Jerry Springer Show - Your Groom Is a Cheater 04/07/18

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  • Opublikowany 1 sie 2018
  • 04/07/18
    Tasteless talk shows come and go, but one magazine declared this long-running daytime chatfest "the worst show in the history of television." Loaded with bleeped profanity and guests who aren't afraid to embarrass themselves on national TV, "Jerry Springer" features a host who is the anti-Oprah, aiming his show squarely at viewers who rubberneck at traffic accidents. The former Cincinnati mayor must be doing something right because the show celebrates its milestone 25th season.
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  • It's Cooper
    It's Cooper  4 miesięcy temu +155

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  • Kookie TaeChim
    Kookie TaeChim 17 godzin temu

    The first girl with purple hair is delusional. Like bruh, really? *"I'm gon' marry him, I love him!"* What an evil bitch. A fucking jealous rat. Sorry honey but he's taken. Let them be. I really wanna choke the bitch. Oh, whoops, she don't even have a neck. And she can't speak OR fight for shit.
    This show doesn't make sense. Multiple girls being played, some insane some innocent. It's really confusing. So many girls fight for the wrong guys. They ain't even cute. Like come one.

  • Marisol Rizzo
    Marisol Rizzo 20 godzin temu

    The way the girl with purple hair just stood there and got pushed down😂😂

  • Shannon March
    Shannon March Dzień temu +1

    😂 that one guy at 23:40 you can tell he taught everyone was gonna be jumping up with him that look of embarrassment on him face when he saw he was the only one 😂😂😭😭😂😂😭😭

  • Tricia Barnes
    Tricia Barnes Dzień temu

    Last episode they dumb as fuck

  • EnemyAce88
    EnemyAce88 Dzień temu

    Honestly the short one is probably better in bed.

  • Ahmed Abubakar-Mohammed


  • Xo xo
    Xo xo 2 dni temu

    Thanks for upload the full episodes

  • Rae Rocha
    Rae Rocha 2 dni temu

    Dang I would've done the same thing 😁

  • Rae Rocha
    Rae Rocha 2 dni temu

    Dang that girl is so wrong

  • Jazzy Wright
    Jazzy Wright 3 dni temu

    That fat bitch got her ass beat the fuck u👊

  • Adriana Ramer
    Adriana Ramer 3 dni temu +1

    She rolled on her back like a turtle when she got pushed and she looks like when that little girl from willy wonka got blown up from that gum like tbh.....she fat,purple,rolls over like a fat ass turtle,and😂😂👏😂😂😂👏👏👏😂😂👏👏😂

  • Morgan Nickelberry
    Morgan Nickelberry 3 dni temu

    Kp art

  • Jessie Magee
    Jessie Magee 3 dni temu

    was doing something was in work release now I'm home and u have to fuck

  • serenity xiong
    serenity xiong 3 dni temu

    If he does not love her then why were they together for 7 years

  • Wonho4Lyfe
    Wonho4Lyfe 3 dni temu

    Why do guys always go for the body shaming tactic.. seriously?

  • Wonho4Lyfe
    Wonho4Lyfe 3 dni temu

    Some people like support, wearing a bra with a wedding dress isn’t weird..

  • Wonho4Lyfe
    Wonho4Lyfe 3 dni temu

    That purple hair girl is ugly af, people will really f*ck anything..

  • Brianna Magana
    Brianna Magana 4 dni temu

    What kind of mom tells his kid to keep doing it

  • Tiffany Mayer
    Tiffany Mayer 4 dni temu +1

    This is fake bc when the fight was going both of them are laughing

  • Tiffany Mayer
    Tiffany Mayer 4 dni temu +1

    This whole show is on steroids

  • Queen Nae
    Queen Nae 4 dni temu +1

    Jerry Springer is so fake it's not funny but funny at the same time 😂

  • Jordi Marie
    Jordi Marie 4 dni temu

    Totally staged

  • Pussy Sparkles
    Pussy Sparkles 4 dni temu

    The last dude looks like a fucking thumb idk what the girl finds “sexy” ab him and when they started kissing I fucking threw up in my

  • Lexi Rodriguez
    Lexi Rodriguez 5 dni temu

    Erm the first girl was crazy. She was having that look in her eye.

