Mercedes S-Class vs Audi A8 vs BMW 7 Series review - which is the best? | carwow

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  • Opublikowany 31 sie 2018
  • When it comes to luxury limousines, there’s always been one car that sits head and shoulders above the competition - the Mercedes S-Class. But Audi and BMW have been knocking on the door for some time, so is it time the crown was handed over to either the A8 or 7 Series?
    Join Mat as he takes you on a tour of these luxury limousines, taking a closer look at their design, interiors (both front and back!), while also finding out just what they’re like to drive! Is the S-Class going to retain its crown? Let us know what you think in the comments!
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  • MotoryzacjaMotoryzacja

Komentarze • 3 347

  • asge2377
    asge2377 Dzień temu

    Audi for life

  • Syed Imran
    Syed Imran Dzień temu

    I'm a big fan of Mercedes Benz

  • GAV321
    GAV321 Dzień temu

    I still dont understand why u use diesel all the time

  • GAV321
    GAV321 Dzień temu

    My favorite interior is the merc, I like the combo with leather,metal, and the awesome advanced ambient lighting

  • Franklin Erasmus
    Franklin Erasmus Dzień temu

    Audi always leads, always!!! 👑

  • MRM Birmingham
    MRM Birmingham Dzień temu +1

    Audi is always best

  • Martin Schulze
    Martin Schulze Dzień temu

    The Audi A8 was always Nr. 1 in most reviews and tests for a dekade now. But they should make the design way more towards the new A9.

  • kaz9781
    kaz9781 Dzień temu

    Anyone else just broke and likes to see these expensive cars?

    OCHAMA JOSEPH 2 dni temu

    Alll rich guys in my area prefer the s class or maybach

  • gouse shaik
    gouse shaik 2 dni temu

    Always Class WIN, Class means Mercedes

  • kgabe ratau
    kgabe ratau 2 dni temu

    Are you a car tester

  • Stoyan Georgiev
    Stoyan Georgiev 2 dni temu

    The S- class is still the Boss no matter what! Both other cars are excellent as well but not quite as elegant as the big Benz.

  • alen adahoo
    alen adahoo 2 dni temu

    S , best or nothing

  • alen adahoo
    alen adahoo 2 dni temu

    Nothing beats the S class , nor even close to it.

  • Kapkan Kapkan
    Kapkan Kapkan 2 dni temu

    BMW is the best car


    Jaguar xj is missing

  • Tiago Allen Nhangumele

    Volvo ?

    GAMING SCYTHE 3 dni temu

    Why s350 not s63

  • Domenik T
    Domenik T 3 dni temu

    Bmw is best car

  • Erik snip
    Erik snip 3 dni temu

    Mercedes made luxury cars since hitler was a baby

  • Brian Willis
    Brian Willis 4 dni temu

    3:25 hahahaha leave the poor dog alone...

  • brain filter
    brain filter 4 dni temu

    Audi is the new king. But not very well accepted by retards here that dont like changes.

  • Riidwan Rahat
    Riidwan Rahat 4 dni temu

    there should be lexus ls

  • Chris Timberland
    Chris Timberland 4 dni temu

    Look at Audi new wheel...

  • Chris Timberland
    Chris Timberland 4 dni temu

    Audi is way look better while bmw and Mercedes-Benz not really have something new.

  • Andro Grigoryan
    Andro Grigoryan 4 dni temu

    Когда я всё это смотрю ,то хочу ладу Приору

  • Bill White
    Bill White 4 dni temu

    Audi wins another head-to-head....yawn. But, when you've got S8 money to buy an S8.

  • said yildirim
    said yildirim 4 dni temu

    Benz will always be the best cars in the world, second to none. #TheBestOrNothing

  • Neo Delauw
    Neo Delauw 4 dni temu +1

    BMW !!

  • Mike Morrison
    Mike Morrison 5 dni temu

    Excellent review between the three! Now, if I only had the money to choose between the three LOL. Thank you again.

  • Zoran Vukomanovic
    Zoran Vukomanovic 5 dni temu +5

    1) Mercedes Benz S-class
    2) Audi A8
    3) BMW 7 series

  • Zoran Vukomanovic
    Zoran Vukomanovic 5 dni temu +1

    Or the MAYBACH.

  • fast potato
    fast potato 5 dni temu

    Mercedes is best

  • Samuel Zinggl
    Samuel Zinggl 5 dni temu

    brand of the sweater?

  • Jackson Webb
    Jackson Webb 5 dni temu

    Don't think 1.2m will be buying one of these 🤪

  • Fatih Koleff
    Fatih Koleff 5 dni temu

    If i have money, I will buy an S-Klasse and an A8.

