Here's a Tour of the Most Expensive Rolls-Royce Sedan From 1973

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  • trident3b
    trident3b 14 godzin temu

    2.4m subs. I need to study this fellow a bit.

  • trident3b
    trident3b 14 godzin temu

    winter tyres

  • Bender Bending Rodriguez
    Bender Bending Rodriguez 21 godzinę temu

    Doug I really enjoy your videos, pleas make 30 minutes of cardio every day so I can keep enjoy your videos.

  • David Eldridge
    David Eldridge Dzień temu

    I'm "thumbs down"-ing this video. Snide & uninformed. Grading the old Rolls in comparison to current vehicles is ridiculous. Note: power seats, windows, & door locks were not new in the '70s. Also, that is probably not a Rolls-Royce steering wheel and the extensive comments on it were silly. The large trunk was very unusual? No, it wasn't. High beam switches triggered by your foot were standard at that time. My parents' vehicles had them. I wish my cars had them.
    Doug, this review was surprisingly disappointing. The snide/snarky attitude ruined it.

  • Kyle Dillard
    Kyle Dillard Dzień temu

    I will give this car a 1/10 for styling because it’s ugly.

  • Gerard J.
    Gerard J. Dzień temu

    In my Lincoln cruise control is also called speed control by the way.

  • Gerard J.
    Gerard J. Dzień temu

    It's amazing to me how few technological features this car had. When you compare it to American luxury cars of the time that had power everything, and features like automatic climate control and ride control, this Rolls was far behind. Still a very stylish car though.

  • Bigmindcreator TenurSaxomophone

    10:16 I remember from Top Gear India Special when James May had his Rolls Royce Shadow. I believe that's there to make sure that the buzzer used to warn the driver if something fails is still working. Otherwise, I have no idea.

  • Scott Maxwell
    Scott Maxwell 2 dni temu

    Migraine inducing clown

  • christopher diaz
    christopher diaz 2 dni temu

    He stole it from Liberace

  • Mernerner
    Mernerner 3 dni temu

    Us Luxury car was better.

    A GOOGLE USER 4 dni temu

    Dated...but awesome.

  • robert colyer
    robert colyer 4 dni temu

    This guy doe's not know jack shit, so after 1.32 I am out.

  • Paul Fisher
    Paul Fisher 7 dni temu

    don't think the rolls is as well equipped as a 73 buick or cadi

  • Sjinzar Austin
    Sjinzar Austin 7 dni temu

    I remember buying a Sulver Shadow toy car to playwith when I was a small boy. Since then it is still my heart's desire. Its style on wheels.

  • Zband
    Zband 9 dni temu

    Hey Doug, I'd love to see you do some reviews on old cars from AMC. You could start a line of videos on classic vehicles.

  • Shift -Z
    Shift -Z 9 dni temu

    why would you build a 6 liter and larger motor with 180hp (or whatever it was)....why god WHY?

  • TheRealDirtyDan
    TheRealDirtyDan 9 dni temu

    They literally never change shit, the 96 bentley brooklands we have at work is literally exact same on the doors besides the mirror

  • Lord Edward
    Lord Edward 9 dni temu

    Lots of American cars had power door locks in the 60's.

  • Shankar Balan
    Shankar Balan 9 dni temu

    This fella is an OTT chap......molesting the spirit of ecstasy indeed....blighted loon..

  • manufacturing defect
    manufacturing defect 10 dni temu

    at 1.10. Is that a cell phone holder on the wind shield? How ironic.

  • Gus Day
    Gus Day 11 dni temu

    Hey Doug, the little buzzer button checks the hydraulics.

  • Blaumütze
    Blaumütze 11 dni temu

    Dougs the type of guy who disinfects a shopping cart handle

  • frustratednomad
    frustratednomad 11 dni temu

    the Rolls boot is so large because back then the rich liked to socialise an awful lot and a British toff doesnt head out to a pic Nic with a basket and a blanket they needed to carry tabels chairs baskets of food changes of clothes golf clubs cricket wear including for the staff too and all this had to go into the boot you couldn't ask his lord and ladyship to hold a basket on their lap . .the reason for the square mirror is the wider view for the offside simple as that .

  • shananagans5
    shananagans5 11 dni temu

    When the switch for you brights was on the floor it was very easy. You could just tap them to flash or push a bit harder to turn the brights on. It was actually easier than using your hand.
    Think about driving a mountain road. Just tap your foot for brights, another tap to dim. No taking your hands off the wheel. Before auto dimming features, the floor button was actually very handy. The window switches were also standardized. The furthest back is back seat passenger (the farthest from the driver) The third one back was back seat, behind driver (closer to driver) the second switch was front seat passenger (even closer to the driver) and, of course, the first one was for the drivers window. In the day that was not confusing at all.
    They did lots of things differently in older cars. Some of those things weren't well thought out but many things were.

  • Winton White
    Winton White 12 dni temu +1

    very interested in the lack of ergonomic thought in the switches. Down for ON for example. Down for higher fan speed. Very unintuitive!

  • The Mad Gentleman
    The Mad Gentleman 12 dni temu

    *Cadillac wants to know your location*

  • NorceCodine
    NorceCodine 13 dni temu

    I think the blue/black color combo is hurting this car's appearance. The beige/brown or white/brown cars are very elegant. And this particular vehicle was obviously not taken care of.

