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  • Are you brave enough to solve these 10 hardest riddles with answers? These tricky puzzles will work out your brain and help you stay concentrated during the day. They might look too simple at first sight, but some of the answers will surprise you. So if you are ready, push the 'Play' button!
    00:14 - A blood-freezing mysterious riddle with a surprising answer! Turn on your logic and imagination and try to find the right answer as fast as possible!
    01:33 - A tricky riddle on crime that will blow your mind away! This one will challenge your logic and attentiveness and check if you're ready to become a detective. If not, you will be surprised a lot with how simple the answer is!
    02:40 - A mysterious riddle that will make your blood freeze in your veins (of course, if you're attentive enough). Have a look at this unbelievable story and try to understand what's wrong about it. If you can find it out by yourself, you're a true ghostbuster馃槈
    04:04 - A logic riddle that will blow your mind away and make you rack your brain hard. You will have to connect the dots and analyze all facts to find out the correct answer. I failed to crack this one, but you still have a chance馃槈
    05:04 - A thrilling riddle only a psycho or genius can solve! Seriously, if you get it right, then you must have put yourself in the place of the killer, right? Only a psycho or a cold rational thinker can do this! I hope you're just incredibly smart, ha-ha...
    07:05 - A mysterious crime riddle that will exercise your brain like nothing else before! Will you save poor Jane until it's too late? Carefully think over the evidence and find out what's wrong there. Tell me what you think in the comments!
    08:53 - A tricky logical riddle only brilliant minds can crack! If you can find the way to untie the ropes, then you're able to escape any dangerous situation!馃槈 So show me what you can do!
    10:03 - A tricky riddle with a blood-freezing answer! Can you find the truth before the time is up?
    11:40 - A short warming up riddle that will boost your logic and improve your IQ level. You will have to carefully examine the crime scene and find out which of the women is the thief (watch out, she can be dangerous!). Tease your brain with this tricky crime riddle with answers and challenge your friends!
    12:55 - Stretch your brain and boost your logic with this short but difficult visual puzzle! Will you find the answer to the riddle before time's up?
    TELL me IN THE COMMENTS your answers to the last riddle!
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    B will die

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    13:39 B will die, because he is doing everything and after then he can't do nothing...

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  • Priyanka Shishir
    Priyanka Shishir 2 dni temu

    Lana because the dog barked at her and also if you say us to write the answers in the comments I'll unsubscribe and dislike all your video where you say to write answers in comments

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    The strong guy will die

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    Mary didn't have one scratch

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    I am irrataed when you put 鈥淐OMMENTS 鈥!!!!!!!!

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    i hate you 7 second riddles

    PRO GAMER JHAMES 3 dni temu

    my answer is b in the hand fighting

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    Victor Quilala 4 dni temu

    The liar is Mary

  • Roqaiya Sabir
    Roqaiya Sabir 4 dni temu +1

    I think lana is lying because, how did she know that jane is kidnapped. Because first she said that i haven't seen jane.

  • Sumerics ***
    Sumerics *** 4 dni temu

    answer B because he is tensing and shaking is body everywhere

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    Who will die......me from this fuckin video

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    What鈥檚 weird is I saw a complete diffrent video it wasn鈥檛 ridles

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    Aaahhh uhuhuhuh i think i just went full blown beavis n butthead with this video.....uhuhuhuhuhuhuuhhu....fartknocker....

  • Mai Neh
    Mai Neh 4 dni temu

    Plane crash and they both ended up on laen chairs???????
    thank you.....uuuum i dont think so.....

  • Kaden Tahir
    Kaden Tahir 4 dni temu

    1:22 yea and ALLIGATORS DONT LIVE IN OCEANS DICK 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀

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    mary lied

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    I hate when hey say comments

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    B will die

  • Juan carlos Aparicio

    2end one is lying

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    Mary because cats wouldnt give u a black eye

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    Wooly mammoths died along time ago but Columbian mammoths went extinct not so long ago

  • spmbotha
    spmbotha 6 dni temu

    We think it鈥檚 the third one

  • Angelica Navarro
    Angelica Navarro 6 dni temu

    Bthe girl that got beaten up by her cat that's the girl who k kidnapped Her

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  • Missy Xox
    Missy Xox 6 dni temu

    8:52 it has to be the first girl cause the dog was barking only at ger

  • Caden Le
    Caden Le 7 dni temu

    Mary is lying if the dog barked when the skunk was in the first house, why wouldn麓t the dog bark when there were cats in Mary麓s house. Most dogs hate cats.

