Game Theory: FNAF, The FINAL Timeline (FNAF Ultimate Custom Night)

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  • Ann Samuel
    Ann Samuel 20 godzin temu

    10:18 lmao who would name their children that?

  • Xavior TheLycan
    Xavior TheLycan 21 godzinę temu

    No offense....but really...You can't just throw away all the phone guy conversations and just choose which ones you think fit...Because that's called "Cherry Picking" and more often than not leads to a FABRICATION of the truth, rather than....THE TRUTH, in other words, you NEED to go back and look at everything again and find out the ACTUAL truth!....Maybe some of your evidence you THOUGHT was correct was actually WRONG

  • Hunter Productions
    Hunter Productions Dzień temu

    Fnaf bro ultimate everyone here

  • Bro yo Eli
    Bro yo Eli Dzień temu

    OMG IF FIGURED IT OUT remember it’s me in fnaf 1 Cassidy and Michael is talking with golden freddy Cassidy is saying “it’s me Cassidy do you remember me?”

  • K. S
    K. S Dzień temu


  • Killer Keon
    Killer Keon Dzień temu

    im the like button if you like WANT Scott Cawthon to make another game really BAD

  • Damoonis Gaming
    Damoonis Gaming Dzień temu

    13:02 it sounds like the boys head being crushed

  • Jose Joaquin Claveria
    Jose Joaquin Claveria Dzień temu

    But what about "after being open for just a *few weeks* , freddy fazbear's pizza is coming to a close"
    That is the fnaf 2 ending,so it must have been opened in 1987

  • Emerald Blaze
    Emerald Blaze Dzień temu

    We’re part 2?

  • Naomi Timm
    Naomi Timm Dzień temu

    Sry to do this to you mat pat, but did anyone else notice how when the core five, (foxy, freddy, chica, bonnie, and g freddy) are telling the crying child I will put you back together, the headless foxy plushy fades away faster then the others? Whats up with that?

  • JordanTheWizard
    JordanTheWizard Dzień temu

    Matpat is the new Shuichi Saihara.

    Forgive me

  • Clever Child
    Clever Child Dzień temu

    19:42 did anyone else see how foxy disappears?

  • gaming joshua Lopez
    gaming joshua Lopez Dzień temu

    In the ultimate custom night there is a character named Afton but that's Michael's last name

  • Furry Cassie
    Furry Cassie Dzień temu


  • FortnitePlayer 93421
    FortnitePlayer 93421 Dzień temu


  • Shelly Monk
    Shelly Monk Dzień temu

    Hi if you look at the grave stonr

  • Chase Brody
    Chase Brody Dzień temu

    I dont even know how this makes sense

  • TheTigerZoey
    TheTigerZoey Dzień temu +1

    So the question is that why has William Afton been kidnapping kids?

  • Ipadian TLG
    Ipadian TLG Dzień temu

    this is what you call editing

  • Ipadian TLG
    Ipadian TLG Dzień temu

    dat intro doe

  • Dkreh 005
    Dkreh 005 Dzień temu

    Is it possible that the graves aren't actually graves of the characters but more symbolism of the characters getting to rest
    Not only does the candy cadet tell you the bodies were stitched together and put in one coffin but the fact that the bodies were stuffed in the spring lock suits and were not even sure if the children were murdered in the same state so if you want to figure out the names look towards the logbook because I think that Would be more likely to hold more stable names.

  • Goldfish
    Goldfish Dzień temu

    I didn’t know there could be 3 *FINAL* theory’s ........... *huh*

  • WarriorTech FTW
    WarriorTech FTW Dzień temu

    I really shouldn’t watch this for a 3rd time, especially at 10:30

  • Drewbie Playz
    Drewbie Playz Dzień temu

    Wait mat pat you said golden freddy was the same spirit that talks to the crying child that dates back to the first pizzeria but fnaf 1 was after crying childs death

    YACOO GT Dzień temu

    There is new pyro illusion

  • Proudly Heroic
    Proudly Heroic Dzień temu

    ten final theories later....

  • gabriella sharpe
    gabriella sharpe Dzień temu

    i think the intro to this video did a better job summing up the year than youtube rewind

  • G Heath
    G Heath Dzień temu

    Scott needs to chill out a bit.

  • Tycooners YT
    Tycooners YT Dzień temu

    Where is the next one

  • Captain Avery
    Captain Avery Dzień temu

    Dude...I just came from the Smash bros. Ultimate video. The intro in this video was cringe, but good cringe

  • Jérémie Gagnon
    Jérémie Gagnon 2 dni temu

    If the fnaf 2 location was open in 1983, would that not mean that nightmariontte and nightmare mangle should exists (be canon), since micheal would have run into them.

