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Track x Track w/ Ava Max | MTV Push
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  • Tomvedere
    Tomvedere 32 sekund temu

    this is what people in the 90's thought people in 2020's are gonna look like, and they were right lmao

  • AFMakers
    AFMakers 3 minut temu

    Kanye’s brilliance will be realised when he’s gone unfortunately 😔

  • Ian Heard
    Ian Heard 7 minut temu

    MTV. Another propaganda arm, preying on our youth, turning them towards leftist useful idiotism. MTV who shills for globalization and all out Totalitarianism. 99% of these comments show that we know this is a propaganda SCAM. Sheep no more! We know now. GITMO is coming for all you scumbags. #WWG1WGA #WalkAway #SheepNoMore

  • Ben Brown
    Ben Brown 7 minut temu


  • Lia-Loren Yim
    Lia-Loren Yim 11 minut temu

    The break up with Alyssa was a lllllooooooonnnnnng time ago!!!

  • Juandes Vanegas
    Juandes Vanegas 13 minut temu

    una pregunta ozuna y la rosalia son novios

  • mayiita028
    mayiita028 16 minut temu

    😂🤣🤣😂🤣The icecubes look like cauliflower hpv lesions.

  • Naomi Love
    Naomi Love 16 minut temu

    She’s amazing

  • Jumpouttawindow Beech
    Jumpouttawindow Beech 17 minut temu

    Where my Snooki?!?!??!😭

  • M A
    M A 18 minut temu

    The last one gave me so much anxiety

  • Ilias Ahmed
    Ilias Ahmed 20 minut temu

    I am the only kid here lol

  • Stephanie Iciano
    Stephanie Iciano 21 minuta temu

    She’s an adult. She can be a hoe if she knows how to take care of herself. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • E-Mann
    E-Mann 21 minuta temu

    Whoever thinks this song is bad... *dont you be a meanie*

  • M.H 75
    M.H 75 22 minut temu

    Just realized DC Young Fly is in the right seat

  • Cadence Paullus
    Cadence Paullus 23 minut temu

    she's very sweet and it's kinda sad to see she is putting more into the relationship than Jake does

  • bryngirl12
    bryngirl12 23 minut temu

    THey spelled awards wrong in the title.

  • FateX JD
    FateX JD 25 minut temu

    My guy went from woody to future woody he took a time travel machine

  • J1NX3D Champs
    J1NX3D Champs 29 minut temu

    Why is justina doing this when already has dc youngfly's abs?!?!?!

  • Mateusz Cielas
    Mateusz Cielas 39 minut temu

    actually this girl host looks like straight from porn hehe

  • M Galaviz
    M Galaviz 40 minut temu

    I like your songs

  • PGS
    PGS 41 minuta temu

    Hi! Please check my new cover of "Slide Away" (Miley Cyrus) and don't forget to subscribe. Thank you so much! ;)

  • Garret Bruce
    Garret Bruce 45 minut temu

    the best song in the world omg it the best

  • The Casanova's
    The Casanova's 47 minut temu

    That was so beautiful

  • Youtube -FFS
    Youtube -FFS 49 minut temu

    And that folks is how you open a show......madonna will forever be QUEEN

  • Emma Phillips
    Emma Phillips 49 minut temu

    Max protect but he also attack

  • cαsтяσ
    cαsтяσ 50 minut temu

    I swear i am 2 million views

  • Liebe Botha
    Liebe Botha 53 minut temu

    I prefer the auto tuned version

  • Nufo H
    Nufo H 53 minut temu


  • Frosty PlayZ
    Frosty PlayZ 54 minut temu

    Dat thumbnail

  • Elexa Allen
    Elexa Allen 54 minut temu

    He needs to leave the girl in the yellow-t shirt I don’t like her at all she seems like she is always mean to him and is just using him for clout sorry it’s true

  • Ariel
    Ariel 54 minut temu

    Audio was a disgrace why did they do Her dirty like that ?!

  • Daniela Reyes Godinez
    Daniela Reyes Godinez 56 minut temu


  • Brennan Garvey
    Brennan Garvey 57 minut temu

    I was honestly sad cuz in the music video he hits the woah and he didn’t live...

