SUPER-Sized Punishment Cup Pong!!

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    NATHAN TRAIL 21 godzinę temu

    This game is also known as Beer pong with beer replacing water

  • Bethany Davis
    Bethany Davis 23 godzin temu


  • The Cookie Master
    The Cookie Master Dzień temu

    Bobby cursed

  • Sylvia Fuller
    Sylvia Fuller Dzień temu +1


  • Lesley Baker
    Lesley Baker 2 dni temu +1

    Kevin hit the ball when it bounced out of the cup and the ball would have made it in the cup beside it

  • XxElliexX XxGachaTuberxX

    I disliked it cuz of bobby

  • Chainsaul123 123
    Chainsaul123 123 2 dni temu

    2:52 Joey and Kevin were holding hands but why

  • Daniel Holt
    Daniel Holt 2 dni temu

    Every but Bobby is brave

  • Renel Cabral
    Renel Cabral 2 dni temu

    Bryan cheated by not being nice he had to do it it even bounced

  • Skylar Gardiner
    Skylar Gardiner 2 dni temu

    I’m short so I won

  • SuperSaiyan TurtleGod735

    wheres red DUO cups?
    or BLUE solo cups?

  • Saif Nisar
    Saif Nisar 3 dni temu

    bobby is a wuss

  • Saba Farqosadze
    Saba Farqosadze 3 dni temu


  • Sport bros
    Sport bros 3 dni temu

    J-Fred is an idiot

  • Ayzia M
    Ayzia M 3 dni temu

    Bobby: "I can't do it"
    Me: "Then what CAN you do?" Poor Bryan Lol

  • Pineapple Duce
    Pineapple Duce 3 dni temu

    1:30 sounds like he said, "rubber ass" but the caption say Bobby said, "rubberized" 🤔🤔🤔

  • Mr.WaterMelon shark
    Mr.WaterMelon shark 3 dni temu

    Did u guys here boby "gotta trow this rober #%s ball"

  • Matty Ching
    Matty Ching 3 dni temu

    bobby got carried

  • Aaron Gardea
    Aaron Gardea 3 dni temu

    Do a hide-and seek GTA

  • Aaron Gardea
    Aaron Gardea 3 dni temu

    You s

    POTATO GAMING 3 dni temu

    1:28 bobby says a**

  • Kat Meow
    Kat Meow 4 dni temu

    After Joey got blasted with powdered sugar he should have said I’m the ghost of Christmas past 🤣🤣🤣

  • bigD
    bigD 4 dni temu

    Bobbys a wuss. Kick him from team edge dude!!

  • Lawrjenn Scott
    Lawrjenn Scott 4 dni temu

    This is kinda like “fear pong” by cut

  • PixelBoi 332
    PixelBoi 332 4 dni temu

    Kaobe more like Kobe!!!

  • XDBoy 604
    XDBoy 604 4 dni temu

    Bobbys a puss lol

  • Devin Ambers
    Devin Ambers 4 dni temu

    Bobby say rubber ass ping pong ball

  • Bronwyn Galbraith
    Bronwyn Galbraith 4 dni temu

    Which of you is older, Kevin or Brian

  • Diem Taylor
    Diem Taylor 4 dni temu

    Can you find the difference 😧

  • Miller Barmes
    Miller Barmes 4 dni temu

    They did not remove a cup for joey

  • Crazy Opening
    Crazy Opening 4 dni temu

    9:37 I like hugging poles too

  • Troy Franada
    Troy Franada 4 dni temu

    Bobby is the biggest wuss

  • Korbz Iz DeFox
    Korbz Iz DeFox 5 dni temu

    Joey and Kevin should have won because they had 2 buckets yet Brian and bobby had 1

