Here's a Tour of the Most Expensive Rolls-Royce Sedan From 1973

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  • aussie jim
    aussie jim Dzień temu

    What a dick.

  • john quinn
    john quinn Dzień temu


  • RichCommander
    RichCommander 2 dni temu

    The UK only switched to metric in 1965 so it’s not unusual that the owner’s manual had a conversion chart. Everyone driving these at the time was taught imperial in schools.

  • Dohan Kuswardi
    Dohan Kuswardi 2 dni temu

    Does the hood ornament retract?

  • Grass Board Nerds
    Grass Board Nerds 2 dni temu


  • J Ignatius
    J Ignatius 3 dni temu

    That button is there so if the car starts overheating, the driver can push the button and alert himself and his passengers that the car is overheating, after the car overheats. LOL

  • westabsupply ebay
    westabsupply ebay 3 dni temu

    Like the Minnesotan accent.

  • Martin Buinicki
    Martin Buinicki 3 dni temu

    You made me feel old, punk!

  • m schiffel
    m schiffel 3 dni temu

    Power seats were optional on some cars back in the 1950s...they were common in the 1970s.

  • steeltag
    steeltag 3 dni temu

    ''this car has powered seats....that was pretty advanced for 1973"!! haha. cars had them for 15 years Plus before this

    Q STASH 4 dni temu

    Doug's the type of guy to call the cops on the cops.

  • manofweed1
    manofweed1 4 dni temu

    Way more style and character than the modern shitters. Imo of course.

  • Tamir Teichmann
    Tamir Teichmann 4 dni temu

    could you do a review of another 70 luxury car: the Mercedes 600 grosser

  • Anonymous Phucker
    Anonymous Phucker 4 dni temu

    Youre supposed to use leather chauffeur gloves when driving the Rolls.

  • Andrew Walker
    Andrew Walker 5 dni temu

    Let's be honest. In the 70s Cadillac was King

  • jm adams
    jm adams 5 dni temu

    Doug wearing a white tshirt under your tshirt makes you look like an idiot

  • Buckfast Stradler
    Buckfast Stradler 5 dni temu

    What a twat

  • Schlipperschlopper
    Schlipperschlopper 5 dni temu +1

    This is a super elegant car that should be driven only by an experienced well dressed chauffeur and not by a young guy with T-shirt and sneakers ! You just cant compare this superb old elegant Lady to a modern plasticcruiser with infotainment Chinatrash inside...modern cars compared to this fine old lady feel like chinese inkjet printers!

  • Mark Cousens
    Mark Cousens 6 dni temu

    Must have been a popular choice for Mafia bosses of the for 2 bodies in that trunk

  • Russell Mathura
    Russell Mathura 6 dni temu

    "Impaled by the spirit of ecstasy" lol

  • José Carlos Baranda

    Doug your gonna fuckup your knees on the pavement

  • Jungleland33
    Jungleland33 7 dni temu

    Doug.... You're unusual for modern standards.

  • John Grieve
    John Grieve 7 dni temu

    Seams in vinyl roof are called 'french seams' and are there for decorative purposes. The hood ornament is spring loaded for pedestrian safety.

    • Steve Prince
      Steve Prince 6 dni temu

      Partially decorative but necessary because the Everflex roll width is only 54".

  • sushant kohli
    sushant kohli 7 dni temu

    Future cars will have vibrators , and silicone dolls with every seat.

  • romaneberle
    romaneberle 8 dni temu

    You know what I like most about your videos? There's no over-editing, everything's very clear and direct, it's about content, not flashy style - thank you VERY VERY MUCH. Additionally, this one has an exceptionally epic piece of title music. :-)

  • Adam Petten
    Adam Petten 8 dni temu

    So would a Trabant get a 0 for a 0-60 in 45 seconds?

  • Jon.dotpom Dotpom
    Jon.dotpom Dotpom 8 dni temu

    My dear poor poor boy, you are such a pleb.
    The conversion page is for trans continental travel, from great British miiiiles into terribly gauche European kilometers.
    Good day sir!

  • Kim Severn
    Kim Severn 8 dni temu

    If you get really cool cars like these, you don't have to know what your talking about :)

  • Jeff Goddard
    Jeff Goddard 8 dni temu

    Man, this is one used up Rolls, Couldn't you have found a better example?

