Lund Moonvisor - Sunvisor Install

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  • Opublikowany 22 lut 2013
  • Install of a Lund Moonvisor or Sunvisor on a 1989 Ford Bronco XLT Tools Needed: 1/4" Ratchet, 1/4" -6" Extension, 1/4" - 8mm socket, phillips and flathead screw driver.
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  • bernard hutter
    bernard hutter 13 dni temu

    When I installed my Lund Visor on my 79 F250 I Positioned the visor on the roof with tape , double checked and triple checked the alignment . I also took several measurements to make sure I had it centered . Once satisfied with the positioning I marked the holes and drilled only the top outside holes with a small drill bit . I then used small sheet metal screws in the two upper outside holes . Once those were secured I drilled the remaining holes with a small drill bit. I installed the remaining Sheetmetal screws and again checked for proper alignment . Satisfied that everything was going to line up , I removed the small sheet metal screws. I decided that sheet metal screws were not a good idea for this application . Having aircraft sheet metal experience I decided to install 1/4 20 stainless steel riv nuts . I redrilled the holes to the exact od of the riv nut. I coated the ss rivnuts with a seam sealer while pushing them into the hole and installed them using a homemade bolt and nut /washer combination .( My riv nut tool was a cheap Harbor Freight one and it could not pull the SS riv nuts) . This installation method is guaranteed not to rust or wear out the holes due to air flow vibration . Another thing I did to prep the visor was to sand the inside smooth as possible to reduce air flow disturbance at highway speeds. I also painted the inside of the visor matte black to reduce glare . Good luck with your installation project .

  • Bruce Junker
    Bruce Junker Miesiąc temu

    Just wondering do you get any wind buffeting when going down highway at 75 - 80 mph? Especially when meeting semi's on 2 lane highways?

    • firesupression1
      firesupression1  Miesiąc temu

      Bruce Junker not at all buddy. It’s solid as a rock.

  • Austin E
    Austin E 3 miesięcy temu

    So I wanna put one on my charokee and I saw one with offroad lights built into it if anyone has seen one that sounds like I just described get me a link please

  • Toby Baker
    Toby Baker 4 miesięcy temu

    That looks loke crap dude😨

  • Walter Steffens
    Walter Steffens 6 miesięcy temu +2

    Those visor still look sweet!! Even in 2019 lol 😂 great video!!

  • Southpaw Guitars
    Southpaw Guitars 9 miesięcy temu

    Where did you buy it? can you send a link.

  • dublin innis
    dublin innis Rok temu

    great idea using west marine fastners, when I do this I hope I would thought of it, Thanks

  • 305 gSxR1
    305 gSxR1 Rok temu

    Hey I know this video is old but do u still have that XJ? I wanted to ask u some questions about it. Thanks

  • matt lebrun
    matt lebrun Rok temu

    Thanks for the video. nice

  • OBServe Garage
    OBServe Garage 2 lat temu +8

    Drill a very small diameter hole in your A&B pillars and roof from outside the vehicle. Then, drill out those small diameter holes to the proper diameter FROM INSIDE OF THE TRUCK. By drilling the holes upwards from the inside, you will leave a volcano shaped dimple in the exterior metal that is much, much, much less prone to leaking because of the properties of liquid adhesion and how it's affected by gravity. The way you guys drilled from the outside, you have left a conical shape that the screw holes that will be more prone to leaking. Good sealant is always recommended any way you choose to drill the mounting holes. Just a suggestion on a simple design change for a better result as it relates to weatherproofing.

    • M Plante
      M Plante 6 miesięcy temu

      I have one on my 90 and I am removing it. previous owner installed it. will weld up the holes, don't care for it and the holes you drill will eventuallly leak. I have rust starting on my drivers A pillar. So off it comes.

  • RebelRanger01
    RebelRanger01 2 lat temu +4

    I love those things they look badass

    • J T
      J T Rok temu

      maybe for a geezer

  • Another Godless Atheist

    do you have a link to where you bought it?

