Luckiest Moments Ever Captured On Camera

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  • Opublikowany 23 wrz 2018
  • Here are some of the luckiest moments you'll ever see!!!
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    Be Amazed at these luckiest moments! These cars aren’t out to admire the river. In fact, this is a flash flood, and everyone's trying to get out of the way. All electrical engineers know safety comes first. Still, It’s not often you get to stare death in the face and catch it on camera too. Don't put soda cans in the freezer, as they can, and have injured people after exploding, because when the water inside a soda can turns to ice inside the freezer, it expands and pushes the carbon dioxide out, causing an explosion. From Legolas to Katniss Everdeen ; interest in archery is high. Still, one trick remains that all archers around the world dream of accomplishing.
    It’s the end of a Jenga game . The tower is so unsteady a gust of wind could knock it over. The Running of the Bulls is an annual tradition in Pamplona, Spain where people risk their lives for no reason whatsoever. There’s nothing better than the feeling of sledding down a snowy hill .
    Cold weather and slippery streets are major winter hazards, but there are more dangers than that. I know it looks frightening and lucky at the same time with that Fox News logo trying to make it look all official, but it's actually a fake video that's been doing the round online.
    In another, similarly-terrifying incident last year, an airbus narrowly avoided colliding with four other planes filled with passengers sitting on a taxiway after a pilot mistook the taxiway for the runway it was trying to land on. Now for a moment of wonder from a dashboard camera in Russia. Life doesn’t always need an Instagram filter . In this well-timed shot a man bends down at the edge of a lake in a snowy park. The world of professional sports is a dangerous one. Sweeping vistas and treacherous mountain passes are a staple of Colorado, but this image comes straight out of The Italian Job . Have you ever been so late for a train you were willing to cross active train lines ?
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    BE AMAZED  2 miesięcy temu +111

    Part 2 here if you want to see more lucky moments!

  • Kitty Lover Gaming
    Kitty Lover Gaming 15 godzin temu

    cool and amazing

  • Miika Nyyssönen
    Miika Nyyssönen 18 godzin temu

    10:15 that guy have 10 testicles!

  • Sarah Lee
    Sarah Lee 20 godzin temu


  • Aditya Bhardwaj
    Aditya Bhardwaj Dzień temu

    6.32 - 6.42

  • Michael Gardner
    Michael Gardner Dzień temu

    Definitely the guy skiing down the avalanche was badass. At the moment he pulls a perfectly executed flip while riding down the giant wall of deadly moving snow, he's got to be the coolest man on planet earth.

  • elite00117
    elite00117 Dzień temu

    at 132

  • elite00117
    elite00117 Dzień temu

    was I the only one to catch the 13 reasons why reference i

  • Zain Dingo
    Zain Dingo Dzień temu

    the man who survived the train hit is lucky.

  • TDMJ4
    TDMJ4 Dzień temu

    There is a guy I think he has a PLclip channel but he learned how to shoot arrow while jumping and a bunch of other stuff, I’m pretty sure he’s split and arrow.

  • Septor18
    Septor18 Dzień temu

    I haven’t seen snow in 7 years the power of Texas

  • GrrMeister
    GrrMeister Dzień temu

    Pure Sex Appeal at 1:40 if I had that power why not express it !

  • nick dishart
    nick dishart Dzień temu

    i split an arrow pure luck tho it went in the back about 4 inches

  • Jason Carty
    Jason Carty Dzień temu

    The racing car and the people

  • Kevin R.
    Kevin R. Dzień temu +1

    The Avalanche hands down xD

  • Peace&Love
    Peace&Love Dzień temu

    Hello "Be Amazed" breathe not breath. two different things. watch your spell check.

  • latoya estes
    latoya estes Dzień temu

    2:14 this was at my grandmas house

  • Enrico Nieri
    Enrico Nieri Dzień temu

    This peruvian rallye accident was waaay better than the italian rallye:

  • Super Durp Pig
    Super Durp Pig Dzień temu

    5:25 nice photoshop

  • mark hughes
    mark hughes Dzień temu


  • mark hughes
    mark hughes Dzień temu

    I liked the showboating skier in the avanche

  • Pizza_masha []
    Pizza_masha [] Dzień temu

    Чэлуябинск облАст, ору

  • XI Taken
    XI Taken Dzień temu

    Air aplan

  • casen whipp
    casen whipp Dzień temu

    Put cameras on the plane

  • Nub R
    Nub R Dzień temu

    the race car one! its like ooommmggg becaue noone get hurt but driver gets hurt

  • Jesper Clemmensen
    Jesper Clemmensen Dzień temu

    So much misinformation. Thump down.

