Eating BRUNCH at Taiwan 7-ELEVEN

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  • Opublikowany 18 lut 2018
  • On my way to the Philipines so decided to make a stop at 7-Eleven in Taiwan for some brunch.
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Komentarze • 15 087

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    Why don’t you share with ya wife all you did was share the drink

    FIZTECH GAMING Dzień temu

    I feel bad about the girl filming him while he eats

  • BananaNinjass
    BananaNinjass Dzień temu

    Quick question, who was the girl who tried the pork bun?

  • Resalable Jaguar
    Resalable Jaguar Dzień temu +1

    I wish I could go to this 7-11 😭

  • Technerd7 124
    Technerd7 124 Dzień temu

    i wonder how many times he said the word "broth".

  • Kacy Unruh
    Kacy Unruh Dzień temu

    I'm not a fan of eggs, and the inside of the egg looked like wet earwax so u was disgusted. But everything else was great. Love you

  • Revolution X
    Revolution X Dzień temu

    Ur literally gonna die tmw

  • PimpsDon’tSimp
    PimpsDon’tSimp Dzień temu

    Amaraica f ya we got bad 7 11 ya😒😞😫

  • armando magada
    armando magada Dzień temu

    Here in the phil you have a siopao hotdog sandwich hehe

  • Oh Yeah Yeah
    Oh Yeah Yeah Dzień temu

    There I watched it, happy yet?

  • Africa by Toto 2
    Africa by Toto 2 2 dni temu

    You should see it in America
    Where else can you get a double cheeseburger, a slurpee and crack at the same time

  • Erdene 19
    Erdene 19 2 dni temu

    I dont know what it is but i cant stop watching his 7 11 videos i always watch it over and over again

  • Mia
    Mia 2 dni temu


  • Sylvia Mansour
    Sylvia Mansour 2 dni temu

    I wanna eat thiccc yummy beefs butt with yum butter and spoooice :)))))))

  • Ortho Chlordane
    Ortho Chlordane 2 dni temu

    WOW!! This is a 7-11 and everything looks good and the prices are great. This made me hungry and cool video.

  • Matthew Cook
    Matthew Cook 2 dni temu

    Ok we get the food is good but how much food did this guy eat?

  • Lin Fe
    Lin Fe 2 dni temu


  • Joy Janice Tropia
    Joy Janice Tropia 2 dni temu

    Why are u not obese yet lol

  • Jimin's Waifu
    Jimin's Waifu 2 dni temu

    "I'm going to get a few things"

    *Proceeds to buy almost 3 trays full of food*

  • JSVlogs
    JSVlogs 2 dni temu

    that might be the best food i had i had it before and it taste awsome!!!

    • JSVlogs
      JSVlogs 2 dni temu

      every time when i watch these kind of vids it makes me s jealous

  • Saad Haggouni
    Saad Haggouni 2 dni temu +1

    to those who said that they have terrible seven eleven you all should be thankful we dont have any seven eleven in our country
    im just saying 😊😊

  • Rice Burnham
    Rice Burnham 2 dni temu

    I'm glad I'm Taiwanese because when I visit Taiwan this is my first meal!

  • darkySp
    darkySp 2 dni temu

    Am i the only one who gets Sleeping Dog vibes when i hear "pork bun" ?

  • CiciVlogz
    CiciVlogz 2 dni temu

    Never even seen a 7-eleven, we sadly don't have them where im from😭

  • Ratna's Kitchen
    Ratna's Kitchen 2 dni temu

    nice video

  • Dapper
    Dapper 2 dni temu

    Doctor peppers Asian cousin 😂😂

  • Dejaun Beverly
    Dejaun Beverly 2 dni temu

    What brand are those instant noodles ?

