Here's a Tour of the Most Expensive Rolls-Royce Sedan From 1973

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  • Paulo Fernandes
    Paulo Fernandes 58 minut temu

    Try to put another car from 1973 side by side with the Rolls...You dont no what do you talking about...

  • John Notgiven
    John Notgiven 18 godzin temu

    Doug, love your videos, but I think you did some injustice to this classic Rolls. This car, back in the day probably cost around 30 grand, it was the luxury car of its day. I fear you tried to compare this to a modern day car and you can't. This is a unique vehicle for the time. This was luxury and prestige 45 years ago, I think you should rethink the score and give this fine timeless car the place in history that it deserves.

  • JT Render
    JT Render 21 godzinę temu

    But the "Phantom VI" was still in production until 1990

  • HerrNilssonTheMonkey
    HerrNilssonTheMonkey 21 godzinę temu

    The crass American bumpers spoil the look. What an eyesore.

  • VBshredder
    VBshredder Dzień temu

    Modern cars should reimplement the hazard and parking lights blinking interior light. On the 2nd gen Forester we call the parking light switch the "Battery Kill Switch" because that's exactly what it does if you are unfortunate enough to brush the hidden switch and have no idea they are on. Hazards, always nice to have a reminder they are on.

  • GeneralZapta213
    GeneralZapta213 Dzień temu

    Whenever people review these cars they forget that a chofer would often be the one to drive it and a good chofer would know exactly where every button is and what the purpose is.

  • Mad RC Modeling
    Mad RC Modeling Dzień temu

    Is that rust bubbling up under the vinyl roof also in England in the 60s cars only had to have one central internal mirror

  • Nick Gall
    Nick Gall 2 dni temu +1

    What an annoying little twat,this man is. I can’t stand his accent.

  • cosmo kramar
    cosmo kramar 2 dni temu

    So annoying.... he needs a speech therapist

  • Tobirama Senju
    Tobirama Senju 2 dni temu +1

    Doug, I am going to correct you as I did on your Phantom video. The Rolls Royce Phantom of the 1970s was the Rolls Royce Phantom not the Silver Shadow. Look, I know you're not an automotive historian but you should be aware that the Phantom ever since its first iteration all the way back in 1925, was the top of the line Rolls .

  • Majin Perez
    Majin Perez 2 dni temu

    Doug is a guy. I don't understand him but I watch his videos.

  • William Wallace
    William Wallace 3 dni temu

    Mercedes in 1973 had memory seats, cruise control, abs... way ahead of other manufacturers

    • Steve Prince
      Steve Prince 2 dni temu +1

      The Jensen FF had ABS and 4wd in 1965.
      You picked a very poor example of what Mercedes have contributed.

  • charles stiesmeyer
    charles stiesmeyer 3 dni temu

    .....ouch.....I apologize for watching the second half before the first half..........this poor Roller is done.....the rot in the roof alone......not to mention what lurks under the engine......aaaahh, guess we all go sometime..........

    • Steve Prince
      Steve Prince 19 godzin temu

      None of the cars you mention impress me in the slightest.
      The bubbling beneath the Everflex roof covering is indeed corrosion. The Everflex option was specified on the build sheets and the covered panels were only roughly finished with just a quick dressing of lead joints and panel imperfection. Apart from a bit of overspray they only had primer applied. As previously mentioned the stitch lines were not sealed particularly well other than with a line of contact adhesive but in any case over time moisture was able to permeate the Everflex. The felt layer on the central section was an odd choice as it provided no visual difference and I doubt any owner ever went around poking it (That said really tacky vinyls and padding was used on many US cars) but the felt and the fabric backing of the Everflex retained moisture.
      When replacing Everflex roof coverings on these cars there is always a line of surface corrosion that runs along the stitch lines, a Scotchbrite disc takes care of this. This one seem to be worse but there is rarely any perforation and where it does occur it's normally around the rear screen. There are details I see that shows this to is a factory Everflex but no one ever considered what problems would occur decades down the line.
      Re-trimming ones of these cars is extremely difficult and there are probably only two other companies that exceeded the standard at the time, Aston Martin and Mulliner Park Ward. Although MPW were owned by Rolls-Royce the methods used to trim the seats were very different. Sourcing the correct hide is difficult and to be honest the modern reproduction Vaumol hides are not the same. In any case you'd need access to far more than you would use to find defect free ones big enough to trim the rear seats and top roll. Then of course you need to find some who can pattern it up and reproduce the original appearance and again you'll struggle to find someone to achieve the correct contours. I was estimating re-trims on these cars at around $20k over 25 years ago.
      The fact this car has a black interior makes it easy to renovate with applications of softener, removal of some of the aftermarket colour that's been applied and application of a new colour system. Other colour hides had the Luxan finish that had the base hue and then a wipe over with black to accentuate the grain. Easy to apply when the hides were stretched out on a frame but just about impossible with fully made up trim.

