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  • Opublikowany 8 paź 2018
  • It's time for a laser that can pop balloons and light matches!
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  • Spiketrap
    Spiketrap 15 godzin temu

    “iTs a BaZoOkA!!”

  • Charlie Gole
    Charlie Gole 17 godzin temu

    Do your mikes actually do that or is that edited

  • Mervin Macasieb
    Mervin Macasieb 21 godzinę temu

    cody vote red cause he dosn't want garret to get a super cool fuckyou cody fuuuccckkkyoouuuu

  • Eli Cash
    Eli Cash 23 godzin temu

    comment ur favorite segment

  • Supreme krabby Patty
    Supreme krabby Patty Dzień temu

    I ran a mile today at school

  • Evelyn Leong
    Evelyn Leong Dzień temu

    After the intro you already see the cool not cool vote buttons

  • Abby Hayes headquarters

    Make a dp socce ball ⚽️

  • Gantavya R
    Gantavya R Dzień temu


  • Leroy Johnson
    Leroy Johnson Dzień temu


  • Halldór Steinsson
    Halldór Steinsson Dzień temu


  • Halldór Steinsson
    Halldór Steinsson Dzień temu


  • Halldór Steinsson
    Halldór Steinsson Dzień temu

    HI YT

  • 112 334
    112 334 Dzień temu +1


  • Suresh Kumar
    Suresh Kumar Dzień temu

    both the twins got super cool at the same time

  • Shigra Kumar
    Shigra Kumar Dzień temu +1

    wifes vs Chad is too boring

  • Outdated burnt Cereal
    Outdated burnt Cereal Dzień temu

    Sub to me

  • Evelyn Leong
    Evelyn Leong Dzień temu

    What if Ty got picked for wheel unfortunate?who will be Ned forrester?

  • Mr pickles
    Mr pickles Dzień temu

    11:50 cody

  • Wolf Howard
    Wolf Howard Dzień temu +2

    You can hear him say yes at 8:09 because he's excited to show the strongest laser xd

  • Bharatram Panati
    Bharatram Panati Dzień temu +1

    9:28 it is yellow
    9:30 it is purple


    • Bharatram Panati
      Bharatram Panati Dzień temu

      Cinnamon Vin oh

    • Cinnamon Vin
      Cinnamon Vin Dzień temu

      Its the lasers ray bouncing around in the inside, making it purple. Ince its popped you can see the popped yellow balloon in his hand.

  • Jorge's Geometry Dash Channel !!!!

    1:03 Was This Cory Yelling?

  • Broscor 77
    Broscor 77 Dzień temu

    Hello I love you guys

    MARIA GOES Dzień temu

    I got all the dude perfect toys and clothes

  • Raylee Hatch
    Raylee Hatch Dzień temu

    The wives are so sweet!

  • Bear
    Bear Dzień temu

    this show would be so awkward without editing, lol.

  • lefty2486
    lefty2486 Dzień temu

    The wheel unfortunate punishment is kinda like impractical jokers murr punishment

  • Mathew Shircliff
    Mathew Shircliff 2 dni temu

    Am I the only one who saw a ghost knock over Garret’s mic at 8:29

  • Irma
    Irma 2 dni temu

    When Ty said turn it to the right he actually turned it to the left in reality

  • Killz Fade
    Killz Fade 2 dni temu

    Subscribed and shared, YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME

  • Ed Dean
    Ed Dean 2 dni temu

    I feel it’s a bit unfair on chad

  • Harry Adams
    Harry Adams 2 dni temu

    The main ones like tom cruises charactor in tropic thunder but PG and not on coke

  • Vijay.S Bowaj
    Vijay.S Bowaj 2 dni temu

    i dindt like the part where cody gave green to tyler and tyler gave red to cody

  • Don’t R/wooosh me
    Don’t R/wooosh me 2 dni temu

    Where can i get one of those mics

  • Cory Burns
    Cory Burns 2 dni temu

    Super Cool

  • Cory Burns
    Cory Burns 2 dni temu

    Super Cool

  • Cory Burns
    Cory Burns 2 dni temu


  • Cory Burns
    Cory Burns 2 dni temu

    Super Cool

  • Cory Burns
    Cory Burns 2 dni temu


  • UPRoaR RaiSe
    UPRoaR RaiSe 2 dni temu

    I lost it when he got smacked with the mic at 5:40

  • VergeRexzy
    VergeRexzy 2 dni temu

    Pause at 12:12 and look at cody

  • Tanner Bikes and games

    You where at my school Tyler you won 2 of 3 rounds

    CPX ELMOSTYLE 2 dni temu +2

    There’s 12 fish half of them drown how much are left?

    • Will TV
      Will TV Dzień temu

      CPX ELMOSTYLE none fish can’t drown

  • Daniel Garcia
    Daniel Garcia 2 dni temu

    Hey I wonder what happens if Tyler gets chosen?

  • RandoTV
    RandoTV 2 dni temu

    Where’s Panda?!?!

  • Koosh
    Koosh 3 dni temu

    you can't use normal sunglasses for a powerful laser, you are lucky you didnt go blind.

  • SqiddyGamez 1205
    SqiddyGamez 1205 3 dni temu +1

    2:30 tries to get in hence the obvious use other door sign 🤣

    KELAN FENTERS 3 dni temu

    i would run a mile in a mascot suit for fun

  • Jordan Luckie
    Jordan Luckie 3 dni temu

    Lol 5:35

  • Gnome Queen
    Gnome Queen 3 dni temu

    “The points don’t matter” what is this? Who’s line?

