American Airlines Flight 587 Disaster over New York

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  • Opublikowany 12 lut 2017
  • American Airlines Flight 587 Disaster over New York
    Too much of a coincidence to happen so shortly after 911? Could it really have been a bomb? American Airlines Flight 587 was a regularly scheduled
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    What New York has had to deal withMy God


    At 6:53 the captain asks "Are you alright" Stan answers "Yea I'm fine"LIAR

  • Paweł Cichy
    Paweł Cichy 10 godzin temu

    It is a bit of ignorance to describe the plane as Airbus A320 and showing the pictures of Boeing 737.

  • First3is OnU
    First3is OnU 11 godzin temu

    They reported the United States as United Nations:/ while expressing 911

  • Nuno Soares
    Nuno Soares 14 godzin temu

    AA caused this crash. Shame on you! Condolences to the families of the 265 people who lost their lives. :-(

  • Sam Ogla
    Sam Ogla 22 godzin temu

    Gos help us all

  • Chansey Channel
    Chansey Channel Dzień temu +2

    18:20 that guy with white eyes in the background looked soooooo creepy

  • Onyash Ed
    Onyash Ed Dzień temu

    Mayor Giuliani The President is on top of it... Sycophancy at its best.

  • Ghost Sock
    Ghost Sock Dzień temu +2

    Actually never even knew about this disaster thanks

  • Tom Hay
    Tom Hay Dzień temu

    There’s more planes in the ocean than submarines in the sky

  • Rachel Demain
    Rachel Demain Dzień temu

    I don't remember this?

  • Xiaya Bennett
    Xiaya Bennett Dzień temu

    Imagine the terror in the people once they realized they were about to hit the ground 😣

  • Jan Fellstrom - Beta

    Six lugs, mixed materials and no spine! Seems like an accident waiting to happen.

  • janis317
    janis317 2 dni temu

    The accident started when they sped up into the wake turbulence instead of either reducing speed or getting a new heading for avoidance. There should have been no need to apply the rudder in such a fashion if the co-pilot had simply followed practical procedures.

  • Jane Ginneken
    Jane Ginneken 2 dni temu

    Final destination 😢😥😰

  • Ramin Bagirov
    Ramin Bagirov 2 dni temu

    Fuck this Japan Air. They killed 265 people. They were trying to revenge Nakasaki atomic bomb.

  • Ramin Bagirov
    Ramin Bagirov 2 dni temu

    Japan air is allways makes trouble

  • Brian Crawford
    Brian Crawford 3 dni temu +2

    Feel just as bad for all the people in the DR waiting on their loved ones

  • Mauro Candiago
    Mauro Candiago 3 dni temu

    so the first officer was an idiot, but the pilot was an idiot 1 million times more.... why didnt he take control of the plane? IDIOT! CUNT! fffiiuuuu i feel much better now... peace out

  • C&C Phx
    C&C Phx 3 dni temu

    Almost seems like common sense would tell you that you can’t use anything crazy aggressive on something that big stat that speed

  • ApplejuiceAdam
    ApplejuiceAdam 3 dni temu

    Then why is the plane in the thumbnail painted as the standard airbus livery?

  • Gm Kaiser
    Gm Kaiser 4 dni temu

    So what happened?

    Well... the back fell off.

  • Charlie Shaw
    Charlie Shaw 5 dni temu

    I was lit scrolling so fast thru the comments to see if Jason and co survived

  • Ben Taylor
    Ben Taylor 5 dni temu

    I'm not being disrespectful but how coincidental they took off at 9:11

  • Zsiraf Ablak
    Zsiraf Ablak 5 dni temu

    Boeing its Stronger......why AA using fucking shit Europain Airbus ????

  • Zsiraf Ablak
    Zsiraf Ablak 5 dni temu

    17:16 Fentestek

  • Diamond Logistics
    Diamond Logistics 5 dni temu

    Meanwhile I got lost in Newark New Jersey airport (where one of the planes took off from on 9/11) in a fully loaded 70 foot long semi and ended up parked in front of a main terminal. I couldnt get airport police/security to come out and show me how to get out of there. A damn Taxi driver finally came along and told me to follow him and got me out after almost 2hrs. Thank God airport police are taking our safety so seriously that they would let semi sit in front of a terminal for almost 2 hrs. Guess they never heard about Timothy McVeigh and what a truck 1/3 the size of mine packed with explosives did to the federal building in OKC. Airport security is a joke. This happened less than 30 days AFTER 9/11!!

