Why we will NEVER break up again...

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  • Opublikowany 23 lut 2019
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Komentarze • 927

    THIS IS L&S  5 miesi臋cy temu +474

    #LSGANG have a great weekend!鉂わ笍

    • Avery Shaw
      Avery Shaw 2 miesi臋cy temu


    • Herrera family
      Herrera family 5 miesi臋cy temu

      THIS IS L&S why does it look like you have a gap in your teeth when you smile in the intro.

    • Amy Hodson-Commer
      Amy Hodson-Commer 5 miesi臋cy temu +1

      You both appear so phony and hollow. This relationship seems extremely forced, fake and all for show. It's gross.

    • Ramya
      Ramya 5 miesi臋cy temu


    • Lexann Johnson
      Lexann Johnson 5 miesi臋cy temu

      I enjoy this challenge so much, but I think it would've been better if you guys actually go out and do something you use to do before you got into a relationship. I'm not talking about going to clubs or whatever. Just an activity that was like a norm for your previous single life like skating, cooking classes, or going to friends houses for movie nights.

  • Rmartin
    Rmartin 13 godzin temu

    I know that she is a baby but she also looks like a 50 year old gradma

  • Madison Somuah
    Madison Somuah 25 dni temu

    She's watching Andi mack馃槏

  • Anna D
    Anna D Miesi膮c temu

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  • Gamingwith Mumu
    Gamingwith Mumu Miesi膮c temu


  • Sami
    Sami Miesi膮c temu

    I have just started to watch you guys. I like watching guys as you both seem relaxed and chilled.. I love how both love and adore each other.

  • Suany Yanes
    Suany Yanes 2 miesi臋cy temu

    Little nephew is so adorable he looks like a baby Robert De Niro!!馃挆

  • Leila Foreman
    Leila Foreman 2 miesi臋cy temu

    4:07 did anyone else ear the Andi Mack theme song

  • Annk Izzo
    Annk Izzo 3 miesi臋cy temu

    I eat oatmeal every day too McDonald's the best

  • Annk Izzo
    Annk Izzo 3 miesi臋cy temu

    Aw so cute u guys are

  • Annk Izzo
    Annk Izzo 3 miesi臋cy temu

    Your mother is stunning gorgeous

  • Annk Izzo
    Annk Izzo 3 miesi臋cy temu

    Omg shes so precious u look amazing

  • Kayla Nohr
    Kayla Nohr 3 miesi臋cy temu

    Shyla has something coming
    Anybody watching this after Shyla finds out she's pregnant?

  • b0sslady247
    b0sslady247 3 miesi臋cy temu

    Omg I can鈥檛 stop watching your guys videos I love you guys!!!!!

  • The Lesko Fam
    The Lesko Fam 3 miesi臋cy temu


  • Falak Naz
    Falak Naz 3 miesi臋cy temu +1

    1:15 Anyone notice when she laughed, she had a spider in her tooth馃暦馃枻

  • hollywood girl
    hollywood girl 4 miesi臋cy temu

    I liked Shyla so much but idk omg she looks so mean in this video...with her family...the baabyy...

  • exo l
    exo l 4 miesi臋cy temu

    Why is no one talking about how cute the baby is? Such a beautiful baby girl. I want to eat her up.

  • Leila pooi
    Leila pooi 4 miesi臋cy temu

    Who鈥檚 house is Shyla at

  • Nicole Salazar
    Nicole Salazar 4 miesi臋cy temu

    Jeez you ppl sure do talk alot of shit let ppl live their lives damn

  • Sketched Out Studio's
    Sketched Out Studio's 5 miesi臋cy temu +1

    ayyee my girl was watching andy mack

  • Linda Weaver
    Linda Weaver 5 miesi臋cy temu

    Shyla's nieces hair 馃槏馃槏馃槏

  • Alondra Pineda
    Alondra Pineda 5 miesi臋cy temu

    Pause @6:04

  • Sam Woods
    Sam Woods 5 miesi臋cy temu

    0:18 omg I鈥檝e never seen a baby that cute before I wanna cry omg 馃挋馃挋馃挋

  • allan hagemaster
    allan hagemaster 5 miesi臋cy temu

    Who else thinks they met up before? 馃槀馃ぃ

  • Marisa Branker
    Marisa Branker 5 miesi臋cy temu

    Awww they re so cute together .... L & S

  • Rose Garcia
    Rose Garcia 5 miesi臋cy temu


  • Mackenzie Prince
    Mackenzie Prince 5 miesi臋cy temu


  • bruhhh noob
    bruhhh noob 5 miesi臋cy temu

    Because Shyla is pregnant?

  • Xena Zuniga
    Xena Zuniga 5 miesi臋cy temu


  • Xena Zuniga
    Xena Zuniga 5 miesi臋cy temu


  • KRIS !!!!
    KRIS !!!! 5 miesi臋cy temu +1

    Shula will be the greatest mom ever when she got the puppy she took care of it in a second she will be great!馃挴馃憫the best 馃挄馃挄

  • Faith Rayo
    Faith Rayo 5 miesi臋cy temu

    Landed wanted to give her a kiss real BAD

  • unbox with me
    unbox with me 5 miesi臋cy temu +1

    She was watching Andi Mack

  • Cangri413 L
    Cangri413 L 5 miesi臋cy temu

    Do you guys support the Ace families Dick lalypop to little kids??? Just wanna know

  • Manny & Anj
    Manny & Anj 5 miesi臋cy temu


  • Yaz Icles
    Yaz Icles 5 miesi臋cy temu +5

    Shyla is so incredibly beautiful 馃槏

  • Jeritsa Karilis
    Jeritsa Karilis 5 miesi臋cy temu +2

    I miss Shyla鈥檚 pink hair

  • Abboudy Haddad
    Abboudy Haddad 5 miesi臋cy temu

    How isnt she so bruise from the big d since they have yanke everyday

  • Luz Campbell
    Luz Campbell 5 miesi臋cy temu

    2:04 Landon's mom was boutta whoop his butt 馃槀

  • Katie Vasquez
    Katie Vasquez 5 miesi臋cy temu

    Omg I have the same bed frame that shyla use to have馃槀

  • Veronica Michel
    Veronica Michel 5 miesi臋cy temu +1

    shylas eyes are SO GORGEOUS!!!!

