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"A comparison with Messi is an honor" - Musiala on Matthaeus' interview|Germany|England| World Cup

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  • Opublikowany 20 lis 2022
  • Bayern Munich's Jamal Musiala said of Germany's World Cup chances on Monday, "I think we are all going into the tournament with the mindset that we can win the World Cup."
    Musiala faced the media in Qatar alongside Borussia Dortmund defender Niklas Suele who admitted, "Germany has always been a tournament team and I think we have a lot to live up to."
    "Die Mannschaft" (German national team) will start their Group E campaign against Japan on Wednesday (23rd November).
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Komentarze • 11

  • Rashed_vai
    Rashed_vai 9 dni temu +3

    এবার কাপ জার্মানির নিবে

  • Mighty H
    Mighty H 6 dni temu

    Walk the talk Süle...hopefully benched against Spain.

  • Raquel Flauzina
    Raquel Flauzina 9 dni temu

    Filmes lehau pipoca 🍿🍰🏦 oijte noite

  • This Is Football
    This Is Football 9 dni temu +1

    Who tf compares him to messi? 👀

    • Der Bulle
      Der Bulle 8 dni temu +1

      Musiala has even better stats than messi at the age of 19
      And both are similar players who dribble a lot in narrow spaces and create great chances with their genius
      So yeah... you can definitely compare them
      But nonetheless, messi will always be one of the goats

    • Sandesh Tiwari
      Sandesh Tiwari 9 dni temu +4

      the best midfielder of all time...

    • The Last Ronin
      The Last Ronin 9 dni temu +6

      The Legend: Lothar Matthäus.

  • Rene Ndekwe
    Rene Ndekwe 10 dni temu +2

    Valverde is better than this kid

    • Stable Chan
      Stable Chan 9 dni temu

      You RMA fans are really annoying

    • Oree4Three
      Oree4Three 9 dni temu +18

      Valverde is 5 years older and he played at Deportive when he was 19, musiala starts for bayern and germany. Negative ball knowledge

    • Sang Traite
      Sang Traite 9 dni temu

      Just see their stats bro