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Dont Smile At Me (Full Album)

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  • Opublikowany 6 wrz 2018
  • Track List
    1. Copycat
    2. Idontwannabeyouanymore
    3. My Boy
    4. Watch
    5. Party Favor
    6. Bellyache
    7. Ocean Eyes
    8. Hostage
    9. &Burn
  • MuzykaMuzyka

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  • Tristan Marien
    Tristan Marien  13 dni temu +260

    I'm going to upload "WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?" as soon as it's released. Do you think it'll get blocked?

    • Emily Ash
      Emily Ash 23 godzin temu

      omg can't wait for that

    • Ying 418
      Ying 418 Dzień temu

      +Tristan Marien Thank you!

    • Tristan Marien
      Tristan Marien  Dzień temu

      I'll upload any songs that aren't on Billie's official channel, but I think she's going to put all of them on her channel. Either way, there will be a playlist on my channel with all 14 songs from the album.

    • Ying 418
      Ying 418 Dzień temu

      idk but please upload it one by one tho

    • Esai Red
      Esai Red 3 dni temu

      Never know Till u Try Yo Fingers Crossed

  • quentin bradley
    quentin bradley 6 godzin temu

    is the only LP that i like all the songs

  • Woof Gamist
    Woof Gamist 7 godzin temu

    2019 anyone???

  • Tabitha vlogs
    Tabitha vlogs 13 godzin temu

    Hate boys

  • Tabitha vlogs
    Tabitha vlogs 13 godzin temu

    I have a broken heart

  • Kellee Jenkins
    Kellee Jenkins 21 godzinę temu


  • cardi kulture
    cardi kulture Dzień temu

    beat dropped harder than my grades.

  • Billie Eilish
    Billie Eilish Dzień temu

    2019 anyone??

  • Lucas Maquivar
    Lucas Maquivar 2 dni temu

    its called bury a friend

  • 8D MUSIC
    8D MUSIC 3 dni temu +9

    I made 8D AUDIO of this whole album if you guys want a live experience!💖

    Have a lovelyy day! :)

  • Christopher Chapman
    Christopher Chapman 3 dni temu

    COPYCAT would be good for a radio single

  • Stella Dufault
    Stella Dufault 4 dni temu

    Alright dude...go trip over a knife! Litterely what I say EVERYDAY! Just same.............

  • seth cook
    seth cook 4 dni temu +1

    i hope the 282 people who disliked this video step on a lego

  • Katgirlsings
    Katgirlsings 4 dni temu

    I love Billie sooo much

  • Thacila Baia
    Thacila Baia 4 dni temu


  • lia ash
    lia ash 4 dni temu

    0:38 the beat dropped like my grades

  • Julianna Velasquez
    Julianna Velasquez 5 dni temu


  • Darinka Cano
    Darinka Cano 5 dni temu

    This is so cool! Thanks for uploading it

  • Daphne Montoya
    Daphne Montoya 5 dni temu

    Billie es lo mejor me paso escuchando sola esa cancion

  • Sofia Nunez
    Sofia Nunez 6 dni temu +1


  • patch1527
    patch1527 6 dni temu

    i sing this when i have a copycat

  • FaZe ShλdowWolf
    FaZe ShλdowWolf 6 dni temu +1

    Billie: alright dude... go trip over a knife!
    The dude: SIKE!
    Billie: aH tHe PoLiCe aRe CoMiNg iS gOiNg tO gEt ArReStEd!

  • brokennhearts _
    brokennhearts _ 6 dni temu


  • Marlee
    Marlee 6 dni temu +4

    You're _italic_

    I'm in *bold*

  • Sara Patterson
    Sara Patterson 7 dni temu

    i've listened to this album at least 10-20 times AT LEAST

  • Casey-Lee Brunette
    Casey-Lee Brunette 7 dni temu

    love it

  • Katherine Farrell
    Katherine Farrell 8 dni temu

    This is my go-to album when i am at school! :)

  • drunk cherry
    drunk cherry 8 dni temu

    слишком прекрасно

  • afif nizam
    afif nizam 8 dni temu


  • Nuha Faiza
    Nuha Faiza 8 dni temu

    How can the word bullshit sound so beautiful ???

  • FlyerDagger 12
    FlyerDagger 12 8 dni temu +4

    My favorite part is when she sings.......

    Ok I’ll leave I’m sorry..

  • רוני דהן
    רוני דהן 9 dni temu

    It's magical

  • awwmills
    awwmills 9 dni temu +2


  • Teo Oros
    Teo Oros 9 dni temu

    1.ocean eyes

  • Kalista Spence
    Kalista Spence 9 dni temu


  • my thoughts
    my thoughts 9 dni temu +2

    I've listened to this, 8.387 thousand times.