  • Elizabeth Julieann
    Elizabeth Julieann Dzień temu

    Bruh that archery video is from Korea not China ☠️🤦‍♀️

  • Bob Boberson
    Bob Boberson 2 dni temu

    Well done.

  • Timmy saxaphone
    Timmy saxaphone 2 dni temu

    There was almost a airplane mid air collision over my house no kid...

  • Mustafa Agha
    Mustafa Agha 2 dni temu

    That backflip tho

  • Makekjsjaha Nsjjsjsja

    Well i just looked through a lot of the comments and no one said anything about Big Time Rush being in here so if you’re scrolling through comments looking for something, here’s your sign.

  • Chris Brown
    Chris Brown 2 dni temu

    Wow! That van perched on a boulder; amazing, no it's awesome!

  • Mason szela
    Mason szela 2 dni temu

    My dad has put an arrow into another and it may be cool but it's just getting expensive

  • Christian Miller
    Christian Miller 2 dni temu

    Robin hood a arrow isn't that big of a deal

  • campkira
    campkira 2 dni temu

    hazard is all around us. but it don't hit then there are no different to everyday life.

  • Soggy Carrot
    Soggy Carrot 2 dni temu

    On January 2001? How about in September 2001

  • Delilah Saballa
    Delilah Saballa 2 dni temu

    I once almost got hited by a car a inch away i hope my luck gets me free money🤑

  • EduTime
    EduTime 2 dni temu

    Robin hood with an arrow is not very hard

  • Modern_Bowser123
    Modern_Bowser123 2 dni temu

    *ive seen a video* where this glowing light seemed like it was heading towards earth, everyone on the highway stopped and got out of their car some people were crying and some were praying but the light went away and everyone was happy*

  • Modern_Bowser123
    Modern_Bowser123 2 dni temu

    *all the stories I’ve seen of planes crashing makes me want to just drive to Canada instead of flying there*

  • Modern_Bowser123
    Modern_Bowser123 2 dni temu

    *I swear on that running of the bulls thing if I see one comment that says why women live longer ima be pissed off*

    ROBZTA M 2 dni temu

    Maybe the whale has an itch

  • Adam Bac
    Adam Bac 2 dni temu

    5:25 mice one* pilot* thanks!

  • Cade Humphreys
    Cade Humphreys 2 dni temu

    you didn't show the Jenga.

  • theRealMcCoy
    theRealMcCoy 2 dni temu

    when a whales back gets itchy, there is only one way to scratch it

  • Wedgenut Tanker
    Wedgenut Tanker 2 dni temu

    Telescoping one arrow with another is not uncommon, when I was downing a lot of target archery I did that several times and had my own telescoped.

  • The Chocolate Dino
    The Chocolate Dino 2 dni temu

    Hey, He should rename his channel to BE ASHAMED

    RIPFACE 2 dni temu

    How is it lucky to almost die in train crash?

  • Noel Francis
    Noel Francis 2 dni temu

    No such thing as luck. They were providentially protected.

  • Rainbow Information
    Rainbow Information 2 dni temu


  • Big Nugget124
    Big Nugget124 2 dni temu

    I had a lucky escape me and my friend we got in from sledgeing then all the snow fell of the roof right after I shut the door

  • Jose Jonez
    Jose Jonez 2 dni temu

    I wonder if the whales breach so high just because it's fun. It sure does look like they're having fun.

  • Paula Zemeckis
    Paula Zemeckis 2 dni temu

    god,how ignorant the running of the bulls is. and such stupidity and disrespect of the participating humans.

  • Bobcat YT
    Bobcat YT 2 dni temu

    The last one. It was like face of a god.

  • MrNairmkr
    MrNairmkr 2 dni temu


  • julia solomon
    julia solomon 2 dni temu

    Can't you even show a video properly? I hate hate hate hate hate hate your channel

  • Crusty Cobs
    Crusty Cobs 2 dni temu

    Click Bait

  • edie cute
    edie cute 2 dni temu

    Why isn't my break up picture with my ex on the list :/ for me it's the most luckiest shot moment of all ;)

  • Gavyn Davies
    Gavyn Davies 2 dni temu

    U know whats lucky
    I fell face first and didnt drop the chromebook

  • twochaudio twochaudio

    You feel the need you have to explane the clips.

