Game Theory: FNAF Mysteries SOLVED pt. 1

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  • Opublikowany 26 kwi 2015
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    Just to clarify, at 7:37, just because we're using Purple Guy imagery here, we're not implying that this is where the Purple Guy dies -- it's not. That part of the timeline is covered next time. Also, at 8:18, we're using the Springtrap visual to represent an "old" Golden Bonnie. That DOESN'T mean that the Shadow Bonnie suit that killed the worker and the Springtrap suit are the exact same , just the same STYLE of suit.
    You requested it...and requested it and requested it...and it's finally here! With the release of FNAF 3, Game Theory dives into the ENTIRE Five Nights at Freddy's trilogy to answer EVERY major question from these games. What is Golden Freddy? Who is the Phone Guy? What's the deal with the Shadow animatronics? What's the TRUE timeline of the FNAF series? And most importantly of all, who is the Purple Guy? There's a lot to cover, so this is PART 1 with PART 2 a week away!
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  • Megmegf1
    Megmegf1 3 godzin temu

    Ok how fun does it look to film that intro xD

  • True Otaku
    True Otaku 3 godzin temu +1

    Who else is rewatching this series for the 5th time?

  • Wendy Duysserinck
    Wendy Duysserinck 12 godzin temu

    this intro tho XDDD

  • ReaperZ
    ReaperZ 13 godzin temu

    The cringe intro is real.

  • gacha master
    gacha master 15 godzin temu

    Mat, your so weird, which make you awesome!!

  • Tay Karila
    Tay Karila Dzień temu

    Watching near the end of 2018, it's really funny when he talks about how this is obviously the last theory and game.

  • sharkingon 123
    sharkingon 123 Dzień temu


  • sharkingon 123
    sharkingon 123 Dzień temu

    Oh and sorry i put it in alot of boxes it would not let me do it all in one

  • sharkingon 123
    sharkingon 123 Dzień temu

    Done with my theory let me see yours

  • sharkingon 123
    sharkingon 123 Dzień temu

    So the "yellow funtime suit" must be funtime spring bonnie

  • sharkingon 123
    sharkingon 123 Dzień temu

    But that means theres more than one bunny suit and we know funtime bonnie is one so who is the other

  • sharkingon 123
    sharkingon 123 Dzień temu

    And in the sister location the "phone guy" said one of the bunny suits were bloody

  • sharkingon 123
    sharkingon 123 Dzień temu

    That means that the "funtime robot" was at the first location

  • sharkingon 123
    sharkingon 123 Dzień temu

    If you slow the mumbling down you will here it

  • sharkingon 123
    sharkingon 123 Dzień temu

    So in fnaf 1 night 5 it said something about a funtime spring lock suit

  • sharkingon 123
    sharkingon 123 Dzień temu

    But it was a funtime yellow suit

  • sharkingon 123
    sharkingon 123 Dzień temu

    That also meaning purple guy was there

  • sharkingon 123
    sharkingon 123 Dzień temu

    And the spring lock suit was "yellow"

  • sharkingon 123
    sharkingon 123 Dzień temu

    But why is there a spring lock suit there cause all the other animatronics were in the suit

  • sharkingon 123
    sharkingon 123 Dzień temu

    That means purple guy was using enord also enord was standing there (when you were in the spring lock suit in sister location)

  • sharkingon 123
    sharkingon 123 Dzień temu

    And like you said he is purple guy so

  • sharkingon 123
    sharkingon 123 Dzień temu

    To eggs denidickt

  • sharkingon 123
    sharkingon 123 Dzień temu

    And so the phone guy recorded the messeges

  • sharkingon 123
    sharkingon 123 Dzień temu


  • sharkingon 123
    sharkingon 123 Dzień temu

    So thats saying that the phone guy was there (sister location) before the 0layer did

  • sharkingon 123
    sharkingon 123 Dzień temu

    The phone guy did

  • sharkingon 123
    sharkingon 123 Dzień temu

    In fnaf 3 it said somthing about sister location

  • The Pro Wolf74
    The Pro Wolf74 Dzień temu

    How did you know what killers do...?
    WAIT.. don’t tell me...

