I TRIED ASMR (and I promise you've never seen anything like it)

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  • Opublikowany 18 lis 2018
  • I fully understand you could've gone your whole life without this. Me too hahahahahaha
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  • Margie Van Petten
    Margie Van Petten 2 miesięcy temu +24804

    okay why is this asmr actually good

  • Fake Account
    Fake Account 8 minut temu

    I’m so confused where is the filter in the blunt

  • ShiroP
    ShiroP 3 godzin temu

    It's called baptizing the blunt you barbarian.

  • Evy Torres
    Evy Torres 6 godzin temu

    Cringe mode XD

  • Phinesavage Yolanda
    Phinesavage Yolanda 7 godzin temu

    I'd fucking smash

  • david le
    david le 7 godzin temu

    Arrowhead taste like shit to me .

  • BENSter 490
    BENSter 490 9 godzin temu

    Your not cool

  • PandaPlays
    PandaPlays 16 godzin temu

    Shes literaly teaching us how to smoke weed

  • Hannah Elizabeth
    Hannah Elizabeth 18 godzin temu

    Her lips r AWFUL

  • I Cry Angel Tears
    I Cry Angel Tears 18 godzin temu

    I cringed when you boated the blunt but I still love you

  • I Cry Angel Tears
    I Cry Angel Tears 19 godzin temu

    “these are two for a dollar l’m very humble”

  • Amelia Vargas21
    Amelia Vargas21 Dzień temu

    2:16-2:20 no bish you making it sexual

  • Amelia Vargas21
    Amelia Vargas21 Dzień temu

    wtf this sux the thumbnail is horrible you licking your teeth like that’s not good

  • basketball 4life
    basketball 4life Dzień temu

    You must suck ass at rolling you only need to spark the blunt one time not 5

  • Ms.420Gypsy
    Ms.420Gypsy Dzień temu

    5:47 hahaha BUT why be humble a grinder works so much better! 😂❤️

  • ismael gonzalez
    ismael gonzalez Dzień temu


  • •*Jada_Russell•*
    •*Jada_Russell•* Dzień temu

    Can you please do another one of these videos I watched it a while ago and I'm watching it again because I thinks it's great you should make an arms channel because you are so good.

  • Slippzy
    Slippzy Dzień temu

    Actually good wtf

  • Jocies World
    Jocies World Dzień temu

    Your not fat-t-t-t

  • Space Games
    Space Games Dzień temu

    You should definitely do another one of these videos

  • coochie slayer
    coochie slayer Dzień temu

    wow a video with you not laughing

  • Valentina Pellegrini

    This is by faaaaar my favorite asmr video

  • Vivi Sue Hodgden
    Vivi Sue Hodgden 2 dni temu +1

    Well her title isn’t wrong lmao

  • Matthew Rusinyak
    Matthew Rusinyak 2 dni temu

    this was the perfect arms video like smoking plus eating u can't get any better than that

  • icant•saveus
    icant•saveus 2 dni temu

    When your bougie enough to drink water out of a bottle with a straw.

  • Animal ASMR
    Animal ASMR 2 dni temu

    "this video is so *demonized....d....d...d*" lol love it😂

  • MorbiblyOBeast
    MorbiblyOBeast 2 dni temu

    That was amazing

  • ThatHappyOldMan
    ThatHappyOldMan 2 dni temu

    I want the masturbating asmr stoned edition

  • Ashley Hemphill
    Ashley Hemphill 2 dni temu

    I dont usually watch your vids, found this vid by way of Shanes twitter. As an avid ASMR lover i have to say you did pretty well! Your whisper voice is very relaxing and the sounds you were making were on point.
    If you really are going to start filming more ASMR id say:
    1. Dont repeat the last letter of your words in every sentence. It starts to get a bit annoying
    2. Keep your facial expressions more neutral instead of wide eyes 👀
    3. The zooming in on your face is not relaxing
    4. It may be sexual to you but its not meant to be. A lot of true ASMR people really hate the accusation that its sexual
    Hope to see more of this from you in the future!

  • sophie
    sophie 2 dni temu

    Blunt-t-t-t MEEEEE

  • bellaC1121
    bellaC1121 2 dni temu

    do more get high with me!!!!

