Game Theory: Who is W.D. Gaster? (Undertale)

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  • Opublikowany 4 lut 2017
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    Since Undertale's release, one question has plagued the fan base - Just who is W. D. Gaster? And why don't I ever find this mystery man? Many have speculated that it was just a little code that Toby Fox threw in last minute, but there is so much more to it than that. Welcome to the episode that I am probably most nervous about.
    By the way, sorry for all the digressions in this episode but this is a really sensitive franchise for me to cover...
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    wow long comments

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    Dude... W-in-t-hecking-f
    I don't watch game theorists all that often, but watching the first couple of minutes and seeing his reaction to the hate... Let me just say I feel ya man. It sucks when something you are so passionate about gets ripped away from you because other people hate on what your ideas are. I'm glad, however, that even though these experiences crush us in ways that it's hard to really communicate how devastating it is, you were still willing to make a video about it, and you are still willing to make more videos. Kudos to this man who stands up to haters and shows he will not be swayed by the internet.

  • Superluigi Jason
    Superluigi Jason Dzień temu

    Poor mat pat

  • Spiritpyro
    Spiritpyro Dzień temu

    Mat pat I used to hate you because 8 year old me hated that you combined science and gaming which was my escape from logic and science but Matpat you are now good in my book also I know the pain of the public eye I feel like if I don’t make this series then I lose subscribers so I have deleted many videos this past month so I know the pain of it

  • Dream Crusher
    Dream Crusher Dzień temu

    Iv received hate but I kept on going and you do to pat good on you

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    thank you, very cool kanye

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  • Crystal Wishes
    Crystal Wishes Dzień temu

    Gaster died and Alphys tried bringing him back; if you go to the lap and look at the physics books they're covered with dust, or 'theyre dusty'.
    After Gaster died by falling into CORE (and his funeral) Alphys tired to bring him back to life as she was completing gasters DETERMINATION experiment but failed. Failed so horribly wrong that the amount of Gasters determination led him into the Void.

  • Sharon Carlsen
    Sharon Carlsen Dzień temu

    F is for friends who do stuff together U is for u and me N is for anywhere at any time at all DOWN HERE IN THE UNDERGROUND

  • Jenny Wadlington
    Jenny Wadlington Dzień temu

    or what if when gaster fell into his creation it was a portal across time and space that he fell into and sans and papyrus fell out and thats why sans is connected to alphys because he was trying to get back to his own time and universe and papyrus just didnt care / understand and thats why they r brothers because they came from the same time and thatd why sans read up on so much quantum physics and stuff because he was researching it w alphys to get back but gave up and also his special attack is a blaster cuz he came out of a portal that was linked to it somehow..? idk

    • Jenny Wadlington
      Jenny Wadlington Dzień temu

      thats why they just kinda showed up and asserted themselves

  • DiamondJJ
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    The intro
    Me:Ahhh he hacky da intro!
    You:no he didn’t he isn’t real
    Me:Yes he is and he’s outside my house

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    I don't think you are terrible i think your amazing

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    Oof dem haters

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    me: get a chainsaw
    me: ok who is these haters
    jake paul: DAB ON DA-
    me: slaps him to China
    ok haters I'm coming for you next
    1 like = 1 haters killed or kicked or slaped to china or wherever

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    *randomly teleports to matpat*it's ok my boi your here with all the undertale fans and keep smiling*gives a hug to matpat*

  • I Like to eat Tacos
    I Like to eat Tacos Dzień temu

    i did 3 pacifists, 3 neutrals, 1 genocide and i only found gaster related once

  • Cookies and Cream
    Cookies and Cream Dzień temu


    Somehow you always seem to send a chill down my spine.

  • Dragonfire
    Dragonfire Dzień temu

    Whenever I see the game theory intro come on, I usually immediately get up for a specific part in the intro when the game theory symbol spins and lights up in coordination with the music and where I point my fingers at each moment the lights flash. Of course, I was heavily disappointed to find a certain marshmallow face DESTROYING MY FAVORITE PART OF THE INTRO

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    Chara is a murderer

    hold my beer

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    *cries* I love you mattpat

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    Are u ok now:'( :'( :-) :-)

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    Ok I also have 2 things to say
    1. If you don’t like a certain PLclipr than go watch someone else and don’t use the comments to hate use it to help him.
    2. Go and try to make a theory yourself it is hard.
    And May pat if you read this I am also a youtuber and I respect you and what you do so keep making these videos.

