Film Theory: Tangled - Rapunzel's Hair is KILLING Itself!

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  • Opublikowany 18 sie 2017
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    Disney's TANGLED is one of my favorite modern Disney Classics, but the movie begs answers to Several questions about Rapunzel's luscious locks. Have you ever wondered if hair is actually strong enough to carry the weight of a grown man? Or if Rapunzel could manage the weight of so much hair in the first place? Well after getting tangled up in some research, Loyal Theorists, I have found the answers!
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  • Jaycie Rossetti
    Jaycie Rossetti 8 godzin temu +1

    13:35 Don’t hit unsubscribe!

  • Lisa Ridener
    Lisa Ridener 8 godzin temu +1

    Her hair is magic show means her whole body is magic so probably a kid will stand that Weight of that so probably she is more stronger

  • False Kings
    False Kings 12 godzin temu

    If her hair was constantly being pulled on, would her scalp adapt to the constant pulling?

  • Nutellajar 10
    Nutellajar 10 20 godzin temu

    The only problem is if you ate a sunflower I don’t think it would make your hair magical

  • Pigeon_ DoesThings
    Pigeon_ DoesThings 2 dni temu

    Doin me a fascinate

  • Peyton Animates
    Peyton Animates 2 dni temu

    Lmao so Jojo Siwa is definitely going to experience Traction Alopecia from her literally tearing her hair out from putting it up all the time

  • PandaCat Vampire
    PandaCat Vampire 2 dni temu

    Some people hang from there hair.

  • Amster
    Amster 3 dni temu

    Hey mat are you sure about that 11,000 kilo because I’m a goddamn European who use kilo almost everyday and I learned from elementary school that 1000 kilo is 1 ton ( still love your show :D )

  • Cailey Kitty Hernandez


  • Cailey Kitty Hernandez

    Here's a theory since rapunzels hair has healing powers it makes her immortal because every time she gets older or sicker her hair automatically heals her.So if this was the case then Mother gothel made her think she was 18 because she didn't want to be old. So if Mother Gothel told her she was 140 years old and will live forever might send her to a point where she's suffering being immortal and cuts off her hair. There's one mystery solved.

  • reaper
    reaper 3 dni temu

    Calf's of steel

  • Starr Girl
    Starr Girl 3 dni temu +1

    This hurts my neck just watching...

  • Joseph Lopez
    Joseph Lopez 3 dni temu

    Lee Lee pons really

  • Elsajen
    Elsajen 3 dni temu

    then agian we also know that in tangled:the series she makes a hair dryer after for washing (9:48)

  • Elsajen
    Elsajen 3 dni temu

    the flower...

  • Keira jenner
    Keira jenner 3 dni temu

    Maybe it's the magic flower that help her hair grow that long that fast.

  • hey
    hey 3 dni temu

    "leelee pons"

  • StudioSomthing
    StudioSomthing 3 dni temu

    3:40 heehee i donated my hair to Locks of love

  • Elijah Fry
    Elijah Fry 4 dni temu

    matt just exept that all these Disney movies are just cartoons and fictional so stop trynna turn it into real life

  • Wyatt Troup
    Wyatt Troup 4 dni temu

    You had to have a joke about Rhett’s hair in this video >~

  • Lily mae
    Lily mae 6 dni temu

    Umm... Her hair is magical.

  • Wolfie And Foxy Pokémon Foxy Kun San

    When Tangled was born You think she had a lot of hair haha I had more then her as a newborn.

  • Legendgamer321
    Legendgamer321 6 dni temu

    lee-lee pons😂

  • Addison Fox
    Addison Fox 6 dni temu

    um the emoji movie comes into play

  • Madeline Feldblum
    Madeline Feldblum 6 dni temu +1

    (A pixie cut)
    (I'm donating it)

    • Madeline Feldblum
      Madeline Feldblum 5 dni temu

      +tyler It did, thanks ;)

    • tyler
      tyler 6 dni temu

      that’s awesome! I bet it will look (or looks) great!

  • Madeline Feldblum
    Madeline Feldblum 6 dni temu

    but...doesn't rupunzel get her hair cut off at the end of the movie?

  • harmony adzo dovlo
    harmony adzo dovlo 6 dni temu

    you have ruined my last 10 years of life

  • Kitty cat Kaleigh swan

    Wait so is that what baldi has on his head so sad…

  • Andrew Benson
    Andrew Benson 7 dni temu

    By the way with the 2 elephants it can hold the elephants with doing it with one whole rope of hair but in the video he half's her hair making her hair half as strong

  • Sarah Mondidu
    Sarah Mondidu 7 dni temu +2

    me:my hair is a bit long

    matpat:and cut.... your hair CUT IT NOW

    me:jeez fine ill do it now

  • A Dalton
    A Dalton 7 dni temu

    In ur couches butt groove. I choked on air when he said that and then laughed for ten minutes

  • A Dalton
    A Dalton 7 dni temu

    PRINCE Eugene? Really?

