Fortnite - Season 7 Trailer

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  • Opublikowany 6 gru 2018
  • Takes to the slopes and skies in Season 7. A mysterious iceberg has smashed into the island, bringing new frosty locations and gameplay, including a new flying vehicle: the Stormwing. Jump in now and start playing.
    Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.
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  • GryGry

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  • Guilherme peres
    Guilherme peres 4 godzin temu

    Fortnite season 8

  • Carlos Sotelo
    Carlos Sotelo 9 godzin temu

    Not 1:16 0:09 I ment

  • Carlos Sotelo
    Carlos Sotelo 9 godzin temu

    Look at 1:16 closely when crackshot throws the tree you’ll see the cube as a present

  • dinzel456
    dinzel456 Dzień temu

    kevin coming back?

    • dinzel456
      dinzel456 Dzień temu

      by the way fortnite is getting kid friendly

  • skull trooper [243]
    skull trooper [243] Dzień temu

    Kevin the cube is a present it is. He is coming back!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jasmine
    Jasmine Dzień temu

    When is the season 8 trailer coming out

  • Chronically
    Chronically Dzień temu +1

    At the end it gave me goosebumps.

  • EvieDude
    EvieDude Dzień temu

    Season 6- Darkness rises
    Season 7- You better watch out
    Season 8- Better not cry

  • Real Xd
    Real Xd Dzień temu


  • Bill Thomas
    Bill Thomas 2 dni temu

    Nice good

  • no gaming with alex
    no gaming with alex 2 dni temu

    0:58 he has the infinity blade!!!!!!

  • Márk Bugya
    Márk Bugya 3 dni temu

    Crackshot! Behind you a Ghoul Trooper Emoting and she will kill you! Oh no, He has Airpods in his ear and he cant hear us! Well, OOF..

  • EricBringsLife
    EricBringsLife 4 dni temu

    Am i the only one who things this trailer AND the slogan of this season is badass? It makes so much sense and it was made really well. The way they take the classic Christmas line “ you better watch out “ and put it at the end with sgt. winter saying ho ho ho in the backround really just tops the whole thing off and also the corners of the screen frost a bit too at the end.

  • Takeo Masaki
    Takeo Masaki 6 dni temu

    my boi had his whole house ruined

  • AlexanderZxGamingYT
    AlexanderZxGamingYT 6 dni temu

    anybody season 69?

  • Mehdi Saleh
    Mehdi Saleh 6 dni temu

    Kevin the is a gift of the gifts

  • dr wolf
    dr wolf 7 dni temu +1

    0:40 he broke the fourth wall

  • contanca de la rosa
    contanca de la rosa 7 dni temu

    Omg at 0:10 the cube is one of the persents

  • FZone96
    FZone96 7 dni temu

    This trailer is a lie now:
    -Codename E.L.F. never came back in the shop.
    -The Infinity Blade didn't only got vaulted, Epic took it out of the game's code completely due to people having it on their Creative Island.

  • Olivia Boros
    Olivia Boros 7 dni temu

    kevin present 0:10

  • valenbrine80
    valenbrine80 7 dni temu

    0:10 Kevin!!!!!!!!!!!?
    (It is a present 🎁 )

  • Myles Link
    Myles Link 7 dni temu

    Why is there no battle pass trailer?? ☹️

  • MundoFranlol
    MundoFranlol 8 dni temu


  • Natani
    Natani 8 dni temu

    This might not be the best season we've had but I hope we can at least all agree on one thing: This is by far the best season trailer we've had

  • Cvoran888
    Cvoran888 8 dni temu

    Best part 0:46

  • ItzzMilad
    ItzzMilad 9 dni temu +2

    Dayuumm i miss christmas already

  • Avur Central
    Avur Central 11 dni temu

    Season 8: build up to new storyline like meteor
    Season 9: part 1 of whatever storyline they end up doing
    Season 10: part 2 the final season aka the storyline wrap and destruction of the whole map because a destructive season
    2020 after season 10: next gen consoles transfer.
    Next gen Fortnite: season 1 new beginning