  • Redneck Rampage
    Redneck Rampage 9 dni temu

    Those aftermarket stereos ruin every interior they are installed in. Why are they always trashy looking?

  • Lexx1976
    Lexx1976 9 dni temu

    Fun fact: Back in the day, in the 70s and 80s, if you had a Rolls-Royce with the Emily facing backwards, it was a signal that you were the "recipient" in a gay male couple 👫

  • david perry
    david perry 10 dni temu

    Car is lame

  • Perez Fecto
    Perez Fecto 10 dni temu +1

    I imagine most brit rockstars of the era would have driven one of these

  • JohnHughesChampigny
    JohnHughesChampigny 11 dni temu

    He keeps saying that it was the "Phantom of its day", That's bollocks -- the Phantom of its day was the Phantom VI, the Silver Shadow was the most expensive "sedan", it was nowhere near the most expensive Rolls Royce. It was actually the bottom of the line model.

  • Mr2pint
    Mr2pint 11 dni temu

    Yes this thing was junk the Rothschilds however didn’t give a damn..

  • John Brentford
    John Brentford 11 dni temu

    Remember this car was designed by men that were born in the 1800s.

  • Kartik Siva
    Kartik Siva 11 dni temu

    Rolls Royce cheated the American cars like Ford and Chevrolet cars are in 60 to 70 S are so big and so nice cars very worst designed by Rolls Royce ugly...

  • Robin Payne
    Robin Payne 12 dni temu

    A fellow I knew had an old roller. He told me the owner’s manual, in discussing checking the oil level, said, “have your man check the oil on a weekly basis”

  • Tom Frazier
    Tom Frazier 12 dni temu

    My 300SEL mentioned before was a nicer car than this, which it was designed to compete with.

    • Steve Prince
      Steve Prince 7 dni temu

      Mercedes model numbers are confusing which is why, to be specific, they are referred to by body styles so in this era you're probably referring to something like a W108. Standardised production and just a mid range spec of a basic model.
      They had wood and leather but did not match the quality of a Rolls-Royce. Even the mighty W100s didn't come close as none of the walnut veneers were book-matched or applied over quality substrates making them a nightmare to refurbish. The leather trim was pretty much slide on covers with none of the techniques utilised by skilled trimmers to ensure long service. The paint finish was little better than MBs standard cars and no match for a Rolls-Royce. Of course the MB also had masses of cheap plastic and poor quality carpet too.
      Technically in some, even many, ways MB were superior but RR never claimed to be innovators.

    • Tom Frazier
      Tom Frazier 7 dni temu

      +Steve Prince The MBZ 300 series was built from the early 1950s, 1953 I think. They were continually improved, and competed against all the leather & wood European classes. In the 1980s the 50s 300 coupes were among the more popular antique cars. Rolls-Royce were probably the truly best in the World from 1905-14 or so. Mercedes was a bit late with V8 power, compared to RR. The Passenger mirror on this car looks like an MBZ unit. My 300SEL 4.5 was otherwise equal to this car, but the EFI was the Achilles heel. I tried & failed as an amateur to revive this California garage queen that had an underhood fire. I bought a 1969 Corona as a "stopgap", and was seduced by its charm & reliability. My Corona had a thin rimmed wheel, but not as thin as the 65 Park Lane, 390 4bbl.

    • Steve Prince
      Steve Prince 7 dni temu

      the 300SEL was just a big taxi and in no was competed with this especially as it wasn't release until six years after this car was built.

  • Dean Calkins
    Dean Calkins 12 dni temu

    If you had the manual with you why not quick figure out what that coolant button did

  • Scsibut
    Scsibut 12 dni temu

    They used a GM 400 transmission 3 speed with a lock up converter I believe

    • Scsibut
      Scsibut 6 dni temu

      +Steve Prince true that was a bit early for lockup

    • Steve Prince
      Steve Prince 7 dni temu

      No lock up.

  • evensteve284
    evensteve284 12 dni temu

    12:30 “Cigar lighter” is what they were called back then.

    • Redneck Rampage
      Redneck Rampage 9 dni temu

      Funny how I read your comment at the exact time he was saying it lol

  • Jake Wells
    Jake Wells 13 dni temu

    Doug come check out my alpine b7 and show people what a true luxury car looks like

  • Eric George
    Eric George 14 dni temu

    One of the great cars of the era, shame they overproduced them.

