Game Theory: Who is W.D. Gaster? (Undertale)

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  • Opublikowany 4 lut 2017
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    Since Undertale's release, one question has plagued the fan base - Just who is W. D. Gaster? And why don't I ever find this mystery man? Many have speculated that it was just a little code that Toby Fox threw in last minute, but there is so much more to it than that. Welcome to the episode that I am probably most nervous about.
    By the way, sorry for all the digressions in this episode but this is a really sensitive franchise for me to cover...
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  • Evi Likes
    Evi Likes 18 godzin temu

    I didn't realized at first that the channel intro was altered because I've watched a lot of MatPat's videos that the song was stuck to my head, and that my mind just filled the missing tones...
    Just sharing, no hatin'

  • StarWarsTrekkie
    StarWarsTrekkie 18 godzin temu

    Mat youre amazing. I love this and you for your kindness. "I am not the type to give up", you said. It gives me hope. Youre clean, inspiring, and extremely intellectual. Anyone who says otherwise has issues to put it mildly. I hope you felt better after the rants

  • TBNRfrosty 🐧
    TBNRfrosty 🐧 18 godzin temu

    Dont be sad youre one of the best PLcliprs

  • Ztoons 2.0
    Ztoons 2.0 20 godzin temu

    12:23 deltarune everybody existis accept for Kara

  • That_One_Introverted_ _Emerald

    if you wanna see a youtuber have a reference to faster watch dan and phil they find monster kid goner

  • Kiernan Nies
    Kiernan Nies 20 godzin temu

    Not gonna lie, I left a pretty nasty comment and a dislike on the Ness video. Im really sorry, and I love you and your channel.

  • TakuraTails 97
    TakuraTails 97 22 godzin temu

    Imagine that in chapter 2 of deltarune both timelines join because of something and Gaster appears

  • Reaper
    Reaper 22 godzin temu




  • - Erift -
    - Erift - 23 godzin temu +1

    Btw: Video games aren't just things that people "waste all there time and money on." It's something that let's lets people express themselves, have fun and give a voice that they never had before. Not everyone who plays videogames are addicted freaks that cry and throw a chair when they lose😂 MattPat tells us just that. Thanks for always being there Matt, and helping me get through the tough times.😶😊🙃

  • DogeDoge Games
    DogeDoge Games 23 godzin temu +1

    4:51 is when the video starts. ur welcome

  • danferra torrosel
    danferra torrosel Dzień temu

    Maybe when the goner kid talks about the other universe he's talking about the universe of deltarune

  • daWHATthe
    daWHATthe Dzień temu

    wait. is flowery......from CUPHEAD?!?
    like if you agree (even you mat pat) edit: dislike if the end of the video spooked your sins (get it?!? :AM BAD AT PUNS!!)

  • Sebastian Mistretta
    Sebastian Mistretta Dzień temu

    Gaster is sans dad

  • Dark Storm - dab police/dab commander

    I have came to see this and other undertale and it still makes me sad even after like a year and I just got muted on amino because people were bullying me and then lied saying I was being mean and bullying me which hurt me but it’s ok matpat ignore haters

  • Beast
    Beast Dzień temu


  • TurtlePlays52
    TurtlePlays52 Dzień temu

    darn me intro glitched

  • Daymond Dilione
    Daymond Dilione Dzień temu

    I’m in tears over that intro...

  • Deandra Brathwaite
    Deandra Brathwaite Dzień temu

    Wowie I didn't think it was so bad. I actually found it quite interesting.

  • wolfpup
    wolfpup Dzień temu

    Tbh I love how your intro changes depending what your theorizing I find it a creative and really cool way to get people interested in your videos

  • noah dickerson
    noah dickerson Dzień temu

    I always rewatch his ending " But hey that's just a theory , a game theory" such a good youtuber

  • CrafterZombie Games
    CrafterZombie Games Dzień temu

    On my first play through of the game, I got the Wrong Number Song, And on my second playthrough, Alphys called for a pizza

  • Pug Master
    Pug Master Dzień temu

    on my first game play i got all the Gaster followers a seeing gaster him self

  • Love & Positivity
    Love & Positivity Dzień temu

    I don't know mother bound or whatever
    But I know undertale

    And I know fnaf

    Fnaf I know more about...............about anything

    The kids getting stuck in animatronic suits and stuff

    Since this isn't about five nights at freddy's (Or pinkies-yes my little ponies. Afire nights at pinkies...copy of fnaf)

