Game Theory: Rainbow Six Siege gets a REALITY CHECK!

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  • Opublikowany 30 mar 2015
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    Loyal Theorists, I am SO PROUD to present the biggest and most challenging project I've worked on yet...a new series I like to call Reality Check, where each episode takes gamers off the couch and places them in the middle of the real-life situations we play through every day. From aerial dogfights to tactical combat to mining for diamonds, how do the real world equivalents compare to the virtual experiences? That's what Reality Check looks to find out! I think you're going to enjoy it :) Let me know in the comments if you want me to do more Reality Check episodes in the future!
    For this FIRST episode, I partnered with Ubisoft (since this stuff is expensive to film) to put their upcoming release Rainbow Six: Siege to the test by having us gamers recreate a real-life hostage rescue situation. How will we fare when faced with having to take down the professionals after a day of high-intensity counter-terrorism training? Get ready to find out!
    Thanks to Ubisoft for making this video possible.
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  • Exzeticloe
    Exzeticloe 17 godzin temu

    And thus gamelab was born

  • Henry Nawyn-Hellinga
    Henry Nawyn-Hellinga 21 godzinę temu

    Terraria lore theory plz

  • the spongebob bandit ,

    T H E R M I T E G R E N A D E really

  • Kyle Klemm
    Kyle Klemm Dzień temu

    Dude do you have a closet just for your leather jackets? Or is one of those monthly memberships were they send them things in the mail?

  • shivang patel
    shivang patel Dzień temu

    R6 simulator and theyre playing on hostage? What a joke...

  • Samrparker 12
    Samrparker 12 3 dni temu

    They should've had Tachanka

  • cow moo
    cow moo 3 dni temu

    Basically Gamelab but called reality check

  • SamStuff
    SamStuff 3 dni temu

    Scottie got 2 kills with his hand on his hip

  • Jason Voorhees
    Jason Voorhees 4 dni temu

    Now that wind bastion came out,nomad can stop flankers from killing their team

  • Llama Momma
    Llama Momma 5 dni temu

    "Y'know, the suspect might just die of old age."

  • Raphael K.R
    Raphael K.R 5 dni temu

    Why Disney u have any real gameplay only from the E3 revel

  • Chris Garcia
    Chris Garcia 6 dni temu +1

    Damn R6 looked so different in 2015

  • Dattboii69 #scrubscribble/subscribe

    The game theorists should be a tv show aswell

  • Brooks McCartney
    Brooks McCartney 6 dni temu

    I wish I could do that...... Y'all did good tho 👍

  • PizzaTime
    PizzaTime 7 dni temu

    Massive respect for the S.W.A.T members.

  • Isaac Whittington
    Isaac Whittington 7 dni temu

    Ok yall we need to get him to do that again

  • NikolajMic
    NikolajMic 8 dni temu +2

    she looks like pit viper ash just younger

  • Blockuz powar
    Blockuz powar 8 dni temu +1

    Matpat dosent even play this game yet he still cashes in on the money for Rainbow Six

  • Sky13r M
    Sky13r M 8 dni temu

    Ahem..... recruit m870 rush

  • Stephen Does It
    Stephen Does It 8 dni temu

    This is the peak of 2015 MatPat

  • Toxic kid
    Toxic kid 8 dni temu

    Ash real life lol

  • cuzzie bro
    cuzzie bro 9 dni temu

    16:41 take a shot every time he says check

  • cuzzie bro
    cuzzie bro 9 dni temu

    11:33 matpat swore?

  • Christopher Stac
    Christopher Stac 9 dni temu

    Wait a rainbow six siege theory? No, no, no, I don't think i can watch this... but... game theory...

  • RhylieFilms
    RhylieFilms 9 dni temu

    Hell, it's really intense in real life. I was on a ride along with the normal Sheriff's office as an explorer and we had to clear a massive building with a 4/5 man team. They let me come because they were 95% sure no one was in there but knowing there was a chance someone was in there was intense. All of your senses are heightened and it's a feeling you can't explain to someone who has never done anything like it.

  • Eric Rynchek
    Eric Rynchek 9 dni temu

    when they were suiting up who else thought the red headed chick looked like ash

  • Estevan Ramirez
    Estevan Ramirez 10 dni temu

    This is pretty cool, proto Game Lab. I love that show! Season 2?

  • SyniStar616
    SyniStar616 10 dni temu

    Now that Siege is pushing 4 years old, I'm curious to see how a team of players do against Uncle Scotty & Co. Would team Evil Geniuses(for example) stand a chance against actual professionals?

  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star 10 dni temu

    16:32 MatPat turns into glaz

  • MrSlyFox 007
    MrSlyFox 007 10 dni temu

    But really, who cares if rainbow six isn’t real. It’s fun. Fun is enough dude.

