Game Theory: FNAF, The Answer was RIGHT IN FRONT OF US (Five Nights at Freddys Sister Location)

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  • Bimbus Rimbus
    Bimbus Rimbus Rok temu +25168


  • Stephanie Cranstone
    Stephanie Cranstone 37 minut temu

    i know BB names WM Why me FM Fuc* Me

  • NICKHALAZ -randomness and more!-

    i rlaely cnat bvlieee tihs alctauy wrkos, lkie if you can raed tihs

  • chef big playz and my real name is ethan


  • NICKHALAZ -randomness and more!-

    scotty coffin: horsie is canon. matpat: *sweats*

  • Midnight Gameing
    Midnight Gameing 5 godzin temu

    This theory is so wrongly done Because the twisted anima Tronics our new breed and they look very different because of their little Bubbleys and holes and I got the third book and it’s called the forth closet and has a picker of Funtime freddy

  • Misty Tasker
    Misty Tasker 17 godzin temu

    WHY WAS IS CANCELLED i never get to play that one =(

  • Aidenn Miller
    Aidenn Miller 18 godzin temu


  • Tracy Kasper
    Tracy Kasper 20 godzin temu

    14:56 sans ness?

  • Whitney Regis
    Whitney Regis 21 godzinę temu

    3:45 THAT IS BLACKTIME FREDDY he's also on the cover of the fourth closet

  • Maxime Sévigny
    Maxime Sévigny 23 godzin temu

    And he was right for the robot part

  • Holly Hanson
    Holly Hanson Dzień temu

    I dont get it still

  • Ryan
    Ryan Dzień temu

    According to Mr. MatPat, Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) is M. Afton. * Cue Illuminati Music *

  • Daniel Peters
    Daniel Peters Dzień temu

    you are smart

  • Isabel Marble
    Isabel Marble Dzień temu

    Hey matpat isn’t plushtrap like Theodore the plush rabbit but nightmare?!

  • Taffyland with Ava
    Taffyland with Ava Dzień temu

    JJ,BB,And DD

  • Sabelo Carzon Pangilinan

    Continueosly pause from 11:57 to 11:58 new fans game leaked by mat pat

    Five nights at Freddy’s the theorist’s lie...
    Dun dun duuuuun

  • Martin Fomin
    Martin Fomin Dzień temu

    Uh oh how unfortunate uh oh how unfortunate I know how much you like to fight so I'll add a new problem to your night.

  • Triggered funtime foxy !

    if these animatronics were made for childrens entertanment why would they need face plates?

  • Money Money Money M O N E Y Money Money Money!!!

    Three types of bolloon boys BB,JJ and DD

  • Jason Huffman
    Jason Huffman 2 dni temu

    Did anyone noticed that the sister location robots have 5 fingers too

  • 303 Gaming
    303 Gaming 2 dni temu

    does no one know how to see the blueprints in game?

  • Durped_detroyer 2!
    Durped_detroyer 2! 2 dni temu

    0:14 wtf

  • music craft
    music craft 2 dni temu +1

    Next super video in iour chanel!😊

  • Bacon Flair
    Bacon Flair 2 dni temu

    Funtime freddy

  • bloated hoboXx7 raburn

    15:38 ow my head I'm just gonna go barf now

  • koala vlogs01
    koala vlogs01 2 dni temu

    Mat u know John isnt Charlie boyfriend he just has a masave crush on her

  • default domination
    default domination 2 dni temu

    I with U matpat I realised that when I play the game right after I finished the twisted ones

  • Rrrush
    Rrrush 3 dni temu

    I wonder if scott still watches you

  • KARMEN 042905
    KARMEN 042905 3 dni temu

    “Sister series” James Charles much 2:38

  • phsycogame -girl813
    phsycogame -girl813 4 dni temu

    When is the frickin movie comin out??????!!!!!!!!

  • Jeremy Cousins
    Jeremy Cousins 4 dni temu

    I know why Henry killed himself because baby killed his daughter in that mini game with the ice cream that's his daughter that gets the ice cream and then get scooped by baby.

