I Made A Giant 20-Pound Jiggly Cheesecake • Tasty

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  • Opublikowany 15 cze 2019
    JASMINE PAK - jasminepak
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Komentarze • 8 029

  • Edzyl Pesalbon
    Edzyl Pesalbon 6 godzin temu +1

    Haha hugry shark me

  • Hoa nguyen
    Hoa nguyen 8 godzin temu

    Honestly I think Gordon Ramsay should react to this. It's that good. U know what, he should react to a lot of YOUR Making It Big videos

  • XxItz_ AmazonBoxxX
    XxItz_ AmazonBoxxX 9 godzin temu

    Im binge watching these

  • Samina Safdar
    Samina Safdar 10 godzin temu

    Only because of him I watch tasty.
    The most cute part is when he says "can I get some help". 7:47

  • Phantom Kid
    Phantom Kid 11 godzin temu

    That part where he was splitting the egg yolks to the egg whites stressed me out soooo much. What if that yolk fell I. The whites on that last egg!

  • Make memes in my comments so I’m popular Please

    Bruh cheesecake sounds super good rn

  • Albina
    Albina 12 godzin temu

    When he started to “jiggle” sksksk

  • Adjei Samuel
    Adjei Samuel 17 godzin temu

    Thanks homie😂😂😂

  • Vaider
    Vaider Dzień temu

    That isnt cheese cake to me...

    • Vaider
      Vaider Dzień temu

      Its more angel food

  • Odell_salty_ 1
    Odell_salty_ 1 Dzień temu

    Cheesecake I love cheesecake real late at night you know real late at night

  • Saw Nay221
    Saw Nay221 Dzień temu

    she just said i hate pee man so does that mean she doesn't like to pee?

  • xXxBlue_MoonsxXx
    xXxBlue_MoonsxXx Dzień temu

    Alvin should make a giant cinnamon roll.

  • Ava Abcede
    Ava Abcede Dzień temu

    U should make a GIANT MOCHI

  • Guci Rolex
    Guci Rolex Dzień temu


  • darkspd31
    darkspd31 Dzień temu

    I like my cakes like my girls, FIRM, NOT JIGGLY

  • TheEmeraldCandy
    TheEmeraldCandy Dzień temu

    A suggestion do a Giang chocolate chip cookie or cupcake

  • Me Me
    Me Me Dzień temu

    I am love you

  • PuddingmintPuffball
    PuddingmintPuffball 2 dni temu

    "Okay, so I saw a video on Tasty, about a jiggle cheesecake-"
    " *SnksSnDheAH* "

  • marie ct
    marie ct 2 dni temu


  • Jaydia Simmons
    Jaydia Simmons 2 dni temu

    Make it a bit bigger and it could fill out a crib.

  • Trollkid 9565
    Trollkid 9565 2 dni temu +2

    Jasmine:I saw a video on Tasty about a jiggly cheesecake
    Alvin:*starts laughing
    Jasmine:Y r u laughing?
    Alvin:I made dat video

  • Marco Adona
    Marco Adona 2 dni temu

    Inga: I make food cute *UwU*
    Alvin:I make food *GIGANTIC*
    Rie:I make regular food fancier 😁
    Alexis:I can make food with an iron😎

  • TheOdd1sOut
    TheOdd1sOut 2 dni temu

    Make a Alaska Akamai didlodildo with a ball sack kkwk

  • Grayson Heath
    Grayson Heath 2 dni temu +5

    Jasmine: "I think you're like, you're a god
    Alvin: "Oh thanks homie" *High fives her*

  • Inferno99
    Inferno99 2 dni temu +1

    Make a giant bao

  • Elida Harper
    Elida Harper 3 dni temu

    when you steal a resipy and end up using it for a freind and youtube

  • gamer girl
    gamer girl 3 dni temu

    Can you make a giant fried Oreo

  • Fire DragonBat
    Fire DragonBat 3 dni temu

    I’m surprised that Alvin has isn’t like the buffest tasty producer 😂😂😂

  • Victoria Cheng
    Victoria Cheng 3 dni temu

    Alvin takes one try to get big food, Alix takes more then that!

