'Danger (Mo-Blue-Mix) ft. THANH' Teaser

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  • Opublikowany 13 lis 2014
  • BTS Danger 'Mo-Blue Mix' ft.Thanh
    Available now on iTunes!
  • MuzykaMuzyka

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  • Như Lê
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    BTS ARMY 5 dni temu +1


  • J.r. Kees
    J.r. Kees 8 dni temu +1


    KIM TAEHYUNG 27 dni temu +3

    2018 ????
    ARMYS ??
    FOREVER BTS 2013 AND 208

  • ibighit 333
    ibighit 333 Miesiąc temu


    KIM VUY Miesiąc temu

    _2019?? 🇻🇳

  • BTS iLoveKpop
    BTS iLoveKpop Miesiąc temu

    Lmao look at them now❤️

  • jimin-ssi _
    jimin-ssi _ Miesiąc temu


  • Vuy Năm bờ xuy
    Vuy Năm bờ xuy Miesiąc temu

    V-army đâu :(

  • Min MinYoongi
    Min MinYoongi Miesiąc temu +1

    I'm here 4 years too late

  • guadalupe maceda
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  • Hương Nguyễn Thị Thu
    Hương Nguyễn Thị Thu Miesiąc temu +1

    Any V-Army here?

  • Fernanda Vasquez
    Fernanda Vasquez 2 miesięcy temu

    Alguien 2018??? Esta es una joya ❤️😍😍😭

    xAAQUAA 2 miesięcy temu +1

    Ughh sis this doesn’t get the appreciation it deserves

  • 아이미사토 갤러리비밀

    2018 anyone?

  • NoNE - A Stigma Channel
    NoNE - A Stigma Channel 3 miesięcy temu

    hello, this ver is so cool 💜💜

  • Hakuna Matata ;v
    Hakuna Matata ;v 3 miesięcy temu


  • Moon Moon
    Moon Moon 3 miesięcy temu

    Thanh brought me to BTS.
    I'm a Vietnamese ARMY.
    I was a nonfan Kpop till i knew BTS

  • Teanny Esther Ortiz Martínez

    Lo ame

  • Taehuyng Kim
    Taehuyng Kim 5 miesięcy temu


  • Jinnia 737r
    Jinnia 737r 5 miesięcy temu +1

    2018 and This is still a really good version of Danger >w

  • A_ JustThis
    A_ JustThis 5 miesięcy temu

    Juts Beu.Ti.ful

  • Thùy Linh Đặng
    Thùy Linh Đặng 5 miesięcy temu

    Việt Nam !!!! 2018

  • Vkook linh
    Vkook linh 6 miesięcy temu

    Thanh Bùi của Việt Nam mik kìa 😍👍

  • Lera
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    BTS now come to Turkey 💗

  • 윤아이
    윤아이 6 miesięcy temu

    i love this song

  • Nguyễn Hường
    Nguyễn Hường 6 miesięcy temu

    Thanh Bùi in Việt Nam!!! i love BTS so much!!

  • youjinn yin
    youjinn yin 6 miesięcy temu

    Danger 2014

  • Jinthanakorn Kik
    Jinthanakorn Kik 7 miesięcy temu

    I love every version of this song

  • Luana Dun Ki
    Luana Dun Ki 8 miesięcy temu +1

    Có ai Việt Nam k

  • もんれ
    もんれ 8 miesięcy temu

  • Ana Ana
    Ana Ana 8 miesięcy temu

    even the teaser still gives me chills after all this time ;w;

  • Wara Ortiz
    Wara Ortiz 9 miesięcy temu

    los amoo #ARMYBolivia

  • youjin yinn
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  • meraj.lily26
    meraj.lily26 9 miesięcy temu

    Wait, why am I only finding out about this now?????

  • Sok Suy
    Sok Suy 9 miesięcy temu +1

    this one makes me get into my feelings, ever since I listened to it almost three years ago now. Thanks for being yourself always - ARMYs and JEWELs

  • linobearable
    linobearable 10 miesięcy temu

    My new favorite

  • hopi wini
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  • BTS Supremacist
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  • Edna Marie
    Edna Marie Rok temu

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  • Ms Mysterious
    Ms Mysterious Rok temu


  • Kim Yuen
    Kim Yuen Rok temu

    I love this version so much♥♥♥

  • Kira Vee
    Kira Vee Rok temu

    Thanh Bùi à,anh tuyệt lắm đấy

  • Nouran 97
    Nouran 97 Rok temu

    2017 ❤️

  • Denia Juarez
    Denia Juarez Rok temu

    okay I almost had a nosebleed.