    • charles stiesmeyer
      charles stiesmeyer Dzień temu +1

      .....well, in our 50 years of automotive ignorance, we've done probably 35 ground ups, on cars ranging from 1992 300E Benz Sport-line, various other S classes, a Jag or two (although it was way too easy to pass $100K on that 61 XKE) and even a 1951 Studebaker Starliner (my personal favorite).
      Some of our 70's project cars even had vinyl tops (Mark IV, XR-7, Biarritz, etc), wonder what the bubbling under the roof really means? Probably just loose glue. And, your local re upholsterer can recreate a British leather interior for, oh, about $1000. Per seat, that is. Bet you'd drop $20K in the interior alone, for the correct leather and all leather surfaces, and that might be low.
      Maybe it's just the cost of the leather, although we recently spent $60K on the interior alone for a 956. But perhaps some leather softener will fix those seats.............

    • Steve Prince
      Steve Prince 2 dni temu +1

      Minor corrosion below the Everflex covering is normal for a combination of reasons. The paint system on cars specified for this option was basic, the centre section was padded with felt and the stitched seams were not sealed. All are easily addressed.
      If you have other specific questions I can perhaps unburden you of your ignorance.

  • charles stiesmeyer
    charles stiesmeyer 3 dni temu +1's definitely a whale, but a very attractive one.....great proportions......silver paint and black leather......However, the dried out interior is painful to don't garage them, this happens..........

  • That Guy
    That Guy 4 dni temu +1

    Does anyone else find it annoying that he emphasizes his words?

  • Jamie Smeaton
    Jamie Smeaton 4 dni temu

    Doug you got to do another video on the model 3 because lots of updates have happened after you reviewed it.

  • Lupa Lupo
    Lupa Lupo 5 dni temu

    This car is beautiful

  • VicariousReality7
    VicariousReality7 6 dni temu

    At a glance i would mistake that for a volvo

  • bri marie
    bri marie 7 dni temu

    Lot of people died from being impaled by steering wheel back in the day !

  • bri marie
    bri marie 7 dni temu

    I thought a piece from Bach would play if you used the horn ?

  • bri marie
    bri marie 7 dni temu

    This is a true story a man worked his whole life and saved his money to buy a Rolls , he finally got it . He was in front of his garage cleaning and waxing it when it popped out of gear and I’m guessing he tried to stop it from rolling away? And was run over and killed! That’s just one of those things in life that just make you just stop and say uhm ? Weird .

  • Happyface84 Aj
    Happyface84 Aj 7 dni temu

    Umm they had the phantom since 1920s. They stopped making it for a while and then started it up again in 2004

  • Obwan Kenobi
    Obwan Kenobi 8 dni temu +2

    Yes, but no one will say wow is that a Cadillac elderado! Lol. I get people that stop, stare and ask question about my 75 silver shadow in my garage, even though its stripped down for a restore. That just won't happen with a Cadillac.

  • Obwan Kenobi
    Obwan Kenobi 8 dni temu

    That button is supposed to measure the oil level, the fuel gauge is used as an oil level gauge.

  • Obwan Kenobi
    Obwan Kenobi 8 dni temu

    Cadillac had those locks in the 60's , the ac parts on the shadow are also from a 67 Cadillac. As is the transmission, th400.

  • John Morris
    John Morris 8 dni temu +1

    Does the coolant warning work? it's a warning test button.
    You own a Rolls you probably smoked cigars and were quite possibly chauffeured from A to B...

  • Dan R
    Dan R 9 dni temu

    Steering wheel looks like plastic. I saw a VDO, Smith's and a Locus gauge. Would think they would be all the same. Also they look aftermarket, like the ones I added to my Corvair.