  • twochaudio twochaudio

    Try not to be a comedian
    Leave it too the pros

  • IV lolGOD
    IV lolGOD 3 dni temu

    bruh how do you know all this stuff see all click bait

  • Tomcat Tomcat
    Tomcat Tomcat 3 dni temu

    Fox News is not an official news station

  • Jon Allen
    Jon Allen 3 dni temu

    The whales breech to clean themselves.

  • IISupermanII
    IISupermanII 3 dni temu

    We saw something just like that in our country but didn't get to vedio it in 7:11

  • Mylene Jane Bartolome

    my luckiest monet is that a fortuner car was comin to me and i doged it with a losing ball control

  • Conal Fawcett
    Conal Fawcett 3 dni temu

    God damn Tik Tok ads

  • Austin F
    Austin F 3 dni temu

    Clean the pubes off your film reel

  • Michael Talmadge
    Michael Talmadge 3 dni temu

    That guy on the sled that just slipped by 2 cars was pretty lucky.

  • Cole Walker
    Cole Walker 3 dni temu

    I think You’re The luckiest person For 4.8 million Subscribers.

  • Hamsters And Art
    Hamsters And Art 3 dni temu

    the greatest aviation disaster is 9/11, that incident would never be worse then 9/11

  • Yakuza Boss
    Yakuza Boss 3 dni temu

    Christians are going to say the soda can pattern is proof of God, lol.

  • Pete George
    Pete George 3 dni temu



    I seen 2 plane just like those Japanese airplane. from my home at evening..

  • Steve H
    Steve H 3 dni temu

    My vote is for the skier; my guess is he didn't have a clue what was behind him, until he did the backflip!

  • Shivam Prajapati
    Shivam Prajapati 3 dni temu

    The guy under bus crashed by train

  • Sterling Archer
    Sterling Archer 3 dni temu

    Good video.

  • 김도형
    김도형 3 dni temu

    2:45 you said china but it's south korea....

  • Symphony Breeze
    Symphony Breeze 3 dni temu

    2:36 its not china its in korean in the worng side

  • Storm Brzezinski
    Storm Brzezinski 4 dni temu

    Nobody see God in these!?!

  • Jordan Wagner
    Jordan Wagner 4 dni temu

    So because it's fox news it's discredited? Yeah its fake but go look at CNN and police. They lie ALL THE TIME. Stupid beta male

  • jcllings
    jcllings 4 dni temu

    @2:26 My father, who is a bow hunter, could only ever fire one arrow at a time because his second arrow would frequently destroy the first. Good for your ego but bad for your wallet. Broken nocks and sheered feathers were a regular issue.

  • TheGrayz Life
    TheGrayz Life 4 dni temu


  • DeanLdn_x
    DeanLdn_x 4 dni temu

    I love u
    I’ll give u a free rainbow dim on roblox pet sim

  • DeanLdn_x
    DeanLdn_x 4 dni temu

    Amazed I would like part 3 and part 4
    And part 5

  • DeanLdn_x
    DeanLdn_x 4 dni temu

    Good luck and good vid
    I’ll give another good luck!!!

  • Connie Lee
    Connie Lee 4 dni temu

    The last guy, the snow skier.
    I love his demeanor in the face of death, a back flip to go out in style, yet he triumphs! LOL

  • MetalMania 77771
    MetalMania 77771 4 dni temu

    My uncle has shot an arrow in another one

  • Sandlin22
    Sandlin22 4 dni temu

    8:24 "furry member" lol

  • я не русский

    I think the whales do it for fun tbh

  • the _
    the _ 4 dni temu

    I lucky pff just dream

  • Sopa DeQuesoCaliente

    Maybe the driver crashed because it a was a crash test dummy?

  • Sunil Thapa
    Sunil Thapa 5 dni temu

    skier followed by avalanches!

  • jim stauffer
    jim stauffer 5 dni temu

    Very nice stuff. thank you for das post

  • stop cop hate thinblueline

    Liking just for the “track record” joke.

  • Autumn Mooney
    Autumn Mooney 5 dni temu


  • TLM Minecraft
    TLM Minecraft 5 dni temu

    See the bear at the bottom man Russians 5:07

  • Johannes Mageroy
    Johannes Mageroy 5 dni temu

    The one with the crazy picture was the best!!

  • Mr Clean
    Mr Clean 5 dni temu

    *Achtung Todesgefahr*