Billie Eilish shares her perspective on success, social media and fame

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  • Opublikowany 8 lis 2018
  • In this rare interview, 16-year-old Billie Eilish talks to q's Tom Power about having the kind of early fame and success that speaks to how stars are made in 2018: billions of streams and video views, and status as a burgeoning fashion icon.
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  • RozrywkaRozrywka

Komentarze • 1 775

  • Aaliyah Phillips
    Aaliyah Phillips 9 godzin temu +1

    Clothing designer- how many watches
    Billie- yes

    This isn’t hate I love Billie Eilish

  • Alex Pana
    Alex Pana 16 godzin temu

    Napster was not the first, Audiogalaxy was first.

  • Taiweannoona
    Taiweannoona Dzień temu

    The girl is brilliant. So real

  • aeylath
    aeylath Dzień temu

    Very good interviewer

  • Camryn Balkaran
    Camryn Balkaran Dzień temu

    I love Billie's music, I really do. However, there is something I don't agree with that she said here and it's that people do remember you even after you're gone, therefore, it does matter what you do with your life and how you choose to live it. Especially if you're a international figure. For example, we remember Michael Jackson , Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse and Freddy Mercury even after they have gone. We remember Mahatma Ghandi, Marcus Garvey and Hitler and that is because these people have left a legacy and no matter how much years go by we will keep hearing about them.

  • David Zager
    David Zager Dzień temu

    i miss tia as well lane

  • David Zager
    David Zager Dzień temu

    I MISS RAD LIPS and sensual eyes.i miss glory moments of grey clouds and laughing skies.i miss her arm taking mine saying i did it right.i miss the girl who stole heart.right at eye found her like colors started to be bright

  • Shuen Shuen
    Shuen Shuen Dzień temu

    i should introduce something to her like chakras because those are interesting..

  • Sammy Grace
    Sammy Grace Dzień temu

    What are these artist she finds inspiration from?? I wanna check them out!

  • Laura Domoradzka
    Laura Domoradzka 2 dni temu

    I like this interview because the guy leading was very understanding and both of them seemed to get along really well . It has a comfortable atmosphere :)

  • Lauren Franklin
    Lauren Franklin 2 dni temu

    Billie = Carl

  • Jennifer David
    Jennifer David 2 dni temu

    I love her so much.

  • charlie lyn
    charlie lyn 2 dni temu

    Billie's so right about the internet

  • Katie J
    Katie J 2 dni temu

    This interviewer is so patronising gah! Who does he think he is. jealous much?

  • Ashlee
    Ashlee 2 dni temu

    She didn't know what Napster was! I'm old.

  • Wolfi fan
    Wolfi fan 2 dni temu

    lmao can she plz call us her avocados

  • Saman Siddiquie
    Saman Siddiquie 3 dni temu

    I am trying so hard to like her material and really appreciate her as a serious artist. And listening to her interviews, I’m just trying to get a better idea of her art and her thought process. So far, I think she needs to find her ground first. Her stuff isn’t really serious. It’s raw, yes. Does it need refinement? Not necessarily. But it’s all over the place.

    OGE_BLIND 3 dni temu

    she looks like lil xan

  • thedevilstone
    thedevilstone 4 dni temu

    She should’ve brought her tape player with her pre-recorded answers.

  • Blee_Mgee
    Blee_Mgee 4 dni temu +1

    I love how he was able to break her cool girl act. multiple times!!

  • c a m
    c a m 4 dni temu

    Ok someone please explain. In the first two minutes, Billie and the interviewer say word for word what was said on another interview she did on the Zach sang show. Is this interview and the other somehow connected bc I’m so confused.

  • Conan Bardwell
    Conan Bardwell 6 dni temu

    Billie is kinda ok, like it is pretty good, and I guess I will keep listening to her music if she keeps putting out music, but like, I dunno, I am not going to really care one way or the other cause it is kinda whatever, like I don't not care, but I don't care a lot, and it just isn't bad, its pretty good, and you know, like whatever, like you know?

