Here's a Tour of the Most Expensive Rolls-Royce Sedan From 1973

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  • Gi
    Gi 2 godzin temu +1

    The most luxurious cars back then was mercedes benz sedans, the seats and locks arent rare for that year, you didn't mention price back then and converted to todays money

  • Charles Butler
    Charles Butler 4 godzin temu

    I had one for ten years. It was a beautiful car, and I would give it a 10 for styling, but even with that increased score, it is still below 50. It was definitely a romantic car with mystique and emotional magnetism. That said, it was mechanically quirky, with the most complex hydraulic system ever put into an automobile, and in general, gobbled money like an NFL team at a free desert bar. As much affection as I had for my 73 Shadow, it really belonged in a museum, not in my garage. Even though the parts are, surprisingly available, unless you are a wealthy special car collector or a skilled mechanic willing to spend weekends maintaining it, this car is not a good vintage vehicle for a casual hobby. Even the wealthy Jay Leno has avoided this era model RR, for good reason.

  • Glrk10
    Glrk10 15 godzin temu

    Far classier than a modern RR. The new ones have the old-money style and charm of a panzer tank. The new ones exude as much class as a rich Arab woman in a tiger-stripe burkha.

  • tomitstube
    tomitstube Dzień temu

    well the reason there were mirrors with lights and more ash trays in the back is because the owner would be in the back with a chauffer driving.

  • Gerard Caputo
    Gerard Caputo 2 dni temu

    Some car dealer would actually entrust a fine vehicle to this guy? What did he use for a credit card...a Starbucks loyalty card?

  • Joe Collins
    Joe Collins 2 dni temu

    Geez, it's wonder we made it through life all those years ago... You make it sound like this beautiful car is just primitive. Very condescending tone.

  • Lukas Proske
    Lukas Proske 2 dni temu

    The unlabled Button activates a sort of on board testing system.
    In this case, there is coolant missing.

  • Abod Almarzoqi
    Abod Almarzoqi 3 dni temu

    Turn singles...... lol

  • Steven Kim
    Steven Kim 3 dni temu

    I think you are misjudging the car. That car is supposed to be driven by a chauffeur. So to appreciate the car fully as it was originally designed for, you should have somebody else drive it an see how it feels while sitting in the backseat.

  • Damon Ross
    Damon Ross 4 dni temu

    this guy does not fully know what he is talking about,
    nothing wrong with that,there are lots like him,
    however, he passes judgement upon matters and things that he has scant knowledge of.
    Rolls Royce motor vehicles being chief among them.

  • Han Skinslo
    Han Skinslo 4 dni temu

    +Doug DeMuro - Doug! Watch Jay Leno's video about the 1960's Lincoln Convertible! It has "power" EVERYTHING, all vacuum-operated.

  • johnpro2
    johnpro2 4 dni temu

    Externally, the bumpers were changed from chrome to alloy and rubber starting with the late 1976 Silver Shadows. I suggest this car is not a 1973 vehicle. ?

  • Mustak Ali
    Mustak Ali 5 dni temu +1

    Beautiful car. Love these videos

  • Zahid Khan
    Zahid Khan 5 dni temu

    8.23...those turn signals be lit 🔥

  • Dat PixelGamer
    Dat PixelGamer 5 dni temu +1

    Expensive Lada
    (jk, its just a joke, I dont hate RRs)

  • -
    - 6 dni temu +1

    9:51 why so shaky hands??? Too much coffie?

  • ken k
    ken k 7 dni temu

    The mystery button on the dashboard is wired incorrectly. When pressed, it shows the engine oil level on the fuel gauge.
    The Shadow's suspension system is not similar to CItroen's. A Shadow has conventional springs with shocks and in the rear, there is hydraulic assist to level the ride, while a Citroen (DS, SM, & Cx) has no springs or shock and relies on active hydraulic pistons only for suspension.

  • ken k
    ken k 7 dni temu

    The transmission shift lever moves so easily because it is an electrical switch that actuates a motor system down at the tranny.

