Game Theory: FNAF, The FINAL Timeline (FNAF Ultimate Custom Night)

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  • RealMercurial
    RealMercurial 17 godzin temu

    The Intro was 7/10 cringe. Did some furry make it?

  • Dangel Wolf
    Dangel Wolf 17 godzin temu

    Do you think Henry's daughter is the one William Afton shouldn't have killed that is talked about during Ultimate Custom Night?

  • Sara Quinn
    Sara Quinn 23 godzin temu

    Mike didn't die in fnaf 6 because Henry says that your not the one he wanted there so who did he want to be there

  • Sbzzz
    Sbzzz Dzień temu

    Finally! A 69 joke

  • Milena Ortiz
    Milena Ortiz Dzień temu

    My name is one of the dead kids

  • Endy GamePlay
    Endy GamePlay Dzień temu

    I'm just gonna write down my theory about the last 3 games
    I think in SL we play as Mike because at one of the endings he says "Father, it's me, Michael..." and he says he found "them" and he feels weird and he wants to find his father (William). But in the ending where we get scooped, we see a guy at the end with purple eyes. I think it's William because in one of the books a child says when he/she saw a guy that it's William but he looks different, with scarrs and looks dead inside. That means that he got scooped out of springtrap.
    In Fnaf 6 we play as ourselves or michael. Because who we are didn't play a role in Fnaf 6 it's not sure who we are.
    In UCN we're playing as William Afton because the animatronics say things what William done. Like this sentence from nightmare puppet "This time, death cannot save you". I think puppet meant when william got killed by the spring locks in Springtrap because it saved him from the ghosts. (UCN is really William Aftons personal hell lol). And the animatronics also tell about "the one who you shouldn't have killed". Michael never killed anyone. "The one who you shouldn't have killed" is Henry's daughter, the puppet. Because she is the one who gave them life and the sound when the new animatronics (Frog, Pig, Nedbear) speak sounds like the puppet.
    But this is just my theory. Tell me if i missed something that proves i'm talking bullshit.

  • Viral Winter
    Viral Winter Dzień temu

    Tfw there's still a person that still makes theorys about fnag

  • Kyle Crouch
    Kyle Crouch Dzień temu

    Golden freedy is a boy or a girl there was fanasty and fun? where I came from what doesn't everyone knows that Fred bear is golden greedy right yep you do one day you say baby well I herd that way to many time's

  • Sierra J
    Sierra J Dzień temu

    Wait Some people say its the bite of 87... and others sat it's 83 I'm confused...

  • Sierra J
    Sierra J Dzień temu

    I have those books 😰

  • Natalie Loves
    Natalie Loves Dzień temu

    I've never thought of someone hacking into my phone or computer until this sponsor. Now I'm worried. 😰

  • Nicolas Druda
    Nicolas Druda Dzień temu

    4, 2, SL, 1, 3, 6, UCN

  • Shimmie shimmie Kokobop

    Every time I go into the comments I always find at least one BTS army. I'm scared of our power at this point in time 😂😂

  • King Colin
    King Colin Dzień temu

    She got her self scooped

  • Merrick Thornton
    Merrick Thornton Dzień temu +1

    Make baldi basic’s theory

  • Jess Woodson
    Jess Woodson Dzień temu

    Ah yes the only smash game WaLuigi is in Five Nights At Super Smash Bros Ultimate Custom Night

  • milo Olimpia and bownie guinea Doggy

    even that my mum doesnt really like fnaf,she made a good theory! while i was telling her a long time ago(when i didnt watch ur videos) about how i figured out why baby has green eyes and that she once had blue my mom told me this...."so thats why its called sister location right? because the sister got into baby" i was so amazed cuz i never thought of that so i thought alot about it lately while listening to u talking bout sister location

  • Guadalupe Zazueta
    Guadalupe Zazueta Dzień temu


  • Guadalupe Zazueta
    Guadalupe Zazueta Dzień temu

    In fanf 3 there code 1938

  • Foxy The pirate
    Foxy The pirate Dzień temu

    Did FNAF 1 then FNAF 3 or sl/FNAF 5

  • milo Olimpia and bownie guinea Doggy

    wait wait WAIT! sister location was made after fnaf 4 means they spoiled a new game!

  • Cristian Johnson
    Cristian Johnson Dzień temu

    Never actually thought about it but this almost vaguely similar lol

  • dead d3e Gaming
    dead d3e Gaming Dzień temu

    I'm patiently waiting for the next fnad

  • TheMoonGodYT -TMGYT-gmod Doctor who

    Fantasy and fun rhymes with "How to make FNAF not scary".

  • goldfish productions
    goldfish productions Dzień temu

    Here's my ending theroy that a kid wakes up and it was just a dream but hey that's just a game theroy

  • Shortie Squad
    Shortie Squad Dzień temu

    Wise words Barney reject

  • transfactory
    transfactory Dzień temu

    a solution for the cassidy being male yet female problem
    its scott cawthon the dictionary defenition of confusing genders and convoluted timelines

  • Ramiesilas Sprowles
    Ramiesilas Sprowles Dzień temu

    The time that madpat dose better than me at fnaf WOW!!

