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    On innumerable occasions, we have heard and at times seen people tripping, falling from steps or a ladder and getting their bones broken, at times gravely injuring themselves and at times escaping with minor bruises. Some falls even end up being fatal! But you know what is weird- when we hear these miraculous, one in a million insane survival stories of people who fall from an airplane in the sky, get up, dust off and live to tell the tale. This video is about 6 such people who survived the impossible!
    Vesna Vulovic was a 23 year old flight attendant on Yugoslav Airlines which was enroute from Stockholm to Belgrade on 26th January 1972. The plane crashed against the snowed slope of a mountain in Czechoslovakia. All the passengers and the crew died in the crash except for Vesna Vulovic. Although her condition was critical, she was miraculously found alive. Vesna spent 27 days in coma and when she came out of coma she first asked the doctor for a cigarette. She had no memory of the crash. She recovered fully after 17 months and continued to fly with Yugoslav Airlines for 20 more years. She holds the Guinness world record for the highest free fall without a parachute and Paul McCartney awarded her the prize in a ceremony in London.
    South African Christine McKenzie was a veteran skydiver who was on her 112th jump. And then everything that could possibly go wrong did! As she was falling from a height of 11000 feet, she pulled her ripcord to open the parachute. To her horror, she discovered that the main chute failed to deploy. But skydivers generally have a reserve chute for backup. So, she released the backup and yep, you guessed it! That too failed! As she was hurtling towards a certain death at 100 mph, she crashed into power cables which helped to slow her impact to the ground. The power cables broke her fall and she found herself still alive after flopping to the ground below. Christine only suffered mild bruises and a cracked pelvis.
    Now, just imagine if an aircraft is struck by lightning mid-air, at a height of around 10,000 feet, and breaks up in two and plummets down to earth…..what would be chances of survival, if one were a passenger who is strapped to her seat with a seatbelt? Close to zilch or extremely improbable, right?
    Well, this is exactly what happened with Ms. Juliane Koepcke, who was travelling with her mother. Not only did Juliane survive the crash, but what’s more unbelievable is that she got away with just a broken collarbone, a gash to her right arm, and a swollen right eye. As if this was not challenging enough, she had to survive close to 9 days through thick forests with very little food, before she reached civilisation wading through knee-high water streams.
    Juliane moved to Germany after this near-death experience, became a biologist, received a doctorate and in later years, went back to Peru to conduct research!
    Equally astounding is the survival of Bahia Bakari, a 15-year old French school girl who was travelling in the Yemenia flight. Unfortunately, all the other 151 passengers and crew of the ill-fated aircraft perished, except Bahia. Bahia had to overcome another challenge, as she barely knew how to swim and did not have a life vest. She somehow managed to hold on to the wreckage for around 13 hours before she was rescued by a private ship. She was totally exhausted after the ordeal, and could not cling on to the life preserver thrown to her from the ship’s deck. One of the sailors had to jump overboard and hand her a float, and then she was pulled up to the ship safely.
    Nicholas Alkemade was a 21-year old Flight Sergeant. In March 1944, Nick was flying to the east of Germany, when his plane was attacked. The plane caught fire and spiralled out of control. As his parachute had caught fire, Nick decided that jumping would be a faster and less painful death, rather than getting burnt in the aircraft. He jumped from 18,000 feet above the ground but luckily, his fall was broken by pine trees and he landed on soft snow covering on the ground below. To his utter surprise, he was able to move his arms and legs and only had a sprained leg!
    So, I guess those who are destined to live, nothing; absolutely nothing, not even a fall from an airplane can them!
    I hope you enjoyed the stories as much as I enjoyed narrating them! Please do like, share and subscribe.

    Thanks for watching and I will see you in my next!

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  • Jonny Sevent
    Jonny Sevent Dzień temu

    Wow. Lucky people. Once I tripped and fell off a 5 inch high curb and broke my nose, an arm, and all my legs. Mainly because I was hit by a passing truck.

  • Jason Troy
    Jason Troy 2 dni temu

    Ah shit .

  • hodaka1000
    hodaka1000 2 dni temu +1

    Excellent video.
    My father a POW of the Japanese was one of only six survivors from a total of 2400 British and Australian Soldiers from the camp at Sandakan and death march to Ranua North Borneo. He was the 13th man on the camp roll.

