Landwind TUV Crash Test

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  • tariq jamaluddin
    tariq jamaluddin 5 miesięcy temu +5

    PLclip 2005-2018:nope not yet
    PLclip 2019: ok show it to him

  • pulkin pulman
    pulkin pulman Rok temu +1

    Goddamn PLclip algorithm suddenly decide to show me this clips

  • spinosaurus
    spinosaurus Rok temu +2

    This is a CHEVY BLAZER


    Poor quality

  • Naz 727
    Naz 727 Rok temu

    Made in china

  • Niama Sohai
    Niama Sohai Rok temu check out this geely crash test

  • Frischeparadies
    Frischeparadies Rok temu +2

    now take a look at the landwind 10 years later....

  • Twirly Baker
    Twirly Baker 2 lat temu +2

    Who watched this video on 2017?!

  • All Kina Ting
    All Kina Ting 3 lat temu


  • I’m not a furry i swear

    Lol chinese plastic get rekt😂😂

  • EndoRyu
    EndoRyu 4 lat temu +2

    Chinese 'GroundFart'

  • Seth Mack
    Seth Mack 4 lat temu +7

    The tire went so far back the legs would have to be crushed.

  • The Dollar Guy
    The Dollar Guy 5 lat temu +5

    The driver side airbag was there to protect the steering column against damage by the human face.

  • Siana Gearz
    Siana Gearz 6 lat temu

    There's really a vast range of front-engined vehicles but almost zero rear-engined ones, and they're not strictly comparable, so the question doesn't have a straight answer.
    Intuitively, hypothetical rear-engined ones should be safer because front crumple zone design can be better. This is wrong. Actually, it's a size trade-off, i.e. in a front engine car, you just need to allow for more room and particular structure in the front to be just as safe.

  • Auger & Auger
    Auger & Auger 6 lat temu

    How is safety affected by having the engine in the back as opposed to the front?

  • Mr BitoSQL
    Mr BitoSQL 7 lat temu

    Fuck.. Bring a dustpan, brush and mop...

  • Hendra Car Channel
    Hendra Car Channel 8 lat temu

    years old uploads

  • Ariel Alvarez
    Ariel Alvarez 8 lat temu

    What good is an airbag is the steering column impales you? The only decent cars made in China seem to be MG, which was British anyway.

  • voiceofreason2008
    voiceofreason2008 8 lat temu

    @technofreak3535 agreed 110%
    this along with other chinese knock offs belong where the cars they were copied from have ended up
    the scrap heap

  • Anthony Datuin
    Anthony Datuin 8 lat temu

    Oh so this is how China tries to control their huge population.

  • jdelahaye35
    jdelahaye35 8 lat temu

    buying a chinese car equals to buy the most expensive coffin

  • ahmed elshater
    ahmed elshater 8 lat temu

    man: hey why are u walking like this
    driver: i made an accident and the tyre got into my ass

  • josefina Sandén
    josefina Sandén 8 lat temu

    made in china = shitty motor

  • Austin Baker
    Austin Baker 8 lat temu

    how fast is that

  • Alessio S
    Alessio S 8 lat temu

    @aldomovielovers LandFarth

  • Alessio S
    Alessio S 8 lat temu

    @jep77ray standard package airbag inclusive all in the price :p

  • sansar selim
    sansar selim 8 lat temu

    mande in chine autooooooooooooo........

  • Alex Miller 1980
    Alex Miller 1980 8 lat temu

    In communist China the SUV car eats you !.

  • Jeffrey Agussoekarno

    What the hells the point of an airbag when the steering wheel goes on and tries to decapitate you?!

  • Daniel Wang
    Daniel Wang 8 lat temu

    lol`take your cloth off if you dont like cinese``````````go to south korea even cheaper```````````lol...........

  • PatCruiser
    PatCruiser 8 lat temu


  • BlackGaruda
    BlackGaruda 8 lat temu

    LANDFAIL ...

  • 3dkiller
    3dkiller 8 lat temu

    5% of surviving change after that crash

  • klefihafg
    klefihafg 8 lat temu

    WTF? Das ist kein Auto, sondern eher ne Ziehharmonika...