  • ken k
    ken k 7 dni temu

    The valve stem caps are after-market. The stock cap was the regular black plastic thingie.

  • OCrandallRules
    OCrandallRules 7 dni temu

    Doug love your videos but high beams on the floor are ez i miss it myself my opinion

  • EKO
    EKO 7 dni temu

    Woah jesus this was 45 years ago??? I thought it was like 20 wtf

  • justin kujawa
    justin kujawa 8 dni temu

    Anyone else noticed the air intake wasn't attached/gaping?

  • Jangus Mank
    Jangus Mank 9 dni temu

    Doug’s the type of guy to tell a girl she’s odd by modern standards

  • Joe Ees
    Joe Ees 9 dni temu

    That dealer had a jeep with square headlights. Heresy.

  • Greg T
    Greg T 9 dni temu

    Doug, that button, when pushed, turned the fuel Gage into an oil level Gage.
    Also, that was not the top model of the time. It is only a standard Silver Shadow sedan and not the long wheel base model which had a smaller back window and badges on the roof panel along with more rear seat room. The LWB model was costlier, and the Cornich was even more.
    My family had this car only 1975 model in the long wheelbase version and I drove her there after for 30 years. It was an excellent car and a Timeless Beauty. I traded it for new Bentley Arnage and miss it. Regarding power door locks and other features that you seem amazed at, please know those been around for years longer than even that car.( Cadillac started many if those features in the 50's) And the reason for the narrower headrests was to not block Rear View Vision.
    I know you try to be fair Doug, but you kind of suffer from being a typical millennial.... i e : you all think the world came into being the year you were born, and everyone and everything before was dumb or inadequate.

  • it is me
    it is me 9 dni temu

    One thing Doug didn't mention - when these were new Rolls Royce still exercised discretion when deciding who to sell their cars to. They could refuse anyone. John Lennon, famously, was not allowed to buy one. He had to have a proxy buy his on his behalf.
    My estranged dad, not as famously, was one person RR wouldn't sell to because of his criminal past. That didn't stop him, and he eventually owned not one but two in succession.
    On the rare occasions I would be allowed to visit him and he picked me up in the Rolls. I felt like a damned prince.
    Now I wouldn't own one if you paid me. I think they're ugly.

  • CallmeMell
    CallmeMell 9 dni temu

    Douge is literally a fuckin retard. Wow

  • Peter Nicholls
    Peter Nicholls 9 dni temu

    I have a flying spur which is the same as this but has a turbocharger, the torque is unbelievable. They only made 50 of this edition (mines 18 out 50).
    It's for sale and if you would like to know more details about this car then please don't hesitates to ask me.
    My email is:

  • Hasan Khan
    Hasan Khan 10 dni temu

    Fuck off dumb cunt

  • themixedfamily
    themixedfamily 10 dni temu

    The Phantom of it's day was the Phantom of it's day - the RR Phantom VI [1968-1991]. Not the Shadow.

  • daytonaaaargh
    daytonaaaargh 11 dni temu

    04:34 - Alfa Romeo still did that on the Alfa 156 in the 00's.
    And that Alfa also has the secondary gas tank zip line at 18:09 :-)

  • Smith John
    Smith John 12 dni temu

    The Phantom of that time was simply the previous generation of Phatom, the big chauffeur driven limos built till like '92.

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  • Rodd Sala
    Rodd Sala 13 dni temu

