BTS (방탄소년단) LOVE YOURSELF Highlight Reel '起承轉結'

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  • Opublikowany 18 sie 2017
  • BTS (방탄소년단) LOVE YOURSELF Highlight Reel '起承轉結'

    Highlight Reel credits:

    Director : YongSeok Choi (Lumpens)
    Assistant Director : WonJu Lee (Lumpens)
    Director of Photography: HyunWoo Nam(GDW)
    Gaffer : JiSung Park (Light Reaction)
    Art Director: JinSil Park (MU:E)
    Producer: Emma SungEun Kim (GE Production)
    Special Effects : Perfect, Action School
    Music : Myungsoo Shin
    Sound : KRAFT Music

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  • MuzykaMuzyka

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  • Rose_ ARMY
    Rose_ ARMY 3 godzin temu +1

    Wish someday I can watch Jin's acting in so many many K-Drama. 💜

  • Evi Verhappen
    Evi Verhappen 4 godzin temu

    I fucking cried fuck

  • Jacoya Tarver
    Jacoya Tarver 8 godzin temu

    so im the only one who realized that outro:tear started to play at 8:33.but the real question is what dose it mean???

  • suga kookie
    suga kookie 10 godzin temu

    That stare j-hope gives you made me cry you can see the pain in his eyes.

  • R E M A S
    R E M A S 11 godzin temu


  • Teni Coker
    Teni Coker 13 godzin temu

    Wtf. Why is this so emotional 😂😂😂 and i feel like acc crying !

  • 아미[ BTS ]
    아미[ BTS ] 14 godzin temu

    이건 진짜 잘 만들었다

  • Juan A
    Juan A 15 godzin temu

    9:32 look it’s says I’m Fine and then you turn it around it’s Save Me ok that means something hmm 🤔

  • BTSxARMY 4life
    BTSxARMY 4life 15 godzin temu

    8:33 tear is that you?!!

    ARMY -BTS 17 godzin temu

    This whole story made sense to me after "Save Me" webtoon was released......the plot, stories, theories, etc is just so amazing --salute to Bangtan Universe 💜💜💜 the only universe that matters to ARMY&BTS 😍🥰💜

  • SamJomBartThurWayne xJath
    SamJomBartThurWayne xJath 20 godzin temu +1

    4:06 That is Ryujin from ITZY 😊

  • Natalia Sari
    Natalia Sari 20 godzin temu

    Anyone know the story about Taehyung and the girl who stolen ? Thank u

  • Dulce ARMY López BTS
    Dulce ARMY López BTS 21 godzinę temu

    OMG ❤❤❤

  • Azhana Izzah
    Azhana Izzah 22 godzin temu

    This is some black mirror shit

  • Mick Bao
    Mick Bao 22 godzin temu

    This is kind of depressing

  • firjinira 193
    firjinira 193 Dzień temu

    So sad

  • Once you Jimin You can’t Jimout

    SEE? Do you see any other group do this? Connecting different MVs, trailers etc. to create a well thought out storyline?? This is what is so different about em 💜

  • azuzzza la
    azuzzza la Dzień temu +1

    I have to say Jimin was something else out there ♥️♥️

  • ibbeun lee
    ibbeun lee Dzień temu

    Jin should act in a drama as an antagonist.

  • rai lee
    rai lee Dzień temu +1

    I cried very loud!!!!!! 😭😥😰

  • Makszi Kill
    Makszi Kill Dzień temu +1

    after rewatch, idk why, but i want j-hope and that girl show the dance in the award show together

  • Isa HV
    Isa HV Dzień temu

    The backsound is tear 💕

  • J00n B00ty
    J00n B00ty Dzień temu

    Every time I watch this I cry even tho it’s not real.

  • Kakoly Boogly
    Kakoly Boogly Dzień temu

    I am so sad

  • Vanessa Cruz
    Vanessa Cruz Dzień temu

    It’s so beautiful 😭♥️

  • Ely 123
    Ely 123 Dzień temu

    8:52 i think jin is super beautiful 😆😊✌️

  • The Green Bean
    The Green Bean Dzień temu




  • Saheeqa Subata
    Saheeqa Subata Dzień temu

    All of this led up to the webtoon

  • itsLj Argallon
    itsLj Argallon Dzień temu


  • someone strange
    someone strange Dzień temu

    Why do I have to cry every time I watch this ...