  • Paul Bedford
    Paul Bedford 9 dni temu +2

    Mr DeMuro do you get some kind of a kick out of denigrating old, superb motor cars? You try and pour scorn on cars by comparing them to modern cars that are 20, 30, 40 or 50 years newer? I owned a '79 Shadow II for years and it was a fabulous car. You talk about unlabelled driver's door window switches. Anyone not stupid would get used to them in ten minutes, like ALL older GM cars with four-in-a-block switches?
    Take for example your unpleasant analysis of the owner's manual conversion table. Many wealthy owners would've traveled to Europe, thus a metric table would've been of use. By the mid '70's these appeared in lots of other cars too? Oh and by the way, a Rolls-Royce trained chauffeur was a prized possession in the old days. They were NOT just drivers. Most are probably dead now but if you'd have experienced one you'd know.
    You give yourself away sir...what is a quirk fest. That's a rhetorical question by the way.
    Power seats is pretty advanced for 1973????? What on a Rolls, Cadillac, Lincoln or high end Buick.
    Ashtrays, mmm, incredible. The RR ashtray empties itself when you close it? Perhaps some research?
    Every Cadillac I've owned with a rear seat armrest had that piece of trim that covered the hole?
    It takes 4 minutes for the hydraulic brake system to pressurise. Try some research. Learn about your subject car?
    It's does not have hydraulic suspension? It has four large coil springs. You TIRE me with your appalling rubbish. You mention Citroen, RR licensed aspects of their hydraulics. Facts you ought to know. Oh and the hydraulics system is not unreliable if it's serviced. If it's not cared for then you get what you ask for. Any car and any old car not looked after will be a problem.
    Quality is pretty bad???? Just, for you, a throw away line. It is 45 years old, when new there was virtually nothing in terms of interior quality to match them.
    I love (I do not) your grand finale, the Doug Score. Thing is, your score doesn't matter. By the way there was a Phantom in 1973 and a Corniche at vastly more money. Try some research? By the way I'm no Rolls-Royce fan, I owned a mint one and loved it, but not as much as the Cadillacs I've owned. Let's face it, without the internet you'd work in a burger joint.

    • Steve Prince
      Steve Prince 7 dni temu +2

      The cars denigrate him. His parents must be so embarrassed that he cannot understand simple controls.

  • Cana box
    Cana box 10 dni temu +1

    Doug is such a pretentious Bitch

  • flash996
    flash996 11 dni temu

    Usually that mystery button under the fuel gauge is to Check the oil level in the engine! If you look at the fuel gauge above it there is an alternate scale! I am just a plumber from MA

  • Robert Jarecki
    Robert Jarecki 11 dni temu +1

    From the comments, it looks like Doug may need to do quite a bit more research on automobile features. For instance, power door locks were available on many luxury cars in the 1950s, such as the 1956 Packard Patrician. They were probably also available on Cadillac and Lincoln. Of course, some of the relays in those 1950s lock systems are beginning to fail after only 60 some years. Replacement relays are still, however, available for many of those 1950s cars

  • Jocelyn Hancock
    Jocelyn Hancock 12 dni temu +2

    You missed out the Silver Shadow II!! Sorry you don't know your stuff!

  • TheGeekProject
    TheGeekProject 14 dni temu +2

    Doug the kind of guy that says words like "quirkfest"

    PAUL PETERSON 14 dni temu +1

    Dude seriously. Hardly one of the first cars with power door locks. My 1961 Linoln has power door locks!!!!!

  • Andrew Gruffudd
    Andrew Gruffudd 15 dni temu +2

    The RR Phantom of the 1970s was... the RR Phantom. The Phantom VI, to be precise. I believe there was another model superior to the Shadow of the time - the Wraith. And then there's the Corniche.

    • Andrew Gruffudd
      Andrew Gruffudd 12 dni temu +1

      I was going to mention the Camargue - but that was introduced in 1975, and so is outside the range of the 1973 model year.

    • Steve Prince
      Steve Prince 12 dni temu +1

      And the Camargue. The Shadow was entry level.

  • Cole Griffin
    Cole Griffin 15 dni temu +1

    My sister's 2003 Grand Prix has the trunk release in the glove box as a unlabeled yellow button. Kinda dumb but it works

  • inanecathode
    inanecathode 15 dni temu


  • Michael C
    Michael C 16 dni temu +1

    Doug you miss one important point: Usually this car is driven by a driver and not the owner/ passenger. So the focus is the passenger not unlabeled buttons. :)

    • Michael C
      Michael C 9 dni temu

      Steve Prince :D

    • Steve Prince
      Steve Prince 16 dni temu

      Actually this car was aimed just as much at owner drivers. The unlabelled buttons were intended for more intelligent owners than would be typical in countries having "objects in the rear view mirror" warnings.

