Film Theory: The Secret to FUSING a Cat and Dog (Nickelodeon CatDog)

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  • Bobbo The Rosso
    Bobbo The Rosso Miesiąc temu +13437

    Why...why do I need to know this...
    Rational part of me: Cos Film Theory made a vid on it

  • living. for. herron
    living. for. herron 2 godzin temu


  • Chad Howard
    Chad Howard 4 godzin temu

    You're the. best game theoriest

  • Fionnbarr Mc Govern
    Fionnbarr Mc Govern 5 godzin temu

    PT Barnam wasn't a swindler man, he was an entertainer! Charging small, affordable fees to see his side shows and entertain a nation going through hard times. He stands apart from swindlers I believe.

  • game fans
    game fans 5 godzin temu

    Spider lame

  • Starswirl 78910
    Starswirl 78910 13 godzin temu

    IM A JAIDEN!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Borys Czapla
    Borys Czapla 15 godzin temu

    10:24 fallout 5 😨

  • Jeff Helix
    Jeff Helix 18 godzin temu

    I don’t what to use eye bleach aahhh 😫

  • Tyler Delmonico
    Tyler Delmonico Dzień temu


  • Supertanookimario
    Supertanookimario Dzień temu

    You guys see the fortnite joke?

  • Unicorn lover❤️
    Unicorn lover❤️ Dzień temu

    Hey ehh why did you use the background of full house?!😂😂

  • mariel ramirez
    mariel ramirez Dzień temu

    Taking a small break to avoid the eye bleach

  • SquashGaming
    SquashGaming Dzień temu

    rest in peace keyboard cat

  • Idek Hailey Rush
    Idek Hailey Rush Dzień temu

    I watched this only to be disappointed.

  • Call out The Dylan
    Call out The Dylan 2 dni temu

    Mat pat is using staple memes again

  • MEEKEL To the MAX
    MEEKEL To the MAX 2 dni temu

    The picture of the dog in the neck thing is the same dog I have it's a norwegian elkhound

  • Johan Mize
    Johan Mize 2 dni temu

    o o

  • ParkersStuff
    ParkersStuff 2 dni temu

    Hello, squeamish people down in the comments!

  • xXxNRTnEbulaxXx :-
    xXxNRTnEbulaxXx :- 2 dni temu

    You forgot domains

  • Curry Ninja
    Curry Ninja 2 dni temu +1

    What if the cats and dogs aren't connected completely. Simply to body's attached to each others, like tying tie cats tails together

  • The Hacker
    The Hacker 2 dni temu

    If there was a catdog me and my friend would get along

  • Amanda Letcher
    Amanda Letcher 2 dni temu

    There's only one problem to that scrolling down to not see something part people who are watching on phones

  • Potato YT
    Potato YT 2 dni temu


  • Great
    Great 2 dni temu

    This is perfect. Watching a Cat Dog theory video in a Cat Dog oneies 😂😂

  • Psychic Dawn
    Psychic Dawn 2 dni temu

    5:27 What about those animal crackers named after him? I LOVE those.

  • ethan briggs
    ethan briggs 2 dni temu

    What about genetics engineering

  • Alexa The Space Wolf Wolf

    There was no seventy million years ago :V earth is only like twenty thousand years old :V

  • Dork Drawer
    Dork Drawer 2 dni temu

    Anyone in the background see the full house house

  • Justa Jypsie
    Justa Jypsie 2 dni temu

    V is for vulture

  • Justa Jypsie
    Justa Jypsie 2 dni temu

    I watch all three of those animators lol

  • Ervin Onan Escobar Brodie

    Why......why you Bully me

  • Ruby Tuesday
    Ruby Tuesday 2 dni temu +1

    I have a cat dog pop viynal lol it's amazing

  • Larson Holleman
    Larson Holleman 2 dni temu

    I remember in 2014 and I am 9 years oldb

  • Oddly Allaway
    Oddly Allaway 2 dni temu

    Wait Rocco was a... I used to watch it but I never realized.

