I Accepted A Ride From A Creepy Guy (Almost Kidnapped)

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  • Opublikowany 1 paź 2018
  • Hope he never sees that man again
    Story By: UnfairAdvantage
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    Reference: Nichijou Running Scene
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Komentarze • 7 031

  • Amy Fan
    Amy Fan 2 godzin temu

    Wow, that was spooky.

  • Serene Expanse
    Serene Expanse 3 godzin temu

    Wow, what a kind and friendly pedophile. Lmao.

  • Stefania Cristiana
    Stefania Cristiana 6 godzin temu

    Why is there BTS album Love yourself

  • Tariq Sarhan
    Tariq Sarhan 8 godzin temu

    0:26 NUMBUH 1!

  • Gacha Magic
    Gacha Magic 9 godzin temu

    *car pulls up next to me*

    Me: OH HELL NAH *runs*

  • 清水彩巴
    清水彩巴 12 godzin temu +1

    Am I the only one that reacted to the LY answer picture in the frame at 0:31 ?😂😂

  • JuicieGiraffe
    JuicieGiraffe 16 godzin temu

    had an experience like this... so terrible.

  • Midninght Shells
    Midninght Shells 18 godzin temu

    I know the stranger he tried to kidnap a delivery girl and she managed to weakened the guy

  • Kathleen Ng
    Kathleen Ng 20 godzin temu

    Anyone notice the BTS love yourself in the background at 0:31

  • Toronto6ix
    Toronto6ix Dzień temu

    i dont believe this niggas storys

  • mehmil fiza
    mehmil fiza Dzień temu

    Who noticed that LY answer heart ? xD

  • Linlin _Mac
    Linlin _Mac Dzień temu

    Do y’all see the Love Yourself BTS 🤪💞

  • Kimberly Peralta
    Kimberly Peralta Dzień temu

    This is the guy from the delivery scary story with lacy

  • Gamer Pop lop
    Gamer Pop lop 2 dni temu

    Are you bling

  • David that metal dude

    Code name kids next door? @.24

  • Twota Five
    Twota Five 2 dni temu

    There was another time when my car broke down in broad day light on the expressway. A African native born man stop to help me. He got out and asked to give me a ride to the next exit. I responded no thanks I'm waiting on a friend. He persistently urged me to get in his car. He got back in and sit there for a few minutes. I decided to walk up to his car and noticed him Turin a long pointed objected, i must have starter him because he started screaming you American Black Woman Don't listen. I notice a kid in the back seat and jumped back in my car. The kid looked African native so it could have been his. Either way i think he was going to poke me with the sharp object. Don't get in people cars folks. The world is full of lunatics.

  • Twota Five
    Twota Five 2 dni temu

    I remember when i was a teenager and i was walking home in the dark around 1:30am. On a very dark street like a fool. So i was walking fast, i notice a car drive by then slowly turned around and came back. I ran up a tiny hill and stood there waiting for him to get out. So i could run for it. I was cussing at whoever was in the car, i couldn't see because he had very dark tinned Windows. I was like go on mothersfucker I'm not selling coochie. Suddenly i got nervous and wonder if there was 2 of them and started looking around frantically steady cussing and urging the driver to move on. After the stand off for about what seem like forever. He decided to leave and i ride the rest of the way home. Which was only about 2 blocks away. And i had walked at least a half a mile.

  • Kim. Taehyung
    Kim. Taehyung 2 dni temu

    0:31 haha armyyyyyyyy

  • nguyen xuan thuy
    nguyen xuan thuy 2 dni temu

    Hey in 0:32 is bts love yourself

  • ZeeZee OnTop
    ZeeZee OnTop 2 dni temu

    Who the hell gets into a car without looking at the occupant of the car? That makes no sense at all to me... At all!!

  • Marga Reth
    Marga Reth 2 dni temu

    0:37 hehe I saw Love Yourself. ARMY here

  • Miss Me
    Miss Me 2 dni temu

    The voice could use some work when it comes to adding the horror ambience, this voice makes it sound like it's a comedy

  • Johnny Walker
    Johnny Walker 2 dni temu

    Number 1 from K.N.D at 0:25

  • Mini the dog
    Mini the dog 2 dni temu +1

    Lol that guy thought he was gona get laid

  • eriallas yeetberg
    eriallas yeetberg 2 dni temu

    i would pull a knife on this dude

  • eriallas yeetberg
    eriallas yeetberg 2 dni temu

    this is why i carry a knife with me

  • Charistmas tree
    Charistmas tree 2 dni temu

    Anyone else notice the LY bts album picture?

