Film Theory: How Much is YOUR SOUL Worth? (Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood)

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  • Opublikowany 21 wrz 2017
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    People often say that you can’t quantify the worth of human life, but if FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST can, then so can I! Get ready, Theorists, because we’re investigating philosopher’s stones to determine the power of the human soul!
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Komentarze • 13 863

  • Jesus Rodriguez
    Jesus Rodriguez 28 minut temu

    Aye one piece is AMAZINGG

  • Brett Harrison
    Brett Harrison 8 godzin temu

    There is so much complicating this but Matpat you got this one wrong

  • WAHuigi
    WAHuigi 12 godzin temu

    7:06 all he knows is there names and that they're angry. The human brain is estimated to have between 100 terabytes and 2.5 petabytes of memory, so it should be possible

  • JtRipper
    JtRipper 21 godzinę temu

    "Yours only need about half of the world's uranium"
    Uhhh... there's 400 trillion pounds of uranium on the planet. So, yeah. Good luck collecting that much uranium.

  • wolflov3r_30
    wolflov3r_30 Dzień temu

    I love the intro!!

  • Nicholas Slager
    Nicholas Slager Dzień temu +1

    Matpat: lust looks healthy.
    (Zooms on boobs)
    Mustang: you’ve always been a sucker for big boobs.
    Even the characters know she’s healthy.

  • Marta Bronshvayg
    Marta Bronshvayg Dzień temu

    Game theory isn’t sentimental

  • Andreas Rasmussen
    Andreas Rasmussen Dzień temu

    A bit ironic how he makes this theory considering what the anima is all about.

  • Aj Sandoval
    Aj Sandoval Dzień temu

    Hey MatPat could u do a Hellsing theory
    Maybe how Alexander's healing works

  • Anxious Coffee
    Anxious Coffee Dzień temu

    Do madoka magica please

  • Skulltama
    Skulltama Dzień temu

    mine is probably about £17.99

  • VelocityRexProductions

    So North Korea is going to sacrifice a few towns to dominate Earth.

  • VelocityRexProductions

    So the soul's strength matter by its trait.... im neutral then.

  • Anee Gajbhiye
    Anee Gajbhiye 2 dni temu

    he is the only one to reach every high pitch 1:06,1:30 etc

  • Tog gle
    Tog gle 2 dni temu

    i heard intense spoilers and i clocked out sorry ahahah havent finished yet

  • A Sellout
    A Sellout 2 dni temu

    Dude we know how powerful a soul is 1 can destroy 1/7 of a Barryer of the under ground

  • Ali Ahmed
    Ali Ahmed 3 dni temu


  • ItsNelson
    ItsNelson 4 dni temu

    0:36 bro thats soul eater got the wrong anime

  • Elizabeth _
    Elizabeth _ 4 dni temu

    I didn't know grown men watched cartoons too.

  • Noe Alaniz
    Noe Alaniz 4 dni temu +1


  • syre duverna
    syre duverna 4 dni temu

    MatPat: Although in reality,Naruto running would make you slower
    Me: *hums Silhouette while writing MatPat's name in the DeathNote*

  • Natsu Fullbuster
    Natsu Fullbuster 4 dni temu

    Mat, you forgot the other instances of when Lust rips open her own chest, and when others injure her (like with Marco). She still has to use souls to heal those injuries and the fact that she has lived for hundreds of years means that souls are STILL dying to keep her alive.

  • Mark. G
    Mark. G 5 dni temu

    Basically for immortality, you need the same amount of energy as 81 gigatons of TNT

  • Mark. G
    Mark. G 5 dni temu

    Basically for immortality, you need the same amount of energy as 81 gigatons of TNT, which is enough to wipe out all of humanity.

  • mini minister
    mini minister 5 dni temu +1

    Mat. Wrath isn't immortal...

  • Diego DJ
    Diego DJ 6 dni temu

    1:57 matpat did u just say comics

  • Mim F
    Mim F 6 dni temu

    Am I the ONLY ONE who's brain automatically goes to Harry Potter anytime anyone says "philosopher's stone" or "sorcerer's stone"?