  • Lo Angelica
    Lo Angelica 2 dni temu

    dude, 你去的可是內壢的旗艦店,一般的7-11根本沒這麼大東西也沒這麼多啊XDDD

  • Danielle Reyes
    Danielle Reyes 2 dni temu

    I wanna go there just because of their 7/11

  • DarkSaint411
    DarkSaint411 2 dni temu

    I'm so glad I found this guy

  • billy bob
    billy bob 2 dni temu

    Just realized I was drooling while watching 😂

  • AnonymousMe
    AnonymousMe 2 dni temu

    I have a 7/11 beside my house in Taiwan. Those instant noodles are sooooo so sooo good

  • Kim Jeomgwoo_
    Kim Jeomgwoo_ 2 dni temu

    Every time I see you
    I thought you r

    jackie chan

  • Hmong Style
    Hmong Style 3 dni temu

    Japanese Shnacks

    I’m happy to be Asian, I ❤️ Asian culture

  • joshua arun
    joshua arun 3 dni temu

    2:12 shnaks

  • Mr. Chibiterasu
    Mr. Chibiterasu 3 dni temu

    How can the US be the best military but not the best commercial food place?

  • Minion Edifier
    Minion Edifier 3 dni temu


  • Exel Stormi
    Exel Stormi 3 dni temu +2

    This guy would dip his girl in broth before eating her

  • ROBSON dndj
    ROBSON dndj 3 dni temu

    Vídeo top. Brazil

  • Your Typical Video Maker

    The japanese store owner:”Do you like our food”
    A random American:”no”
    Then WW2 reanimated

  • Daddy Max
    Daddy Max 3 dni temu +1

    in america we have slushies takis and slim jims :/

    SWN POLO 3 dni temu


  • Noa Du
    Noa Du 3 dni temu

    It should be called Seven eating heaven

  • The boy Jonathan
    The boy Jonathan 3 dni temu

    A G A I N !

  • Daɪry Juɪce
    Daɪry Juɪce 3 dni temu

    Swear bro Japan is only best place to find food for good prices

  • Grayzilla52 PTG
    Grayzilla52 PTG 3 dni temu +2

    Mans would dip his family in broth

    • Manteiv
      Manteiv Dzień temu

      LMAO I swear... Dude's dippin every damn thing.

  • Grayzilla52 PTG
    Grayzilla52 PTG 3 dni temu


  • Grayzilla52 PTG
    Grayzilla52 PTG 3 dni temu

    Rice has to be neat guys remember

  • Grayzilla52 PTG
    Grayzilla52 PTG 3 dni temu


  • The Predator
    The Predator 3 dni temu

    Is jasmine your wife

  • Donkey
    Donkey 3 dni temu

    I love shnaks

  • Nightshade
    Nightshade 3 dni temu

    Damn i wish they had 7/11 iwhere i live

  • Samantha Vongjesda
    Samantha Vongjesda 3 dni temu

    someone pls help me, whats the address of this 7-11??

  • Sad Potato
    Sad Potato 4 dni temu

    12:13 "Just shitting in here"

  • Sad Potato
    Sad Potato 4 dni temu

    Eat or yeet?

  • Emily sksks
    Emily sksks 4 dni temu

    So many "shnacks"

  • Misty I
    Misty I 4 dni temu

    Where in the world does all that food go and how do you stay so fit! 😃❤️🙌🏻

  • WinterNet
    WinterNet 4 dni temu

    DiP iT In tHe BroTh

  • TJ
    TJ 4 dni temu

    Dip it in some broth

  • itsa me mario
    itsa me mario 4 dni temu +2

    So I’m currently buying some one way ticket to Taiwan I’m going and never coming back

  • Cry Official
    Cry Official 4 dni temu

    7 eleven has entered the chat

  • Aqua
    Aqua 4 dni temu

    I’m hungry now...

  • UR NAME Goes here
    UR NAME Goes here 4 dni temu

    I'm so hungry

  • Ace Snip3rz
    Ace Snip3rz 4 dni temu

    This video is sponsored by 7/11

  • I am kill_em_all3456

    If you think that's a big ramen noodle isle come to Duluth in Georgia USA and you will see there's a store called h Mart and it has a Walmart size isle full of ramen

  • GD BloodMoon
    GD BloodMoon 4 dni temu

    Do you even know how to eat rice without sauce?
    In the philippines... 60% of our meals are rice, we eat rice with something called “ulam”. Ulam is probably some meat like chicken pork or beef, and this is what we pair with our rice, we dont need sauce most of the time, an example of ulam is “Adobo” it could be chicken adobo or pork adobo and it consists of soy sauce and some spices(and most imporantly) bay leaf, the food in the philippines is very unique... so go try some food in the philippines
    P.s if you’re eating street foods and you dont know what isaw is... its chicken intestine...
    From the 🇵🇭Philippines🇵🇭

  • MrEpicMann
    MrEpicMann 4 dni temu +1

    We don’t even have a 7/11

  • Ursul
    Ursul 4 dni temu

    1:20 fucked up moment

    like pls 😥😫

  • JRPlays YT
    JRPlays YT 4 dni temu +1

    Why can’t you be full already! :(

  • thiccctor
    thiccctor 4 dni temu

    He dips his water in Broth.

