Game Theory: Who is W.D. Gaster? (Undertale)

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  • Opublikowany 4 lut 2017
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    Since Undertale's release, one question has plagued the fan base - Just who is W. D. Gaster? And why don't I ever find this mystery man? Many have speculated that it was just a little code that Toby Fox threw in last minute, but there is so much more to it than that. Welcome to the episode that I am probably most nervous about.
    By the way, sorry for all the digressions in this episode but this is a really sensitive franchise for me to cover...
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  • Baby parrot_Parrot channel

    Sans is gasters son :D

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    Nesu Kak Godzinę temu

    Matpat you are a good person and im glad it was undertale.

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    Shadow The Dark Master Godzinę temu

    don't worry pat I will support you always like if you agree!!!!!

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    Jeff Vogler Godzinę temu

    You are awesome

  • Dancetale Sans
    Dancetale Sans 2 godzin temu

    -if you go to downstair without Toriel's Permission, she will say a bunch a dialouge, including one say "it is DUSTY here, you will catch a cough

    >Dusty is a monster effect when they die
    >Monster turn to dust when they die
    >it was in Toriel House
    >Toriel killed monster

  • Everytime13 XxX
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  • Kieran Selfridge
    Kieran Selfridge 2 godzin temu

    That's sad why people do dat (1 like = 1 less hater

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    Elise Kim 4 godzin temu

    how come flowey and sans have so many things in common, yet they absolutly (is that how you say it?) HATE each other?

  • Over Awesome
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    I feel badly for him

  • SuperSmashBros GOD
    SuperSmashBros GOD 8 godzin temu

    I think not!

  • juliovonspit 464
    juliovonspit 464 9 godzin temu

    (Matpat says gaster is real it fills you with DETERMINATION to find him)

  • Izz's Life
    Izz's Life 12 godzin temu +1

    Is anyone thinking Gaster is Walt Disney Gaster

  • IndoGalaxy
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    now i need my knife,frying pan and

    D E T E R M I N A T I O N

    to kill the haters of course

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    Mstr Mnd 13 godzin temu +1 matpat where’s that video

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    OMG Cat 16 godzin temu +1

    *matpat being serious*
    Me:i-it’s just a g-game theory...

  • Hyperverse Gaming
    Hyperverse Gaming 16 godzin temu

    How many games is undertale related to Fnaf for dead kids now Pokemon dailga and Pailka pokemons of space and time what is my life

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    Just to*

  • Sidkidz Games
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    Just clarify I didn’t hate on you ever

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    Sidkidz Games 22 godzin temu

    I’m so sorry Matty (please don’t ask) about all the hates

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    haters logic: me: has a theory


  • Rosa Lopez
    Rosa Lopez 23 godzin temu

    Is it okay for the river person to say "Beware of the man who came from the other world". Mat Pat

  • KahrePlays
    KahrePlays 23 godzin temu

    Lol here comes all the salty 8 years olds

  • Harvey Dykes
    Harvey Dykes 23 godzin temu

    I love how (eventually) Mark found the monster kid loner but had no idea of its significance.
    *He gets so lucky, and he doesn't even know it*

  • Malachi Peters
    Malachi Peters 23 godzin temu

    dear Game Theory I love your Sans Theory i think its cannon in my mind

  • Malachi Peters
    Malachi Peters 23 godzin temu

    gaster has corrupted your intro

  • Dezi Dreamer
    Dezi Dreamer Dzień temu

    I like the vid

  • Warman908
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    I cracked up when he said "slim chances" and eminem popped up

  • Rose undertale!!!
    Rose undertale!!! Dzień temu

    I. I... im so sorry i... YOU DESERVE MORE FAME!!!

  • Minecraft Jack Gaming
    Minecraft Jack Gaming Dzień temu

    Mat no one gives a crap you gave a stupid game thoses other gifts were better then your game. and i know its been a while but grow a pair of balls and grow up because your theories are trash and youneed to know that.

