Netta - Toy - Israel - LIVE - Grand Final - Eurovision 2018

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  • TymexStakingMx gaming channel

    Takie gówno wygrało naprawde zenada

  • Domenico Bellantone
    Domenico Bellantone 4 godzin temu

    Italy deserved to win!

  • Laia Salas medina
    Laia Salas medina 7 godzin temu

    Me gusta muchísimo más que el de españa

  • Ceylan Sacli
    Ceylan Sacli 7 godzin temu

    %80 playback

  • Vee
    Vee 7 godzin temu

    Она такая прикольная

  • Miku :3
    Miku :3 8 godzin temu

    Aht terrible

  • Kaptan Girdap
    Kaptan Girdap 9 godzin temu

    İlk başta Allah'ın tavuğunun ne işi var bu mecrada diyorsunuz ama diğer videolarını izleyince birden sempatik gelmeye başlıyor... Belki kazanan olmamalıydı ama yine de renk katmış gayet iyi

  • Rauf5 Muradlı4
    Rauf5 Muradlı4 10 godzin temu

    Fələstin üçün İsraili və bu qadını qınayanlar bilsinlər ki , fələstinlilər Qarabağda uşaqlara , qadınlara işgəncə verirdilər .

  • Lua Lua
    Lua Lua 13 godzin temu +1

    I’ve never seen such a disgusting music

  • Olivia Playzz
    Olivia Playzz 14 godzin temu +1

    *song by kfc*

  • Jose Antonio Moreno Torralba

    BEST song EVER
    The dislikes are from male chauvinist people who wants to still violating girls 😑 or from bots of the other song that was at the final 😑

  • Theodor Johner
    Theodor Johner 15 godzin temu

    Eurovision 2007: the best song wins
    Eurovision 2018: the most politically correct song wins

  • Jsksk Mmskd
    Jsksk Mmskd 22 godzin temu

    Chickidi china

  • Francisco Alves
    Francisco Alves Dzień temu

    eu fui🤣

  • KY
    KY Dzień temu


  • Gacha Rebe TV
    Gacha Rebe TV Dzień temu

    Why this song have so many dislikes?

  • rafi0615 xd
    rafi0615 xd Dzień temu +1

    KFC winner Eurovision

  • Or Gal
    Or Gal Dzień temu +9

    this song is 1# on USA billboard dance chart

  • Viktoria Mazraei
    Viktoria Mazraei Dzień temu

    video was rather better. Im very happy she has win, but her sinning is so weak. arghhh :(

  • Antidote 2018
    Antidote 2018 Dzień temu


  • Somo Medicina
    Somo Medicina Dzień temu

    camera man at 2:23 😂 speed 0.25

  • La Xus
    La Xus Dzień temu +1

    Turkey don't wanna join bc of that. I'm sorry but this chicken is really disgusting.

  • Sami Akçay
    Sami Akçay Dzień temu

    "look at me I'm beatiful creature" lmao

  • newest guest
    newest guest Dzień temu

    Wait what happens?!?¡! Its pretty bad now :(

  • newest guest
    newest guest Dzień temu +1


  • Uros Retuznik
    Uros Retuznik Dzień temu

    this song is perfect for torture in military prisons...

  • ZuluWarrior
    ZuluWarrior Dzień temu

    What is even Israel?

    • ZuluWarrior
      ZuluWarrior Dzień temu

      +miri amichai (x) doubt about "A lot things you are using everyday were made in Israel". The rest sounds like to good to be true....

    • Dan Ami
      Dan Ami Dzień temu +1

      ZuluWarrior one of the most successful country in the world...

    • miri amichai
      miri amichai Dzień temu +2

      ZuluWarrior Israel - a tiny and young country.. but one of the most successful country in the world. One of the best in high tech, technology, medicine, weapons. A lot things that you are using every day were made in Israel.. the only democratic place in the Middle East, one of the most open countries for gays.. the country that won 4 times the Eurovision, the country where the wonder women Gal Gadot came from.. a country with rich history.. and beautiful history places .. a country with amazing beaches, good people and the best parties.. more?!