    I'll shut up now lol

  • Frisk 553344
    Frisk 553344 Dzień temu

    From winter to all the haters of this channel if you hate him then you Also hate the others that are subscribed to channel maybe your family members I dunno like if their are p.s I love your theory’s about undertale I just love this game with all my perseverance and kindness of my own character so I have just this to say see your haters and hell with no mercy🙃🙂

  • Froggit
    Froggit Dzień temu

    Sanness U Wanna Have A Bad Tom Meme
    Sansness You want to have a bad time meem
    Sans ness you want to have a bad time man
    Sans is ness, you want to have a bad time man?

  • GamerGirl Miller
    GamerGirl Miller Dzień temu +1

    since I have been a loyal game theorist fan, I have seen some really bad comments on your channel and to this day idk why people do the things they do. I really like watching your vids mat, I really do and all your theories from games, films,movies etc. I have learned so much and you made me think more about things and made me understand things a bit more like fnaf. I know it can be hard but if you see any rage comments or mean ones from random people that don't have a life then just scroll past them, move on, there is no helping them or changing their mind. some people in this world are only here to cause emotional or physical damage to others and its very sad to see. But for just a little more hope for you and your channel, I will stand by your side and help your currier and you as a person. and to show you so, not only will we support you by subscribing to you, but we will show our likes to you for support. We as loyal theorist can make it trough the rough times if we stick together. - 1 like=1 more hand showing support - CAN I GET A AHMEN!

  • mlawson41102
    mlawson41102 Dzień temu

    MatPat I love you bro, but cry me a friggin river dude! The trolls are a part of the job. The ends justify the means and I'm SURE the ends are supporting your family comfortably. Don't pay so much attention to these assholes. Just focus on your baby and your lady. Keep the theories coming and keep loving your job. Man up...

  • Crazed pizza pizza
    Crazed pizza pizza Dzień temu

    Your right the haters who decided to just say what they want without even thinking or knowing anything besides a few clips they have probably seen need to do research and accept that they are wrong when the truth comes out

  • pidgiarto
    pidgiarto Dzień temu

    And treesicle

  • pidgiarto
    pidgiarto Dzień temu

    Hello Matpat

  • Filip Klominek
    Filip Klominek Dzień temu

    I did get the wrong number call twice.
    (I was there about 10 times.)

    Max AND ALEXIS Dzień temu

    Matpat is da BEST, HE DA MAN!!!!!

  • ScooterTheOofer
    ScooterTheOofer Dzień temu

    But wait does that mean that deltarune also has a fun value?? Which means that every playthrough would be different on that one as well AND there are easter eggs we’re missing as of right now.

  • Aidan Weise
    Aidan Weise Dzień temu

    Brother there's 11mill who like you so hate

  • Ben Wall
    Ben Wall Dzień temu

    Hahahaha you included the kitchen sink

  • Freaky Stories
    Freaky Stories Dzień temu

    Poor mat pat I mean I felt what he felt feeling like a little sad loner in a big world but it changes in the snap of a finger

  • Howl Caine
    Howl Caine Dzień temu

    Why are there 7 pieces of gaster in the edit of him being shattered like in harry potter

  • PredaMax
    PredaMax Dzień temu

    Screw the haters haters you need to stop

  • Eric Ellison
    Eric Ellison Dzień temu

    But I got alphys call for pizza and the clam girl...

  • Bella Luna
    Bella Luna Dzień temu

    I know how to translate what Gaster is saying 👆♋🔸♏⬜

  • Springlock Gamer
    Springlock Gamer Dzień temu +1

    7:48 what's that music called?