  • Fares Almomen
    Fares Almomen 5 dni temu

    All of them are very nice

  • Sergio Aguilar
    Sergio Aguilar 5 dni temu

    When you review the back seat of the Mercedes you reclined the front seat, why was that? And why you didn’t do it with the others ones?

  • Isidro Gonzalez
    Isidro Gonzalez 6 dni temu

    The Audi interior was better ? 🤮 might as well put sponsored by audi* in the description

  • Nikolaj Panduro
    Nikolaj Panduro 6 dni temu

    Audi's interior looks so mediocre...

  • Atrin Mazinani
    Atrin Mazinani 6 dni temu

    Technology wise Audi, everything else no one is close to Mercedes S.

  • Gaurav Bisht
    Gaurav Bisht 6 dni temu

    8 series is coming!!!

  • Jatin Udwadia
    Jatin Udwadia 6 dni temu

    Mat, will you ever review a BMW vehicle without sounding biased! 😉

  • You're Right but...
    You're Right but... 6 dni temu

    Why would anyone buy an Audi A4 lookalike?

  • Amin Haq
    Amin Haq 7 dni temu

    They just look so boring. Toyota should sell the Crown and the Century here in Europe.

  • Ruben V8
    Ruben V8 7 dni temu

    A8 has the worst cabin if he got the same colour interior for all the cars they would all look better than the Mercedes

  • Saber lion
    Saber lion 7 dni temu

    why not lexus included

  • Victor Rykowski
    Victor Rykowski 7 dni temu

    The a8 looks best in my opinion

  • Death Star II
    Death Star II 7 dni temu

    I would buy all three.

  • Dominic R
    Dominic R 7 dni temu

    Audi can’t even compare. BMW and Mercedes are light years ahead.

  • ADY
    ADY 7 dni temu

    S clas is the best

  • Donald Duck
    Donald Duck 7 dni temu

    BMW middle console is soo ugly

  • Emperors Ordeal
    Emperors Ordeal 7 dni temu

    She really braked quite hard at the end there. The women in the Mercedes I mean. Plus the interior of the Mercedes is out of this world

  • Peter Olssen
    Peter Olssen 7 dni temu

    the steeringwheel is on the wrong side

  • Chris McClelland
    Chris McClelland 8 dni temu

    Are you serious? The A8 And S Class look basically identical to their lower range models

  • mercfanboi 13
    mercfanboi 13 8 dni temu

    Mercedes all the way

  • Marvan Cherada
    Marvan Cherada 8 dni temu

    3:15 loooool. and mat's voice doe

  • Dan Dimitriu
    Dan Dimitriu 8 dni temu

    Why didn’t you make a 4 car comparison that includes the Volvo S90?

  • Newton mallick Mehedi

    Bmw is my dream car and also best in the world

  • Denis v
    Denis v 8 dni temu

    I would still buy the Mercedes

  • Ivan Radoman
    Ivan Radoman 8 dni temu

    Mercedes Benz the best or nothing

  • Nabil El Maniaa
    Nabil El Maniaa 8 dni temu

    Mercedes the best or nothing that car is gorgeous better than the other two even if the other two are nice

  • codrinelul fermecat
    codrinelul fermecat 8 dni temu

    Mercedes is the best

  • Daniel arias
    Daniel arias 8 dni temu

    Ill take a Lexus LS 500 over these any day.

  • BullittEdyR
    BullittEdyR 9 dni temu

    i like BMW 7 Series

  • Omondi Ratego
    Omondi Ratego 9 dni temu

    Clearly biased towards Audi, no depth into the BMW qualities. for a true representation.

  • Sounds of Australia
    Sounds of Australia 9 dni temu

    Why does EVERYONE leave out Lexus?

  • Ferias Dwi Sembodo
    Ferias Dwi Sembodo 9 dni temu

    I prefer audi,,,,

    MÜDASSAR WARRAICH 9 dni temu

    audi is the best

  • Sashin Gopaul
    Sashin Gopaul 9 dni temu

    The A8 has shown it can now challenge the Mercedes S class, but the S class is the king of the luxury car. It set the standard for the A8 and 7 series after all.

