The FASTEST WORKERS in the World !

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  • Opublikowany 20 lip 2019
  • The FASTEST WORKERS in the World !
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    Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to The FASTEST WORKERS in the World !
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Komentarze • 2 890

  • Vanessa Starkey
    Vanessa Starkey 11 godzin temu +1

    Hi. Azzy

  • Melanie Garza
    Melanie Garza Dzień temu

    They are the fastest workers I have ever seen and I take about 1 hour or two to wake up take a shower and put on my clothes so I can go to school I love your videos so much azzyland I like wish you get a lot of subscribers but bye because I just wanted to tell you that they were the fastest workers and it takes me about 1 or 2 hours but I wanted to tell you that you make the best videos and PLclipr and kwebbelkop 2 your boyfriend and he's awesome if you're an idiot to Brown you're my favorite bye azzyland and kwebbelkop I love you

  • kost4s k
    kost4s k 4 dni temu

    Do u know cat von

  • Anya Wilson
    Anya Wilson 5 dni temu

    Azzy: DON'T DO THAT!! You might BREAK your nose!!!!

  • DiamondWolfie J
    DiamondWolfie J 5 dni temu

    Hey azzy
    If you see this
    You’re the reason why I watch PLclip
    I love you ❤️💕😘
    You’re the best 💎

  • Adeline Corkwell
    Adeline Corkwell 9 dni temu

    The onion one made me cry. Is that bad?😭

  • Amel Amel
    Amel Amel 11 dni temu


  • Riley Davis
    Riley Davis 11 dni temu

    Me can’t even make a sandwich
    Them just cutting yourself off

  • boba productions
    boba productions 12 dni temu

    0:38 that looks like ZHC

  • Wendy Brower
    Wendy Brower 14 dni temu

    hjhjjhkyjkklklkkiy;.;,k,,lk;pkkjl;k[p;'k;jk.;kkjyhklhjghuygtuygnhgtfuybyhuyguythuygtygtuyghhruhthuthuttuituhhtuyhtyiutyuiyyidfugbgbgnjgjuguguhnbh n ,l,mn,lmnlkl?l.\l'.']'ll/;lllililkkkllklkkl/ /l/

    A SAD PSYCHO GAMER GAMER 14 dni temu +1

    Is that tako yaki idk how to spell lol but tako yaki IS ON POINT ITS SO GOOOOODDDD

  • J Hernandez
    J Hernandez 15 dni temu

    Their Mexicans

  • Kourtney shouse
    Kourtney shouse 16 dni temu +1

    ADD ME ON TIC TOC !!!!

  • Mr Diamond Armor
    Mr Diamond Armor 18 dni temu +1

    Them : taking milliseconds to make food

    Me : takes an hour to make a PB and j sandwich

  • Naomi Johnson
    Naomi Johnson 18 dni temu

    Them: making a sandwich in one second
    Me:taking 15 hours to cut one piece of cheese 🧀🔪

  • Volcanic Eruption & Unicorn Squad

    Azzy, I'm happy we agree on this: Walking is hard and people are doing awesome things...But so are you, Making everyone's life awesome!!
    Do you agree??
    👍🏻= Yes

  • Danny
    Danny 20 dni temu

    3:15-3:18 same

  • Juneillyz Ruiz Vargas
    Juneillyz Ruiz Vargas 21 dzień temu

    It was gyoza the one that the women was making it so fast it was gyoza it tastes DELICIOUS you should try gyoza sometime IT IS NOT COOKED ITF TOU GET IT FROM THE STORE I LEARNED IT THE HARD WAY

  • Andreas Walexon
    Andreas Walexon 21 dzień temu

    Those "mini dumplings" are wontons

  • margaret kinyua
    margaret kinyua 22 dni temu

    Do they have fast reflecses

  • TheFlame1982
    TheFlame1982 22 dni temu

    If the driks are macdunold

  • Anysia Tan
    Anysia Tan 23 dni temu

    azzy did u did your left eyebrow

    STARBUCKS LPS 24 dni temu

    Everyone in the video: working super fast
    Me: *takes 8 hours for me to get out of bed*

  • Selma Avdicevic
    Selma Avdicevic 24 dni temu

    oh btw i love waching your vids

  • Selma Avdicevic
    Selma Avdicevic 24 dni temu

    omg they work sooooooooooo fast

  • Rose Wark
    Rose Wark 26 dni temu

    John henry is that you?

