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⭐️50+ Players Humiliated by Jamal Musiala ᴴᴰ

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  • Opublikowany 11 lis 2022
  • 50+ Players Humiliated by Jamal Musiala ᴴᴰ
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Komentarze • 18

  • Tomiwa Adegbola
    Tomiwa Adegbola 17 dni temu +12

    He does all the simple things in football brilliantly and his timing is impeccable. Close control, precise shooting, position, headers, passing, opening up space, decision making all spot on.

  • GTD
    GTD 15 dni temu +10

    As Messi is slowly exiting the main stage, Musiala is stepping onto it

  • Marwan Elech
    Marwan Elech 17 dni temu +9

    His decision making just feels on point all the time.

      SIRSCOUTHD  15 dni temu

      Is top level. He is next big thing ;)

  • Tele Caster
    Tele Caster 15 dni temu +6

    Super Kicker und dazu sehr sympathisch!!!

  • Johnny Müller
    Johnny Müller 14 dni temu +2

    1:25 Sané 🙌

  • Andreas H.
    Andreas H. 14 dni temu

    Ich finde der hat was von Pelé, schau dem Jungen so gern zu👍

  • Sinclair J
    Sinclair J 8 dni temu

    This kid will shake up the World Cup at 19 yrs old

    SIRSCOUTHD  15 dni temu

    🎯 Follow me on PLclip guys, new videos every week! :D

  • TH
    TH 15 dni temu

    Whats the Name of the First Song?

      SIRSCOUTHD  11 dni temu

      @Felix istcool Thanks Man!

    • Felix istcool
      Felix istcool 11 dni temu

      @SIRSCOUTHD Sugarfish - Juice WRLD feat. The Chainsmokers

    • TH
      TH 15 dni temu

      @SIRSCOUTHD pity, thanks tho

      SIRSCOUTHD  15 dni temu

      @TH This song was removed from PLclip. And I forgot name :(

    • TH
      TH 15 dni temu

      @SIRSCOUTHD no it it‘s not😅
      It rather sounds like juice wrld