  • Agge 10101
    Agge 10101 Dzień temu

    Bad song

  • Christine Orth
    Christine Orth Dzień temu

    The Jewish nation calls themselves "a beacon of light" for the rest of the world. Well, such garbage songs show what kind of light they are showing! The light of Lucifer - their god.

    • miri amichai
      miri amichai Dzień temu +2

      Christine Orth show me one Jew that killed an non Jewish in name of god??!! You will never find. Because Judaism is the only religion that respect other religions!

    • miri amichai
      miri amichai Dzień temu +2

      Christine Orth no matter what is written ., I can promise you that as an Jewish me , my friends and my family has all the respect for all the religions. I have friends from all the religions.. and tell me..have you ever heard of some Jew that killed non Jews in name of god?? No! While Muslims are killing non Muslims in Europe, while Christian killed Jews in synagogue in Pittsburgh.. Jews have never killed non Jews in name of god. Jews are the only people that respect others religions and never killed non Jews in name of god

    • Michael
      Michael Dzień temu +2

      Jesus Christ never existed + this is the best song you ever heard

    • Christine Orth
      Christine Orth Dzień temu

      +miri amichai FALSE - all you can is perpetrating lies over lies - “Jesus answered and said, ‘You unbelieving and perverted generation, how long shall I be with you? How long shall I put up with you?’ ” Matthew 17:17
      Loughable threats from you - the real Goyim und Cain Serpent Seed descendants. Better watch out yourself because your time is almost up! Read Revelation in the Bible then you know what your "kind" has to expect.

    • miri amichai
      miri amichai Dzień temu +3

      Christine Orth don’t forget that Christianity came from Judaism. And you are probably a Christian.. so watch out. Jews has respect for all the religions. Sad that you don’t have respect for us.

  • cyrusX
    cyrusX Dzień temu

    eurovision - level 0
    Junior eurovison - lvl 100
    Junior eurovision is better for eurovision

  • Play giulia playz gacha life Roblox


  • Samsung Samsung
    Samsung Samsung Dzień temu

    very bad song

    • Samsung Samsung
      Samsung Samsung 17 godzin temu

      Dan Ami to fly

    • Dan Ami
      Dan Ami Dzień temu +1

      Samsung Samsung selfish? Sorry for telling you but most of the people thought she was the best,. In fact from the beginning she was the favorite, she won the Eurovision, and she broke so many records like the most views In the Eurovision history and number 1 on the billboard dance chart! No one got it before!

    • Michael
      Michael Dzień temu +2

      best song

    • Samsung Samsung
      Samsung Samsung Dzień temu

      Dan Ami, you are selfish

    • Dan Ami
      Dan Ami Dzień temu +2

      Samsung Samsung very good song =)

  • Milan Kabel
    Milan Kabel Dzień temu

    This its not good

  • thank you, next bitch.
    thank you, next bitch. Dzień temu +3

    *She does not deserve the dislikes*

  • Laurey
    Laurey 2 dni temu +2

    I love that song

  • Vanessa Ciccetta
    Vanessa Ciccetta 2 dni temu +2

    So much dislike!!! Why?!?!? 👿👿👿👿👿👿

  • Rofl XD
    Rofl XD 2 dni temu +7

    I honestly really like this

  • 1 Turkısh with English

    These jokes not funny and you don t funny. Shut up !

  • Шамиль Аппасов

    Захватываем топ в коментах

  • Шамиль Аппасов

    Россия декабрь 2018 кто есть?

  • Ömer Kaya
    Ömer Kaya 2 dni temu +1

    So fat

    • Michael
      Michael Dzień temu +2

      terrorist turkey

    • Dan Ami
      Dan Ami Dzień temu +2

      Ömer Kaya so what? Never seen fat people before?

