Cristiano Ronaldo Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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  • Zoson Thangvung
    Zoson Thangvung Godzinę temu

    He bought them (snickers) just bcoz he have to/ or just to be nice. Nike would probably have send him dozens of em already or more. Nike sponsored him for like milllions of $. For God sake, he could've 'design' 3 new shoes inside that store.

  • Morris Laurent
    Morris Laurent Godzinę temu

    His English has become much better over the years.

  • The Foreign Family
    The Foreign Family Godzinę temu

    he said af1s are comfortable i want his feet

  • Eric Velasquez
    Eric Velasquez Godzinę temu

    I play soccer and I’m 100% sure that CR7 can’t get past me cause I’m a beast

  • 3StacksCobain
    3StacksCobain Godzinę temu

    Yo yall want some new shit , check me out . I got music and a vlog (Season of Stacks). 🤘🏾❤️🐐

  • Abdullah Wasi
    Abdullah Wasi Godzinę temu

    Cr7 😍😍😍

  • Popplayer 360
    Popplayer 360 Godzinę temu

    that is my boy ronaldo☺

  • AaroTheLegend
    AaroTheLegend Godzinę temu

    Nike Nike Nike Nike Nike Nike Nike

  • Harley Loper
    Harley Loper Godzinę temu +1

    He is so handsome!!

  • Veridian
    Veridian Godzinę temu +1

    That's a pretty crispy accent

  • Efciky
    Efciky Godzinę temu


  • John Pete
    John Pete Godzinę temu

    Why is the currency in Yen?

  • Gabito
    Gabito Godzinę temu

    my role model in life

  • Aryan Tomar
    Aryan Tomar Godzinę temu +1

    Essskkkkkettttit my boi on complex on #1 trending

  • KimKim Chin
    KimKim Chin Godzinę temu


  • iLove Junk
    iLove Junk Godzinę temu

    Every shoes there sucks

  • Mr television,/coolstuff
    Mr television,/coolstuff Godzinę temu

    Suprised not trending

  • miguel sanchez
    miguel sanchez Godzinę temu

    Sold!! I want them all Now!!😃

  • Lisa Jones
    Lisa Jones Godzinę temu

    Something is wrong with his neck

  • Esteban Soto
    Esteban Soto Godzinę temu


  • Shawn Lethanh
    Shawn Lethanh Godzinę temu

    #1 in trending 🔥🔥

  • Giorgio Michael R
    Giorgio Michael R Godzinę temu

    Those nike react element 87 is very cheap compared to the current market price! 1,200 Yuan = $175

  • Smaudre
    Smaudre Godzinę temu

    Why is a video where some guy goes shoes shopping number one on trending?

  • joshua trujillo
    joshua trujillo Godzinę temu

    Do one with messi

  • 망준2퇴구와
    망준2퇴구와 Godzinę temu

    my brother

  • Jc Christ
    Jc Christ Godzinę temu

    gooste imaghinatzion

  • BTS and NCT Trash [Yuta's Smile]

    He's so much more...humble than I expected him to be? I don't know he's grown on me in the past few months.

  • Chip Chellios
    Chip Chellios Godzinę temu

    HE SPEAKS ENGLISH??????????

  • Annaliese Cooper
    Annaliese Cooper Godzinę temu

    The fucking voice break

  • Kristoph Glez
    Kristoph Glez Godzinę temu

    El mejor del mundo CR7 !!!!!!

  • why am i here?
    why am i here? Godzinę temu

    1:41 wtff lmaoo

  • Wrap Me In Luck
    Wrap Me In Luck Godzinę temu +1


  • why am i here?
    why am i here? Godzinę temu

    First time i heard CR7 speak english

  • Miss Salty Sack
    Miss Salty Sack Godzinę temu +1

    I'll watch this later battery at 3%. I don't have to add it to my watch later because it will be still trending when I gets back 🙌💪❤

  • Anser Hasan
    Anser Hasan Godzinę temu

    SIUUUUUU!!!!!! The GOAT comes to lighten up Complex’s channel. Definitely won’t find a bigger star than him now.

  • Oliver Mateos
    Oliver Mateos Godzinę temu


  • Lisa Jones
    Lisa Jones Godzinę temu

    Hes not aging well. #Wearsomemakeup

  • N.E.S DJOE.E
    N.E.S DJOE.E Godzinę temu

    CristRon outchea' shoopin feet pieces too ? lol smoke....
    lets see what foreign/domestic jawns bro fux wit

  • Collin Morrissey
    Collin Morrissey Godzinę temu

    Sneaker Shopping with Mbappe?

  • DehChamp
    DehChamp Godzinę temu

    #1 on trending

  • Itzzz Bruno
    Itzzz Bruno Godzinę temu

    Nice he used to have bike air max 95 or 2003

  • Frank Carlo
    Frank Carlo Godzinę temu

    20 k? ok

  • Tony Cerros
    Tony Cerros Godzinę temu

    No adidas due to his contract?

  • Best101
    Best101 Godzinę temu +1

    Difference being, he didn’t pay for those shoes. Nike paid him to wear them 😂

  • gerard . A
    gerard . A Godzinę temu

    At least he will not keep looking for the price tags , like me 😂😂😂🤪🤪🤪

  • Matt Isadore
    Matt Isadore Godzinę temu

    #1 trending bitch!!!!! 🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹

  • Javion Grant
    Javion Grant Godzinę temu


  • Guest
    Guest Godzinę temu

    THE best, do not @ me

  • 1stGenStunter
    1stGenStunter Godzinę temu

    You ever watch how a race horse can't be still? That's this guy...he just wants to GO

  • Royal Trần
    Royal Trần Godzinę temu

    OMG!!!CR7 thích sneaker????wtf

  • Maximilian Russo
    Maximilian Russo Godzinę temu

    Why did they price it in Yen? Is that not Japanese currency?