  • Lusia Amelia
    Lusia Amelia 3 dni temu

    To pay my bills *s s s* 😂

  • Kaylee Smith
    Kaylee Smith 3 dni temu

    11:35 im so fucking sleep lmaooooo

  • Lillian Gonzalez
    Lillian Gonzalez 3 dni temu

    She’s high

  • Hubbs -
    Hubbs - 3 dni temu

    PLclip did not demonize this cause they got to scared when Dey clicked on the vid, the were all like “hellllll no” 😳🥺🤬

  • Tiktokmemes Andoldvines

    Whisper " toothbrush"

    OOLLIE NATION 3 dni temu +1

    This actually worked 😂

  • Jillian Livingston
    Jillian Livingston 3 dni temu

    This video got-t-t demonetized-t-t-t

  • Faze rug
    Faze rug 3 dni temu

    Can I have more likeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Caroline Marie
    Caroline Marie 3 dni temu

    holy fuck dude this shit is astonishing💀💀

  • Michaela Rose
    Michaela Rose 3 dni temu


  • Lily x
    Lily x 3 dni temu

    The thumbnail: which ones tana or are they both tana?😂

  • Humansaredum Fuckthemtodeath

    I thought you were supposed to eat the weed not roll it into a cigar what's going on here

  • Grace G
    Grace G 4 dni temu

    She is literally just teaching kids how to do drugs in asmr so byeeeeeee

  • Carmen Brown
    Carmen Brown 4 dni temu

    please do more of thessee 👠👠👠👠

  • Samantha Cabrera
    Samantha Cabrera 4 dni temu


    XSUBINX 4 dni temu +1


  • Julian Vazquez
    Julian Vazquez 4 dni temu

    What is a blunt?im confused never mind just realized what’s happening

  • Death-Star-Chan
    Death-Star-Chan 4 dni temu +1

    This was the first video I watched of you...and I never usually like asmr....but I loved this! ^^
    I can tell your a good you tuber just by this video ! Keep up the great work!

  • Ok and What about it


  • Isabel Cuevas
    Isabel Cuevas 4 dni temu +1

    Tana I love how youre a mess as a person but you put your absolute all into everything you do, I love you tana!

  • Isabel Cuevas
    Isabel Cuevas 4 dni temu

    so happy for this weed arms, need more!!!

  • Jenna peters
    Jenna peters 4 dni temu

    Tana can do anything she puts her heart into I loved this 😁

  • itsyourgirlabbi101
    itsyourgirlabbi101 4 dni temu

    I also tried one with my dog 🤣

  • Bad Things
    Bad Things 4 dni temu

    Tana teaching us how to do drug 😂🤣

  • Dion Koh
    Dion Koh 4 dni temu

    im dying when tana said "do you like that?" 🤣

  • Justin Martin
    Justin Martin 4 dni temu

    If youve never aeen asmr how do u know to whisper andwhat not ?

  • SunshineAG
    SunshineAG 4 dni temu

    *cancelled d d d d d*

  • Triany Rosa
    Triany Rosa 4 dni temu

    Bitch this video is so funny 🤣🤣
    More please

  • Austin H
    Austin H 4 dni temu

    Let’s fuck

  • dolly molly
    dolly molly 4 dni temu

    she smokes really good tho lmao

  • Aj Perry
    Aj Perry 5 dni temu

    2 of my favorite things ASMR and weed

  • Alexa Shipley
    Alexa Shipley 5 dni temu +1

    “That’s why when I was poor I could only smoke blunts if they where someone else’s” lmao💀😂

  • germanngonzalez
    germanngonzalez 5 dni temu +7

    1.cant split a swisher
    2.cant work a grinder
    3.cant roll a blunt
    4.cant light a blunt
    5.cant ASMR

  • Madii asmr
    Madii asmr 5 dni temu

    “To Pay my bills-s-s”😂

  • Tori Guzman
    Tori Guzman 5 dni temu

    this was awful. i love asmr but not this

  • ii Fruitcat ii
    ii Fruitcat ii 5 dni temu

    Oh look she got her teeth fixed. (Jk love you Tana)😂

  • a.c._08 ??
    a.c._08 ?? 5 dni temu

    I fucking love this video

  • angel 508
    angel 508 5 dni temu

    Please inhale for atleast a full damn second

  • pointeshoo225
    pointeshoo225 5 dni temu

    “sometimes i use my fingers because i’m *humble*”