  • Hertog von Berkshire
    Hertog von Berkshire 16 dni temu

    What kind of Doug score would Doug get for this one? Lower than 39, one suspects.

  • Hertog von Berkshire
    Hertog von Berkshire 16 dni temu +1

    It's a bit rich that some yank should criticize a Rolls Royce for having soft suspension when yank-tanks of the same era were little more than bouncy castles. As kids in the UK, we considered all American built cars to be utterly laughable. Moreover, RR actually softened the ride slightly for the US market because that's what the US market demanded - it helped sell Rolls Royces to Americans.

  • Hertog von Berkshire
    Hertog von Berkshire 16 dni temu +1

    Foot operated dip-switch was common at the time, not just by RR. My dad's BMC Mini had one, just like the Shadow's.

  • Hertog von Berkshire
    Hertog von Berkshire 16 dni temu +1

    "Cigar lighter" was the more commonly used term at that time, not just by RR. Many people still say "cigar lighter" today, don't they? Personally, I would never say "cigarette lighter".

  • Kelly Robinson
    Kelly Robinson 16 dni temu +2

    Why are you taking the piss man,it's 45 yrs old you woofer!!!!!!!

  • Lewis72
    Lewis72 16 dni temu

    Order of the power-window switches is obvious (SD1 also has switch like this)
    1 - Front L [Driver's side]
    2 - Front R [Passenger side]
    3 - Rear L [Driver's side]
    3 - Rear R [Passenger side]

  • Poaoe Strakani
    Poaoe Strakani 17 dni temu

    Power locks werent insane back then, my 72 Cadillac Deville has them.

  • Jacob Belcher 35
    Jacob Belcher 35 17 dni temu

    In his fun factor rating being only a 4, I think the amount of body roll should make that a lot higher. Driving old cars is fun, it doesn't really matter what kind of car it is.

  • Redbug 3
    Redbug 3 18 dni temu

    "Nobody's doing that anymore". Its a 45 year old Saloon. Lol.

  • A Z
    A Z 18 dni temu

    In my opinion this is a childish review.Maybe the "automotive expert"who did it was looking at an early 70's car for the first time.A waste of time.Unfortunately you tube has some excellent content,but the free for all concept allows some uneducated experts to make it big time,lowering information quality level.

  • Lord minion79
    Lord minion79 19 dni temu

    I just found a used one for $12,000 with 53,100 miles on it.

  • norman duke
    norman duke 20 dni temu

    Snobby English junk, twenty years behind the times. Don't live at the beach or anywhere damp. These cars won't start.

    • Steve Prince
      Steve Prince 16 dni temu

      And yet they did and still do. When problems persist you can be sure it's because your local mechanics are incompetent.

  • Neil Vance
    Neil Vance 20 dni temu

    Now we need a Brit born 1988 to review a 1973 most expensive American sedan.

  • Yiannis P
    Yiannis P 21 dzień temu

    The button that makes the weird noise is a check that the hydraulics are working properly.

  • Plr Ronda
    Plr Ronda 22 dni temu

    to make a rolls at that time was about 5000 man hour

  • Plr Ronda
    Plr Ronda 22 dni temu

    he grill is with silver and hammered by one man by hand in one entire piece

  • Way to Sacramento
    Way to Sacramento 22 dni temu

    Those US bumpers stink visually...

  • SRB NS
    SRB NS 23 dni temu

    Attention to detail even back in the 70s ... You Dont Say.... Like people back then were fools... Design was way better as you go back in time Doug...

  • sputnic
    sputnic 23 dni temu

    I have a Jaguar XJS and I want one like this , how should I go about it ?? Can you help me ?

  • KINGMJ1990
    KINGMJ1990 25 dni temu

    What is the point of saying Modern standards in every video. This is 1972 we speak about. In 1972, we had only one brand of car on the road in India.

  • Peter Martini
    Peter Martini 25 dni temu

    Power locks were unusual in 1973? I remember 1973. Most cars in 1973 had power locks as either a standard feature or as an option. Power door locks have been around since 1914, but didn't become popular until the 1950's.
    The power window buttons were a common layout, in those years.
    Every car sold in America in 1973 had headrests. They were either adjustable, or were high back seats.
    It wasn't until the late 1970's that the high beam switch went from the floor to the steering column lever.
    Power seats were advanced for 1973? 1973 wasn't the stone age LOL. Just like the power door locks, a lot of cars had 6 way power seats in 1973 either a standard feature or as an option.