  • Aliyan Sarfraz
    Aliyan Sarfraz 3 dni temu

    wives vs chad is the worst...plz don't do it again...Thankyou!

  • Bubba Gump
    Bubba Gump 3 dni temu

    Hi dude perfect but the mascots that Garett was wearing that is my school mascot

  • tab021
    tab021 3 dni temu

    Chad is hilarious!!

  • Julian Alejandro NE
    Julian Alejandro NE 3 dni temu

    Why the subtitles in spanish says a lot of bad words? It's unbelievable!

  • Amanda Frazier
    Amanda Frazier 3 dni temu


  • Tamara Dunagan
    Tamara Dunagan 3 dni temu

    You are the funniest and coolest PLclip ever

  • Francisco Oliva
    Francisco Oliva 3 dni temu

    Nice show

  • Annika Little
    Annika Little 3 dni temu

    0:58 they sound like the Chipmunks.

  • Bk Burgerking
    Bk Burgerking 3 dni temu


  • cora kim
    cora kim 3 dni temu

    *Does anyone else think Chad looks like Rob Gronkowski?*

  • Manjari Bansal
    Manjari Bansal 4 dni temu

    Tyler's biggest fan

  • WKE Gaming
    WKE Gaming 4 dni temu +1

    If Tyler gets wheels unfortunate then who will be ned

    • GrimReapeter
      GrimReapeter Dzień temu

      Ned obviously 🙄, who else would

  • Mârblë Södá
    Mârblë Södá 4 dni temu

    Is it just me or is Ned actually Ty?

  • Jan Yang Khor
    Jan Yang Khor 4 dni temu

    2:49 yea cuz that’s the left door *cue drum pun thing*

  • Abanish Khakda
    Abanish Khakda 4 dni temu

    Its a bazooka!!

  • Kristin Morgan
    Kristin Morgan 4 dni temu

    tall guy beard twins purple hoser dude perfect overtime tall guy Beard twins
    purple hoser now we're headed to work overtime

  • Brooke Kellenberger
    Brooke Kellenberger 4 dni temu

    I love your channel I need a new basketball

  • Ryan Goole
    Ryan Goole 4 dni temu +1

    Chad knows way more it's fake lolski but still funny

  • Caleb Akaka
    Caleb Akaka 4 dni temu

    i like your vids

  • Josh Cullen
    Josh Cullen 4 dni temu

    How old do you have to be to get a job with dude perfect

  • ObliviousNInjaYT
    ObliviousNInjaYT 4 dni temu +1

    I love tys reaction

  • Kcrum's Dojo
    Kcrum's Dojo 4 dni temu

    Tall beard, guy, purple twins, a hoser

  • C9_Hockeydude Last name

    Wrist shot I’m disappointed she said soccer. Since when do you use your wrists in soccer. 😂😂😂

  • Fist Gamer
    Fist Gamer 5 dni temu

    trendy movie

  • Michel Pierre Louis
    Michel Pierre Louis 5 dni temu

    You're the best PLcliprs in the world from Charles

  • Frederik Nielsen
    Frederik Nielsen 5 dni temu

    My b-day in 9 dddddddaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyssssssssssssssss🙂

  • Braden Offord
    Braden Offord 5 dni temu


  • Bryissc Santana
    Bryissc Santana 5 dni temu


  • Bk Burgerking
    Bk Burgerking 5 dni temu +1


  • THE Legend
    THE Legend 5 dni temu

    Where can I get these mics ?

  • Zaira Zerie
    Zaira Zerie 5 dni temu

    When garret threw the golden boy. Haha then ty Hit him with his mike. Haha

  • Sawyer 6.0
    Sawyer 6.0 5 dni temu

    I want a new basketball 🏀

  • Isabella Delangel
    Isabella Delangel 5 dni temu

    Garrett's reaction when ned took off his hat price less😆😆

  • Debbie Kalantari
    Debbie Kalantari 5 dni temu

    I have a DP football

  • Alisia Frazier
    Alisia Frazier 5 dni temu


  • Rithik Dhivakar
    Rithik Dhivakar 5 dni temu +1

    The moment I see the video is sponsored by Honey Nut Cheerios...
    I get my bowl of Frosty Flakes out.

    Not sponsored BTW.

  • Landen Williams
    Landen Williams 6 dni temu

    I love your video

  • Julie St. Germain
    Julie St. Germain 6 dni temu +1

    Tall guy beard twins purple horser

  • Michelle Rostom
    Michelle Rostom 6 dni temu +1

    Much fav segment is cool not cool

  • RCx Lowtex
    RCx Lowtex 6 dni temu +1

    Ned forrester is a legend

  • Katrina Gentzel
    Katrina Gentzel 6 dni temu

    Dude Perfect rules! You guys are awesome. Shout out to you Garrett for running a mile in a Mascot Costume. That was amazing!

  • dũng nguyễn
    dũng nguyễn 6 dni temu

    can i have a basketball about dude perfect

  • Abigail Rozzoni
    Abigail Rozzoni 6 dni temu

    Where can I find that laser in Cool Not Cool , Coby?

  • manas dua
    manas dua 6 dni temu


  • MD Nur
    MD Nur 6 dni temu

    I have a very powerful laser

  • MD Nur
    MD Nur 6 dni temu

    My favourite PLclip channel dude perfect

  • garry singh
    garry singh 6 dni temu

    you send the parsel to india also

  • Gian Flores
    Gian Flores 6 dni temu +1

    I thought Garret has hair and tyler

  • vishal doshi
    vishal doshi 6 dni temu

    My friend stole your theme song

  • Sarah Moyer
    Sarah Moyer 6 dni temu

    You should do ten year old vs chad