  • BigBroDrago
    BigBroDrago 6 dni temu

    Tho, these aren't quite accurate, anything she does would expend souls and it's hard to know how many times they died before they were killed recently. Great math tho, love these theories

  • Nicholas S
    Nicholas S 6 dni temu

    How many great series and shows and favorite songs are we going to miss when we are dead

  • Salty Shunk
    Salty Shunk 6 dni temu

    The problem I have with this calculation is we have no idea how large the souls of each Homunculus is. Also, since Wrath was actually the result of a supersoldier project and is not a full homunculus (he's a human who was injected with a stone), he cannot regenerate and he ages naturally.

  • Olli Casey
    Olli Casey 7 dni temu

    Eds father said he learned their names, not that he has a stable relationship with them. 500k would probably still be too many, but Dunbar isn't the limit you're looking for.

  • Memey Steamy
    Memey Steamy 7 dni temu

    HEH 7 Deadly SIns

  • Adam mars
    Adam mars 8 dni temu +1

    Wrath isn't immortal tho.

  • Adelyn Easley
    Adelyn Easley 8 dni temu

    Me, a Supernatural fan: Easy answer! 10,000 suns!

  • JrspidyGaming
    JrspidyGaming 8 dni temu

    When you wach film theory and realize your not sub
    .. ...

  • Carter Chen
    Carter Chen 8 dni temu

    6:54 well that is in a human lifetime
    as you said MatPat, Von Hoenheim knew them for a half of a lifetime and 400+ years sooo...

  • Jonathan Rist
    Jonathan Rist 8 dni temu

    6:40 matpat doesn’t realize that there’s a difference between people you have met and learned the name of, and people you maintain a relationship with

  • CJ Van De Sande
    CJ Van De Sande 9 dni temu

    You also have to calculate the energy that they have used in keeping them alive through the years[this one is possible] and the energy they have used with the powers they had[this one is not].

  • Debreczeni Árpád
    Debreczeni Árpád 9 dni temu

    The homonculi got smaller stones, fathers and Hohenheims bodies were made entierly if stones.

  • Mac Loves Wolves
    Mac Loves Wolves 9 dni temu +1

    2:04 “The original comics”
    Excuse me? M-A-N-G-A. It’s weeb lingo.

  • Mini Baller
    Mini Baller 9 dni temu

    Actually 8 people are immortal. Bradley isn’t

  • Slovenský speedcuberi

    1:20 when I watched this part I realized that you didn't make a theory about Naruto soooooooo......


  • VP_Viper 36
    VP_Viper 36 9 dni temu

    Demon:what do u want your souls for
    Me:2 souls


  • Decay 0823
    Decay 0823 10 dni temu +1

    no one gonna talk about him using the dub?

  • DripGxd_Cam
    DripGxd_Cam 10 dni temu

    You didn’t acount for times she may have regenerated before the anime’s storyline and before her encounter with mustang

  • DripGxd_Cam
    DripGxd_Cam 10 dni temu

    Well the thing is each stone was made with a different amount of sacrifices

  • Gacha Sery-Chan
    Gacha Sery-Chan 10 dni temu

    Did... did he just call it a comic? It's manga.

    I still love your videos don't kill Mattpatt

  • Vlad the Impaler
    Vlad the Impaler 12 dni temu

    My souls is worth exactly 27 891 037 dollars and 28 cents.

  • kennedy baines
    kennedy baines 12 dni temu

    The OMG particle is a proton moving through space near the speed of light. It contains the energy of a mere baseball traveling at 60 mph. This particle contains enough energy to destroy all of earth in a giant ball of super heated plasma. The universe is a scary place guys

  • Austin Smith
    Austin Smith 13 dni temu

    All due respect but it's pronounced nar-ru-to.

  • Rana Adams
    Rana Adams 13 dni temu +1

    Lol he said seven deadly sins😂

  • Taleel
    Taleel 13 dni temu

    You will never have enough time to watch all of One Piece. Not even a homunculus would have enough time.

  • Dat Noob BEE
    Dat Noob BEE 14 dni temu +1

    Why not ask Frisk how much a soul is worth?