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    Charlie definitely

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    b will die

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    I really don't like when they say comments!!!!!!!!

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    If you think that it鈥檚 CRUSH AND NOT crash leave a like

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    But alligator 馃悐 don鈥檛 live in the ocean 馃寠 lol馃槀 for the first riddle 鈥硷笍馃う鈥嶁檪锔忦煍

  • Wakanda Forever
    Wakanda Forever 9 dni temu

    Wakanda forever

  • Aryan Mulay
    Aryan Mulay 10 dni temu

    1 marry


    there are saltwater alligators

  • Yahya Syed
    Yahya Syed 10 dni temu

    rubbish!!!! a baby could solve this

  • Markerboy 10
    Markerboy 10 10 dni temu +1

    8:49 if mary was takingcare of the kittens why does she have a blackeye??

  • Korbin Kidwell
    Korbin Kidwell 10 dni temu

    The last girl since she looked like she got beat up by the kidnapped girl trying to escape.

  • MattPlays
    MattPlays 11 dni temu

    7-second riddles:
    Lets make a riddle and not tell them the answer and let the comments flood

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    Dumbest riddles..

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    FL4WLESS PL4YS 11 dni temu

    Because I think the person that got kidnapped punched her

    FL4WLESS PL4YS 11 dni temu

    I think it was mary

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    If u next time keep comments. I will not. Subscribe

  • cass collier
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    Answer : plane crash
    Me : how the fuck was anyone supposed to know that!?

  • duane mcarthur
    duane mcarthur 12 dni temu

    8:51 Mary because cats can鈥檛 punch and she has bruises and a purple eye

  • Rahul mass
    Rahul mass 13 dni temu

    Son of a********* u told mamoth and u are telling no mamoth

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    Ihate 7seconds riddles

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    just kidding I also hate comments

    HASH COOL 14 dni temu


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    I hate this commenting thing at the end . who else does?

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    The skinny guy

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    It said with answers though...

  • samuel brengelman
    samuel brengelman 16 dni temu +2

    Mary killed her friend because she said that she JUST broke up the fight not that there were preveous fights going on so she killed her!

  • Simbuilder94 RichBoi
    Simbuilder94 RichBoi 17 dni temu

    The girl with the purple shirtt

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    Who hate "COMMENTS ?

  • Md Rafiq Uddin
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    In the last one,
    It is a game where hands can break or it can have a pain.So, they will not die.馃槈馃槈馃懃馃憛馃憛

  • Rafael Rapanan
    Rafael Rapanan 17 dni temu

    The reasons of the riddles is not convincing. Like the plane crash there is so much more reasons of their death aside from plane crash, and the woman who fell in love with the police man is kind of annoying.

  • Sulaiman Shahab
    Sulaiman Shahab 17 dni temu

    If they ate the 8th student than there zombies. Ya cause a person cant eat a persom

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    Valeria Valle 17 dni temu

    The black girl was in the middle

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    The title of this video is 10 Hardest riddles with ANSWERS THERE SHOULD BE NOTHING IN THIS VIDEO SAYING COMENTS

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    The man in green and girl with black hair

  • Edrya Graddy
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    B the last one

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    He would die

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    It was Charlie

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    It said with anwsers 8:50

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    So suddenly a plane crashes.

    The people land on a chair sitting down dead.

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  • Pixel Dino鈥檚
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    3 cat fight is lying

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    Mammoth died in ice age!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I tell B Will die At 13:45

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    It was mary

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    Stop saying to put our answers in the comments I am serious stop doing this please who ever is reading this unsubscribe to this because this I getting so annoying and u guys don't even tell us shit about the answers STOP Doing THIS LIKE THIS COMMENT IF YOU AGRRE PLEAS PLEASE

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    To bad馃槖

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    this videos cant repeat but it can stop

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    b he looked like he on steroids

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    Ta tip na desni

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    I don't think its really commen sense...

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    its Lana, the police didn鈥檛 ask her anything about Jane, and she mention Jane herself in the conversation

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    Mary is lying

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