    • Chance Newell
      Chance Newell 2 lat temu

      Godless Heathen Lund moon visor summit racing

  • vetterfellow
    vetterfellow 2 lat temu

    FS1 3 years later, did you ever put in the front screws on your moon visor?. I own the 91 silver edition with visor already installed, when they did the wiring, they hooked it up to the dimmer switch, I don't know why either. ok Just wondering.

  • Grant Shimer
    Grant Shimer 2 lat temu

    Good video, thank you. FYI, those are not "Self tapping screws." No need to use different size screws for different thickness of metal. Still a helpful video.

  • timothy thomas
    timothy thomas 2 lat temu +1

    I wish I could see a plan for one of these or see one 360 under over around . So as to get an idea of how it is made and out of that . I could think of other ways of making one .

  • Liggettable
    Liggettable 3 lat temu

    Looks really bad ass dude!

    • J T
      J T Rok temu

      maybe if youre 60 years old

  • Arthur24
    Arthur24 3 lat temu +1

    I have one of these installed on my truck its been on it for years Im planning on removing it so I can re-do the harness, do you think it will be safe to do it? Cheers, good video by the way!

  • xXsgt_stadinko
    xXsgt_stadinko 3 lat temu

    I have a 91 GMC Jimmy that I wanna add a moon visor to. Where did you purchase the moon visor?

    • austin3627
      austin3627 3 lat temu

      summit racing has 3 types you can buy from 129-289. plus shipping of course

  • Chris Kraus
    Chris Kraus 3 lat temu

    What brand is that light bar can u post a link or something please

  • Bezner welding
    Bezner welding 3 lat temu

    is that the biggest cab visor they offer

    • Bezner welding
      Bezner welding 3 lat temu

      thanks i was also looking at summit cab visors but they make diferent sizes and i dont want it to look too big or too small but the comment did help thanks

    • firesupression1
      firesupression1  3 lat temu

      I don't know of a different size made. They only came with two models for the trucks. Moonvisor which is the lit up one (mine) and the sunvisor non-lit style. Hope this helps. Thanks for watching.

  • Felix Rios
    Felix Rios 3 lat temu

    where did you get the visor from I've tried several sites trying to find one

  • Jose Hernandez
    Jose Hernandez 3 lat temu

    I want to take mine off that came from factory

  • sinaloacosala1
    sinaloacosala1 3 lat temu

    I have a jeep xj and want to install a sun visor where can I buy one? from which truck can I take it off and adapt it to my xj?

    • Stace Windu
      Stace Windu Rok temu

      sinaloacosala1 hey did you ever find out where you can get a visor from?

    • firesupression1
      firesupression1  3 lat temu

      I have no idea dude. You would have to call the company and ask if there's one available for your jeep.

  • MrCodymooney12
    MrCodymooney12 4 lat temu +1

    The idiot took the moonvisor off and ive been trying to find out what the hell the stupid nubs on the top of my truck were for. Adding to favs so i can find part the name again

  • youroldbuddy1
    youroldbuddy1 4 lat temu

    Thank you for your video! helped me out alot. That sealant u described is pretty good! i've have my sun visor on my 95 gmc for about a month now and have been powerwashing the truck and its roof since its so hot outside these summer days.. works GREAT thank u again!

  • Want to see a dead body?

    Now how do you get one of these for 2015 Silverado?

  • Joshua Kanicky
    Joshua Kanicky 4 lat temu

    I'm rewiring my moonvisor and I can't find the light sockets anywhere.were did you get yours?

    • Kenny King
      Kenny King 4 lat temu

      Your welcome. I believe I just had to drill the holes out a little bit and they fit right in. I also remember taking out the gasket behind the Amber lenses and cleaning the lenses real good. Since the lights are designed to be underwater they don't need to be protected by the gasket of the Amber lens. Plus I think it looks cleaner without the gasket.

