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  • Opublikowany 20 wrz 2018
  • This planted aquarium has overgrown a lot since it starts, roughly 3 months ago at Green Aqua. Viktor Lantos took the initiative and the ADA toolbox to jump on it and show it to you how to properly trim aquarium plants. Join our aquatic plant trimming session!
    AQUARIUM: 120 x 45 x 45 cm, Green Aqua Rimless Opti-White glass tank.
    AQUARIUM CABINET: 120 x 45 x 100 cm, custom Green Aqua Premium cabinet
    AQUARIUM LIGHTING: ATI Sun Power T5 - 6x54W
    AQUARIUM FILTRATION: Eheim Professionel 3 - 2080 external filter with Seachem Matrix, Seachem Purigen Filter Media in it. ADA Glass in- and outflows.
    Frodo stones, 10 kg
    Iron Wood, 20kg
    AQUARIUM SUBSTRATE: ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia, ADA Power Sand Special M, ADA La Plata Sand
    CO2: a Pressurized system with Aqua Medic External Reactor, Oxyturbo CO2 regulator, CO2 bubble counter, and magnetic valve
    Foreground aquatic plants from Tropica:
    Eleocharis acicularis mini, Riccardia chamedryfolia moss, Hemianthus Callitrichoides Cuba, Cryptocoryne parva
    Mid-ground aquatic plants:
    Hygrophila pinnatifida, Hydrocotyle Tripartita, Anubias barteri v. nana Petite, Bucephalandra spec. 'Mini Needle Leaf', Anubias nana Bonsai
    Background aquatic plants:
    Myriophyllum Guyana
    Twinstar 2 Nano Plus Sterilizer
    Eheim Skim 350 - Surface skimmer
    ADA Brighty K
    ADA Brighty Mineral
    Seachem Excel
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  • Luís Ribeiro
    Luís Ribeiro 24 dni temu +3

    Congrats Viktor, great video!
    Loved how you guided us through the trimming options and the search for aesthetic balance, as a whole.
    If I liked the tank before, I liked even better after the trim!
    You guys should be proud of all you've achieved so far, and all the vibe surrounding GreenAqua, not just locally but around the Aquascape world in general.
    I'm a fan since day #1 and wish you the best success possible for many years to come...
    Again super CONGRATS
    Luís Ribeiro | PORTUGAL >

    • Green Aqua
      Green Aqua  24 dni temu +1

      Thank you Luis for your continuous support. It means a lot to us and really motivational. The goal is to educate people on this beautiful hobby. Giving support for this learning curve. Makes the whole process enjoyable without the frustration of the problems. And of course, show how beautiful nature is.
      If you have any suggestion for future episodes or content what you would enjoy just let us know.

  • will liam
    will liam 2 dni temu

    Can you show a non pressurized CO2 aquascape?

    • Green Aqua
      Green Aqua  2 dni temu

      In our showroom and with our client installations we only work with pressurized systems. So i am afraid not. We do help many of our customers set up their non-co2 tanks, but our goal is different. We want to show the tanks and plants in the best possible form.

  • negan
    negan 10 dni temu +1

    very nice, very unique use of hydrocotyle which really looks beautiful.

  • Randy
    Randy 17 dni temu

    Great video Viktor. You always provide a lot of information on your videos. Question, I have Riccia Fluitans, what's the difference between the Fluitans and Riccardia Chamedryfolia?

    • Green Aqua
      Green Aqua  17 dni temu

      Cheers Randy, thank you for your words. Riccia is like a weed. Means it is so low demanding that almost can grow in any tank. And as you pump up your light, CO2, and ferts this grows with a lightning speed so will be out of control shortly.
      Riccardia is a moss. Grows slowly. Has a different needs, but much more controllable. Personally, this moss is my fav one from all what i had in hand before. - Viktor

  • Raju Parmar
    Raju Parmar 18 dni temu


  • Daniel Örling
    Daniel Örling 18 dni temu

    Hello, I'm using a eheim Prof 4+ 600, I have noticed you use seachem matrix and purigen and I'm thinking about switching to that. How much of each media and in what baskets in the filter would you suggest me to place these items.
    Also, I love your videos and keep them coming so we all can learn from you

    • Daniel Örling
      Daniel Örling 18 dni temu

      +Green Aqua thanks for sharing!

    • Green Aqua
      Green Aqua  18 dni temu

      Thank you Daniel 👍🍀 For model 600 around 4L Matrix needed. And 100ml Purigen for every 100L water. Just fill in all baskets with Matrix and put Purigen in bag on top of that.

  • Chris
    Chris 21 dzień temu

    Hi can you please tell the water temperature must be?