  • Anna N
    Anna N 7 dni temu

    Can you please do a theory on heathers...

  • Patryk Markiewicz
    Patryk Markiewicz 7 dni temu

    One word MAGIC

  • Icy1
    Icy1 8 dni temu

    One problem I have with your conclusion, and I will explain it indirectly with a different experiment...
    Boiling a frog compared to bringing a frog to boil. GG ez.

  • Oliver Hughes
    Oliver Hughes 8 dni temu

    You said cut the hair I got a haircut yesterday

  • Thanujan Thavaratnam

    Imagine getting split ends with that hair or getting a rats nest

  • J.B Productions
    J.B Productions 8 dni temu

    but it is magic hair. couldn't it be super strong or something? thats also how it grew so fastened every thing else. btw i typed all this before watching the video so keep that in mind

  • David Hunt
    David Hunt 9 dni temu

    Do futurama

  • Vesna Stergar
    Vesna Stergar 9 dni temu

    i did subskribe

  • Vesna Stergar
    Vesna Stergar 9 dni temu

    no her har wundt get puld aut bikos as some of hair is faling aut the weight wud dicres as the stres so she wulnd lost hor hair komplitli don’t men anithing wrong

  • King Omer
    King Omer 9 dni temu

    Yeahhhh......... but it’s magic...... so she might not feel da pain........... or it might not damage it self...... cause it’s magical.......... just saying...

  • Darth Panda
    Darth Panda 9 dni temu

    MatPat's shots towards Lele Pons is dirty

  • Margaret Faulkenberry

    Why do you got to call lele pons out like dat man?

  • Sky The one punch fan

    Well about the washing thing, in the picture of her tower there is a waterfall next to it but she of course wouldn’t have soap. My point is that she could use the waterfall to wash her hair.

  • Kristian Robbins
    Kristian Robbins 9 dni temu

    I do not like this

  • Sienna Leis
    Sienna Leis 9 dni temu

    That really scared me! But I was good

  • I don’t Know what I’m doing

    But you have to remember she got her powers from a flower in the movie the flowers power is now in her hair so it would be most likely smelling like flowers too and every time she sings he scalp would heal also she has little lived with this hair all her life her scalp most likely is used to the amount of pulling

  • Michael in a bathroom
    Michael in a bathroom 10 dni temu +1

    *hears hair can be pulled out from stress*
    me: *takes hair out of tight ponytail*

  • its_Reign _Playz
    its_Reign _Playz 10 dni temu

    You said her name wrong it's lele pons not lili pons...

  • skull princess
    skull princess 11 dni temu

    But but but... her hair is magic soooooo traction alopitia would be impossible ALSO, because it’s magic it probably wouldn’t weigh 60 pounds it would probably be considerably lighter so when magic is in play scientists is impossible 😤😤

  • Daniel Herter
    Daniel Herter 11 dni temu

    Hey Matpat, if you actually get to see this comment, you made a huge mistake in this video, Rapunzel actually has brunette hair not blonde hair. Brunettes have less hair follicles than blondes. Now you need to remake the video ~evil laughter~

  • Macronboy
    Macronboy 12 dni temu

    I wonder what MatPat’s google search history looks like...
    I mean, you look at how much weight you hair can hold, you look at royal heritage, and you look up uhhhh... “Can I make the poison apple from Snow White?”

  • Audrey Wolfe
    Audrey Wolfe 12 dni temu

    Matpat: "vertabruh"
    Me: "vertabray"

  • Spock Tuvok Vulcan
    Spock Tuvok Vulcan 12 dni temu +1

    But.... if her hair has healing powers... doesn't that mean it would heal her head every time she sang?

  • michael brown
    michael brown 12 dni temu


  • Amy Chance
    Amy Chance 12 dni temu

    What about her healing factor?

  • Martin Smouter
    Martin Smouter 12 dni temu

    I've an explanation. The tangling of her hear spreads the force over the head by forcing every hair that wants to be pulled out to take all the others with him or/and she has knots of hair under her head skin, so to pull one out you have to break the skin instead of just pull the hair through the already existing hole.

  • ShadowRainboe
    ShadowRainboe 12 dni temu

    The only reason her hair can be so long is because of the healing powers against gravity and how thick it is
    + what you said but this as well

  • Fun valley with Konki
    Fun valley with Konki 12 dni temu

    She has power in her hair so her here goes faster

  • Zaniah Sumo
    Zaniah Sumo 14 dni temu

    My little cousin weighs 60 pounds....😐That's my little cousin she has to balance.

  • Star And Angel
    Star And Angel 14 dni temu

    Wouldn't her hair be fine now since she cut almost all of it off?

