First stakeholder group meeting #BioGov

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  • Opublikowany 21 lis 2018
  • #BioGov #łódzkie #promujełódzkie
    On 17th Oct. 2018 first BioGov regional stakeholder group meeting was organized.
    The meeting was dedicated to designing common cooperation rules. The participants had a chance to share their opinion on their role and possible contribution to the BioGov project as well as their diverse perspectives on regional biodiversity.
    During the meeting we used techniques proposed by European project leader. First one called “Rich Picture” - which is some kind of picture, some kind of poster.
    This method involves stakeholders working together to draw a picture with their input on the project. Than some elements of Rich Picture were clarified during the endless discussion. Each participant proposed new solutions, new ideas which could help in project implementation.
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  • simonkoolwijk
    simonkoolwijk 8 miesięcy temu

    Great video! It shows the commitment and joint energy of various stakeholders on how they want to use their energy and commitment to bring back biodiversity by combining horticultural and fruit production raising the level of biodiversity in the region.

    • Promuje Łódzkie
      Promuje Łódzkie  8 miesięcy temu

      Thank You very much! Indeed, it was endless discussiom and million ideas! Greetings!