    • Chris
      Chris 20 dni temu

      +Green Aqua thank you 👍

    • Green Aqua
      Green Aqua  20 dni temu +1

      21-25 celsius in general.

    • Chris
      Chris 20 dni temu

      Can you please tell me the minimum and maximum water temperature we have to maintain in planted tank?

    • Chris
      Chris 21 dzień temu

      +Green Aqua thanks soo much 👍

    • Green Aqua
      Green Aqua  21 dzień temu +1

      Under 25 Celsius

  • Butch 73
    Butch 73 21 dzień temu

    Good video as usually Viktor, like the plants and the style of this Aquarium!

  • Michał Wiernicki
    Michał Wiernicki 21 dzień temu

    How high are the lights above the water surface? Is it about 30-40 cm? What do you think about a trade off between the hight and the amount of light reaching the bottom of the tank?

    • Michał Wiernicki
      Michał Wiernicki 21 dzień temu

      Thanks, great job :)

    • Green Aqua
      Green Aqua  21 dzień temu

      Usually around 30cm. We're using powerful lights over on our tanks to make sure we will not have problems on the bottom layer. This 30cm is still a good height to grow any light demanding plants on the carpet level in a dense form.

  • Adam Kabalec
    Adam Kabalec 22 dni temu

    I like it

  • Aquascaping TV
    Aquascaping TV 22 dni temu

    Great aquarium. 😃

  • Nikko jade Sabanal
    Nikko jade Sabanal 22 dni temu

    I love this room

  • Gyula Nemes
    Gyula Nemes 22 dni temu +1

    Magyar felirat van a videóhoz ?

    • Green Aqua
      Green Aqua  22 dni temu

      Gyula Nemes Igen Magyar felirat is választható

  • Michael Terry
    Michael Terry 23 dni temu

    Thanks for a very informative video. I like all the technical details at the start. It's always interesting to know what is running behind the scenes in these amazing scapes! I never know how to trim back my hydrocotyle tripartita.

    • Green Aqua
      Green Aqua  22 dni temu

      Thank you Michael. Our goal is to reveal all the details and with this helps every newcomer on this beautiful hobby. There are really no secrets, and everyone should do easily these underwater gardens.

  • Macarrones con tomate
    Macarrones con tomate 23 dni temu

    IS a fantastic tank..what adited of no3 and po4 thanks you.good video

    • Green Aqua
      Green Aqua  22 dni temu

      Thank you. NO3 and PO4 is very low in these tanks because of the ADA fertilizers. 0-5ppm NO3 and no PO4.

  • WoundrousMindTrick
    WoundrousMindTrick 23 dni temu

    How much of your success growing plants is due to RO water do you think?Of course high CO2, good ferts and light play a large roll but still.

    • Green Aqua
      Green Aqua  22 dni temu

      RO water helps in many ways. Plants are having less stress overall. Also, need less CO2 and will find less algae issues also with soft water. This goes back again plant health. Healthier plants, fewer algae issues in general.

  • Melvin Xavier
    Melvin Xavier 23 dni temu

    Excellent work!

  • shrisheel
    shrisheel 23 dni temu

    @0:53 - 0:57 mins, it is all fun and games, until you topple over onto the tanks ;-). But awesome video. I absolutely love it. Great information, great presentation, great camera work and of course the best look aquariums. Yet more reason to come visit Budapest.

  • WoundrousMindTrick
    WoundrousMindTrick 23 dni temu

    What T5 bulbs is that?

  • WoundrousMindTrick
    WoundrousMindTrick 23 dni temu

    Riccia should be banned from the hobby! It's up there with spirogyra as a nuisance.If I had your store I would not have it in stock or just sell it to the most experienced aquascapers. A beginner should never get this plant that is for sure.

    • Green Aqua
      Green Aqua  23 dni temu

      Yup that is true. Many people do not like it. For a beginner, this plant is a great experience. No need CO2 or high light to spread and thrive. You can attach this to a flat stone and build a carpet with that. Or make it to a rounded ball shape thing. Very easy to trim and shape it. Always throws bubbles. So i think this is something that gives instant success for the beginners. More advanced gardeners are not using this these days. Back in the age of Amano san, we've seen many wonderful tanks with this plant. But times fly and we do not use this anymore for the known reasons.

  • Jonny Suchomel
    Jonny Suchomel 23 dni temu

    Very nice tank and a lot of good advice and inspiration. Thanks for all great videos!

    • Green Aqua
      Green Aqua  23 dni temu

      Thank you, Jonny, great to hear that! :)

  • Dennis
    Dennis 23 dni temu

    why the external filter suction and discharge pipe fix in the same side ??? why itz not placed in opposite direction ??

