Vocal Coach Reaction to Billie Eilish - when the party's over

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  • Tristan Paredes
    Tristan Paredes  3 miesięcy temu +4018

    Omg 😂I'm not making fun of Billie ya'll. It's an awesome video but definitely intended to shock people watching it, like when she put a spider in her mouth. Me being shocked by the video is probably what she was trying to do!
    I understand there is something symbolic about purging something toxic (the ink) from your body. Makes sense to me. But beyond that the music video itself is definitely shocking and meant to get people talking!

    • RAAA
      RAAA 8 dni temu

      Its not really ink either

    • RAAA
      RAAA 8 dni temu

      Tristan, the liquid's colour is dark blue. How is it blood?

    • Nicolas Montecinos
      Nicolas Montecinos 14 dni temu


    • Youtube Plantet
      Youtube Plantet 14 dni temu

      Plz reaction on tokyo ghoul opening unravel

    • Laura
      Laura 18 dni temu

      What's wrong about that? The music is good to

  • RG Pascua
    RG Pascua Dzień temu +1

    Im listening to a masterpiece. Can u please shut the fck up when reacting? Its very annoying

  • Paw In Snow
    Paw In Snow Dzień temu

    billie snaps her finger and half of the whole world cries black ink

  • Ella Peters
    Ella Peters 2 dni temu

    It’s not blood it’s ink

  • TheRealFlame
    TheRealFlame 3 dni temu +1

    i'm poppy

  • Xxgaca girlxX 6969
    Xxgaca girlxX 6969 3 dni temu

    The black stuff coming out of her eyes was fan art so she made this video and when she was drinking it fast it was photoshop

    SUGA KOOKIE 3 dni temu

    When he said "the fuck" i sCREAMED

  • Ela Pradhan
    Ela Pradhan 3 dni temu +1

    Bro it’s not blood. And how that creep you out?

  • Mikylie Tinsley
    Mikylie Tinsley 4 dni temu

    She has eyeliner in her eyes it dosent hurt at all

  • Kylie Johnson
    Kylie Johnson 4 dni temu

    never mind sry

  • Kylie Johnson
    Kylie Johnson 4 dni temu

    no shade but never disrespect her again know u did not mean to

  • Mabelle Santos
    Mabelle Santos 4 dni temu +1

    you reacted at the music video not the voice.
    i really thoight you are going to react at her voice at that song lol.

    and uhmm.. yoi should watch the behind the scenes of that.

  • Kaiser Wilhelm II
    Kaiser Wilhelm II 4 dni temu

    I Think Anonymous And The Illuminati are enemy's

  • Kaiser Wilhelm II
    Kaiser Wilhelm II 4 dni temu

    Its Sounded like a religious chant because she is trapped she said in her music videos in reversed that she is trapped in hell

  • Ae-Ri Mochi
    Ae-Ri Mochi 6 dni temu


  • Navisa Navisa
    Navisa Navisa 6 dni temu

    ItS aRt

  • pamdada
    pamdada 6 dni temu

    Reaction channels try to be funny yeah but you're a 'vocal coach' I thought that you would've talked about her voice more or talk depth of the lyrics not force comedy..

  • Bridgot Jasso
    Bridgot Jasso 7 dni temu

    Man Billie is to good for the doctors

  • JoSalvador
    JoSalvador 7 dni temu

    That isn’t blood wtf... it’s blue/black... how is it blood??

  • Stephanie Lauren
    Stephanie Lauren 8 dni temu

    I’m just a little confused as to why s vocal coach is reacting to a music video? Like I get wanting to have a visual for the video but he seems to be trying to hard to comment on the actual video instead of her voice, and the jokes about the effects seem really forced and trying to hard to be funny.

  • casually evelyn
    casually evelyn 8 dni temu

    Yes I am an avocado

  • Jeffrey S. Green
    Jeffrey S. Green 8 dni temu

    Worst reaction video I've ever seen. Why did you even call it a reaction video? No good.

  • Andrea Lima
    Andrea Lima 8 dni temu

    “yOU nEeD tO gO To tHE dOCTer.”

    That got me dying

  • hadi kharsa
    hadi kharsa 9 dni temu

    1:16 what do you think is the colour of blood Tristan?

  • Lauren Forever
    Lauren Forever 9 dni temu

    2:11- "it's blood''
    It's dark .....It's not even red you could easily notice that it's ink or something like that b'cuz of the stain on her cloth

  • Lauren Forever
    Lauren Forever 9 dni temu

    A dark blood ???, really?