  • Jermaine Race
    Jermaine Race 14 dni temu

    Surprised you didn't know about cigar lighters. That was still the ASE term for cigarette lighter when I went to auto-tech school in the early 2000s. Probably still is, the reason being that it was large enough to light a cigar.
    Utterly georgeous car, IMO. The individual lighter/ashtray for rear passengers are really a requirement to call yourself civilized. Then again, I drive a 1985 Crown Vic and I love it to death, so maybe it's just my style of car.

  • Zarrx
    Zarrx 14 dni temu

    regardless of price it is a beautiful looking car

  • Jermaine Race
    Jermaine Race 14 dni temu

    The headrest is so small because it wasn't there to rest your head, it was there to help prevent whiplash.

  • Neil Spalding
    Neil Spalding 14 dni temu

    The headrests were small (approximately the width of an average head) as many would be sold as chauffeur driven cars and they wanted minimal disruption in the view from the rear seats

  • Joe Dollinter
    Joe Dollinter 14 dni temu

    Doug is obviously much smarter than the engineers at Rolls Royce and an authority on buttons.

  • 2W3X4YZ5
    2W3X4YZ5 14 dni temu +1

    Nice review. Can you find a Rover P5B Coupe to review? After such a test, you would understand the concept behind this Rolls much better. I will venture to say you will enjoy the Rover more. Cheers.

  • Clark Bayles
    Clark Bayles 15 dni temu

    Uhm. excuse me, Mr. DeMuro.. but.. Jeep still does this.

  • A Hair Is on your screen
    A Hair Is on your screen 15 dni temu +1


  • Winston Churchill
    Winston Churchill 16 dni temu

    I really like this guy. He gives a good "regular guy" account of things. I'm one of those rabid car guys and, these days, most "car guys" are the kind of bitchy-bitchies that you just don't want to talk to. Just look at the other comments. Always have too much to prove. This is like watching one of my younger brother's friends review a car. He has a good eye for what is on the funky, period-piece side of weird, like the really glorious hood release lever. I'm glad he's made so many of these.

  • K G
    K G 17 dni temu

    No harsh language and I don't work for RR, but that button.. tests the coolant sensor. If it loses coolant or the fan stops cooling properly, all of that would happen by itself to warn you. In theory anyway.

  • Salvator Mundi
    Salvator Mundi 17 dni temu

    9:34 these cars are all electronic shift.
    Hence the light action of the lever.
    (Uses a rather large control box of period electronics)

    • Salvator Mundi
      Salvator Mundi 17 dni temu

      10:35 that checks the circuit, if I recall correctly.
      (Yes, People were worried...)

  • Support
    Support 17 dni temu

    What is your favorite lav brand?

  • Katya Dunn
    Katya Dunn 17 dni temu

    Compare this car to any 1977 car, this car comes out on top.

  • Gary Woods
    Gary Woods 17 dni temu

    Wrong bumpers

    • Steve Prince
      Steve Prince 7 dni temu

      Not for a US spec car with 5mph impact bumpers.

  • Gary Woods
    Gary Woods 17 dni temu

    It's not 73 no u cars

  • Mxracer6y
    Mxracer6y 18 dni temu

    Doug is the type of guy that’s married but still hasn’t lost his virginity. And never will

  • lwolf1952
    lwolf1952 18 dni temu

    How will I ever remember what the 4 window switches do without years of experience?

  • TheEnd
    TheEnd 18 dni temu

    "This was in the days before retractable powered footrests..."
    Aren't we still in those days?
    Exactly how fast did you drive in the DeLorean roadtest?

  • A W1109
    A W1109 19 dni temu

    Rolls Royce Camargue was the most expensive in that period , but I have to say I like vintage cars more then the modern cars. More character and it feels more original,without part from other brand.

  • Duane Ramanan
    Duane Ramanan 19 dni temu

    So many people hate the guy and his videos, so why are they watching it, and even worse, why stick around to comment?

  • Michael Kenis
    Michael Kenis 19 dni temu

    calling it the Phantom of the seventees while...rolls royce HAD an actual Phantom (5) at the time

  • Steve20127
    Steve20127 19 dni temu

    What an annoying man. Babble, babble, babble.