    Re-posted from another site that should be here.
    Dear Mr DeMuro:
    Where to begin with this incredibly obtuse, embarrassingly misinformed, and completely inane video? Doug DeMuro, you really shouldn’t speak until you’ve researched your subject matter and know what you’re talking about. Instead, in this painful video, you’ve hypothesised and simply made up things as you went along. Let me give you some examples:
    1. At 0:08 you say the Silver Shadow was ‘the top of the line 45 years ago - the ultimate Rolls-Royce’. At 0:30 you state that it was ‘the Phantom of the 1970s’ and at 0:37 you say ‘this was the Phantom of its day - the best Rolls-Royce sedan you could buy 45 years ago’. You are wrong on all counts: the top of the line Rolls-Royce 45 years ago was the Phantom limousine,
    this poorly-maintained example was the entry-level standard wheelbase car, and the top of the line sedan then was the Silver Shadow long wheelbase saloon which was available with or without division.
    2. You need to learn how to pronounce the simple two-syllable word ‘Seraph’ (1:01).
    3. ‘It [the Silver Shadow] used a 6.75 litre V8 that made all of 189hp and it used a 4-speed automatic transmission ...’. Wrong again: these cars were introduced with a 6.23 litre V8, and the 6.75 litre unit didn’t appear until late 1970. Rolls-Royce never releases horsepower figures, and it is s moot point anyway, as the engines were designed for massive low-end torque. The transmission was a 4-speed Hydramatic only on right hand drive cars until 1968, at which time it received the 3-speed Turbo Hydramatic 400 torque converter transmission that was standard on all left hand drive and North American cars from the beginning.
    4. At 1:35 you’re back again on this car being ‘the flagship Rolls-Royce sedan from 45 years ago’. Just where did you come up with this bogus comment?
    5. (2:16) ‘They just put the RR in between the two bulbs’. Firstly, those are not bulbs. They are headlamps, and they have bulbs inside them. Secondly, Rolls-Royce used the RR badge inside their headlamps going all the way back to the late 1920s and continued that postwar, with the quad headlamp Silver Cloud III (1962-66) using the small badge as we see on this car.
    6. Regarding the Spirit of Ecstasy, no she doesn’t ‘appear to be a woman with wings’ (2:35). Open your eyes. ‘If you want, you can have your Spirit of Ecstasy facing sideways’ (2:56). Uh, how old are you?
    7. At 3:05 you refer to the wheel covers as wheels. Do you not understand the difference? You then proceed to go on about ‘chrome circles’. FYI the wheel covers, like the grille, are made of polished stainless steel.
    8. ‘The valve stem cap has the RR logo ... a nice example of attention to detail in the ‘70s’. Doug, why don’t you pay more attention to detail and research your subject matter? Why did you assume this and invent an erroneous statement? Rolls-Royce always used black rubber, sometimes polished steel (not often, as they rattled) valve stem caps. Those on this sorry mess of a car are aftermarket caps. Full stop.
    9. Another assumption: ‘Now, most of these Silver Shadows had a landau top’ (3:45). No, in fact the vast majority of standard wheelbase cars such as this wretched example had painted steel roofs. By contrast, most long wheelbase saloons had an Everflex-covered roof. You go on to regurgitate more rubbish. I’ll call these ‘Dougassumptions’: ‘Rolls-Royce couldn’t find a supplier to cover the entire top in vinyl in one piece’. Who told you this? Did you make it up? You reached a new level of obtuseness here. Doug, vinyl and all fabrics come only in certain widths and need to be cut and stitched. Funny you didn’t notice that on the black Silver Spur you tested (the one with the Tan Everflex roof).
    10. What you refer to as the ‘silver trim stripe’ (4:12) is in fact correctly called a polished waist trim strip - not stripe. By the way, door handles integral with waist strips were seen going back at least to 1925. No, Rolls-Royce didn’t just ‘stick a keyhole’ on the door. It is a Yale lock and it is positioned so that it is convenient for one to hold the door handle and unlock the car simultaneously. A difficult concept for a simpleton to grasp, if you’ll pardon the pun.
    11. At 4:56 you mention that ‘the mirror is very unusual’. Exactly what is so unusual about a remote-controlled door mirror? Then you go on to say, ‘not common at this time is the mirrors are different’ [on either door]. That comment is the utter depth of banality. I don’t know of any car makers who insisted on using mismatched mirrors, and Rolls-Royce was no exception. The passenger door mirror, as you eventually assume, was added on later. You neglected to notice that it is particularly cheap and nasty.
    12. Regarding the power door locks (5:49) you assume that Rolls-Royce one of the first makers to have them. Doug, you obviously really don’t know much about cars, do you? American luxury cars had them fitted many years prior to 1970 when Rolls-Royce first fitted them. You then proceed to say that Rolls-Royce ‘couldn’t figure out power mirrors’. Again, where did you come up with this? Are you not aware that cars didn’t have power mirrors then?
    13. At 6:42 you rhapsodise thst ‘you can adjust the [door] armrest until it fits your perfect height’. Yes, but you failed to notice that it also adjust fore and aft to adjust for those who need to be nearer or further from the steering wheel. For all your blabbing, you really don’t notice much in the way of detail. It is lost on the likes of you.
    14. Those are Federally-mandated head restraints - not headrests (7:10) - and all cars sold in the US from 1968 on have been required to have them. They weren’t unusual in 1973. Learn your facts.
    15. There is nothing ‘weird’ about the speed control (7:45). It is particularly well made with switches of high quality that possess a beautiful feel. None of that registered with your stubby fingers though.
    16. Your nomenclature is frequently incorrect. At 9:41 you refer to the light switch as a ‘dial’. Do you not know the difference?
    17. ‘Would it have killed Rolls-Royce to put a little fuel door icon there?’ you ask (10:00) when commenting on the fuel filler door button. A. Nobody used icons in 1973, and B. Rolls-Royce expected its customers to be literate and read the handbook.
    18. Perhaps your piece de résistance occurs at 10:08 when you exclaim ‘I have no idea what that button is supposed to do!’ It A. tests engine engine overheat and low coolant buzzer, B. checks the engine oil level via distinct orange markings on the fuel guage (another detail you overlooked), and C. tests that all warnings lights are working, which was not the case with this particularly abused car. And yes, that button really is ‘brilliant and designed properly’. For ill-informed simpletons, that must be quite confusing.
    And on and on it goes. From once again referring to a switch as a dial, your comments teach us nothing, and often, as a result your less than dulcet voice, tend to irritate us mightily.
    It would help if you researched your subject matter, not just the cars, but the era they are from. Your lack of knowledge and your naivety scream out at us. It is made the more painful because you do not make an iota of effort to present yourself with any decorum, much less authority. A decent haircut, a pair of khakis or jeans, some loafers, and a polo shirt would go a long, long way to lending you some credibility. So would some real knowledge about your subject matter.
    Doug, I’ll give this a score of 10 out of 100. And that’s being generous