  • Greg B
    Greg B 5 dni temu

    If wake turbulence is such a problem, they should wait longer between take-offs and landings, to let the air settle.

  • Ryan Hull
    Ryan Hull 5 dni temu

    This is why I never will get on a plane

  • A Mascia
    A Mascia 5 dni temu

    Thanks, I'd rather walk.

  • Icriedtoday
    Icriedtoday 6 dni temu

    Unbelievable that they should design an aircraft that can accidentally be torn apart let alone intentionally

  • Jay Milla
    Jay Milla 6 dni temu


  • Laura Tropina
    Laura Tropina 6 dni temu

    Partulko latviski

  • TheHappyEnforcer
    TheHappyEnforcer 6 dni temu

    *its the japan jumbo's fault*

  • John Clegg
    John Clegg 7 dni temu

    Bodies and Aircraft parts everywhere, as is usual with plane crashes, well apart from 9/11 that is, when plane parts and bodies we're literally nowhere.

  • Asl6uk
    Asl6uk 7 dni temu

    Such a shame, terrible. All down to communication. Happens time and again, just like in the workplace.

  • Pool nommnom
    Pool nommnom 7 dni temu +2

    Imagining crashing a airplane to your house

    RICKY SPANISH 7 dni temu

    Who's the narrator??

  • Avery Teoda
    Avery Teoda 7 dni temu

    "My eyes started getting wet" It's okay buddy, no one's judging you. It's okay to say you cried. God knows I would be bawling.

  • Seldom Pooper
    Seldom Pooper 8 dni temu

    need subtitles.

  • DailyStreamer - Support

    It's kinda annoying how fake this looks

  • Ashawn’s Vlogs
    Ashawn’s Vlogs 8 dni temu

    When u leave the session in gta5 online and there’s people on the plane

  • Debbie Darrah
    Debbie Darrah 8 dni temu +1

    I wonder how Sully would of handled this

  • FortNikitaBullion
    FortNikitaBullion 8 dni temu

    NEVER take off at 9:11.

  • Rikkert077
    Rikkert077 8 dni temu

    Oh well even if he was trained to do it this way. It's still stupid. Try going on the motorway and quickly turning the wheel of your car left right left right left right far enough. You probably will lose control of it.

  • Gary Killington
    Gary Killington 9 dni temu

    Too much force on the tail rudder on the peddles

  • Meilin LaSovage
    Meilin LaSovage 9 dni temu

    Its kinda a conincidence that people would have called 911 on 9-11. Has anyone ever thought about that?

  • Goofy Frazee
    Goofy Frazee 9 dni temu

    1:34 "sheduled"

  • Rothsuede
    Rothsuede 9 dni temu

    It's production cost over safety - Boeing jets are not designed to incur turbulence - they can break apart in the sky and when that tail rudder blows off it's goodbye. The pilot of that Jet was a total boy .

      SANDY MILLER 3 dni temu

      It was an Airbus 300 not a Boeing aircraft.

    • Greg B
      Greg B 5 dni temu

      This wasn't a Boeing jet. It was an Airbus.

  • CaptainColdyron222
    CaptainColdyron222 9 dni temu

    That turbulence from a plane ahead is no joke. One time landing at LaGuardia our plane flew through some turbulence from the plane ahead of us and it was pretty scary. The plane dropped and rocked from side to side.

  • Raptor
    Raptor 10 dni temu

    Why did I click on this I am going on a plane in a week

  • Tisana Del nojé
    Tisana Del nojé 10 dni temu

    I mean no disrespect to the victims and their families, but sometimes the reinactments just make me laugh.

  • Josh TheFam
    Josh TheFam 10 dni temu

    rip......never setting foot on a plane ever

  • B0bariaN
    B0bariaN 11 dni temu

    00:44 Dunno why but that made me laugh out loud "Son of a pilot"

  • Sheila Ellison
    Sheila Ellison 11 dni temu

    I remember this at the time we all thought oh my god no not another arrack. So sad.

  • Gautam Shetty
    Gautam Shetty 11 dni temu

    Did they recreate the whole crash thing!? 👏 bravo

  • Sanjeev Sookdeo
    Sanjeev Sookdeo 11 dni temu

    It’s so weird that there was wreckage. I thought planes just disintegrate like that one plane on 9/11, that crashed in PA....

