Mia Kang & Lil Rel Howery Are Talking Spit 'Official Sneak Peek' | Wild 'N Out | #TalkingSpit

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  • Opublikowany 14 wrz 2017
  • Mia Kang and Lil Rel Howery team up in a segment of #TalkingSpit against Nick Cannon and Chico Bean.
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Komentarze • 205

  • Gaming Network
    Gaming Network 2 miesięcy temu

    They don’t have water in there mouth

  • Tanaisha Hawkins
    Tanaisha Hawkins 6 miesięcy temu

    Everything Rel said was true. Lmao

  • Camile Henry
    Camile Henry 7 miesięcy temu


  • Nadia Fisher
    Nadia Fisher 8 miesięcy temu

    But you guys can't say nothing about the day of the dead..... even though he died

  • Gwendolyn Brown
    Gwendolyn Brown 10 miesięcy temu

    I am only 12 years old and I love this show so much

  • meankrandel
    meankrandel 10 miesięcy temu

    C H I C O B E A N G O I N I N

  • Oginaka
    Oginaka 10 miesięcy temu +1

    You could look at the way he built and tell he don't like wauter. 😂😂😂😂

  • GoodGame rb6
    GoodGame rb6 10 miesięcy temu

    I think nick sometimes fake spits

  • Jay80
    Jay80 10 miesięcy temu

    love dont cost a thing hair that so true tho😂😂😂

  • Asia Adams
    Asia Adams 10 miesięcy temu +1


  • Anita Cook
    Anita Cook 10 miesięcy temu

    Nick Cannon u have some good music but when dj Khalid listened to one of them he said not another one

  • Tenzin Yougyal
    Tenzin Yougyal 11 miesięcy temu

    Daammnn i wanna suck those boob good lord have mercy yummy

  • Donna Wesson
    Donna Wesson Rok temu

    You need to have roman regnis

  • cj
    cj Rok temu

    Her tits appear bigger here than in her modeling pictures on google. Interesting.

  • vickivb22
    vickivb22 Rok temu


  • Kaidan Bee
    Kaidan Bee Rok temu

    Nick can’t win 4 nothinnnnnnnnn

  • Manofsteel217 Gaming

    I thought that shadow between her boobs was a huge gap...

  • vickivb22
    vickivb22 Rok temu


  • Gina Jones
    Gina Jones Rok temu


  • Jay C
    Jay C Rok temu

    Lmao he got the drum line hair too

  • Prince Kwåku
    Prince Kwåku Rok temu

    She fine as hell. Who is she?

  • Ess Heirr
    Ess Heirr Rok temu


  • Af Fhg
    Af Fhg Rok temu

    Where do we watch the full episodes?

  • Danutzz
    Danutzz Rok temu

    Da fuk is wrong with her bra

  • Kler Shee
    Kler Shee Rok temu

    She look like Erika costell

  • Mike Swag
    Mike Swag Rok temu

    Nick sucks at this game

  • gabe smith
    gabe smith Rok temu

    c'mon nick

  • Rz.Lalrammawia Ruthless


  • Andiee Martinez
    Andiee Martinez Rok temu

    Wait is she a fighter, or an actress.

  • Andiee Martinez
    Andiee Martinez Rok temu

    Push up bra, but she still hot.

  • Peezy S
    Peezy S Rok temu

    Chico played himself, though. He and Rel are built the SAME. Stand them side-by-side and they look like twins, glasses and all LOL

  • Rai.leshae
    Rai.leshae Rok temu

    I said the same thing when i seen his hair, love don't cost a thing was playing in my head

  • Dimitri Grant
    Dimitri Grant Rok temu


  • Wolfgang Amadeus
    Wolfgang Amadeus Rok temu

    mad funny

  • Alaeldin Osman
    Alaeldin Osman Rok temu +3

    Yeah she can get it

  • Zachary Clarke
    Zachary Clarke Rok temu


  • Ben Mason
    Ben Mason Rok temu

    Why does she have her titties out tho?