    • Joshua Kanicky
      Joshua Kanicky 4 lat temu

      Thank you so much I have been looking for a week for something that fits

    • Kenny King
      Kenny King 4 lat temu

      Goodmorning I replaced them with the lumitec 101084 livewell lights. The only thing you have to do is paint the back of them so that you don't see the light coming out of the back of the housing.
      Good luck buddy

  • mudmaniac95
    mudmaniac95 4 lat temu

    Thanks for the video I bought a lighted moon visor for my 1995 EDDIE BAUER bronco (On my page if you'd like to check it out) its almost been 2 years now how's it holding up? Still no leaks? and how's it on the highway? thanks and great video thanks for posting it'll come in handy when it comes time to install it.

    • mudmaniac95
      mudmaniac95 4 lat temu

      @firesupression1 aright thanks for the info I cant wait to get it installed.

    • firesupression1
      firesupression1  4 lat temu +1

      5200 is made by 3M "marine adhesive sealant" you should see at your local hardware store i.e. home depot, ace, lowes, etc. the screw caps you should see in there as well.

    • mudmaniac95
      mudmaniac95 4 lat temu

      @firesupression1 thanks for getting back to me. where can I get that 5200? im in Colorado so im not sure were to look first and I should be able to go to any boat place to get the hard where? thanks

    • firesupression1
      firesupression1  4 lat temu +1

      It's still perfect. On the highway no issues at all and no leaks. That 5200 is the best sealant, that stuff will hold for life. Thanks for watching!

  • joshy051
    joshy051 4 lat temu

    Sean Astin? Lol

  • John Clifford
    John Clifford 4 lat temu

    Where did you buy the light bar on the back of the roof?

    • firesupression1
      firesupression1  4 lat temu

      I bought the bar on amazon and the lights from west marine.

  • star_trooper
    star_trooper 4 lat temu

    I have an 88 bronco I was wondering where you found the visor I have been looking EVERYWHERE and cannot find them for under $300 any help would be awesome.

  • vqfive
    vqfive 5 lat temu +2

    Should of used rubber well nuts is what your suppose to use. It keeps water from leaking into body causing leaks and rust.

    • firesupression1
      firesupression1  5 lat temu

      Yes the rubber well nuts could of been used, and looking forward I will use that next time. Thanks for the suggestion. With my method I used the 5200 sealant for that rust/leak preventive purpose. So far no leaks!

  • Josh Glover
    Josh Glover 5 lat temu

    did this with my 99 gmc sierra so anyone else out there with my truck, you wire it into the white cable. there is no brown

  • Spanks Silverado
    Spanks Silverado 5 lat temu

    hey i was just wonder hows the visor holding up, been almost a year, any leaks or rust forming?

    • Spanks Silverado
      Spanks Silverado 5 lat temu

      @firesupression1 thats good to hear, and thankyou for responding quickly i just got a moonvisor for my silverado and plan on putting on this weekend.

    • firesupression1
      firesupression1  5 lat temu

      Visor is holding up great i havnt noticed a single bit of rust or leaks in the truck. We have had some really wet thunderstorms here in fort myers, fl and not a drip in the truck.

  • xxXMowerdudeXxx
    xxXMowerdudeXxx 6 lat temu

    hmmm, now my only Q is, my truck dont have a head liner, its just a bare steel painted roof, what do u suggest doing?

  • firesupression1
    firesupression1  6 lat temu

    So was I before I installed mine. So once I was taught I definetly had to make a how-to vid. Glad this helped ya.

  • Marcel Jeannin II
    Marcel Jeannin II 6 lat temu

    Good job,been looking for a video on this.

  • James T
    James T 6 lat temu

    I'm gonna be completely honest. Bad fuckin ass

  • januaryman169
    januaryman169 6 lat temu

    ok, thanks

  • firesupression1
    firesupression1  6 lat temu

    If you have a West Marine nearby get them there. They will have the stainless hardware as well, putting regular steel screws was a big mistake back in the day. Also dont forget a sealant for the screws!

  • januaryman169
    januaryman169 6 lat temu

    Nice job. I just bought a Lund Visor for my 95 Ranger. Got to buy the mounting hardware now.

  • firesupression1
    firesupression1  6 lat temu

    The screws and caps I bought at WESTMARINE. You can see the packaging in the video. Hope this helps.