I Accepted A Car Ride From A Creepy Man

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  • Opublikowany 1 paź 2018
  • Hope he never sees that man again
    Story By: UnfairAdvantage
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    Reference: Nichijou Running Scene
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  • xNicky xox
    xNicky xox 21 minuta temu

    I’m so confused, are the stories about you connected to the other stories or are the drawings the same to confuse us

  • kpop forever
    kpop forever 9 godzin temu

    There is BTS love yourself photo

  • iiomqChes Hire
    iiomqChes Hire 15 godzin temu

    0:32 only bts fans know that album

  • AbdurRahim Miah
    AbdurRahim Miah 17 godzin temu

    anyone else notice nigel uno from kids next door at 00:25

  • Swim Fan84
    Swim Fan84 Dzień temu

    Divine Providence

  • Dominik navarro the killa!!

    Am I the only one who notice number 1 lol

  • Unicorn Lover716
    Unicorn Lover716 Dzień temu


  • Ryan Jensen
    Ryan Jensen Dzień temu

    people please. Judge a book by it's cover. It's your life that's in your own hands.

  • Iron Heart
    Iron Heart Dzień temu +1

    Steven Deez nuts

  • Slammy555
    Slammy555 2 dni temu

    Does anyone else feel bad for the poor old guy who thought he'd finally made a friend? Kids can be so cruel.
    We didn't have a bus that ran to school, and since my mom was a nurse and worked early I had to go the 3 miles myself. It seemed longer, but Google showed otherwise. Looking back, I suspect she wanted me to be kidnapped. Fortunately, we had this miracle invention called a bicycle.

  • Brad Paquette
    Brad Paquette 2 dni temu

    Classic dad doesn’t believe you almost got kidnapped. WTF

  • BarterTom
    BarterTom 2 dni temu

    Why is Number One from Kids Next Door just chillaxing there at 0:30?

  • Asian potato
    Asian potato 2 dni temu +1

    Oh Mhmm preTty safe mmhhhmm!!! I would probably be running to my house from that car I only trust my family and some of my friends

  • trusting virus
    trusting virus 2 dni temu

    He was gonna rape that kid.

  • Itz_Shitty_Lmao Mel
    Itz_Shitty_Lmao Mel 2 dni temu

    This is a part of another part of a story

  • TheFakeNotckh
    TheFakeNotckh 2 dni temu

    Well, you did point forward, so why would he turn the car?

  • 3 7
    3 7 2 dni temu

    *Suprise!* .............(((butt sex)))

  • tadamori
    tadamori 3 dni temu

    Your stories are good. It made me want to share another one too. When I was in 3rd grade I would walk home from school. It took about 15-20 mins to get to my house. One day I see this new kid I don't recognize from school walking on the same route back home as me.We make friends and turns out his name is Nick. Pretty soon we become friends and start walking home together everyday.. On our way home we talk about random things and do random 3rd grade boy stuff. This goes on for like a week or two.
    Then one day, as Nick and I are walking home, a beat-up old buick pulls up next to us. Inside is a creepy looking old man with dead, empty-looking eyes. My new friend says to me, "Oh that's John. He's harmless. He's a family friend. He can give us a ride home." I hesitate because I know it's not good to accept rides from strangers. Nick keeps trying multiple times to convince me to go with him, but I keep refusing. I say 'no' a final time and then my friend's expression suddenly turns all dark and he says, 'okay, bye!'. and gets in the car with John and they drive off. That was the last time I ever saw Nick.

  • David Lee
    David Lee 3 dni temu

    I went to the movies with my friend Sean. After the movie finished we were about to call a taxi to head back to base. A car pulled up in front of us and asked if we wanted a ride. Me being really dumb I said yes and hopped in, my friend was really nervous about it the whole time. After he got in we both put on our seatbelts and we were on our way. Halfway there the gentleman in the passenger seat said "It's ok guys it's not we're gonna kill you hahahaha." I looked at my friend and he looked at me and we knew this wasn't a normal car ride by a good Samaritan. As we were nearing the base main gate. They said "we're gonna have to dropped you off at that fast food restaurant across the street because we have a lot of guns in the trunk."
    I'm just glad I accepted a ride from that stranger because I saved 15 dollars from calling a taxi.