  • Szilveszter Németh
    Szilveszter Németh 2 dni temu +1

    2:21 I love him so much! OMG! :)

  • kaan01 seyful
    kaan01 seyful 2 dni temu +1

    İsrael my chicken but real songers(Alexander rybak...) is my favorite

  • Dominika Najdowska
    Dominika Najdowska 2 dni temu

    Nie wiem dlaczego ale ona mi się kojarzy z mamusią z miodowych lat XD 😂 😂 😂 😂

  • Saras Fairuz
    Saras Fairuz 2 dni temu

    Oh, Salvador Sobral....

  • Nuria D
    Nuria D 2 dni temu

    Coño está tenían que hacerla la Amaiasssss y el Alfressss 😂😂

  • Olivi Rainbow
    Olivi Rainbow 2 dni temu

    Чо русские вы где?

  • Nelieciamasis
    Nelieciamasis 2 dni temu

    Form the state of God comes this

  • Vagif Mukhtarov
    Vagif Mukhtarov 3 dni temu +1

    Mat 24:15-16: "When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand: ) Then let them which be in Judea flee into the mountains:". Lord Yesua already broke your head. On the cross. So… you are not a toy, you are nothing)) Go to hell satan.

  • Aлина Скоробогатько

    Отстоище полное. Не смогла и пол песни прослушать... Сколько корова даёт молока?)

  • sigh
    sigh 3 dni temu

    Israel can gtfo, if anyone thinks otherwise, come at me

    • גל עמי
      גל עמי 2 dni temu +1

      sigh 🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱

  • Dusan Dakic
    Dusan Dakic 3 dni temu

    I think ABBA just died five million times during this.

  • Peter Antonsson
    Peter Antonsson 3 dni temu

    Thats was horabol

    • miri amichai
      miri amichai 2 dni temu +4

      Peter Antonsson that’s was cool and unique ❤️

  • Megan love
    Megan love 3 dni temu +1

    I hated

  • EdjeMr1975
    EdjeMr1975 3 dni temu +4



  • FalesTEEZ
    FalesTEEZ 3 dni temu +23

    Most of the dislikes here from bored trolls who laughing at her weight and from Antisemites,
    But the official video clip is the most liked ESC video ever with more than 960,000 likes and it's the most viewed ESC video with more than 100 million views 😂😂
    She was number 1 in betting table for two months, she was a favorite from the beginning. no wonder she is the winner her song is much better than the others.
    🤣 losers

    • Michael
      Michael Dzień temu

      Netta is the best

    • Lee Nguyễn
      Lee Nguyễn Dzień temu

      Dan Ami
      I can agree that her competition was low and most songs were quite bad this year, but the reason she won was because she pushed the agenda the most out of the contestants. Also, please fix your grammar and spelling, it’s almost impossible to read!

    • Dan Ami
      Dan Ami Dzień temu +2

      Lee Nguyễn And you see that the example that you gave me won the contest. So also Netta gave an unique and different song. New modern song and won .

    • Dan Ami
      Dan Ami Dzień temu +3

      Lee Nguyễn it’s your taste of music. And as you can see most of the people have other taste than you. I can telling you that even before Netta out the song Toy many people said that she can win the Eurovision. Because she has amazing personality and she is very talented.and since the song came out she lead the odds . Do you think this song was the only feminist song that was in the contest in the last years? No. There were more songs about it in the contest . So how they didn’t won???

    • Lee Nguyễn
      Lee Nguyễn Dzień temu

      Dan Ami
      If you wan’t better examples of modern performances that would whip the ass of this one you could just look at Aleksander, Loreen, Emelie and Måns. Btw stop liking your own comment

  • Dugalic Mobile
    Dugalic Mobile 3 dni temu


  • João Piedade
    João Piedade 3 dni temu

    Props to the Portuguese who built the stage. Their work managed to hold an excessive amount of Body Mass, all throughout the performance without crumbling.

