Billie Eilish shares her perspective on success, social media and fame

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  • Anastasia Chernishova
    Anastasia Chernishova 2 godzin temu

    She is kinda depressed. It really impressed ‘cause she is so young and talking about death and saying “nothing matters”

  • Louis Luzuka
    Louis Luzuka Dzień temu

    I love her so much

  • Aayush Singh
    Aayush Singh Dzień temu


  • Hi Friends
    Hi Friends Dzień temu

    She’s still growing up

  • Phoenix Koontz
    Phoenix Koontz 2 dni temu

    music midtown was amazing omgg 😍

  • Mark Walters Media
    Mark Walters Media 3 dni temu

    "Do you know what Napster is?"

  • Rebekka Jacobsen
    Rebekka Jacobsen 3 dni temu

    13:43 Sooooo true!!

  • that girl who cried wolf

    chills the whole time

  • Leo H.R. - UwUr
    Leo H.R. - UwUr 3 dni temu

    19:00 Avril Lavigne 💞😍

  • Tallerus Fergison
    Tallerus Fergison 3 dni temu

    I feel like Billie’s so raw here. I’m liking this video because she seems really awesome. I also like that the interviewer’s so raw, too. This was a good video

  • Maya Wilson
    Maya Wilson 4 dni temu

    That's her voice!

  • Isaac Powell
    Isaac Powell 4 dni temu +2

    when will white america ever stop feeling sorry for rich people?

  • Ooppie Ardman
    Ooppie Ardman 4 dni temu

    The female Lil Xan

  • Liz Curran
    Liz Curran 5 dni temu

    Great interview

  • Agnieszka Kobylańska

    For me (I’m 33 yo) it’s soooo weird to see a guy who’s my age being the „old guy” in the conversation. Made me realize how it all changed during kast 10-15 years. I haven’t thought about it before but now I feel really old:) and obsolete.... but grateful and happy at the same time, I’m definately not cut out for what internet and social media is nowadays.

    • L Lawliet
      L Lawliet Dzień temu

      You're not old at all. And this is coming from a teenager.

  • Eon Setroc
    Eon Setroc 6 dni temu

    alternative lofi emo trap check this track

  • cfgv
    cfgv 6 dni temu

    She’s the badass chick version on Carl!

  • Morgan Fisher
    Morgan Fisher 6 dni temu +1

    i feel like they have such a good connection. the interviewer is so sweet and you can tell Billie was really happy and complimented when he wanted to know more about her and have a deep interview about her and who she is. i love her so much 💙

  • infected p
    infected p 7 dni temu

    what kinda concerts did he visit before tf

  • L Lawliet
    L Lawliet 7 dni temu +2


  • joie gahum
    joie gahum 9 dni temu

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  • Jamie Whitmer
    Jamie Whitmer 9 dni temu

    Every interview I watch of hers I cry and idk why but I just feel so much of her pain

  • Iluvfrenchfries
    Iluvfrenchfries 10 dni temu

    This guy is a great interviewer but the way he looks and talks reminds me of a psychopath

  • sì sì
    sì sì 10 dni temu +1

    I need her opinion on ai

  • Roger Ferris
    Roger Ferris 10 dni temu +1

    She should cover "Take my breath away" by Berlin. Also "Killing me softly" would be so great covered by her

    • q on cbc
      q on cbc  10 dni temu

      Those are GREAT suggestions! Thanks so much for watching!

  • Oliander
    Oliander 10 dni temu +1

    Unjaded jade

  • Demi Bulgogi
    Demi Bulgogi 10 dni temu

    Well, that was awkward.

  • caratrack
    caratrack 10 dni temu +1

    She's the only celebrity I've ever heard say this stuff about their fans that I actually believe

  • Amy x
    Amy x 10 dni temu

    7:49 tic

  • sab. A
    sab. A 10 dni temu

    Imagine if she tries asmr ❤️

  • Love M3
    Love M3 11 dni temu

    She's sexy ASF. Something about her aura 💚💚💚

  • joceline martinez
    joceline martinez 11 dni temu +1

    13:42 Yes it is

  • Ashlynn Dorris
    Ashlynn Dorris 11 dni temu +1

    When I heard this.... Wow. Her voice is so much different than I realized! I love her

  • Tait Martinez
    Tait Martinez 11 dni temu +1

    Lmao she was like musically the app?

  • Ellie Whorf
    Ellie Whorf 11 dni temu +2

    honestly i’m confused as to why everyone is saying this interview is awkward! i think this is a great interview. tom power is asking her real and diverse questions that she isn’t used to hearing, which is really refreshing. most of her interviews are straightforward and repetitive, but this is a very different one and tom is pretty cool. billie has a lot more in her than most interviewers think, and tom is really trying to get it out of her and make her think out of the box :)

  • Beeyawnkuh Palmuh
    Beeyawnkuh Palmuh 12 dni temu +2

    Her reaction to Napster made me feel so old 😭😭

  • caroline Beau de lomenie

    Tbh I don’t want her to become to famous, I don’t really know why but I don’t think she would enjoy it as much... please don’t hate on this, I looovveee billie, and I have no more friends because I talk too much about her.