  • Phillip Massie
    Phillip Massie 4 dni temu

    Excellent narration. Thank you !

  • Robert Bosch
    Robert Bosch 4 dni temu

    Great video, thanks for creating it and sharing. Your narration skill is excellent.

  • Arthur D'Mello
    Arthur D'Mello 5 dni temu

    Normally gravitational force acting on ladies is less than on men. I wonder how the men survived

  • ABZz
    ABZz 9 dni temu +1

    Who else is watching while falling from a plane

  • Vance Wilder
    Vance Wilder 10 dni temu

    Seems like women aren’t meant to be in the skies.

  • ONE MAN ARMY    oma015
    ONE MAN ARMY oma015 12 dni temu

    Góód video, sir. Nice to see something positive on PLclip

  • rf w
    rf w 12 dni temu

    "he fell down, got up, and leaved to till the till."

  • jason royale
    jason royale 12 dni temu

    they wished they hadnt.

  • David NZ Labour
    David NZ Labour 13 dni temu

    Truly interesting stories and very well narrated! Definitely enjoyed it, you deserved a like! Keep going!

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  • Appen Zeller
    Appen Zeller 14 dni temu

    I love his accent in English !! Please people...are any of your multi lingual ? I was at one time...and it is easy to learn words but accents take more work ...sometimes...well...I really wonder what I sounded like to native speakers. But no one ever made fun !

  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith 14 dni temu

    @bodhspeak you sir are simultaneously WRONG and have forgotten to mention one of the most unbelievable freefalls in history. Look up US Marine Corps Lt Colonel William Rankin. He SUCCESSFULLY ejected from an F8 CRUSADER 4 years before Cliff Judkins, in July 1959, at an altitude of 47,000 ft, into a towering cumulonimbus storm cloud and survived!! Rankins account of the freefall is in the book "The Man who Rode the Thunder"

  • Grant Noble
    Grant Noble 15 dni temu

    Indians talking annoy me

  • Marina Radusin
    Marina Radusin 15 dni temu

    God's miraculous hand works wonders.

  • Marcelino Miguel
    Marcelino Miguel 15 dni temu

    They must’ve forgot to turn off god mode.

  • carole wilson
    carole wilson 15 dni temu

    You fine son.i English but your English better than mine.your vids are good

  • Daniel Coetzee
    Daniel Coetzee 16 dni temu

    Great video! Great content and well put together. Very interesting an enjoyable. Good narration.
    I have one comment though. I'm not complaining about your accent... I have one too. English is also my second language as I am also from a former British colony. Accents can't be helped and in some instances, it is also a plus as it adds color and flair. Many actors are loved for their accents. But pronunciation is a different thing....! It can be helped and it can be improved on. Your pronunciation needs a little work and then you will make great videos. e.g. biologist and pacific. I would have missed their meaning all together if it wasn't for the sub titles. Good luck! Looking forward to more from you!

  • William A
    William A 16 dni temu

    why is this.indian guy narrating

  • Paul Allen
    Paul Allen 16 dni temu

    She spent 26 days in a korma...

  • Joe Mikey
    Joe Mikey 17 dni temu

    I love this video! So many times, I thought of this in the past , I never heard of all these people!!! The last part is great if you’re destined to live nothing, absolutely nothing can kill you not even a fall from an airplane!

  • Jenni PlaysRobloxAndGachaStudio

    With Julianne , her mother did survive the crash , but she couldn’t move and several days later her mother was dead . Luckily One person was found alive .

  • Glen Miller
    Glen Miller 18 dni temu

    Excellent thank you!!

  • Don Wood
    Don Wood 18 dni temu

    Bodhispeak, words like Walwes (valves), Awoidance (avoidance), Surwiwed (survived), Wideo (video) etc., are spoken just like Vijay which you DO pronounce correctly and should be learned. Just say the words over and over many times correctly. Otherwise your English is very good. Loved the Wideo (video)! :D (Don Wood, Mumbai) Liked and subscribed.

  • Aydin Nasilsin
    Aydin Nasilsin 23 dni temu

    one in a million? More like one in a Billion chance of survival if that
    The odds would most likely be < 1 in a Billion.

  • JustJ420
    JustJ420 23 dni temu

    #7 Peggy Hill

  • Hector L Guzman Rivera

    This confirms the destiny context of holy scripture! God is in control over the mortal human beings created in His image!!! Thanks for posting this awesome video!!!!