  • gamestoend tho
    gamestoend tho 3 dni temu +11

    Turkey like this :)

  • מרסל חי
    מרסל חי 3 dni temu +3


  • Jon Jon TV
    Jon Jon TV 3 dni temu +2

    כל מי שעשה דיסלייק סתם קנאי

  • ultraslan serkan
    ultraslan serkan 3 dni temu +1

    Djeneryans netta mother of chickens

  • SaçıUzunAdam TV
    SaçıUzunAdam TV 3 dni temu

    Bu ne ya iyiki eurovisiona şarkı göndermiyoruz. Merak ettim birinci kim olmuş diye. Merak etmez olaydım. Sese bişey demiyorum da. Tavuk gibi gıdaklamak nedir?

  • Bea
    Bea 4 dni temu


    • Bea
      Bea 14 godzin temu

      +Dan Ami puta

    • Bea
      Bea 14 godzin temu

      +Jose Antonio Moreno Torralba vai te f*der p"ta

    • Jose Antonio Moreno Torralba
      Jose Antonio Moreno Torralba 15 godzin temu

      Like your photo

    • Dan Ami
      Dan Ami 3 dni temu +5

      Bea this is what you are saying when you look at the mirror?

  • Daniel de Fhurlaing
    Daniel de Fhurlaing 4 dni temu

    a budget KFC song brought to you by the budget version of USA

  • Amine çiftçi
    Amine çiftçi 4 dni temu

    Ya bu nedir ve bu nasıl bir çirkinliktır tamam haksız rekabette bu kadar da göze sokulmaz ki yazık bu da kulak yani

  • Youishia Jutubetka
    Youishia Jutubetka 4 dni temu

    Why XDDD

  • timo bauer
    timo bauer 4 dni temu

    Das Mädel aus Litauen hat so toll und gefühlvoll gesungen und diese doofe Pute gewinnt mit so einem Mist!!!

  • Eyüp Can Acaroğlu
    Eyüp Can Acaroğlu 4 dni temu

    İyi ki Eurovision'a çıkmayı bıraktık amk bu ne

    • Eyüp Can Acaroğlu
      Eyüp Can Acaroğlu 8 godzin temu

      +Michael Now I watched video you gave. I still don't like her.
      If came to your second question. So how did you decide Turkey is terrorist??
      You know, It's our personal thoughts. These ideas doesn't show the reality.
      In my opinion she is not talented, but she may talented for others(especially jewish people). It depends.

    • Michael
      Michael 11 godzin temu +1

      +Eyüp Can Acaroğlu
      Have you heard her other songs?
      How did you decide she is not talented?

    • Eyüp Can Acaroğlu
      Eyüp Can Acaroğlu 14 godzin temu

      ​+Michael She may be talented for you, but not for me. There are dozens of singers who are better than that woman, like Sertab Erener or maNga(group).
      If we come to the best winner of the last 20 years, that is absolutely not Netta :D May be Lena or Alexander Rybak..

    • Michael
      Michael 20 godzin temu

      +Eyüp Can Acaroğlu
      Netta is the best winner in the last 20 years, she is very talented with strong voice
      No wonder she is the winner

    • Eyüp Can Acaroğlu
      Eyüp Can Acaroğlu Dzień temu +2

      Woman in the video is your mother?

  • Kacper Nowak
    Kacper Nowak 4 dni temu

    It's so bad

  • Selda Balkesen
    Selda Balkesen 4 dni temu


  • moselund møller
    moselund møller 4 dni temu

    This is painful

    • moselund møller
      moselund møller 3 dni temu +1

      +miri amichai I know, everyone has their own preferences when it comes to music. I don't like it, but like you said. She won for a reason.

    • miri amichai
      miri amichai 3 dni temu +4

      moselund møller the fact is it won. So maybe you didn’t like it. But most of the people love and enjoy the song

    • moselund møller
      moselund møller 3 dni temu

      +Dan Ami Amazingly painful

    • Dan Ami
      Dan Ami 3 dni temu +4

      moselund møller this is amazing! ❤️

  • Mehmet Tunç
    Mehmet Tunç 4 dni temu


  • Anastasia Lee
    Anastasia Lee 4 dni temu +6

    She’s really amazing...❤️

  • Мистер Фредди

    Goob, in Israel 🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱

  • Tanya Ryzhowa
    Tanya Ryzhowa 4 dni temu +2


  • Dörmlfröcöeöc S
    Dörmlfröcöeöc S 4 dni temu

    Chicken song

  • pon play
    pon play 5 dni temu +4


  • Oitavo Planeta
    Oitavo Planeta 5 dni temu +6


  • Dajju Kunrama
    Dajju Kunrama 5 dni temu +2

    Hava Nagila - Techno Remix, Try to Judas me I’m just a goyim no?