  • Mimi TheManiac
    Mimi TheManiac Rok temu

    why am i seeing this now?

  • poisoned applex -jimin is EVERYTHING

    I thought this dude was the meneger

  • Park Jimin
    Park Jimin 2 lat temu +4


  • BVpinkninja
    BVpinkninja 3 lat temu

    y'all tripping thinking it was Jung look it doesn't even sound a bit like it lmao

  • shivani
    shivani 3 lat temu


  • may c
    may c 3 lat temu

    love it

  • Trang Lam
    Trang Lam 3 lat temu

    Ft. Thanh
    Hmm, his vietnamese. I'm liking this👀😏

    • Thanh Ngo
      Thanh Ngo 2 lat temu

      I find it weird that we share the same name and his last name, Bui, is also my mother's maiden name...

  • Fluffy Potato
    Fluffy Potato 3 lat temu

    I watched the the video before the teaser! Lol but it's ...0.0 AWESOME!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! -breathes- EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! OMGEEEEEE!

  • Fatima Zahra Aj
    Fatima Zahra Aj 4 lat temu

    Waaw i realy like BTS Danger
    And this remix is great

  • ana lua delgado
    ana lua delgado 4 lat temu

    Tão fofossss

  • blue saeng
    blue saeng 4 lat temu

    DON'T BE SAD . WE ARE WITH YOU ! #FightingHoseok #JHopeYourePerfect

  • Mykaela Padron
    Mykaela Padron 4 lat temu

    Ho sha

  • lilian kongsangchan
    lilian kongsangchan 4 lat temu

    sorry i meant it nt if

  • lilian kongsangchan
    lilian kongsangchan 4 lat temu

    i luv this soooo much i listen to if nearly every day !!!!

  • Ruby Eriksen
    Ruby Eriksen 4 lat temu

    it would be awesome if all of them did it in english

  • september carol
    september carol 4 lat temu

    This video got me dizzy. Bts fighting!!!!

  • Dung Lê
    Dung Lê 4 lat temu

    I love U Thanh Bui

  • c! 2k ty0Ni74
    c! 2k ty0Ni74 4 lat temu

    i can't understand why people think that voice was jungkook. very clear that is not jungkook's voice.

  • Hamizahemo Annuar
    Hamizahemo Annuar 4 lat temu

    such a good mix! i love it!!!

  • Rizka Fitri
    Rizka Fitri 4 lat temu

    when will this come out by the way? I can't wait any longer!

    • Rizka Fitri
      Rizka Fitri 4 lat temu

      really? I've been waiting this for sooo sooo sooo loooong and don't know when this song will come out. where do you hear that news?

    • meongtae
      meongtae 4 lat temu

      I think it will be out tomorrow Nov. 21 *ᵔᴥᵔ* I'm so excited to hear the full song too! I've been waiting ever since the day they announced the collaboration *v(ಥ ̯ ಥ)v*

  • Thanh Ly
    Thanh Ly 4 lat temu +1


  • Vivian Nguyen
    Vivian Nguyen 4 lat temu

    Isnt thanh bui a vietnamese singer because i find it really cool! (Im vietnamese!) love it. But i cant say whether i like the original better or this version better

  • Lulu Apsari
    Lulu Apsari 4 lat temu

    oh i tought it was kookie lol can't wait for the full song >

  • rohotshot
    rohotshot 4 lat temu

    This is amazing!! I can't wait for the full version!

  • Rheema Khatoon
    Rheema Khatoon 4 lat temu

    I swear that person needs to chill out ! You know who I'm talking about right?
    The person who is going around saying JK's fans are bad.
    ??? Such a fool.

  • Tricia
    Tricia 4 lat temu

    the comments abt jeongguk is funny haha

  • blub
    blub 4 lat temu

    This is so damn nice. I can't even count how many times i replayed it.