  • jack ryan
    jack ryan 10 dni temu

    I wouldn't even want a Mercedes.just straight up over prices for what it is

  • Alen Yalda
    Alen Yalda 10 dni temu

    I love Merced’s s class Audi but Bmw 7 sires is the best car ever

  • w H
    w H 10 dni temu

    Mercedes all the waaaaaay no doubt

  • Kemal Keza
    Kemal Keza 10 dni temu

    BMW is designed to be luxurious but also get lap times unlike the other 2 heavyweights

  • Simon Miller
    Simon Miller 10 dni temu

    Why put a short wheel base poverty pack Beemer up against the other two? It just doesn't make any sense. And you should have included the Lexus. What about resale? Mercs always trounce the competition on resale which would be the closing argument for me.

  • DienekesShade
    DienekesShade 10 dni temu

    Tailored for A8, huh? So biased towards it.

  • Mr. Ss
    Mr. Ss 10 dni temu

    I guess this guy was a bit biased towards audi, and against BMW. BMWs are beasts ,he just got a low end model.

  • The Future of Money
    The Future of Money 11 dni temu

    The Benz is still a step ahead when it comes to interior design and styling.
    Looks and feels a class above the others, and this is after being on the market for 4 years!
    BMW, Audi, Lexus have all failed to catch up after their redesigns
    Mercedes is still the class standard

  • Chris Vaughan
    Chris Vaughan 11 dni temu

    Benz #1!!!

  • AztekenRim
    AztekenRim 11 dni temu

    Audi = technology
    BMW = R sport
    Benz = luxury

  • Naser Pajzitaj
    Naser Pajzitaj 11 dni temu

    Nonen e djatht

  • heavenlyvocals 8
    heavenlyvocals 8 11 dni temu

    Mercedes is the king!

  • veer shroff
    veer shroff 11 dni temu

    #stick of truth😅😅😅😅

  • FixxxeR208
    FixxxeR208 11 dni temu

    I prefer the newest XJ. It's just special. It needs some upgrades but it has a special place in my heart. My favorite big car.

  • Simran Sandhu
    Simran Sandhu 11 dni temu

    Audi is way better than others

  • Sheikh Sameer
    Sheikh Sameer 11 dni temu

    Hey! Mat your info in vlogs is very helpful for buyers. Keep doing. Audi is really beautiful but the back seats of Mercedes are just wonderful i think.

  • CH.B Gamers
    CH.B Gamers 12 dni temu

    The best

  • Bill Kendich
    Bill Kendich 12 dni temu

    Mercedes is luxurious, BMW is sporty, and Audi is a jack all trades but master of none.

  • gyc315
    gyc315 12 dni temu

    Mercedes is the Ultimate Illusion of Luxury... I had one.. i'll pass.. bmw 7 series is the just the best car I've ever driven (I own a Ferrari)... but the interior of the new 7 look plain hideous! ... recently test drove the A8... it's very nice and comes close to the bmw in driving.. and the interior leaves you in awe...

  • Pedro
    Pedro 12 dni temu


  • Aniv
    Aniv 12 dni temu

    Im an audi fan so im really delighted to see it win this competition but all 3 are great cars

  • Benjamin Feldman
    Benjamin Feldman 12 dni temu

    What if you had done the Bimmer with the 6 cylinder? Wasn’t apples and oranges.

  • Peter Popov
    Peter Popov 12 dni temu

    I wonder how many actualy have 1 of this 3, or ever travel for more then 10 km in them ... I have and i can say that in terms of comfort Mercedes is YEARS ahead of Audi - i dont know why this dude put Audi as better car in terms of comfort, but as a person who has been driving this cars for thousands of miles, i can tell you that Mercedes is A LOT better then Audi. The seats has this old comfy, soft feeling of an ultra luxorious and expensive couch, but not leather one to feel it hard, but from normal old fabric, which took the shape of your body instantly. Yea - Audi does feel comfy, but it feels comfy for a new car - dont have that special touch of comfort that Mercedes gives - and i dont say it as a fan or anything, this feeling you can experience when you sit in both for more then 10 min.

  • ITs tv
    ITs tv 12 dni temu +1

    BMW is the best

    I KNOW DE WAE 12 dni temu

    Before starting this video, lemme guess. The BMW fucking loses again?

  • Pardhu Bharath
    Pardhu Bharath 13 dni temu

    Loving your reviews, u earned a subscriber.
    Please keep it up.
    Thank you.

    NAVIN AANAND .U 13 dni temu +2

    AUDI A8

  • Tshego Mokonoto
    Tshego Mokonoto 13 dni temu

    Audi sets the standard when it comes to technology. Watch how everyone copies them later.

  • Sachiien Hampanavarr
    Sachiien Hampanavarr 13 dni temu

    Merc S-class is the most comfortable and good looking thn other cars👍👍

  • Austin Herrera
    Austin Herrera 13 dni temu

    All are great but BMW is best.