  • hj Em
    hj Em 57 minut temu

    He looks like the fortnite character

  • Hilary All
    Hilary All 59 minut temu

    Mental people

  • Cinnamon ツ
    Cinnamon ツ Godzinę temu

    Live Performance *acoustic performance*

  • Unlikely Bread54
    Unlikely Bread54 Godzinę temu

    Bro how did he not die yet?Its either non toxic or something else.

  • Ross Winslow
    Ross Winslow Godzinę temu

    Grace sings for herself; for the sheer love of it; for the way it makes her feel and is able to convey what she is feeling directly to us. It's very powerful! It's how the legends of the 60's and 70's did it.... it's no wonder she is supported by a legion of older folks! Thank you Grace!!

  • Jenny Kaulitz
    Jenny Kaulitz Godzinę temu

    Omg i love them 😍❤

  • Hello 123
    Hello 123 Godzinę temu

    She’s Albanian🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱

  • Triple- M
    Triple- M Godzinę temu

    Wow. I thought that autotune was a big part of this song, changing the tones of the voice and stuff, but this is still amazing.

  • LorenzoDaGamer
    LorenzoDaGamer Godzinę temu


  • ken kaneki
    ken kaneki Godzinę temu

    Holy crap, *laughs* he's nuts!

  • Andres Mejias
    Andres Mejias Godzinę temu

    2:51 Catfish's man is a romantic 🥺

  • LaddyyL3o L
    LaddyyL3o L Godzinę temu

    Congrats 🎈🍾

  • Ambyr Paul
    Ambyr Paul Godzinę temu

    Who else thinks that Halsey looks like and older version of Millie Bobby Brown. 😐

  • Daniel M
    Daniel M Godzinę temu

    Literally the most iconic and legendary vma perfomance imo

  • sam whittall
    sam whittall Godzinę temu

    He ain't lip syncing because it sounds way different then normal

  • ʙʀᴏᴋᴇɴ ғʀᴇᴇ

    So sexy 😍😍😍😍😍🥺

  • Ava Harris vlogs
    Ava Harris vlogs Godzinę temu

    she got me crying

  • Navraj Gill
    Navraj Gill Godzinę temu

    2:16 G-damn this. This is.. is.. S-H-I-T hahahah

  • Brandy Chugger
    Brandy Chugger Godzinę temu

    The only thing I dislike about this video is Taylor's dancing 🤣 so cringy

  • derfer007
    derfer007 Godzinę temu

    #1 that catfished her friend b/c she was tired of playing 2nd fiddle... I’m confused. She has 2 kids, just had her 2nd baby, why isn’t she with her babys’ daddies? Did she just hook up with these guys kits so they could impregnate her? Is that how it works?

  • Fabian Leiva
    Fabian Leiva Godzinę temu

    She couldn't reach the highest notes on the chorus.

  • Sonia Rodriguez
    Sonia Rodriguez Godzinę temu

    I'm in love 😍 they're so AMAZING 💞 words can't describe them 🥰

  • kamara Hurdle
    kamara Hurdle Godzinę temu

    Lol. 😭

  • flacko ap
    flacko ap Godzinę temu


  • Fuck My life
    Fuck My life Godzinę temu

    Autotune just really helpful

  • Kalob Black
    Kalob Black Godzinę temu

    The dog in the car is exactly why that kids gonna grow up so fked for a while lol. He just witnessed the most perplexing shit.

  • bethamorimnunes
    bethamorimnunes Godzinę temu

    I was so sad when they didn't kiss 😭

  • AW4Y
    AW4Y Godzinę temu


  • Brianna Evans
    Brianna Evans Godzinę temu

    why is she trippin dat tattoo is everything

  • Furious Doll
    Furious Doll Godzinę temu


  • Weeb Is Love Weeb is Life

    *-Aards-* *_[ITS A TYP0]_*

  • Squishy Lizards
    Squishy Lizards Godzinę temu

    Where’s the other girl!!!!!