  • Ethan Doucette
    Ethan Doucette 26 dni temu

    That door handle is on the Mercedes Benz G Class

  • Brash Fink
    Brash Fink 27 dni temu

    Love the videos Doug, but the Phantom has been around since 1925.

  • Jakob Bøgelund
    Jakob Bøgelund 27 dni temu

    Why are you always so negative to cars that are not like modern American cars? "I'm gonna start with cruise control, which RR called speed control (ironic tone)". Well, speed control is actually a more precise word for what it is.

  • Sergey Sargsyan
    Sergey Sargsyan 27 dni temu

    The cool factor must be 10

  • Rui Cameira
    Rui Cameira 28 dni temu

    it´s really expensive but one of the cheapest model from rolls royce, cheaper only the next model that people hate and diminish ,just for the fact that it came out in the 80´s, like in the 90´s there were silver shadows for sale at anyone´s taste in colour , i know because i bought two and also the bentley version who´s incredible high in price today ,for the ones who do not know bentley was a powerfull version of the rolls ,almost like today amg is to mercedes-benz, but without the espirit of ecstasy and the B with a wing instead,but this on european market , in north america even cheaper wich is not comented in this video but,the reverse and wich other rolls sedan from 73 was available ,in europe we do not know ,and all hidraulic system was with autorisation from citroen used on silver shadow ,being confortable and not shacky ,that one might need a suspention maintenace it´s the first sign to change the hidraulic suspenction reservoirs (or cylinder , or rouded cubes or whatever you call it like in the citroens)mr.doug might forget that was the best passenger car in the world at the time and only 50 years later some cars have some of the features already existing in a rolls more then a alf century ago(but will the new car endure for 50 years or more with the same quality as now), because that one is from 73 but they were introduced to the world in 67 ,i think ,maybe sooner or a year later, the bentley version is more powerfull on the start , the rolls were more slow because they were built thinking in the confort of the passenger like all the rolls they were limousines, the chaufer didn´t had to feel the car sliding on first gear or if he did he would be fired, there was a school for rolls chauffers or still is, this guy talks about the car like if it was a regular car, well now they kind of are the engines are suplied by BMW ,but still are great cars, and having money to buy a new one is kind of a sign of having money to burn (full of it).i still can´t understand what´s the point of making this videos ,just a young guy trashing all the cars evermade,like they were all built a year ago, the perfect car for doug would be the one with cup holders everywhere at least 6 on the surroundings of the driver seat, he should coment a land-rover now known by defender,he owns one (the model, before the late 80´s there was one land-rover, a rover to all road, and there was also the range-rover, for more healthy allroad drivers, wich was a rover too)

  • 1990cb7 Honda
    1990cb7 Honda 28 dni temu

    Really by modern standards they aren’t doing that anymore? Stupid.

  • 1990cb7 Honda
    1990cb7 Honda 28 dni temu

    Seriously is he a retard? Why is he’s smacking around an expensive vintage car’s hood ornament? Really? Are u 8

  • Quantum Hertz
    Quantum Hertz 28 dni temu +1

    Corniche (1966-1995), Camargue (from 1975 - 1986) and Phantom VI (1968-1990) were all more expensive than the shadow, so the shadow was not the 'Most Expensive Rolls-Royce Sedan from 1973'. The shadow is a good car, really reliable and just keep going if serviced properly, and most of the criticisms of the car apply to anything from the era, or are simply misguided. It would have been nice to have had more of a review of the car, rather than a such demonstration of a complete lack of any sort of research, knowledge, or understanding of classic cars in general, or of this car in particular. The four minute minimum wait to check the hydraulic fluid levels was to ensure that the system was fully pressurised. Personally I love cars that are this gloriously analog.

  • Dunkin Diabetes
    Dunkin Diabetes 29 dni temu

    How do you kneel on the pavement without hurting your knees

    • Steve Prince
      Steve Prince 15 dni temu

      He's brain dead, as witnessed by the commentary.

