I Accepted A Ride From A Creepy Man

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  • Opublikowany 1 paź 2018
  • Hope he never sees that man again
    Story By: UnfairAdvantage
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    Reference: Nichijou Running Scene
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    IBREATHEforDAEHWI 14 godzin temu

    And I think I’ve read a story about this at No Sleep creepy encounters.

  • Aileia Plyaz_Yt
    Aileia Plyaz_Yt 21 godzinę temu +1

    I almost accept a ride from an old guy but I didn't accept it because he is a stranger it was almost midnight we were watching a concert but I'm tired and I decided to go home my friends said I should accept the stranger because they still want to watch the concert but I don't trust that guy but his no giving up he want me or maybe us to ride his car because he said he wanted to take us to our house but I really don't trust that guy so I said no then there are no vehicles that I can ride on coz it's almost midnight so we decided to just walk.
    My house is not really so far but on our way to my house there are many guys drinking they are drunk.
    We decided to just keep walking so they won't notice us(BTW we are all girls we are three girls)
    But the drunk guys called us we didn't say anything we just keep walking until they stand and said hey girls come join us we suddenly freak out and scared so we decided to run until we lost them we we're so scared at that time luckily we arrived home safely my friends decided to sleep at my house and not go back to the concert that's so creepy.
    So every time we watch a concert we always ask our parents to pick us up so that incident won't happen again......

  • Darkskin Rapist
    Darkskin Rapist Dzień temu +1

    Where is the lolipops in the glove compartment?

  • Darkskin Rapist
    Darkskin Rapist Dzień temu +1

    Is this your interpretation of the Erased anime?

  • Darkskin Rapist
    Darkskin Rapist Dzień temu +1

    Your whole family looks like anime characters and they all have spiky anime hair. Are you japanese?

  • Hello
    Hello Dzień temu

    Who notice the picture frame has a BTS Love Yourself album?

  • Francis de Leon
    Francis de Leon Dzień temu

    Lmao you're just a stupid kid jumped into a stranger's car and called him "creepy" you ungrateful dumbass

    LOVELY YUNA Dzień temu +1

    This is that creepy man from one of his older video

  • Jessica B
    Jessica B 2 dni temu

    I hate when parents don’t believe kids !

  • Krisaydie Arevalo
    Krisaydie Arevalo 2 dni temu

    I see that bts love yourself answer album

  • cozmicowl 605
    cozmicowl 605 2 dni temu

    Who else thinks that this is dfron the one episode where the pizza delivery girl and a creepy man and he was caught trying to kidnap a teenage boy???

    JC THE GAMER 2 dni temu

    0:29 Reply “YOU ARE BEGGING FOR REPLIES” if you know the character eating a burger

  • D Wow
    D Wow 2 dni temu

    01:00 it looks like Honda Civic

  • stubbly elm 30251
    stubbly elm 30251 3 dni temu

    His is related to the newest video on the channel

  • Urmomgay
    Urmomgay 3 dni temu

    Of course you're too young to recognize the kid at 0:25

  • sensitivitea
    sensitivitea 3 dni temu

    This was in the pizza video haha.

  • Gabby White
    Gabby White 3 dni temu

    never....do you not know what your father looks like?

  • Steffi L
    Steffi L 4 dni temu

    Oh sht at 0:32 did you see the BTS Love Yourself Album on the wall💜 ARMYs where yall at?

  • Shoaib Zama
    Shoaib Zama 4 dni temu

    We all should say thank you or love you dad after each help from them(fathers)

  • N.S.A *
    N.S.A * 4 dni temu +1

    This nigga that dumb....get yo ass out of here

  • Joselyn girlse
    Joselyn girlse 4 dni temu

    Pop moon and I have a bit more than the new one of this email address or any questions about

  • Joselyn girlse
    Joselyn girlse 4 dni temu

    :) 123456789101213141516171819

  • Mini Vani
    Mini Vani 4 dni temu

    First you add the kids next door than BTS IL SIGN .. your my new favorite PLclipr

  • Ania Nora
    Ania Nora 4 dni temu

    I see that LY frame at 00:31😂😂💜💜💜👍👍👍

  • Christina and Angie Gacha


  • Elsh'maya Taylor
    Elsh'maya Taylor 5 dni temu

    What if he had no intentions you just put music and weird faces in the video

  • Sophie Louise
    Sophie Louise 5 dni temu

    I hate walking home on my own.. especially late at night.. creeps me out😭

  • RookiePlayz 73
    RookiePlayz 73 5 dni temu

    In one video in this Channel, a Pizza girl was delivering, and got into a horrific situation, and the police said they saw a teen(the person in this video) get kidnapped. THIS MUST BE IT!!!