  • David Johnson
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    All the people that have destroyed this video and also sent heating the comment can go die 👿👿👿

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    deer all the people hating on Matt: why the HECK are you even watching his videos if you hate him?! Matt is one of the best PLcliprs I've seen in the year I've been on PLclip, if you don't like him, go somewhere else instead of p!ssing off him AND the fans, Matt is an amazing youtuber, all the people out there making Matt look bad are the ones looking bad, it looks out of place when I see these weird posts on hate about Matt, Matt is the best youtuber out there, he has the best theories and best game plays, buzz off haters! (and to Matt, I will like as many videos as I can, and I have subed and turned on notifications :D)

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    hey matpat i love your vids,keep up the good work and don't worry at what the haters say

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    F#ck u haters!

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    Ok, I know this was a year ago but people! You guys are really stupid. Poor mat pat!.

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    Anyone notice how the hand sign changes, let’s track it
    1 like = 1 whatever just like this so we can track the sign language

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    You know what you, you msy think that you were the worst one to go up there but here is the thing. You are THE smartest youtuber and THE most respectful youtuber I have ever seen. I know i was late on looking at this video but that doesn't matter. You are the best choice on behalf of us geeky gamers to meet the pope and you have my every bit of respect Matt, every bit.

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    Who wants to play COD Ghosts

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    0:00 There is also another one that goes like, "Beware of the man from the other world," or something.

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    Don't worry man it's not you, the undertale fandom is batshit crazy.

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    Bruh, y'all some assholes

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    i hate sadpat

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    I got the Sans phone call and the wrong number one but just thought they always happened.

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    Who hated that freaking video???????

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    I dont understand if you dont like somebody why do you spend all of your time trying to make them feel like trash if you dont like them just get away from them

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    Love you

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    Gaster is sans dad I think like his face when you see comic about sans and his dad it looks like gaster

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    Every one shut up this guy is great

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    Thank you for the intro

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    I know i'm late to the game (Like... REALLY late) but i appreciate your theories and i'm glad that you got the chance to discuss things with the pope.

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    We love you mat pat

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    Honestly ignore the hate I found that theory about Ness very interesting and cool

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    Besides Flowey and Sans there are also Frisk and Asgore who know what happens after a timeline is "reset" (when you die). Frisk tells Asgore in their battle how many times you were defeated and Asgore does not seem surprised to hear it, knowing about it as well.

  • TheGroudonx
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    2:50 Sounds like people commented who play the genosis run for fun. Stay determined, MatPat!

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    I love you

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  • Antony Dumper
    Antony Dumper 2 dni temu are a great youtuber! You put time and effort to do all your theories, you've been doing that for 8 years now! Anyone who hates you, they should be slapped, they unlike just for making theories!

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    Screw other haters. You're honest, and you provide entertainment to others. And they can't deny it

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    if you dislike you are chara and we DO NOT NEED ANY MORE CHARAS(exept for kawai girlz) I have given them permission

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    The people that hate on mattypatty are not TRUE THEORISTS

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    W. D taster is dad of sans

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    Gaster is Sans and Papy`s dad

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    Love you man and will always support you no matter what! ;)

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    look a good percent of us care about you and think that you are one of the best youtubers that we know heck you have 11m subs and your theories are good but don't think bad of yourself and ignore those people they have no idea what the heck they are even saying and i hope that you or some one reads this so they know that we care about you and your channel. P.S. you are one of my favorite youtubers

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    Undertale is one of my favourite games and I knew that already and where he went was it was the void

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    I love your channel you are one of the best PLclipr on PLclip I love and agree with most of your Thoughts on games and shows

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    What you said at the beginning is one of many reasons your my favourite youtuber

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    My theory: *Undertale is not just a video game*

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    So does that mean if we have a choice millions or billions of alternate realities created?

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    u da man matpat, and all the other gametheorists out there

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    i know this is an old video but, I hope you know what you do makes a lot of people happy and you and everyone on game theory inspire me to think about the world around me in a new different way as much as possible, so thank you for being you.

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    I love all the Undertale theories

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    “I’m going to have so much fun”

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    Oh its the wrong number! The Wrong Number song! We‘re very very sorry that we got it wrong! Now like this damn comment xD

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    Wait people give you hate???? Well in that case CHARA GET YOUR KIFE OUT!!! I am going yandere on these haters and might need some back up🙃🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔫🔫🔫🔫✂✂🗡🗡🗡🔪🔪🔪🏹🏹🙃

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    Wait? What if everytime in undertale you get transformed in a parallel universe? Its not completely impossible.

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