  • blissfulbaboon
    blissfulbaboon 26 dni temu

    Great video!Great narration!I also love your accent and your English is very good.Thank you for the wonderful video!

  • Julie Newsome
    Julie Newsome 27 dni temu

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  • Avation Master44
    Avation Master44 28 dni temu

    The LANSA 508 crash her mother survived but died 7 days later cause of her injuries

  • Karen Cahill
    Karen Cahill 28 dni temu

    AMAZING. Yep. It just wasn't their time. Right God? Thank you for this video!

  • Holly
    Holly 29 dni temu

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  • Rob Mangeri
    Rob Mangeri Miesiąc temu

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  • Kilo Alpha One
    Kilo Alpha One Miesiąc temu

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  • Kilo Alpha One
    Kilo Alpha One Miesiąc temu

    A aircraft is struck by lighting. Nothing happens, plane continues on it's route. That crash caused by lighting is 100% just for views.

  • Roy Jones
    Roy Jones Miesiąc temu

    In the same sense if you are going to die in an airplane crash nothing, absolutely nothing not even avoiding flying on an airplane will prevent it. You can be sitting in your house and an airplane can fall and crash into your house and you died in a plane crash..

  • Handy Andy
    Handy Andy Miesiąc temu

    Excellent video. very interesting, inspiring, amazing and heart warming that death can be cheated despite impossible odds for the small exclusive club of the "chosen few"

  • Davion Venters
    Davion Venters Miesiąc temu

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    MrTassadarzo Miesiąc temu

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    quagmire Miesiąc temu

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  • Cammdc 1
    Cammdc 1 Miesiąc temu

    That's why I hate commercial passenger airlines... They give you zero chance of survival.. I'd feel more comfortable if every seat had a parachute underneath it.. Yeah, I know at 30,000 feet it probably wont save you.. but it's just the idea that at least you have one and have a chance instead of being doomed to to down with a giant metal plane falling from the sky.

  • Faisal Ameen
    Faisal Ameen Miesiąc temu +2

    Females r always better survivors right from the birth

  • p 28
    p 28 Miesiąc temu

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    Well...if they didn't fall in some way shape or form from a plane what the HELL else were they doing falling from the 10 tp 30 thousand feet in the air??!
    Just saying.

  • p 28
    p 28 Miesiąc temu

    Pathologists determined that 2 passengers survived the Lockerbie bombing of pan am 103.
    The tragedy is they were not found for four days. They froze to death.

  • sean connathon
    sean connathon Miesiąc temu

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    Gianluca Badejo Miesiąc temu

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  • Miss Heird
    Miss Heird Miesiąc temu

    Yep, that would be GOD showing us that HE still does do miracles.
    Great stories, never had heard of any of these incidences. Thanks for sharing.

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    sun'sayid RAhsad Miesiąc temu

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    DmaxHd Miesiąc temu

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    vihoto wozah Miesiąc temu

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    nigman1000 Miesiąc temu +1

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  • Anna Banana
    Anna Banana Miesiąc temu

    So many comments talking religious bullshit. If ‘god’ was responsible for saving these 6 people, why did he not save any of the other hundreds of people on the flights? They were LUCKY. Simple.

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    In 2013 i fell 76 feet into a pile of rocks while clearing deadfall from the waterway. I burst my spleen and appendix upon landing, and as i felt little pain, i went home andi to work the next two days, u started having trouble at work, falling down= dizzy, my boss sent me home, it took me a full day to reach my house, which is very rural, i lay in agony for three more days before crawling to the door in an effort to get help. Four hours later i was able to get my mother's attention, she drove me 26 miles to the closest hospital. I was found to be extremely dehyderated, and was set to be released when an emt returning with the one ambulances noticed something and rushed me ti the main town in my area where the er doctor informed me that i was going to die, and that if u signed a release of liability he would t ry to keep me alive long enough ti6 spend one last visit with my family. After two 14 hour surgeries,and over two months in an induced coma i awoke wheress the doctors told me id lost my spleen, appendix, gall bladder, 67 feet of small intestines, 6 inches of large intestine, 85% of my stomach,and my front teeth . After 14 months in the hospital i was released. Im doing well, still alive, ambulatory and physically sound. Lucky huh?

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  • Fitsum Abreha
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  • Fitsum Abreha
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