  • Mister Alien
    Mister Alien Miesiąc temu

    Doug is the type of guy to swim in your pool when you’re not home

  • Max Zare
    Max Zare Miesiąc temu

    I am a big fan of your videos and always like the way you mention your fair criticism but I guess the way you criticise classic cars is like making them stupid way of innovation of their time! like the way you explain cruise control in 73 car. they are the pioneers of today regular technologies on cars!

  • TriHard 7
    TriHard 7 Miesiąc temu

    How does Doug chill on his knees on cement for this much time. Like wtf

  • Mark Chatman
    Mark Chatman Miesiąc temu

    When you close the ashtray does it dump the butts on the road?

  • ForbinColossus
    ForbinColossus Miesiąc temu

    WEED must PRECEDE Dougs reviews @3:13 "there are circles inside circles to emphasize luxury"

  • Charles Butler
    Charles Butler Miesiąc temu

    I owned RR Silver Shadow SRB17233. It was a remarkable and fun experience. Very beautiful car, but quirky in many ways. Repairs and maintenance costs take your breath away too. First, the car uses ONLY RR363 hydraulic fluid for brakes and suspension. It was formulated especially for the Silver Shadow by Castrol, and for the love of heaven, don't ever use anything else, because very bad things will happen to your entire hydraulic system. Note: The car's hydraulic fluid accumulator system is ingenious, complicated, and very expensive to repair. There is enough pressure inside a RR hydraulic accumulator to put it into orbit around Mars, so this is one thing that is definitely not a DYI repair or service project. The hydraulic fluid reservoir in the engine bay is made of cadmium, a dangerous toxic metal so that the RR363 does not corrode it. I recommend letting your mechanic remove and powder coat it. The shock and leveling system is great, but prepare to write a healthy check should it break. The reason the gear select shifting is so smooth is it is electric connecting to solenoids, not pedestrian mechanical. Also, complex and expensive to repair, not a DYI. The transmission is stock GM, oddly. The carbs are twin SU, early 1900s design, with oil dampers, almost unchanged in 100 years. Inefficient, UT they work reliably. The automatic AC climate control system is innovative, but costs as much as a small Buick to repair. Although I forgot exactly how, you can press the small black button under the Amp guage to check oil levels since the fuel guage doubles as an oil level guage. One stupidly omitted guage in the SS is a desperately needed engine coolant temperature guage. This caused me problems years ago for obvious reasons. The seats are moderately comfortable, but the car has way more engine noise than expected. I also replaced valve seals, the original ones were cotton, inexplicably chintzy. I put in a Mallory electronic ignition system, and I highly recommend it. Mileage jumped from 9 mpg to 16 highway. With a thirsty 21 gallon tank and only premium fuel, this makes a difference at the pump. Also, surprisingly, used parts for the SS seem to be available at not too outrageous prices, labor is the killer. The electrical system, windows and seats, usually need rebuilds and upgrades to heavier wires, and various components. Also, inspect the car, including the undercarriage for rust damage which tends to happen over time. Always keep it polished and garaged. Overall, the car is a stunning head turner, and quite fun, more fun then a boat since you can use it more often. It really impresses valet parking guys, and they usually like to park it right up front at restaurants. If you have any automotive talents, you can do many repairs and service yourself, there is a wealth of technical and support group information. I do not have such talents, and due to travel, I no longer have the time.

    • Steve Prince
      Steve Prince 16 dni temu

      SRB is a Bentley chassis number. The first of your inaccuracies.

  • Bruce C
    Bruce C Miesiąc temu

    I want Doug's voice on my Sat Nav, only kidding.

  • Kevin Flores
    Kevin Flores Miesiąc temu +1

    Can't stand him and his gay Doug score lol

  • Mark Holland
    Mark Holland Miesiąc temu

    Brutally ugly! And 189hp? Laughable on both accounts.

    • Steve Prince
      Steve Prince 15 dni temu

      Doesn't really matter what you think. The quality was unsurpassed and they turn as many heads now as they did then.

  • Swillko Barfington
    Swillko Barfington Miesiąc temu

    Oh look! A landlord! :D

  • anthony9325
    anthony9325 Miesiąc temu

    I like Doug's attention to detail and the way he shows us around these details. But sometimes he says silly things. About the hood release: "Perhaps because Rolls Royce knew people would be [opening the hood] frequently." I really don't think so. In those days - I know because I was there - RR were keen to maintain their reputation that their cars never broke down. (If properly maintained, of course). In fact, I believe in some models the bonnet could only be opened by a RR dealer with a special key.