  • Justin Valdez
    Justin Valdez 3 dni temu

    that kaine immune system that attack a french was(look at profile pic)

  • Dr.Cadaver Dr.Cadaver

    I'm only commenting to look away from the mutant amimals

  • Angelisa Gio
    Angelisa Gio 3 dni temu

    No wonder a mule is called an Ass

  • Probro Gaming
    Probro Gaming 3 dni temu

    13:26 R.I.P Gabe ;-; i salute to u, doggo

  • Probro Gaming
    Probro Gaming 3 dni temu


  • DweebTeambuilder Jones

    You wouldn't need to stitch them together, actually. Certain types of conjoined twins very closely resemble CatDog, specifically ischiopagus.

  • Golden Dragon211
    Golden Dragon211 3 dni temu

    D.i.y make your childhood a reality

  • aesus richards
    aesus richards 3 dni temu

    How do they poop.

  • Zerrek The Dog
    Zerrek The Dog 3 dni temu

    Who needs VRV when you can just watch it on for no cost at all?

  • Bubble Winchester
    Bubble Winchester 3 dni temu

    * sees the word taxonomy *

  • Nick 8 J
    Nick 8 J 3 dni temu +1

    Genetically engineer doggo dna to accept catty tissue with crispr and boom!

  • Suzanne Ortiz
    Suzanne Ortiz 3 dni temu


  • Suzanne Ortiz
    Suzanne Ortiz 3 dni temu

    Random person :Let's make a Cat-Dog!
    ( A pause) Scientist :Go back to cloning dinosaurs! You don't even work here!

  • Suzanne Ortiz
    Suzanne Ortiz 3 dni temu

    1:48 Did you just trash JAIDEN ANIMATIONS,.!?

  • Helene Ekfeldt Bergvik

    Dont forget Theodd1out

  • Youtube Viewer
    Youtube Viewer 3 dni temu +1

    New legendary mule in fortnite battle royale

  • hamdish2004
    hamdish2004 3 dni temu

    barking at that bacteria phage postman :'(

  • Fist Power
    Fist Power 3 dni temu

    he said it is a theory sooo u shouldnt belive this nothing is impossible lol

  • Tinkerbell Kinder
    Tinkerbell Kinder 4 dni temu

    REBECCA JAIDEN!!!!!!!!

  • ward rebhe
    ward rebhe 4 dni temu

    There was no piano back then only harpsichord:D

  • Alex B
    Alex B 4 dni temu +1

    Mat u said wholphin but u showed a picture of a orca and dolphin when ORCAS ARE DOLPHIN

  • Hypster Charizard
    Hypster Charizard 5 dni temu

    I want skip holiday merch.

  • Nico Marschat
    Nico Marschat 5 dni temu

    "Mrs. Higgins?"

  • Welcome Home
    Welcome Home 5 dni temu


  • Leo Valdez
    Leo Valdez 5 dni temu

    PT Barnum ripping off The Mystery Shack

  • Brookie Skye Shy/introvert/depressed user

    Dang it Mat I’m a fan of Jaiden and rebel’s and all of ‘em why did cha have to break my heart

  • KitsuneRose
    KitsuneRose 5 dni temu


  • Doctor Disney
    Doctor Disney 5 dni temu

    I actually learned in college bio that Domain is actually the 1st classification in Taxonomy, then Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species.

  • Vladimir B
    Vladimir B 6 dni temu

    🐱 d

  • SukiTheFurry Draws
    SukiTheFurry Draws 6 dni temu

    Mat knows whats up with that crunch on Saturday!

  • RojasRedLion
    RojasRedLion 6 dni temu

    That was my favorite intro you have ever done

  • AmatMiguel
    AmatMiguel 6 dni temu

    Fun fact: in Catdog, Cat is the Dog's butt. This is proven over several episodes. Whenever the cat eats, the cat pukes; and when the dog eats, the cat pukes.

  • Madeve Moskal
    Madeve Moskal 6 dni temu

    silver snake😜

    MORGAN STRAND 6 dni temu


  • ksenija kecur
    ksenija kecur 6 dni temu

    Well how is IT going to poop?

