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I’ll Never Stop Modifying My Body | HOOKED ON THE LOOK
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A YOUNG MAN, who went through more than 40 body modification procedures, claims to be “the world’s most modified youth.” Ethan Bramble, from Melbourne, Australia has had a string of body modifications including getting his tongue spilt, the rem..
Top 10 Most Extreme Body Modifications
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Have you guys ever wondered what is the most Extreme Body Modifications? Well here is a top 10 list of some crazy things that people have done to there bodies. Comment Question Of The Day Is: What Tattoo would you get? Or what body modifications wou..
10 EXTREME Body Modifications That Will Make You CRINGE
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Top 10 Most Extreme Things people do to their Bodies. SUBSCRIBE We all strive to be different from the next person, although the people in this video took it to a whole new level. Here are 10 Extreme body modifications that will..
Modify body modification Documentary
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Aviso Contém cenas inadequadas para menores de 18 anos Modify 2005 WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK. This film explores the world of body modifications. I do not own this film or the rights to it. Stories of people who regard a..
10 Of The Most Shockingly Extreme Body Modifications
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#1 Rick: The Zombie Boy #2 Dennis Avner: Catman #3 Julia Gnuse: The Illustrated Lady #4 Tom Leppard: The Leopard Man #5 Eric Sprague: The Lizardman #6 Paul Lawrence: The Enigma #7 Elaine Davidson: World's Most Pierced Woman #8 Lucky Diamond Rich: Wo..
You'll Be Shocked By What This Kid Did To His Face ★ Extreme body modification BEFOR & AFTER
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You'll see in this video a deep transformation from normal-looking guy to world's biggest body modification enthusiast shows a drastic change in lifestyle and what happened along the way. You don't often get to see this type of transformation up clos..
Red Skull Venezuela
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Henry Rodriguez has pushed the boundaries of body modification in his quest to appear like Captain America's nemesis Red Skull. The Venezuelan explains his overall transformation and shares his philosophy on life. A joint collaboration : Anna Seve..
Meeting The World's Most Modified Youth | Studio 10
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We meet 22-year-old Ethan Bramble, who shares his extreme body modification journey and reveals who the man is behind the tattoos and piercings. Studio 10 | 8.30am - 12pm weekdays on Channel 10 featuring hosts Sarah Harris, Joe Hildebrand, Angela ..
Jeremy discovers extreme body modification!
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Jeremy meets two individuals who have risked blindness to have their eyes tattooed plus they show him their separated tongues and other extreme body modification. Jeremy Vine is on television every weekday at 9:15am until 11:15am on Channel 5. To wa..
School Teacher Tattoos His Entire Body | HOOKED ON THE LOOK
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SUBSCRIBE to Barcroft TV: A PRIMARY school teacher who has covered himself from head to toe in tattoos says he won’t stop until he is tattooed black all over. Sylvain Helaine, 33, was born in Paris, but he got his first tattoo..
Bizarre Body Modifications That Will Give You Cringe - Useless And Scary Body Modifications
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Here are the list of Most useless and scary nonsense body modifications Photos You may not believe are real. You will be Amazed after watching this Awesome Video. The pictures in this video are extra ordinary and some are hard to believe that they a..
Roni: Queen Of British Body Modification
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Veronica Blades is originally from Poland but now lives in London, where she works as a body piercer. She’s a huge body modification enthusiast and has spent many years adjusting her appearance in extreme ways; from tattooing her eyes black (which ..
Splitting Your Tongue With A Scalpel | Body Mods
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Tongue Split: Wayne loves to look different and feels naked without his body modifications! Find out more: All 4 Tweets: all4 Facebook: all4 Produced by Medialab for Channel 4 Producer/Direct..
10 EXTREME Body Modification Rituals Around The World
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10 EXTREME Body Modification Rituals Around The World Click here to SUBSCRIBE: ­ ­ ­ ­ Beauty. What is beauty? It i..