  • Springlock Gamer
    Springlock Gamer Dzień temu +1

    Gaster should be in Deltarune chapter 2

  • Springlock Gamer
    Springlock Gamer Dzień temu +1

    I loved the Sans is Ness theory

  • emoji tube
    emoji tube Dzień temu +1

    I was rlly exited u spoke 2 the pope

  • xMarz
    xMarz Dzień temu +1

    whoever hates Matpat for this You are a stupid human being, Do your research before attacking people stop being mean

  • Chara Dreemur
    Chara Dreemur Dzień temu

    I know this is late- but still. You don't deserve hate, you work so hard to entertain us but i don't believe other people don't understand :)

  • Jamie Lillethun
    Jamie Lillethun Dzień temu

    I hope u feel better! (Sense u looked like u were crying)

  • Wasem Zahr
    Wasem Zahr Dzień temu did you see this

  • Mettaton Ex
    Mettaton Ex Dzień temu

    What the.... That snowman...Fun value of 56 and 57....
    Yep I've seen it on my first genocide run. LeL

  • i3je98juejujd dnajsd9adasda8ud9

    I just realized something: "Gaster" said "what do you to think" right before he was shattered across the many timelines, meaning that there were two people there when the incident occurred. I believe Sans and Alphys to be those people, and that sans got the ability to manipulate space as a by-product of being too close to the DT extractor. And if Sans got the ability to manipulate space, what did Alphys get? The ability to "manipulate" time. As time and space are both always in equilibrium, this makes sense. Also we never fought Alphys before to see if it is actually there, except for one time, when we fought her lost soul. Through this battle we found out that Alphys can mimic Metaton's attacks, with the bombs and the mini-metatons with their umbrellas. Metaton has one and only one attack when he can "manipulate" time, this is when he can rewind his attack to hit you twice. Through this I speculate that Gaster had 2 lab assistants: Sans and Alphys, who where both there to see Gaster off. Also the very fact that Alphys started sweating, when asked if they know each-other is proof, although Sans shrugged it off saying something like "Doesn't everybody know me?" Also when Asriel absorbed both Sans and Alphys and became the "Absolute Hyper God of Death", and he got the ability to "reset" the time line, meaning that he would rewind time and space, to the point when nothing exists, or when the plot of Undertale begins.

  • Sage Ls
    Sage Ls Dzień temu

    You don't deserve hate a all

  • Ezra Willis
    Ezra Willis Dzień temu

    the gaster followers are fragments of gaster

  • Vanrum
    Vanrum Dzień temu


  • Haizzy
    Haizzy Dzień temu

    in my first passing i found gaster..
    so it means I'm VERY lucky, yeah?
    haha after this i was watched other youtubers' passing and think why no one didn't met this guy..? why i did..?

  • Lego Maniac
    Lego Maniac Dzień temu

    Why won't you try having a break also try deltarune

  • Enji Enkhsaihan
    Enji Enkhsaihan Dzień temu

    You are very brave, and your not alone.

  • Kudmo Tera
    Kudmo Tera Dzień temu

    What if the Gaster we know right now is just a follower of the actual WD Gaster xD that would be funny

  • Baked Zucchini
    Baked Zucchini Dzień temu

    how to make a successful lore
    step .1 add a random mysterious character with a low chance of appearing
    step .2 add loose references to said character or don't tbh it won't change much
    step .3 wait for people to theorize
    step .4 ???
    step.5 profit

  • Connor Stinnett
    Connor Stinnett Dzień temu

    0:00-4:50: matpat's tangent about unwarranted "hate" and whatnot.
    I'ma be *that guy* and ask:
    "Is it bad i haven't heard anything about this drama - if you want to call it that?"

  • Harrison Marschall
    Harrison Marschall Dzień temu

    i love your undertale theory's

  • nanbaka fan
    nanbaka fan Dzień temu

    That whispy white thing looks like a fire extinguisher lol

  • John Ogrady
    John Ogrady Dzień temu

    I feel bad for u hope it stops

  • Flarey BOI
    Flarey BOI Dzień temu

    you fight gaster in a genocide run on that boat

  • Bonji X GAMER
    Bonji X GAMER Dzień temu

    The wrong number song happened to me!!!

  • Lancer Lancer
    Lancer Lancer Dzień temu

    if you use (captions like i do) the wing dings in the intro translates to [Game Theory sheme tonc]

  • Esaligumba
    Esaligumba Dzień temu

    Matpat you are my second freaken favorite youtuber

  • rfrebtehb
    rfrebtehb Dzień temu +1

    On my iPad that I'm watching this, if I scroll up far enough, I can actually see WD Gaster. No joke I see him

    • Supersimon890
      Supersimon890 Dzień temu

      not to be rude or anything, but i don't believe you.