    • Steve Prince
      Steve Prince 16 dni temu

      How come you managed to get everything so wrong, again. My "keyboard wisdom" is based on several decades experience with these vehicles, I also own three currently and am looking for a fourth.
      The owner has always been able to open the bonnet, the "special key" is a just a myth, as is the other one heard commonly that it is "sealed". Lead seals have been used however these were on the mineral reservoirs of the later Spirit to prevention them being contaminated with the RR363 hydraulic fluid the Shadow used.
      Like all cars there was a service schedule that required replacement of the same parts as on any other cars, items like plugs and filters. The only additional items were a couple of heater hoses that because of location were replaced at the four year service as they were subjected to a lot of heat. In addition there was an optional hydraulic service that replaced items prior to failure. At four years the hydraulic reservoir filter and two frame hoses were changed and everyone had this done as it only involved 4.5 hours of labour. At eight year a second much larger hydraulic service was suggested and this required replacement of all hoses, overhauling the accumulators and resealing every item within the hydraulic system. This was charged at a standard 50 hours labour and as it was optional few authorised this. By this time the cars were often on their second or third owners who were quite prepared any problems that would then start to develop onto subsequent owners.
      No other parts were changed for the reason you state and no components had specified lives other than the ones (only suggested by the manufacturer) listed above. Servicing costs were relatively high however that was largely due to the very generous factory labour times.

    • anthony9325
      anthony9325 16 dni temu

      Some more keyboard wisdom from Someone who probably wasn’t born at the time. I, on the other hand, had an uncle and a father’s friend Who owned RRs in the 70s. They were utterly reliable. But there is a simple explanation. Servicing costs were high, because parts were changed BEFORE they broke down,. Rather like on aircraft.

    • Steve Prince
      Steve Prince 16 dni temu

      Another stupid myth.

  • PhoenixFabled
    PhoenixFabled Miesiąc temu

    Doug the type of guy to have almost 2 million subs and a million views per video and still have the viewers talk mad shit and still watch.

  • GibbSaw
    GibbSaw Miesiąc temu

    13:07 I love the fact that they actually left some responsibility in the hands of the consumer, but Doug doesn't i guess.

  • ward campbell
    ward campbell Miesiąc temu

    it is not the phantom of its day, the phantom VI was the 1973 phantom. this is more like the ghost of today for 1973.

  • J. Fernando Reyes R.
    J. Fernando Reyes R. Miesiąc temu

    That aftermarket stereo is a sacrilege. I’m grinding my teeth.

  • The42car
    The42car Miesiąc temu

    Dodge Ramchargers use to have that same style of hood ornament that could move around

  • Hylton Lovemore
    Hylton Lovemore Miesiąc temu

    do a pooooooooooooooooooopppppppppppoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooppppooooooooo

  • DesRoin
    DesRoin Miesiąc temu

    The "I" feature is actually really nice when driving an old car like that that probably has crappy breaks. Since it allows you to effectively use the engine break which I figured is a problem for a lot of drivers with automatics even today... literally I know experienced drivers who do not understand that you need to go in manual mode with your automatic to make use of engine break... yeh... wonder how it was in the 70s :^)

    • Steve Prince
      Steve Prince 16 dni temu

      They had incredible brakes when working properly with massive built in redundancy.

  • geoff smith
    geoff smith Miesiąc temu

    The Rolls Royce "Phantom" of its day, was actually a Rolls Royce Panthom! Phantom V1 to be precise!! And not a 1973 high spec Rolls Royce Silver shadow!!!! 😕

  • Hari Krishnan
    Hari Krishnan Miesiąc temu

    You sometimes sound like Sheldon 😂

  • John Davis
    John Davis Miesiąc temu +1

    Doug - The Silver Shadow was not the top model by any means in 1972 - it was the base model - above it was a long wheelbase version, then the Corniche coupe and convertible.
    But 'The Phantom of it's Day' was in fact a Phantom - have a look at the Phantom V1, a coachbuilt 7 seat limousine based on the old Silver Cloud style separate chassis, and getting on for twice the price. Cubby Broccoli had one along with many other film people, and John Lennon had his painted in hippy style!
    The Everflex vinyl roof was designed to have seams, as it was meant to re-create the look of prewar coachbuilt roofs that really were leather covered, sewn together in panels by craftsmen. It was in fashion for a while, but held water underneath causing rust, as well as being a bit naff and, as with all unnecessary decoration, dating quickly.