  • Sara Kassem
    Sara Kassem 4 dni temu

    Food poisoning here we come

  • Tyn Jax
    Tyn Jax 4 dni temu

    That egg ewwwww

    • Tyn Jax
      Tyn Jax 4 dni temu

      WoW Fast Comment

    • Jacki Sawyer
      Jacki Sawyer 4 dni temu

      Tyn Jax there was tea seeping in the eggs so it looks brownish because the tea was brownish

  • SkyLord
    SkyLord 4 dni temu

    I just love how the background music is fancy but he is eating at a convenience store. Great vid tho.

  • s o f t b o i
    s o f t b o i 5 dni temu +1

    when he said hello kitty wasn’t a cat a paused the video, googled it and then proceeded to question everything i know

    • Jacki Sawyer
      Jacki Sawyer 4 dni temu

      s o f t b o i lol what is hell kitty then?

  • Austin Becker
    Austin Becker 5 dni temu +1

    The stomach ache later

  • Wellokthen
    Wellokthen 5 dni temu

    He sounds like he talks with his cheek

  • polofuckdat Hilfiger

    Is that fine woman his wife or something

  • Chris Curtis
    Chris Curtis 5 dni temu +1

    It seems like foreign people have the best food while I'm sitting in America with my Nerf gun and some chicken nuggets


    MM... this is good DIP IT IN SOME BROTH!!!!!!

  • Isaac__rc Dirtbike lives


  • wowowow
    wowowow 5 dni temu

    *sponsored by 7-11*

  • Abdullah Mohammad
    Abdullah Mohammad 5 dni temu

    If only all this was halal😔😞😢😪

  • Nabbey YT
    Nabbey YT 5 dni temu

    I understand you and I have been to Taiwan and I live in Sydney and I’m gonna climb the harbour bridge today

  • TheInfamousniko
    TheInfamousniko 5 dni temu

    I wish we had 711s like this in the states. the only feature we get is robbery

  • Jeongguk Jeon
    Jeongguk Jeon 5 dni temu

    i wish 7-11 is like that in the philiphines my friends don't need to go in the mall to drink milktea

  • Jennifer Lin
    Jennifer Lin 5 dni temu

    Golden Ramsey would like too know your location

  • Rik Plays
    Rik Plays 5 dni temu

    Wow my mouth was watering the whole video

  • Peter Gamer
    Peter Gamer 5 dni temu

    Me: *Orders a lot of food with instant noodles* *remembers this video* *dips all the food in the broth* *eats* YUM!

  • Steven Universe
    Steven Universe 5 dni temu

    Man that's a lot of food
    Try indonesia's food you'll be blown away

  • Quiz _
    Quiz _ 5 dni temu

    My dick got hard looking at these

  • winter snow
    winter snow 5 dni temu

    "dr pepper's Asian cousin"

  • Jrod
    Jrod 5 dni temu

    so much plastic

  • nasser1337
    nasser1337 5 dni temu

    dippin errythang in broth.

  • Ms. Guinevere
    Ms. Guinevere 5 dni temu

    And then there's philippine 7-Eleven

  • ashley bohannon
    ashley bohannon 5 dni temu

    I’ve never been to a 7-11. They don’t have them in the area I live.

  • Johnathan Nguyen
    Johnathan Nguyen 6 dni temu +1

    Too bad I live in near LA

  • Garret The thief
    Garret The thief 6 dni temu

    I'm in the USA /t.p Taiwan

  • Unikitty Queen
    Unikitty Queen 6 dni temu

    Food heaven 😍😍

  • Kelvin Meng
    Kelvin Meng 6 dni temu

    Note to self: Don’t watch this while fasting.

  • Devon That's All
    Devon That's All 6 dni temu

    I'm a little jealous. I wish we had 7-Elevens like that here in america. That food looks sooooooo good!