  • julia swanson
    julia swanson 5 dni temu

    ew i just had to dislike im sorry but asmr is just... ahhhhh

  • Alex
    Alex 5 dni temu

    God damn shes ugly

  • nicole gentz
    nicole gentz 5 dni temu

    this vid made me want to fuck tana wtf

  • Myrna Reyes-Lara
    Myrna Reyes-Lara 6 dni temu +2

    *Remember kids only smoke weed when your doing ASMR 😃*

  • badboiturtle Yes
    badboiturtle Yes 6 dni temu

    Bruh swishers 😂😭😭

  • Savannah Harris
    Savannah Harris 6 dni temu

    okay does she do the echo thing the entire video or is there somewhere i can skip to?

  • GoingOverboard
    GoingOverboard 6 dni temu


  • calmdowncurly-
    calmdowncurly- 6 dni temu

    *blunt-t-t-t sizzle*

  • Soph__? Johnson
    Soph__? Johnson 6 dni temu

    Please do a part 2!!! Ily tana!!!

  • Ava
    Ava 6 dni temu

    Asmr queen

  • allen campos
    allen campos 6 dni temu

    This goes boring af

  • Pinkpanda 101
    Pinkpanda 101 6 dni temu

    Oh no the flash backs... the nightmares... the sun burns that gave me skin cancer...

  • rrreeginnna yaay
    rrreeginnna yaay 6 dni temu +1


  • Sky Wilson
    Sky Wilson 6 dni temu

    She kept forgetting to add the k-k-k-k at the end of sentences so she adds them like 3 moment later 😂😂

  • Sky Wilson
    Sky Wilson 6 dni temu

    Tana Mongue losing her mind

  • xxxyungbratz msp
    xxxyungbratz msp 6 dni temu

    how to roll blunts w/ tAnA *ASMR*

  • rogeeyuk
    rogeeyuk 6 dni temu

    This was actually good plus the visuals were amazing

  • Kaylee Teehan
    Kaylee Teehan 6 dni temu

    6:50 flashback to Jefree Star doing the same

  • H4PPY
    H4PPY 6 dni temu

    Wanna be high anytime, everywhere forever 👾

  • Kaylee Rudiger
    Kaylee Rudiger 7 dni temu +5

    I can smell the weed

  • Dubstep Toxic Mask Productions

    I smoke more than 8 grams a day, Yes how do I afford it... (with money) Lmfao.

  • Dubstep Toxic Mask Productions

    No sh, she pulls out a blunt! ''Red'' is my fav.

  • Dubstep Toxic Mask Productions

    I thought ASMR was a cringe meme for Robloxians, Yes ROBLOX's taking over... You're going to hear about it everywhere since it was made in 2006 and has made over 6.9 billion dollars. They're also the same members who made Minecraft, just that minecraft hasn't got that much players and it doesn't make as much money as ROBLOX does, ROBLOX is also known as a cringe dating site for Adult males to meet little children. Yes yes.

  • Irene Corona
    Irene Corona 7 dni temu

    Why Do you smoke

  • Isa Rose
    Isa Rose 7 dni temu +1

    Make a separate ASMR channel now where you just get high and tap ur teeth 😂

  • Tasha small
    Tasha small 7 dni temu +1

    don’t be a crackhead tana use backwoods not swishers

  • Tasha small
    Tasha small 7 dni temu

    i love this

  • isaiah veirs
    isaiah veirs 7 dni temu +5

    This is actually garbage asmr. Not surprising, I guess I got what I deserved for clicking on it.

  • Johnny Johnny
    Johnny Johnny 7 dni temu +1

    Why did I actually get tingles?

  • Allison Slone
    Allison Slone 7 dni temu

    I walked into my 9 year old cousin's bedroom to say hello and he was watching this. Weirdest conversation ever, he didn't even know what was going while he was watching it. I had to tell him the dangers of smoking, which his father should have already since he is a doctor. But this is a hella good asmr video though.