I spent a day with DRAGON LADY & CLOWN MAN (Extreme Body Modification)
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I spent a day with those who've undergone extreme body modification to find out if all the rumors are true. 🔴SUBSCRIBE ▶ 🗯I SPENT A DAY WITH... ▸ FURRIES:
Body Modification Regret
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♥ In today's video I talk about body modification regret and how to deal with those emotions. Links & FAQ Below ↓ · SOCIAL MEDIA · Blog: Facebook: katrinberndtofficial ..
Man Has Inside Of His Ears Taken Out In New Body Modification Trend
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Click the link to subscribe: It seems like each year, people into body modification find ways to push the envelope and shock the world more and more. Decades ago, piercings were unheard of unless they were in your ears. Toda..
Things Not To Say To Someone With Body Modifications
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You're told 'you're going to regret that' and often labelled 'a freak'. if you have body modifications you'll no doubt be told who and what you are by people who don't know you. Click here to subscribe to BBC Three:
Body Modification-Implants,Cuttings,Tattoos...
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You're told 'you're going to regret that' and often labelled 'a freak'. if you have body modifications you'll no doubt be told who and what you are by people who don't know you. Click here to subscribe to BBC Three:
When Body Modification Goes Too Far...
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Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1324 w/Ian Edwards:
Body Modification: Changing Perceptions - Short Documentary
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Body Modification is splitting your tongue in half, but it is also dying your hair. People's perception of body modification is often negative. In this documentary we explore the history of body modification, speaking to enthusiasts and artists to di..
Extreme BODY Modification - Scarification Tattoo Piercings
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Extreme body modification - Scarification Tattoo Piercings Will be happy when you visit and subscribe my channel Body modification or body alteration is the deliberate altering of the human anatomy or human physical appear..
5 Most Extreme Body Modifications
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With large tattoos being so popular these days, and standard piercings not as shocking as they once were, it takes a lot of body modification to really stand out from the crowd. No longer will a fully inked sleeve and a pierced nose/lip/eyebrow make ..
Japan's Bizarre Body Modification Trend: Bagelheads
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Bagelheads: Inside the bizarre world of extreme body modification. Subscribe to Journeyman for daily news and current affairs: For downloads and more info visit: www.journ..
My Most Painful Body Modifications (Body Mods Pain Scale)
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You guys ask all the time for me to make a video about my most painful body modifications, so here is that video! Follow me on Instagram and Twtitter! vilonious vilonious
MODIFY - Eli's interview on Body Modification
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We've decided to interview our most inspiring customers and get to know them and their work in depth. Piercings are part of body modification and without piercings you can't wear earrings or most of the jewellery we love. In this 1st video we sat do..
Animal Imitators (Extreme Body Modification Documentary) | Only Human
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As we hurtle towards a high tech future where everything seems possible, a growing number of people are choosing to correct what they're convinced was nature's big mistake. They're asking, why be human when you know you're not? They're pushing the bo..
Heavy body modifications III
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Heavy Body Modifications 3 is probably the most extreme video about body mods. You'll see some eyeball tattoos, lip plates, cheeks stretching (extreme cheek modification), ankle piercing, tongue splits, heavy tats, implants, elf ears, eyelid piercing..
5 Weird Body Modifications You Wont Believe | Random 5
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From tattooing your eye balls and splitting your tongue in half to creating holes in your face and putting Subdermal Implants underneath your Skin! We take a look at 5 Weird Body Modifications You Won’t Believe! ►Help Us Reach 2000 Subscribers! C..
Man Has Ear Scalpelled into a Larger Hole | Body Mods S1 E5 | Only Human
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Ear scalpelling: Bass player Jamie doesn't believe in slow and steady, so he goes for fast and ready-made by chopping a lump out of his ear. Body Mods is a mini-series following six different people in their quest to have aesthetic modifications app..
☆ 3D Silicone star implant on the thumb - Body Modification ☆
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This subdermal implant is done in silicone and will appear in 3D under the skin. Before inserting an implant, you'll have to cut the skin with a scalpel (not too much to avoid a big scar). Then, you'll have to unstick the skin to create some space fo..
14 Most Extreme Body Modifications
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Plastic surgery and tattoos seem to be more acceptable than ever before. However, these people have taken body modifying to an extreme. Here 14 of the most horrifying body modifications. Subscribe to Hectic Express
Insane Body Modifications
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It is amazing what people will do to stand out in a crowd. Here are some people who have taken body modifications to the extreme!