  • hoài An
    hoài An 4 lat temu

    sound gooddddd ^v^

  • Rifqa Khairunnisa Putri

    who is THANH?

  • Kholonie
    Kholonie 4 lat temu +9

    So I'm the only one who immediately knew it wasn't Jungkook?

    • BVpinkninja
      BVpinkninja 3 lat temu


    • space ace
      space ace 4 lat temu +1

      I also already knew the voice didn't belong to Jungkookie (:

  • roses for rosie
    roses for rosie 4 lat temu

    OMG im soo excited OMMGGG ^♡^

  • TheChoosen
    TheChoosen 4 lat temu

    OMMGGG OMG OMG OMG OMG -Running un circles-

  • Annamarie Grace Abella

    Looking forward, this would be great :))

  • Van Balaki
    Van Balaki 4 lat temu

    When is this gonna come out

  • Bao Quyen Nguyen
    Bao Quyen Nguyen 4 lat temu

    bác Bùi ơi con yêu bác...iu BTS lun.........

  • Lost Doe
    Lost Doe 4 lat temu

    omg i hope it's an all english version. yup. that would be awesome.

  • jewel p.
    jewel p. 4 lat temu


  • Desiree Wong
    Desiree Wong 4 lat temu

    When will the full ver be released?

  • Golove Btsinfinite
    Golove Btsinfinite 4 lat temu


  • Jasmin Rosa
    Jasmin Rosa 4 lat temu


  • Reda Farrukh
    Reda Farrukh 4 lat temu

    Is this jungkooks voice like all of it

  • Manya St
    Manya St 4 lat temu


  • Ello Lee
    Ello Lee 4 lat temu

    I'm shocked to know that THANH BUI was a finalist of Australian Idol before (back in 2008)! He's a singer-songwriter also vocal coach on some academy! :D Bang PD-nim, you have raised the calculations!!! :D #ProudARMY

  • Nochu
    Nochu 4 lat temu

    HOLY... IM HAVING A EARGASMN RIGHT NOWWWW OKDGHNJDF VHFM i thought it was kookie at first... cuz his voice is airy and husky like that... but then... it was too deep to be his voice... OMG RELEASE THIS NOWWW I WANNA LEARN ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT.

  • Tracy Nguyen
    Tracy Nguyen 4 lat temu +1

    I'm a ARMY from VietNam and I proud of them .
    Please don't cmt like that !
    Bts and Thanh Bui tried to make a best song !
    They don't hope to recive any cmt like that !
    Please support them !
    Bts and Thanh Bui & ARMY hwaiting :)

  • 운이 좋은
    운이 좋은 4 lat temu

    tbh,, kookie does have voice character,, which not every person has it,, he has sexy voice,, different,, (worth to sell as a singer,, with correct song of course,,)
    whoever can sing high note, low note,, is not that " special,,,"(it's just need trained,,) if Bighit conscientious,, kookie is a hidden treasure,, he is very young n pure,, the changes to be trained for the high notes and add up his skill on singing technique,, is wide open,,
    dont give him falseto technique,, on high notes like jimin always do,, well jimin fit with that I think,, but,, it's very less choice doing falseto for a good singer. it's not kookie's character,, he can sing on high note with his real voice,,, like in boy in luv,, he can also sing low note with his sexy voice,, what a waste,, for that such a voice,, if you can give him more change to explore,, and give him more and more confident,, It's all what he needs,, and don't put too much effect and backsound -_- I barely can't hear his solo voice,, we need to enjoy his real character voice,, :)

  • BestAbsoluteBabyMoMo

    Sounds good.

  • Thảo Thanh
    Thảo Thanh 4 lat temu

    Thanh Bui is the composer of " Picture of You" - was sung by TVXQ

  • Dulce Ramirez
    Dulce Ramirez 4 lat temu

    THIS IS HUGE!!!!!!!!!

  • Nyah F
    Nyah F 4 lat temu

    I can't wait to see the whole remix!~😍😍
    Also They all look nice
    Jungkook and Taehyung Omo 😍😍
    47seconds was a tease XD I love the music alot😍

  • Yazmin S.M Traniee S.M
    Yazmin S.M Traniee S.M 4 lat temu +1

    I thought it's JungKook's voice but.. i'm confused!!!!!!