Film Theory: Tangled - Rapunzel's Hair is KILLING Itself!

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  • Opublikowany 18 sie 2017
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    Disney's TANGLED is one of my favorite modern Disney Classics, but the movie begs answers to Several questions about Rapunzel's luscious locks. Have you ever wondered if hair is actually strong enough to carry the weight of a grown man? Or if Rapunzel could manage the weight of so much hair in the first place? Well after getting tangled up in some research, Loyal Theorists, I have found the answers!
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  • alv estrella
    alv estrella 8 godzin temu

    Jojo Siwa: *Traction Alopecia*

  • Deku Midoriya
    Deku Midoriya 9 godzin temu

    Cut!Cut your hair CUT IT!!-Matpat

  • Stashy Pig
    Stashy Pig 10 godzin temu +1

    *don't judge me* I have a crush on Raupunzal

  • TinyGaming
    TinyGaming 10 godzin temu

    The only time I've cut my hair was when I was 4

  • spinosaurusrex
    spinosaurusrex 11 godzin temu

    I’m surprised she doesn’t have a giant mound of hair she shedded

  • Ironic_CheeseCake
    Ironic_CheeseCake 14 godzin temu +1

    MatPat, did you include the weight from the sweat and dirt her hair was picking up?

  • Lydia fraser
    Lydia fraser 15 godzin temu

    Really MatPat, no way. I call FOUL!

    DESPACETO 21 godzinę temu

    I’m drinking coke right now

  • Schrödinger's Cat
    Schrödinger's Cat 22 godzin temu

    Technically since her hair does have a healing factor it would be able to constantly heal her scalp so she would be fine.

  • Yahia Hassan
    Yahia Hassan 22 godzin temu

    Can’t she heal her self

  • Dragon 321
    Dragon 321 Dzień temu

    You missed out the chance to point out the fact that how is it possible for her to braid it To about a little longer than she is tall.

  • Dell None your business
    Dell None your business Dzień temu +1

    You did make me second guess putting TANGLED in my top three faves

  • Olivia Johnson
    Olivia Johnson Dzień temu +1

    My hair goes up!
    My hair goes down!
    My hair... can hold 3.5 tons...?

  • A cowbo
    A cowbo Dzień temu

    Why did a get a hair shampoo ad after this...

  • Denise
    Denise Dzień temu

    But we'll it's... It's magic hair you know...
    OK I'll leave

  • Lady Unicorn
    Lady Unicorn 2 dni temu

    Also her hair is a magical healing hair so it can heal itself so it can heal itself

    Credit to the person who came up with this

  • Lady Unicorn
    Lady Unicorn 2 dni temu

    Her hair is 70 ft long
    Edit: I wrote this before I saw the part in the vid

  • Vanessa Ferreira
    Vanessa Ferreira 2 dni temu

    I literally cut 3/4 of my hair today 😂

  • May Sal
    May Sal 2 dni temu

    When you talked about hair being ripped out of your head it reminded me of little girl in the news that went to a carnival and her hair got stuck in one of the rides

  • Kawaii_ Editor
    Kawaii_ Editor 2 dni temu

    For all you guys that have been saying"Oh she has magic hair"
    He was talking about if the hair would work on a real human
    And I think you know that real humans don't have magic hair

  • Life is a Cup of Tae

    MatPat- Rupunzel has traction alopecia so her hair will fall out n never grow back
    Me- I thought she had healing hair. Doesn’t that mean her hair will heat itself?
    How abt we talk about how Flynn says in the beginning of the movie that ‘a drop of the sun fell on earth n a magical flower w healing powers grew there’
    A drop of the sun would destroy this planet n rupunzel or Flynn or anyone else would’ve never, ever existed.
    You’re welcome 😊

  • Panda Lover
    Panda Lover 3 dni temu

    Matpat: And cut your hair!CUT IT!!!