  • Harry Rose
    Harry Rose 10 dni temu

    So it’s 2018 where’s is the mat pat operator in 6

  • RemixRocket 101
    RemixRocket 101 10 dni temu

    Roses are red
    I'm not a cow


  • Phil Fluffy Gaz
    Phil Fluffy Gaz 11 dni temu

    filthy ash mains

  • Tvrtko Novogradec
    Tvrtko Novogradec 11 dni temu

    matpat is a recrut

  • P.V.A King
    P.V.A King 11 dni temu

    WHERE IS TUX BIRD!?!?!??!?!??!?!?

  • Logan Halstead
    Logan Halstead 11 dni temu

    I honestly no offense would have done a better job (at killing the hostage) and I’m 12

  • dimond friend 101
    dimond friend 101 11 dni temu

    I want more

  • CuzImHappy
    CuzImHappy 11 dni temu

    Matpat is good at blitz

  • rex dilly
    rex dilly 11 dni temu

    What's with the siege clips, it looks like rb6 if It was in alpha stage in 2010

    • Gordo Mexican
      Gordo Mexican 11 dni temu

      rex dilly because... it was, look at the upload date, might not be from 2010 but still

  • Mr_H1tmarker 39
    Mr_H1tmarker 39 12 dni temu

    Imagine one of them is Fuze and kills the hostage

  • niels machtelings
    niels machtelings 12 dni temu

    The cringe

  • Villager #4 and Emeralds Channel

    Also Matt you missed a pun at the end when you say "Details" you should have used Glaz voice

    • Gordo Mexican
      Gordo Mexican 11 dni temu

      Villager #4 and Emeralds Channel, but was glaz a thing back then, this was a while ago

  • Villager #4 and Emeralds Channel

    I just imagine someone with a shield run, breaks the deloor keeps charging and then hit every enemy with a shield

  • Villager #4 and Emeralds Channel

    Only fans will get this

  • J.J. Mcnabb
    J.J. Mcnabb 12 dni temu

    Can someone tell me were to go for this

  • Thousand Subs With No Vids?

    Remember that one time when you said there was a delta rune part two?

  • Sebastian
    Sebastian 13 dni temu

    Rainbow has changed alot since that Day so id u could refresh The episode it could be great

  • Jade Ardis
    Jade Ardis 13 dni temu +1

    The fact that they’ve never used a gun😂😂😂 I started learning to shoot at 6 lol, same with the rest of my family

  • Corey Seet
    Corey Seet 13 dni temu

    This video needs to be redone but with today's r6 gameplay

  • kelvin garrido
    kelvin garrido 13 dni temu

    Thermite doesn't use thermite grenade

  • Friction's Rules
    Friction's Rules 14 dni temu

    Can you do more of these?

  • Jonah Woodman
    Jonah Woodman 14 dni temu

    Few problems 1: if you can hardly hold a sledgehammer thats 15 pounds, letalone swing it, LET ALONE bust a door in...your at a serious disadvantage as thats disappointingly weak 2. These guys are highly skilled, trained operators vs you guys who are just average joes 3. There is a big difference in general in irl especially in combat training when your combatants dont even know wtf theyre doing 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • shush quite for a bit G.

    gamelab pilot

  • Jerry G. Jenson
    Jerry G. Jenson 14 dni temu

    Scottie was top fragging

  • P4T P4T
    P4T P4T 14 dni temu

    I W A N T M A M O N E Y

  • Wus poppin Jimbo
    Wus poppin Jimbo 14 dni temu

    Fuze is the best operator

  • ANHR1 Plays
    ANHR1 Plays 14 dni temu

    “No super soldiers” Obviously u havnt heard if tachanka

  • Tristan Weeks
    Tristan Weeks 14 dni temu

    Let’s note that what really happens is someone panics and kills the hostage, you get team killed, or you get try hards.

  • YT어두운 그림자
    YT어두운 그림자 15 dni temu

    I,m a R6S player and i,m level 104 or 105

  • MajesticBoo Shan
    MajesticBoo Shan 15 dni temu

    She literally looks like ash

  • President Gaming
    President Gaming 16 dni temu

    Didn't they just let you win so you can look somewhat decent?

  • Ike Summerlin
    Ike Summerlin 16 dni temu +2

    I love rainbow six siege, and I sure love this.

  • The Gem Stone From Wonderland

    Soooooooo this was Game Lab before Game Lab

  • Robert Humbert
    Robert Humbert 17 dni temu

    why is matpat out in the open

  • Zachary Boland
    Zachary Boland 17 dni temu



    xXSKYLORD04Xx 17 dni temu

    Kellie honestly looks kinda looks like ash

  • kidz channel friendly
    kidz channel friendly 18 dni temu

    Could there be a repeat of this but with the 2018 version

  • Butter Covered Baby
    Butter Covered Baby 18 dni temu

    how does this dood still have millions of subz. never take him for real, he is kind of a joke.

