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A brief history of chess - Alex Gendler
wyświetleń 393KMiesiąc temu
A brief history of cannibalism - Bill Schutt
wyświetleń 1,1M2 miesięcy temu
"New Colossus" by Emma Lazarus
wyświetleń 102K4 miesięcy temu
How do crystals work? - Graham Baird
wyświetleń 368K4 miesięcy temu
Your body vs. implants - Kaitlyn Sadtler
wyświetleń 807K4 miesięcy temu
Ugly History: Witch Hunts - Brian A. Pavlac
wyświetleń 685K4 miesięcy temu
"The Opposites Game" by Brendan Constantine
wyświetleń 121K5 miesięcy temu
"Accents" by Denice Frohman
wyświetleń 161K5 miesięcy temu
How to grow a glacier - M Jackson
wyświetleń 246K7 miesięcy temu
How to spot a pyramid scheme - Stacie Bosley
wyświetleń 1,4M6 miesięcy temu
"First Kiss" by Tim Seibles
wyświetleń 171K5 miesięcy temu
A brief history of dogs - David Ian Howe
wyświetleń 905K6 miesięcy temu
How tall can a tree grow? - Valentin Hammoudi
wyświetleń 448K6 miesięcy temu
The physics of surfing - Nick Pizzo
wyświetleń 214K6 miesięcy temu
"The Nutritionist" by Andrea Gibson
wyświetleń 143K8 miesięcy temu
"The Second Coming" by William Butler Yeats
wyświetleń 139K8 miesięcy temu
"The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost
wyświetleń 429K8 miesięcy temu
"To Make Use of Water" by Safia Elhillo
wyświetleń 143K7 miesięcy temu


  • Mijukain Cynyx
    Mijukain Cynyx 3 godzin temu

    What will a burger joint do to pizza sauce?

  • Kenneth Farrell
    Kenneth Farrell 3 godzin temu

    Do natural popular acne treatment like Fopobiacne Secrets really work and if so, how effective are they? We've heard numerous awesome things about this popular natural acne treatment.

  • Jeffrey D
    Jeffrey D 3 godzin temu

    I'm stoned

  • Nothing Nothing
    Nothing Nothing 3 godzin temu

    I got a tracheotomy Now I can smoke two cigarettes at a time yeah

  • Buju Pounds
    Buju Pounds 3 godzin temu

    I lost my only sister today from cancer 😢😢 she died a slow agonising death ...she gave up ..The pain was so unbearable .. I hope my heart heals ....she resting now ...no more pain n worries .

  • Guilherme Krepschi
    Guilherme Krepschi 3 godzin temu

    Comi o cu de quem tá lendo

  • jonah hickson
    jonah hickson 3 godzin temu

    I did it though it took forever

  • Aliza Ziyana Kabani
    Aliza Ziyana Kabani 3 godzin temu

    Here because of Daniel Caesar.

  • Virendra Singh Verma
    Virendra Singh Verma 3 godzin temu

    Thanks sir ,. good night .

    NBAKIDD 3 godzin temu

    aight but it doesn’t work if everything it set against oneself

  • Dripsツ
    Dripsツ 3 godzin temu

    Zeus and Cronos father like son

  • Jessy Go
    Jessy Go 3 godzin temu

    I think I'm facing depression . I lost energy, I sleep a lot or the opposite, I lost interest to come in my work for more than 2weeks , I had this sad thoughts/memories every day I feel like I just want to die ,I just want to hang my self because I feel useless I lost my path ..

  • PeterJuiceNator
    PeterJuiceNator 4 godzin temu

    Direction and magnitude OH YEAH

  • SuBsCrIbEpLeEz !!
    SuBsCrIbEpLeEz !! 4 godzin temu

    Do a history vs, Trump.

  • Noushaazar
    Noushaazar 4 godzin temu

    Entropy is NOT disorder

  • Shawn Ravenfire
    Shawn Ravenfire 4 godzin temu

    I'm never sure where to look for these 360 videos.

  • Kristy Neal
    Kristy Neal 4 godzin temu

    Bell pepper is a fruit not a vegetable

  • Yoga Mike
    Yoga Mike 4 godzin temu

    shoutout to disney for singlehandedly ruining greek mythology by making it acceptable to say the roman Hercules instead of the correct Heracles

  • moviebuff
    moviebuff 4 godzin temu

    Watch "Where Love Is (feat. Judith Hill)" on PLclip plclip.com/video/eF6H1OAj8lU/wideo.html

  • Justin Paul
    Justin Paul 4 godzin temu

    My 8 year old LOVED this.