  • roblox legendary gaming 123

    You didn't know the issata was there

  • Liberty Mongoose 420
    Liberty Mongoose 420 21 dzień temu

    This guy doesn't know too much about cars.I had a 1965 ford Thunderbird that had power seats,locks,and windows.Also the high beam switch was on the floor

  • Bill Cobbett
    Bill Cobbett 21 dzień temu

    What do you mean the Phantom of its day? The Phantom was still available to special order for those that wanted one.

  • Стоян Колев
    Стоян Колев 21 dzień temu

    Doug the kinda guy to take a shit in a urinal.

  • Lamont Cranston
    Lamont Cranston 22 dni temu

    The steering wheel is so thin as it was meant to be driven with gloves.

    • Steve Prince
      Steve Prince 7 dni temu +1

      Most European cars when the Shadow was released had thin hard plastic or wood steering wheels but unlike the Rolls-Royce they had no power steering. Gloves helped to grip the wheel but were never needed in this vehicle because the steering is so light.

  • Nick Wilczynski
    Nick Wilczynski 22 dni temu

    I took a dump at 3 am that made more sense than the DougScore

  • parasitic thoughts
    parasitic thoughts 22 dni temu

    Spirit of Ecstacy's wings are really pussy lips.

  • Mikephx
    Mikephx 22 dni temu

    Cadillac had power door locks way back in 1962.

  • MillerMeteor74
    MillerMeteor74 23 dni temu

    Power seats are pretty advanced for the 1970s? Not really. They go back at least to the late 1950s.
    I can't believe you make a big deal out of the ash trays and cigarette lighters. Every American car had at least 4 of them, up until at least the 90s, as far as I know. I can't imagine a car without them.
    Also, making a big deal out of the lack of effort needed to turn the steering wheel. What's wrong with that? Isn't that the point of power steering? You talk like every car on the road is supposed to be a sports car, but they aren't.

  • Lucas Arthurs
    Lucas Arthurs 23 dni temu

    I'm pretty sure a '73 Oldsmobile would have every feature this Rolls has and more...

    • Steve Prince
      Steve Prince 7 dni temu

      Apart from quality it probably did.

  • heckmacbuff
    heckmacbuff 23 dni temu

    Considering the amount of cars this chap has reviewed, he doesn't seem to have learned much.

  • M Scott
    M Scott 24 dni temu

    Sorry Doug, but the Phantom of 1973 was the Phantom VI. At least this looks like a Rolls Royce rather than the hideous and vulgar modern range.

  • #SOTO
    #SOTO 25 dni temu

    Doug the type of guy to take a shit on a cat

  • john doe
    john doe 26 dni temu

    189 bhp you must be joking

  • Pinochet Pilot #666
    Pinochet Pilot #666 26 dni temu

    Doug is the kind of guy who uses Rolls-Royce wheel covers to cover his nuts when in polite company.

  • Neil Gibbons
    Neil Gibbons 27 dni temu

    That head rest seem like an after thought, plus it kind of odd you have to reach down a handle a dirty foot rest with your hands 💩 ka ka

  • Ian Smith
    Ian Smith 27 dni temu

    I was about to combat your claim to "ultimate Rolls Royce of its day, until you specified "sedan"

  • Suprahampton
    Suprahampton 28 dni temu

    No Doug, she doesn't have wings you bellend, look closer

  • DGalacticMan
    DGalacticMan 28 dni temu

    I loved the video up until the point you said Citroën.

  • Nicholas Artuso
    Nicholas Artuso 29 dni temu

    Doug is the type of guy to carefully read the terms and conditions of a Wi-Fi network

  • Swedish Holmberg
    Swedish Holmberg 29 dni temu

    The high beam placement is perfect.i do t know whay theynwould change it? It makes switching on and off very quick and intuitive through the twisties and not blasting opposite traffic.

  • Nick Brock
    Nick Brock Miesiąc temu

    I think this dealership is the only dealership where you’ll see a Countach next to an old Jeep (0:47)

  • Casey Butt
    Casey Butt Miesiąc temu

    Where do you put the Grey Poupon?

  • MusIC LOveR
    MusIC LOveR Miesiąc temu

    this car is 15500 AZN (9000 USD) in Azerbaijan

  • Dammyl1971
    Dammyl1971 Miesiąc temu

    “Well, come what may. Merry Christmas, Mr. Wayne.”