  • Morgan Woodyard
    Morgan Woodyard 10 dni temu

    Honestly he’s for real slow😭😂 she’s ten times better than he will EVER be. No shade, just facts🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Jacob
    Jacob 11 dni temu

    please react to poppy

  • Mariah Demarco
    Mariah Demarco 11 dni temu


  • superluser
    superluser 11 dni temu

    your too silly

  • Ella Roberts
    Ella Roberts 11 dni temu


  • Nicholas
    Nicholas 11 dni temu

    I don't want this to sound rude but
    Couldn't you just be quiet and listen to the music without talkin every second

  • Sabrina Carpenter
    Sabrina Carpenter 12 dni temu

    I laughed 😂😂

  • EmmaTheDilemma
    EmmaTheDilemma 12 dni temu

    Yo I see what Billie was talking about. She obviously only watched this video but every “compliment” he had felt kind of backhanded. It obviously wasn’t blood she was drinking. “It’s cool that something as WEIRD as this is mainstream”. It feels like “you fill out that dress better than the mannequin”. “Why can’t a flower come out of her mouth instead?” It was immature of her but honestly, I feel a little offended for her. But in every other video he’s nonstop praising so I don’t know why he seemed so negative here

  • Daivanee Fuentes
    Daivanee Fuentes 12 dni temu

    He HAS A CAT on the couch

  • For Fun
    For Fun 12 dni temu

    Dude Billie Ellish is amazing and so is her videos

  • Amna Waqas
    Amna Waqas 12 dni temu

    His reactions though. 😂😂😂😂

  • Lincoln Tayag
    Lincoln Tayag 12 dni temu

    this is the worst video ever. i cant believe im unsubscribing but lol this is trash

  • Noddy da Homeboi
    Noddy da Homeboi 12 dni temu

    1:30 *She drinking that real fast* hahaha I don't know why but i screamed

  • No One
    No One 12 dni temu

    please react to bury a friend Tristan...

  • Dani Sadie
    Dani Sadie 13 dni temu

    What is it you say in the beginning of the video ? Tristan’s? I don’t understand pleae hell

  • Emmaline Siebe
    Emmaline Siebe 13 dni temu

    Ok so you guys want him to react but in a certain way? That’s kind of defeats the purpose of him giving HIS reaction. If you want such a specific reaction, post one yourselves🤷‍♀️

  • kurtcocaine
    kurtcocaine 14 dni temu

    lmao he says „I wonder what’s gonna happen in the bridge of this song“ wHiLe sHes siNgiNg tHe brIdgE

  • Arshad Memhood
    Arshad Memhood 14 dni temu


  • Arshad Memhood
    Arshad Memhood 14 dni temu

    You literally judged people so fast and it’s supposed to be poison not blood r you colourblind or something

  • The Makayla Vlogs
    The Makayla Vlogs 14 dni temu

    Its not supposed to be blood

  • Nicolas Montecinos
    Nicolas Montecinos 14 dni temu

    If you're a vocal coach, react to the voice and the notes, the video is very good but why you put in the title "vocal coach"

  • Youtube Plantet
    Youtube Plantet 14 dni temu +1

    React on tokyo ghoul opening unravel

  • Yenifer Gavina
    Yenifer Gavina 16 dni temu

    This video introduced me to her music, thnx

  • Nicole Briggs
    Nicole Briggs 16 dni temu

    I think the drink is supposed to be what people call ‘Saturday night special’ which is a charcoal drink that they give to people at the hospital if they have overdosed.

  • Jillian Carpenter
    Jillian Carpenter 16 dni temu

    It is not blood.

  • •Shasha potato playz•

    It's not blood it's just something that's not blood

  • U.S Federal Meme Agency


  • Malina Valencia
    Malina Valencia 17 dni temu

    This video pisses me off soooooo much like😔

  • Malina Valencia
    Malina Valencia 17 dni temu +1

    “It almost looks like a poppy video” NOOOOO THATS WEAR YOUS WRONG BYE

  • kami phillips
    kami phillips 17 dni temu

    you should react to bury a friend by billie eilish!!! it’s so different by a dope kinda different

  • Lina Mauk
    Lina Mauk 17 dni temu

    ❤️❤️You should react to Lana del rey!!!! ❤️❤️

  • Nevaeh Ramos
    Nevaeh Ramos 17 dni temu

    It was poison

  • fish burt123
    fish burt123 17 dni temu

    I mean like he said that the music is good and good sinematic

  • Mai Fischer
    Mai Fischer 18 dni temu

    It’s so funny how he is so distracted by the video 😂

  • Jenna Doerflinger
    Jenna Doerflinger 18 dni temu


  • Lukkah OPTHOOG
    Lukkah OPTHOOG 19 dni temu

    It isn't blood. It is tears

  • Marissa Cloyd
    Marissa Cloyd 19 dni temu

    It isn’t blood. It’s a strange concoction.