  • CineRaphael
    CineRaphael 13 dni temu

    Only non car enthusiasts like middle age women don’t like classic car. „If it ain’t got feature then I don’t want them“ bullshit I don’t give a shit about a self parking feature. I just care about how beautiful my car is

  • Steven Gonzalez
    Steven Gonzalez 13 dni temu

    My dad has a 1978 trans am firebird.

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith 14 dni temu

    A Person Putting that car down that much when you lot make so much shit And Your Using a Language which is ENGLISH !
    And most of you YANKS Had One That Made IT That Is HA ha

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith 14 dni temu

  • Simon Whitby Brown
    Simon Whitby Brown 14 dni temu

    Doug DeMuro has the worst presentation voice ever.

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith 14 dni temu

    The AMP Gauge is after market fitted Has you can see not a Smiths One

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith 14 dni temu

    You Can Joke But What Did The USA Make To Compare In 1970-73 ???

  • Sam W
    Sam W 14 dni temu

    Did he just roast Rolls-Royce by seeing that they need to go under it frequently

  • Henry Tan
    Henry Tan 14 dni temu

    Rolls-Royce Phantom is available back to 1970's

  • Rod Anderson
    Rod Anderson 15 dni temu

    I have had the pleasure of driving two of these, one of which I was attempting to purchase. They still fetch good dollars for a car of this age here in New Zealand, although some of the prices asked are "Optimistic." The car in this video is far from pristine, from the rust in the rear of the roof, evident from the bubbles under the vinyle covering, the general state of the engine cosmetically, and the worn patches in the upholstery. Doug DeMuro is right when he says these are very expensive to repair, and not particulary reliable, but they are over forty years old, and like anything, maintainance is very important. I would still like to own a Rolls Royce one day, but I will be very careful to buy one with a good service history etc.