  • Owyn Moncure
    Owyn Moncure 4 dni temu +1

    “SHE DON GOT SCOOPED!” my favorite quote EVER

  • TripleHeadShotOfDeath

    Plot twist: Horsie is William Afton

  • Abhinav Madiraju
    Abhinav Madiraju 4 dni temu

    i like how he put charlie day's face whenever he mentions afton's daughter charlie xD

  • Chevelle Church
    Chevelle Church 4 dni temu

    Wait Henry must got a new job at Freddy's u now what I mean 😉😉😉😉😉😉

  • gonsas 15
    gonsas 15 4 dni temu

    Those discs are plaiyng a sound at 19 zh

  • yo boy elijah gaming and vloging 30

    Matpat i just git this book and watched the vid i saw the pages u put on the vid they do not match up rith the book pages sooooo they're wrong

  • tomix 123456789
    tomix 123456789 5 dni temu

    Why don’t yo use the joy of creation to do more theories

  • LPS Poppet
    LPS Poppet 5 dni temu

    IM CONFUZZLED i allways thought cuz of what ive seen da purpe guy/milliam killed deez kids and there souls where trapped in suits im confuzzled

  • CADIKIZ333
    CADIKIZ333 5 dni temu +1

    I’m not complaining but when I looked in my “ The Twisted Ones “ book for the page numbers, I don’t find anything that he’s saying. Is my book missing pages or is there wrong information on the pages? Anyways, I love your videos so keep up the good work!

  • WallrusStudios
    WallrusStudios 5 dni temu


    No it’s Patrick

  • Karma Multiverse
    Karma Multiverse 6 dni temu

    Henry Emily and Charlie/Charlotte Emily I know this stuff

  • Leon Abela
    Leon Abela 6 dni temu

    2018: *_FNAF 6_*

  • Defaulty boi
    Defaulty boi 6 dni temu

    It's not cancelled...

  • Sammi
    Sammi 6 dni temu

    G.Afton in the roll credits like sans Ness I'm alright with but who's g.afton

  • Addilene Barrera
    Addilene Barrera 6 dni temu

    Soooo the movie ?... was it ever made ? Orrrr.....

  • Vampire Pikachu
    Vampire Pikachu 7 dni temu

    Oh fudge she dung got scooped oh lordy

  • Gabe McEyepunch
    Gabe McEyepunch 7 dni temu

    Yay a I’m safe being 6.6 and all :D

  • Just 1
    Just 1 7 dni temu

    Haven’t watched the whole episode yet, but the book states that these animatronics can’t be the funtimes as they “alternate between plastic and fabric.” And that a full sized Bonnie and Chica, as well as a wolf and foxy are included, the book can’t help you link the game and books together there

  • thatoneperson Animation


  • JJ Unicorn_YT
    JJ Unicorn_YT 7 dni temu +1

    Omg when he read the book lines at the start I was like, “OMG MY NAME IS JESS YASSSSS,” now I want to read it

  • Julissah Soriano
    Julissah Soriano 7 dni temu

    The funtime animaTronics

  • Andres Hernandez
    Andres Hernandez 7 dni temu


  • Talon’s Lets PlaysYT

    Thinking about one moment in the FNAF franchise in FNAF world and silver eyes where Henry died at his desk. Hmmmm. Sounds like Henry from Bendy and the Ink Machine and like you theorized him, dying at his desk.

  • Stephen van Raalte
    Stephen van Raalte 8 dni temu

    H h h h how der you bb is Assam

  • Connor Dunham
    Connor Dunham 8 dni temu

    Could Baby be a different version of Chika?

  • catnoir lady1
    catnoir lady1 8 dni temu

    Well kids you never know if a corps is in a baby bunny costume hiding in your closet!

  • Maddie
    Maddie 8 dni temu

    In the last theory you said Afton made the animatronic deadly, but if it was Henry who took care of the creative parts of the company like making the animatronics wasn't it him who then made them deadly?

  • Jasmine The Gacha Creator

    When I was in the middle of watching the video, my air conditioners came on, so it sounded super spoopy ;-;-;-;-;-;

  • Nightmare Bonnie Sfm

    No the twisted animronics are not the Funtime animatronics

  • games_springtrap2015

    fnaf 8 is cancelled


  • Sky Lukomski
    Sky Lukomski 9 dni temu

    What if its a child dream. There's a cut seen with a child and fnaf toys

  • Classy Glassy
    Classy Glassy 9 dni temu

    I like how Pink Guy is credited as nonexistent, because Pink Guy is everywhere. He is inside all of us.