  • Natalie Eve
    Natalie Eve 12 dni temu


  • Persephone Morgan
    Persephone Morgan 13 dni temu

    Can someone list the artists she mentions inspire her? I only got the ones after the Avril Lavigne :/

  • Merpy Things
    Merpy Things 13 dni temu

    i know what i want but i can't freaking accomplish anything because i'm over here stressing about a mother trucking ACT and SAT and all this stupid crap. i have 1 hour a day to do what i want to do and the rest i am doing freaking homework, helping my family, working, and i can't do what i want. school has ruined my life and what i want my career to be I don't need school, school is not even RELEVANT.

  • Emerald S
    Emerald S 13 dni temu

    16:00 and I'm dying 😂 😂 😂 😂

  • Anouk Hey
    Anouk Hey 13 dni temu

    17:56 when she say "thanks", it's a really magical moment, i can't explain why but she seem so grateful inside when she say that and seem ust so candid, i love that

  • Raisinglittles
    Raisinglittles 14 dni temu

    i love her

  • Ollie Grey
    Ollie Grey 14 dni temu

    the amount of love i have for her is crazy

  • Seb Durlach
    Seb Durlach 14 dni temu

    Reckon she knows the time?

  • John Laurens
    John Laurens 14 dni temu

    I’m not trying to be rude to anyone but she might just be tired of completely fine and just doesn’t want to use her voice all that much right now. I think mental and physical health are really important but she could just be having an off day. So can you all please stop with all the comments about it? Thanks in advance.

  • Rachel M.
    Rachel M. 14 dni temu

    When she was saying that nothing matters because she's just going to die one day, it hit me hard because I legit think about that all the time, but whenever I talk about I'm told I need help. I feel like, in a way, people with depression or any sort of mental illness just feel and think about things more in-depth and know things that "normal people" don't. It's nice to see that the interviewer didn't say anything when she brought up her opinion on life and death, he just agreed like she introduced him to a whole different way of thinking.

  • Magdalena Sarcos
    Magdalena Sarcos 14 dni temu

    “I had all these phases”
    I love her but she’s 16????

  • Qasim
    Qasim 15 dni temu

    14:43 I love existentialism

  • shu bha
    shu bha 15 dni temu

    Did anyone else notice the number of wristwatches she is wearing ??? 😂❤

  • Mirandanicole1029
    Mirandanicole1029 15 dni temu

    So sick of all these comments. Shes tired. She needs a break. She hates being famous. No. THIS IS WHAT DEPRESSION LOOKS LIKE. She doesnt hate it, shes not over it. She suffers from depression.

  • Stephanie TM
    Stephanie TM 15 dni temu

    She got kinda salty unsurprisingly lol, felt the questions were repetitive , when it's an interview. As a way to prevent sharing on that lvl.

  • Stephanie TM
    Stephanie TM 15 dni temu

    Amazing interviewer.

  • Baller boisen 4
    Baller boisen 4 15 dni temu

    Lmao I thought he was talking abt the app too

  • Miró
    Miró 15 dni temu

    my child, i love her

  • Jasmin Sieverts Lassen

    I love how relaxed she is..HOW!!!

  • wdw_Tom Holland_ Billie Eilish

    This guy who interviewed her is the most chill interviewer I've ever seen

  • Aleyna Y
    Aleyna Y 16 dni temu

    You're so right! I've listened to her when she was 14 and ocean eyes came out and she has something in her voice that made me feel her own pain and the depression vibe idk and of course it helped me in my depression. I'm glad to have her as an artist bc she puts real emotions in her songs so we can feel and relate to it.

  • Vicky Thompson
    Vicky Thompson 16 dni temu

    She’s so cool it’s hurts 😂

  • Red Salad546
    Red Salad546 16 dni temu +1

    " Just dont pronounce my name wrong, they will go after you" I almost got a detention for screaming at a guy who said billie 'elish'

    • Lil
      Lil 13 dni temu

      You seem fun to be around

  • Brittany's Art
    Brittany's Art 16 dni temu

    At 7:40 what she’s talking about reminds me of come out and play

  • amanda v
    amanda v 16 dni temu

    Life has taken a toll on her and her mental state. She deserves a break.