  • Bareerah Ahmad
    Bareerah Ahmad 3 dni temu +2

    You don't need to go to the gym this all is just a workout

  • tami shui
    tami shui 4 dni temu

    i love you Alvin

  • Brodee Allshouse
    Brodee Allshouse 4 dni temu

    Alvin can u have the producers or someone type out the measurements when editing? I kinda want to try one if these bug foods but I need the measurements of ingredients. Thank you and I love your videos!!

  • Kathleine C
    Kathleine C 4 dni temu

    8:25 no untensils this size
    Me dude look behind you

  • Chrissy Yebz
    Chrissy Yebz 4 dni temu

    Please make a giant hot dog

  • Sami Mäkinen
    Sami Mäkinen 4 dni temu


  • Louis Leopold Viloria

    11:34 HAHAHAHA

  • Sharon Tanhueco
    Sharon Tanhueco 5 dni temu

    He's my crush🤗🙈🙊

  • Mathy Don
    Mathy Don 5 dni temu

    I was following along and I misheard "whole milk and whiskey" instead of "whole milk and whisk it"

  • Death Spying
    Death Spying 5 dni temu

    Drink water

    MrFOXSPY 5 dni temu

    I saw bigger on Singapore, in this store: Original Cake

  • QaaimsdaBoss 110
    QaaimsdaBoss 110 5 dni temu +1

    giant 🍪

  • NS BOI!!!
    NS BOI!!! 5 dni temu +2

    My belly jiggles like

    Whoooo's ???!

  • Hei Cua
    Hei Cua 5 dni temu

    cheese cake vid: i am da campion of most eggs in channel
    100 egg omelet vid: no instead of 78 or 100 i am 120 LOL
    cheese cake vid: oh heck where did da u come from?
    100 egg omelet vid: why u always say 'da' im frome the chat group forgetter

  • Dark Bull
    Dark Bull 5 dni temu +9

    No one:
    Literally no one:
    Me: why are all his friends Asian

  • GalaxyGuy14
    GalaxyGuy14 6 dni temu

    Pokèmon music?

  • HyperVee
    HyperVee 6 dni temu

    It’s so stupid... this jiggly jiggle is so beautiful I cried 😂 how it bounces 😂 i Love it 🤣

  • Darkxyz
    Darkxyz 6 dni temu

    Oml why im i wahching these vids im on a diet xd

  • silvia
    silvia 6 dni temu +1


  • silvia
    silvia 6 dni temu +1


  • silvia
    silvia 6 dni temu +1


  • Robyn Paral
    Robyn Paral 6 dni temu

    Absolutely adore this series! Alvin is positive, upbeat, and creative. Can't wait for many more seasons!

  • Nadia Cash
    Nadia Cash 6 dni temu +1

    Can I have the recipe for the brioche bread please?...and for the giant hamburger?... Asking for a friend 😐

  • Jake Markenton
    Jake Markenton 6 dni temu

    big teramisso

  • Esterlla Abarca
    Esterlla Abarca 6 dni temu

    U should do giant mochi

  • Shubhi Verma
    Shubhi Verma 6 dni temu

    Alvin is just too good in dad jokes 😂 eggspert(expert)

  • Gerry Murillo
    Gerry Murillo 6 dni temu

    11:34 : thats the first cuss i ever heard of you

  • FruitSalad 07
    FruitSalad 07 6 dni temu +2

    You’re a god.
    Alvin: Aww thanks homie.

  • I’m not sure Anymore

    dude he good cook he funny nice makes girls food
    Golden man you betta manz dis guy before it’s to late

  • Dreamzii 24
    Dreamzii 24 7 dni temu

    Eddie Hall would love this

  • Kailani G
    Kailani G 7 dni temu

    Alvin compares things to puberty so much 🤣