  • covetness
    covetness 7 dni temu

    It’s kind of interesting watching two people with sort of different mindsets interact. I don’t know if it’s the age difference, because your generation really in fact impacts the way you think, how you act, and how you interact with others younger/older. It’s cool to see that, I admire Billie and I think I would be intimidated but this dude is straight just really wondering about her as a person, an individual who is really creative. Billie’s dope and I wish more people were this creative, open and humble about it.

  • Toni Spring
    Toni Spring 7 dni temu

    I’m 45 and I love this girls attitude and music! Stay humble young lady it makes you even more beautiful 💕🥰❤️

  • Snap out of it
    Snap out of it 8 dni temu

    18:00 Oops (looks fearfully at handler)

  • Saint Miller
    Saint Miller 8 dni temu

    I still don't know who this person is...

    ROXY THE ANGEL DRAGON 9 dni temu +1

    Bro I thought he was talking about music. Ly the app as he said that I was ugh music. Ly XD not like musicly like ur progress bro I'm dead XD

  • clover grass
    clover grass 9 dni temu

    What gender is this thing, it's hard to tell?

  • Brandon Michael Hinsley

    I can't listen. She says "like" every other word. Dammit.

  • Camila Lyons
    Camila Lyons 10 dni temu +1

    Man, she’s too beautiful I’m just sitting here having moment right now

  • LLQ 4Ever
    LLQ 4Ever 11 dni temu

    I’d sell my soul to be around this perfect person for the rest of my life sheeeeshh

  • erad67
    erad67 11 dni temu

    Napster wasn't the first! :) I was downloading music long before that. Napster just made it easier and was a great way to find new artists.

  • [DA2K] Emilian A. Kowalewski

    She's the youngest Snake sister I know of so far, out there in the entertainment industry. Born on December 18, 2001 she is a Gold/Metal Snake in Chinese Zodiac. Her advantage is that she has already accomplished something significant in her career at such a young age. She still has a lot of time left to do many things and projects in her life.

  • Kitty Wolf
    Kitty Wolf 13 dni temu +1

    God has given Billie such an amazing gift and I hope she knows that. I hope she knows her fans care about her and love her and will be there for her if she needs us.

  • Earliana Bailey
    Earliana Bailey 13 dni temu

    Billie: ...ya know...idk...

  • d1a9n8a8
    d1a9n8a8 14 dni temu +1

    when you feel depressed at 30 yo and then this girl reminds you about the best thing in life when she says we all gonna die so nothing matters so don't be afraid to do anything and it actually cheers you up... I feel 17 again
    and then she says this ​18:50 and you don't have any idea who these ppl are and you feel old again lol

  • Gina Balderrama
    Gina Balderrama 14 dni temu

    One of the things I love about Billie is she does have more of a social media presence than let’s say Ariana Grande. It feels like we get to know her on a more personal level and have that connection with her!

  • Emily Walker
    Emily Walker 15 dni temu

    every time she answered ''Oh no I'm not talking about that' or 'yeah BUT' no this interview is about billie not you, stop talking about yourself so much ''when I grew up' ''I THINK'' this aint your interview bro stop shutting the girl down and take what you are given, honestly. also stop belittling her by her age and your surprised that she aint into social media like she just said the reason why she wasn't and your still digging at her, Gosh, Billie needs a break.

  • Stacey Parkinson
    Stacey Parkinson 15 dni temu

    I literally love the attitude Billie has. It's beautiful.

  • Teri LaFaye Pistol Poet TM

    14:03 so true!

  • Uni corn
    Uni corn 16 dni temu

    I guess life does matter.
    Martin Luther King- a hero
    Adolf Hitler-a monster
    You can change the world,if you lead the way for people. She's really damn depressed..

    • Bendrix27
      Bendrix27 16 dni temu

      Those things still don't matter.

  • Penny Tas
    Penny Tas 17 dni temu

    Do u know if she's a drug addict?