  • The white death 21
    The white death 21 2 dni temu

    Henry recreated his own daughter charlie. Charlie died when she was three because she finds her own tombstone

  • Mariana :3
    Mariana :3 2 dni temu +2

    *Uh, oh how unfortunate*
    Great Theory!!! 😄❤❤❤

  • Mikey Elkins
    Mikey Elkins 2 dni temu

    Pat so cool

  • No one special... yet....

    I didn’t really understand this video but if your trying to say that Sister Location closes before FNAF 1’s place or that FNAF 1 opens before Sister Location and closes when Sister Location opens you are wrong, there is a drawing of Baby in FNAF 1’s place but it’s cut off and in Sister Location in one of the rooms the same drawing is shown but it is not cut off and shows Baby.

  • Toxic Shroom
    Toxic Shroom 2 dni temu

    Everyone is talking about the new FNaF game, but I had *ZERO KNOWLEDGE ABOUT IT*

  • Daniel Hernandez
    Daniel Hernandez 2 dni temu

    The phone gay is the purple gay you do know that

  • Jellyman Herder
    Jellyman Herder 2 dni temu

    1:43 me when I was small

  • Dust !sans
    Dust !sans 2 dni temu

    i just re-binged the entire series (i have no real life) and the video still hasnt come out dude!

  • time dozer
    time dozer 2 dni temu

    Makes sense......

  • xFruitilicious
    xFruitilicious 2 dni temu

    Where is part 2 at tho... 😭😭

  • godspeed 11073
    godspeed 11073 2 dni temu

    ok Matt Patt, i have come in at the middle of this and am confused beyond repair

    ANDREW BRILEY 2 dni temu

    1983 vite he didn't die he his and ran to Jr

  • fletnia pana
    fletnia pana 2 dni temu

    4 minutes in, he hasnt started talking about the topic of the vid

  • Besliu Adriana
    Besliu Adriana 2 dni temu

    Is not over!
    A new game! FNAF:Into Madness!

  • Traviss Haigh
    Traviss Haigh 2 dni temu

    intro:their all here!


  • Emma Dellinger
    Emma Dellinger 2 dni temu

    but in the fnaf silver eyes book the child killed a stuffed into the golden Freddy suit was Michael

  • Sarah Al-Nahar 5A Ejerslykkeskolen

    WAIT! William didn't let his wife in the house, so maybe Elizabeth did live at her father's house, and Micheal lived at his mother's home, but then they had to switch place, maybe that's why we don't see Elizabeth in her room..? look! i'm trying my best here!

  • Jovany Flores
    Jovany Flores 2 dni temu

    I thought chicas real name was olive

  • Kassy Hudson
    Kassy Hudson 2 dni temu

    15:54 The bite victim is Kenny afthon

  • Snowflake Boy
    Snowflake Boy 2 dni temu

    Sorry to put you back to this story but you forgot an important detail and that is why did and who did make Freddy fazbears pizza

  • joe recker
    joe recker 2 dni temu

    U THE BEST!!!!!!!!!

  • swagroblox 012
    swagroblox 012 2 dni temu


  • FaZe_Ali A Ninja 69
    FaZe_Ali A Ninja 69 2 dni temu +1


  • Ghaston Army
    Ghaston Army 2 dni temu

    It was the bite of 87

  • MistyCloudySky The Adorable Kitten


  • Kyla Crane
    Kyla Crane 2 dni temu

    Matpat... I just checked and well... there's a picture of an animatronic's eyes I havent seen before...
    *Matpat has left the building* Dangit, Scott!!
    Btw, you might could try brightening the image.

  • It’sDavid B
    It’sDavid B 2 dni temu

    It’s been four months we’re is the new video

  • Gaming_Frontier
    Gaming_Frontier 2 dni temu

    This could have been a lot simpler if matpat just used time travel as an excuse

  • x_xLilVloggerx_x x_xDailyx_x

    Hey MatPat I saw a trailer related to Five Nights at Freddy's so I hope your ready a theory...a game theory

  • Marie-Luisa Kurm
    Marie-Luisa Kurm 2 dni temu

    Scott: Heya everyone, just gonna leak this new fnaf game that MIGHT come called: 'FNAF: Into The Madness'
    MatPat: ...Why does this happen to meeeee

  • Dee Nitchie
    Dee Nitchie 2 dni temu

    Part 2?

  • Justin Palmer
    Justin Palmer 2 dni temu +1

    New game in the works

  • Saidi Songping
    Saidi Songping 2 dni temu

    Uhhh no that's not the time line first is:freadbear's pizzaria / fnaf 1. Beta / fnaf2/fnaf 1/sister location/fnaf3/fnaf4/fnaf6/ULTIMATE CUSTOM NIGHT PS fnaf world

  • curb stomp me please park chanyeol

    wh... when is part two coming?