  • Arielys Casasnovas
    Arielys Casasnovas Dzień temu +1

    Can you do a kingdom hearts Theory please please please

  • Oliver Carrales
    Oliver Carrales Dzień temu

    You have to be smart about this stuff

  • Galaxy angle
    Galaxy angle Dzień temu

    In the beginning you pick memes X'D

  • wwe idkman
    wwe idkman Dzień temu

    rip Robbie Rotten you will always be number 1

  • Alexa LPS Cam
    Alexa LPS Cam Dzień temu

    Stop at this part 17:22 does it look like a face? and read it.

  • Crazycreeper 0215
    Crazycreeper 0215 Dzień temu


  • Macon Glass
    Macon Glass Dzień temu

    so......... when's part 2? ;-;Edit: nvm It's just not in the playlist. I've been missing it for 2 months now ;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;

  • The Nobody
    The Nobody Dzień temu

    Anyone remember fnaf world?

  • Ciara Panza-Cecchinato

    What i don't get is why fnaf 5 was after fnaf 1 i mean LOOK at the technology difference and design and stuff difference!! Fnaf 1 looks like a 1983 restaurant but fnaf 5 looks like a 2018-2019 restruanst

  • Andrew Playz67568
    Andrew Playz67568 Dzień temu

    *Mat pat seas a new video game trailer about a single foot step*

  • Snowball the snow leopard

    But in fnaf 4 there is Elizabeth! She is a girl who telled you that animatronics are alive in night! And William said that maked baby for his daughter and she was his inspiration. And baby and Elizabeth from fnaf 4 have the same hairdress!!!

  • fnaf lover 69
    fnaf lover 69 Dzień temu

    Well get your belt on this is the finale out of 22 other theory's!

  • Infamous Gamer
    Infamous Gamer Dzień temu

    SL night guard = Micheal Afton he was imortal and restless "imortal and restless" will be seen on sl fake ending

  • Imelda Castillo
    Imelda Castillo Dzień temu

    What if we mix all the voice lines of the animitronic could they lead us to something?

  • Gaming With Mona
    Gaming With Mona Dzień temu

    Can you put moreeeee of his video

  • medha karpe
    medha karpe Dzień temu

    Then u told baby was the daughter

  • Fatima Sheikh
    Fatima Sheikh Dzień temu +2

    Hey buddy u kinda funny I like ye

  • Miss. GameAtion
    Miss. GameAtion Dzień temu +1

    I think Bonnie is the important one.... because there are more bunnys than foxes, chickens, bears or extras
    And I have a theory that Bonnie is the son of Purple Guy

    But it doesn't make sense cause who kills his own son for fun:V

  • Rocco El Pancake
    Rocco El Pancake 2 dni temu +3

    A sixth game? Four novels!? Jesus Its been so long since I have looked at FNAF and this happens.

  • Kyla McKay
    Kyla McKay 2 dni temu


  • Danielle Ann Abarentos

    I screamed when you showed the fredbear jumpscare 😥😥😢 but, i was mindblown about this theory🤯

  • Jasper Thompson
    Jasper Thompson 2 dni temu

    Phone guy... are you that guy from the Infographics show?

  • Addiel Sanchez
    Addiel Sanchez 2 dni temu

    Then who is the brother

  • Addiel Sanchez
    Addiel Sanchez 2 dni temu

    God gave him a gift he is smart AS HELL

  • David Morrish
    David Morrish 2 dni temu

    Did anyone read the crossed out text?

  • jv 619
    jv 619 2 dni temu

    I hate math im just saying

  • SourMouthXD -Random Playlists and more

    Hehehe.... fnaf world simulator..... maybe just maybe it is a separate game....

  • SourMouthXD -Random Playlists and more

    Where is part 2?

  • GoldenPinapple And IronApple

    Where is part 2

  • Annabeth Sangster
    Annabeth Sangster 2 dni temu

    At 3:03 if you pause it, and brighten the screen, in the top right corner there’s a message. The first word is Until. But I can’t figure out the rest. Does anyone else know it?

  • Dawn Knox
    Dawn Knox 2 dni temu

    Rip Fnaf

  • Yvette Couser
    Yvette Couser 2 dni temu

    oh? at 3:01 theres something writen in the corner? does it say "until the fnaf recrut(?) in 3000(?) this is" (please respond to this)

  • blndrndmguy ok
    blndrndmguy ok 2 dni temu

    Soooo… when are part 2?

  • It's me
    It's me 2 dni temu

    Do the origin of toreador march

    SHUBHDA SHUKLA 2 dni temu

    Goodbye waluiji foreva

  • Trent Thompson
    Trent Thompson 2 dni temu

    what if mike from the first 3 games is dead and the hand guide is possesed by mikes soul! "mike" is written in green on the hand guide!