  • Zylicto :D
    Zylicto :D 6 dni temu

    Snatch that weave bitchhhhhh

  • Zylicto :D
    Zylicto :D 6 dni temu

    i pull hair down,knee kick in the fave

  • Tk_FluffyKid
    Tk_FluffyKid 6 dni temu +1

    Squeaker voice activated he doesn’t want to be with u😂

  • Sangti Pongen
    Sangti Pongen 6 dni temu

    just punch in the face

  • Sangti Pongen
    Sangti Pongen 6 dni temu

    is this show scripted?

  • Cleo Kader
    Cleo Kader 7 dni temu +1

    The girl with the purple hair is stupid as hell and she's ugly I don't think anyone would wanna date her

  • FD blogs
    FD blogs 7 dni temu

    Apparently that orange haired girl must be "attracted" to alot of peeps, huh?

  • FD blogs
    FD blogs 7 dni temu +1

    So lemee get this straight...the mom of the guy kissed/made out with the guy's wife's sister? EVEN JERRY WAS CONFUSED

  • FD blogs
    FD blogs 7 dni temu

    Mom: "dont you EVER put your hands on my son..."
    Me: "boi their frekin ENGAGED WITH A CHILD"

  • FD blogs
    FD blogs 7 dni temu

    Him: "it didnt feel like my old lady's Boobs..."
    Jerry: "yeah, cuz their is a texture"
    Him: "exactly"
    Me: 🤦‍♀️

  • FD blogs
    FD blogs 7 dni temu

    Purple girl: "he's not even on the stage!"
    Jerry:"and here he is"
    Purple girl: "wow, really?!"
    Me: "LOL 🤣🤣"

  • Rose Dona
    Rose Dona 8 dni temu

    Nooooo way wtf how you go from the son to the MOTHER?! Tf weird but okay tf omg I just can’t stop saying “tf” because that’s the first thing that pops in my head when the mom kissed that blond girl. But I can understand because the mom is actually smoking hot to me but wtf you go from the SON to the MOTHER (mind boggling) Lmfaoo

  • Isaac Soriano
    Isaac Soriano 9 dni temu

    Why is ppl screaming out jerry like what did jerry do in this situation 😂😂😂

  • Alexa Tsipouras
    Alexa Tsipouras 9 dni temu +1

    It hurts to see all the hair pulling going on😤😢

  • Tehilla mauda
    Tehilla mauda 9 dni temu


  • Tehilla mauda
    Tehilla mauda 9 dni temu


  • Tehilla mauda
    Tehilla mauda 9 dni temu


  • Tehilla mauda
    Tehilla mauda 9 dni temu


  • Ladybloo G.
    Ladybloo G. 10 dni temu

    The problem of being short

  • Leah Ruthenbeck
    Leah Ruthenbeck 11 dni temu

    Am I tweaking or did one of the guys in the audience just throw up the white power sign at 21:26

  • Lydia Bridges
    Lydia Bridges 11 dni temu

    How long does it take for a fat girl get back up😁😁😁😁

  • trin Glizzy
    trin Glizzy 11 dni temu

    Man if a man bring me on jerry and embarrass me I’m beating his ass and the girl ass period

  • Tranice Forbes
    Tranice Forbes 12 dni temu

    glad she snatched that wig off cause it was just sitting on the top of her head 😂😂‼️

  • Angelina Moss
    Angelina Moss 12 dni temu


  • Angelina Moss
    Angelina Moss 12 dni temu


  • xXunæstheticX x
    xXunæstheticX x 12 dni temu

    Purple haired Danielle Broccoli who?

  • xXunæstheticX x
    xXunæstheticX x 12 dni temu

    The way she lknocked her to the floor, I died 😂

  • Coldestt.Brownskinn love

    This mom just made out with the baby's godmother who the fiancé had sex with and the wife was sleep in the bed next to them!

  • Mona Gordoa
    Mona Gordoa 13 dni temu


  • West B
    West B 13 dni temu

    Is that fat Kelley clarkson?

  • Renee Motionless
    Renee Motionless 13 dni temu

    The girl in the wedding dress is prettier than the bitch with the purple hair

  • Glory Lun
    Glory Lun 14 dni temu

    Can someone give the second video at the end?