  • Md Asyraf Md Zaid
    Md Asyraf Md Zaid Dzień temu

    You forget that the incident sister location but now you know

  • Marcus_TT
    Marcus_TT Dzień temu

    10:12 i wasnt scared until The purpleguy picture Came i nearly dropped My Phone becus i wasnt expecting it

  • PhoenixTehWeab
    PhoenixTehWeab 2 dni temu

    "Don't worry, I'll come back, I always do" during sister location, and ultimate custom night, afton says, "I always come back", Scott is really taking what matpat says

  • Gamergirl TV1717
    Gamergirl TV1717 2 dni temu +1

    Every theory he said this is the last theory... OH BOI WAS HE WRONG!!! Plus he still might be wrong about everything on his latest theory

  • Jerri Marino
    Jerri Marino 2 dni temu


  • Double L Productions

    i remember waiting for part 2 on this

  • Isabel Nickel
    Isabel Nickel 2 dni temu

    spring bonnie

  • mr KRABS M888888
    mr KRABS M888888 2 dni temu

    0:00 cringe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Flowerchild
    The Flowerchild 2 dni temu

    “Finally have all the facts”
    Hahahahaha yeah you think that my good sir, I promise it gets worse😂😂

  • Mya DoesART
    Mya DoesART 2 dni temu +1

    The beginning was cringe. Anyone agree?

  • Axolotls Animated
    Axolotls Animated 2 dni temu

    Ah, I remember when the intro used to scare me. Right before I heard that he thought it looked weird and he recorded it in his closet. Still kinda freaks me out, but I can sleep at night.

  • Beauty Diva
    Beauty Diva 3 dni temu +1

    Love the intro!!!💕

  • Coco McManigal
    Coco McManigal 3 dni temu

    maybe the item in his hand is a smaller version of a scooper to dismantel the animatronics

  • The White Kitten
    The White Kitten 3 dni temu

    That intro sexy afff..

  • Naomi Timm
    Naomi Timm 3 dni temu

    You guys know how on the grave stones of Jeremy and Gabriel share the same font? Well they were also the guys who were killed in the spring lock suits. I think that might be the reason why they share a font size. Idk just my thoughts.

  • TheOnlyMorgan 07
    TheOnlyMorgan 07 3 dni temu

    Can I have some popcorn?

  • jaime alberto
    jaime alberto 3 dni temu

    Matpat predicted space x at 4:44

  • Bit -gedon
    Bit -gedon 4 dni temu

    Ah, good ol matpat thinking he solved everything in fnaf.
    Dont worry scott cawthan is just getting started

  • battlecatsfanaticAUUTP AFFC

    new animatronics: matpat, toy matpat and fun time freddy
    toy matpat: he tosses a fan into the office, when he does, close the door it came from Orange he'll keep your door open, letting animatronics get in
    matpat: he'd put a computer n your desk, and hide somewhere here, if you don't click him, the computer drains your power, or, makes a random character 20.
    f.freddy: he stands with toy Freddy, helping him survive the night, while bon bon takes up 85% of a random camera *at 1 hardness its ten, at twenty its all of it* if you click bon bons nose, fun time Freddy will hunt you down, but he moves slowly.

  • Gasolina Brown
    Gasolina Brown 4 dni temu

    But sister location was first cause phone guy said that first sister location was first he Said about fnaf 3/1 closing cause what happened to sister location so yeah replay if you can hear it

  • Ava Knight
    Ava Knight 4 dni temu

    when i watched the beggining i was like: matpat... what are you doing..

  • Unoriginal Yt
    Unoriginal Yt 4 dni temu

    Wait a minute if the kids souls are in the suits why do they attack?

  • DarK OTAKu
    DarK OTAKu 4 dni temu

    you cant post fnaf porn on tumblr now

  • Wolfy Star
    Wolfy Star 4 dni temu

    All of the robots is children purple guy have killed

  • Skyler Coulter-Jarding


  • Rebekah Farmer
    Rebekah Farmer 5 dni temu

    Loved the beginning part lol.

  • Octopus Exodus
    Octopus Exodus 5 dni temu

    4:23 HA HA HA

  • Benny Solis
    Benny Solis 5 dni temu

    15:08 best five nights at Freddy's jump scare of 2015

  • April Smith
    April Smith 5 dni temu

    What does it say backwards?

  • Aster something
    Aster something 5 dni temu

    Everytime i get sick i binge watch this. (or every Saturday) bronchitis yay.

  • For3st Spirit
    For3st Spirit 6 dni temu

    I shouldn't have laughed at that intro.