  • Katarzyna Mlodzinska
    Katarzyna Mlodzinska 15 dni temu

    I like my 1982 ford Cortina Mk5 estate more. 😎

  • V3LTYR
    V3LTYR 16 dni temu

    Retractable power footrest? Never ever heard of that in a car, wow

  • Soviet Doge
    Soviet Doge 16 dni temu

    Please do a Volga gaz24 if u can find one

  • Jedi E.T
    Jedi E.T 16 dni temu +1

    God that thing is huge. I know they're big and i've seen pictures before but Doug standing next to it really puts it in perspective.

  • iamxb70
    iamxb70 17 dni temu

    my father's friend had a 1968 silver shadow and he let me drive it into town (and back) by myself. it felt like ice on wet glass. it had no road feel at all which was good, because i trusted it's balance.
    as for body roll, once you figure it out, you know to slow down before a corner and accelerate through the corner. the lowering of the back due to acceleration stiffened the rear suspension and the car would stay pretty much stable on the road.
    as for acceleration, you gave it a 1/10. well i know they are graceful in their push, but that push is still there at 100 mph. long after most faster accelerating cars had finished accelerating at their original g-force.
    i got to 120 mph on the way back (in a rural area and the length of the trip was about 25 miles) with ease, and it was still gently surging to faster speeds.

  • Denny Hostasa
    Denny Hostasa 17 dni temu

    Plain and simple layout. And it all worked fine.

  • Bert Bert
    Bert Bert 18 dni temu

    How about reviewing black and white TV sets? " Look at the screen, there's nO coloR. It's BLAck and whiTE!!" Blah blah blah

  • Mud Plugging
    Mud Plugging 18 dni temu +1

    Used to do good reviews, but has now become unwatchable. Opinion is fine, but sounding a jerk takes things to new levels.

    • Bert Bert
      Bert Bert 18 dni temu

      Mud Plugging... I was thinking that exact same thing.

  • nicolas m
    nicolas m 18 dni temu

    No no, I had a 74 bmw Bavaria and it had power locks

  • MiamiMillionaire
    MiamiMillionaire 19 dni temu

    The biggest difference is that it is a real Rolls Royce and not just a BMW ;-)

  • Auxentiu Luca
    Auxentiu Luca 20 dni temu

    That unlabeled button checks if the hydraulic system is working, and that sound tells you it's all ok.

  • Tom Ward
    Tom Ward 20 dni temu

    how old is this car?

  • AdamG1983
    AdamG1983 20 dni temu

    Cars were really different from 45 years ago?

  • jeff nathz gerona
    jeff nathz gerona 20 dni temu

    you wnt weird cars well i got the car for u rusco motors

  • doubletapproductions
    doubletapproductions 21 dzień temu

    19:10 Ughhhh I'm pretty sure that intake is not on at all

  • S G
    S G 21 dzień temu

    Wtf are people bitching so much? If you already know everything about the car why are you watching the video? And if you’re going to leave comments just saying he’s lazy or stupid without any reason, you’re just a retard.

  • Frank Steinmann
    Frank Steinmann 21 dzień temu

    Nice car - but to be precise, this isn't the flagship Rolls-Royce of 1973 - this would be the Phantom VI, hand-built from 1968 to 1991in very small numbers (374 in total) at Mulliner Park Ward (which was closed in 1991, and as a result, Phantom production ceased). There were plans to introduce a successor of the Phantom VI based on this Silver Shadow, but this has been discarded.

  • DeGaN WAyNe
    DeGaN WAyNe 21 dzień temu +2

    Talk about droning on Doug. That old turd was worth about 3 minutes. And you’re way too young to review ancient stuff of the mid last century if you think power locks were rare and unusual in the 70’s.
    Oh, and really Doug, how many power window panels do you see that have labeled switches that you DONT have to commit to memory? How difficult is it to remember that the far left switch is left front? Was that just supposed to be comedic? Cuz it wasn’t funny. It was droning.
    And BTW, the Lady you so harshly fondled on the hood gives way as she does so ding dongs that would harshly fondle her don’t snap her off her perch. Not to avoid human implement in the case of a collision with a pedestrian. Again, not comedic.
    There’s a lot of WAYYYY cooler cars you could spend 25 minutes on. I barley made it thru 4.