    • Rose undertale!!!
      Rose undertale!!! 12 minut temu

      All im saying is please dont hate anyone its just not needed

    • Minecraft Jack Gaming
      Minecraft Jack Gaming 29 minut temu

      +Rose undertale!!! its not your fault its matpat's that should deserve hate

    • Rose undertale!!!
      Rose undertale!!! 10 godzin temu

      Ok ok i dont want to fight... sorry that i exist

    • Minecraft Jack Gaming
      Minecraft Jack Gaming 23 godzin temu

      +Rose undertale!!! yea well maybe he deserved that hate because he couldnt be more of and idiot if he tried

    • Rose undertale!!!
      Rose undertale!!! Dzień temu

      You know you can be nice once in a while right?

  • Everytime13 XxX
    Everytime13 XxX Dzień temu

    Gaster is my favorite character tied with sans

  • Everytime13 XxX
    Everytime13 XxX Dzień temu

    I met Gaster in my first game of Undertale fight me :)

    • Everytime13 XxX
      Everytime13 XxX 2 godzin temu

      IN NOT KIDDING!!! I have photo evidence!!!

    • Siem MCSiem
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      Everytime13 XxX I dont believe you but i won’t fight you over it

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    Who is cool?

    You were expecting me to say read the first one. NOPE!

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    Wait. Is it pronounced Alfiss or Alfeez

  • The devil and angel girl


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    This is realized how sad this is AND YOU STUPID BULLYS JUST STOP

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    for every dislike


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    I’m not crying at the beginning NO IM NOT I PROMISE nope I’m lying ;-; Im crying

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    Patrick Cappuccio Dzień temu +1

    Is Kris from Deltarune is mind controlled by W.D. Gaster from Undertale 🤔

  • Jenny Jones
    Jenny Jones Dzień temu +1

    Poor MatPat

  • hugh mansfield
    hugh mansfield Dzień temu

    “Don’t get me wrong”

  • Sam Williams
    Sam Williams Dzień temu +1

    Dude, I'm sorry for you. The haters are evidently below average intelligence as they don't know what a THEORY is. If they disagree with you then they should express their views in a polite and civilised manner. Keep up the good work and never forget that there is not just negativity in the world.

  • Bonhwan Ku
    Bonhwan Ku Dzień temu

    I played for the game the first time and the call came.

  • SinchoIsHere
    SinchoIsHere Dzień temu +1

    I found the monster kid ghost and had nothing idea that it had anything to do with this gaster guy,
    now I know.

  • Juan Miguel Montejo Montejo

    I don't like poeple that hate you I'll stand up for you :)

  • Call out The Dylan
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    Gaster is Gaster duh everyone knows that

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    YOU ARE MY HERO!!!!!

  • smol kitten
    smol kitten Dzień temu +1

    think about it
    for all the theories that involve science and equations he probably had to go college for that.
    He couldn't just look up some hard equation he had to go to school and learn it. I bet that in Mats room math degrees are carefully and nicely hung up on the wall. And just from hearing other peoples college experience it is probably one of the most difficult things to do and maybe some of us younger viewers couldn't even answer the first question on a math exam.

  • Undertale Lover
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    People can be jerks😞😞

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    Brenton Priest 2 dni temu

    Your, I mean. stupid autocorrect

  • Brenton Priest
    Brenton Priest 2 dni temu

    I loved you video on Sans being Ness

    CAUSE IMABOZZ 2 dni temu +1

    I bet he gets this much hate in a REALLY young demographic that dont understand what a *opinon* is and need to learn that actions have consequences and do bad things bad things could come to you and need to learn that if they dont like anything then STAY QUIET.

  • Maria Baker
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    Uh were would I get undertale

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    God bless mat saint sole love your vids

    DNA PLAYER 2 dni temu

    his origin kinda reminds me of Dr. Manhattan, don't you guys think so?