    • Green Aqua
      Green Aqua  23 dni temu

      Not needed if your filter is powerful enough. This is something that is pretty overcomplicated in the past decades. You can place it almost anywhere if your filter has a good power to turn the water a couple times per hour and you do your maintenance task weekly.

  • Pete Berlinski
    Pete Berlinski 23 dni temu

    Hi Viktor, cheers for another great vid from Green Aqua.🤙

  • Péter Sziky
    Péter Sziky 23 dni temu

    Thank you the conversation yesterday in your gallery,keep up that fine work Viktor!!!

    • Green Aqua
      Green Aqua  23 dni temu

      Thank you for your feedback, Peter. Hopefully, I helped :)

  • babis_blo Aquascaping
    babis_blo Aquascaping 23 dni temu

    hello Victor! Keep it up!

  • ronk86
    ronk86 23 dni temu

    Great tank! Thank you for all videos.
    Do you have any general guideline for the amount of bio media to use in a planted tank like the one you gave about Purigen?
    Best regards

    • Green Aqua
      Green Aqua  23 dni temu

      Thank you :) We only use bio medium in our filters + chemicals. For a 240L tank 8-10L bio medium is something what is a general solution in our shop.

  • Jim Kay
    Jim Kay 23 dni temu

    Great video...👍

  • Владелец АКВАРИУМА

    Круто! Спасибо за очередной шедевр!

  • gonzolak83
    gonzolak83 24 dni temu +3

    Absolutely love it. You guys are the first to show the most important part of keeping a scape and that is maintenance. Request for future videos: show what problems did you face in maintaining tank and how you overcome it (such as algae etc.) .

    • Green Aqua
      Green Aqua  24 dni temu +1

      Thank you for your words and your feedback. We noted your ideas and this is something we will include in our episodes for sure! Cheers! :)

  • mavs2p2
    mavs2p2 24 dni temu

    This one is my favorite as well.

  • Dreamtime76
    Dreamtime76 24 dni temu

    crazy coral moss....I love it!

    • Green Aqua
      Green Aqua  24 dni temu

      Lovely little moss. Our fav one as well! :)

  • flappinganimal
    flappinganimal 24 dni temu

    Excellent video! Really appreciate the detailed information you give. Stunning aquarium too 👍🏻🙂

    • flappinganimal
      flappinganimal 23 dni temu

      +Green Aqua no suggestions really, you're doing a great job. Just continue to share the secrets of your success 🙂👍🏻

    • Green Aqua
      Green Aqua  24 dni temu +1

      Thank you for your feedback. Any suggestion for future videos? Or something we've missed?

  • Shawn Hineidi
    Shawn Hineidi 24 dni temu +1

    Thank you Victor for walking us through this beautiful aquarium. I really enjoyed every minute of this video!

    • Green Aqua
      Green Aqua  24 dni temu

      Thank you Shawn, appreciate your words. :)

  • TingHuang Tan
    TingHuang Tan 24 dni temu +1

    Thanks for sharing all these videos of the aquascapes!

  • Raimondo Gomes
    Raimondo Gomes 24 dni temu +1

    Grate job making this beatifull tank love the texturen and background and insite of specifics this tank and as a beginner love to try for myself aquascaping !!😍👌👌

    • Green Aqua
      Green Aqua  24 dni temu +1

      Thank you Raimondo, glad you find it useful :)

  • Jean TESC
    Jean TESC 24 dni temu +1

    I love learning about the set up and history of the tank. Your english is very too.

  • P0HTAT0
    P0HTAT0 24 dni temu +2

    You say over grown I say Amazing! We all have our opinions though.

    • Green Aqua
      Green Aqua  24 dni temu

      Looked lovely, but plants would quickly just fill the entire tank. :) But agreed that this overlook appearance looks magical many times. More natural too. :)

  • B
    B 24 dni temu

    Will Hydrocotyle Tripartita grow when glued to wood or tucked into gaps in stone? I always thought it needed to be planted in substrate.

    • B
      B 23 dni temu

      Ahh, i see. Thanks for the reply! I'm going to order some now for my driftwood, as i think what you've done with it here looks beautiful.

    • Green Aqua
      Green Aqua  24 dni temu

      Hydrocotyle will grow everywhere. No need to be planted. Some Hydrocotyle species goes out of the water too and shows beautiful form there, like Hydrocotyle maritima for example.

  • John Formstone
    John Formstone 24 dni temu +1

    Nice job Viktor! Some great tips there and aquascaping eye candy at its best.

  • BSA aquascaping
    BSA aquascaping 24 dni temu +1

    Very nice tank!!! Great video again!

  • Mika On The Fly
    Mika On The Fly 24 dni temu +1

    I would be happy with just the plant trimmings. I cant find good plants around here.