  • Will Langstroth
    Will Langstroth 22 dni temu

    You *should* say "cigar lighter" because that was what they were called in all cars. Even if you were lighting a cigarette with them. The 70s were much crazier than you think they were.

  • ron simpson
    ron simpson 22 dni temu

    Doug FYI, it was known as an ever flex roof.

  • E C
    E C 23 dni temu

    In the Rolls, the chauffeur was the GPS system.

  • E C
    E C 23 dni temu

    It would be nice to see Doug review the 80s Aston Martin Lagonda.

  • E C
    E C 23 dni temu

    20:15 The Rolls steering works by mind control.

  • Light Saber
    Light Saber 23 dni temu

    4:40 that’s a lie Jeep wranglers still do that

  • J
    J 23 dni temu

    The headrests are probably aftermarket.

  • FireCracker3240
    FireCracker3240 23 dni temu

    Those hubcaps remind me of Captain America's shield. I dig them.

  • David Mitchell
    David Mitchell 23 dni temu +1

    He has the most annoying squeaky voice and is so inaccurate. The RR Phantom VI was still in production in 1973 so no way was the Shadow the Phantom of the time + the Corniche coupe and cabriolet were both regarded as a step up from the Shadow.

  • Salipander ErisGeenAnder
    Salipander ErisGeenAnder 23 dni temu +1

    This looks like a poorly maintained sample and Dough seems to show as little respect for it as the condition it is in. You'd better leave this poor Rolls alone and stick to americano barges.

  • KingProne
    KingProne 23 dni temu

    quite surprising how good the leather stll looks. Even though this car is almost 50 years old. Also how it get such low scores? Of course it wont have a frikkin sat nav if its from the 70s.

  • ironllama
    ironllama 23 dni temu

    Jeep does the push in button to open the door

  • w0lf65
    w0lf65 24 dni temu

    Spends 5 times longer talking about the hood release than the actual engine...

  • André Alves
    André Alves 24 dni temu

    Am I the only one really impressed that a 1973 car had cruise control ?

  • Tom Forsyth
    Tom Forsyth 24 dni temu +2

    Doug Doug Doug Doug. That meter is measuring AMPS, not VOLTS. So of course it moves as the indicator turns on and off. Working just perfectly.

  • Patrick Mutuc
    Patrick Mutuc 24 dni temu

    V8 with 189hp

  • The Hammond player
    The Hammond player 24 dni temu +1

    er why are you reviewing a car you no nothing about firstly this car is a shadow 2 launched in 1977 not 1973 to be fair the phantom of the 1970's was the Rolls Royce phantom 6. these cars were fitted with a GM 400 3 speed auto the early cars had the 4 speed, Then you show some other Rolls Royce models at 1:07 you show the silver spirit but that car is not a silver spirit but a silver spur

  • Simon Coles
    Simon Coles 24 dni temu

    It looks so TINY compared to new Rolls Royces

  • twentysheds ___
    twentysheds ___ 24 dni temu

    Gotta love how close this came out to Harry driving his to the Arctic Circle.

  • Thorsten Latz
    Thorsten Latz 24 dni temu

    Interesting. I did not even know, that the Silver Spirit was the Phantom of its day. I always thought the Phantom was the Phantom of its day....

  • Peter Bradshaw
    Peter Bradshaw 25 dni temu +2

    This man doesn't know shit about Rolls Royce. There was a Phantom around during the seventies. The last one was built in the late eighties early nineties The Corniche and latter the Camargue were the flagship models not the Shadow. The Phantom V and VI along with the two aforementioned models were coach built.

  • slimydick23
    slimydick23 25 dni temu

    Doug's the type of guy to get down on his knees on a dirty cement driveway in order to show you the door panels

  • Adam Brown
    Adam Brown 25 dni temu +3

    Doug, I love you and all, but do you really think those valve stem caps are the ones from 1973?