  • Quang Le
    Quang Le 3 dni temu

    “Hey drug, want some kid?”

  • Agent_of_Chaos
    Agent_of_Chaos 3 dni temu

    That guy could’ve been your best friend for life

  • cocopuf97
    cocopuf97 3 dni temu

    Man no wonder you got picked on that encounter was awkward than it needed to be

  • Olivia Nyman
    Olivia Nyman 3 dni temu

    0:31 A.R.M.Y!! Where all the army at??

  • moon child
    moon child 4 dni temu

    0:32 armys notice anything?

  • Anas Azzaoui
    Anas Azzaoui 4 dni temu

    We can meet here tomorow "WWTTTFFF"

  • Akshi Bhasin
    Akshi Bhasin 4 dni temu

    omg LY 💜💜💜💜

  • Keira Yee
    Keira Yee 4 dni temu

    why yes i do

  • Keira Yee
    Keira Yee 4 dni temu


  • queenk.c smith
    queenk.c smith 4 dni temu

    That why I always have my knife on me nigga crazy

  • Chelsey Powell
    Chelsey Powell 4 dni temu

    Bruh this gave me the runs I was kinda scared

  • Shayman Plays
    Shayman Plays 4 dni temu

    Lol Number One from code name kids next door in the intro

  • pat phanhsackdy
    pat phanhsackdy 5 dni temu

    Sounds Asian

  • Herbert N
    Herbert N 5 dni temu +2

    Dude was a pedo. Bet he voted for trump.

    • Adam
      Adam 3 dni temu

      Bet he voted for Hillary considering one of her first criminal defense trials was defending a man who raped a little girl. And she got him off and then laughed about it. Public knowledge look it up.

  • Str8 Pops Steady Shots

    Should of called the cops and had them at the ready watching as the man pulled up to pick the kid up the very next day then he could of been caught

    WAKANDA KNUCKLES 5 dni temu

    if i accept that ride i scream and pepper spray him

  • AroundSun
    AroundSun 5 dni temu

    Its nice to have a concealed firearm

  • Thomas Weisgram
    Thomas Weisgram 5 dni temu

    Hey this is a continuation of that other story

  • Tyler Fisher
    Tyler Fisher 5 dni temu

    Did anyone notice 0:27

  • Team10 Lorenzooo
    Team10 Lorenzooo 5 dni temu

    Was the color of the shirt blue and black or red and black🧐😏

  • ahburs
    ahburs 5 dni temu

    What a dumbass story.

  • Emperor Romeo
    Emperor Romeo 6 dni temu

    3:05 Tommy Wiseau trying to sound convincing.

  • chaosfox72
    chaosfox72 6 dni temu

    Bro no offense. But did your parents not teach you anything

  • Alex wonderland
    Alex wonderland 6 dni temu

    Not proud to say my dumbass did something similar years ago

  • 'Berto O. A.
    'Berto O. A. 6 dni temu


    MOHD FAIZAL IDRIS 6 dni temu

    ...dude you almost kinapped

  • Geovany Arellano
    Geovany Arellano 6 dni temu

    I would've just said ok bro lets do it and sure I'll meet u tomorrow

  • someasiankid
    someasiankid 6 dni temu +1

    this man deserves more sub's. his art is amazing

  • someasiankid
    someasiankid 6 dni temu +2

    0:37 peep that bts poster

  • CAOcreations
    CAOcreations 6 dni temu

    Hey~ Take the compliment~. Not everybody is kidnappable ❤⃛ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )

  • Cheshire Cat
    Cheshire Cat 6 dni temu +5

    The kid was dumb to not even look at the driver before entering the car...but super smart at not showing where he lived. But in actuality...a pedo would of never let the kid leave his car.

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      Cheshire Cat Comment rip on my recent video! I’m trying to make my best friend think I’m dead LMAOO 😂
      (Btw I subbed to u)

  • el mundo de jennifer y sus slime

    Boy do u like BTS i do but i dont like them i LOVE them

  • sorrynotsorryforbeingbias

    0:31 just......YESSS

  • Elise/Goodness
    Elise/Goodness 6 dni temu

    That’s like what I would do

  • Aaliyah Wilson
    Aaliyah Wilson 6 dni temu

    We just gon ignore the BTS poster at 0:33

  • Reyna Lucero
    Reyna Lucero 6 dni temu +2

    9 seconds in and I already feel bad for the kid and want to protect him 😭😭😂

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      Reyna Lucero Comment rip on my recent video! I’m trying to make my best friend think I’m dead LMAOO 😂
      (Btw I subbed to u)