  • Grayson Goings
    Grayson Goings 9 dni temu

    The ilodin worked look at your hand when the ilosin is done and I suck at spelling

  • Rodolfo Ferreira
    Rodolfo Ferreira 10 dni temu

    19:17 i need that poster

  • Jorden Strother
    Jorden Strother 10 dni temu +1

    #shedungotscooped in the comments plz

  • OneSmallStepForDan Appeal

    I read all of the twisted ones

  • OneSmallStepForDan Appeal

    I have the twisted ones

  • - Charliexoxo -
    - Charliexoxo - 10 dni temu

    Game Theory: using sister years before James Charles

  • Juliana Mroue
    Juliana Mroue 10 dni temu +1

    "She done got scooped"
    -MatPat 2017

  • Logan Neiswonger
    Logan Neiswonger 10 dni temu

    How angry are you about scots lying because of fnaf 3,4,and,5

  • Bubelzeeb אני כאן? __?

    This went from FNAF to puberty to a dollar shave club commercial

  • Bubelzeeb אני כאן? __?

    *I’m calling PETA*

  • Sean Townsend
    Sean Townsend 11 dni temu

    Fnaf 6 is here

  • Tom Perkins
    Tom Perkins 11 dni temu

    I feel bad for coryxkenshin at 2:20 he was cropped out

  • Sapphire Gacha Playz
    Sapphire Gacha Playz 11 dni temu

    MatPat watch The Sister Location Trailer backwards and you will hear messages that Circus Baby(Elizabeth Afton)is saying

  • Moon light cat Animations/gaming

    Nah there’s a 2 more games.

  • Cameron Tofflemoyer
    Cameron Tofflemoyer 11 dni temu

    The phone guy mite be hry

  • Juan Carlos Rihani Millet

    Sand = Ness???

  • Jolie
    Jolie 11 dni temu

    Henry Aften??¿¿

  • Noa Braker
    Noa Braker 12 dni temu

    fnaf 6 canceled

    lets fix that with a control shocks

  • Roses and Love
    Roses and Love 12 dni temu

    All that im wondering is why doesnt william afton aka springtrap die after everything? Darn you scott you blow our mines again

  • Keander's Art Drawings

    what does springtrap think you are? because if the animatronics think you are an endoskeleton, does springtrap also think you are an endoskeleton without a suit? i mean like he’s an animatronic, so does it mean he thinks that you look like an endoskeleton too?

  • Shadow Spector
    Shadow Spector 12 dni temu

    Back after finishing the trilogy of books. Found 19:35. How in the world could he have known that?

  • Purple dragon 19
    Purple dragon 19 12 dni temu

    14:54 won't lie, i'd be on board with those casting choices.

  • Chelzy Madera
    Chelzy Madera 12 dni temu

    Ha like if u clicked it

  • Chelzy Madera
    Chelzy Madera 12 dni temu

    Don't click to read more

    Read more

  • ll SageWolf ll Gameplayz & Stuff

    SO WAIT!

    I BEEN READING THE BOOK WRONG?!? dang, I'm stupid

  • John Weber
    John Weber 12 dni temu

    14:56 those credits tho

  • SpideyLyfe79
    SpideyLyfe79 13 dni temu

    I like how Mat says both "bolth"

  • Esau A.
    Esau A. 13 dni temu

    14:53 Didn't properly credit FilthyFrank

  • MCSwashbuckler
    MCSwashbuckler 13 dni temu

    Springtrap should be William afton and not Michael because we see that springtrap’s eyes aren’t purple like we see Michael’s to be in the real ending of sister location. We know that these are William’s real eyes because of phone guy’s call from fnaf 1 where he says your eyes would come out of the suit once you were stuffed in and the game over screen from the same game

  • Kylo uber
    Kylo uber 13 dni temu

    Was that nugget?

  • Warrior Cat lover AKA Lost Daughter Of Lemony

    Who got scooped?

  • Tony toons Castro
    Tony toons Castro 14 dni temu

    The phantom are the kids who died but forgotin who they are but remember that they were a killing machine and turn into the animatronic

  • Perla Morales
    Perla Morales 14 dni temu

    Now I want those books 😑😑😑

  • Jay Nado
    Jay Nado 15 dni temu

    That chicka jumpscare got me good

  • Guillaume Comeau
    Guillaume Comeau 15 dni temu

    I’m starting to think the pages of the quotes are wrong. I have all three books and when I look for the quotes on the page, I just can’t find it, as if the pages were wrong. Heck, even the theme isn’t entirely right, they aren’t in the restaurant yet or anything. And there’s one page, where two pages earlier, it talks about school. Sure, it’s not bad that it’s the wrong page, but I’m trying to find the quotes in my own books.