 dni temu +1


  • Miranda Smith
    Miranda Smith 10 dni temu

    He reminds me of Penguin from Gotham!!

  • Niklas Nymann Westensee

    God dammit, he has his a-game on a cassette tape, I just fucking realized. Its tape all the way down.

  • Leighann Langille
    Leighann Langille 13 dni temu


  • Leighann Langille
    Leighann Langille 13 dni temu


  • En Light
    En Light 13 dni temu

    He show us people can do awsome things without talking

  • Vincent Heckel
    Vincent Heckel 13 dni temu +1

    He looks like MOMO

  • Billy Asanih
    Billy Asanih 13 dni temu


  • DJ FOX
    DJ FOX 13 dni temu

    min 29:00 music please, sarude dankstorm?

  • Mr_Steal_ Your_Girl
    Mr_Steal_ Your_Girl 15 dni temu +1

    Whats that song at the beggining in the background, when tape face was getting interviewed? And asked what he was doing for the act

  • Adrianna Rogers
    Adrianna Rogers 15 dni temu


  • Isabella Wadkins
    Isabella Wadkins 16 dni temu


  • Michael David Lang
    Michael David Lang 16 dni temu +1

    Am I the only person who thinks he looks like Billie Joe Armstrong with tape over his mouth???

  • TheMrfoxguy
    TheMrfoxguy 16 dni temu

    People saying hes not funny feel free to leave the video then.

  • Sandra
    Sandra 17 dni temu

    This guy is great, i can't stop watching the video. But... somebody can tell me the name of the song while Howie is on stage?

  • Maridelle Tapiceria
    Maridelle Tapiceria 18 dni temu

    Elvis song

  • armin cayhuan
    armin cayhuan 19 dni temu

    Whats is the name of song minute 11:08

  • Ali Tasdemir
    Ali Tasdemir 19 dni temu

    We ❤ u

  • The good. The bad. AND THE LEFTOVER CRACK!

    Look at her Illuminati sun sweater.

  • zebra 12325
    zebra 12325 20 dni temu +1

    7:40 lol

  • Wild Wolf
    Wild Wolf 20 dni temu +1

    Hes really a funny Mr. Bean 🤣😂😉🤗

  • Creepypasta & Horror Movies Girl

    He looks hot!😘

  • scott carr
    scott carr 21 dzień temu

    whos watching in 2018

  • M H
    M H 22 dni temu

    I'd rather watch him than listen to today's music

  • Clair Waterhouse
    Clair Waterhouse 23 dni temu

    i love tape face he is so cool

  • Minotroh
    Minotroh 24 dni temu

    I need people like you in my life, TP😂😂🤣😍😍 #lovetapeface

  • I Stole Jimin's Jams
    I Stole Jimin's Jams 25 dni temu

    He is funny!

  • melinie washington
    melinie washington 25 dni temu


  • Torstein Fossnes
    Torstein Fossnes 25 dni temu +3

    Still want sexual intercourse. Send a dm please

  • Ariq Dimas
    Ariq Dimas 25 dni temu


  • Myla Tarrobago
    Myla Tarrobago 25 dni temu

    i am a fan of tape face

  • chopper3797
    chopper3797 26 dni temu

    I want a tapeface tv show !!!


    Man könnte denken das die Frau die beim Finale drann kommt mag tape face nicht oder?

    BORNWINNER 26 dni temu

    I love how he just starts stuffing the tape into his bag XD

  • mr boop
    mr boop 27 dni temu

    this guy is legit a legend

  • Jactor
    Jactor 27 dni temu


  • Aaron Andrews
    Aaron Andrews 27 dni temu

    He was on Britains got talent to I think

  • Moises Verenzuela
    Moises Verenzuela 27 dni temu

    When tapeface take off he tape showing more tape, i remember when Kakashi take off he mask showing another mask xD

  • Dr . Dovlla
    Dr . Dovlla 27 dni temu


  • kim firth
    kim firth 27 dni temu

    O_O hes terrifying

  • Yamata No Orochi
    Yamata No Orochi 27 dni temu

    God... how I wish all the duck-faces in the world wold become this guy.

  • Spice816
    Spice816 27 dni temu

    did he win

  • Arsham Eghtedary
    Arsham Eghtedary 27 dni temu +1

    Talented he is, creative he is, funny?! he isnt, is he same rank as mr.bean?! NO WAY

  • Sarah Lamb
    Sarah Lamb 27 dni temu

    he won?????????????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Blue Wolfie
    Blue Wolfie 27 dni temu

    When tape Face did the streamers
    Janitor: Aww Cmon!

  • Pancakes 1987981
    Pancakes 1987981 27 dni temu

    I wonder if it’s flex tape.

  • Gacha Kassy
    Gacha Kassy 27 dni temu

    He looks like momo.