  • America Cruz
    America Cruz 5 miesi臋cy temu

    Is that their baby ?

  • PxndxGxrl
    PxndxGxrl 5 miesi臋cy temu

    Her niece is so adorable!!!!!!

  • Mark Fells
    Mark Fells 5 miesi臋cy temu

    I hope your baby will be 馃檹 for her.

  • Gigi Smith
    Gigi Smith 5 miesi臋cy temu

    Clean the baby鈥檚 nose fam -_-

  • Jersey LTD
    Jersey LTD 5 miesi臋cy temu

    Let these youngins live their lives. No hate.

  • Michelle Hernandez
    Michelle Hernandez 5 miesi臋cy temu

    Andi Mack in the back 馃槀馃槀

  • lae sollig1
    lae sollig1 5 miesi臋cy temu


  • Stephanie Lopez
    Stephanie Lopez 5 miesi臋cy temu

    The baby fever is real

  • Renita Alane
    Renita Alane 5 miesi臋cy temu

    Small youtuber looking for support have new vids coming soon subscribe 馃檹馃従

  • Perla Cantu
    Perla Cantu 5 miesi臋cy temu

    Awww you guys are so adorable omg馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃挄

  • Jasmine Estrella
    Jasmine Estrella 5 miesi臋cy temu

    That type of love........ wow.鉂わ笍

  • Perla Cantu
    Perla Cantu 5 miesi臋cy temu

    鈥淚鈥檓 going on a date鈥濔煒俵ook at her yesss 馃槀馃挄

  • Perla Cantu
    Perla Cantu 5 miesi臋cy temu +1

    鈥淲ho said it was dry?鈥 LMAOOOO LITERALLY ME 馃槀馃槀馃槶I love your mom wtf can she be my mom? 馃槀馃槀

  • Whitney Medeiros
    Whitney Medeiros 5 miesi臋cy temu

    You鈥檙e already pregnant

  • Olivia Zavalza
    Olivia Zavalza 5 miesi臋cy temu

    S is SOOO NOT READY TO HAVE BABIES. You can just tell. I鈥檓 not trying to be negative but you can clearly see that she is not able to make a connection w the baby/little girl and also that she can鈥檛 wait to leave that place.

  • Natalie Giron
    Natalie Giron 5 miesi臋cy temu

    Love you guys so so much 馃巿馃槏

  • Mercedes Higgins
    Mercedes Higgins 5 miesi臋cy temu

    Omg she is so cute x

  • Vania Orozco
    Vania Orozco 5 miesi臋cy temu +2

    He wanted the chicken when it wasn't his and then when she said it was for him it was dry馃檮 wow only had "one product" the eyebrow stuff but her whole face is done. Right! I'm so confused what's happening. How boring.

  • w.n .p.k
    w.n .p.k 5 miesi臋cy temu

    I like how the older niece was watching Andi Mack馃槀馃挄

  • Elijah VaZ
    Elijah VaZ 5 miesi臋cy temu

    Cause y'all making money? This question is self-explanatory smdh

  • Hayley Anderson
    Hayley Anderson 5 miesi臋cy temu

    This vlog style video is literally my favorite video of your guys鈥檚 everrrrrr !!!!鉂わ笍

  • _hsidd
    _hsidd 5 miesi臋cy temu

    Shylas nose is high key really nice now lmao I don鈥檛 know why everyone was being rude abt it :(

  • Kelli Boone
    Kelli Boone 5 miesi臋cy temu

    Confused on who鈥檚 baby that was but way to adorable! The way she was looking at Shyla was precious!

  • latinbarbii
    latinbarbii 5 miesi臋cy temu

    you guys are adorable馃槶鉂わ笍love u twoo

  • Lisseth Gonzalez
    Lisseth Gonzalez 5 miesi臋cy temu


  • Sanaa Spence
    Sanaa Spence 5 miesi臋cy temu

    ALL I GOT TO SAY IS FINALLY 馃槂馃拫馃拫鉂も潳鉂

  • Manasha Jadunath
    Manasha Jadunath 5 miesi臋cy temu

    OMGGG Shayla And Landon Is So Cute When They Reunited 馃槶馃挀馃挄馃挄 Reminded Me Of My Boyfriend鉂o笍鉂o笍

  • Ajaiche Ray
    Ajaiche Ray 5 miesi臋cy temu

    You guys are so beautiful. I鈥檝e literally been subscribed since the minute Shyla announced she was starting a channel with Landon I remember it from jump 馃槶 I鈥檓 so beyond happy you two are trying to start a family I love you!

  • lily Garcia
    lily Garcia 5 miesi臋cy temu

    Love you guys sm!!

  • nicole cea
    nicole cea 5 miesi臋cy temu +1

    Andi mack in the back round love u LS gang live y shyla the baby us cute

  • Emily Rose
    Emily Rose 5 miesi臋cy temu

    You guys are so cute. I happy for you 馃挆

  • THE B & D family
    THE B & D family 5 miesi臋cy temu

    Plzz subscribe to my channel 馃檹

  • Corasis Guerrero
    Corasis Guerrero 5 miesi臋cy temu

    Wait, she left in her gwagon and he left in the mustang and when they reunited she was driving the mustang and he was driving the jeep? Uhh what?