  • el dani cacalaca
    el dani cacalaca 11 dni temu

    Epic te amo

  • Luis Lopez
    Luis Lopez 12 dni temu

    I want food fight back

  • Player 2010
    Player 2010 13 dni temu

    Pls delete RPG

  • croozy 995
    croozy 995 13 dni temu

    0:10 *Wow Kevin*

  • Extran Taves
    Extran Taves 14 dni temu

    i wonder why there was no battle pass trailer

  • Music On
    Music On 14 dni temu


  • StellaBlue Toy Reviews

    can you please do more concerts marsh mellow was amazing

  • Diego Garcia
    Diego Garcia 16 dni temu +1

    Ad free skins on season 8 in the free battle pass put marshmellow and the picax and the glider and the bug bag if it haf one please

  • Diego Garcia
    Diego Garcia 16 dni temu +1

    Can you ad skins free on the battle pass the free one please

  • Foxy TR
    Foxy TR 16 dni temu

    Crackshot:Its time to open a christmas gift.
    PlushTrap:OH HELLO THERE!!

  • Evan Park
    Evan Park 17 dni temu

    I swear the crackshot parts reminds me of that weirdly animated spongebob Christmas movie

  • NWCubes
    NWCubes 17 dni temu

    Anyone watching in season 8?

  • Exgvg
    Exgvg 17 dni temu

    Goodbye Infinity Blade. You will be missed dearly old friend.

  • Prodixy Clips
    Prodixy Clips 18 dni temu

    Shitty Ass Game Bring Drum Gun Back

  • Fiók Google
    Fiók Google 18 dni temu

    Dear EpicGames! I'd like to ask when Fortnite Android Beta comes out on all 3gb ram devices?

    SPARKLE DOGE 19 dni temu

    *_FBI OPEN UP_*

  • kabumaru uzuchiha
    kabumaru uzuchiha 20 dni temu

    como reporto un posible ban es que la vedad no lo se concertesa y pues no puedo jugar saludos

  • hiren patel
    hiren patel 20 dni temu


  • Pskillrr L
    Pskillrr L 21 dzień temu

    People just being lil children 👶 when Fortnite releases a god damn skin if they want to release a skin you can do it rare or not because it’s there company they made the game after all they can put anything in item shop they can even release item shop stuff in battle pass if they wanted I’m just saying if anyone reads this just plz stop complaining when in my opinion the best game in the world 🌎 can do what they want FORTNITE name Pskillrr thx

    • Pskillrr L
      Pskillrr L 21 dzień temu

      I like my one stuff use code Lazarbeam

  • TylerG
    TylerG 21 dzień temu

    0:56 When you look at patch notes
    1:01 When you play in game

  • edriel polgo
    edriel polgo 22 dni temu

    Zombies are so F*cking annoying

  • PlasmaPlays
    PlasmaPlays 22 dni temu


  • Creeper_Ninja07
    Creeper_Ninja07 23 dni temu

    0:10 KEVIN

  • el lordio de los patitos 55

    Who is excited for season 8?

  • bo3 Moco
    bo3 Moco 25 dni temu +1

    Cube under the tree

  • MohamadDG
    MohamadDG 25 dni temu

    Oh no no

  • باسم عبدةالكريم


  • jowaher albakheet
    jowaher albakheet 26 dni temu

    We want Arabic servers

  • Ivan Martić
    Ivan Martić 26 dni temu

    Kevin is a gift

  • HanLan
    HanLan 27 dni temu

    Fortnite sucks, its just opinion

    • Borkk
      Borkk 19 dni temu

      anime sucks, its just opinion

  • opbossgg
    opbossgg 27 dni temu

    FBI OPEN UP 0:03

  • EliteBuddyboy
    EliteBuddyboy 27 dni temu

    the easter egg hunter is back!
    0:00 loot crate in the background
    0:04 crackshot and the durr burger to the left
    0:04 the umbrella looks like the victory umbrella
    0:08 rift to go behind the tree
    0:08 candy cane pickaxe ( i actually forgot its name)
    0:08 loot chest
    0:08 bonsey from season 6
    0:09 Durr Burger, Tomatohead, season 4 rocket, and disco bomb ornaments
    0:09 season 6 cube like present
    0:17 Crackshot's new back bling
    0:25 golden loot llama from save the world
    0:26 Crackabella
    0:31 merry maruder cookies
    0:33 battle bus present
    0:45 battle bus Santa decoration



  • Ben Playz
    Ben Playz 27 dni temu

    The only season without a battle pass trailer

  • I'm your mother
    I'm your mother 28 dni temu

    Give me tacos

    • Borkk
      Borkk 19 dni temu

      oh cringe cringe

    XDS- GAMING 28 dni temu

    Please bring back the c4

  • MaximilianMus is our hero.

