Game Theory: FNAF Mysteries SOLVED pt. 1

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  • Opublikowany 26 kwi 2015
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    Just to clarify, at 7:37, just because we're using Purple Guy imagery here, we're not implying that this is where the Purple Guy dies -- it's not. That part of the timeline is covered next time. Also, at 8:18, we're using the Springtrap visual to represent an "old" Golden Bonnie. That DOESN'T mean that the Shadow Bonnie suit that killed the worker and the Springtrap suit are the exact same , just the same STYLE of suit.
    You requested it...and requested it and requested it...and it's finally here! With the release of FNAF 3, Game Theory dives into the ENTIRE Five Nights at Freddy's trilogy to answer EVERY major question from these games. What is Golden Freddy? Who is the Phone Guy? What's the deal with the Shadow animatronics? What's the TRUE timeline of the FNAF series? And most importantly of all, who is the Purple Guy? There's a lot to cover, so this is PART 1 with PART 2 a week away!
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      And, if you look closely, you can see through the tears in the suit, there is still part of the endoskeleton. My guess, the endoskeleton is badly damaged, or, the spring locks are being restrained and golden Freddy does have an endoskeleton, but it is in suit mode which is kinda what mat was saying but this was just something I wanted to point out

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