  • The Devilish Gentleman

    I know I'm late to this video but anyone who shot all that hate at Matt. You should be ashamed of yourselves

  • Nevaeh Miller
    Nevaeh Miller Dzień temu

    R u okay

  • Luke P.
    Luke P. Dzień temu


  • Sizarakon
    Sizarakon Dzień temu

    When the intro theme cracked I actually thought megalovania was goin to play...

  • Satya Raditya
    Satya Raditya Dzień temu

    I see mahatma gandhi,i press fun

  • Amanda Morgan
    Amanda Morgan Dzień temu

    its okay mattpatt im here

  • Leo-Alexander Hewitt
    Leo-Alexander Hewitt Dzień temu

    Haters gonna hate.
    Just wanted to say your theory channel is something I always look forward too.
    All of you guys and girls of the theory channel good job and keep it up ❤️👍🏼💪🏼

  • Stan Marsh
    Stan Marsh 2 dni temu

    Nobody’s perfect. They don’t know that

    DANIEL TV 2 dni temu

    Two halves one halved what do u mean?

  • Comic Sans
    Comic Sans 2 dni temu

    I've never had a phone call or seen reference of gaster

  • GifhornCourtStudios GK73

    Whoever hated on those videos must see the comments a lot, since they like writing them so much. So let me say something for them all to see.

    Screw you. You all are the reason stereotypes for idiotic white people are made.

  • Ashleigh Behling
    Ashleigh Behling 2 dni temu

    Ignore the hate, you are awesome!

  • Aria Stone
    Aria Stone 2 dni temu

    It’s ok but I will knock them out

  • Aria Stone
    Aria Stone 2 dni temu

    People who hate I -dap all over the room- boom!

  • Mew Twaila
    Mew Twaila 2 dni temu

    I feel SO SO SO BAD you had to get this about of hate from the Pope event, you didn't deserve that

  • Liam Campbell
    Liam Campbell 2 dni temu

    I want to give you a hug : )

  • Houndoom _YT
    Houndoom _YT 2 dni temu

    Also my friend killed toriel, didn’t save, and flowey still knew what he did

  • Yugoslavian Boi
    Yugoslavian Boi 2 dni temu

    Bro, the hate isn't something you should pay atention to. Do what you like. Поздрав из Србије.

  • Houndoom _YT
    Houndoom _YT 2 dni temu

    My theory: Matt patt is Chris Pratt

  • Peekaboo gaming
    Peekaboo gaming 2 dni temu

    I’ve been supporting you since fnaf a first one too and they seem true AND you shouldn’t get hate it’s just a theory and my friend does theory’s and does undertale and I do believe popes gift WAS ACUALY good
    See ya. Big fan

  • Braidynasauras-rex
    Braidynasauras-rex 2 dni temu +1

    Never seen MatPat like this at the start

  • Richard Parker
    Richard Parker 2 dni temu

    Whoever said Mattpatt was wrong with the pope, your wrong. And very very dumb.

    DEIKO 2 dni temu

    (I love theories and so i make theories too and im bout to make a paragraph.) is there a timeline where ghaster is NOT shattered?And to add to that is it the timeline of deltarune?Is ghaster not shattered in the deltarune timeline?And what does W.D stand for?

  • Tera Vinson
    Tera Vinson 2 dni temu

    I loved that speech

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    It's gona be OK 😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭 it's gona be OK don't let the haters get you I'm with you

  • Tera Vinson
    Tera Vinson 2 dni temu +1

    Wait if Gaster is sans father then wouldn't Gaster be from nesses world to do a theory on that please.😉

  • Andrei Avram
    Andrei Avram 2 dni temu

    i got the worng number!man,i like that song.

  • debra vanpelt
    debra vanpelt 2 dni temu

    Stop hateing on mat pat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    CreamyCake 2 dni temu

    instead of the intro music it should've been a glitchy version of megalovania

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  • Pug Warrior
    Pug Warrior 2 dni temu

    beware the man who speaks in hands

    Gaster be like: *middle finger*

  • Tsm Your mum
    Tsm Your mum 2 dni temu

    Whoever gave the pope a surfboard deserves a medal