  • Mandolorian1001
    Mandolorian1001 Miesiąc temu

    I feel you were very unfair with this review.

  • alanmeires
    alanmeires Miesiąc temu

    I know nothing about cars and I've just started watching this video and I know you can pick these up in England now for about 5 to 7 grand so let's see what Doug says????

  • Thom Robitaille
    Thom Robitaille Miesiąc temu

    The good lord gave us all a big left toe to work the dimmer switch. This was the standard in all civilized countries. It was the socialist autocrats of the EU who insisted on using the turn signal stalk for the dimmers.

  • Marty Key
    Marty Key Miesiąc temu

    Old man had a new British racing green Silver Shadow 2 in 78, was like driving around a block of flats, OK in a straight line but wildly over rated and underpowered even for 78 and only good as a boat anchor these days, the Merc 450SEL 6.9 shat all over these back then.

    • Marty Key
      Marty Key 6 dni temu

      +Steve Prince I'm not in the US I'm Australian and your English cars to do stand up to the elements here. I've owned plenty of English cars from a constantly overheating Triumph Stag to a 67 Mark2 V8 Daimler, S1, S2, S3 XJ6, XJS V12 etc etc I got tired of the poor engineering including lack of space in engine bays to work on anything, silly electrical designs etc. I've had a 94 Merc E320 W124 Coupe for 8 years it currently has 482,000kms on the clock and apart from a headgasket at 280,000kms and regular servicing it's still bank vault tight, all switch gear works with the same precision it did the day I got it and the trim is almost prefect except for slight colour wear on one drivers seat bolster, no dash cracks, no electrical gremlins. I've only purchased a newer E350 recently because I want to preserve the classic status of the car. Sorry mate but on the whole English cars don't like heat, they tend to prefer to be pampered, Rolls are nice but maintenance and the thirst of their engines is just silly money compared to Benz's and Benz's are not cheap to maintain either.

    • Steve Prince
      Steve Prince 6 dni temu

      I'd give up now if I were you because with each post you just confirm you know nothing about these cars. The usual Lucas comment is a murican joke that backfires on those using it. I've worked on all kinds of US cars and found them to be little different in terms of auto electrics. My two cars are around 40 years old and if I do get a problem it's probably related to a Lucas relay that I just remove, clean, solder contacts and put back. If you want to see shit auto electrics look at a '60s Lincoln. Featurewise just what is it you think they lacked?
      They were never intended to be used for drag racing and went (still do) well enough. They were/are great for long distance touring but I accept your emission laws killed the cars performance although that said the US had nothing in the same league to compare it with. Body roll was no worse than anything the US tried to pass of as a luxury car.
      Rust is not a big problem with these cars. They were the first vehicle to make extensive used of galvanised under body components and aluminium was used for the doors. boot and bonnet. Corrosion is usually limited to rear wheel arches, and the base of the wings. All simple repairs.

    • Marty Key
      Marty Key 6 dni temu

      +Steve Prince including Lucas Prince of darkness components. For such a large V8 their a very slow car. And body wise rust is terrible on these things. Lot of sheet metal for your money but very few features it's all flash, and body roll around the corners is terrible.

    • Steve Prince
      Steve Prince 7 dni temu

      I have a Silver Shadow II and a T2 and have looked after many Mercedes including a fleet of W100 pullmans. Much of my background is in restoring these cars so I know exactly how they compare. MB interiors are poor in comparison.

    • Marty Key
      Marty Key 7 dni temu

      +Steve Prince sure until you compare the two cars and see how poor the rollers stand up to the elements over the Benz. Benz interiors always outlast the rollers.

  • dave filler
    dave filler Miesiąc temu

    Unitbean IT Lab. Personal experience

  • systecnics
    systecnics Miesiąc temu

    I am German...and I love his English =) so great to listen to...

  • Crix Macea
    Crix Macea Miesiąc temu

    Cadillac had full power every thing... so not that odd

  • dlwst44
    dlwst44 Miesiąc temu

    Thanks for such a good practical review of this model. I was always curious if they were worth getting, since they weren’t very expensive.

  • Steve Davies
    Steve Davies Miesiąc temu

    Main difference between the Rolls of 45 years ago and a modern one is that the old one was and is tasteful.