American Airlines Flight 587 Disaster over New York

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  • Opublikowany 12 lut 2017
  • American Airlines Flight 587 Disaster over New York
    Too much of a coincidence to happen so shortly after 911? Could it really have been a bomb? American Airlines Flight 587 was a regularly scheduled
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  • eric wragg
    eric wragg Dzień temu

    air bus are junk. poorly mfg.

  • CIA
    CIA 2 dni temu

    The people responsible for the sound FX should be fired, the stock alarm sound was so hilariously out-of-place in an airplane, it managed to ruin any degree of immersion in that dramatization. lmao

  • Virtual Daydream
    Virtual Daydream 2 dni temu

    god if that old couple had arrived a bit later :(

  • Scare Face
    Scare Face 2 dni temu

    Why does nobody thought that the loud bang is the tail part of the plane thats falling of because its a few killometers away from the accident place

  • Model RC
    Model RC 5 dni temu

    Did anyone survive it?

  • Aviator Gator
    Aviator Gator 5 dni temu

    44:44 "Children at Play"..... very well done scary scene with the explosion in the background.

  • Lorna B
    Lorna B 6 dni temu

    To all those who lost their life that day may God bless their soul and to those who lost his or her loved ones know they are thought of with much sympathy! Such a terrible tragedy to all!

    • David Kelly
      David Kelly 2 dni temu

      Amen. May God have mercy on their souls. R.I.P.

    FALCON S 6 dni temu

    What if they had take a turn to avoid wake turbulence.

  • jimflys2
    jimflys2 7 dni temu

    Wake turbulence b.s! the greatest wake tubulance is created when the aircraft is configured dirty,slow and generating lots of lift. ie: when taking off and landing. Any private pilot is confronted with this information when preparing for the private pilot written exam. So you avoid it by landing outside of the preceding aircraft's descent or ascent climb angle. A change in altitude would have been the most prudent thing to do as well as slowing the aircraft's speed and power setting. Then you are at or below maneuvering speed. the airplane will stall before it breaks. That's like flight training 101! CFI here. Anyone want to challenge my statements? Looks like some cya going on here.

  • Def Misanthrope
    Def Misanthrope 8 dni temu

    It would have been easy to blame the co-pilot. Hats off to the NTSB for going above and beyond and finding the real causes.

  • 90sNath Archive
    90sNath Archive 8 dni temu

    8:33 PS1

  • Nomadic Experience
    Nomadic Experience 9 dni temu

    I remember this day clearly, skipped school for a dentist appt. and news at the dentist office had it on. Everyone thought it was 9/11 related. Just finding out it was a pilot rudder error. Over 200+ lives. RIP

  • Eric Jablonski
    Eric Jablonski 10 dni temu

    And why are all these planes crashing under president bush???

  • Eric Jablonski
    Eric Jablonski 10 dni temu

    2 months after 9/11 and plane crashing this had to be terror or something

  • Neko Chan
    Neko Chan 10 dni temu

    *1 like to pray accident*
    Dislike = Animals

  • Austin-C Media
    Austin-C Media 10 dni temu

    as a pilot myself, I don't understand why they would think that rudder imputes on a massive plane wouldn't be more sensitive at speed. learning in small aircrafts, they are sensitive enough with cables and pulleys. going to hydraulic systems they should have known that the imputes would be much more sensitive and exaggerated. pilot error, absolutely, but in my opinion, common sense was thrown out the window when they were told to use the rudder in that manner in the simulations. just like panicking, common sense goes out the window every single time.

  • Amethyst
    Amethyst 11 dni temu

    9:11 AM”

  • dwarfer777
    dwarfer777 11 dni temu

    10:53 why wasnt he being gutwrench powerbombed like all fucktits

  • Uni_Slimez
    Uni_Slimez 11 dni temu

    I was thinking OMG I LIVED IN NY! Was I in danger!?! But then I realized that I wasn’t born yet. This is so terrible! R.i.p. to all that died here, and in 9/11

  • stjhinapo Ming
    stjhinapo Ming 11 dni temu

    Twice out of LaGuardia engine fires my seat over wing with infant son🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Universal English Education

    Guys its 2018 no one cares about the crash still I pray for them

  • Universal English Education

    Oon oooooooooooooooooooooooooo tragtie hell i hate you hell stupid hell pooper hell groast hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell i hate hell

  • MN SHP
    MN SHP 12 dni temu

    if i owned a car i wouldn't expect to turn the steering wheel and my tire to fall off, they need to put some depth stops on the tail so when its going faster you cant fully turn the rudder

  • Greg Lummis
    Greg Lummis 12 dni temu

    I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but this one I believe was terrorism covered up. It came out in trial of Richard Reid that 587 was shoe bomber #1 and that was what other countries intelligence were saying. If you were around at the time, it was strange how within a couple days it was completely gone from the media and officials quickly said they figured it all out without investigation (rare). Most witnesses said they saw an explosion. I agree with the US covering it up though. It was a sensitive time for the US in the wake of Sept 11th and it would have led to a lot of people avoiding air travel had they known the truth of another take-down so soon after. Multi-billion dollar industry...and the whole economy at risk.