  • Lamby G
    Lamby G 3 dni temu

    Why is everyone so scared, he’s narrating his own story - of course he didn’t die.

  • Wolf Killer
    Wolf Killer 3 dni temu

    I accepted a blow job from a woman i didnt know

  • SJ
    SJ 4 dni temu

    He sighed as if it was such a huuuge inconvenience that this kid actually wanted to go home, and not with him.

  • lollipop kpop
    lollipop kpop 5 dni temu

    Did i just see ly album cover photo in the background????

  • Devon Schmidt
    Devon Schmidt 6 dni temu

    Edit: Retard jumps into random dudes car.

  • Avery Braithwaite
    Avery Braithwaite 6 dni temu

    Is this the same guy a the pizza delivery on that was on this channel??
    After he tried to kill her when she made a delivery for him she ran told the cops and her boss
    After this happened he rushed to another state
    Someone was him getting a little boy into his car and called the police
    The police found the car and chased him down
    He tried to skip a red light
    And was hit by a van and killed...
    The only reason it makes me remember this was that's the same car they used in the pizza delivery video
    The same man who tried to kill her
    And the same style of the little boy who got into his car...

    • KallieM64
      KallieM64 6 dni temu

      I thought of the same thing as well

  • BTS Edits
    BTS Edits 7 dni temu

    0:31 Army's did y'all see the love yourself album pic on the wall?

  • Ma To
    Ma To 7 dni temu

    Never ride a Prius again, great advice.

  • Qassm Alessa
    Qassm Alessa 7 dni temu +1

    Where I live it is perfectly normal for you to got a lift from a stranger

    SPACECRUISER96 7 dni temu

    Really now you can't tell if this was your father's car or the driver was your father?
    And let's say you are that stupid, you didn't expect that if really was your dad that he would press the horn or wave at you or get out of the car?
    Darwin was right after all

    WALKER ELIZABETH 7 dni temu

    “ARE YOU SURE? I’ll MAKE SURE YOU GET HOME BEFORE ANYONE REALIZES YOURE GONE!” If I heard this I would be less scared... more unloved 💔😂

  • Marija Nikolic
    Marija Nikolic 7 dni temu

    00:31 BTS LY album😂

  • Rahath RA
    Rahath RA 8 dni temu +1

    0:31 ARMY'S WHERE YOU AT??

  • Kawaii Potato
    Kawaii Potato 8 dni temu

    0:31 - LY BTS album?!?!?!

  • S. K
    S. K 9 dni temu

    The LY album cover at the back tho ghdjghdhskjsksjksjk

  • Egbert Wadman
    Egbert Wadman 9 dni temu

    Code name Kids next door?!

  • Silly Siblings
    Silly Siblings 9 dni temu


  • Silly Siblings
    Silly Siblings 9 dni temu

    R u a bgs army

  • Vanilla_ice Hi
    Vanilla_ice Hi 9 dni temu

    For one don’t worry it’s not your fault , two how the heck did you remember all these details

  • Griuz
    Griuz 9 dni temu

    What if he was a normal guy and didnt want any harm? No? Ok. He was a creep

  • Kpop Girl
    Kpop Girl 10 dni temu

    0:37 I see BTS love yourself Frame!

  • Avital Sign
    Avital Sign 11 dni temu

    What is the name of this guy? I mean, there's never any information on this. The guy died right? So why is there no information about him...