    Me:Nooooo i already have short hair

  • Young Swank
    Young Swank 3 dni temu

    When you rock only cornrows, a bun, or braids

  • WAFFLES Wuh!!!
    WAFFLES Wuh!!! 3 dni temu


  • Sharktos
    Sharktos 3 dni temu

    I think her hair would by repaired by her power

  • Lola Popcorm
    Lola Popcorm 3 dni temu +1

    Maybe rapunzel is dustin in s3 trying to get to the russian base because dustin is missing some bones

  • Malle Mouse
    Malle Mouse 3 dni temu

    Um doesn’t her hair have healing magic? Couldn’t it cure the allalecha (spieling?) and keep her hair strong?

  • ๒ㄩЯи
    ๒ㄩЯи 3 dni temu

    Yeah but...

    Hair hair is magic so your theory wouldn’t work. Lolololol get rekt

  • Tropical pineapple
    Tropical pineapple 3 dni temu

    somebody show this to JoJo Siwa.

  • Mabel Cardona
    Mabel Cardona 3 dni temu

    What if everything may pat says if not true but it’s just the magic flower that helps her all the stuff like it not ripping

  • Mabel Cardona
    Mabel Cardona 3 dni temu

    Mat pat u forgot about the magic flower what if that helped her grow her hair that long

  • Abd Elawahed
    Abd Elawahed 3 dni temu

    One word magic

  • Axel Storms
    Axel Storms 4 dni temu

    Nobody said she doesn't wash the hair xd

  • Danielle Hambrecht
    Danielle Hambrecht 4 dni temu

    MatPat: So apparently Tangled is a very plausible movie and everything that happens can actually happen.
    Also MatPat: BUT! This is film theory folks and we are here to bring Disney down

  • alyssa gourdet
    alyssa gourdet 4 dni temu

    Ok so by the way repunzel holds her hair she doesn't feel any of the weight pulling on her scalp because she's gonna feel it with her arms

  • Nicole Primera
    Nicole Primera 4 dni temu

    MattPat you on your butts

  • Christie Marie
    Christie Marie 4 dni temu


  • chicken nugget
    chicken nugget 4 dni temu

    but her hair could heal itself

  • Tragic Tears
    Tragic Tears 4 dni temu

    Her hair has healing powers so over time without her realizing it it heals itself so if anything it reverses all the damage it takes

  • Dat guy Harley
    Dat guy Harley 4 dni temu

    Foul 🐔

  • Jojo And Peyton YT
    Jojo And Peyton YT 4 dni temu +1

    8:02 Rhett from good mythical morning

  • Micah Mannell
    Micah Mannell 4 dni temu


  • Aussie Animations
    Aussie Animations 5 dni temu

    I was just thinking every single day you lose steins of hair what basically means Rapunzel should have quite a bit of non-magical hair just by it naturally falling out.

  • Alien Player
    Alien Player 5 dni temu


  • Stewie and the Fam B

    1:33 it’s funny cuz they actually did make an emoji. Movie 🤣 and it sucked lol

  • assistant trent
    assistant trent 5 dni temu

    How is rapunzel not a musclebound brute

  • SuperSaltyTea
    SuperSaltyTea 5 dni temu

    but isn’t she healing her hair and scalp with her MAGIC HEALING hair?

  • Miranda Nunez
    Miranda Nunez 6 dni temu +1

    Her hair is actually 70 ft long is crazy bc I can't control my hair and it's about 9 inches long 😂

  • TheMinarus
    TheMinarus 6 dni temu

    Bro i'm growing out my hair and I can tell you i grow FAR more than one centimeter a month that number is ridiculously short, i took my own sort of average at 2 inches or 5 centimeters (Even thought i usually grow between 3 and 4 inches a month...I'm not kidding it's true btw!)
    1 feet= 30cm
    And so 70 feet (Her length of hair)X30= 2100/5=420 months which is 35 years.
    Sure is a lot but more realistic when you consider it's magic hair and 1 cm per month is really hard for me to believe

  • Cate52
    Cate52 6 dni temu

    him and dazgames need to collab doing a theory on lele pons with there similar opinions lol

  • White Night
    White Night 6 dni temu

    In the minute 12:40 the princess threw her hire up and its look very easy for her to do it and if she was do all that thing all days she will become stronger

  • White Night
    White Night 6 dni temu


  • Klaire and Addie Vlogs and challenges

    Mat pat and Lele pons were both in escape the night
    The first season and the 3rd season

  • Lulu Vega
    Lulu Vega 6 dni temu

    How can she have that much hair and no lice at all?