  • alluminyo
    alluminyo 8 lat temu

    LEGO is better than this!!!! lol

  • Extremely Inept
    Extremely Inept 8 lat temu

    It may be some parts, but it's certainly not the majority.
    Also, the parts that are sourced from overseas will have to be produced to the safety and quality control standards of the country they're being shipped to, so it doesn't really make a difference (at least as far as the safety/quality is concerned) WHERE the hell they come from!
    I apologise for how rude I was before by the way man... Bad day maybe I think, was kinda out of order!
    Lets continue like intelligent humans =D

  • Extremely Inept
    Extremely Inept 8 lat temu

    But that's not what we're arguing about is it. You stated that "All cars are fabricated in Mexico or China! even Ford BMW Nissan."
    That's not the case. Yes SOME of the parts will be made in countries it's cheap to make them in, but not most because the expense of shipping the vast quantity of parts from all over the world would make most cars unaffordable to the majority of people!
    They're built in the countries they're sold in, and tested to the requirements of that country.

  • aoxilus
    aoxilus 8 lat temu

    @DJUsive1 You are the one that doesn't get it and it is sad that you can't express without insulting. The FAQ is that Multinational Companies located in different parts around the globe chose cheap or developing countries in order to reduce costs while manufacturing. Yes they do try to assemble in home but the majority of parts are being produced in those countries. and I guess you really need to see the news. Yes there are cases like Ferrari and Bugatti who manufacture almost "by hand"

  • Extremely Inept
    Extremely Inept 8 lat temu

    I actually can't quite get over the level of stupidity you've just displayed.
    If every country in the world had to pay China and Mexico for their cars, we'd ALL be speaking either Chinese or Spanish because they would have taken over the world by now. Do you ever watch (for example) this thing on TV they call "the News"? You should, because with the "recession" going on, there's been a lot in there car factories having to lay people off.
    Get a fucking grip and know your facts you tool.

  • Extremely Inept
    Extremely Inept 8 lat temu

    You're actually retarded. We have factories that make Fords, Hondas, Toyotas, Vauxhalls...(I could carry on all day here) in the UK alone you massive fuckwit. Car manufacturing is a huge part of every country's economy you silly gimp, not just fucking Mexico and China!
    Jesus fucking Christ you're stupid.

  • aoxilus
    aoxilus 8 lat temu

    @DJUsive1 ok if you want to believe in Snow-white that is your problem

  • Extremely Inept
    Extremely Inept 8 lat temu

    Erm... No they aren't. They tend to be made in the country in which they're going to be sold, with the exception of supercars (since if someone is paying £200k or more for a car, the extra 5-10k to get it imported is nothing and the amount of them they sell is fairly small in comparison to, say, the Ford Mondeo).

  • IparIzar
    IparIzar 8 lat temu

    @sweetlikeADAM Which is a rebranded Isuzu Rodeo

  • Ausra Cibiene
    Ausra Cibiene 8 lat temu

    And you die

  • Cute Cat Corner
    Cute Cat Corner 8 lat temu

    "if you want to die,
    Buy this chinese car!"

  • Adam Alsnayyan
    Adam Alsnayyan 8 lat temu

    @workensmart No, it's actually a rip off of a German car.

  • Big Bad Wolf
    Big Bad Wolf 9 lat temu

    It looks like a copy of opel frontiera .

  • Romi
    Romi 9 lat temu

    any rollover tests?

  • MUDSTERmachine
    MUDSTERmachine 9 lat temu +1

    crapwind would be a better name !!!!

  • Raymond Fong
    Raymond Fong 9 lat temu

    Most of the cars have crumple zones in the front but This whole car is the crumple zone.

  • nuke583
    nuke583 9 lat temu

    Isn't that a complete copy of the Jimmy but just more sucky?

  • Peter Nis
    Peter Nis 9 lat temu

    LOL Opel Frontera xDD

  • Viking Valhall
    Viking Valhall 9 lat temu

    This is the original car in crach-test, one can maybe not blame Landwinds failure on the chinese alone...

  • Alex adamovitch
    Alex adamovitch 9 lat temu

    china's version of the Jeep. o||||||||o

  • Siver0944
    Siver0944 9 lat temu

    did you see that airbag, thats a chinese joke, now you´re safe, hahahahahahah!!!

  • FantomLightning
    FantomLightning 9 lat temu

    @vidik79 it still does better than this...

  • therealguy419
    therealguy419 9 lat temu

    @ikt93 your legs are the crumpling zone =)

  • aoxilus
    aoxilus 9 lat temu

    @Chinastinks All cars are fabricated in Mexico or China! even Ford BMW Nissan

  • Илья 79
    Илья 79 9 lat temu

    Opel Frontera is shit..