  • gatojalo Plascencia
    gatojalo Plascencia 5 dni temu

    don't say bad words

  • Mario bros Rodas
    Mario bros Rodas 5 dni temu

    3:30 was so funny

  • Alli Nueve
    Alli Nueve 5 dni temu

    Oh my gosh, so much hate on Bobby - Don't listen! Stay with us Bobby! 😁

  • Niresh R
    Niresh R 5 dni temu

    Where is matt

  • SlaSsh Dragon
    SlaSsh Dragon 7 dni temu

    Late squad you here

  • DreadBoot
    DreadBoot 7 dni temu

    i wanna eat that spice food sooo bad right now

  • Mark Hernandez Gamer

    I think at 1:30 Bobby said rubber ass ball

  • christophe mertens
    christophe mertens 7 dni temu

    i like boby the most

  • H Lachlan.
    H Lachlan. 7 dni temu +14

    Who all misses MATHIASS

  • Muhammad Waheed
    Muhammad Waheed 7 dni temu

    Bobby no hate but your a wose

  • Sapphire 626
    Sapphire 626 7 dni temu +3

    I hate the fact that Bobby didn’t do anything gross like the milkshake and the other spicy one but he still set it all up so lets thank him for doing that to make a video for you.

  • LTD Homo
    LTD Homo 7 dni temu

    I hate that if you knock it over with a ball they have to do it that’s not fair so if I get the ball I can just throw really hard at the bin

  • Ryley Heck
    Ryley Heck 7 dni temu

    2018 anyone

  • Brandon Mendia
    Brandon Mendia 7 dni temu

    If I was joe I will open my mouth

  • shadowluna 83
    shadowluna 83 7 dni temu

    They turned joey into a powdered donut

  • Hayden Peckham
    Hayden Peckham 8 dni temu

    at 0:35 you can tell it is 937

  • BTS x army x bt21
    BTS x army x bt21 8 dni temu

    this proves that u dont need tall ppl to play a game related to throwing a ball into a basket or basletball

  • Unicorn Lover
    Unicorn Lover 8 dni temu +1

    New video punishment:eat a full lemon
    New video punishment:eat a big bite of lipstick 💄

  • ViolaGamer
    ViolaGamer 8 dni temu

    Where did J-Fred go? XD

  • 黄存英
    黄存英 8 dni temu

    Bobby is such a wuss and Bryan is so brave

  • A Huynh
    A Huynh 8 dni temu

    At 8:33 I think J Fred needs to take a dump

  • Willicious
    Willicious 9 dni temu

    Yes! Classic nut shot!

  • Matthew Miller
    Matthew Miller 9 dni temu


  • Savage Kids
    Savage Kids 9 dni temu

    I feel bad for Bryan because Bobby is a baby

  • canelo 89
    canelo 89 9 dni temu

    Funny video

  • Yuni Choo Chuan Chai
    Yuni Choo Chuan Chai 10 dni temu

    Bobby is such a wuss!

    BTS TAEHYUNG 10 dni temu

    How did Joey know that line “wan tana merah” it’s a Malay song

    KAKASHI YT 10 dni temu

    Bobby is such a noob a loser a wimp and a baby that has diaper full of dookie

  • June Balloon
    June Balloon 10 dni temu +1

    At 1:58 Bryan said me or me XD

  • MynamesHaM Bob
    MynamesHaM Bob 10 dni temu

    I don’t get it how J-Fred is a boss and doesn’t hesitate to eat bugs but is a baby at eating spicy food like if u agree

  • Jade Trelstad
    Jade Trelstad 10 dni temu

    Boby is such a baby

  • Kman058
    Kman058 10 dni temu

    99% of comments are about bobbycito

  • Thomthebomb gaming
    Thomthebomb gaming 10 dni temu

    5:00 might as well use the medicine ball as a bowling ball if that counts that is the dumbest rull

  • BeachGirl
    BeachGirl 10 dni temu

    Bobbys SUCH a wussss!