  • J M
    J M 11 dni temu

    Kidnapper: this whole kidnapping kids thing isn’t going well for me what should I do
    Kidnapper friend: just pull up somewhere outside a school and watch the kids just roll in
    Kidnapper: umm what retard woul-
    Steven: *gets in the car* hey da-
    Kidnapper: well shit that was easy

  • Advertisekid1st
    Advertisekid1st 11 dni temu +11

    0:23 NUMBUH 1!!!! *Thats how they talk in Code Name Kids Next Door* case you people forgot....

  • ilygguk 1997
    ilygguk 1997 11 dni temu

    0:31 lmaoo there’s bts frame in the back

  • Moon Light
    Moon Light 11 dni temu


  • __Annie Joshi__
    __Annie Joshi__ 12 dni temu

    Who else saw the bts ly poster??

  • Solar Wolf54
    Solar Wolf54 12 dni temu

    This why I don’t trust strangers!! Thank you PLclip!!😡😡😭😭

  • Jake TheBest
    Jake TheBest 12 dni temu

    Is dat the guy that died from the accident from the pizza shift

  • Ana
    Ana 12 dni temu

    omg lol the same thing happened to me, after school i saw a car that looked exactly like my grandpas and in the same spot. i opened the back door with my brother with me and saw the man was eating a sub in the drivers seat wasn’t my grandpa so i just shut the door without saying anything and not getting into the car.

  • David Coster
    David Coster 12 dni temu

    Plot twist:
    He gets back home and opens the door to the house that man lives in which happens to look exactly the same.

  • TheWeirdoOnTheWeb
    TheWeirdoOnTheWeb 12 dni temu

    I remember the one when the person was almost kidnapped.

  • Cam LD
    Cam LD 12 dni temu

    The creepy guy who tried to kill your friend tried to killed you it all links up

    XANTHER BTS 13 dni temu

    The ly album in the back 😂😂😂

  • Jimin has swag
    Jimin has swag 13 dni temu

    On 0:31 there is love yourself from BTS in the background

  • TheAdekrijger
    TheAdekrijger 13 dni temu

    gets in a car with a different color interior than his dad still expects to see his dad.

  • TheAdekrijger
    TheAdekrijger 13 dni temu

    why is there a stigma in the US regarding kids being out on thier own?

  • TheAdekrijger
    TheAdekrijger 13 dni temu

    america the only developed nation where kids can't be out by themselves. Or atleast there parents won't let them. horrible way the raise children who are supposed to become resilient and independent adults.

  • møçhï빙탄
    møçhï빙탄 13 dni temu

    0:32 nice painting '_^

  • Dewi Anbara
    Dewi Anbara 13 dni temu

    seems like a nice guy to me

  • Why the Duck?
    Why the Duck? 13 dni temu

    OMG! You were bully those motherfuckers!!! Also great video it gave me the chills! Oh no I'm gonna have nightmares 0_o

  • Bill Johnson
    Bill Johnson 13 dni temu

    911 911 hello operator this boi smart and dumb

    ARMY BTS 13 dni temu

    when you see love yourself in the background.....

  • SnickersLPS
    SnickersLPS 13 dni temu

    Isn't this the same guy from the pizza delivery video?

  • Robbie Vasquez
    Robbie Vasquez 13 dni temu

    I was hoping a kidnapping would have taken place @ least a little action maybe next time you can put a little soy sauce on the rice or some ketchup on the fries to spice up the stories you could put more suspense in the stories to make it more genuine like the world we live in today

  • Gray Crowned Crane
    Gray Crowned Crane 13 dni temu

    0:31 love yourself picture!😂

  • Yoonmin life
    Yoonmin life 13 dni temu

    I love the BTS stuff in this video!

  • queeniix
    queeniix 13 dni temu

    0:31 *I freaking love you Steven* 🤣

  • cedartree
    cedartree 13 dni temu

    Kids are such pussies

  • Gabi Wolf 77
    Gabi Wolf 77 14 dni temu


  • zoobtube247
    zoobtube247 14 dni temu

    how did he not see the guy waiting for him on the way home?!?!?!