    • Green Aqua
      Green Aqua  24 dni temu

      Sorry to hear that. No chance for plant swaps in groups or within a community?

  • Pinaki Pal
    Pinaki Pal 24 dni temu +1

    This is THE most beautiful tank in galary .... Awesome work....

    • Green Aqua
      Green Aqua  24 dni temu

      Thank you 🙏🍀🌿🐠👍

  • Karl Saba
    Karl Saba 24 dni temu +3

    Very beautiful tank aquascape a fish paradise good video to watch job well done

    • Green Aqua
      Green Aqua  24 dni temu

      Thank you Karl. Glad you like it! :)

  • sokoladnan
    sokoladnan 24 dni temu +1

    I love the amount of detailed information and tips that you are giving! Just continue in same way :) . P.S. fix shipping costs to Sweden

    • Randy
      Randy 17 dni temu

      Green Aqua
      I wish you guys would move to Pennsylvania, United States

    • WoundrousMindTrick
      WoundrousMindTrick 23 dni temu

      We need a purely aquascaping store in Sweden. Not sure how the business will go but it's about time.

    • Luís Ribeiro
      Luís Ribeiro 24 dni temu

      ah ah ah ah ... that's the spirit!
      You're like me: where other see unsurmountable hills, I see high-speed take off run-ways going vertical !!! Fly you M.F.(!), fly....!!! Lol

    • Green Aqua
      Green Aqua  24 dni temu

      Thank you for your words. Also for the hint! We will see what we can do. If we can't solve it, we will move to Sweden! :)

  • Jeffrey Chen
    Jeffrey Chen 24 dni temu +1

    great videos. high quality and thanks for sharing information to the community

    • Green Aqua
      Green Aqua  24 dni temu

      Thank you Jeffrey. Your support means a lot to us!

  • Mr D,s tanks&more
    Mr D,s tanks&more 24 dni temu +1

    Would love to do a low tech version of this scape any plant suggestions thank you.

    • Green Aqua
      Green Aqua  24 dni temu +3

      Most of the plants would do well in low tech too. Maybe Hydrocotyle Tripartita is the only one which needs more and Hemianthus C. Cuba. But Anubias, Bucephalandra, Riccardia, Myriophyllum, Crypto, H. Pinnatifida, would be ok. May would use more Microsorum but the Trident version or the petite one in low tech.

  • Brle ivan
    Brle ivan 24 dni temu

    Very nice man,

  • Luis Roque
    Luis Roque 24 dni temu +2

    You guys are awesome...thank you. These scapes are truly a work of art. Thanks, #georgefarmer for introducing me to this channel. 🙏👍😎

    • Green Aqua
      Green Aqua  24 dni temu

      Thank you for your support Luis! Appreciate your feedback :)

  • dziegan
    dziegan 24 dni temu

    nicee :)

    • dziegan
      dziegan 24 dni temu +2

      +Green Aqua great job and amazing shop

    • Green Aqua
      Green Aqua  24 dni temu

      Thanks mate!

  • Stefan Pracht
    Stefan Pracht 24 dni temu +1

    Once again a great video guys! Love it! 😁👍

    • Green Aqua
      Green Aqua  24 dni temu +3

      YES! Be there or be square! :) :) Looking forward to that. Will be a super event for sure!

    • Stefan Pracht
      Stefan Pracht 24 dni temu +2

      +Green Aqua you are welcome! I'll see you Viktor on Vivarium in November 💪😉👍

    • Green Aqua
      Green Aqua  24 dni temu +1

      Thanks Stefan! :)

  • ShelbyRae Lane
    ShelbyRae Lane 24 dni temu

    Very nice.

  • Matthew Moore Cichlids
    Matthew Moore Cichlids 24 dni temu +1

    Very helpful thank you.

  • David Shanahan
    David Shanahan 24 dni temu

    Hi Viktor. It’s grown a lot since I was in. What kind of wood is that? I like the vertical structure like with the 60p across the other side of the showroom.

    • David Shanahan
      David Shanahan 21 dzień temu

      Do you guys dose the recommended amount of Excel, or more?

    • David Shanahan
      David Shanahan 24 dni temu

      I’m going to have to go back and watch the workshop again. Thanks for the information.

    • Green Aqua
      Green Aqua  24 dni temu

      Yup plants just overtake the tank :) Love it! :) This is an ironwood. But carefully selected to match with the form and texture. Was not easy to pick all of them for this layout.

  • TheCineScaper
    TheCineScaper 24 dni temu +6

    Nice video! This is my absolutely fav aquarium!

    • Green Aqua
      Green Aqua  24 dni temu

      Thank you Máté :) Glad you like it :)