10 People w/ Extreme Body Modifications
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Whether it be for self-expression or just extreme body dysmorphia, we searched the world for the most shocking body modifications. FOLLOW THE STRANGE LIST Twitter: thestrangelist Facebook: TheStrange..
Top 5 Things I Hate Hearing About Body Modification
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In today's video I talk about the top 5 negative things I hear and / or get asked about body modification. Links & FAQ Below ↓ · SOCIAL MEDIA · Facebook: KevinXMusic/ Instagram: instag..
Tongue Splitting- Extreme Body Modification
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Jared getting his tongue split
Most Extreme Body Modifications Ever Most Shockingly Body Scarification Tattoos
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Most Extreme Body Modifications Ever - Most Shockingly Body Scarification Tattoos Body modificationis the deliberate altering of the human anatomy or human physical appearance. It is often done for aesthetics, rites of passage, religious beliefs, to ..
Reacting To Extreme Piercings & Body Modification | Roly Reacts
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Reacting To Extreme Piercings & Body Modifications: Roly Reacts is back! Today I am reacting to some of the most Extreme and Painful Piercings you can get! Achilles heel piercings, Crucifixion PIercings to Splitting Tounges here is my reaction! LINKS..
Freaky Friday: Extreme Body Modification
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People going FAR with their modifications and becoming almost unrecognizable. Is it too far? Or should each and everyone have the right to create our own personal look?
What is 'body modification'?
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Subscribe to BBC News Tattoo artists from around the world have gathered in Caracas for the 2015 Venezuela Tattoo Expo. Around 400 tattoo artists are participating in the event that celebrates all kinds of what is known as "bo..
Using body modification to enhance human abilities
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With horns on his head and technology in his skin, Russ Foxx of B.C. says he uses body modification to push his body beyond its physical limitations. Read more about the risks and some of the ethical considerations: »»» Su..
Inputting Body Modification Signups | ASMR
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Corvus D. Clemmons, chief resident Plague Doctor at Arkham Sanitarium, accesses the facility's state-of-the-art computer system to input some of the patient signups for the body modification procedure to take place in the near future. Website: https..
The First Annual Body Modification Signup at Arkham Sanitarium | ASMR
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Corvus Clemmons, Chief Resident Plague Doctor at Arkham Sanitarium, administers the very first body modification signup where he provides a list of available body parts such as horns, wings, tails and miscellaneous add-ons from which you can choose i..
Body Modification em Guarapuava
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Corvus Clemmons, Chief Resident Plague Doctor at Arkham Sanitarium, administers the very first body modification signup where he provides a list of available body parts such as horns, wings, tails and miscellaneous add-ons from which you can choose i..
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Please Like and Subscribe ❤️🙏🏻 #trivia #kaalaman •Business Inquiry• Email: This Video is edited under by Fair Use Law and Guide lines of PLclip. No Copyright infringement is intended. All Credits to t..
The Best Honda Jazz Modification 2017 - Show Off New Modification Body
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Honda Jazz Review 2017 Show Off New Modification Body Custom Modified Honda Fit Jazz RS (3rd Gen GK5) New Honda Jazz Front Fog Lamp DRL Light | Jazz Exterior Modified Accessories Honda Jazz Fit GK5 Modified Waris Stance | PACG 2016 Honda jazz modifie..
'Mais Você' aborda a body modification
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Material para fins educativos e de acervo pessoal.
Janessa's Body Modification
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Janessa gets a needle to the stomach!! We went to Lulu's Body piercing in Huntington and Janessa finally got something done she's always been wanting. The staff was so helpful and amazing, we definitely recommend. Watch to find out! ;) Don't forget..
African Body Modification (aka Beauty)
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A report for my World Geography class about Body Modification in Africa. Ritual Scarification, Body Piercing, Ear and Lip Stretching, Teeth Filing, cranial deformity, female genital mutilation. I was up until 4 am few nights in a row reasearchi..
Thar modification with body top seats
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Video from Puneet Chawla