Film Theory: The Secret to FUSING a Cat and Dog (Nickelodeon CatDog)

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  • Bobbo The Rosso
    Bobbo The Rosso 5 miesięcy temu +14570

    Why...why do I need to know this...
    Rational part of me: Cos Film Theory made a vid on it

  • Silly Potato
    Silly Potato 19 minut temu

    I feel like these aren’t even theory’s after he’s done with them

  • Daniel Wise
    Daniel Wise Godzinę temu


  • Monica Pickett
    Monica Pickett 17 godzin temu

    Id be very interested in the article about cats receiving transfusions from dogs, considering they literally dont even have the same classification of blood types (for them its a lot more complicated, not like a,b, or o for people) Also dogs can receive a transfusion from any blood type once before developing an immunity

  • HugoPlays
    HugoPlays 17 godzin temu

    Gabe the dog!!!!

  • Aaron Campbell
    Aaron Campbell 20 godzin temu

    who thought to grade of because of biodiversity

    DOOM SLAYER 21 godzinę temu

    I don't believe you but I trust you

  • Alyssa Brodsky
    Alyssa Brodsky 21 godzinę temu

    The greatest showman was the best movie ever!

  • Allen Xav
    Allen Xav Dzień temu

    HAHAH XD LIKE FOUR AND A HALF MINUTES IN”good show everybody!”

  • Yvonne Inman
    Yvonne Inman Dzień temu +2

    Ok so I have a suggestion for theory: In Reck It Ralf 2, Ralf falls into a car falling from a giant building. Is it possible for him to survive falling into a flying car from a REALLY tall building? The force of the fall would be the same! Right? 🤔

  • Cows Fart
    Cows Fart Dzień temu +1

    What about CRISPR

  • Alex Pronker
    Alex Pronker 2 dni temu

    11:14 what in Hell did go wrong?

  • Carson Hendry
    Carson Hendry 2 dni temu

    Hey I liked the greatest showman

  • GerardRockMyWorld
    GerardRockMyWorld 2 dni temu

    I've seen a zonkey at the State Fair

  • Bethany Tucker
    Bethany Tucker 2 dni temu

    Can u do some vids on just ad magic? or what is the cutest animal? i mean, netflix beat u to that one, and how many bottles of dr peper would i need to drink befor I barf. or die. haha plz do some of the vid ideas

  • Aaron Troyer
    Aaron Troyer 2 dni temu

    im a purple parrot

  • Aaron Troyer
    Aaron Troyer 2 dni temu

    its called kittydog. >:3

  • Leanna Bryant
    Leanna Bryant 2 dni temu

    I want a skippy of my on

  • Flying Shep
    Flying Shep 2 dni temu

    some random person: i like t-

  • Beboo Urie
    Beboo Urie 2 dni temu

    So I just replayed the first few milliseconds of the video and mats voice in the beginning makes me laugh every time
    I know this is random but who cares

  • Copycattoast576 A
    Copycattoast576 A 3 dni temu

    Hey that’s krieger from archer, YES!

  • Dust
    Dust 3 dni temu

    My inner Kaminoan is being unleashed

    *It's time for a clone army*

  • jack m
    jack m 3 dni temu

    What no love for the odd1sout

  • Kashmear The Cat
    Kashmear The Cat 3 dni temu

    I can still see it

  • Nathan Caldwell
    Nathan Caldwell 4 dni temu

    A M
    I N D O C T R I N A T E D!!!

  • Hayden Haas Art and Gaming!

    Hello fellow theorists, here is a hint on how it happened "Fallout 76 Fallout 76 Fallout 76 and Cat and dogs Cat and dogs." Reply if you know what Fallout 76 means.

  • Joseph Betts
    Joseph Betts 4 dni temu

    Mat pat. I love film theory and game theory thatnks for the epic wins

  • #Cheetah_ girl24
    #Cheetah_ girl24 4 dni temu

    I need a dogto' right meow, from this video!