  • ghh hhh
    ghh hhh 17 dni temu

    she's gorgeous

  • Quesadilla_Queen
    Quesadilla_Queen 17 dni temu

    When she said my chemical romance and beetles I went CRAZYYY 😝😋

  • Kara Grace
    Kara Grace 18 dni temu

    PAINTED BILLIE ON MA CHANNEL would love if ya checked it out I worked soooo hard on it

  • Sarah Cook
    Sarah Cook 18 dni temu


  • Ryan Patrick White
    Ryan Patrick White 18 dni temu


  • Ryan Patrick White
    Ryan Patrick White 18 dni temu


  • Aubrey Mooney
    Aubrey Mooney 19 dni temu

    14:41 trying to convince nothing matters

  • Sweet Dave
    Sweet Dave 19 dni temu

    weird how she's talking normal and not like a meme here

  • BaconCrazy
    BaconCrazy 19 dni temu

    Omg her voice is so soothing, she could talk me to sleep! Geez!

  • ashley ojeda
    ashley ojeda 19 dni temu

    Hay,hay,hay is she Hispanic? This isn't the first time she's said this, I love her personality

  • Blizz Blizz
    Blizz Blizz 19 dni temu

    She seems laid back and speaking with a clear mind. Its wonderful to learn about her ... her music is so unique ... great interview

  • Pink Vans
    Pink Vans 20 dni temu

    It looks like he's staring at soul

  • rawratiger
    rawratiger 21 dzień temu

    😂 I still use Napster. I listen to Billie on Napster. I’m old 🙃

  • Nefertiti_goddess
    Nefertiti_goddess 21 dzień temu

    She's so young I remember Napster.

  • Maddie
    Maddie 21 dzień temu

    She's wearing 5 watches lmao

  • Keila v
    Keila v 21 dzień temu

    Wise girl

  • Violet Carolann
    Violet Carolann 21 dzień temu

    seeing all these comments about how sad Billie is me coming from April I’m so happy to see after the album she’s doing so much better

  • Reagan Hunt
    Reagan Hunt 22 dni temu

    I really want to go to her show or meet her but I can’t cuz we don’t have a lot of money I am 10

  • Bill Lunebach
    Bill Lunebach 22 dni temu

    Shes like Avril Levignes younger sister

  • Bill Lunebach
    Bill Lunebach 22 dni temu

    Can she do something with Linkin Park?

  • Bill Lunebach
    Bill Lunebach 22 dni temu

    Reminds me of Linkin Park

  • In-N-Out
    In-N-Out 23 dni temu

    Why is everyone in the comments section trying to psychoanalyze her?

  • G Leonard
    G Leonard 23 dni temu

    She seems much happier now then when this interview happened. She also just did a show the night before and must be tired. Also she has said before that sometimes her face just looks annoyed but she’s not really annoyed. I don’t see a ton of sadness in this interview. Also I love her because she is so wise and kind and she acts like her fans are on stage with her. Like she said she has her fans be equal to her and that’s amazing, a lot singers think they’re the best but then Billie over here wants free meet and greets and is 10x more talented than them. Anyways I love her, and I think she has a bright future.

  • Maddie Hardin
    Maddie Hardin 23 dni temu

    idc where everyone else goes but im always gonna be with billie no matter what

  • Koroz
    Koroz 23 dni temu +2

    I'm a 43 year old man who plays guitar. I don't use social media past youtube comments. If you want to connect with fans, you do it with your craft not a selfie and a witty tweet. I didn't find about Billie because of instagram, or twitter. I didn't see her on Facebook. I found her listening to new music I hadn't heard (something as a creative helps influence new avenues of art) and was hooked. I showed her to my wife, who is 40 and not very musically interested, fell in love. The bottom line is, when you are true to your soul, when you try to live in truth, the masses will find you eventually, I am just glad the universe showed me Billie and her brother before I left this place. How proud I can be of other peoples children is amazing.

  • Jessica Taylor
    Jessica Taylor 23 dni temu

    this is probably my favorite interview with her I’ve seen! this dude seems really cool and got some great conversation going!

  • D Mac
    D Mac 24 dni temu

    Who the hell is Tom Power?

  • mel obrien
    mel obrien 24 dni temu

    Billie is a dumbed-down no-talent Millennial. Her "music" is garbage. Depressing music for depressed children.