  • Arnaldo Manuel
    Arnaldo Manuel 12 dni temu

    Holy shit, Rudy Giuliani is acting normal.

  • Malayalam Media
    Malayalam Media 12 dni temu

    Why i get this video in recomended list when i am waiting in the airport..???

  • Ari
    Ari 12 dni temu

    I don't care if its been years and American Airlines has improved I am never getting on a flight by them again. There utter incompetence of proper teachings to the pilots caused 261 people to die so soon after 9/11 no matter what I can never forgive them for that.

  • Simeon Mezov
    Simeon Mezov 13 dni temu

    This time George Bush didnt order plane crashing into civil building ,i wonder if he was surprised.

  • Rthro Man20
    Rthro Man20 13 dni temu

    7:08 why dey gotta make it so obvious that it's fake edit: do u hear the alarm

  • aguyandhiscomputer
    aguyandhiscomputer 13 dni temu +7

    4:56 Damn it Jason, everyone died cause you couldn't get out of bed.

    PHYCHO DAD 13 dni temu

    if they were below VA slamming the rudder shouldn't cause damage .

  • Looky2ooky
    Looky2ooky 13 dni temu +2

    Plane! Plane! Plane!
    Oh wait he can’t hear us he has AirPods in

  • The Criticiser
    The Criticiser 13 dni temu

    The amazing thing is that FEMA, FBI and NTSB investigated this crash. At the WTC site two months earlier they destroyed the evidence before the investigation!
    They didn't want to let the public know the truth about 9/11.

    CARDBOARD MASTERS 14 dni temu

    Why is there a yoke in a airbus?

  • Alison DiLaurentis
    Alison DiLaurentis 14 dni temu +3

    265 people are dead? Im pretty sure 255 people were on the flight and the maximum was 266

    • The Tool Fool
      The Tool Fool 8 dni temu

      251 passengers, 9 crew, 5 on the ground. Also 1 injury on the ground apparently.

    • Preethi Rao
      Preethi Rao 11 dni temu

      People who were inside house

    • Danielle Harris
      Danielle Harris 12 dni temu +2

      Sexycactus People on the ground 🤦🏾‍♀️.

  • Steve Kovari
    Steve Kovari 14 dni temu

    Video could’ve been 30 min shorter

  • Bob Failmann
    Bob Failmann 14 dni temu

    The overdubbed cockpit alarm is pretty tasteless. I think we understood the urgency of the situation.

  • lvlaple4Ever
    lvlaple4Ever 14 dni temu +5

    I thought an airplane would still be able to kept flying when it loses its rudder?

    • Jacques Cormier
      Jacques Cormier 14 dni temu +3

      lvlaple4Ever rudder is one thing, complete tail fin loss is another

  • Ben Dugas
    Ben Dugas 15 dni temu

    Oh, that iphone alarm going off in the background telling the flight engineer to wake up from his nap

  • AMMAD Rashid
    AMMAD Rashid 15 dni temu

    Allahakbar who do you show that

    ALI BUOLAYYAN 15 dni temu +1

    at 6:21 Airbus uses a joystick! I think it's a Boeing not Airbus

      ALI BUOLAYYAN 13 dni temu

      James Cuber Thanks for the clarification I did not know that

    • James Cuber
      James Cuber 13 dni temu +2

      ALI BUOLAYYAN the a300 has a yoke

  • Lyuda Ryabkova
    Lyuda Ryabkova 15 dni temu +3

    This looks like a movie

  • Danny Richards
    Danny Richards 15 dni temu +5

    And people wonder why i don't fly too. ✈ if ask me again. I will just show them this show. If they need an example. I know the odds are highly likely not 4 it 2 to happen and all. But those whom were on this plane and on 9-11 thought it wouldn't happen to them. And yet did. 😬😬😬😒😒😒

    • ClickClack99
      ClickClack99 5 dni temu

      I’ve flow on hundreds of flights with no problem, you shouldn’t be a coward just because you watch this show, but live your life how you choose

    • Danny Richards
      Danny Richards 12 dni temu

      +Danielle Harris of course. I know that. Lol. ☺

    • Danielle Harris
      Danielle Harris 12 dni temu +1

      Danny Richards LOL. Hun you can die any moment from anything. God forbid but seriously.