    oh yeah yeah

  • ismael fortnite player and drawer Robriguez

    Vault dual pistols

  • Dylan Warner
    Dylan Warner 28 dni temu

    0:03 when you finish your Christmas shopping

  • Eljona Shkurti
    Eljona Shkurti 29 dni temu

    Jm gamer in this game

  • Krodu!
    Krodu! 29 dni temu

    I Miss Greasy Grove, lets give a [*] in the comments. 2017-2019

  • Exel Diabo
    Exel Diabo 29 dni temu

    pls make the game fun and take the skill based matchmaking cos its impossible to get sweats every game i want to play normaly plus let controller players on pc go to console servers its just dumb cos i dont need to get flicked to the head every game its annoying

  • Elvis Mehmeti
    Elvis Mehmeti Miesiąc temu

    Fortnite make fortnite for all devices for all tablets

  • pan pan
    pan pan Miesiąc temu

    0:59 lol santa's holding the infinitive blade

  • veemo
    veemo Miesiąc temu +2

    2019????? please i need attention

  • CamoGaming Guy
    CamoGaming Guy Miesiąc temu +1

    *Home is where the fort is.*

  • Preston Clark
    Preston Clark Miesiąc temu

    Why was the elf never released even though it stars the end of the trailer

  • basel gamer basel
    basel gamer basel Miesiąc temu


  • wassim sif
    wassim sif Miesiąc temu +1

    The music in 00:13

  • wassim sif
    wassim sif Miesiąc temu +1

    We want thanos

  • Predator Gaming
    Predator Gaming Miesiąc temu +1

    Bring back the soccer skin

  • ahmet hakan mazman
    ahmet hakan mazman Miesiąc temu +4

    I think some places will be under a lava attack on season 8.

  • zymtx
    zymtx Miesiąc temu

    Remove planes

  • N O I Z E
    N O I Z E Miesiąc temu

    all these virgins in the comments

  • MustacheThatsGreen
    MustacheThatsGreen Miesiąc temu

    Dear Epic Games.
    I Love The Remus Back Bling And I Would Wear It All The Time! But Unfortunately, When I Crouch
    and Aim, The Remus Glitches out And It Has No Animations. Please Fix This.
    Sincerely, Your Fan.

  • Happy Toast
    Happy Toast Miesiąc temu


  • Charlie Barriga
    Charlie Barriga Miesiąc temu +3

    KEVINNNN!!!! 0:10

  • vlogs and gaming dk
    vlogs and gaming dk Miesiąc temu

    Lootllama was the best idea ever

  • Class dojo123
    Class dojo123 Miesiąc temu

    Em fortnite can you please make season 8
    Is 2019 please
    The fortnite skin are
    This girl with ginger hair she wears a 2019 costume please fortnite and the colour off her 2019 costume is a galaxy purple please fortnite
    And this new pet is a brown horse epic games you could say the brown horses name name anything you want please epic games
    I love fortnite

    DARTH McBRICKS!! Miesiąc temu

    Want a skin so BAD

  • Corey Gilliam
    Corey Gilliam Miesiąc temu

    Bring back thanos for playground only

  • Xy20 Gaming
    Xy20 Gaming Miesiąc temu

    Im a FortBG fan

  • Y’K Gaming
    Y’K Gaming Miesiąc temu

    Better the Song 🎵🎵🎵

    EDDY DEAD Miesiąc temu

    Oh oh oh oh

  • A’lan Barnhardt
    A’lan Barnhardt Miesiąc temu

    Lol jk press this

  • A’lan Barnhardt
    A’lan Barnhardt Miesiąc temu

    Lol jk press this

  • A’lan Barnhardt
    A’lan Barnhardt Miesiąc temu

    Press this button

    • veemo
      veemo Miesiąc temu

      A’lan Barnhardt what

  • fortnitekingboy
    fortnitekingboy Miesiąc temu

    love the trailer of season 7

  • Karina Zamorano
    Karina Zamorano Miesiąc temu

    En uno de los regalos aparece el cubo

  • *MRKI*
    *MRKI* Miesiąc temu

    You can find this crackshot's house on the map

    Location A7

  • JustGames NL
    JustGames NL Miesiąc temu +6

    The best game of the world

  • Clery
    Clery Miesiąc temu

    0:10 Kevin the cube as a present under the Christmas tree ?

  • Maxim Channel [GD]
    Maxim Channel [GD] Miesiąc temu

    Я вообще один русский!?