  • Taunuslunatic
    Taunuslunatic 25 dni temu

    Handling can be improved with a Harvey Bailey kit.

  • istvan meissler
    istvan meissler 25 dni temu +1

    You really are showing your age (or lack of it) on this review. Check out a Cadillac and a Lincoln from that time period and get back to us.

  • ChizAfterHours
    ChizAfterHours 26 dni temu +2

    Lincoln and Cadillac has power locks and all of that in the 50s

  • #project_black_fox
    #project_black_fox 26 dni temu +2

    power locks have been around since the 50's on american cars if not earlier

    Shane CHARLES THE 3RD 26 dni temu

    Is that rust bubbles underneath the vinyl roof by the rear window
    I can see?

  • Robert hentschelmann
    Robert hentschelmann 26 dni temu +2

    I like your videos Doug, but I really wish you would stop comparing older cars to modern cars. A 1973 Rolls Royce won't have the technology that a new car would.....because IT DIDN'T EXIST! How can you ding a car for what it doesn't have, when, what it doesn't have, didn't exist?!

  • Aaron Cole
    Aaron Cole 26 dni temu +3

    I like that Doug gets his hands on nice cars I just wish his information was more accurate.

  • John Lee
    John Lee 26 dni temu

    Power locks but no power mirrors isn't that puzzling. Mirror gimbals are relatively much more advanced than a simple power actuator. Kind of like finding it odd that a car from the 70s have fuel gauges, but no GPS. Not that big a difference today, but a huge difference at the time of manufacture.

  • Jasmin Akther
    Jasmin Akther 26 dni temu


  • Branden Rodriguez
    Branden Rodriguez 26 dni temu

    Quirkfest 2018

  • Yomal Sidoroff-Biarmskii

    Phantom is 100 years old, not 15 years old.

  • Brian Andrews
    Brian Andrews 27 dni temu +3

    A few things to keep in mind. Back then, RR was still a rather small yet exclusive car maker, not completely unlike Packard had been 40 years earlier. While there cars were extreamly well built, smooth, and comfortable, the engineering under the skin was usually not “state of the art”. This car was largely an early 1960s design. Updates were not so much engineered into the cars so much as they were forced into them. These updates usually had more to do with meeting the government regulations of the country they were being imported into than it did with meeting customer demands. For example, the undersized headrests were probably purchased from a second part supplier who were making them for another car builder and then engineered to fit onto the existing front seat to meet US NHSA mandated for all new cars sold in 1973.. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if these headrest were the same as found in many BMC cars of the early 1970s. You must remeber that the 1970s were a tough time for car maker, worldwide, with ever changing government safety, fuel mileage, and emissions demands. Car makers, especially smaller ones, struggled to keep up yet keep their cars selling in line with the prices of their competition. If you compare this Rolls to a top level Lincoln or Caddy of the same time, you’ll find many of the same engineering “tack ons”. Also, the gear selector is so easy to shift because it is basically just and electric switch that sends a signal to a shifting selector motor (bolted to the outside of the transmission) that actually moves the gear lever at the transmission.

    • SGNT
      SGNT 26 dni temu

      Very interesting write up. I suspected an electronic control gear select, and figured that was why they integrated a shift gate design into the steering column (so the lever would stay in position). As for government regs, my only thought beyond your points (good ones by the way), is that all manufacturers had to deal with emerging regulations. I remember driving 60s and 70s cars. Some ('70s manufacturers) did a better job in dealing with them than others.

  • a71landcruiser
    a71landcruiser 27 dni temu

    This isn't Hoovies Garage. Sorry, my mistake, I'll shut the door on the way out.

  • IcanFartLOUD 1
    IcanFartLOUD 1 27 dni temu +1

    Doug, they didn't have "fuel door" icons in 1973

  • Andrew_Owens
    Andrew_Owens 27 dni temu

    I rode in a 50s era Bentley and it was more comfortable than this one looks to be.