  • maroberson74
    maroberson74 6 dni temu

    I plucked a strand of hair from my head
    And broke it in half

  • Peeko the ledgendary slakoth

    Doesn't locks of love sell the wigs..?

  • Jose Gurany
    Jose Gurany 7 dni temu

    At 8:03 minutes reth from reth and link is in frame

    DANK MEME 7 dni temu

    Jojo siwa

  • Hudson Coolidge
    Hudson Coolidge 7 dni temu

    Her hair grows back because she has magic hair and it stays and keeps growing back. Disney magic

  • Shade flower
    Shade flower 7 dni temu

    The last part of that theory scared me so much...

  • winter 2298
    winter 2298 8 dni temu

    Is no one gonna mention that she was born with like 9 feet of hair??

  • dat boi
    dat boi 8 dni temu

    That steel stuff cool but isnt her hair unbrakebel

  • Stuff, stuff, stuff, and more stuff

    Stop judging Disney 👸👸👸

  • Clara Makanjera
    Clara Makanjera 9 dni temu

    Hey sorry to be rude but i won't cut my hair

  • Nick Richards
    Nick Richards 9 dni temu +1

    Rapunzels hair would just heal itself

  • An Average Cactus
    An Average Cactus 9 dni temu

    it wouldn’t even break her neck if the vertebrae wasn’t that strong....she’s pulling it back, towards her head and anyone with long hair will confirm that brushing it when it’s ratty doesn’t hurt if you pull your hair towards you it barely feels like it’s being pulled at all. it’s more about her own strength to pull a human up

  • Burak Uyar
    Burak Uyar 9 dni temu

    Her hair would heal her

  • Keylis Abreu
    Keylis Abreu 9 dni temu

    wait but it hasn't always been 60 lbs. it just grew to that length by the time she was 18. Plus she holds her hair often like its a purse or a rope so it's not as heavy.

  • mariyah belalia
    mariyah belalia 9 dni temu +1

    “ LeEleE POns”

  • Tpug master With Toast and Silas

    If rupuzel gets lice that would be a nightmare

  • Wolfie Girl
    Wolfie Girl 10 dni temu

    She could be keeping her hair clean the way people before plumbing did. She could be putting oils and such into her hairbrush to "wash" her hair and keep it pretty clean. It still wouldn't be in the best condition, but it would be better smelling and not as gross looking/feeling.

  • Nick&Tammy L
    Nick&Tammy L 10 dni temu

    Not to be a hater but she has magic hair

  • MyNameIsNat
    MyNameIsNat 11 dni temu +1

    3:27 ROAST

  • Miguel Angel Molina Sanchez

    not true , she has healing powers with that hair, so that damage would be repaired every time she sings the magic spell, you forgot that and I was waiting all the video to be mentioned but no

  • Xx NightGamer xX
    Xx NightGamer xX 11 dni temu

    But Matpat its scientifically proved that if you don't wash your hair for 6 weeks it washes itself naturally

  • Melissa
    Melissa 11 dni temu

    But her hair has healing powers, wouldn't it also HEAL itself?

  • GalaxiStarz
    GalaxiStarz 11 dni temu

    Really MatPat? No way. I call FOUL!
    (Yes I know this isn’t original don’t hate)

  • Earthquack
    Earthquack 12 dni temu +1

    At least she cut her hair in the end

  • Lj Toothless
    Lj Toothless 12 dni temu

    How would anyone climb her hair without gloves? Hair splinters are awful!