  • lola cruz
    lola cruz 7 dni temu

    Kids these days need to learn about stranger danger. Like HELLO teach your kids not to just jump inside cars with any random pedo

  • Evie Awesome girl
    Evie Awesome girl 7 dni temu +1

    Ooooooooooh Jeeeeeeeeeeeezeeeeee luiiiiiiiisssseeeeeeeeee! Just reading the title of this vid gives me the chills

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      Evie Awesome girl Comment rip on my recent video! I’m trying to make my best friend think I’m dead LMAOO 😂
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  • sowutsurpoint
    sowutsurpoint 7 dni temu +1

    What animation program u use

  • enrico serrana
    enrico serrana 7 dni temu

    saw that poster.....
    any armys out there?
    do love yourself

  • Euphoria c:
    Euphoria c: 7 dni temu

    Omgggggg kids next door number one!!

  • Sala Paulo
    Sala Paulo 7 dni temu

    was that nigel a.k.a number 1 eating a burger? lolololol and BTS LY too?? lololol

  • danraz0r Alice
    danraz0r Alice 7 dni temu +1

    what if the stranger was actually your dad.

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      danraz0r Alice Comment rip on my recent video! I’m trying to make my best friend think I’m dead LMAOO 😂
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  • Gabby S
    Gabby S 7 dni temu +1


  • Rebeca Nuno
    Rebeca Nuno 7 dni temu

    The same guy try to date a girl too

    CVLT TRUTH 7 dni temu


  • Kendall Almazan
    Kendall Almazan 8 dni temu

    I accepted a ride from a guy and give him blowjob HAHAHAHA

  • jvsxn.g59
    jvsxn.g59 8 dni temu

    What?? You just let him waiting for you? That's not nice

  • Kyle DuBois
    Kyle DuBois 8 dni temu

    Was that #1 from KND?

  • Olivia Queen
    Olivia Queen 8 dni temu

    Is it connected to the pizza girl?

  • ashley fontaine
    ashley fontaine 8 dni temu

    Bro you survived a ride with freddie kruger !!

  • Benjamin Glaubke
    Benjamin Glaubke 8 dni temu


  • Fuck Your Feelings
    Fuck Your Feelings 8 dni temu

    I only accept rides from female strangers

  • Art Awesomeness
    Art Awesomeness 9 dni temu

    This story and the pizza are connected.....

  • Abcdeee Fghggg
    Abcdeee Fghggg 9 dni temu

    We never understand who was the man and what he wanted to do

  • Crackhead RALPH
    Crackhead RALPH 9 dni temu

    What a dumbass kid lmao

  • lee robertson
    lee robertson 9 dni temu

    Your stupid

  • RobyNebunu
    RobyNebunu 9 dni temu

    Use the hand break

  • Yeoj _159
    Yeoj _159 9 dni temu

    That guy was in the bad guy in the pizza delivery story who is trying to get the girl named lacey to have a little fun. Thank me later.

  • Tony F
    Tony F 9 dni temu

    How would the kid not know how the inside of his dad's car looks like? Assuming he's been riding in his dad's car for a good portion of his life, I would only think that he would at least know the color of the dashboard or seats. Flawed story.

  • Jimin Infires ched
    Jimin Infires ched 9 dni temu

    I saw that love yourself hmm

  • Panda Bear AK47
    Panda Bear AK47 9 dni temu

    You should've...checked the license plate

  • Garry Superales
    Garry Superales 9 dni temu


  • C W
    C W 9 dni temu

    Plot twist it was his uncle

  • Angelo Gaming
    Angelo Gaming 9 dni temu

    Plot Twist: That’s his uncle. Lmao

  • Aoi
    Aoi 9 dni temu

    It had to be a prius, lol...

  • Hassan F7
    Hassan F7 9 dni temu

    He was driving a Prius

  • Moosa R
    Moosa R 10 dni temu

    OHH COME ONNN! he was being nice lol😒

  • DeadManHighlights
    DeadManHighlights 10 dni temu

    what an idiot you agreed to meet him next day just call the police and tell them where they can find him

  • x asmr lam lam x
    x asmr lam lam x 10 dni temu +1

    aksed ? 2:53

  • Klutz Guitarist
    Klutz Guitarist 10 dni temu

    Am i the only one seeing the love yourself album cover framed up the wall at 0:31

  • ElyRin.248
    ElyRin.248 10 dni temu

    I saw the Love Yourself album on the wall… Any A.R.M.Y. here?

  • Jesse Nance
    Jesse Nance 10 dni temu +1

    Hi did you know he almost insulted a girl before you I can tell you where to find the video if you want and the ending you're in it