  • laurennbrookee
    laurennbrookee 20 dni temu

    Bro shes unique leave her alone

  • Rae Dasme
    Rae Dasme 20 dni temu

    Ansel Elgort/ Brendon Urie lookin

  • armyoncedirectionerkpopper forever

    Tristan, you should see the behind the scenes😂😂

  • Daphne Welch
    Daphne Welch 21 dzień temu

    Oh nO It Is blOOd!!!!! Dude ur fuckin dumb are u even listening to the lyrics? Shes crying.

  • Alexa Orozco
    Alexa Orozco 21 dzień temu

    All here Music videos have a Message in this music video the message is don’t to drugs

  • Alexa Orozco
    Alexa Orozco 21 dzień temu

    She is “dying”

  • Mya Mcintosh
    Mya Mcintosh 21 dzień temu

    You should react to Lynnea M’s cover to this song

  • ROBLOX Creation
    ROBLOX Creation 22 dni temu +1

    It’s not blood😹😹😹

  • ŁeFameous
    ŁeFameous 22 dni temu

    Don't people understand that he is a VOCAL COACH and he knows about singing more than anyone in the comment's section and i think that he can proably sing better than billie .

  • Cheyenne xo
    Cheyenne xo 22 dni temu

    I didn’t understand the video until I read the comments. Stop faulting him for something he didn’t know 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Ade Joker
    Ade Joker 22 dni temu

    Can you react to some songs by thirty seconds to Mars?

  • Tara Johnson
    Tara Johnson 23 dni temu

    Its not blood

  • 19.x Beauty
    19.x Beauty 23 dni temu

    React to worst of you maise Peters

  • Zainomite
    Zainomite 23 dni temu

    Yo you need to go see a doctor 😂😂

  • Gabriel 7w7
    Gabriel 7w7 23 dni temu


  • Khlobugzz Lol
    Khlobugzz Lol 23 dni temu

    That’s not blood it’s ink

  • Kimberly Hibbard
    Kimberly Hibbard 23 dni temu

    It’s not blood

  • Dying Sheep
    Dying Sheep 24 dni temu


  • Lisa Brienza
    Lisa Brienza 24 dni temu

    He tries to be funny but he isn’t🙄

  • Lizbeth Alvarez
    Lizbeth Alvarez 24 dni temu

    honestly he supposed to be reacting to her voice yet he’s speaking bad on the video most the time , i know he did compliment her voice but he talked bad on the video 🙄

  • Glenn RoyJ
    Glenn RoyJ 24 dni temu

    Me: can you just shut up and listen to her beautiful voice.
    No hate👌

  • Sambie Silverfox
    Sambie Silverfox 24 dni temu


  • Ava Hammond
    Ava Hammond 25 dni temu

    Ok am I blind because I don’t see the spider come out🥶

  • Bridgette Conway
    Bridgette Conway 25 dni temu

    First video I’ve disliked👀😂

  • Aevahly Navey
    Aevahly Navey 25 dni temu

    It's ink not blood

  • Allison Burr
    Allison Burr 25 dni temu +2

    Idk bout everyone else but I felt like his joking manner was inappropriate in regards to this song. There's a time and a place for jokes, this just doesn't feel like one of them.

  • Anabelle Wright
    Anabelle Wright 26 dni temu

    Ok instead of judging the video mature up and understand the meaning of it. Just listen to the music stop laughing it’s a beautiful song and no ready for kids who think everything is a joke.

  • shooka shook
    shooka shook 26 dni temu

    "oh ok it's just food colouring"
    me: *looks at camera*

  • Skinny Potatoe
    Skinny Potatoe 26 dni temu

    I laughed so hard when tristan was like "da fuck?" Lol idk why but it just cracked me up

  • Chantal Lucas
    Chantal Lucas 27 dni temu

    It's only run buy tubes and the drink was ment to be poison and she reacts weird BECAUSE ITS POISON well not real stuff

  • Teresa Maher
    Teresa Maher 27 dni temu

    Looks like poppy video had me dead

  • Chris
    Chris 27 dni temu


  • karen xX
    karen xX 27 dni temu

    *yOu nEed a dOctor* -Tristan

  • Esha Banerjee
    Esha Banerjee 27 dni temu +1

    This comment is not aimed at Tristan!
    Don’t u hate it when people don’t understand what Billies songs are about and they think it’s weird?
    She (and tons of people including me) feel like that everyday

  • Emilia Levin
    Emilia Levin 27 dni temu

    Hahaha i love this!

  • oof Times2
    oof Times2 27 dni temu

    why did you reacting to it touch me more than just watching the video