  • Avah LaMothe
    Avah LaMothe 13 dni temu +2

    Why isnt her arm hair, leg hair, ect. not 70 feet long? that would be weird. xD

  • SunsetGacha
    SunsetGacha 13 dni temu +2

    While watching this I noticed something. When you were researching Rapunzle you focused on BLONDE hair. But when Eugene cuts her hair it turns BROWN. So that means her hair is only blonde while the magic in her hair is active. So maybe this would have changed the results of the video. I'm not smart so I'm not sure just something I noticed that you probably won't even see. 😕

  • Marshi Moo
    Marshi Moo 13 dni temu

    I just tied a full bottle of windex to my head with my own hair to see if I could walk with it.
    *i regret nothing*

  • Claudia Sarabia
    Claudia Sarabia 14 dni temu

    No because her hair has magic 🥺😂

  • PlayBud101
    PlayBud101 14 dni temu

    I was the 5,000,000th sub

  • Johnathan Thompson
    Johnathan Thompson 15 dni temu;_ylt=AwrC3O_cnyJdPQQAZR8PxQt.;_ylu=X3oDMTB0N2Noc21lBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNwaXZz?p=chicken&type=xle_rnew_19_27_ssg24&hspart=dcola&hsimp=yhs-001¶m1=1¶m2=cat%3Dweb%26sesid%3D8a5cb7a900b6e56c11a2045673c3a6a4%26ip%3D76.253.60.116%26b%3DChrome%26bv%3D63.0.3239.132%26os%3DWindows-7%26os_ver%3D6.1%26pa%3Dgencoll%26sid%3D00f77caa208fb23740d1888b4c79dae4%26abid%3D18765%26abg%3D22516%26a%3Dxle_rnew_19_27_ssg24%26sdk_ver%3D1.4%26cd%3D%26cr%3D%26f%3D%26uref%3D&ei=UTF-8&fr=yhs-dc

  • Dragonait 999
    Dragonait 999 15 dni temu

    13:10 you had the perfect opportunity to say "we've untangled Tangled"

  • F. J. Blakemore
    F. J. Blakemore 16 dni temu

    but she has magic hair, so that's why its still clean, so long, possibly weightless and why she has no hair loss.

    • F. J. Blakemore
      F. J. Blakemore 3 dni temu

      @ultimate distroyer That too! But just a thought, even tho she's used to the weight, shouldn't she be somewhat deformed?

    • ultimate distroyer
      ultimate distroyer 13 dni temu

      Her hair probably heals her scalp whenever she sings the song and shes grow up with the hair her entire life shes used to the weight

  • Julie McCarraher
    Julie McCarraher 16 dni temu


  • Soren Simard-puge
    Soren Simard-puge 16 dni temu

    she slowly a grew up mainly saying that she grew up getting more hair as she grew so she would be normal to having to carry much that much weight so it is all plausible

  • cool 66367
    cool 66367 16 dni temu


  • cool 66367
    cool 66367 16 dni temu


  • cool 66367
    cool 66367 16 dni temu


  • cool 66367
    cool 66367 16 dni temu


  • Skittletune _
    Skittletune _ 16 dni temu +1


  • Lunala Moon
    Lunala Moon 17 dni temu +2

    As soon as he brought up that Traction Alopecia thing, I instantly thought of Jojo Siwa's receding hairline

  • Mei Noodleson
    Mei Noodleson 17 dni temu

    But matpat she’s not dragging 60 pounds of hair for 18 years because she is growing her hair parallel to her body and her hair is going to be shorter when she’s 10 then when it’s 60 lbs when she’s 18

  • Angel Morales
    Angel Morales 17 dni temu

    Can you do a theory on if you can sweat upwards like Gauro from one punch man

  • Nightingale Song MSP
    Nightingale Song MSP 17 dni temu

    okay, but are you not going to bring up the fact the body has to put a lot of resources into growing hair? when I was anorexic I actually lost it because I wasn't getting the food and protein I needed. So for her to grow hair that long, in that amount of time MUST leave her with some deficiencies.

  • DayDreamSky
    DayDreamSky 18 dni temu +1

    Rapunzel's FAKE Mother: I'm never gonna cut her hair again.
    My Mom: C'mere you're gonna get a haircut! Your hair is a mess! YOU NEED TO CUT IT!

  • Dilesha Mcwashington
    Dilesha Mcwashington 18 dni temu

    The problem with ur final point is mother gothel probably sings at least once a week thereby causing Rapunzels hair to heal itself as well as her