  • camila garcia
    camila garcia Dzień temu

    Wey no entendí ni madressssss

  • Filha de Yoonseok
    Filha de Yoonseok Dzień temu

    Arepio até os pelo do cu

  • Defne Yapıcı
    Defne Yapıcı Dzień temu

    Jiminnn yaklaşma kızaaaa

  • Defne Yapıcı
    Defne Yapıcı Dzień temu

    O kızın saçını başını yolarım ha 🇹🇷🇰🇷

  • NIKO
    NIKO 2 dni temu

    11:00 im sorry but i cant stop laughing 😂😂😂 especially jins face🤣🤣🤣

  • Pink Marshmallo
    Pink Marshmallo 2 dni temu


  • Just an Army
    Just an Army 2 dni temu +1

    Yuna: Bultaureune

  • BTS Lover
    BTS Lover 2 dni temu

    I didn't understand the story 😭 please someone teach me

  • Manu Syed
    Manu Syed 2 dni temu

    That girl is Y/N 😂😂

  • Tanith Tsang
    Tanith Tsang 2 dni temu

    This is too sad! Jin's girl could've made it if she just checked both sides of the street! T-T

  • Julia
    Julia 2 dni temu

    This video is so intense and so emotional. Every time I see this I cry like 8 times, but also the exlpaning that someone did in the coments was tarring me apart. 😭 I love u guys, I hope you love yourselves aswell. 💜💜

  • nouha Bou
    nouha Bou 2 dni temu

    I'm jealous son

  • rodz22 k
    rodz22 k 2 dni temu +1

    bts June 23 2019..watching😊😊😊

  • Jesus Galmiche
    Jesus Galmiche 2 dni temu


  • Yaya _GatchaLife
    Yaya _GatchaLife 2 dni temu

    It's make me cry

  • Ashley 2.0
    Ashley 2.0 3 dni temu +1

    Si cute !! 💋💖👍👌

  • Nazila Hussaini
    Nazila Hussaini 3 dni temu +1

    There is so much going on in this😭👏

  • Only Tae no coffee
    Only Tae no coffee 3 dni temu

    in this scene "im fine" is quoted at the bus stop. This is the same quote from fake love and when turned upside down it shows "save me". I'm fine is also a title name from LY: answer album meaning thr scene has a relation to the album.

  • Only Tae no coffee
    Only Tae no coffee 3 dni temu

    in this scene there is a vase on the table not upright. This resembles bad luck (in some sort of culture idk) but Jin ignores it as he is in a happy mood. This was the exact day his "crush" died. This is why the flower had the most attention in the scene

  • Only Tae no coffee
    Only Tae no coffee 3 dni temu

    in this scene jungkook is brought to attention by a girl singing withthe guitar. This girl (in the previous scene) was the girl who had taken the lighter away from yoongi. The next scene after jungkook sees the girl shows him and Yoongi goofing around in the same place the girl and Yoongi were. This shows jungkook might recognise her in some sort of way. It obviously shows yoongis lighter which is sorta obvious to everyone. (i dont know if this is true its just a thought tbh)

  • kenjames83d
    kenjames83d 3 dni temu +1

    I couldn't stop watching this video it "infires" me to love my self army love your self to!!!

  • Only Tae no coffee
    Only Tae no coffee 3 dni temu

    😭😭😭😭Bighit stop making me cry

  • Sarka64 Nellie Wiselund


  • Kristina Ng
    Kristina Ng 3 dni temu

    3:08 18/6 my birthday!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paramitha Yemima Boroallo

    The scene where Hobi’s running in the rain to save the girl, are so sad. I can’t. Theyve done a very great job !

  • unknown ai
    unknown ai 3 dni temu

    Is Y.K mean yoonkook¿

  • syupdengi
    syupdengi 3 dni temu

    i can still remember how loud i screamed when they showed a scene with yoongi looking so fucking hot with a cigarette on his mouth then looking so adorable a few seconds later

  • firda zahra
    firda zahra 3 dni temu

    whats the meaning

  • Leigh-anne Briscoe
    Leigh-anne Briscoe 3 dni temu

    I don't even know what's going on here but I have the sudden urge to cry?!

  • cool kids DIY
    cool kids DIY 3 dni temu

    I cried so much😭

  • Ashly Guerrero
    Ashly Guerrero 3 dni temu

    quien seria tan amable de explicarme por que estoy mamando :)

  • b a m b o o
    b a m b o o 3 dni temu

    *morrendo em busan*
    obrigada bh sua coisada

  • Rachel Thornhill
    Rachel Thornhill 3 dni temu

    This is my first time realizing part of the Outro: Tear track is used. Wow, it really hits you hard in your heart like that. I don't think it's possible to not tear up. Wait.... Outro: Tear causes you to tear up 😂😂 seems legit. But this whole video is pure art, and this story is just incredible. Thank you so much for this. 💜

  • Bolu gamer
    Bolu gamer 3 dni temu

    There is a very good theory by Xceleste she summarised most of the all the clues the music videos, the webtoon and the highlight reel, so i really really recommend it

  • Lol Ll
    Lol Ll 3 dni temu

    Omg jin so amazing

  • Stephanie Cristina
    Stephanie Cristina 3 dni temu

    Obrigado BTS😍😘😍😘. Vocês conseguíram não deixar eu me matar por mim já teria mais suas músicas não deixaram por que vocês são muito especial. Eu quero que vocês continua escrevendo essas músicas que me deixa feliz. Muito obrigado a todos os membros😍😘😚

  • ボラセク
    ボラセク 4 dni temu


  • Syesha Nicole Cecilio

    all itzy member was here except one

  • mirinae salanghada
    mirinae salanghada 4 dni temu

    What I love about this is that Seokjin seonbaenim was the narrator. His voice is soothing and peaceful, and this suits him because he went through a lot of sadness - not loving himself enough- he desrves to tell himself that he is a person who is worth everyone's time.