  • Richard John Llabres

    as for watching Rocko's Modern Life, at my age I can finally relate to Ed Bighead and I happened to have an ex that acts like Bev Bighead.. 😂😂😂

  • Archer Evans
    Archer Evans 4 dni temu

    My cat was named kippy

  • Lol Bit
    Lol Bit 4 dni temu

    This is my science for today

  • Alaina Nayre
    Alaina Nayre 5 dni temu

    Am i the only who got hyped when seeing jaiden?

  • Flame Miller
    Flame Miller 5 dni temu

    I was fine until the last option.

  • Jason Cordes
    Jason Cordes 5 dni temu

    No cat dog how bout cat sheep

  • beckfest turtle
    beckfest turtle 5 dni temu +3

    Y dont you clone a cat and a dog in the same pod and have there clones form into each other.

  • jojo siwas receding hair a line

    Actually the pictures weren't that bad but hello, comment crew

  • Juan Gonzalez
    Juan Gonzalez 5 dni temu

    Hi guys didn’t want to see it

  • Prestoned D
    Prestoned D 5 dni temu

    Vrv is cool

  • A Petmonkey
    A Petmonkey 5 dni temu

    I’m weird I think the mutated animals are cute

  • juliaplays roblox
    juliaplays roblox 6 dni temu

    ......... *RIF*

  • Joe the Wolf
    Joe the Wolf 6 dni temu

    1:00 I love how you fucked up the pronounciation so much that it's awesome again. Good ol' Americans and speaking German. (No shade, boooooiiiiii)

  • John Ostrunic
    John Ostrunic 6 dni temu

    Just use catdog memes mat

  • Kevin Estrada
    Kevin Estrada 6 dni temu

    Real catdog 13:49

  • gage brown
    gage brown 6 dni temu

    Did you know that when I was scrolling through the alike videos it was all your videos

  • Sally Trip
    Sally Trip 6 dni temu

    Drinking Game: Take a shot everytime MatPat uses a dead meme

  • Cole impact yt
    Cole impact yt 6 dni temu

    How dare you insult my favorite animaters

  • Chelsie Erickson
    Chelsie Erickson 7 dni temu

    I have a cat dog. It's name is jobo. She's very weird.

  • michael gamez
    michael gamez 7 dni temu

    I forgot he's freinds with j,d,and j you aslo went to vidcon2018

  • Emerald the cat
    Emerald the cat 7 dni temu

    oh no.

  • chihauhua dude
    chihauhua dude 7 dni temu

    You've betrayed the doges.😠😠

  • Emily Nelson
    Emily Nelson 7 dni temu

    *this is the one me and my class came up with

  • Lps Cookie
    Lps Cookie 7 dni temu

    I looked it up and wenslow is a mouse

  • Isis The Wolf
    Isis The Wolf 7 dni temu

    It isn't common for animals to have two (or more) heads/faces. Same as humans.

  • Mason's Games
    Mason's Games 7 dni temu

    silver snake

  • ShellFone
    ShellFone 8 dni temu

    Just watched Rocko's... nice

  • free candy
    free candy 8 dni temu +1

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Jieonna J Jaramillo
    Jieonna J Jaramillo 8 dni temu


  • Muhammad Ashraf
    Muhammad Ashraf 8 dni temu

    Good vid matpat :)

  • 12345678910 Gavin
    12345678910 Gavin 8 dni temu

    My god they show that

  • Ayla Stinks
    Ayla Stinks 8 dni temu +5

    Me: uh I wonder how cat-dog... poops ;-;
    I’m the only one

  • Niklas Niedermaier
    Niklas Niedermaier 8 dni temu


  • The Real Julian YT
    The Real Julian YT 8 dni temu

    I also like jaidenanimations

  • Magic Dog Games
    Magic Dog Games 8 dni temu

    What about genetic splicing?