  • Benny Hooker
    Benny Hooker 12 dni temu

    More will die but none will be me cause you can't pay me to get on one of them man made death traps.

  • K- KAY
    K- KAY 12 dni temu

    This reminds me of psa 182

  • jaces face
    jaces face 12 dni temu

    on the tarmac

  • asmrtime Lmao
    asmrtime Lmao 13 dni temu

    2018?😲😲😤 I'm late as fuck 😡

  • roger8654
    roger8654 14 dni temu

    On an airplane you never fight turbulance

  • Timothy Chiu
    Timothy Chiu 15 dni temu

    Re-enactment filmed in Hammersmith Broadway?

  • Ella Shy
    Ella Shy 15 dni temu

    who the fuck wrote the manual for this training go to hell!!

  • Pursued Mist521
    Pursued Mist521 16 dni temu

    Seriously fuck airplanes man, never getting on a single one, period. My ass is staying on the ground.

  • DogZ 12
    DogZ 12 16 dni temu

    I live in the same county as Rockaway and i am shocked this happened so close.

  • vidfreak727
    vidfreak727 18 dni temu

    1st rule of aviation: KNOW YOUR PHYSICS. It IS possible to damage an aircraft by applying too much force to any component.

  • Mast3r Race
    Mast3r Race 18 dni temu

    9\11 was an inside job.

  • Zach Pfeiffer
    Zach Pfeiffer 19 dni temu

    Never flying again

  • Ruchika Sharma
    Ruchika Sharma 19 dni temu

    If the pilot dies in the crash, he's always the one blamed for it.

  • Charlie K
    Charlie K 20 dni temu

    This incident should never have taken place.

    • Earl Driskill
      Earl Driskill 19 dni temu

      Since human beings are fallible, there will always be a possible error involved in flying which will lead to crashes.

  • gary scott
    gary scott 20 dni temu

    9:33 Cameraman filming the carnage "Plane crashed"
    Bystander (right next to him) "Where?"

  • Bryan Leovy
    Bryan Leovy 20 dni temu

    This was the Only terrorist attack this country has had that wasn't planned by our own Government.

  • Venessavytbgvyuhyvbvvuhvb Abramsvygbgbgiiy

    The lady didn't even hug her husband. Wonder are they still together

  • N English
    N English 20 dni temu

    I wish they could make a documentary without dramatizing peoples pain or making such obvious and shitty drama plugs. Facts are dramatic enough.

  • Nhaance Nhaannce
    Nhaance Nhaannce 21 dzień temu

    Sorry for them for lives that lost up in the sky is not safe

  • Its—Me Anthony
    Its—Me Anthony 21 dzień temu

    It’s weird that pilots didn’t expect a plane to have a breaking point, every object has a breaking point, you don’t push your car around a tight bend at 100 miles an hour do you, your tires would grip and your car well if you were in an SUV it would flip.

  • Bigfoot
    Bigfoot 21 dzień temu

    I was in the house down the road i survived

  • Slavic Lol
    Slavic Lol 21 dzień temu

    Dear person, if you lost one of your loved one's, let me tell you a story. I traveled in a plane 20 times! I used to scream, pray, say I don't want to die and soo much more! But then I forgot about it but that one day... I almost died... I was asleep and I heard the loudest bang ever ever and my parent's got worried and said it was an explosion! Everyone was worried! But I wasnt that worried soo I kept on looking into the future, maybe ill live, maybe ill rest In peace who knows! I kept on sleeping... Then I woke up and everyone was clapping and they were happy! I looked through the window and we were on the ground... That's why you should never be scared of anything!

  • Mike Bonev
    Mike Bonev 21 dzień temu

    Okay I got something to say, but I would like someone who have more knowledge to reply me with more info.
    1.I am amazed the tail wing cut off like this, simply because a maneuver "side slip"(something like air drifting, u can check it on youtube) have been done on comersial airplane and it did take enought pressure to slow the plane a lot but did not cut off the tail wing.
    2.Even tho I am surprised of the wing cut off, it can make sense if u think about it. The connection parts holding the wing to the plane are designed to withstand stand a force from infront and not from sideways. They way the 6 connection parts are positioned confirms dat too, it would be a lot easier to cut off on the side , rather than backwards.
    However I will wait to hear more experienced guys opinion on those, especially about the fact the Passanger planes had handle the "sideslip" maneuver.