  • Ben Phillipp
    Ben Phillipp 5 dni temu +2

    But this on a 2x speed

    OYUN MÜPTELASI 5 dni temu

    Good to turkey not in eurovision 👍

    • Michael
      Michael Dzień temu +1

      turkey is a terro**st country. childKILLERS

    • KEREM - ESC
      KEREM - ESC 3 dni temu

      +ylevy5 That's so nice from you. Thank you again. ☺

    • ylevy5
      ylevy5 3 dni temu

      KEREM - ESC not to mention your cool language which sounds so unique! ❤️🇹🇷

    • KEREM - ESC
      KEREM - ESC 3 dni temu +2

      +ylevy5 Thank you so much, I appreciate that. ❤ You had great entries as well, such as 2014, 2015, 2017 or 2018.

    • ylevy5
      ylevy5 3 dni temu

      I’m Israeli and I wish Turkey 🇹🇷 would come back to the real Eurovision. You had so many amazing entries throughout the years. My favorites are 1975, 1989, 1996, 1997, 2003, 2008, 2010 and 2012 (Can Bonmo who’s Jewish as well :))

  • Samantha Ong
    Samantha Ong 5 dni temu +6

    People hating left and right
    Maybe try to listen to it again
    Cause there's a message behind the song.
    So think before you comment non sense okay?
    Thanks ☺

    • Lee Nguyễn
      Lee Nguyễn 2 dni temu +1

      The message is what made this song bad

    • Anfer
      Anfer 3 dni temu

      жирной свинье место на свиноферме или в курятнике )

  • ebabil kuşları
    ebabil kuşları 5 dni temu

    yıkılasın israil

    • miri amichai
      miri amichai 5 dni temu +3

      ebabil kuşları long live Israel 🇮🇱

  • Дмитрий Варочко

    She is normal? May be we can help?

  • sad sushi
    sad sushi 5 dni temu

    Look at the dislikes oml

  • harrisago90
    harrisago90 5 dni temu +3

    The Bast part is 3:16

  • Nilufer Birdal Kaya
    Nilufer Birdal Kaya 5 dni temu


  • Nilufer Birdal Kaya
    Nilufer Birdal Kaya 5 dni temu

    Is this a joke?

  • Sevda Acar
    Sevda Acar 5 dni temu


  • Mertcan aydın
    Mertcan aydın 5 dni temu

    Ananızı sikeyim

  • Adem Acar
    Adem Acar 5 dni temu

    Peki o 02:20 deki göz kırpmasına ne demeli çıldırmalık aq as:dA:Dfd:s

    • Adem Acar
      Adem Acar Dzień temu

      +Michael ne alaka amın evladı

    • Michael
      Michael Dzień temu +1

      terrrrorist turkey

  • Adem Acar
    Adem Acar 5 dni temu

    WTF how the first was this hahahah

  • Afina Greyman
    Afina Greyman 5 dni temu

    что за курица??

  • Eda
    Eda 5 dni temu

    gidip mor ve ötesi deli ya da can bonomo love me back gibi şarkıları birinci yapacaklarına böyle tavuklu saçma bir şarkıyı birinci yaptılar EUROCHİCKEN diyorum başka da bişey demiyorum

  • C. Knuffi5
    C. Knuffi5 5 dni temu

    is chicken halal?

  • narmina fun g
    narmina fun g 5 dni temu

    Queen 👸

  • Ева Владимирова

    И как такое только могло выиграть?((((

  • Ева Владимирова


  • Hendrick Jefferson
    Hendrick Jefferson 6 dni temu

    nunca vi pessoas tão idiotas e xenofóbicas... o talento dela é inegável