  • mirinae salanghada
    mirinae salanghada 4 dni temu

    The tune is similar to both Euphoria, Awake, and Outro : Tear

  • mirinae salanghada
    mirinae salanghada 4 dni temu

    The ending set reminds me very much of Epiphany

  • mirinae salanghada
    mirinae salanghada 4 dni temu

    The diary and the flowers are left behind, like the photographs

  • mirinae salanghada
    mirinae salanghada 4 dni temu

    The flowers- the same flower petals-

  • mirinae salanghada
    mirinae salanghada 4 dni temu

    11:34 I am sure this is a line in one of their songs (could be one of the latest ones, too)

  • mirinae salanghada
    mirinae salanghada 4 dni temu

    Why is Jungkook's outfit when he holds the bouquet similar to the one he wears in Just One Day's?

  • mirinae salanghada
    mirinae salanghada 4 dni temu

    Yoongi and Jungkook at the piano - Jungkook smashing the piano in Danger

  • mirinae salanghada
    mirinae salanghada 4 dni temu

    I feel like Vmon suggests a deep but lighthearted friendship, in which two people promise to be the other's guardian, safe-keeper. The fear of letting each other down could suggest why they were a little cautious around each other. (i don't know)

  • mirinae salanghada
    mirinae salanghada 4 dni temu

    Lollipop - RM- Run
    Suga - Fake Love

  • mirinae salanghada
    mirinae salanghada 4 dni temu

    did anyone notice the decreasing dates?
    eventually they went back to August

  • mirinae salanghada
    mirinae salanghada 4 dni temu

    起承轉結 - starting to turn (from this video)
    轉 - turn/transfer/revolve/circle (from Singularity)
    起 - from/start/begin/raise/build/rise (from Euphoria)
    承 - undertake/support/carry/hold/take charge of (from Serendipity)

  • Angela Lo
    Angela Lo 4 dni temu

    Damn you didn't have to come for me like that 😢

  • Nicole Abordo
    Nicole Abordo 4 dni temu +1

    Very deep and sad...

  • XxAlissaGamerYTxX Gacha Gamer

    I can't believe suga would smoke there lol Taehyung is on 7 eleven lol I love it

  • denise dulay
    denise dulay 4 dni temu

    i just noticed 9:28 the intro of Outro: Tear -- it has the same string line!!!!

  • Cagenysus
    Cagenysus 4 dni temu

    8:33 OUTRO: TEAR

  • Jose Flores
    Jose Flores 4 dni temu

    Sorri pero no entendí nada 😅😅

    BRENO HENRIQUE 4 dni temu


  • Aditya G.
    Aditya G. 4 dni temu

    Now that all of the Love Yourself Albums are out, I finally fully understand the video and get most if not all the references. I'm still crying so hard tho

  • Rimsha Khalid
    Rimsha Khalid 4 dni temu +1

    can someone plz explain what's going on I understand but I need deeper meaning

  • Coisa de Criança - Pierre Quirino

    나는 너희들을 너무 사랑해, 그들은 세계 최고의 K-popers들!

  • bvsans gcf
    bvsans gcf 4 dni temu

    putangina di ko pa din gets

  • Emily Steele
    Emily Steele 4 dni temu

    5:44 Tae has me spitting uwus over here lmao

  • Aimin 198 ;3
    Aimin 198 ;3 4 dni temu

    No marik quede lok!! 😲

  • Unicornio_Rainbow X3


  • pain killer
    pain killer 4 dni temu

    It makes me cry EVERYTIME!!
    I cry EVERYTIME i watch THIS!!!
    BTS has thought us a lot! I adore them!😭😭💘

  • Misa Amane
    Misa Amane 4 dni temu

    Remember kids, look left and right before crossing the street.

  • Betzabé Jenifer Molina

    Porfavor que jimin me hable

  • جون هلماني
    جون هلماني 5 dni temu +2

    هذي السنه منتظرة فنهم كمان

  • jep lu
    jep lu 5 dni temu

    😭😭😭😭что это было

  • Kpop is a big part of my life

    Yuna worked for Jk part.❤️
    Ryujin worked for Jhope and Jimin part.💜

    Well in 2017 I should search *How to be that 2 girls?*