  • ThePink Llama
    ThePink Llama 10 dni temu

    Bryan got so triggered when Kevin slapped him

  • mohammad sabbah
    mohammad sabbah 11 dni temu

    don’t even make Bobby come in videos if he does nothin’ the whole time

  • Yesenia Giron
    Yesenia Giron 11 dni temu

    Did Bobby curse

  • Jacob Finley
    Jacob Finley 11 dni temu


  • Liam Hagre
    Liam Hagre 11 dni temu

    Do more who done it challenge

  • Ben Nave
    Ben Nave 11 dni temu

    Its beer pong

  • N Glover
    N Glover 11 dni temu

    99.9% comments about Bobby chickening out.
    0.1% anything else

  • Sean Smith
    Sean Smith 11 dni temu

    Us a metal lid

  • Kokono*
    Kokono* 11 dni temu

    10:31 how to be flashback mary - team edge tutorials

  • Tiffany Phan
    Tiffany Phan 12 dni temu

    Look I am not trying to be mean or anything but, people are saying that Bobby is not doing any of the punishments and that he's a wuss or he's like a little kid not wanting to eat his vegetables. I know u might be thinking that I am just standing up for Bobby, but I am not neither am I agreeing to other people I am just trying to say that Bobby has done many punishments in the past Team Edge challenges. Team Edge is just doing these challenges for your entertainment and just for fun again I am not trying to be mean I know there will be someone saying something like "yeah I know Bobby has done many punishments in the past challenges, but that doesn't give him an excuse to not do the punishments in this video," or someone will say "there are a few challenges that Bobby didn't even do anything in them besides just standing there." I am just stating my opinion not that anyone cares but, I just wanted to say something that's all I know there will be someone that will hate me and I am sorry okay. I love team edge you guys always make me laugh so thank you so much ILY guys.
    Please don't hate me!!!

  • Kaitryn Burns Abormal Person

    Bryan is a beast. Bobby didn't do any punishments and Bryan did them without complaining a lot.

  • Carter Nguyen
    Carter Nguyen 12 dni temu

    Did bobby say ass?

  • The Brother's World
    The Brother's World 12 dni temu

    Bobby is weak

  • Devann M
    Devann M 12 dni temu

    Bobby made the vid boring

  • T.J. TheTomato
    T.J. TheTomato 12 dni temu

    Bobby! You should be punished for not doing a punishment! XD I got your back Bryan!

  • The ultimate Emerald
    The ultimate Emerald 12 dni temu

    Also yes he didn't do punishment because he dealt with way worse stuff he wants to chill after a while

  • Jennifer Disman
    Jennifer Disman 12 dni temu

    bobby is a giant whos

  • BlueVoringFox Gamer
    BlueVoringFox Gamer 13 dni temu

    Hey least now he is sweet on the inside and outside

  • Fishy president
    Fishy president 13 dni temu

    I swear he swore

  • Baconator R
    Baconator R 13 dni temu

    Shut up and stop insulting Bobby you guys are childs

  • Donovan Tenney
    Donovan Tenney 13 dni temu

    Rubber what Bobby? 1:26

  • Faze Tinky573
    Faze Tinky573 13 dni temu

    You guys know your supposed to clear all cups before you lose right

  • Mica Gladding
    Mica Gladding 13 dni temu

    I love Kevin and Joey together they’re hilarious

  • Brodybmxchamp
    Brodybmxchamp 14 dni temu

    When the ball bounced out the tall people punched the ball and the ball was going to go in and I slowed down the video and saw what happened

  • Emily Schwegel
    Emily Schwegel 14 dni temu

    Bobby needs to man up and do it

  • Miles Salter
    Miles Salter 14 dni temu

    Every one comment Bobby is a woose

  • Tempo
    Tempo 14 dni temu

    7:23 come on man they knocked it out that's cheating

  • Scorpion Z
    Scorpion Z 14 dni temu

    The tall people are complete children 😂

  • Gaming Grave
    Gaming Grave 14 dni temu

    1:29 so I have to throw this rubber ass........ BOBBY KID FRIENDLY MAN

  • Victoria Bunkley
    Victoria Bunkley 14 dni temu


  • Elijah Hatelt
    Elijah Hatelt 14 dni temu


  • Jami Guard
    Jami Guard 14 dni temu

    I’m mad Bobby didn’t eat anything