  • Cloudy Cookies
    Cloudy Cookies 8 dni temu

    Hey guys 👋

  • Elizabeth Callan
    Elizabeth Callan 8 dni temu

    Love Rocko

  • Elizabeth Callan
    Elizabeth Callan 8 dni temu

    I remember those days

  • Brett Kerr
    Brett Kerr 8 dni temu

    I grew up watching Rocko's modern life. Funny shit 😂

  • GreenSheep
    GreenSheep 9 dni temu

    1:48 hashtag shameless promotion

  • GreenSheep
    GreenSheep 9 dni temu

    1:48 matpat watch who you're messin with

  • ITS ZOD!
    ITS ZOD! 9 dni temu

    fuck thisnwhole thing was an add

  • wonderland potatoe
    wonderland potatoe 9 dni temu

    I'll be safe down here

  • Edda Oviedo
    Edda Oviedo 9 dni temu

    Have a nice 15 sec break

  • Patty Peabody
    Patty Peabody 9 dni temu

    For anyone that scrolled down)
    Personally I thought they where super cute so uh, y'all missed a lot

  • Tayler Chaco
    Tayler Chaco 10 dni temu

    Shut up mat jaidens my favorite youtuber


    Hey FUCK YOU

  • Kaden Fife
    Kaden Fife 10 dni temu

    unsubscribed because that's rude

  • K Alexis
    K Alexis 11 dni temu


  • Ciaran Fahy
    Ciaran Fahy 11 dni temu

    Orrr.... Crisper.

  • Stormix Gaming
    Stormix Gaming 11 dni temu

    That "scientifically" bred Cat dog is just ugly, I'm sorry

  • Titus Lass
    Titus Lass 11 dni temu

    CatDog super cartoon

  • Slicer_LP
    Slicer_LP 11 dni temu

    just watching this and heard you pronounce Katzenklavier xD It's extremely funny to hear it like that, because i am german. But nice video

  • Chris Blanchard
    Chris Blanchard 11 dni temu

    And kindergarten

  • Bullet Jackson
    Bullet Jackson 11 dni temu

    Mom: he's so weird! And what if it's not right.
    Me: that's what's fun about it he'll get to make more

  • Anleo Anna
    Anleo Anna 11 dni temu

    Watching in 2019 and Happy little viewer is right black magic

  • princessgummygirl
    princessgummygirl 11 dni temu

    Why wasn't the cat playing the theme and the dog dancing to it or something?

  • Stips Chilan
    Stips Chilan 11 dni temu

    Wait... how do they use the rest room?

  • Sky Gaming
    Sky Gaming 11 dni temu

    the chrimazone should be 69 to fit this topic

  • iKiwi
    iKiwi 11 dni temu

    If a sheep has eight legs than does that mean that they are apart of the arachnid family? (Spider Family)

  • T Series-
    T Series- 11 dni temu

    I use eye bleach everyday

  • Robin Underwood
    Robin Underwood 11 dni temu

    My dog died yesterday form cancer and

  • Sraptor10
    Sraptor10 11 dni temu

    that one moment when a video is made just to build up to a shameless plug
    not to insult the episode or anything though

  • Rai DoesTWNY
    Rai DoesTWNY 11 dni temu

    My childhood! Yay!

  • Tuxedo Batman
    Tuxedo Batman 11 dni temu

    Hi people

  • Spirit Otter
    Spirit Otter 11 dni temu

    Crunch berries nah peanut butter crunch was that bomb

  • Artist Raven
    Artist Raven 11 dni temu

    Can be a wierd conjaied twin

  • Evan Cisneros
    Evan Cisneros 11 dni temu


  • Something Brakkk
    Something Brakkk 12 dni temu

    If this abomination was real... There is only one question...

    Does it have a hole in the middle to poop?

  • games_springtrap2015
    games_springtrap2015 12 dni temu

    if catdog are two animals together...HOW THEY POOP