  • Kym Jacobs
    Kym Jacobs 22 dni temu

    This is heartbreaking. I was never even aware this happening. My heart goes out to the victims and their loved ones

  • Kym Jacobs
    Kym Jacobs 22 dni temu

    Wow look at all the plane and flight experts on this thread...

  • Marcela H
    Marcela H 22 dni temu

    A dear friend die on this crush. Seventeen years later she is greatly loved and missed. Magali may your soul rest in peace. Our hearts are with your daughters

  • Arturas1244
    Arturas1244 22 dni temu

    Whats what i think. bad Pilot error the end. We put pilots instead of computer what when smth happens human will think out of the box. Its like one of those people done once fail and still doing same again and again. Was so hard to do anything else? In school they show you how to fly like computer. try to repeat what one pilot done landing huge airline without controls just with engine power. Nobody showed him at school. He thought out of the box. Computer would just crashed, but he landed. Planes already should built without any pilot. where is so many catastrophies where if pilot would just release control plane would just fixed the problem

  • Hunter Gribble
    Hunter Gribble 22 dni temu +2

    If this makes people feel better.... 1 in every 400,000,000 flights are Hi-Jacked. 1 in every 11,000,000 are deadly crashes.

  • aesthetically pleasing
    aesthetically pleasing 22 dni temu +1

    this was so sad omg.

  • Dan Ordel
    Dan Ordel 22 dni temu

    Grrrr....I can only imagine what these passengers felt seeing their plane plunging into a neighborhood and staring death in the eyes...😫

  • MC Terry Majid
    MC Terry Majid 22 dni temu

    Fully nackerjacked

  • Himanshu Agarwal
    Himanshu Agarwal 23 dni temu

    So terrorist groups missed an opportunity to claim an undone terrorist attack, due to stupidity taught in pilot training? Bad dude

  • Climate C. Heretic
    Climate C. Heretic 23 dni temu

    Our agents are rude as hell. No need to act like the gestapo... America isn't doing it right. They should try flying into places like Singapore to LEARN how to act properly, while being 100 times more effective.

  • Dina L Nikolakakis
    Dina L Nikolakakis 23 dni temu

    Omg I never even heard of this till now. May all affected Rest In Peace. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Junior Trodriguez
    Junior Trodriguez 23 dni temu

    Dr is my country I'm so heart broken

    SCHEHRAZAD A 23 dni temu

    I had no idea this whole thing happened. That morbid description of dead bodies all over the place gave me chills.

  • x CandyCorner x
    x CandyCorner x 24 dni temu

    *sees video about plane crash*
    Well, I guess I’ll take a car!
    *sees video about car crash*
    Mm-. Well, I-I’ll just take the bus..
    *sees video about bus crash*

  • RFI-Crypto Lab
    RFI-Crypto Lab 24 dni temu

    The official story is yet another lie.

  • Justin Oldmusician
    Justin Oldmusician 24 dni temu

    If turbulents from planes can cause issues when other planes fly through them, they should delay take offs until those turbulents subside. But, delays cost airlines money and so they train pilots in how to fly through these turbulents. it's only money. I'd rather lose money than lives.

  • Jimson brown
    Jimson brown 24 dni temu

    Don't let spastics fly airplanes

  • Michael is de BEST
    Michael is de BEST 24 dni temu


  • Seems Gavin
    Seems Gavin 25 dni temu

    Uuumm...... the narrator said november 12, 2001

  • hazel ruddle
    hazel ruddle 25 dni temu

    The people who load the luggage aren’t checked that well here in the uk (I don’t know about the USA )? But I’ve seen video footage here, taken by a passenger with her phone, and the way they were ‘chucking ‘ cases around was unbelievable, so if that’s the sort of people employed to put luggage on board, how difficult would it be for a terrorist to get a job ? Think about it !! x 🐟

  • hazel ruddle
    hazel ruddle 25 dni temu

    Why are men ashamed of crying 😢 ? It’s a normal reaction, don’t be afraid 😧 ever of shedding tears guys !! x 🐟

  • Goose
    Goose 25 dni temu

    Oh the poor people...

  • George williams
    George williams 26 dni temu

    This is the one that pisses me off. Excessive radar inputs. How long has this pilot flown? The first officer is an idiot.

  • Building cristal towers

    I was thinking I never heard of this, but when they mentioned Queens I suddenly remembered. I remember that they had mentioned in the news that there was a lady (I think from the Dominican Republic) who escaped the buildings in the WTC or didn't get on one of the hijacked planes from some reason, but then died on this plane

  • Ashawn’s Vlogs
    Ashawn’s Vlogs 26 dni temu

    City lockdown I was shocking When I was small

  • Umberto The little Italian chef

    Why does the narrator sound like stewie

  • Darryl Sheenan
    Darryl Sheenan 27 dni temu

    Too little to late :(

  • Freya Williamson
    Freya Williamson 27 dni temu

    When Jason and Lois were reunited I almost cried.