    THE DRAGONREAPER 13 dni temu

    I seen this car at a mechanic shop and it looked trashed. I was disappointed

  • Brand X Productions
    Brand X Productions 13 dni temu

    you know what would be funny? ... the next time you review a rolls royce or something super fancy- you ride in the back seat and have the owner drive you around, and call him "Jeeves". you wear a top hat and a monocle (in conjunction with the ole t-shirt), and act like a super snooty rich guy while taking advantage of the car's features. and while at a stop light, roll down the window and ask the neighboring fancy car passenger if they have any grey poupon. that woud be a riot.

  • johnpro2
    johnpro2 15 dni temu

    Yes ..even that British larrikin J Clarkson used to dress accordingly when reviewing a Bentley or Rolls Royce automobile.. Unfortunately Doug who is dressed by Mark Zuckerberg just sometimes fails to 'get it"..or just does not care ?

  • Steve Prince
    Steve Prince 15 dni temu

    Doug has "special" people thinking.

  • Jason B
    Jason B 15 dni temu +1

    The Spirit of Ecstasy doesn't actually have wings. It depicts a woman leaning forward with a gown/some type of garment draped over her arms, gusting in the wind.

  • Charles Bunnell
    Charles Bunnell 16 dni temu

    Regarding having your high-beam switch on the floor which you pressed with your foot, my father owned a mid-80’s Ford F250 truck that used the same method for turning on the high-beams. I think the idea was that the switch being on the floor made it easier to turn off the high-beams temporally when passing other cars on the road, something that was not a concern with the regular headlights.

  • Michael von Neuhauser
    Michael von Neuhauser 17 dni temu

    these are worth far more (45 - 100 K) when pristine....only beaten out examples like the one you were showing are cheap (but when buying this rolling restoration project for 15k, don´t forget the 16k to overhaul the braking system...and the 10k for a perfect european quality respray)
    The Ashtray in front is btw. self emptying and a serviced engine is so silent, you have to check twice if it´s running

    • Steve Prince
      Steve Prince 15 dni temu +1

      "10k for a european quality respray". I think you can safely triple that.

  • 6778jag
    6778jag 18 dni temu

    That voice though, I contemplated suicide after 2 minutes of listening to dreary Doug.

  • Gus Day
    Gus Day 18 dni temu +1

    If Doug was a ruthless dictator he would torture enemies of the state by impaling them with a sideways spirit of ecstasy.

  • Scott Champion
    Scott Champion 19 dni temu

    My car is from 2007 and doesn’t have a foot rest 😂

  • mike wright
    mike wright 19 dni temu


  • cvcoco
    cvcoco 19 dni temu

    No. Those "panels" on the roof are deliberate, they mimic a convertible top and most all applications on cars did it the same way.

  • david slavin
    david slavin 20 dni temu +1

    This is the “nobody will give me a new car to review so I’ll start going over the details of an-old barge” video.

  • steve turpin
    steve turpin 20 dni temu

    Corrrrrection! All "cigarette" lighters are actually cigar lighters if you look at the size! Jeeeez!

    • Steve Prince
      Steve Prince 15 dni temu

      They are the same size as every other car.

  • steve turpin
    steve turpin 20 dni temu

    This guy's a hoot!
    Doesn't he know that RR were copying the Ford Cortina "vinyl" roof trying to pick up the "cool" buyers of the day?

    • Steve Prince
      Steve Prince 15 dni temu

      You should change your last name to Turnip. cant remember MK Is have vinyl but yes lots of Mk IIs including the 1600 E. The problem with that is that this car was introduced way before in 1965.

  • Robert Fox
    Robert Fox 21 dzień temu

    it is NOT a 'womman with wings'. it's ment to be a womans robe flowing in the airstream, dummy.

  • Стоян Колев
    Стоян Колев 21 dzień temu

    Just stop moaning about how a 70's car isn't like a modern car ... That's fucking stupid , just apreciate the car !

  • Rtb Inc
    Rtb Inc 21 dzień temu

    In 1973 there was a Rolls Royce Phantom. It was the Phantom IV . This is of the same line as the Modern Ghost - the mid-line Rolls.

  • Jai Shetty
    Jai Shetty 21 dzień temu

    That coolant button is a "system check" to ensure the lights and buzzer are in working order.

  • Joe town
    Joe town 22 dni temu

    I'm shocked they let you take these cars for a ride?

    • Steve Prince
      Steve Prince 15 dni temu

      I'm shocked him mum lets him out after last time.

  • KnifeGuy375
    KnifeGuy375 23 dni temu

    Oh, MAN! I like the way Doug talkes SO much! :D "...would take advantage of..." " they don't expose any of that unpleasentness..."

  • Matthew Peterson
    Matthew Peterson 23 dni temu


  • kent paul
    kent paul 24 dni temu

    He talks to much

  • MrDavfit
    MrDavfit 24 dni temu

    sorry no... power locks very common on GM cars early 70's...

  • Master Yoda
    Master Yoda 24 dni temu

    Where’s the temperature gauge?

  • Kaydyn Estell
    Kaydyn Estell 25 dni temu

    On all his videos start with the word this

  • sonnys chanell
    sonnys chanell 25 dni temu +1

    doug the type of guy that wont deny ever using a butt plug