  • Emma Marks
    Emma Marks 7 dni temu

    It funny how we took a game so much farther then seen to the eye think about we play but people think farther then this

  • Emma Marks
    Emma Marks 7 dni temu +1

    Your wrong the puppet was the purple guy's wife the kids he killed were his kids and springtrap is him they found him so he hide in spring Bonnie but got trapped so they call him sprintrap

  • GMattek
    GMattek 7 dni temu

    “Completed” right

  • EroRr sAns
    EroRr sAns 7 dni temu +1

    Who else watches fnaf vids without getting scared but has nightmares at night?

  • my name is jeff poop

    Dat edgy intro 👌

  • Fazbear Fright Fan
    Fazbear Fright Fan 8 dni temu

    Remember when this wasn’t outdated? Good times

  • Niklaaas
    Niklaaas 8 dni temu

    These videos makes me uncomftorable, but I like it

  • Mariana :3
    Mariana :3 9 dni temu +1

    Omg the intro is so creepy! 😨
    Rewatching this series and its amazing! ❤
    Nice Vid!!! 😃❤

  • Pocket
    Pocket 9 dni temu

    Awww mat thought this was gonna be his definitive fnaf video....
    how cute

  • Monoconreo Tyoorion
    Monoconreo Tyoorion 9 dni temu

    Lololololol try tying FANGAMES to this......this was a joke...but if chu doz that would be cool

  • Garrett McNeil
    Garrett McNeil 9 dni temu

    why is the fan still here is there a hidden camera in the fan

  • ChamberZ98
    ChamberZ98 9 dni temu

    boneless suit with a 2 liter of coke pls

  • Elijah Wilson
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  • Graham Lego Tube
    Graham Lego Tube 9 dni temu

    It was the one LEFT to ROT

  • Susan Jameson
    Susan Jameson 9 dni temu

    This is Jeff 🐴
    He is looking lonely
    1like =1 friend

  • Dokidoki bean
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  • Isicc Disease
    Isicc Disease 9 dni temu

    (checks time)
    Oh, watching a horror game theory video at midnight. I love my life.

  • Jingle Divinagracia
    Jingle Divinagracia 10 dni temu

    what the

  • two happy beans
    two happy beans 10 dni temu +2

    *watches the beginning*
    Me: anti? Is that youu?

  • Ahyanna Bobo
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  • Kayleigh McDonough
    Kayleigh McDonough 10 dni temu

    purple is his signature too

  • Ethan Rolloqui
    Ethan Rolloqui 11 dni temu

    Purple guy is a pedophile

  • kiwi ghost
    kiwi ghost 11 dni temu

    Oh god back with the cringy video intros

  • Wadu Hek
    Wadu Hek 11 dni temu +1

    Nah, on all the talkings, i blame the Fan

  • TehFerretGam3r
    TehFerretGam3r 12 dni temu


  • Anonymous Supporter #17

    I schmel filthy purpleguyism.

  • ellaAngel smith
    ellaAngel smith 13 dni temu

    Ah so nieve

  • Pizza lover47
    Pizza lover47 13 dni temu

    listening to the intro in 2018 gives me nostalgia

  • Gold Clips
    Gold Clips 13 dni temu

    Umm... Sir I’m sorry but can you please repeat that

  • tha police 465
    tha police 465 14 dni temu


  • L1zzieBear J
    L1zzieBear J 14 dni temu


  • L1zzieBear J
    L1zzieBear J 14 dni temu

    Make that 30+ Nights at Freddy’s!

  • natureispuppyz
    natureispuppyz 14 dni temu +1

    Are you not gonna talk about when the phone guy said "sister location"

  • Hayden tgw
    Hayden tgw 14 dni temu

    Oh god it's matpat the most scariest animatronic this game may as well be called five nights at matpats

  • Airsoft Ranch
    Airsoft Ranch 14 dni temu

    Nice intro

  • Dark voyager Gaming
    Dark voyager Gaming 14 dni temu +2

    Mom imma go to freddy Fazbears pizza
    Me:*sees kids get murdered
    Me:im out,I’m never going there again

  • Cassi Bailey
    Cassi Bailey 15 dni temu +1

    UMM I have a question whos phone guy I mean I know in some videos you say it's purple guy but that's actually that's William Afton so who is phone guys it's a mystery just couldn't you just theorize it or something I wanna now really badly so please PLEASE make a video on it I will like it I will make 14,758 accounts and like it just if you make this video I will be so happy I will comment how happy I am I you do o EVERYONE LIKE SO HE SEES IT

  • alberto barron
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  • alberto barron
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  • alberto barron
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  • alberto barron
    alberto barron 15 dni temu