  • Piper Kelley
    Piper Kelley 2 dni temu

    henry's daughter? ya mean charlie? (charlotte if you wanna call her that)

  • Charging Creepers
    Charging Creepers 2 dni temu

    Wait... How does Nightmare Fredbear pick you up in his fnaf 4 jumpscare if he's an illusion?
    here's his jumpscare:

  • Tetsu to yori ōku no hanashi

    *I saw the entire fnaf playlist of game theorists...*

  • Freddy Fazbear
    Freddy Fazbear 2 dni temu +1

    The bite of 83 is at 1985 the bite of 85

  • Estartica
    Estartica 2 dni temu +1

    I laughed out loud when I saw that Robbie Rotten was #1 on the roster

  • marshadow fan the pro

    I hear that they do murder for pizza sauce but I now it isn’t true

  • Asian-Man X
    Asian-Man X 2 dni temu +1


    • Asian-Man X
      Asian-Man X 2 dni temu

      “Barney reject” o mae gaaaa!im ded

  • Happy Alien
    Happy Alien 2 dni temu

    Foxy got bodied by that death coin

  • ObnoxiousBragger
    ObnoxiousBragger 2 dni temu

    OBSCEEEEEEE ok that’s just a game the- ok

  • Elli Lempiäinen
    Elli Lempiäinen 2 dni temu

    Foxy says ' im coming for ur booty ' did u mean that?

  • Mr. suicide Inc
    Mr. suicide Inc 2 dni temu

    Slender theory

  • Ava Porcaro
    Ava Porcaro 2 dni temu

    i just relized mat pats logo looks like the game simon

  • Poofy Plays
    Poofy Plays 2 dni temu

    Wasn't Elizabeth somewhere by like a park or something?

  • Kimber Adams
    Kimber Adams 2 dni temu

    my theory is that the puppet (marionette) is scott cawthon cuz you know how the puppet (marionette) made the animatronics? maybe the puppet is an easter egg for scott cawthon. buts just a theory, a GAME theory

  • zoe
    zoe 2 dni temu

    man that intro

  • Josefina Arreola.Roblero

    I thought that purple guy killed all of the kids😰😰😰😰😰😰

  • Josefina Arreola.Roblero

    But spring trap is the purple guy and if he isn’t then who killed the main 4

  • Anime Face
    Anime Face 2 dni temu


  • 10,000 Subscribers Without A Video

    Its 5:00am in the morning, what on earth am i doing here

  • JSeth Gutchi
    JSeth Gutchi 2 dni temu +1

    I feel like some half-dead animatronic is watching me while I'm watching this video...

    • Jiro Muchizuki
      Jiro Muchizuki Dzień temu

      For some reason I always end up watching these alone at night with the lights off. Then spend the rest of the night hiding under my blanket scared of every hint of a sound I hear out there. Sometimes I can't sleep till 6am, when the animatronics go away.

  • Baran Amani
    Baran Amani 2 dni temu


  • Susana Lauerman
    Susana Lauerman 2 dni temu

    Book about that though there's been about eight games including fnafworld over 4 years that's not

  • POKIO :D
    POKIO :D 2 dni temu

    You look like theodd1sout

  • Dallas Stokes
    Dallas Stokes 2 dni temu

    My favorite bit is rar I'm an angry spirit that is gonna kill you but first let me tell you about how I love fanatsy fairies and long walks on the very in touch with my emotions XD

  • Gaming & stuff
    Gaming & stuff 2 dni temu

    What I think the timeline is
    1) fredbears family dinner
    2)fnaf 2
    3) fnaf 1
    4) fnaf SL
    5) fnaf 3
    6) fnaf 6
    7) fnaf unc

  • Sunny Sunset
    Sunny Sunset 2 dni temu

    Can you make a game theory unraveling the gender of Mangle?

  • Bell's and key's adventures


  • Josefina Cutillar
    Josefina Cutillar 2 dni temu

    Chica ws the first to be killed by the four

  • Josefina Cutillar
    Josefina Cutillar 2 dni temu

    I think that golden freddy was first and the first one that was killed on was chica.

  • Build-a- Helde workshop- random videos and more!

    Me: please no jump scares


  • corrupted_ gumball
    corrupted_ gumball 3 dni temu

    Ya barey reject

  • UnderStuckime97
    UnderStuckime97 3 dni temu


  • SlimyDraws / Publicities

    Talk about Sherlock

  • Hayden Sime
    Hayden Sime 3 dni temu

    Wasn't it "The bite of 87" Whereas in this theory you kept saying "The Bite of 83"?

    • Chia Pet #4357
      Chia Pet #4357 Dzień temu

      There were two bites. The first one took place in FNaF four (the Bite of ‘83) and the second took place in FNaF two (the Bite of ‘87)

  • Andrew Henderson
    Andrew Henderson 3 dni temu

    but but Michael is golden freddy