  • Jon Eppes
    Jon Eppes 5 dni temu

    Has no ONE noticed that if you watch the horror story pizza delivery, this is the guy that tried to get the girl delivering pizza.And mentioned the story and the same kid

  • Lee Courtney
    Lee Courtney 5 dni temu +1

    You people who are poking fun of this making a game out of this are disgusting this could happen to your child Karma knows where you live andnever forgets your address. You're insensitive sarcasm could get you into big trouble.

  • Talez Of Blue
    Talez Of Blue 5 dni temu

    Guys this is a crossover video from “A crazy pizza delivery experience”

  • Little,crafty Mess
    Little,crafty Mess 5 dni temu

    I see that BTS poster 😉 0:32

  • Lizzy Chan.
    Lizzy Chan. 5 dni temu

    Do you guys know the pizza delivery story its raleted!!!

  • Angeli _xo
    Angeli _xo 6 dni temu

    Is this the part 2 of
    "My abusive dentist"?!

  • Life of a ROBLOX roleplayer

    hell nah to the nah nah nah

  • memesintheattic ‘
    memesintheattic ‘ 6 dni temu

    Oh riding with a stranger?
    Classic Uber

  • Emily Nathu
    Emily Nathu 6 dni temu

    I would have honestly jumped out the car window and ran as quick as possible XD

  • Emily Chavez
    Emily Chavez 6 dni temu

    0:32 BTS Fans thank me later

  • i'm a noob shae
    i'm a noob shae 6 dni temu

    Dod anyone else see the bts picture in the background 0:38

  • Brydon Burrell
    Brydon Burrell 6 dni temu

    Kaiki may look ominous but actually he isnt evil

  • Lna Oho
    Lna Oho 7 dni temu


  • Alyssa Peters
    Alyssa Peters 7 dni temu


  • Sabra Gaming
    Sabra Gaming 8 dni temu +1

    It’s that guy from Lacey’s story

  • King prinse Lol
    King prinse Lol 8 dni temu

    U idiot u were suspicious and u went to the car anyway

  • Mellie Kelly
    Mellie Kelly 8 dni temu

    Doesn’t this go with go with my crazy night shift pizza delivery??

  • Sofia Johnson
    Sofia Johnson 8 dni temu +1

    Dude, just look through the window and see if the guy was actually you're dad...

  • j baby
    j baby 8 dni temu


  • Heavanlyflower101
    Heavanlyflower101 8 dni temu +1

    Did anyone notice that BTS sign in the background?😂😂😂 they think they slick!!!

  • Pink Cake
    Pink Cake 9 dni temu +1

    You really have a thing of drawing a black thing on their head and white eyes

    JONATHAN FOWLER 10 dni temu

    Any ARMYS here 0:32

  • No chill Keidy
    No chill Keidy 10 dni temu

    Ooo this is the story to the pizza one

  • Kate Gonzales
    Kate Gonzales 11 dni temu

    Wow how this story connect to Lacy the Pizza Delivery Girl😁

  • Kimberly Munoz
    Kimberly Munoz 11 dni temu

    I watched a video that this guy tried to kill or just kidnap a lady from a pizza place and in the end it showed this guy tried to kidnap this teen boy, also he died in a car crash

  • velkoon
    velkoon 12 dni temu

    wow the dad is a fucking douche bag

  • Klerent Iyd Abalos
    Klerent Iyd Abalos 13 dni temu

    The story sounds familiar, Correct me if im wrong this story connected to Delivery pizza at night?

  • Ieisbdhsj Nwjsjz Zb
    Ieisbdhsj Nwjsjz Zb 13 dni temu

    ur rude bruh

  • JPX620
    JPX620 14 dni temu


  • Silver AG
    Silver AG 14 dni temu

    Does this relate to pizza girl? Maybe? Okayo broyo froyo!

  • Staniya Thomas
    Staniya Thomas 14 dni temu

    My mom knows that if I even think her hair is even two shades darker that I'm going to ignore her

  • not a fuk
    not a fuk 14 dni temu

    Steven d more like steven dick

  • Kinda Karina
    Kinda Karina 14 dni temu

    Isn’t this the same guy from the creepy pizza delivery video?

  • Wendy wan
    Wendy wan 15 dni temu +1

    0:31 did someone noticed that LY ANSWER?