  • purple waffles
    purple waffles 15 dni temu

    "Narooto" 💀

  • Parker Lee
    Parker Lee 15 dni temu

    Full metal alchemist =Fma

  • Jacob Griego
    Jacob Griego 15 dni temu

    Actually Austin talks about Einstein more than u

  • Mariam Ismail
    Mariam Ismail 16 dni temu

    Noooooo dont ruin naruto running

  • DeadHook
    DeadHook 17 dni temu +2

    sir you did not pronounce it FULLU METAL ALCHEMISTU BUROTHERUHUD. your anime rights must be taken away.

    • Herra Random
      Herra Random 16 dni temu

      Well actually the Japanese name of the series is "鋼の錬金術師 FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST" (Hagane no Renkinjutsushi: Furumetaru Arukemisuto). The "Brotherhood" part was made up for the English version because "Hagane no Renkinjutsushi" translates to "Fullmetal Alchemist", so the direct translation would be "Fullmetal Alchemist: FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST" which would be dumb.

      If the "Brotherhood" part was in the Japanese name, it would probably be pronounced more like "buratorihuudo" (ブラトリフード) or something like that.

  • The Virtue of Love
    The Virtue of Love 17 dni temu

    Btw, here is the proper point for calculating energy. Not just Einstein's theory. Though that can be applied, but only in certain circumstances.

  • arisato the shib
    arisato the shib 17 dni temu

    oh yeah, it's manga not comics

  • Emma Antdrake
    Emma Antdrake 17 dni temu

    I fucking love this Chanel

  • Jose O
    Jose O 18 dni temu

    Bring more anime theories those are awesome

  • Hat That
    Hat That 19 dni temu

    We need seven deadly sins theorys now 2:22

  • feh meh
    feh meh 20 dni temu

    A soul is more than sin and virtue. How does matt conclude 50% sin?

  • Leaflad
    Leaflad 20 dni temu +2

    The seven fruits of the Holy Spirit sound better in a new translation.

  • Aaron Fangheart
    Aaron Fangheart 22 dni temu

    You should do a theory on of its possible to transmute I mean honestly that would be really cool

  • SmG Sky
    SmG Sky 22 dni temu +1

    sorry to blow your bubble, but in fma brotherhood episode 14, it is stated that the fuhrer president has already killed Greed 15 times, and yet he is still not dead. Assuming each regeneration burns through 4,256 souls, 4256 x 15 which is 63,840 souls, which is 2x higher than the 38,309 souls. So, I will assume that the 7 homonculi has different amount of souls in them

  • Commander—Connor
    Commander—Connor 23 dni temu +1

    So one hydrogen bomb costs roughly 270 million each
    270 x 10 = 2 Billion 700 million dollars!
    A soul costs a lot.

  • Dustin Provost
    Dustin Provost 23 dni temu

    Is this guy 9 years old?
    His voice cracks every two seconds and it's very irritating.

    • Emanuel Rivera
      Emanuel Rivera 17 dni temu

      😅 His voice isn't cracking. He purposely squeaks like that when he emphasizes stuff. Just a weird inflection.

  • Bridget Costelloe
    Bridget Costelloe 23 dni temu

    haha, my soul is so corrupted its worthless so your theory is wrong

  • Richard Cui
    Richard Cui 23 dni temu

    I thought it'd be worth $5

  • Jeff King
    Jeff King 24 dni temu

    I fell asleep

  • FuRyNG
    FuRyNG 25 dni temu

    I think he calculated how many souls each sin got because there were 2 greeds.

  • TheHulkbuster13
    TheHulkbuster13 26 dni temu

    Love video. Good math but a few things.
    1: Its said that Father in the last couple episodes still had roughly half a million souls. 2: In the story, other philosopher's stones were made (Doctor Marcoh's job was making them).

  • Cherish Herron
    Cherish Herron 26 dni temu

    I suppose one way he learned all those names was the fact that he's been alive for hundreds of years,so he had a ton of time to learn, that and with all that time passing, plus the stone, there is a good chance his brain evolved or changed some to be able to do that, plus that whole too much info thing could be a bit bypassed cause all he said was he knew their names, that is surface level info, he didn't know every fact about that person, just their names, but that's just some thoughts

  • Wilson Fisher
    Wilson Fisher 27 dni temu +1


    Lol jk just thought I’d prove that someone probably got angry by the whole worth of a soul bit. Love you Mat obviously this was satirical.