  • Anggun Cicasmi
    Anggun Cicasmi 27 dni temu

    Anne Marie is the best in this VM😍😍😘😘

  • Blood_XIII
    Blood_XIII 27 dni temu

    There PLclip, I watched it. Now stop putting it in my suggested videos.

  • DorK_Knight
    DorK_Knight 27 dni temu

    *I Am Confusion*

  • Hiu Ching Lee
    Hiu Ching Lee 27 dni temu

    7:10 That reminds me of Kakashi so bad!!!

  • null w
    null w 27 dni temu

    in the final performance he reaches in to his bag and pulls out a MAC-10, then he sprays all the judges

  • Nopun
    Nopun 27 dni temu

    Lol this vid is so funny

  • GoodRiddanceGooglePlus

    The Semi-finals is where he lost his chance at winning. That took over a minute and a half to setup, for very little payoff. I can see where that would be good in a full 60 or 90 minute act. You obviously can't do a full show of rapid fire segments like the others for that long. But that was a terrible act to put on for a competition show. His Finals perforation was better (but still not as good as the first three) but after the staple gun fight, he had lost a bit of his luster.
    I doubt he would have beaten Grace anyway, but had he saved his audition for last, he might have come in 2nd.

  • Glitter Sparkles 0219
    Glitter Sparkles 0219 27 dni temu +1

    Tapeface was best person on AGT and anyone else who thinks otherwise is dead to me.

  • Roy Myers
    Roy Myers 27 dni temu

    I think he messed up choosing Mel for the last act

  • Kevin Zachary
    Kevin Zachary 27 dni temu

    I didn't know Marylin Manson had a son....

  • El_039
    El_039 27 dni temu

    nadie me entiende pero me gusto el programa y estaba comiendo repoio

  • Roy Myers
    Roy Myers 27 dni temu

    I'd pay to see him!

  • Tim Khor
    Tim Khor 27 dni temu

    tht mel is a bitc

  • ༺ TiffySky ༻
    ༺ TiffySky ༻ 27 dni temu

    13:00 nicks shoes

  • Chip the Memer
    Chip the Memer 27 dni temu

    11:09 what's the song?

  • Niksus
    Niksus 27 dni temu

    He is a wonderful Kiwi from the beautiful country of New Zealand.....Goooooo Kiwi !!!

  • Random Brian
    Random Brian 27 dni temu

    Tape face is yes

  • pepelapiu2004
    pepelapiu2004 27 dni temu

    I agree. He is a weird mix of Charlie Chaplin and Mr. Bean.

  • Buchokoy Malaguit
    Buchokoy Malaguit 27 dni temu

    That was so amazing 😉

  • Buchokoy Malaguit
    Buchokoy Malaguit 27 dni temu


  • Guidry Gang
    Guidry Gang 27 dni temu

    his name is Sam Willis

  • Sierra Giancoli
    Sierra Giancoli 28 dni temu

    This is the apitamy of "it's so crazy it just might work".

  • Mary Rater
    Mary Rater 28 dni temu

    I find tape face oddly attractive 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • madyson chan
    madyson chan 28 dni temu

    Hooman puppet

  • Jesus Castro
    Jesus Castro 28 dni temu


  • Muskoka Mike
    Muskoka Mike 28 dni temu

    Many hate him, but Simon is brilliant. He nailed it: TF is like Buster Keaton. Simple but hilarious and brilliant.

  • Alexander Devitt
    Alexander Devitt 28 dni temu

    tape face can make me smile but, when i do, i can't STOP!!!

  • Petr Klevcov
    Petr Klevcov 28 dni temu

    hm tak vtipný by to bylo, ale palec nahoru nedám SORRRRRYYY

  • touchdalight
    touchdalight 28 dni temu

    Free promo, comment below whatever and like each others and do what they say

  • Alex Serrano
    Alex Serrano 28 dni temu

    I wanna peel that tape off his face really fast just for fun.

  • Lo
    Lo 28 dni temu

    Is there a dark past of why he won’t talk..?

  • AntiSocial SocialGuy
    AntiSocial SocialGuy 28 dni temu

    Did he won?

  • alanna wightman
    alanna wightman 28 dni temu

    This guy creeps me out

  • Maaax
    Maaax 28 dni temu


  • Fynn
    Fynn 28 dni temu

    Dafuq why I looking that?

  • Braian Rekers
    Braian Rekers 28 dni temu

    Pero ganó o no ganó? Jajajajajajajaj

  • Wombat
    Wombat 28 dni temu +4

    Legends say he still has that same tape on his face

  • nightmare afterlife
    nightmare afterlife 28 dni temu

    On part 0:26 tape face was like "you know what? Shut up"

  • Amya Stroman
    Amya Stroman 28 dni temu +1


  • Chloe SFF
    Chloe SFF 28 dni temu


  • Anime X Angel
    Anime X Angel 28 dni temu

    He should have his own cartoon show