  • StayImperfect〈3
    StayImperfect〈3 15 dni temu

    Can you say.... ....pedophile?

  • Commander DripDrip
    Commander DripDrip 15 dni temu +4

    Same guy from the pizza delivery story?

  • yopo654
    yopo654 15 dni temu +3

    Yo what is my boy numbuh 1 doing over there at 0:26

  • xxgenesiisxx
    xxgenesiisxx 15 dni temu

    Man:hey u want a ride
    Man:what the *gets mad*
    MAN:*drives away in a blink of a eye

  • crystal._. trash
    crystal._. trash 16 dni temu

    0:32 I see an ARMY 😉

  • オル - マイト
    オル - マイト 16 dni temu

    R all of your stories real?

  • ROBLOXLover 776
    ROBLOXLover 776 16 dni temu

    0.37 has anyone noticed the picture in the album Love Yourself by BTS in the top left corner?

  • AmericanBucket
    AmericanBucket 17 dni temu

    yes. we realize the bts ly album logo on the wall.

  • Alphajammar215 Maghuyop

    Can you do a bit of comedic horror or something

  • Listen up you good for nothing low life pig

    Thats why I always make sure I check the licenses plate becoz alot of ppl have my moms car

  • Michael larrick
    Michael larrick 17 dni temu

    At 0:30 we aren’t gonna Just ignore that that’s Nigel uno from KND??

  • Alpha Books
    Alpha Books 17 dni temu

    Don't he look similar?

    *Looks at the video about the pizza incident*

  • Chloe Tahmasebi
    Chloe Tahmasebi 17 dni temu

    wait so a random guy just picked u up and took you home ahaha, he just pulled up next to you and drove you home.... makes sense!

  • criticalkiller 91
    criticalkiller 91 17 dni temu

    pizza delivery story

  • M1 Twinny
    M1 Twinny 17 dni temu

    At 00:26 that's Nigel from Codename Kids Next Door

  • Алёна крафт
    Алёна крафт 17 dni temu

    Кто русский????

  • JasminSings Songs
    JasminSings Songs 17 dni temu

    Thats The pizza Guy...

  • MVPMiggi
    MVPMiggi 18 dni temu

    Old guy smiling and red black stripped shirt? Hmm sounds like freddy krueger

  • Lunar Galaxy_
    Lunar Galaxy_ 18 dni temu

    Yo it's that crazy dude that tried to kidnap the pizza delivery girl!

  • Sylvia Senne
    Sylvia Senne 18 dni temu +3

    I heard laughing in my backyard that's normal right?

    • Sylvia Senne
      Sylvia Senne 17 dni temu +1

      +Simom Cowell I mean yeah pft..

    • Simom Cowell
      Simom Cowell 18 dni temu +2

      Sylvia Senne I shit on my bed and then sleep on it. That’s normal, right?

  • AndeeDew
    AndeeDew 18 dni temu

    Funny how the people talking about 0:32 have K-POP profile pics (dont bully me for fortnite no hate :)"

  • AndeeDew
    AndeeDew 18 dni temu

    I mean what were you expecting?

  • stephany posada
    stephany posada 18 dni temu

    is that the same guy from the girl who delivery pizza?

  • StayTo Straykids
    StayTo Straykids 19 dni temu

    This was creepy

  • PatronSaintOfTroll
    PatronSaintOfTroll 19 dni temu

    I know he's a kid but what a dumbass.

  • fUn diP :p
    fUn diP :p 19 dni temu

    the same guy in the story of that pizza delivery night shift experience

  • Kim Land
    Kim Land 19 dni temu

    Its OK, he's not a close friend or relative.

  • Nachtae
    Nachtae 19 dni temu

    My eyes zoomed in on the love yourself picture at 0:32

  • Zaiderian
    Zaiderian 19 dni temu

    He was a nice guy