  • Psycho the demon
    Psycho the demon 27 dni temu +2

    Your brain costs trillions of dollars, your soul can blow up an island, and I thought our immune system was impressive.

  • I'm a Pringles can and I'm the yeet boi

    12:00-12:05 well this is awkward

  • Nolan Frink
    Nolan Frink 28 dni temu

    You can just read one piece

  • Mixon Groton
    Mixon Groton 28 dni temu +1

    Me: You suck because i'm a diehard fan.
    Also me: Screw My hero Acadamia and let's watch MatPat

  • ben bundidsilp
    ben bundidsilp 28 dni temu

    2 CENT

  • Aidan PKMN Trainer Aidan

    11:59 matpat looks like hes cheating on his girlfriend...

  • Pusheenosarous 328
    Pusheenosarous 328 Miesiąc temu

    That is the law of equivalent exchange.

  • Matt Parisian
    Matt Parisian Miesiąc temu

    I can’t find a definite answer to what the seven virtues are! I watched this, and found yet another different set! Help . . .

  • Emilis Balčiūnas
    Emilis Balčiūnas Miesiąc temu

    Make tokyo ghoul theory

  • Toxic Ten Studios
    Toxic Ten Studios Miesiąc temu +1

    MatPat uses some Dtinagiliga Studio's music in the backround.

  • John Croier
    John Croier Miesiąc temu

    Sounds to me like your grasping here since lust as an example doesn't work here she's been killed a few times in fmabh before the final fight with Roy mustang you should have looked at it all as a whole not just the one fight

  • Yuri '
    Yuri ' Miesiąc temu

    He called manga 'comics'!!

  • Gotta love Oatmeal dude
    Gotta love Oatmeal dude Miesiąc temu +2

    Bruh this (sorta) happened in avengers. Somebody sacrificed themselves just for a stone.

  • Gotta love Oatmeal dude
    Gotta love Oatmeal dude Miesiąc temu

    Bruh this (sorta) happened in avengers. Somebody sacrificed themselves just for stone.

  • Rae
    Rae Miesiąc temu

    I'm pretty sure lust would've been damaged enough to lose a few souls by the time of the fight with mustang. I think that would throw off the numbers a bit...

  • Gary Seeton
    Gary Seeton Miesiąc temu

    I'm only nine years old and I watch one piece I thought was really good there's thousands of those episodes amazing how many there are and seasons and stuff well I think you're good

  • Jacob coryell
    Jacob coryell Miesiąc temu +2

    It has nothing to do with the video but could you do more theories on LotR? Like how long Gollum ( or Smeagol ) could have lived if Bilbo didn't take Precious or something like that. Thanks

  • John Dayton
    John Dayton Miesiąc temu

    I only clicked on here because I finished fullmetal alchemist

  • Jason Sacuta
    Jason Sacuta Miesiąc temu

    First off, nowhere is the Seven Heavenly virtues ever brought up in FMA, and Father certainly never showed any of that, which brings up the second point, even after removing the “Seven Deadly Sins” from himself he still demonstrates all seven of them, a lot of people don’t seem to get this but what he actually removed from himself was his attitude towards humans, seeing as how most of them never shut the eff up about their misanthropy BS.

  • Jason Sacuta
    Jason Sacuta Miesiąc temu

    3:40 Except Hohenheim clearly said after that that the stone had individual consciousnesses in them and said eff you to the Dwarf in the Flask, because Father and the other pieces of himself (excluding Greed, Gluttony and Sloth) are just a bunch of annoying, a-hole fedora tipping, materialistic, science worshipping, moral relativist d-bag villain sues who are overrated.

  • Jason Sacuta
    Jason Sacuta Miesiąc temu

    FMA is a overrated series spouting pretentious pseudo-philosophy.

  • Kenny The goat
    Kenny The goat Miesiąc temu

    If also Cass calls half of my head does that mean that 12 soul can take out Mathariin because New York and then multiply larger larger every second of all the terahertz in jewels with that with the hot with the helium explosion bombs

  • Félix Nadeau
    Félix Nadeau Miesiąc temu +2

    3:08 Why matpat... why in English matpat...

  • Roy Benson
    Roy Benson Miesiąc temu

    Do is this the life of a zombie