  • KCFunny Clemons
    KCFunny Clemons Godzinę temu

    I honestly thought she was gonna pick liv🤷‍♀️

  • Mackenzie Weber
    Mackenzie Weber Godzinę temu

    Their relationship isn't the same. Shes too good for him.

  • rutituti678
    rutituti678 Godzinę temu

    he just happens to be an ordained minister?🤣🤣😋😋

  • deanne kayla
    deanne kayla Godzinę temu

    oops almost forgot to watch this today

  • Lizmary’s Vids!
    Lizmary’s Vids! Godzinę temu


  • Sophie Sage
    Sophie Sage Godzinę temu

    “Entertainment industry “ tbh why ?

  • Lizmary’s Vids!
    Lizmary’s Vids! Godzinę temu

    3:20 never felt so single😭

  • iDev5s
    iDev5s Godzinę temu

    *Music Video Aards*

  • GL3M
    GL3M Godzinę temu

    She looks like Swae Lee

  • Marcela Iglesias
    Marcela Iglesias Godzinę temu

    me encanta la química que hay entre ellos! ya son fantasticos de por si y el ver que estan disfrutando lo mejora aun mas 🙏🏽💕

  • Cardboard Box
    Cardboard Box 2 godzin temu

    Anyone realize that Noah purposefully acted as frightened as possible when receiving the award for most frightened?

  • Victor Suarez
    Victor Suarez 2 godzin temu

    definitely obsessed w this song so I made a spanglish version on my page. anybody mind showing some love? 🙏🏼❤️

  • Golden Eagle
    Golden Eagle 2 godzin temu


  • nega nego
    nega nego 2 godzin temu


    ILHAM KARAMI 2 godzin temu

    Ava max is a lady Gaga wanna be lmao

  • jen with luv
    jen with luv 2 godzin temu

    her tattoo didn't even had good line work like damn these tattoo artists shouldn't even be on here

  • Reanna Ramage
    Reanna Ramage 2 godzin temu

    Gosh this one got to me😂

  • The 305fireball
    The 305fireball 2 godzin temu

    Monica did what she had to do!!!!

  • jen with luv
    jen with luv 2 godzin temu

    why isn't she in JAIL FOR sexual HARASSMENT?

  • Takiyra McCall
    Takiyra McCall 2 godzin temu

    She Knew

  • Takiyra McCall
    Takiyra McCall 2 godzin temu

    But she on his back naked. ???

  • KP Mac
    KP Mac 2 godzin temu

    This has me outraged!! That poor truck committed suicide after their three shit storm

  • Bornonthe Coast
    Bornonthe Coast 2 godzin temu

    Bring back Snooki !

  • jen with luv
    jen with luv 2 godzin temu

    the lawnmower don't even have good linework💀

  • Marilyn Monroe
    Marilyn Monroe 2 godzin temu

    Did anybody else laugh when he said "You coulda just asked for a threesome!!!!!" 😅😅😅😂😂😂

  • Potato Girl
    Potato Girl 2 godzin temu

    Damn these gay people’s faces me soooo clear😭

  • Esmegeimer Ment
    Esmegeimer Ment 2 godzin temu


  • Efuru
    Efuru 2 godzin temu

    Where is Snooki??

  • Connor Ridgway
    Connor Ridgway 2 godzin temu

    mmm yes the 2019 video music aards, like aardvarks right?

  • Bran-Bran
    Bran-Bran 2 godzin temu


  • Erika H
    Erika H 2 godzin temu

    I like Macy she is my Favorite but This scene Ticked me off. When she says private school Cost money well apparently It's what Ryan is Paying CHILD Support for. So if Maci and Taylor's children can afford it Doesn't mean you deny your child Better Education because he can afford it. And Jen and Larry don't need To Pay since apparently Ryan is already supplying The money for it according To Them.

  • Paris!
    Paris! 2 godzin temu

    When you enter for the show, they ask what your worst fears are. Lol why don't u just lie about your fears-

  • kitty kat
    kitty kat 2 godzin temu

    Justin nope Not bringing it

  • dinda daniella
    dinda daniella 2 godzin temu

    Fall in love with daniel’s voice owo