  • sofia baez
    sofia baez 9 dni temu

    BILLIE: Alright go trip over a knife
    MY BROTHER: what the hell are you listening to??

  • lazy days
    lazy days 10 dni temu


  • daisy doge
    daisy doge 10 dni temu

    her voice is so soothing

  • Sona PK
    Sona PK 10 dni temu

    I love the part where shes wearing red and is sitting next to a ladder with a yellow background

  • Elias Testoni
    Elias Testoni 11 dni temu

    Lana del Rey + Aluna George

  • Ayelen Dass
    Ayelen Dass 11 dni temu


  • SankDES
    SankDES 11 dni temu

    Can i copystrike this guy? *Sounds like a crazy woman*

  • Bruna Daniela
    Bruna Daniela 11 dni temu

    Thank u so much!

  • Tereza Onderková
    Tereza Onderková 11 dni temu


  • that one boi
    that one boi 11 dni temu


  • Zeno Cookie
    Zeno Cookie 12 dni temu +1

    Me: ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪

  • J&E
    J&E 12 dni temu

    That was the best 28 minutes and 58 seconds of my life

  • tiktok vidéo
    tiktok vidéo 12 dni temu

    💔Love Billie Don't Smile at Me-Eilish T-Shirt Funny Gift
    💔 💔

  • Estelle
    Estelle 12 dni temu +1

    Jennie brought me here!!

    • Francine
      Francine 11 dni temu

      Estelle Who is Jennie?

  • CarlyTheKittycorn
    CarlyTheKittycorn 12 dni temu

    omg billie looks so good in the background!

  • Alexis Howard
    Alexis Howard 12 dni temu


  • Dixie McGregor
    Dixie McGregor 12 dni temu

    I was singing idontwannabeyouanymore on the bus and one kid was like dam You can sing

  • Billie E
    Billie E 13 dni temu +1

    This is so true 9:41 that my favorite lyric ❤️

  • Kidiot
    Kidiot 13 dni temu

    How to make a top comment:
    1. Say something about the background.
    2. Say: who is watching in 2018?
    3. Make a beat drop joke.
    4. Write the lyrics.
    5. Say a random joke.
    6. Do what I am doing now.
    7. Make a list.
    8. Doing the

  • Pika Girl
    Pika Girl 13 dni temu

    i love all songs on this album

  • Life with Jules and stuff

    This is her best album

  • Brendon Urie’s Forehead

    I listened to this while playing roblox and it helped me rage a *little* less. Long story short, I ended up failing a ton of the levels so I screamed "HERE, TAKE ALL MY MONEY, I DON'T EVEN CARE ANYMORE." and wasted all my robux on skip level passes lmao.

  • Maria silva bezerra Bezerra

    Billie. Copycat

  • Lily PlaysYT
    Lily PlaysYT 14 dni temu

    Lets just focus on the fact that Billie was 13 when she made Ocean Eyes. Just PROCESS THAT.

  • Lily PlaysYT
    Lily PlaysYT 14 dni temu

    Alright dude, go-Trip over a knife

  • Lily PlaysYT
    Lily PlaysYT 14 dni temu

    I had a very good burrito
    And also a taco
    Many many food
    Good good good
    I have da fiesta
    Then ze after siesta
    Oof oof oof oof
    Ah ah ah ah ah
    Cheeto man
    Cheeto man
    Salsa burrito bam
    I own a smol poncho
    And it wave in da wind
    Taco taco taco
    Me is Da taco man
    My taco
    Your taco
    Our taco
    Like da vid btw

  • el the egg
    el the egg 14 dni temu

    i can't fucking wait to see how far she'll go

  • Sarah Corbo
    Sarah Corbo 14 dni temu +3

    231 people can go trip over a knife

  • Kira Eilish
    Kira Eilish 15 dni temu +1

    *alright dude, go trip over a knife.*

  • Angel Productions
    Angel Productions 15 dni temu

    Hater: *Billie Eilish is the best* at being the worst.
    Me: Billie Eilish is the best, you said it.

  • Annalena Bramkamp
    Annalena Bramkamp 15 dni temu

    i love u billie sm

  • Annalena Bramkamp
    Annalena Bramkamp 15 dni temu

    this songs make me the saddest person on the world

  • Annalena Bramkamp
    Annalena Bramkamp 15 dni temu

    ok .. billie is the most best, pretty singer, character and personality 🥰❤️

  • MiRonSito
    MiRonSito 15 dni temu

    Gracias por existir

  • Anoniem XD
    Anoniem XD 15 dni temu +1

    Just Came From her new Song, Anyone Else

  • Akira Maiko
    Akira Maiko 16 dni temu

    I'll sit and watch your car burn...