  • 『 Mxffin 』
    『 Mxffin 』 4 godzin temu

    Do Pandora’s box

  • salty
    salty 4 godzin temu

    I got high and watched this and it freaked me out

  • Samuel Stevens
    Samuel Stevens 4 godzin temu

    But the cat knows when they're about to die. When the cat experiences a life-ending experience, they don't exist as both dead and alive at the same time, instead, they are simply dead. The cat isn't in some impossible state of existence, and life does not center around a human's experience. The cat sees said radioactive element react and knows they will die. At least, a cat with the knowledge of a human will know they will die. Usually, the accepted theories require the least amount of explanation. Saying that said cat is dead after said life-ending experience is a lot simpler than saying that said cat is in the state of being both dead and alive simultaneously.

  • rustyred
    rustyred 4 godzin temu

    Islam is based on a mentally ill warlords vision. It’s not real and has caused the deaths of so many. Heathens.

  • Gabriel Guimond-Simard
    Gabriel Guimond-Simard 4 godzin temu

    what is the song playing ?

  • Turtle Master 24
    Turtle Master 24 4 godzin temu

    Learn the difference between a riddle and a math problem!!!

  • Chino Black
    Chino Black 4 godzin temu

    If it did exist it was at the beaches of turkey

  • luxon4
    luxon4 4 godzin temu

    this riddle isnt right, it just blows by an assumption that probably isnt true. it says because you are uncertain you need to give the same guess for all three boxes. let's take a simple example. imagine that the scoundrel hides a total of 15 rubies in one out of 3 boxes. whether you guess 5 for each box or 15-0-0 for all boxes, your expected value is the same (15 * 1/3 = 5) so you are indifferent to the selection process. you actually fall into this sort of nash equilibrium where the scoundrel is trying to guess your strategy, and your best strategy is just to do 50% one allocation and 50% another. it isn't true that you want to guess the same number for all boxes, so the rest of the solution follows from a faulty premise.

  • baronvg
    baronvg 4 godzin temu

    This was one of the first videos on PLclip that I really truly enjoyed and made me think. Ironically, I just realized I never gave it a thumbs up. Maybe I gave it a 5 star rating haha. Did they have the rating system back in 2012? I don’t even remember. Anyway, 2012 seemed like a more simple and less toxic time on PLclip where you could still be entertained and not be triggered haha. Good times.

  • Dancing Nanay
    Dancing Nanay 5 godzin temu

    Why is it low quality for me?

  • The Lazy Photograph3r
    The Lazy Photograph3r 5 godzin temu

    love the animation

  • Opti
    Opti 5 godzin temu

    Isnt it crazy how the earth flourishes without us, while we’re destroying the earth.

    Marx AOTISLIFE 5 godzin temu

    Who’s from Guyana? Just me? Okay

  • kristine joanne
    kristine joanne 5 godzin temu

    Me:**watching this at 4am*

  • MrAngryCrocodile
    MrAngryCrocodile 5 godzin temu

    3:35 that looks painfull

  • FromThe3PointLine
    FromThe3PointLine 5 godzin temu


  • Salahudeen Ahmed
    Salahudeen Ahmed 5 godzin temu

    Hit like ... If you think this animation sucks ...

  • smileandlaughs
    smileandlaughs 5 godzin temu

    Donald Trump at 2:03.

  • Jalebi Milk
    Jalebi Milk 5 godzin temu


  • Burak Trkn
    Burak Trkn 5 godzin temu

    there is no past,there is no future. the only main thing is present. so live your life

  • Jessica Villar
    Jessica Villar 5 godzin temu

    But what happened with the alien?

  • kiarra_____ B
    kiarra_____ B 6 godzin temu

    So basically pastors

  • Jane Nonymous
    Jane Nonymous 6 godzin temu

    Also, lets call the state under extreme drought but still subsidize almond farmers in the deserts of California ...

  • Troy Bingham
    Troy Bingham 6 godzin temu

    I was told I had dyslexia when I was a kid. The truth was I was just lazy and didn't like doing homework. When I got older and started trying harder in school, surprise surprise.. it spontaneously went away. I suspect this would be the case for most so-called "dyslexics".

  • Abdulrahman Mahmoud
    Abdulrahman Mahmoud 6 godzin temu

    Actually I am depressed too. . and It seems I will commit suicide soon . .but who cares anyway😅😊❤💔

  • Abdulrahman Mahmoud
    Abdulrahman Mahmoud 6 godzin temu

    انا اعاني منه . . ويبدو انني سأنتحر قريبا 😊

  • Drswag 007
    Drswag 007 6 godzin temu

    during his reign Jesus Christ was preaching the word of god laying the foundations of Christianity along with the establishment of the Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Protestant churches however at the time of both figures Rome practiced it's traditional Pagan faith which was made equal by Constantine and later made an official religion of the empire by Theodosius

  • Derva Kommt von hinten
    Derva Kommt von hinten 6 godzin temu

    lol, she was a useless doctor xD got stung by a scorpion? im just gonna speak some words at you

  • Nito Mega
    Nito Mega 6 godzin temu

    But dose that matter when you got pizza?

    TERTIVS FABIVS 6 godzin temu

    I can't describe the emotion this video has provoked in my soul. Everything about this video is just incredible, above anything I've seen anywhere. The creators of this video deserve awards.