    • Danny Richards
      Danny Richards 15 dni temu

      +Forever Young ✈+👨=💥💥💥🔥🔥🔥🔥 😬😬😬😬

    • Danny Richards
      Danny Richards 15 dni temu

      +Forever Young exactly. They say well the odds are safer flying then on ground driving. And im like always saying the same answer. I say those whom was in a fatel plane crash and during 09/11/2001 attacks thought the same. And it still happened to them all. And there are school 🏫 shootings going on alot. And other stuff. That our life can end short. Ppl need to open up their eyes more. 👀

  • Danny Richards
    Danny Richards 15 dni temu +5

    This is why i don't fly. ✈

  • Danny Richards
    Danny Richards 15 dni temu +1

  • Mark Wallace
    Mark Wallace 16 dni temu +1

    stupid pilot if it's true he caused it but who knows could be something else

    • Greg B
      Greg B 5 dni temu

      Don't call the pilot stupid; he was reacting as he had been trained to do.

  • Ronuld McDonuld
    Ronuld McDonuld 16 dni temu +1

    0:24 makes me question if this is believable

  • Ali Nabizada
    Ali Nabizada 19 dni temu

    today why fly safer bcz of these heroes had to sacrifice their life. 😔

    THEROBLOXGAMERTI4 YT 20 dni temu +1

    Plane : Let's dance !
    Pilot : Hell no !
    Plane : Oh look a penny !
    Pilot : #### NO !
    Plane : Can't stop me !

  • Reflex
    Reflex 24 dni temu

    3:24 predicted it

  • fun only
    fun only 26 dni temu

    God distroy all American planes😂😂😂

  • RandomTran
    RandomTran 26 dni temu

    This is why manufacturers should run simulations and courses.

  • Titanic Big boat
    Titanic Big boat 26 dni temu

    I am the worst cars are more dangerous than planes and cockroaches are even worse and more common

  • Titanic Big boat
    Titanic Big boat 26 dni temu

    Why am I watching this summer already was terrified of ships now planes

  • Kudakwashe Charwara
    Kudakwashe Charwara 29 dni temu

    I hate turbulence when flying!! Its rather unfortunate that all 260 people on board passed on. MTSRIP

  • LT Smash
    LT Smash 29 dni temu

    Remember when Rudy Guliani was a respectable human being?

  • Reaves Hughes
    Reaves Hughes 29 dni temu +1

    3:21 what a fucking beautiful time!! 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • BalzToTheWall86
    BalzToTheWall86 Miesiąc temu

    No it couldn't have been a bomb. There would have been evidence.

  • Sam Sobotka
    Sam Sobotka Miesiąc temu

    when the sensitivity is on hyperspeed... ._.

  • Sam Sobotka
    Sam Sobotka Miesiąc temu

    As soon as I saw the plane wobble crazily, I knew it was going down.

  • Vas Gr
    Vas Gr Miesiąc temu

    Fucking incompetence. I could my self tell that that rudder input was ABUSIVE, even before i hear N.T.S.B confirming this, I just fucking knew. Incompetence, fucking incompetence.

  • r Luc
    r Luc Miesiąc temu

    The bottom line is if you know the first planes going to cause turbulence where 2 nd plane is going to be caught in it
    then they should have waited and no Airlines should send the second plane out until a safe space or safe timespan is allotted
    Its negilent to becin that hurry
    there is no turbulence to fly into from the get-go if tgey waited
    or else it wouldn't have happened so they should wait at least an hour or so or however long it takes
    That could save people's lives right there

  • marie MARIN
    marie MARIN Miesiąc temu

    Dear who ever is ready this, I don’t know who you are or what your going through but I need you to know Jesus is the answer. What ever isn’t going right in your life , it will all unfold so beautifully ,have faith . When you do receive what you were praying for all the thanks and praise belongs to God our father the omega the beginning and the end. I pray that who ever doesn’t know God get to know him and you will see his son . God you are so awesome . Thank you for all you do . Amen

  • Song Master
    Song Master Miesiąc temu +2

    The fact is this is another Airbus design disaster. Flight controls should not have been so sensitive this could even occur. So now they have to train for a bad design.

  • viper gamers
    viper gamers Miesiąc temu

    Dont blame this on airbus blame it on boeing, with a 747 should have a sharklet/winglet on the aircraft for less weight turbalance

  • josh sanderson
    josh sanderson Miesiąc temu

    9/11 was a cover up, so obviously this would be

  • Pradatoru
    Pradatoru Miesiąc temu

    So basically he was pressing the pedals and was wondering why is it steering that much