  • Ellie Le
    Ellie Le 15 dni temu

    This is the kidnapper from the pizza delivery!

  • Godwin Dza
    Godwin Dza 15 dni temu

    0:26 kids next door LOL number 1

  • Galaxy Playz
    Galaxy Playz 15 dni temu

    Creepy Man:”So See you here tomorrow?”
    Me: *NoPe*

  • Mr.chair
    Mr.chair 15 dni temu

    Kids next door

  • Amyyy
    Amyyy 15 dni temu

    (Kids today won’t recognize smh)

  • Jennifer Duran
    Jennifer Duran 15 dni temu

    0:23 My boi number zero from the Codename: kids next door is in this video 👌👌💯✊😎😄

  • Ariel X
    Ariel X 15 dni temu

    Is this the same dude as like he “pizza delivery girl”?!?

  • Gamer Gamer
    Gamer Gamer 15 dni temu

    I love how this story is linked to the pizza story

  • Mr Meow
    Mr Meow 15 dni temu

    Thanks da- DUN

  • animeunicorn 63
    animeunicorn 63 15 dni temu +1

    *casually gets into creepy mans car*

  • Dilara Yildiz
    Dilara Yildiz 15 dni temu

    Isn’t this kidnapper from the pizza delivery video ? And the boy too

  • Maxines kanal
    Maxines kanal 16 dni temu

    I know this is bad and all but AYYY ARMYYY YAO I saw that frame😉

  • super saiyan Goodman II.

    Thank goodness you've gotten out of that dangerous situation Man, csuse that guy have been a killer or psychopathic,rapist thank your save though.... I hope you've learned your lesson about trusting creepy strangers bro.

  • BBD Nd LSD
    BBD Nd LSD 16 dni temu

    Isnt the same scene from thr other scary story

  • Jak Cas
    Jak Cas 16 dni temu

    the creepy guy is dead he was in a car chase and died when he got hit by a truck

  • SLiKK
    SLiKK 16 dni temu

    XD 0:24

  • Pedro Caetano
    Pedro Caetano 16 dni temu

    Is that the man form the pizza delivery ??

  • exponet377 boi
    exponet377 boi 16 dni temu

    What is WRONG WITH YOU😰

    IM A MULTIFANDOM GORL 16 dni temu +1

    Two words that boy needs to know: Plate Number

  • Dani G
    Dani G 16 dni temu +1

    Isn’t this, like, a connection to the Creepy Pizza Delivery video?

  • Adie Reynaldo
    Adie Reynaldo 17 dni temu +1

    Anyone else notice the love yourself album poster in the background in the beginning

  • Sarahi Sarabia
    Sarahi Sarabia 18 dni temu +1

    you just figured out that he can't know where you live omg lol some creepy stranger asked me if i needed a ride before

  • Michell martinez guzman
    Michell martinez guzman 18 dni temu +1

    No you Didnt accept a ride, You just got into the car xD lol

  • Jada Jada
    Jada Jada 18 dni temu +1

    I see BTS their

  • Animalowner1 208
    Animalowner1 208 18 dni temu +1

    Don't say or do anything swith strangers

  • Shin Tae Oh
    Shin Tae Oh 19 dni temu +1

    Armys, where are you at

  • Reeve caceres
    Reeve caceres 19 dni temu +1

    This was a reference from the pizza one

  • xXxSkyViperxXx
    xXxSkyViperxXx 19 dni temu

    why did the kid randomly get in the car

  • Nutella
    Nutella 19 dni temu +3

    0:31 ah I see you dude 😂

  • Galaxy diamond gamer tv Gamer

    Hey the kindpaper if from the story pizza he tried to kill the pizza delivery idk or something else

  • Edlyn Cuyos
    Edlyn Cuyos 20 dni temu +1

    never talk nor accept an offer to a stranger. Got it!

  • Miraaa Jane
    Miraaa Jane 20 dni temu +1

    Why do u guys keep assuming it the same guy from the pizza delivery? It doesn’t even make sense lol

  • Captain Charlez
    Captain Charlez 21 dzień temu +1

    All dude wanted was some booty 😭

  • laiba qayyum
    laiba qayyum 22 dni temu

    I hate when parents dont believe u and call it an excuse

  • Prescious Mae Dable
    Prescious Mae Dable 22 dni temu


  • Shruti Kapoor
    Shruti Kapoor 22 dni temu

    Wtf dude it was your fault😂😂😂

  • h o n e y m o c h i
    h o n e y m o c h i 22 dni temu


    ANANDITA PANYAM 23 dni temu

    0:31 LY