  • Clayton Demge
    Clayton Demge 6 godzin temu

    please update your research.

  • Owen Hughes
    Owen Hughes 6 godzin temu


  • RHA 1
    RHA 1 6 godzin temu

    حبييييييت الشرح ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • M.J. Piazza
    M.J. Piazza 6 godzin temu

    So I can tell if someone's lying, but I can't read lips?

  • Gamer Ayush
    Gamer Ayush 7 godzin temu

    I love mathematics!!!

  • Martin Simard
    Martin Simard 7 godzin temu

    I bet you're fun at parties...

  • mimi keghida
    mimi keghida 7 godzin temu

    Professor of French history here... I love the video but have a correction. It is well known that there were many aristocrats and members of the Church who believed feudalism must end. Many willingly joined members of the third estate when they found they were locked out of their meeting hall. David's painting "The Tennis Court Oath" clearly shows members of the other estates taking part in the celebrations. Plus, they had been writing about this issues for decades. The evening of August 4th was long in coming, but anticipated by many.

  • Aditi Paul
    Aditi Paul 7 godzin temu

    Why it doesn't make sense sometimes😅

  • BlockyDoesStuff
    BlockyDoesStuff 7 godzin temu

    What is dust made of? Well, Thanos knows.

  • Jeen A Yoo
    Jeen A Yoo 7 godzin temu

    I particularly see a dream where i fall into bottomless depth, am i the only one?

  • Vaneliz Nicole
    Vaneliz Nicole 7 godzin temu

    Damn me chasing those people from store to store..this 360 is quite smart!😘

  • Ömer Faruk Sabır
    Ömer Faruk Sabır 7 godzin temu

    Everybody gangsta till ships start walking

  • Rhett
    Rhett 7 godzin temu

    Liberals want to remove the electoral college because they lost. All you need to know.

  • John
    John 7 godzin temu

    Were there actually female druids though?

  • Captainfahim 008
    Captainfahim 008 7 godzin temu


  • franco cruz
    franco cruz 7 godzin temu

    I need whatever drug these animators were on.Maybe it was cocaine.I'm gonna light it on fire while disabling all the fire alarms now.

  • Tobias Dahmen
    Tobias Dahmen 7 godzin temu

    This had me like, wait, WHAT???

  • Daniel Johns
    Daniel Johns 7 godzin temu

    Super awesome! Any recommended resources to learn this type of math?

  • shane brennan
    shane brennan 8 godzin temu

    Some intellectual; 'its a masterpiece" Me; "so is a roll of toilet paper" Me again; "use the book as toilet paper" 👍

  • harleen kaur
    harleen kaur 8 godzin temu

    Well all this is related to Marvel...... THOR: EiTrI wAiT

  • Sharif Jomaa
    Sharif Jomaa 8 godzin temu

    I just need to know what the utility bill is for this hotel

  • Jain Baby
    Jain Baby 8 godzin temu

    Is the answer to the bonus riddle 9 tries or less


    Kat Von d has left the chat

  • A A
    A A 8 godzin temu

    His voice 🙄

  • aini shahreen
    aini shahreen 8 godzin temu

    imagine public anatomy contests during these times

  • Muhammad Ali
    Muhammad Ali 8 godzin temu

    This video is a joke. People in Kashmir facing a curfew for more than 1 and a half month. Nobody is doing anything including UN and other Human rights Organization

  • Fresh Cheeeks
    Fresh Cheeeks 8 godzin temu

    Mr. Vazquez

  • * BINX *
    * BINX * 8 godzin temu

    God damn this so cool hope to see more of this types of videos in the future

  • Fresh Cheeeks
    Fresh Cheeeks 8 godzin temu

    Mr Vazquez

  • Symi Van Aarde
    Symi Van Aarde 8 godzin temu

    noooo... so - earth air, fire water and spirit... these are the states of all matter. so solid, liquid, gas, plasma, and ether (not alcohol, but the conscious stuff that lives inside all matter). put that in your pipe and smoke it...

  • Alejandro Hernandez
    Alejandro Hernandez 8 godzin temu

    When I was in 8th grade my drama teacher made us watch this it and now I’m a freshmen and I’m still watching this

  • F Sch
    F Sch 8 godzin temu

    I mean the Video was really fun. But I didnt expect to move so much sitting on a Toilet 😅

  • tiberius staicu
    tiberius staicu 8 godzin temu

    big hoodie .

  • The lukos gang
    The lukos gang 8 godzin temu

    0:33 AsMr By ThE wAY

  • Nicolas texier
    Nicolas texier 9 godzin temu

    The caracthers are so funny!!!

  • Fernando Queiroz Popovic

    Remake this to 2019 style because animations improved by now or am I slowly going blind.

  • Devasena Mohan
    Devasena Mohan 9 godzin temu

    If you are the top spy can’t you lip read

  • REAL Drama214
    REAL Drama214 9 godzin temu

    Thankfully this isn't a live-action video...