  • Kenon Quack
    Kenon Quack 14 dni temu

    She has healing Powers she's in a cycle
    of snaping her neck and It healing

  • GentleSpy
    GentleSpy 14 dni temu

    Honestly in TF2 standards the Pan IS LITTERALY THE BEST WEAPON! trust me... the crit rate is fucking insane,And im not takin in concideration the fucking Golden Frying Pan which is LITERALY WORTH 3000$

  • sandwich OwOlord
    sandwich OwOlord 14 dni temu

    Now u have 7427216 subcribers or 7 million 427 thousand 216

  • Read more
    Read more 14 dni temu

    *yeahh, but i mean her hair was mixed with magic.....sooo....*

  • Joshua okoro-sokoh
    Joshua okoro-sokoh 15 dni temu

    8:51 and made by the Same Character Designer.

  • Ryah The Mermaid
    Ryah The Mermaid 15 dni temu +1


  • Isaac Castellanos
    Isaac Castellanos 15 dni temu

    Foul the magic makes the hair blond

  • MightyNighty7
    MightyNighty7 15 dni temu

    Is there a frying pan in Fortnite?

  • *-•Ali Faye•-*
    *-•Ali Faye•-* 15 dni temu

    Anyone else see an ad about a period before watching this?? No?? Just me? Okay..

  • Tucker Higbee
    Tucker Higbee 15 dni temu

    10:29 yeah, you.

  • Shelby Garcia
    Shelby Garcia 15 dni temu

    She need some miracle edges

  • KitKat 23 XD
    KitKat 23 XD 15 dni temu

    But she has literal magic hair.

  • Paige Murray
    Paige Murray 15 dni temu

    Ok but isn’t that hair magic, not only that but doesn’t it have magical HEALING abilities?

  • TwentyØneMelødy
    TwentyØneMelødy 15 dni temu

    Childhood = ruined

    IM RANDOMLY ALIEN 15 dni temu

    Ohh this is why stop putting my hair up.... hm Well pat 👍Good job

  • Bradicalss
    Bradicalss 15 dni temu

    HOLY CRAP has anyone seen that picture of JoJo Sewa SHE MUST HAVE Traction Alopecia

  • Hannah Coghlan Rennie
    Hannah Coghlan Rennie 15 dni temu


  • Murdoch The Spooky
    Murdoch The Spooky 16 dni temu

    Hey hold up... What about breakage? Cause you are forgetting that hair breaks all the time, due to an uncountable amount of things. Well, when Rapunzel's hair is cut, it loses it's power, and blonde color and fades to brown. All of her hair would very likely be brown by the time she turned 5. let alone 18. Sure it's magical, but it can't bend the laws of biology

  • Lauressa Beach
    Lauressa Beach 16 dni temu

    I honestly think Jo Jo Siwa has traction alopecia

    DYLAN ROMERO 17 dni temu

    Oh no I have a manbun😬🥺😖

  • mint marsh productions

    It's called tangled but she swings from her hair gets trapped under water with that hair and so much more, and has perfectly straight hair

  • KittenMellow X3
    KittenMellow X3 17 dni temu

    Dude her hair is magical and long cuz her mom drank that magical flower stuff and made her magical and wtvr

  • david link
    david link 17 dni temu

    Factor in her healing abilities and her hair can reverse its own damage

  • Ya-boi-icedude21 Fu
    Ya-boi-icedude21 Fu 17 dni temu

    did he say lea lea pons?????????

  • WhatTheFridge 1o1
    WhatTheFridge 1o1 17 dni temu

    Jojo siwa has entered the chat

  • Lego Brick Planet Animations

    Do a power rangers theory

  • Ashwolf_yt Gotchaverse/Studios

    Damn that’s worst that jojo sewa

  • Jessica_Roy
    Jessica_Roy 18 dni temu

    Every time she sings to restore Gothel's youth she'd be healing herself - i.e. her own scalp as well

  • Ibrahim Shah
    Ibrahim Shah 18 dni temu

    her hair is magic

  • A Michaels
    A Michaels 18 dni temu


  • daisy maciag
    daisy maciag 19 dni temu

    Buttttt... If her hair has healing powers wont it just heal her scalp and the hair itself and prevent traction alopecia? Lol idk

  • Cori Bishop
    Cori Bishop 19 dni temu

    It's pronounced la la and don't sham

  • Oliver Dominguez Canela

    I love lele pons

  • Oliver Dominguez Canela

    her name is pronounced le le pons

  • custerjessica
    custerjessica 19 dni temu

    What about bread? Bread doesn't have a - ohhhhhh... Bread does have a butt...

  • 胡友裕
    胡友裕 19 dni temu


  • selsel uwu
    selsel uwu 19 dni temu

    the camilion is so fab!

  • Niko Rose
    Niko Rose 19 dni temu

    Pat as much as I love your vids why can’t you leave Disney movies alone THEIR ALL FANTASY RL STUDIES AND PHYSICS DO T MATTER