The Ocean is Way Deeper Than You Think

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  • The Ugly Duckling
    The Ugly Duckling Dzień temu +1

    What if we find Dinosaurs we thought went extinct?


    Titanic... R.I.P

  • Olegh Rozman
    Olegh Rozman Dzień temu

    No matter how much ocean is deep.. this comment section is deeper and bigger))

  • AkDiamondMiners
    AkDiamondMiners Dzień temu

    wow, this music in the background of this video makes this video sound epic...

  • AkDiamondMiners
    AkDiamondMiners Dzień temu

    imagine if out of no where you appear in the middle of the ocean and you transform into a dunkleosteus...
    i would completely swim all around the ocean and dominate the deep, i wouldn't fear it anymore...

  • Sister Snatched
    Sister Snatched Dzień temu

    Me reads title*
    Me: HA that’s what she said

  • *~Lloyd~*
    *~Lloyd~* Dzień temu


  • Bamboozled
    Bamboozled Dzień temu

    And here we talk about space exploration yet we don't even understand the world we live on......

  • codemiesterbeats
    codemiesterbeats Dzień temu

    makes me think there might be a large worm like thing at the bottom of some abyss that simply waits for some other ridiculously large creature to swim by and like the big worm thing from starwars just pokes out long enough to have a snack.

  • Mitch and Ryan
    Mitch and Ryan Dzień temu


  • i n f i n i t e T y l e r


  • Dunkin The Furry Fox
    Dunkin The Furry Fox Dzień temu

    Me when watching height vids:trAnSlAte It tO fEeT plS

  • Toby Erin Rogers
    Toby Erin Rogers Dzień temu

    Pyke confirmed ;-;

  • The creeper team
    The creeper team Dzień temu

    I have went farder down then that end I saw the death of the Kraken and the Megalodon

  • Alejandro
    Alejandro Dzień temu

    5:30 it was Phil Swift trying to prove the power of Flex Tape

  • Aliciaiaia
    Aliciaiaia Dzień temu

    If there is that much water on earth.... why is there people with little or no water ?

  • beachesツ
    beachesツ 2 dni temu

    this is making me scared to even go into a pool

  • Ess
    Ess 2 dni temu

    so there's no way mermaids arent real

  • DUduru dUu
    DUduru dUu 2 dni temu

    Mariana Trench?

  • UniMops 220
    UniMops 220 2 dni temu


  • Paras Panjwani
    Paras Panjwani 2 dni temu

    Where is mariana trench?

  • The gamer guy
    The gamer guy 2 dni temu

    3:07 😐😐😐

  • Pernesh Aitbayeva
    Pernesh Aitbayeva 2 dni temu

    1:39 heh whales r the biggest organism huh?

    Plot twist it’s the HUmOnGuS FUnGouS m8 ur video failed and lets see how many 9yr olds i triggerd

  • Nipun Pratap
    Nipun Pratap 2 dni temu

    the woman from the movie grudge lives at 12000 m

  • S,c
    S,c 2 dni temu


  • Ayeno
    Ayeno 2 dni temu +1

    If you go deeper, the underworld will be discovered, that's why it's called the "*under*world".

    PS: This is a joke, do not take it seriously.

  • J king
    J king 2 dni temu

    LOL this dude is funny ,, like his videos

  • DinosaurDinner
    DinosaurDinner 2 dni temu

    4:38 he said 50 747 jumbo jets but the pic is a 737

  • DJ Wallace
    DJ Wallace 2 dni temu


  • PităCuNutella
    PităCuNutella 2 dni temu

    Maybe we'll find cthulhu someday

  • Nhigt Bot
    Nhigt Bot 2 dni temu

    Dont press read more

  • Wetere Paki
    Wetere Paki 2 dni temu +2

    The part at the end thats not giant scwid or a kracken its the cthuhul it half man half dragon and half scwid 👨🐉

  • The Uncommon n00b
    The Uncommon n00b 2 dni temu

    This is why they made pacific rim

  • GamingWithCast
    GamingWithCast 2 dni temu

    This reminds me of the water pressure in barotrauma

  • Animalgamer
    Animalgamer 2 dni temu

    You forgot the britanic

  • Xcaliber z Gaming
    Xcaliber z Gaming 2 dni temu

    dude the mariana trench is deeper than that and its not even fully explored like the void in subnautica like if your a subnautica fan

  • Chax Apocolips Clash of Clans Clash Royale


  • Gacha_ Sisters
    Gacha_ Sisters 2 dni temu

    Push pause then click 4:02

  • ArtsyAsian
    ArtsyAsian 2 dni temu

    this stuff is *DEEP*

    sorry I’ll show myself out

  • ArtsyAsian
    ArtsyAsian 2 dni temu

    I feel the need to hold my breath for some reason...

  • AwsomEthan
    AwsomEthan 2 dni temu

    What about the marianas trench

  • Less Omega
    Less Omega 2 dni temu

    (issue with size comparison at the beginning) they made the “largest ship built” look lika grocery store compared to the human

  • TTVsaugat1423 Twitch

    I watched this like 10 time but I still like because I’m a nerd jk I like learning things

  • Kaaz
    Kaaz 3 dni temu


  • Your one and only MEME GOD

    My class is gonna watch this soon

  • Tapion
    Tapion 3 dni temu

    Not as deep as that I thought.

  • Lee Hooker
    Lee Hooker 3 dni temu

    This guys makes it much scarier

  • Memeikyu
    Memeikyu 3 dni temu

    This is so fucking COOL!!!

  • Kobe Twin’s
    Kobe Twin’s 3 dni temu

    The only reason we know this because people went down there creepy

  • Kobe Twin’s
    Kobe Twin’s 3 dni temu

    You know

  • Lee Hooker
    Lee Hooker 3 dni temu

    One single breath? Do you mean one single oxygen tank?