  • Yusra Unal
    Yusra Unal 16 dni temu

    Sorry sorry sorry ( SIKE ;) )

  • Arianna McKenzie
    Arianna McKenzie 16 dni temu

    My Grades
    *Maybe It's In The Gutter*

  • Nøah the winter deer
    Nøah the winter deer 16 dni temu

    I love her music's! 💙💙💙💙💙😊

  • sharpeningtheaxe
    sharpeningtheaxe 16 dni temu

    I don’t understand why she just goes by Billie Eilish when her brother makes all of her music with her. We never see him and Billie is the only one in the spotlight. Why is that?

  • Cute Panda
    Cute Panda 17 dni temu +5

    I've just realised, that at 16:53 after "It's kinda funny.."
    There's this "Ff." sound liek she's laughing! :o

  • Cute Panda
    Cute Panda 17 dni temu +2


  • kat purr
    kat purr 17 dni temu +7

    my puppy appreciates billie’s music. she gets calm listening to her

    • S Saleh
      S Saleh 17 dni temu +2

      awwwwh thats so cuteeeaahhh

  • Constanza San Roman
    Constanza San Roman 17 dni temu

  • Andrea Esquivel
    Andrea Esquivel 17 dni temu +1

    she's like melanie without the rape lmao

    • Jello Kupp
      Jello Kupp 12 dni temu

      you're like a fan without the real. lmao

  • Broken Angel
    Broken Angel 18 dni temu +2

    Can someone make Billie Eilish in 7 mins just mixing all her songs ( Kinda like Hamilton in seven minutes) that'd be great. Kthxbye

    ( Edit: And if you find a video like that HMU SOMEHOW STG I NEED THAT IN MY LIFE)

  • Nour Alaa
    Nour Alaa 18 dni temu


  • Noah James Hirlston
    Noah James Hirlston 18 dni temu

    Thank you

  • S Saleh
    S Saleh 18 dni temu


  • Nilla vanilla
    Nilla vanilla 19 dni temu +5

    Me: * tries to sing along with soar throat and dying voice *
    Billie: ._.

  • walnutthe 1
    walnutthe 1 19 dni temu +1

    8:44 Why tf does that sound like pidge (from voltron)

  • Softball Grace
    Softball Grace 19 dni temu +2

    Whoever’s reading this cmt, you are beautiful!💜don’t let anybody tell you different!🥰god didn’t create something and call it ugly💗, nor did he even say the word ugly in the bible☺️, there are always people out there who care, never think you’re alone because you’re never alone!🤧god has fearfully and wonderfully made you!!🤩you are amazing!👍🏼there is something amazing about all of us!!!😇I Cound now something I like about everyone in the comments!!!😚your skins not paper, don’t cut it, your life’s not a movie don’t end it.😌god has a plan for everyone!!🥳god makes everything happens for a reason!!!🤕my dad passed away of cancer 3 months ago, just keep your head up and keep on keeping on!🥴you can always call upon the lord to talk about things or to ask for forgiveness!! He will forgive you for anything!!! He loves each and everyone of y’all!! Even if you don’t believe in him, he loves you!!! I promise!!! Just remember next time depression hits you, that god put you here for a reason and you have a purpose here!!! I love you💜

    • EO Clips
      EO Clips 9 dni temu

      Softball Grace idk what hit when I was reading this is started crying. Idk why

    • Jello Kupp
      Jello Kupp 12 dni temu

      this didn't even get one like. lol people are pathetic. thank you, i really appreciate this! it made my day better. :)

  • slimey Wilkerson girl
    slimey Wilkerson girl 19 dni temu +1

    when it says psych its pretty much saying F@%$ u. like if u agree

  • malestupida skere
    malestupida skere 19 dni temu


    BTS FOREVER 19 dni temu

    i like so much his songs is like relax, to ignore the people

  • Brenda Mora
    Brenda Mora 19 dni temu


  • te critico si lo mereces

    i love the girl
    (sorry my english )

  • max jordan
    max jordan 20 dni temu

    such a pretty voice

  • Breezy Breeze
    Breezy Breeze 20 dni temu

    Omg listen to it 2x speed

  • 나타 및 제시pequeña

    The best álbum ♡

  • Alonzo Bonilla
    Alonzo Bonilla 20 dni temu +1


  • e1.darlin
    e1.darlin 21 dzień temu +3

    so, watch & burn
    watch is calm like ocean eyes
    & burn is like copycat if ya get me so its a remix w sum1 else as well xD

  • e1.darlin
    e1.darlin 21 dzień temu +5

    i have been listening this since i woke up in the early morning and now its night time