  • Christy_ Efth
    Christy_ Efth 6 dni temu

    ohhh my god i used to watch cat dog hey arnold and all these cartoons you showed and im now 14 as a small kid i always liked old school cartoons like daria and stuff like that and its always weird to adults that i actually know and love these old school cartoons i dont know why though

  • Emerald Gaming!
    Emerald Gaming! 6 dni temu

    Wow a jaden animations joke

  • Emerald Gaming!
    Emerald Gaming! 6 dni temu

    He has speken a shib

  • The GamerVampire
    The GamerVampire 6 dni temu

    I watched Rocko's Modern Life when I was a toddler!! It was ssoooooo funny!!

  • yuri_ DDLC
    yuri_ DDLC 6 dni temu

    Flat drake soda 🤣🤣 bish whaaaaa

  • Dani •
    Dani • 6 dni temu

    If you think rocko's modern life was inappropriate, don't watch ren and stimpy.

  • hellfire films
    hellfire films 6 dni temu

    Whenever I saw a cat dog episode I always wondered where are their anus do they poop from the mouth

  • hellfire films
    hellfire films 6 dni temu

    Dogs have already cross bread

    We call those animals Huskies

  • Princess Mary Playz Roblox


  • Oswaldo Valencia
    Oswaldo Valencia 7 dni temu

    Me and my cousin watched a computer voice( its voice a super creepy) talk about why cat dog was the “devils cartoon” and I went on it again after like 5 years and the first thing I heard( which my 10 years old self found really inappropriate) was cat talking to a mouse and the mouse said “why don’t you ???? You big pussy” that’s it was just weird that that was the first thing I heard after a long time

  • Random Emo
    Random Emo 7 dni temu

    10 yr old girl watching educational videos but in school i hate it. . . 😂😂😂

  • Supah Koopah
    Supah Koopah 7 dni temu

    I remember the classification by the name of K(King) PICO FIGS. He had no “eyes”

  • Aubry Snoddy
    Aubry Snoddy 7 dni temu

    Very weird

  • Angel_ Wolf
    Angel_ Wolf 7 dni temu

    I loves meh self a cat

  • Mick Gorro
    Mick Gorro 7 dni temu

    Caballus should be stressed on the second a (kuh-BAH-luss) not the first (KAH-buh-luss).

  • Little Boo
    Little Boo 7 dni temu


  • Tabitha Marie
    Tabitha Marie 7 dni temu

    It'd be nice if I could clone MY dog... she died...

  • Jerome 1214
    Jerome 1214 7 dni temu

    Can I get 10000 subs without any videos

  • Cherish Sabotta
    Cherish Sabotta 8 dni temu

    I like that home Improvement joke lol

  • KeeganKraze
    KeeganKraze 8 dni temu

    It's called VRV

  • Christian Jacobsen
    Christian Jacobsen 8 dni temu

    I'm gonna go google that right now 8 legged spider sheep

  • Joshie lover
    Joshie lover 8 dni temu

    0:58 "kätzenklaviä" its pronunced katzenklawier like you write it but instead of a v a w 😂😂i know im a klugscheisser (if anyone knows what klugscheisser means ,congratulations you are a legend)

  • MarcusMining Plush Bros

    I have a few questions!
    What would their lifespan be?
    What if the cat or dog died?

  • gemma t
    gemma t 8 dni temu

    What happened if you put a dog and a cat in the pool in machine and yet them to

  • Maria Rowena Grace Sacramento

    We just watched a 16 minute fucking af

  • SNEEMXYCG Gaming and humor

    10:22 spider-lamb

  • Nico gabriel catalla

    anyone realize he knows subnautica seriously poeple non of you do

  • Agam Chadha
    Agam Chadha 8 dni temu

    Dogs are better,cats are pussies,fuck off.

  • Roach DoggJR
    Roach DoggJR 8 dni temu

    Ah, Rocko's Modern Life... full of sexual innuendos, references to homosexuality, tales of being harassed by the neighbor's wife... Good stuff, good stuff.

  • Armand Bier
    Armand Bier 9 dni temu +1

    How does the cat dog poo?

  • Pengu PW
    Pengu PW 9 dni temu