  • Neil armstrong
    Neil armstrong 3 dni temu

    What is the background music

  • Shivam Mandhotra
    Shivam Mandhotra 3 dni temu

    Bikini bottom.

  • Calvin
    Calvin 3 dni temu

    Still higher than little Donny Trump's IQ.

  • A Swiftie
    A Swiftie 3 dni temu +1

    No.. not the midnight zone-
    *_the scary zone_*

  • 2018 Mclaren Senna
    2018 Mclaren Senna 3 dni temu

    Welcome to another episode of “why is this in my recommended?”

  • Foxo Boy
    Foxo Boy 3 dni temu

    RMS titanic is here two times!

  • WhosDrei
    WhosDrei 3 dni temu

    I miss the old background music

  • Luis Rodrigues
    Luis Rodrigues 3 dni temu

    How do you know that

  • Raphael Martinez
    Raphael Martinez 3 dni temu

    I loved how you used the metric system instead of imperial one, it certainly must have confused a minority of people lol

  • Faymous9
    Faymous9 3 dni temu

    What about the Marina Trench? I thought we hadn’t found the bottom yet. Wouldn’t that be the deepest point?

  • Asmir Abdurahmanovic

    Shut the pc down & get a life again ☮️❤️

  • Merle Acot
    Merle Acot 4 dni temu

    We need something more than the "Scary zonr"

  • Blacks Bloxy
    Blacks Bloxy 4 dni temu

    *Now I'm Scared To Go To The Beach.. O_O*

  • AlexFSU4
    AlexFSU4 4 dni temu

    What about the Mariana Trench (excuse my spelling)

  • karina gentzler
    karina gentzler 4 dni temu

    Did you know we know more about mars then our own oceans pretty cool right :D

  • eunize medina
    eunize medina 4 dni temu

    A big squid is called a kraken

  • 10 Minute Gameplay
    10 Minute Gameplay 4 dni temu

    Deepest part is


  • sim24687193
    sim24687193 4 dni temu

    I’ll be honest I started to turn away when that flashlight showed what that creature looked like I can’t sleep

  • Syed Khan
    Syed Khan 4 dni temu

    Houseton we have a problem

  • Wirthed Bonnie
    Wirthed Bonnie 4 dni temu

    0:06 minecraft iron pickaxe

  • kamsvids
    kamsvids 4 dni temu

    Nice video

  • Roxy Love
    Roxy Love 4 dni temu

    I’m confused so I went on google (lol) to convert meters to miles and it said that 10,994 meters is equal to 6 miles and that seems a little far fetched but if anyone knows the depth of the ocean in miles please tell me.

  • CottonCandyClouds
    CottonCandyClouds 4 dni temu

    Where’s titanc???

  • samuils
    samuils 4 dni temu

    A person holding up 50 jumbo jets is a much better way of explaining the pressure than a bear balancing on a quarter, I have no clue what bear balancing on the quarter or elephant on a stamp is suppose to feel like.

  • BlackHeart
    BlackHeart 4 dni temu

    ɥɐǝʎ ɥɐǝʎ ɥo

  • David
    David 5 dni temu +4

    Never knew there was an underworld

  • dario PERALTA
    dario PERALTA 5 dni temu

    A mas de 10 mil metros encontramoss a chutulu o como se diga LA BESTIA Q SURGIRA ALGUN DIA PARA RECLAMAR LA TIERRA 😖😖😖


    Did u see spongebob down there?

  • AbnormalBG
    AbnormalBG 5 dni temu +5

    1:26 damn he got us

  • Heidi
    Heidi 5 dni temu

    really? were you there?

  • TheActs Of Crazy
    TheActs Of Crazy 5 dni temu

    *Thats what she said*

  • LIL GAMER407
    LIL GAMER407 5 dni temu

    What is this music in the back ground

  • I Like Tacos!
    I Like Tacos! 5 dni temu

    1:27 GOTEEM

  • Rory Strain
    Rory Strain 5 dni temu

    This shirt freaked me

  • Shrek Is God
    Shrek Is God 5 dni temu +4

    Anything in the abyssal zone-

  • I D K
    I D K 5 dni temu

    And water pressure

  • I D K
    I D K 5 dni temu

    We know that

  • I D K
    I D K 5 dni temu

    We know that the spurm whale and the colossal squid or giant squid divest hat deep because of wild kratts and because of scars

  • Glowingpotato
    Glowingpotato 5 dni temu

    The scary zone.

    super scientific name.

  • Paradox Hammer
    Paradox Hammer 5 dni temu +4

    Did you know only 2% of the world has been discovered
    That is a true fact so al we know is there might be dinosaurs out there or species that we have never seen before

  • Andi Baumi
    Andi Baumi 6 dni temu

    Pounds per square inch
    Thats fuckin retarded
    Nice video tho

  • Sevde Sahin
    Sevde Sahin 6 dni temu

    I‘m scared now......😶

  • sebastian jordan
    sebastian jordan 6 dni temu

    I AM YOUR BIGGEST FAN💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💛💓💓💛💛💛💛❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💎

  • Zenno Dash_0810
    Zenno Dash_0810 6 dni temu +8

    *FUN FACT*
    If you dive into the deepest part of the ocean, you will be respawn on the nearest land

  • ATF Role playing
    ATF Role playing 6 dni temu

    RIP the Bismarck I am crying

  • I love eating Shit
    I love eating Shit 6 dni temu

    The ocean must be very *thicc*

  • wooeebb
    wooeebb 6 dni temu

    excuse me i have thalassophobia