  • Shane B
    Shane B Miesiąc temu

    You missed a great quirk. The lugnuts unscrew in the same direction on each side. So if you used a power tool you would strip them on one side if you didn't know. Also that antenna switch is manual. You hold it down the whole time.

    • Steve Prince
      Steve Prince Miesiąc temu

      A bit misleading. Left and right sides unscrew with the wrench turning to the front of the car. They are also barely tightened when fitting a wheel.

  • Trenton Crisp
    Trenton Crisp Miesiąc temu

    What he forgets when showing the front of the car, is most of these would have been driven by a chauffeur. Hence the small head rests so the rear occupant could have the best view, the lack of markings on the electric windows. The chauffeur would know this as part of his job

    • Steve Prince
      Steve Prince Miesiąc temu

      Mandated by law to prevent whiplash and were never intended as head rests.

    MR TIBBS Miesiąc temu

    Pull my Finger For Quantity ! lol

  • Pillowcase
    Pillowcase Miesiąc temu

    Put it in H

  • BaddaBigBoom
    BaddaBigBoom Miesiąc temu +10

    Doug: the type of PLEB who would climb into a Rolls Royce wearing a sweaty old t-shirt, shorts and sneakers after inappropriately molesting the Spirit Of Ecstasy. I shall be informing Her Majesty forthwith.

    • Guy Russell
      Guy Russell 29 minut temu

      Most underrated "Doug is" I've come across...

  • torqueluvr
    torqueluvr Miesiąc temu +1

    I was shuttled to school and back in the back of a '67 Bentley. Very similar to this one, however the wood fold-down tray tables are missing on this example.

  • Smokin' Man
    Smokin' Man Miesiąc temu

    The grill and headlight surround are nickel plated not chromed...

    • Steve Prince
      Steve Prince Miesiąc temu

      They are stainless steel and have no plating whatsoever.

  • XDSDDLord
    XDSDDLord Miesiąc temu

    Old cars were made with no elegance. No one cared about how they looked or if there was any logic. I know it was common to make cars like this so long ago, but they didn't HAVE TO. They could have used nicer looking switches, they existed, they could have layed things out better, they could have added labels, they could have and they could have and they could have. Rolls-Royce more than anyone. They didn't because they didn't care and didn't want to and people didn't know better. Can you fault them for this? Not really, those were the times, if you were living in the 70s you wouldn't notice it. However, do we know they could have done better if they wanted to, yes. So does that mean I should base how much I like my car off of this, absolutely. They could have done better, I know they could have, and I know what better looks like, so I judge. I don't like old cars because they are crappy. They may not have been crappy back then when compared to other cars, but they were certainly crappier than the technology could have made them.

    • Steve Prince
      Steve Prince Miesiąc temu

      Not really sure where to start to respond when faced with such monumental ignorance.

  • galrjkldd
    galrjkldd Miesiąc temu

    Doug, please get knee pads or something. whenever I see you kneeling on pavement I get sympathetic pains.

  • David Lisney
    David Lisney Miesiąc temu

    There is just one of these in my family, oddly enough in the US, I believe it is actually reliable and it certainly is used. My wife and I rode in one of these when we got married about 5 years ago, the wedding car was tired and close to worthless but a 40 year old car that works for it’s living is bound to be. This “review” was clearly not researched and was not funny either. Anecdotal stuff about reliability is lazy, with very old cars like this much of the reliability is not down to the way they were built but to the way they have been maintained. Cars with lots of gadgets will likely have more faults than simpler ones, just common sense. In the U.K. this car with it’s shocking fuel consumption would be worth very little, so an opportunity to just have one for a bit of fun and a treat.

    • Steve Prince
      Steve Prince Miesiąc temu

      So name three.

    • David Lisney
      David Lisney Miesiąc temu

      Steve Prince, many cars of that time were very economical, they were generally light and only a minimal amount of emissions control.

    • Steve Prince
      Steve Prince Miesiąc temu

      WTF has fuel consumption have to do with value? MOT and road tax exempt with insurance at around £130/year who cares it does 12-14 mpg? It's still cheaper than taking a taxi.
      Would you care to guess how much fuel other very modest cars of that era consumed?

  • carl hernandez
    carl hernandez Miesiąc temu

    Ok you convinced me .i will give $2000 for it !