  • Kaitlyn Parker
    Kaitlyn Parker 16 dni temu

    We sing along to you're songs all the way from Australia 🇦🇺 YOU'RE AMAZING BILLIE 🖤🌹🖤🌹🖤🌹🖤

  • Mikaela Campbell
    Mikaela Campbell 16 dni temu

    the amount of times he interrupted her wow

  • Emily Waddington
    Emily Waddington 17 dni temu

    I JUST got into her music and of course her US tour is ending, lol figures. She's so awesome

  • linyboy2000 Knusper
    linyboy2000 Knusper 17 dni temu

    I think she looks like Ashley Benson

  • Anna Kormiļceva
    Anna Kormiļceva 17 dni temu

    one of the best interviews with Billie Eilish🔥

  • Marina Christein
    Marina Christein 17 dni temu

    She is so gorgeous ✨

  • Last Spring
    Last Spring 17 dni temu

    I always feel like She captures viewers mind with her hipnotism.and she is so different than other singers ,she doesn't show off

  • David Uribe
    David Uribe 17 dni temu

    I wish I could just chill with Billie and talk about different views and perspectives of life. Her minds so different and the way she sees life is so unique it makes me want to get to know her more.
    Also on the music side her voice is like seeing colors I’ve never seen before, it’s that beautiful.😦

  • Norris nuts Fan
    Norris nuts Fan 17 dni temu

    Does Billie ever get a break from shows and interviews

  • Lavendar Skies
    Lavendar Skies 17 dni temu

    "The remedy to anxiety" lmao what?

  • Srija Sengupta
    Srija Sengupta 17 dni temu

    "i think it was in like, san diego, or something?" i live near there... wish i could see!!!

  • Kat Gaby
    Kat Gaby 17 dni temu

    I wonder what it is about her that make people like her so much
    I find it interesting
    What is it for you?

  • Why u Bully me?
    Why u Bully me? 18 dni temu

    Every artist she named was my childhood

  • Mariana Orrego
    Mariana Orrego 18 dni temu

    when he said musically is deadass thought and has the same reaction as billie lmfaoooo

  • Lissi G-E
    Lissi G-E 19 dni temu

    He seems quite jealous of her 😂

  • sufjan joy
    sufjan joy 19 dni temu +1

    It seems like she completely missed the entire phase of teenage dumbness/goofiness.

  • TheSammami
    TheSammami 19 dni temu

    This was such a comfortable and genuine interview. Loved every minute.

  • Michelle C.
    Michelle C. 19 dni temu


  • based nerd
    based nerd 20 dni temu

    It's cool that she's humble.

  • Landon Tristen Taylor
    Landon Tristen Taylor 20 dni temu

    She’s got the prettiest mindset. The purest heart. I do hope and pray she doesn’t let the fame get to her head in the future.

  • Bianca D.L.R.
    Bianca D.L.R. 20 dni temu


  • Elysia Dugan
    Elysia Dugan 20 dni temu

    It is so, so good to see today's youth growing up with more open minds; just broader thinking. I adore this young woman

  • Poppy
    Poppy 20 dni temu

    Good interviewer, it’s good he himself went and saw her show

  • ANGEL9000
    ANGEL9000 20 dni temu

    New favorite video... of my life. Hands down🤭

  • SuperVandal101
    SuperVandal101 21 dzień temu

    Kinda sucks for the interviewer that she couldn't be geniuine with some of her answers. Saying who inspires you shouldn't take that much out of a person. Her music sounds lovely though.

  • Conspiracy Tea
    Conspiracy Tea 21 dzień temu +1

    Lots of celebrities say the same things you say, but your the only one I believe.

  • Nach Gi
    Nach Gi 21 dzień temu

    so young and she already looks tired of life. Love her btw

  • Upasana Deka
    Upasana Deka 21 dzień temu +1

    I hope she never does drugs.
    I know it seems out of the blue, but all these huge celebrities, who used to be so real on camera and everything, certainly went for drugs and more or less ruined themselves.
    Billie is so pure and her talent is so raw, I just hope she survives.

  • Peiton Grant
    Peiton Grant 21 dzień temu

    My first time hearing Billie was on

  • Fariba Alavi
    Fariba Alavi 21 dzień temu

    Wait what are the songs that she liked??

  • Jemilah Desvarieux
    Jemilah Desvarieux 21 dzień temu

    Just both discovered and developed a huge crush on Tom Powers holyyyyyy geez

  • Angelina Squeo
    Angelina Squeo 21 dzień temu +1

    her eyes are gorgeous im crying

  • stephjgriffin
    stephjgriffin 21 dzień temu

    Anybody remember Share Bear>>?

  • 22_LoneWolf_22
    22_LoneWolf_22 21 dzień temu


  • Caroline
    Caroline 21 dzień temu

    i love her so much

  • Sofi Soria
    Sofi Soria 22 dni temu

    I love this girl and how she represents and gets out there A LOT of our inner chatter. Her insight is unbelievable, huge. Her undestanding and perception of art, jesus, It's aggressively inspiring. Thank you.

  • Aomamé Sighs
    Aomamé Sighs 22 dni temu

    Dude.. that place is poison..