  • moka lee
    moka lee Rok temu

    Chico bean can't be on Nick's team when they play this game cuz every time he say somethin Nick always spit

  • Eddie Chen
    Eddie Chen Rok temu +1

    "You can look how he built, you can tell he don't like water."


  • Nancy Ayala
    Nancy Ayala Rok temu

    I feel like nick laughs for anything.. lol

  • DSappjr
    DSappjr Rok temu +7


  • Brendan Sanford
    Brendan Sanford Rok temu

    Mia Kang fine as hell w the ponytail

  • Mike Westen
    Mike Westen Rok temu

    This girls fucking ugly and its even more embarrassing listening to her rap

  • Mike Booth
    Mike Booth Rok temu

    Nick be spitting on purpose this all rehearsed still funny tho but it's not as much improv as they make it out to be

  • youngfettihotboy
    youngfettihotboy Rok temu


  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    1:08 her boob is too big for that jacket

  • Alaska Malaska
    Alaska Malaska Rok temu


  • Melvin Ramos
    Melvin Ramos Rok temu

    She looks horny

  • GodIs da OG
    GodIs da OG Rok temu

    check it out let me know what ya think thanks soundcloud.com/godisgoodness/got-time-1

  • John Monla
    John Monla Rok temu

    Suscribe to my Chanel 💕

  • Nunu 295
    Nunu 295 Rok temu

    Its like nick cannon is letting her win tho

  • Xxshmateo_ BOI_
    Xxshmateo_ BOI_ Rok temu

    Who taught that dude was kyle from ispy 0:2

  • Chester Wilson Jr.
    Chester Wilson Jr. Rok temu +18


  • Madinah Hart
    Madinah Hart Rok temu

    Nick is so 😍😍

  • Blacc Suburban
    Blacc Suburban Rok temu

    When he said it's one more thing, I looked right at Nick head lol

  • SiennaGoddess
    SiennaGoddess Rok temu +124

    Someone finally said it!!!! When he first came out with that hair and headband I said he took it back to don't cost a thing!!!!😂😂

    SANRIO FAN Rok temu

    Who feels old yet

    SANRIO FAN Rok temu

    Love don't cost a thing is a throwback movie 🎥

  • Cody Stevens
    Cody Stevens Rok temu

    Get Dani Bregoli on here

  • 209Ann
    209Ann Rok temu

    You've got the Love Don't Cost A Thing hair Lol

  • Cbawi DJJ123
    Cbawi DJJ123 Rok temu


  • HulkVahkiin
    HulkVahkiin Rok temu

    Dafuq is up with that nasty huge cleavage damn!

  • Brad Pittman
    Brad Pittman Rok temu

    who the hell watches this crap

      SANRIO FAN Rok temu

      Brad Pittman some people watch it though

  • Liam Morris
    Liam Morris Rok temu

    You know she all bout that knees behind her head shit.

  • eric widasta
    eric widasta Rok temu

    The thumbnail looks like tessa brooks fr

  • aLovelyDay4Love
    aLovelyDay4Love Rok temu

    😂😂😂 This game is awesome, these people are amazing and these moments are just gold 👌👌👌🙌🙌🙌😂😂😂

  • stranger Danger
    stranger Danger Rok temu

    This show is so lame and should of been off its never funny

  • Jai Roux
    Jai Roux Rok temu

    Who's The Cutie At The Beginning? 😭

  • SuperChiko4000
    SuperChiko4000 Rok temu

    Nice one MTV

  • Villo. RÁvila
    Villo. RÁvila Rok temu

    I started listening to little rel last year never thought I'd see him on MTV.

  • Tommy Mandi
    Tommy Mandi Rok temu +732

    Boobs are hanging

    • Kay X
      Kay X 11 miesięcy temu +6

      That can happen when they're real

    • TrOubleMakErr /
      TrOubleMakErr / Rok temu +3

      not my proudest fap

    • Jay C
      Jay C Rok temu +5

      Tommy Mandi it's okay, she could still push em together when you need to use em

    • Elouise Hosch
      Elouise Hosch Rok temu


  • Mc Reacts
    Mc Reacts Rok temu +11

    I'll Smash her

  • still__4twenneCliCC

    Who da fucc was that... She is FINE!!