  • Chipyboi yt
    Chipyboi yt 27 dni temu

    The 5th one is Thor with 2 storm breakers

  • Leyla HACIOGLU
    Leyla HACIOGLU 27 dni temu

    2:43 azzy I think its called mantı its turkish food comment if u turkish ben türküm

  • Robby Cicco
    Robby Cicco Miesiąc temu

    the guy at 5:40 looked like mario

  • lFreeGamingl
    lFreeGamingl Miesiąc temu +3

    If I was throwing bricks...
    It either lands on the wrong spot
    Or falls in the water
    If you too then leave a like

  • Mike Becker
    Mike Becker Miesiąc temu

    U talk to much

  • Jay ジェイ
    Jay ジェイ Miesiąc temu +1

    I love takoyaki 💕

  • Samuel Lugo
    Samuel Lugo Miesiąc temu +1

    What if you were a natural at roller skating better than at walking

  • SaLoNi
    SaLoNi Miesiąc temu +3

    U thought they were gonna build a house on his head???

    What are ur expectations😂😂

  • zoey Allen
    zoey Allen Miesiąc temu

    I put it on 2x I have confusion now

  • Alexandria Oliver
    Alexandria Oliver Miesiąc temu

    Me: finally she admitted she’s seen something in another video!!!!!

  • Zaila Rowland Gentry
    Zaila Rowland Gentry Miesiąc temu

    I love you can I get a shoutout I’m your biggest fan

  • mei'l veil cat
    mei'l veil cat Miesiąc temu

    I have azzy's meme face
    All cost 1 like

  • Yamilet Cantu
    Yamilet Cantu Miesiąc temu

    4:45 spongebob is now homeless....

    1 like=1 dollar so spongebob can afford a new pineapple

  • Nathan Barnes
    Nathan Barnes Miesiąc temu

    look at something on on comuteranddo it

  • Addy Cutie
    Addy Cutie Miesiąc temu

    Omg #FastWorkers

  • Busy Freya Johnson
    Busy Freya Johnson Miesiąc temu

    Was what happened to your ear?

  • Nilab Sadat
    Nilab Sadat Miesiąc temu +1

    1:19 DOESNT HIS HEAD HURT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • TheMagicKittenPanda mewmew2

    Me before the video*oh, this looks boring*
    Me after the video *completly satystfyde*

  • TheMagicKittenPanda mewmew2

    I find it creepy that you "love us all so much!!"

  • Kpop Nerd
    Kpop Nerd Miesiąc temu

    3:24 I really hope your not talking about RM/GodOfDestruction(BTS) 😂💜
    (Armies would understand)

    Again 3:24 I also really hope your not talking about the younger Kim Jennie(BLACKPINK) 😂❤️
    (BLINKS would understand)

  • The dog l u l
    The dog l u l Miesiąc temu

    I love dupling things!

  • humble bear
    humble bear Miesiąc temu

    You're getting good at puns azzy a good job

  • Terriona Walker2
    Terriona Walker2 Miesiąc temu

    Can u bring back baby azzy

  • 刘桀
    刘桀 Miesiąc temu

    Azzy I think at 1:18 that guy have superpower. But I realy think but what about not

  • Mason Stanley
    Mason Stanley Miesiąc temu +1

    Azzys brain🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️at0:20

  • Cookie lover
    Cookie lover Miesiąc temu +2

    Me on those roller skates I would of broke all the glass things in one hour

  • April Dawn MacLachlan
    April Dawn MacLachlan Miesiąc temu

    love you azzyland

  • Thegamingweirdo247
    Thegamingweirdo247 Miesiąc temu +3

    ( 1:20 ) Me when I'm low on wood in Minecraft

  • LaziestDorkEver K.H
    LaziestDorkEver K.H Miesiąc temu

    Fastest thing I can do is just do nothing.

  • Lehti Sydan
    Lehti Sydan Miesiąc temu

    I edited this screenshot of you.😊😊😊💜💜💜
    I love your videos!!!!!!!!!!!😍😍😍

  • Summer Bolton
    Summer Bolton Miesiąc temu

    Azzy play bit life its free gloom plays I play its so fun if you do please record

  • Stacey Lyons
    Stacey Lyons Miesiąc temu +1


  • Fire_Freddy Fantastic World

    He go so fast cause he Asian, not trying to be racist

  • Jason Moyle
    Jason Moyle Miesiąc temu

    I can sew that fast and I’m only 11