  • minskimia
    minskimia 27 dni temu

    Carbon fiber is not really very strong. It looks great and light on race cars but c`mon use top quality aluminum and this would never have happened.

  • minskimia
    minskimia 27 dni temu

    Black boxes are a joke. Why are the recordings not sent to ground receivers. That way everyone would know what happened instead of depending on hopefully finding the black box.

  • Jerna Manuel
    Jerna Manuel 28 dni temu

    why does this look familiar OH YEAH CAUSE I WATCHED THIS 6:53

  • Diane Lane
    Diane Lane 28 dni temu

    A lot good security did so many incompetent security people . Its security was conducted properly none of this would Had happened security incompetent

  • Pacific Northwest Guy
    Pacific Northwest Guy 29 dni temu

    I remember watching this live on the news as a kid. The reporter in the helicopter over the crash was a woman who continued to cry while reporting.

  • Tom Kap
    Tom Kap 29 dni temu

    I try to say away from PoS Airbus' - what the heck kind of design alows a tail to fall off if you kick hard rudder.

  • Josh Done
    Josh Done 29 dni temu

    As someone living in Manhattan on 9/11/01, this incident scared the hell out of me, as we all thought it was more terrorism, just as we had all gone back to work.

  • Edwin Medina
    Edwin Medina 29 dni temu

    Today and tomorrow I will miss all my people Dominican who loss they live fuck the goverment they found the way to change evething and make people believe evething they say they know it was and attack so they have to make this bs💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  • Edwin Medina
    Edwin Medina 29 dni temu

    I can believe that the government still lie about what really happen that day it so sad that manny live was loss. And they made it this whole history about the plane. Goverment know what happen so stupid how they change evething..... estupido govierno sabiendo bien k ese avión explotó en el aire no como ellos dicen k fue el viento k hizo que el avión se estrellara son todos unos mentirosos como limpian todo para limpiarse todos.

  • Mr Savage
    Mr Savage 29 dni temu

    I’m not taking another plane and if I can’t drive, then I’m not going

  • Anna De La Strange
    Anna De La Strange 29 dni temu

    i watched this on the flight channel. the ntsb changed procedures after this. prior to this, copilots were trained to force the rudder like that, but because of the increased plane speed and the force of the turbulence caused this catastrophic we know (also that particular copilot was heavy handed in how he handled instrumentation, in general)

  • La morochaMica
    La morochaMica Miesiąc temu

    What’s wake turbulence? And how does this affect another flight ?

    • La morochaMica
      La morochaMica 29 dni temu

      damian marvay thank you . I had my answer
      But is there a new policy concerning that now ? How long do the pilot have to wait before they take off ?

    • damian marvay
      damian marvay 29 dni temu +1

      La morochaMica the plane infront disturbs the air of the one coming behind it

  • Oliver Sowula
    Oliver Sowula Miesiąc temu

    7:15 is that a iPhone alarm

  • Oliver Sowula
    Oliver Sowula Miesiąc temu

    4:55 when your mom leaves the house and your home alone

  • DSA.Tricky
    DSA.Tricky Miesiąc temu +2

    Sad anversery! ;(. **SNIFF**

  • Bobby O
    Bobby O Miesiąc temu

    Most pilots are badly trained on how to actually fly an airplane when needed. Most planes fly themselves

  • mse gaming
    mse gaming Miesiąc temu

    at least we are prepared for another mass attack

  • Speedster 22
    Speedster 22 Miesiąc temu

    Fuck can’t believe that anybody could’ve been on that plane. So sorry

  • E M
    E M Miesiąc temu

    My biggest fear of flying. If it’s going down that’s it. Nothing you can do.

  • michael Sanseverino
    michael Sanseverino Miesiąc temu

    So hard movements with a ratter can make the tail fall off a plane but a plane can bust through a building and make it fall to the ground🤔.

    • michael Sanseverino
      michael Sanseverino 28 dni temu

      damian marvay no it's not the same truth but I worked around that aircraft. Ground equipment would hit planes at least once a month. Trust me hiring a structure like that would be like hitting a mountain. No one wants to admit there more to it because of what that would mean also the responsibility of that truth.

    • damian marvay
      damian marvay 29 dni temu

      michael Sanseverino internal to external forces versus external to internal? Plane snapping tail not same as plane being used as missile to cut through a building I figure

  • michael Sanseverino
    michael Sanseverino Miesiąc temu

    I remember a twa flight crashing

  • michael Sanseverino
    michael Sanseverino Miesiąc temu

    How come I don’t remember this .

  • tspectuning
    tspectuning Miesiąc temu

    So what your saying’s the Japanese fault

  • Official Maku Gaming
    Official Maku Gaming Miesiąc temu

    “Thirty-One L” smh 🤦‍♂️

  • ツGuil
    ツGuil Miesiąc temu

    10:32 dont do drugs