  • Mel de Melo
    Mel de Melo 24 dni temu

    yes!! share the creative opportunity

  • Angela Mattson
    Angela Mattson 24 dni temu +3

    Separated at birth? Billie Eilish and Ethan Cutkosky (Carl from Shameless). They could be twins. Love both of them. So cool! 😏😊

  • Florin Ionescu
    Florin Ionescu 25 dni temu


  • tarzannapickett
    tarzannapickett 25 dni temu

    I bet shes always on time , wearing 5 watches

  • Rosemarie Guerrero
    Rosemarie Guerrero 25 dni temu

    Would luv to see her colab with tash Sultana

  • Jennifer Romero
    Jennifer Romero 25 dni temu

    3:54 @Jamescharles

  • Zari’s World
    Zari’s World 26 dni temu

    To be honest think billie has done more interviews than the amount of songs she makes

  • fudge budge
    fudge budge 26 dni temu

    I hate how dumb and hood she tries to sound. She came from well to do wypipo. She should act like it.

    • Julia 467
      Julia 467 23 dni temu

      This is old it was a hard time for her now I think she is happier.

    • Zorikto Ukheev
      Zorikto Ukheev 23 dni temu

      she grew up in a ghetto

  • Kier
    Kier 26 dni temu

    all i want is a genuine billie eilish x jeffree star collab.

  • D Garland
    D Garland 26 dni temu

    I'm 46 my son turned me in to her music, she has such talent, and down to earth....

  • Jaclyn  Bickers
    Jaclyn Bickers 26 dni temu

    Yeah. I miss Fiona Apple too.

  • Strangely Brown
    Strangely Brown 27 dni temu

    God... I watched this and realised I am SO old...

  • Marcela Marquez
    Marcela Marquez 27 dni temu +2

    this girl is so damn dope.

  • Sunny Tzude
    Sunny Tzude 27 dni temu +1

    She hates this dude

  • Thomas
    Thomas 27 dni temu +1

    I love how he conducted the interview and the whole tone of their conversation is so calm and I actually sat thru the whole thing which is unusual for me being super restless!

  • ItsTomas
    ItsTomas 28 dni temu


  • Cœur fimo
    Cœur fimo 28 dni temu +1


  • Tom Heal
    Tom Heal 29 dni temu

    Haha how many watches you need?😂

  • Billy Star
    Billy Star 29 dni temu

    Billie, you have the NATURAL top lip that every botox injection ever given was supposed to create, but can't. Yours is magic. I'm sure a lipstick company will be offering you a contract soon. See you back in Atlanta!

  • zerosun9
    zerosun9 29 dni temu

    100% on her social media opinion, I just hate it.

  • Mati
    Mati Miesiąc temu +1

    She's just so charming...

  • Duece Muhammad
    Duece Muhammad Miesiąc temu

    3:30 her hat says fuc 12

  • Kirsty Oshea
    Kirsty Oshea Miesiąc temu

    My google home says billie aylish it’s very annoying 😂

  • Savannah Lynn
    Savannah Lynn Miesiąc temu

    Billie has on like 5 or 6 watches did she set each time to a different time zone? 😂

  • Caroline
    Caroline Miesiąc temu

    Love the questions

  • Matthew Heckman
    Matthew Heckman Miesiąc temu

    19 year old me and her woulda been great friends if we could have had that opportunity

    In my opinion

  • Audry Eisenberg
    Audry Eisenberg Miesiąc temu

    She has changed my life in so many ways. I love her. Her music touches my soul

  • Briannah Jean
    Briannah Jean Miesiąc temu

    “Is this one of those things where you throw the birds?”
    Billie: 🤨

  • Evie Jones xx
    Evie Jones xx Miesiąc temu

    Honestly, social media and the way that ‘famous’ people almost have to present themselves is just going to get worse as social media becomes more and more popular/easier to use. I think she shows almost the best way to use social media and is an amazing role model to people who look up to her.
    I really appreciate that

  • Ayden Durrett
    Ayden Durrett Miesiąc temu

    15:55 SAAMMEEE