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    Inspirational speech

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    Aha the word search I knew it(I didn't think about that)

  • girlsblock 2
    girlsblock 2 2 dni temu

    I always love these kinds of videos, and it kinda broke my heart to hear that some people are actually hating on this. It always blows my mind to watch these videos.

  • laiton gamer19
    laiton gamer19 2 dni temu

    Aww poor guy... Im so sorry for those haters pleaz dont lisen to hate.

    • laiton gamer19
      laiton gamer19 Dzień temu

      sorry audio correct.=(

    • Siem MCSiem
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      laiton gamer19 why do you feel sorry for the haters? Just ignore and/or dab on them

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    Game Racer 2 dni temu

    It’s okay Matt we still love your vids

  • Davidutzu Dragutzu
    Davidutzu Dragutzu 2 dni temu

    two halves one whole what is that one supposed to mean? at the end of the video you can barely see these words flashing

  • Talan Tourville
    Talan Tourville 2 dni temu

    im sorry dude i love your vids

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    I feel so sorry for you

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    I did like that if sans was ness video

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    4:50 is where the video starts

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    Sterre D'Agata 2 dni temu

    I normally *try* to post humourous and funny comments, but then once, I was in a fit and I put a hate comment below a PLcliprs video (I think it was Wengie) and it made me feel so good that I became scared of myself and became very anxious. I'm sorry if I ever said something bad, PLclip community.

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    Your a sook

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    sharon lynch 2 dni temu

    Yeah I think sans is ness it's so obvious now I have never disagreed with one of your theories

  • GJ rama
    GJ rama 2 dni temu

    13:52 no when fighting asgord if you talk you say how many times he’s killed you and he nods

  • GJ rama
    GJ rama 2 dni temu

    I got the wrong phone call song in my first play through

  • Finn saysMeow
    Finn saysMeow 2 dni temu


    Theory solved!
    Gaster is an old man who died from old age a while ago

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    Heaters are Gays.

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    If this was a recent video I'd try and get everyone to spam something as a troll. Nothing mean. Just a comment flood.

  • Ultrasound Animations

    I’m gonna kill the people who hate you.

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    To be nice I love it and I lone undertale

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    Hey man, people are dumb and the world can be cruel. Keep doing you. Can’t please everyone. I for one totally and throughly enjoy the channel.

  • DecidueyeGamer
    DecidueyeGamer 2 dni temu

    Awwww. Sorry about that, mat. People can be real crap heads. I. Me. I personally thought that the Ness vid was awesome. Oh and btw entry #8 contains something. heh. Where there's a will there's a way.

  • Superdounutman Misa lit

    MatPat,I (being a board 10 year old) would usually skip one of those deep intros but I love undertale and knowing people would hate you for making a fun undertale theory I hope you can get through the hate #nohate #gametheory
    #matpat #undertale

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    I do not hate you I love

  • Daniel Clinton
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    I love you

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    wait what the heck the sans ness video was awesome

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    It’s not scary.....Smile dawg is scary

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    Your awesome keep the good content and I luv undertale

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    I thought of Shiny Pokemon (help)

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    (Matpat over comes hate)
    (It fills you determination)
    ♡save return

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    it's funny how it's a 2.8% chance of bumping into the guy and i got a ficus licker follower first playthrough

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    ur the best don’t let the haters get to you

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    I support you!!!!!!

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    Why do you insist on whining. Just give me your well crafted theories

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    Hay dont take any of the hate to heart if thay go out of there way to hate a video it's there loss not your as long as you happy what others say won't bother you

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    you aare the best matpat

  • Drew bailey
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    i loved the sans video

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    And I'm really really sorry that people do hate comments I feel really bad for you.

  • Ethan Horner
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    Pls read this one. Don't you think that there is a secret ending were your freinds forget you forever? Pls let us no cause I cant play undertale because I dont have a computer.

  • Joe the Wolf
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    Lol I still have the picture of the pope playing Undertale and countless other games in my head.

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    I love you pat