  • Chloe wolf89
    Chloe wolf89 3 dni temu

    Yay nugget is here btw love the beginning

    HYRIZE 3 dni temu

    what if purple guy had a second son after the bite of 83, as a memory of his second son that got chomped that way he could get bit but also work in your sister location Theroy, this game has weirder ideas so it's not that out of place.

  • sketched wolf/wolfy707

    "These things arnt real" me: I know considering THAY DONT HAVE SHADOWS

  • Violet funtime
    Violet funtime 3 dni temu

    I'm not lieing

  • Violet funtime
    Violet funtime 3 dni temu

    Funtime violet: Hi I'm funtime violet
    Springtrap:I all ways come back
    Funtime violet: uhhh I have to go to funtime Freddy my dad and funtime foxy my mom was in the scooper so I have to get HER

  • CrippledNeighbor
    CrippledNeighbor 3 dni temu

    Good job Mat you did it (and no there isnt a hidden question mark)

  • Edmond Dantes
    Edmond Dantes 3 dni temu

    Im watching this 6 mounth later you lieid

  • Amy 1900
    Amy 1900 3 dni temu

    well I have one question for you why did the purple guy kill the 5 (or 11) children and why those certain children

  • theron hester-payne
    theron hester-payne 3 dni temu

    I promised I would never get sucked back in to this game

  • CasenGamer
    CasenGamer 3 dni temu

    I’m a nerd now right lol

  • CasenGamer
    CasenGamer 3 dni temu

    Freddy took the kid if you zoom in really close in the scene of the bedroom window zoom in the front of the window in later that night you will see anamtronic prints 🤯

  • Guilherme Feitosa-FNaF
    Guilherme Feitosa-FNaF 3 dni temu +1


  • Nicholas Biondi
    Nicholas Biondi 3 dni temu

    ay. they are making another game. Scott does not want you to stop im afraid.

  • Wow Ig
    Wow Ig 3 dni temu

    maybe Chica was the first given life.....

  • Ebspartypie Gaming and more

    Post ittt

  • TheVexedCat
    TheVexedCat 3 dni temu

    Can someone explain this channel to me? I’m so confused on what the whole premise is here. I’m new to it.

  • urho z
    urho z 3 dni temu

    only my theory

  • urho z
    urho z 3 dni temu

    hey mat fnaf 1 1993 and bite of 83 was in fredbear and friends aka fazbears fright not rotted

  • cayden kwong
    cayden kwong 3 dni temu

    Old theoists sqaud #itssprinklertime

  • extrememetalhead69
    extrememetalhead69 3 dni temu

    Jason voorhees

  • Golden Times
    Golden Times 3 dni temu


  • cole1598 USA mapping


  • The Phoenix
    The Phoenix 3 dni temu

    Hey whatever happened to Mike Schmidt? It's been like 4 years I forgot.

  • Asian Gamer
    Asian Gamer 3 dni temu


  • It's Ya Boi Mike
    It's Ya Boi Mike 3 dni temu

    Just realized this was released on my birthday

  • TKnight01
    TKnight01 3 dni temu

    The intro has has gotten so awesome

  • Cassidy B
    Cassidy B 3 dni temu

    It’s official, I’m golden fredbear 😂

  • Sam Larson
    Sam Larson 3 dni temu

    Da start do

  • Anthony Carr
    Anthony Carr 3 dni temu

    Matpat, you do know that FNaF: Into Madness is coming out,right?

  • jojo hubo
    jojo hubo 3 dni temu

    What about the older brother , this gets overlooked every theory! its weird, couldn't he be the one trying to stop his father after killing his brother and finds out dear dad kilt his sister? that maybe be the reasen why he 'looks' alot like him, the are both killers (if we asume mike dies because of the head trama that he gave him after shoving mike in the animatronic), its him in sister location (siting in the couch, watching tv) and saying to aften to leave him alone in the last game (in the couch), it explains also the reason why he wants to die in the fire, he want to parish with his family (because he also is a killer like afton) and blames his brother dead on him.
    But thats just a theory, a matpat-will-never-see-or-anser-this-question theory

  • Jessie 2
    Jessie 2 3 dni temu

    I was thinking. What if the Nightmare animatronics Are Funtime Animatronics.

  • mechanical destroyer

    And golden Freddy is not there

  • mechanical destroyer

    The grave stone coverd by grass is Brian witch means bonnie

  • Lin Z
    Lin Z 3 dni temu

    What was the plushtrap house used for? And who house was it?