    • Tyler Sprouse
      Tyler Sprouse Rok temu

      still__4twenneCliCC It says it in the video title bruh

  • Luke Han
    Luke Han Rok temu

    U know they ran train on this korean thot

  • Chester Wilson Jr.
    Chester Wilson Jr. Rok temu +192


  • Chico Dust-E
    Chico Dust-E Rok temu

    I'd like to Mia BANG shawty

  • Jimmy Goff
    Jimmy Goff Rok temu

    Issa set up lmao

    KEITH DEVORE Rok temu


  • DM Hunter
    DM Hunter Rok temu

    Mia Kang could beat this meat all day everyday.

  • This Guy Is Crazy

    bro, Nick use to be on crack......

    now he on steroids

  • Joe King
    Joe King Rok temu +6

    1:14 I see a bald spot. Nick Cannon is going bald.

  • Tyrion Lannister
    Tyrion Lannister Rok temu +3

    Mia kang is Bae

  • Armani Berry
    Armani Berry Rok temu

    where is conceited

  • Bad Man
    Bad Man Rok temu +2

    Yo where can we see the full episode?

  • Ziya Clark
    Ziya Clark Rok temu

    love don't cost a thing

  • Anthony Jones
    Anthony Jones Rok temu

    Don't know how this wack ass show is still on. I'm here for the chick

  • Lil Koi
    Lil Koi Rok temu +6

    She have some weird shaped tities

  • Elias Gregory
    Elias Gregory Rok temu +134

    Give it up for Lil Rel for knowing 2 Nick Canon movies.

  • Jacob Goins
    Jacob Goins Rok temu

    Love don't cost a thing throwback😂😂

  • monta ellis
    monta ellis Rok temu

    she can get it

  • Leann Rojas
    Leann Rojas Rok temu

    why did she look like demi lovato in the thumbnail LMAO or it just me. YIKES.

  • Miriam Eclipse
    Miriam Eclipse Rok temu

    I don't know these people.

  • Ephemeral Dagon
    Ephemeral Dagon Rok temu

    Duh drum line boost 😂😂

  • Mystic Jerry
    Mystic Jerry Rok temu

    Put Logic on the show

  • Markquel Smith
    Markquel Smith Rok temu


  • Fredo
    Fredo Rok temu +3

    Didn't understand one joke cause of the beep censor. Killed the whole video.

  • Joe King
    Joe King Rok temu +7

    This episode is going to 💣.

  • Siretchi Cristi
    Siretchi Cristi Rok temu

    Just HEar My Chorus VOITtINEL^RADAutZiRomania hov insinuate vhat NicesPRECiOUOUSES LOBY BobocsRoses ZEESHTtiiESTtiiEisMyVIFE DANANALBAruha DumNeZEESHTtiyLumiXEIY CEis Yours ATtOMERoMINIDinup^7*ZEleQHALAS^*UUPAAMust agREEVEanDAproovETtis is C ALED^EaDing in EnglimalyshLumi*Arians spiDuhs NearMy InDiEnsORIENTtCALL^NAVESNAVI *Vith promises from My SIDENoi fruits anDu REGNSVeREintroDuct c0munismeleDemocacePi sheDe helpEDMEBy MyCALENDARSFalleDSin fight vith etallDiableDraKesuCeausescu inuman s UU pas trough RobotosRegnalionsSeriesFleshMADEingNevs mEats inNatuRESMyKANGSho v PLEaSEMEyoursCrossLegingsORALVECTatiiRANALOUOUCANDYGINOUOUSVASTt^^^^^*****

  • [RN] Night
    [RN] Night Rok temu

    Thought this said mia khalifa