  • Iván Gutierrez
    Iván Gutierrez Godzinę temu

    What a FUCKING LEGEND !!!!!

  • Alexander Vitucci
    Alexander Vitucci Godzinę temu

    I think Nike did a great job

  • Corn Dog Studios
    Corn Dog Studios Godzinę temu

    Ive been waiting for him to be on this show for sooo long. I’m so happy that they finally brought him on,

  • yocampout
    yocampout Godzinę temu

    Never saw him play BUT I like the sound of his voice and I really like what he's saying. he seems very genuine

  • Shannon Harris
    Shannon Harris Godzinę temu

    Very Dope

  • Addy12
    Addy12 Godzinę temu

    My man buying like 5 pairs of shoes at once BOI I CANT EVEN AFFORD ONE PAIR OF EXPENSIVE SHOES

  • Aleksandar Marjanović
    Aleksandar Marjanović Godzinę temu

    Everyone's super awkward lol

  • Sindre Kaale
    Sindre Kaale Godzinę temu

    Ronaldo is truly great, he is really happy and he appreciate everything he has and his personality is just amazing and he is just so nice!

  • Goober 96
    Goober 96 Godzinę temu +1

    I thought he spent 23k and I was like "well he has the money I don't blame him". And it was actually 3k and I was like "no stop, this dude only spent that much?"

  • Nick
    Nick Godzinę temu

    Love Cristiano, such a great guy

  • BKO_Bankzy
    BKO_Bankzy Godzinę temu

    What the beat at 2:40

  • Damian hdz
    Damian hdz Godzinę temu +1

    I have something very important to say.......

    Read more

  • arif jawad alam
    arif jawad alam Godzinę temu

    Anything ronaldo wear is great

  • Dave Robertson
    Dave Robertson Godzinę temu +1

    Pussy Messi is SOOOO jealous of Ronaldo and his awesome line of shoes :-)

  • Sha T
    Sha T Godzinę temu

    Oh Cristianoooooooo

  • Michael Scott
    Michael Scott Godzinę temu

    Can I go sneaker shopping with you?

  • LIL Pear
    LIL Pear Godzinę temu +1


    DARIEN RIOS Godzinę temu


  • Oyavvta 18
    Oyavvta 18 Godzinę temu


  • Arjun Kocher
    Arjun Kocher Godzinę temu

    Why did the price change at 8:58

    FORTNITE CENTRAL Godzinę temu

    He could literally buy the store

  • Natalie J
    Natalie J Godzinę temu

    Very nice t-shirt for 2018 fashion , see link : amazon/dp/B07FQ8YQTL , don't forget to add .com next to amazon

    NATHAN ROY Godzinę temu +2

    That voice crack from CR7 in 1:41 lol

  • Tolito. A
    Tolito. A Godzinę temu

    #1 on trending.

  • Sample Beat
    Sample Beat Godzinę temu

    he was reading everything

  • JohnJovi
    JohnJovi Godzinę temu

    It’s just clicked, Ronaldo sounds so much like Gru from Despicable Me damnn

  • Vander Prednison
    Vander Prednison Godzinę temu

    Why is he paying, he nike will give him his money back 😂

  • malman
    malman Godzinę temu

    nike has great imagination

  • A S
    A S Godzinę temu +1

    😂😂😂 Who heard Ronaldo’s voice CRACK AT 1:41

  • Keyboard Warrior
    Keyboard Warrior Godzinę temu

    He play Football not soccer

  • Zdrav har har
    Zdrav har har Godzinę temu

    Nike just jizzed in their pants when they saw this video.

  • Olamide Yomi
    Olamide Yomi Godzinę temu

    Wait doesn't he already has all the sneakers already

  • Faisal Ismail
    Faisal Ismail Godzinę temu +1

    Ronaldo was looking at the cashier like "bro do you really think I care about the price"😭😭

  • lalralte ralte
    lalralte ralte Godzinę temu

    He’s not buying a lot cuz he already has most or all of them already

  • Nyamache Brian
    Nyamache Brian Godzinę temu

    was he wearing a manchester united!

  • raka 999
    raka 999 Godzinę temu

    wats feeling wats not

  • david martinez
    david martinez Godzinę temu

    He looked like a little kid when he was choosing he was like this this and that one

  • Faisal Ismail
    Faisal Ismail Godzinę temu +1

    " the way this shit set up I look like Ronaldo but I've never been in Madrid" -
    -Drake, blue in the tint

  • Theon Carr
    Theon Carr Godzinę temu

    bruh. did he shop jordans?? Thats a good look. supporting other brands.

    CARLOSSMENDEZ Godzinę temu

    Do Lionel Messi !!!!

  • Jim Jam
    Jim Jam Godzinę temu +1

    8:08 so awkward

  • EmmE EffE
    EmmE EffE Godzinę temu

    He got lots of opportunities

  • VanillaBlossom
    VanillaBlossom Godzinę temu +1

    Amazing great person. He was my idol reason why i wanted to play girls football enough to motivate me to be team be team captain. I wish you the best luck in Juve that is if spurs don't make it!

  • Fitry Hakim
    Fitry Hakim Godzinę temu

    Speechless. Nuff said

  • JustLouIt
    JustLouIt Godzinę temu +1

    This nigga speak better English than all the illegals invading my country

  • Lord Billaire
    Lord Billaire Godzinę temu

    The goat is trending.

  • Wolkify
    Wolkify Godzinę temu +2

    now with the money from juve he could buy sneakers for all kids in portugal 😂inspiring dude, it is people like him i have in mind when i make my own content.

  • Junior 10
    Junior 10 Godzinę temu

    Melhor de todos os tempos