  • Jiaya Weeks
    Jiaya Weeks 14 dni temu

    The side chick has a annoying voice like damn she need to shut tf up 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Ralph Thompson
    Ralph Thompson 14 dni temu

    that buch

  • Garret Crosby
    Garret Crosby 16 dni temu


  • Shadow the monster29
    Shadow the monster29 17 dni temu +1

    15:48 lmao wtf u mean good bitty she look flat asf 😂
    Life is so hard to trust people-

  • fuckit _
    fuckit _ 17 dni temu

    That girl is to beautiful she deserves the world instead of getting treated like trash god bless her

  • Meghan .R
    Meghan .R 18 dni temu

    23:55 *weave level snatched*

  • txt stories
    txt stories 18 dni temu

    😱😱😱😱💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔 the 1 ons

  • Scarlet M
    Scarlet M 18 dni temu

    Omg 😮

  • Mackenzie Cockrell
    Mackenzie Cockrell 19 dni temu +1

    That girl with purple hair trying to act tough but that girl hit her with flowers and fell over 😂

  • Justice Mokoena
    Justice Mokoena 19 dni temu

    This show is sick and not so cool. I mean women y r y'all doing this to yourselves over some stupid ugly homies? Now I feel like this is more like WWE, its just acting! This is messed up big time!!!!

  • baby •
    baby • 19 dni temu

    All kinds of kids💀💀💀

  • baby •
    baby • 19 dni temu

    3:17 i saw that smile 😂😂😂😂

  • Foroosh Majale
    Foroosh Majale 20 dni temu


  • Paige Mayleigh
    Paige Mayleigh 20 dni temu

    Step Mum;
    “I CAnT cOnTrOL hOW I fEEl”😂🙄
    *Randomly starts fighting Step Mum*
    *Stares with a blank face whole time*

  • Antonio Gil
    Antonio Gil 21 dzień temu

    They don't now how to fight lol

  • Tayria75
    Tayria75 25 dni temu

    I just love jack asses who blame their cheating on the fact that their girl "let herself go". Like wtf?! Its not your right to say that. You need to be the one to change not her

  • Gianella Meilak
    Gianella Meilak 25 dni temu

    Fuckin staged

  • William Oraro
    William Oraro 25 dni temu

    Ladies now we know what happens to heavy sleepers

  • Guxii Gil
    Guxii Gil 26 dni temu

    Melony is so cute

  • Bleaker Charlton
    Bleaker Charlton 27 dni temu

    Damn even the grandma is fit .

  • Andrea Anghel
    Andrea Anghel 27 dni temu

    I hate that purple hair pussy

  • sammy luvi
    sammy luvi 29 dni temu

    God he fucking UGLY those 2 girls deserve soo much better like god damn. (The purple hair and wedding chick)

  • sammy luvi
    sammy luvi 29 dni temu

    Purple hair girl is the definition of two-faced

  • Simply Quee
    Simply Quee 29 dni temu +1

    the mom was a savage

  • Jada Moore
    Jada Moore 29 dni temu

    Omg I love this damm

  • China White
    China White Miesiąc temu

    Wiz kalifa???

  • China White
    China White Miesiąc temu

    I wouldve took off my fucking chancla and beat some ass

  • Emma Svacina
    Emma Svacina Miesiąc temu

    im pretty sure she bought that dress from Walmart

  • Domingos Gato Marins Gato

    eita lêlê jajajaja isso é o que eu chamo de um porradal kkk

  • Dagmara DAGMA
    Dagmara DAGMA Miesiąc temu

    he does not understand who ordered her to wear a bra for this type of dress. porrakka of life

  • madelyn fen
    madelyn fen Miesiąc temu

    omfg these people are retarded 😂😭

  • nic Nielsen
    nic Nielsen Miesiąc temu

    Funny show I always find it Very Much funny 😉🤣

  • Elyse Young
    Elyse Young Miesiąc temu

    She reminds she of my x best friend she is a fat ugly ass hoe and she can die in a hole

  • Kellie Nikkole
    Kellie Nikkole Miesiąc temu

    Dont disrespect Jerry tf

  • leanne kilvert
    leanne kilvert Miesiąc temu +1

    Why was the small fat bitch bringing up random things like ,..... why you wearing a bra with a wedding dress

  • Emily Clement
    Emily Clement Miesiąc temu

    the gards are just laughing they asses off

  • Marvins sica,video,gaming,movie

    Is this a glitch

  • ღBts Fan Boyღ ღLoving my Fansღ

    XD she slapped her in the face with the flowers softly but the girl with purple dress fell

  • melany gonzales
    melany gonzales Miesiąc temu


    NASEEM NATOUR Miesiąc temu

    33:15 du got herpes or sum?

    NASEEM NATOUR Miesiąc temu +1

    his girl baaaaadddd she sluggin duuu 24:31

  • Loviska CASTOR
    Loviska CASTOR Miesiąc temu

    That bride whop her ass like if you agree

  • junior richards
    junior richards Miesiąc temu

    mother and son fucked the same person