    • Idk memes
      Idk memes 13 dni temu

      beacuse he been on YT for so many years now. and people love this theories

  • Thetoxicgamer 82
    Thetoxicgamer 82 18 dni temu

    Who else thinks uncle Scotty is captain price

  • Pendejo9000 El gamer
    Pendejo9000 El gamer 19 dni temu

    Kellie acuually looks like ash

  • Mo Mo
    Mo Mo 19 dni temu

    I'm level 305 now 😊😊😊😊 baby best game ever

  • boom 350
    boom 350 19 dni temu

    Well sledge is real 5:50
    7:50 yup sledg is real
    10:00 look like sledg trailer

  • Friendship Is A Myth
    Friendship Is A Myth 19 dni temu

    *Kellie shoots the hostage
    Somewhere in the world, Fuze is solemnly nodding.

    BILLY MCBILLY 19 dni temu

    9:13 hey look its ash

  • Benjamin Thomann
    Benjamin Thomann 19 dni temu

    Why does that one girl look like ash?

  • Samuel Chung
    Samuel Chung 19 dni temu

    You're doing it wrong. You at LEAST need 2 spetsnaz and one TACHANKA

  • Oh hello Russian boi
    Oh hello Russian boi 19 dni temu

    I love rainbow six siege

  • Sircade
    Sircade 19 dni temu

    When R6 hasn’t even come out yet lol

  • Stacy Carr
    Stacy Carr 20 dni temu

    Kellie = ash

  • Ro Ok
    Ro Ok 20 dni temu

    My dads in the SWAT and sometimes he sits me down when I’m playing nerf guns and says your doing it wrong and gives me a 20 minute lesson on breaching and clearing a room

  • Stubby the Orange
    Stubby the Orange 21 dzień temu

    The fact that mat pat killed two professionals is insane and sad

  • Nathan Wozney
    Nathan Wozney 21 dzień temu

    Reality Check sounds like the test for Game Lab!

  • Noah Mathias
    Noah Mathias 22 dni temu

    thats what game lab is for

  • Zack Septic
    Zack Septic 22 dni temu

    Wait was this before game lab?

  • Nothon Conos
    Nothon Conos 22 dni temu

    Copper vs Diamonds

  • Doggy Dog
    Doggy Dog 23 dni temu


  • Jackson Holder
    Jackson Holder 23 dni temu

    Me: *Swat 4 intensifies*

  • Darkstealthgamer
    Darkstealthgamer 23 dni temu

    this could have gone better with flashbangs

  • KittyMations
    KittyMations 24 dni temu

    Me and my cousins and friends use a cap guns to do hostage situations bomb defusal secure area and a mode where one person hides and the rest have to hunt and kill him. We use a cardboard shield that I made and a cardboard sledge hammer to breach open closed doors. It's so intense I even made an alarm that triggers when something moves past it. At one point my cousin was defending 2 bombs. I had the defuser. Just me vs him. He was in bomb B. Bomb A was in the room next to B. He saw me and we shot at each other. I shot him in the arm and moved into bombsite A. I planted the defuser in A. He didn't realise and eventually busted into the room. He killed me. He just reached the defuser and the alarm went off and the attackers won.

  • KittyMations
    KittyMations 24 dni temu

    Did he swear when he died he just sat down and just got shot in the back and he just goes fuuuuc

  • JustCav_ r6
    JustCav_ r6 25 dni temu

    This guy gives CORRECT information about rainbow 6 ! Smh

  • William Tripodi
    William Tripodi 25 dni temu +3

    14:04, congratulations, you killed the pillow.

  • Nikey_Boy
    Nikey_Boy 26 dni temu

    Yeah that first dude stood STILL and took out 2 of mats team

  • Wxve
    Wxve 27 dni temu +1

    Kellie shot hostage
    Fuze:9/10 forgot the fuze part

  • Liggi
    Liggi 28 dni temu

    Kellie looks a bit like Ash

  • Raptor Scopes
    Raptor Scopes 28 dni temu

    Who remembers seige like this

  • epic from epic games
    epic from epic games 29 dni temu

    Just me or does kellie look like ash from seige

  • Sective jackal
    Sective jackal 29 dni temu +1

    Yay my favourite video game gets a video

  • Marshall Smart
    Marshall Smart Miesiąc temu

    So a two speed pointer the constantly runs is not possable

    AALTJE SING! Miesiąc temu

    This is Like GAME LAB